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Thursday, February 22nd

Venezuelans lose average 24 pounds per person on diet of communism; Variety of government agencies hid purchases of guns and ammo; Buying only things you really need; CNN denies claims they staged and scripted town hall meeting on gun control


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May good morning terror yet well there's say there's a new diet plan. Out there the reason you're telling me this you know I'll count no not at all Erica are you telling me they know me you know when the brought there and Jerry kidney. Yeah with your dad yeah yeah Raikkonen dad bought I don't know man had no idea. Now this isn't dear is she in it to work 100%. Effective you will lose an average of 24 pound your first year. I'm kind OK you're not gonna slip up at all. It works. Great. And then. You tell. Your millennial friends about it. Mean until because it amoled deals. Home Bloomberg reported. And that pole earlier this year were split right down the middle 42% 42% 42 for someone delivering capitalistic society and yet of 42% one delivering non capitalistic society and see where this is known as no great options Baum firm. You know eating right. In on capitalist society which include free please to lose. Like Venezuela where do you wanna lose weight or knocked it right. You could clearly and you will not have vigorously dad died anymore. Venezuelans. Was as reported losing on average 24 pounds in body weight last year. Tiny percent now live in poverty. According to a new university study any impact of a devastating economic crisis and food shortages. Against Bernie and all the supporters will be Denver Venezuela here real soon yeah it is you lose the wager dark decision he's slimmed down and getting. Dude that's. And this opportunity for cheating you know I mean there's no poll numbers McDonald's there's no food. Snack like yeah. Over 60% of venezuelans surveyed said that previous three months they had woke up hungry because they didn't have enough money to buy food. According to population was eating two or three in third tour less meals a day to station you're they did find day Eddie did have a solution for next review their written they gonna raise. Rabbits OK you can bet this is agreed to real fast and you British soap one of those. You imagine not a little reticent to big ones out. Yet. That was a suggestion for the government they weren't joking it was and funny it was a series. Am unite this oil rich company and country now and oil which are rich content country but some. Area is so bad neck country they you know they have had they cannot even do food deliveries. Without armed guards they have to put armed guards on the truck's path. People who broke into the zoos flea killed the animals and eight men now are now. Former doctors. Lawyers. Wit women any one of the saddest articles I've read are prostituting themselves to feed their children could Corey. So I'm at an LC 42% more meals when trying to. Says that he communism diet venezuelans who just died script but she say more than a year you know in saint depending on how much by frank you have to. Loose and you know adopted to Pakistan two years behind but Tom yet this this is what they want Olympics mean. As with the wanna limit. You know I'm like I said I guess that Bernie in the his crowd are gonna be a lining up at the airports making their way south to Venezuela total no wait no. And a dominant and tag interesting. Oh by the way bomb near get what the waiting got here and they don't have guns in Venice where you can to have done right. Imus the government gives you break a league didn't recently give got a bunch of guns in this was the best irony of all. V. Party they are there's only one party there. Please everybody else is dead who post them. I'm there's only one party there and they recently gave god guns for the first time in decades and allowed actual civilians to have them welcome to the party but only to party members. And the reason they were given the guns is because people. Found you know were starving and you paying real agitated bet that they were writing in the streets senior state having Roscoe and I'm just. And Iran is treason they needed a solution and so is going you know what will feed them no way. Put additional capital as of now but no way. You know I don't what we'll do we'll get our supporters guns and let them go out and put out put down the rights. Well there you go so I mean. It's shadow. It's and it's 42% of whites I guess liberals have a new. Hero down there in Venezuela that they cannot promote bright for far been very very hairy for far yeah trumps a fascist. You know trumps a white racist but boy these guys are chest Craig to honor Venezuela aren't they. Yeah so that's that in the weight off. The only thing I've ever encountered more effective than healthcare move to Venezuela. There is no food. And it if you just dole did that help you to help through the air define you need to go look for Paul from liberty can mornings are. Good morning terror it's great to have you back thanks other. You brought up the national student science and technology sports again it's an American bureaucracy that built sound like what do those. What one of things it doesn't do just that the constitution says public federal government has the our responsibility to cents disparaged for weights and measures. Well effectively now the whole world goes to nist for that. On it if they calibrate just about everything you can imagine that is they waiter measure everything from the wall and beat. A roller you know pick up at Wal-Mart good boot machine that critical line to that ruler he could eventually traced back and missed. Everything to be fertilizers that are used by police departments those are calibrated by equipment from list. And think you might not think of things like this the east deals at the weigh stations. All over the country are calibrated to the panel. Using standards and equipment calibrated by list. The said let me let me ask questionable. It's funny he had National Institute of Standards and Technology does that make the matter something at the National Institute of Standards and Technology mean are they under attack they you know off. I have no idea I don't know why does people need bullets. OK okay all right Laura bringing this updated his they're heavily armed they have military style weapons. They got they are fifteen say that body armor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Yes I know I have no idea what that people need it. All I can figure is that they are distributing. All that circle and amongst billion our own government groups so that we don't know where they all power. They're they're actually someplace else they're just but with the sponge for each one of those bureaucracies. But again we have no idea where where that started on both. Yeah and you know what it scares me to think about where my Durant wound up tech storage may help bring the ball it's. As helpful make sure those are really forty fives yet now. Does early alien and we had some some degree Collison the show's morning asking them the question why do you need anything more than a pistol. And I remember having this conversation with you on the show and when tyrant is piece back in nineteen of 2016 and I wrote find it and when when we Saudi staggering numbers and I finally went home to my husband Randall Loko. And said OK go loco. 5 PM but by eight these guys hadn't it hadn't been able to justify anything more than a shotgun before and he wanted to Ghani carried the Marines and smothers. Passing car ain't noticed. And I went. Three should we buy for. It out after read between two. I've been no tradition of America report open the books to buy buy open the books is a non nonprofit nonpartisan taxpayer watchdog group one point four billion dollars spent. On guns ammo and military style agreement between 262014. By civilian agencies. No affiliation with the military this is the EPA. This is the department of health and human services. And this is that did organization is did national institute of staters and technology he just called about. The national ocean and atmospheric administration. The Department of Education. Now that that's real ironic they're that the Department of Education. It is weaponized in itself although I I think that the previous caller is right there I think that these are basically. Channel purchases to hide where these things are actually going. If that's what they're actually buying. Which is scary because where they actually go in if that's what directly behind I'm not even I'm I'm not even sure that. They're actually buying what they say they're buying. Well and I'm I'm going full conspiracy theory here. Here's what we know open the books in their report militarization of America found they are now more than 200000 nonmilitary federal officers not military. Federal officers for the rest and firearm authority. Surpassing the one Ernie 2100 personnel who are actively serving in the US Marine Corps. We forty got a federal police force is called the department of homeland security and got offices everywhere. I mean there's already a federal armed police force. And that's the department of homeland Security. Council local law enforcement that. So when your liberal friends say what do you got the answer is does have its. By the way you go which is Obama was found this is I am just a health and human services lead department up losers just. 42 million dollars in gun and ammo purchases. In correctly Cote didn't. They are trying to hide them. As ping pong balls gym equipment breaded copiers balls. Cable TV. Oh boy. So for isn't leaning got an anal purses those are the ones or hidden Shia government agency lying about something go figure right now the ad department health and human services that we're not kidding. They've got special office of inspector general's agents. Training with sophisticated weaponry. Being trained by the same contractors who train our military special forces strips. Department of health and humans or is look I know obamacare was controversial OK but that sure for. Holy cat. Out shopping. And then you got for this one thing or two things. This go pick it up. And you come home and he spent twice with human tune and you got a bunch of bags with you. Yet Adams who says a bush is that one time but you know what you do it a lot. That realizing it. New study. The ever Jurgen makes a 156. Impulse purchases a year. And spends 300 so how how sprint is spends 324. Shot nice house. 324000. Dollars over the course their left impulse buys. The tap it in polls buys we may. Remember five shoes. Number four take out food delivery. Africa content. Number three household items number two clothing number one food and groceries. Yes so. I tell you I you know I IE my husband and I as if that we live the Dave Ramsey lifestyle on were pretty strict about it but I cannot budget choices budget. Never done it never will doesn't work I try for a week once it was a disaster. I would insure less. I Eminem I'm a mind for it and interest and it it just it does work with a tour less anywhere on same check card where you know he's by and I'm spent. Yeah college a four fight time today. But you spent OK it was just an okay we checked in Ari but not now I know so you get if you can't budget. Realistically just she cancer. And you don't your finances are overwhelmed by all of those are paying an island more paid on the day warranty that. I see York's the best for me. As one simple thing. And this was I talked to meet them by a guy who actually. Is very successful businessman who didn't deliver a distinctive because he was frugal in so much justice. Every time you make a purchase. Ask yourself. Do I need days. And I'm deciding to I need is he doing need this or do I want to use when I'm having trouble decide between need or want. I ask myself this question which is always very decisive for meat can live without tennis. Can't live without. Becomes remarkably simple when you boil it down to that do for much to love your commute into it do for a month. And tell me what a difference that makes your finances for the month it's amazing no money you have left over and then you get into the need category. Yeah I do need that say. OK can I get by with a cheaper version to have to have the west. Can I get my with lessons that thing that I need. And if you cannot answer that could those questions. I would yes yes I need that. Yes I can get by it with less of battery cheaper version nor. One that's on sale. It would be amazing how little you go home within your cart. And how simple it makes your life and how within a month or six months or you're you're going to be amazing the difference in finances. So good you up there UGU can't budget you can't pre plan a so I am never going to be I never read print plant it's never gonna happen soccer war. That's what I do and I am I I tell you what it works like me. Chart. It works like a turn when you fun a good Nanette light trying to five when I can't but you don't really deserve disciplines look at this now. Doing it when known to protect the forget about a ten minutes anyway props. Perry about that. You go about that show its allies Catherine. From Greeneville good morning. Hey anybody. On the public budget like you are buried at the and they are not that your other. We have to remind people that helped armament and our electric you know critical look at least it. And and don't forget we had to have a larger army get a colleague and we are out I think. And I want and I have a. Well I will thank you. But tipping their Catherine we come. He did promise us a larger armed civilian force today and our military and he's done that at least in for in terms of building one margin in the Marines. A lot of you asking me to oppose that I have put it up on FaceBook and on my Twitter account my share on the purity Twitter account meant to. Com so he's done that I'm Greg good Katherine I'm electricity costs are not gonna skyrocket because Donald Trump repealed most of the executive order that would have skyrocketed. Electricity prices. That Obama would tenth I would have been implemented beginning and when he twice so the good news is we have dodge that for now that's gonna get great difference in our business competitiveness his country. Abbott thinking cap and 80347106. Pretext find 71307. Ron from Spartanburg. Ky it's terrible Intertrust questionable why what he could go to the golf course splinter quick point stores. I predict or rejection. Of the question. Are you to decide who you actually need to dislodge what I eat. That's not your business why it. They even need BMW. To get important point. And 2004. Toyota Corolla who is saying they probably do more a lot of so I reject that Assad our point. Real quick on our US speaker. It okay because I know people on the present doesn't translate well to gonna have a hard hearing okay got go ahead. Well you know reject Primakov equipment belliard didn't what I need or don't need estimated the size number two. A lot of court won't talk you sir it's not a built upon an amendment to the competition is not a bill needs. To go right. And that her core work I'm gonna happen to our quote. John Adams who's an art competition. But maybe more religious and moral more people it is wholly inadequate. Discovered any other. As well that guy who went into that cool shot up until seventeen and then why wouldn't need her. And that Rockport are not take. But you know what they mention that on. Amen to that. And yeah even the senate is later in the show and is echoes what Ron was just saying. Some fanning fires seven like it's night time money but it's interesting to go back and read Federalist papers recent speeches. Yeah around the time we ratified the constitution they were they were debating how we would said the government. And they all assumes. We would have another revolution. That was a foregone conclusion that there would be other revolutions in America after all they were revolutionaries themselves they just a return to British government. It was assumed it. Missouri you Hewitt in an idiot not to think. Than the other revolution and they were debating the best way for the people to winning another where's the best way for the government to be set up to the people could overthrow. The government they were setting up. And when it's hard to bad times it was never in terms of robberies and defending your home or going shooting or going hunting it was always in terms of revolution. That was mainstream. With the founding fathers. It's remarkable to see him talk that way in some like so many of you who Colin of the show who the average liberal would call a night. Mean general it was nuts in the very same way. Our founding fathers. So you Bradley's alleged. Muted colors on vitamin again you may have seen reporting on ads you. CNN channel. It I have fair debate here about a shooting in Florida as well affair RA well nonsense there. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school students Colton hard. Student and hero. Terry did. He's a member of the junior ROTC. He shielded students. With his body. While the school was under attack from the shooter. So. He's done these kids that is that we're now told he was shooting you zinni intact he's he's right to campaign we cannot and we can not question. Shame on you for questioning the victims when they want gun control shame on you shame shame shame politicizing things. Well. Pulled up has an opinion student. And it. He was a fresh by CNN to ask that question at Wednesday night's town hope. And they initially told Amar Singh you know you just go ahead right right right a little speech and some questions. Mom you know for live for the moderator for the for the folks add that Jerry you know hosting this Jintao Jake Tapper and smother people generally ocean. All that and yes sure go and why did you write questions and then you can ask the cracked. Answer what questions you want to ask again is CNN said. He want to ask. What there they thought it would be a good idea to use veterans as armed security guards at the schools because he thought it would. But really something supported by 51%. Of American parents. With school aged children children under the age of eighteen in eight get this Washington Post poll. Earlier this week. He now and to stay when they're Tuesday carry number 51 pursued a period at the end because I guess it was embarrassing. 51%. Of fat parents school aged students. Wanna see arms adults at the school. Beyond school resource officers be that teachers who were in veterans or whoever. They like that idea. Most non starter and CNN no matter whether the majority of the population supports it it's still like corrects. He was not allowed to ask that question. And it was instead handed a script did why. This whole idea of William just weren't printed together any aftermath of sprint. Hear from the people whether they know they wanted to hear what CNN's thinks. This isn't afraid to left is of this debate I don't want to thank you that this is how frank left deceptive and actually having this debate. The terrified. Protect and with facts they don't win. Called an ABBA member of the EG RO TCU should the classmates in the midst of terror says he'd get to share his experience. Now I'll it's an aid in Russia for gun control you don't get to get to share your experience on CNN. So on folks. This whole thing was raiders. As a joke. You only got just speak. If you are willing to pair at the CNN line it was script didn't. It was take. It was a fake town hall on a fake news station Ramones talking a while his parents are this is why bother to watch. CNN released the following statement this morning CNN did not does not script any questions for town hall meetings. He says they did. How do you believe. 80347. Wag its latest not CNN. 80347106. Theory text line 71307. Joseph from Spartan. But he eventually. I'm always open I am certain that match up or more there's just. I agree with that. Good. So let us know what to do well. Go not a whole thing that we should just take it yeah I'll that would make sense of we're yeah. Yeah it's total but what will not be to limit the between humility that is you know center the other well that the double. That do what we've gone about military is that the except the only. Certain minute of the concerted military welcome that says like oh it's been introduced to so much. Let alone a lot of leeway mystery why jump on roundabout which is at you say they fattening if you won at you through use your settings five round magazine. Limit. What you mean the only what I just understanding advertising like you can only own enough ammo to fill. Five. Now. With where how would you think about that. So I'm on truck that it could put out the seven routes and thank. You know you're you're them all whenever. I want to go and not let there but it's not pretty not you know aren't that it did it. Next stop. And we look up the road you know more so. So even imagines you can you know connect an inadequate their certificate of my. You duly given them an opportunity to stop. Some held outside summit action or that they're out and take up it is that we load. Then that is so I'm just jumping. Rather than being you know the clip and then continue to aren't so. Yeah. OK so that makes sense economically to eliminate mental. Right now that you've its legs I was insuring priests I understand precisely what you were proposing take. Tears seeing that that is going to do is that the person would be forced to reload raid. So that's gonna give us some people a chance medianews in a school shooting to survive rate. I will let me flip debt. TC joke that has a downside to the genetic knowledge of the going to be honest route for this to me earlier. When I asked the question what you why you need these you know these high capacity. Guides me and you conveniently a lot of you know am I can think you need to know how many perpetrators will be involved in a home invasion at your house there may be four of them. Each with a six shot his stuff. So they've got 24. Shots they can reload soon so I mean what she just did their Joseph. Mom was OK I need your slowdown a shooter in a home invasion in it. I think your shows less closer but you're I'm gonna slowed down a person's ability to protect themselves. In a home invasion from multiple attackers to there's a trade off and he can't pretend there isn't. So please don't have room right guys they don't have to re low. Insulted and. Some limits what are your ultimately you know about metallurgical so they don't experiment that so that day coming into it. Didn't go yeah problem than just somebody that can run about how well I. Us general I mean did just this week on main street in broad daylight at 2 PM. Five guys attempted. Murdered in broad daylight fine but a dead in a rolling. Shootout sending you your question is everywhere until there was like yeah in the last week. And and what is they had this same guns I'm just I I just want I can see if you argue one side. You've got to tell me how many lives you're willing to lose. On the self defense side of the equation. Absolutely. But it didn't stop what they're coming up we continue to lose or who. Oh. The so. That would cut forgotten about it and before. That order that. Enough or Portland on the that's not something happened to one another just short of the cup and that that it's. And believe. Coming Leslie continuous and at and I am glad you answered a asset prices I bet you haven't heard this before. Did you know the anti that Obama ordered his Centers for Disease Control to review. Done studies. And what they set around this is Obama's unsteady what they found was. Bomb it 300 it knows 200 doubt it was street Kansas ranked 300000. Uses of guns here in America for violence for crimes firmer to 300000 uses. For those person who's bad and but they've had 500000. To one point five million self defense in this. Uses. Of ducts so we're still gonna have the 300000. Finally uses of guns but we're neck in I have. The 500 doesn't one point five million so defensive. Uses. Of God's does that does that mean. Does that sound that delight like something you did you. I assume that you misunderstand. Our opposition has not trade every girl. I had to make sense of why it. Reaped. I don't have been able to over the carpet to it. Fuel there that they are you're just shot. You know man that's that's all of their pictures you know only through actual quote do the same job and public much better. It's it's about how. As about people like me that grew up or did you have to play judge Ito. And people out there or plank or what do deer elk or or whoever. That's. It's that's me lips you know up military I'm cool well. And it's it's just. It's that don't have judgment that is. You know you've got to try and thought it. What is it doing good for the same thing broke edged the same thing with a relates that. You don't have to house. Hunt militants that are for now you see in front. Slightly even then he even can only eat them all of the situation. Are slow to wage there's a much better option and then and they are fit to be just one shot stripped out or whether. Or shotgun and it does. From a military. You wanna go to the well should do it James Brown's from the front once the maternal wall okay how many. But but let me let me flip deciphered at Furman I agree with you on about the shark and that's why I asked my husband the barn went to summer and crappy shot jam you're probably better shot and I am. And he immediately agreed to cede a Democrat he showed to. But. Here's a problem when I went when my husband and I were having the same debate you and I are having now he wanted to buy those diets like the ones he had in the Marines one of the things he did to me to challenge me on this. Was is it okay. But we have had a collapse in in our society and the economy is collapsed. I ray and did what they damn planet military documents detonated and I eat you know when I. Our society has degenerated and now people are trying to break into our house. And they're coming from four angles with a Forsythe owner house. As we do you teach our kids to go on to friends from the five to six people trying to break into our house right now. Could you do that could we do that with the pistols we have an clause given pistols to give each get a pistol to actually could do it. Now I couldn't I couldn't stop. I couldn't argue with him because he was right I could I need something more. And Joseph Derek gonna have something more. 92%. Of our gun murders in this country are committed. With illegal guns or people who illegally have guns they're gonna have the guns you wanna ban. We won out and that's the prop that was shaky job but they know. Her politely to beating ness I appreciate. You calling in doing that. Yeah Samad college and Terry and doesn't realize it someone's willing issued have a school. Are they do will not care about obtaining thirty round magazines. Also coming in his sins can control is into a real. Today. Suggesting it is another sensor array today and until now what it takes a personal pull the trigger it's a people problem we took god out of our country. The detector race what an angry mob marching down your street one dilute your home. I'm an immigrant actually no I meant to get to it it did this week seven any anti Fella. Surrounded it and blocked off. On an ice enforcement band. They were a two interpretations seventy angry people. At the police a couple of hours to defuse them. So I mean folks we're in uncharted territory in this country where anti to find you out find out about you on FaceBook and then now there now to stand around your home. And it is pretty and a cream he's not it's. Carried gray get from green to morning. Oh hey what's up Greg. I'm at it make you comment opal well I just hung up well. He assumed. You know you're talking about. Haven't thirty's what can reload time. You assumed that people are gonna come one bag in an op MO. And that's just not what people what did they would come world. Of coal backpack full loads. Magazine load. And although it that he returned to coming to Maine and how quickly it could exchange magazine they hear it all. And I would assume you're Rambo they're saying it. So then when it but then Greg that would make his argument for him what nick. If you can if you can change that quickly then we need we need even more limits right. Not my opinion. On this seems to me. Or five. Or five ground limit on a magazine and we just relations any role at all. We'll know and must play a couple actually doing that all of them but a lot of rifles multiple. Round magazines. And all understand it. When they are fifteen million looks. It exterior then another type of oracle. But they'll be the same or you have in the and they all do something great.