The Tara Show - 12-7-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Thursday, December 7th

Social media giants suppressing free speech on the internet; Calling snowflakes “snowflakes” hurts their feelings; Honoring Americans who refuse to die; Chelsea Handler bashes Sarah Huckabee Sanders as trollop and whore; Transgender athletes; Church of Satan takes issue with Tara’s position


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Played good morning terra. Well. You know we we talk a lot about this country in what direction it's gonna go and you know who's also only gonna win the upper hand and the answer that question and means a lot not just for our children and grandchildren bites. For the world. These days there's nowhere left to go in the world as dislike goes out that is America there literally is nowhere. And one of the things that's really interesting for you be tempted to be paying attention to around the world. And he's he's just bits and pieces all over the place is the crackdown. On free speech that's going line not in you know a Third World regimes and autocratic dictatorships but Europe. All and rate here in this country. And it's it's really scary to to watch and it Google's experiment to get to. Column that there's a couple things going on Twitter right now is allowing buzz feed. To dictate which Twitter accounts are propaganda accounts and buzz because you know there are very unknown person in which took effect of course is an offshoot of NBC news didn't yes it is. NBC news. In hiring rate and you know that Twitter was and the stars and was he was not so I didn't I learned that something new and something new every day on the show. Bomb and then I did today they're picking accounts that Twitter can then suspend some. And on one of the things it's footers doing I think is the beginning of the crackdown saying listen even if all you do is coast cat videos. If you are found to be someone they disagree with Michael White supremacist or whatever on in your real life even if you are every either right about that they will still suspend your account. If by set feed says it's a good idea. They're doing is everything bomb where you get the verification on your account like you know that you really are US on a fake account. And if you if you get that it boosts how many people can see you. All do well this is the second cut a prong of of the same thing with Twitter. That if accounts. Belong to people who have seen or suspected white supremacist views nicest views whatever. Day and then they're cal will be unverified. Don't removed verification. Badge from it which will dramatically demote them. Com in you know how many people conceive them Wilson wants this policy is it's open and going great. Om and it it they have Ben. Hitting. In some cases conservative web sites. At with this one of the ones that got hit was Jihad watch was still which is a real service to humanity by telling us the truth about Jihad new York and in in your that is absolutely not. On a racist. Web site. And all I read all the time it's it's not it's very factual. In fact missed what they do is just provide links from all over the world with these attacks that are going on. A base so that. Has been warned early targets. But Twitter has refused. Despite means for users to under a fly. It counts of noted anti semite. Louis haircut at. It's used very open about it now you can read about him at the southern Carlo center web site. Where now he is listed as one of the hate mongers I don't like them but that's how I mean that's how openly anti semantic lose our Connie it's that even the Southern Poverty Law Center recoup refers to him and that well guess admits he's an Irish summarize I figured that they would be defending him. She is going on here at an all this is ahead I'm convinced. Of the 20/20 election when we're gonna see very big. Crackdown. Anyways it's putters been removing from the verification blue badge from far rate meaning accounts and crisis. Steroids in this go on. This is why we need a free and independent. Internet yes now I granted they're. There are lots of abuses there's lots of disgusting nasty stuff the shouldn't be there sure the consumer should be the one make the decision. And since we accept the free services that we get those dreaded air quotes they're free services that we get from the likes of Google and Yahoo! and you know all these other you know information providers and you know being or whatever. You know very that are allowing. Are there they're going on in doing basically the censorship. Resulting government it's corporations. That are doing censorship. And it's only the tip of the iceberg that is here's a headline from Ireland fighters in jail for spreading fake news. 101000 dollar 101000 pound fine fighters and in imprisonment. At who's gonna decide now what is big news right and the government is going to bring in fair journalistic our borders to decide. Yet while the fair journalist girders in our society are like you said NBC. CBS CNN everything they report its retracted. Because they lie. Meanwhile. Google. Page dissent ape powerful migrant crisis video. To YouTube channel. That you answered yes YouTube jail outscored the corn team. Com and it's on the migrant crisis an absolute violence of these migrants who flooded in Europe who may get some white supremacist group. Now the polish government. It's completely. Factual it talks about crime of rape sex abuse. It was Chris for the post ministry of the interior. So the polish government is in YouTube timeout then. And YouTube pays basically putting into the controversial state designed by YouTube to limit access to videos this is contained supremacists or extremist content. YouTube on has not taken issued any affectionate they just think it makes people upset. It's that's cents. So like Chris Matthews Matthews Yemen you're watching in in in these social media giants in this could at this in kind in this country. Are helping with the suppression elsewhere and I can't help but think it won't be very long before they come here. And they used to complain about the Chinese and there are restrictions. On the eye and out shot. McCurry I now and he's the people who won Telus trust a fascist yeah -- they literally suppress speech here and around the world. At me I by the way YouTube's been getting dingy lit lately for all the child porn that's on YouTube politics are against they find time to search out. And censor the polish government's. Home. YouTube video on migrant crisis dissertation of facts dish certain dissertation. Affects meanwhile in Sweden. They have crime what decision we haven't here that you can go and read our please report right now and on the police reporter say you know Mike Jones. 24 years old he's ways like he did this well they have that in Sweden. They have now Banda the public use or public searching. Of those. All that those databases for the public dissemination of any of the information inside the databases as it relates to migrant status. An ethnicity. So it now is a crime in Sweden to tell the truth. About who's behind nor rape epidemic now. About who is committing the bulk of the crime there. You you can't even net Yani were allowed to the public sunny glad to see those parts of the police reports and your allied to disseminate them. This is what's going on all over the world and I this is a speech crackdown unlike any we've seen our lifetimes it's accrediting when I was a kid they were doing in China now it's in Ireland and it's in Sweden. So this is what's at stake you mean you know we don't fund turn a fight for this country the last laid a left in the world are Greinke is our grand anywhere right. When my grandma did when she came here fleet of fleeing Hiller. There's an hour ago. Com and you can see that with these social media giants. And I can't I guy I cannot imagine where we are gonna beat by 20/20. I idea act can imagine. President and is this government is taking a step further even banishing there even banning web sites that list the ethnic origin of criminal suspects newest people. Reporting facts. Right off their own police reports on guests are gonna have to have the police stopped making reference. Maybe they just stop making reference to gender ethnicity or anything else that can be identifying. Of the suspect. And just you know a name came put an age I guess either. Just nine this person. This individual. Was arrested for this. And no we're not gonna have any statistical claim that they should get to know. You can no net thing about who is arrested in this country and you what this means I am honored on the good side. On live like this is the left is losing the argument to the point where they have nothing left for censorship Leigh Anne and that at least I think. Is a positive connect I think that they when they get the point where they have to do these kind of naked censorship but it's because they're losing the debate and they have no other way to do it. And yelling you're racist when you point out facts is it working for them anymore if it worked they wouldn't be doing this all over the globe. But yet this is a patriarch a misogynist world where are irate that we we can make that distinction yes we can't bottle the evil white man. But you know anything else sorry nothing to see here move along no and we're not gonna let you see an annual. They show is brought here by Christmas trees. Nine years in the making and you go and shop one down. Dear god would have huge. Woody needs I'm sorry he and chops up my idea. Actually when I my husband wanted to Christmas tree this year we're gonna wait to the kids were all like at least five. Because otherwise you know that things going down rain so infrequent. But then I read that study about trees. And how all that aimed at fascinating number and it holds hands under the dirt. Now with old trees just with members of their direct family from country but if she's a beach. And discipline to pin oaks around her shall join her roots up with a baby peach trees I teach not. Com and so the one Mon tree is is these pumping sap into the others. And they discovered these pressing needs to discuss they found a multi hundred year old stumped analyst alive. And mine like how the heck. We sat still coursing through it Amy had been chopped out. Anyways holding hands holding routes where you want cult in the trees around it. And then he's day and then the same guy who seized on this has found a decibel level at which trees scream. When they don't get enough water when the thirsty. And making threes they're doing that is we can't hear petite you certainly can recorded. And it gets more an egg is louder and louder as they get dryer and dryer and lead and making the trees are screaming for the trees under same kind of to hamper its sinking no trees of different. Species don't do it. So routine is to. I haven't talked country in my living room onscreen it's how often can hear it is it suffers and dries up akin to a so it's gonna have to be a fig tree this year. An endowment fund me I eat meat every day I get it I know some poor animal died right. For now anyway and sticking with my fake Christmas tree. Perry two common sense of retirement fan M retirement planning text planet we go tech series the truth hurts snowflakes can handle the truth. Actually snow really can't handle the truth says new survey. This are very real young people. Believed they snowflake. Could be damaging to their mental health. We MG. OK yep new survey take any insurance firm a Veba found 72% of sixteen to 24 year olds believe terms snowflake. Is unfairly applied to them. 74% of respondents. So it's it's a step further arguing they believe the use the label could have a negative effect on young people's mental health that's exactly what makes them snowflakes. They don't get this today this very self aware generation is it if they weren't worried about that kind of thing they wouldn't be snowflakes. Oh my at these should these are people who Kate Stanley gets killed and I don't care. But they've put a common snowflake and their reduced the field position. But check pilot nick the author of fight club. Has embraced the rising popularity of the term. There is a kind of new Victorian isn't he said every generation gets offended by different things but my friends who teach high school tell me their students are really easily offended. Because think of redeeming condition to be offended. Every little thing. What else in particular appear to take offense to the snowflake snowflake label and survey. The majority of adults agreed that the term. Is unfair and on health folk for helpful really so it's important people consider how such labels are used in the cumulative effect. They could have on their recipients. What what cumulative effect. And not like what what what what have what did that what happened you if you're called snowflake each cannot come back from. They don't say. Now there today. Because they're not. Ari. I is something new I've registered doing in a formal ways we're gonna do it honoring Americans who refuse to die. A pair of crooks. Tried robbing a pizza delivery driver in Saint Louis. Last Thursday night. As if we was 41 years old. And he'd be he is Saint Louis police he was making it through delivery when two men tried to Robin one of the suspects hit him in the head with the gun. When he victim ran back to his beard. OK TV I said the same suspect began shooting him. But there was a problem. The driver had his own gun and returned fire and as luck would have it for seventeen year old Levon according junior he was a good shot. One of the suspects mr. GAMR Levine none according junior was fatally. Shot. Second suspect. Fled. On foot. The original and with merely a cut on his head for where firmware you know from where he was whacked with a gun. I was hit by any bullets and return to work where he called. Police. Say they could. Retrieve. About. 803471063. Just another in stints. In which American used to going to protect. Preserve and save. Their own life. Happens every day it's no surprise. Column but it's the kind of thing the left never tells you. About. RE two Cummins is retirement planning text nine districts it literally called snowflakes 'cause we can't call them what we used to call them when we were in school. And lesser refers to their hat. It's a rental. Russia with a techsters referring to. A texture it's cumulative cumulative and snowflakes in the same sentence. Ha ha. It takes deranged Immelt. Just says your race. Terra the police reports in Sweden one now just read that a multi celled organism caused this grand. Meant. Perhaps they're registering Sherry emailed Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott about stopping. The investigation I've received a response from Scott told talking points in BS finally when investigation musher. This these those people are ignoring as they really start applying pressure. I wish to start a campaign to contact their representatives and let them know how we feel. Harry amen to that. And register rates arrow what are we just go ahead. Allaire and hear them. Unless tech wreck known the throne I'm sorry protestor rates about George W. Bush and why he never criticized Obama. Oh and you never said anything because he was on Obama's team. That's why. Payments that are coming at next on the show another edition of trump. Matter to arrangements. Syndrome or herds. For short. Yet and in the meantime. New study. She knows how to do we are or cellphones. Did you see this deep some just just opening the folic unlocking it by putting the code in Philly no reason. Yeah well. Every day 40% of the unlocks that we do and we unlock her phone. An average of forty times everyday 40% of the locks that we do are not response to any kind of fire like no we avenue emailing and phone call we knew whenever. It's just. Compulsive. Yep new study analyzing all the unlocking of being done by a group of cellphone. Holders. So I mean we literally are so rewarded they think psychologically by you know unlocking the phone because he's get attention people are trying to find those contact does you know talk to us. That we we we literally seek out that feeling of somebody paying attention to us. Bob why unlocking the phone even when we know there's nothing new there 'cause we just unlocked it a few minutes. Before. The total addictive behavior this. TJ that is compulsively sit there and unlocked phone just to do it. Interest in her. And don't try to since the elections. Hope some pleasant you often feel the urge to burn something down in your home test fire. Course I'm people who don't even know because you think they don't like you. If you've never filed like this before like. Very exaggerated Sears good. Residence and you may be suffering from a case so trump. Yeah to arrange the syndrome. Warren church. We get I gave playing. Chelsea handler whose name was your mind and you can have meant this for sure she. Teachers union and comedian. Blame that trump for the California wildfires. Of course. Hal. Here's the tweet just evacuated my house is like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire literally and figuratively stay safe everyone dark times. So big inside cut psychologically. Categories that legally what is that exactly. That's the arrangement I yeah I did we we didn't it's deter we we don't have many may afford some young enemy court in the newsroom. I'm OK and I wanna I wanna get back and it is because this is one of the most remarkable things I've ever heard come out of the mouth the feminist woman. It is shocking and as a play this for you. Conservative ladies religious ladies. And that will be like to live that and it regime run by. Feminist liberals who think like this as a conservative woman picture would be like to try to get a job. To try to do something you care about to try to advocates for anything you pare pare pare about trying to imagine a society. In which the leadership of the left speaks and thinks like this this is Chelsea handler talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Trumps. Press. Secretary. But heart let the addressing happen chopping out every day. I mean one day she's she's has no makeup on at all the next she's got like six foot long eyelashes. As Scott cleavage and some report lipstick all over her face can you believe what they've turned her into a proper trial. Summer. Pour lipstick. You know with that easily I didn't know that there was a season of that there's a season of summer war apparently according she jealously Chelsea handler. Om and go to where the most remarkable epic greens that I never had the pleasure to play. Written to pleasure and we don't play for you recently is my company's response to that he is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Fought. I'm surprised that there were not women on the left to at least had the decency to call are out for this but. I know you're probably expecting me to be very angry about it but truthfully when I read what she said and and I watched it. I felt sorry for her I feel sad for Chelsea handler she seems like a very angry. And bitter person. Well she's almost as old as me so this is at a point of her life she needs to start mellowing out. As she seems to be just in a rage and the sad thing about it she boast about the two abortion she had its sixteen I think in many ways she's jealous dollar. My daughter has a husband who love chore and it's wonderful to her my daughter has three delightful children. She's a happy balanced person. She enjoys life she's a pretty straight laced person goes to church and enlists a wife Chelsea handler has never known. And I really think that there's something deep inside of Chelsea handler that says. Gee I've missed out on a lot I could be raising children but I supported him I know that's harsh but look I I don't. I'm not angry letter I feel for her I truly feel sorry for her. And I feel that she's lashing out at a why is that she just doesn't understand and it's never been able to embrace and that's sad so. I no reason to be angry at that Chelsea. Yeah I'll pray for her that she'll find some peace because she doesn't have it right now it's pretty evident by the tone of voice but she's an angry bitter. And and frankly belong only persons. You what that was the most mature deep thought they'd reaction to any tough questions I've ever heard as a father you religious background and commentator. Great job governor thanks to our ambition at lashing thank you. While deep thoughts from Governor Huckabee I know. I know but he's not wrong now he's not he's Rodham much the only thing you left out the tests are also Bakes a mean pee can pie. He left with us out nobody even disputing any more well you know when eventually the truth wanna yes. Eventually we get tired of waiting. Mean while. I I thought of this is he yet yeah you and I at Wheatley Tyson times Lee about my daughter and how you know she's got a sport that she loves that she really wants to achieve any she's only nine and you know that the team that that she's worked very hard to be a part of I mean Dade debuted to our practices and in an upcoming four hour practice on Saturday to our practices and is a lot for nine year old Jones I have I have expected. You know to be hearing motto go oh but she's not she's been a trooper and she gives up her you know her Saturdays and and we during the week and that kind of thing when other kids are on there. On a plane video should please videos to don't thank you so but. I no complaints of far any aren't about that like all those hours that you have to give up if you wanna really be good it's a just press a shot at being very good and he sport. We don't even know how to turn out for her you don't have to sage. On and so predator for having the discipline. You is thinking as I was reading this that you know Sony women all of the country at least we don't even know yet who will one day be great athletes are doing what my daughter's doing rate. But why. Honestly why bother. What notes. Why other when you leak you read this. Laurel Robert. And I tell you he's glad this is going to be every sport is going to be every sport. Lawyer Robert. Law weightlifter. As a man. Heads transition to being a woman and of course now as a man. At laurel couldn't do any better then you know ranked outside the top ten in in the world but a woman. She's gonna rank seconds. Second it's now okay. In the world she just won the world second world weightlifting checked championship. I covered previously competed as America. And and it is a commentary on is the coaches Seb is very resentful of covered. I'm being apart this feeling that she had an unfair advantage. Because. While she's met the minimum hormone level testosterone level to compete. She's got all of those muscles from you know that have developed an mean men have this is fact do a lid on average 50% more upper body mass than it. It just the facts. I really covered competed as a woman at the world masters came in Auckland New Zealand's. There's still widespread and ease the article says among we weightlifting community that he is an unfair it she has an unfair advantage over. A biologically female opponents can I ask you this. We're beginning she's wishing mission tracking some states and we're transgender males are waiting which should have gone to the women. Com why bother. For my daughter white mother spend four hours or Saturday now practicing when you're gonna be beaten up for that slot that you would and where it not for demand. It is now taking your slice. I mean I. Is this happening at the top of all sports actually yes it if if this whole. Insanity is allowed to go to its conclusion yes it will mean what happens when most major women's sports are dominated by former. All those years all those hours all that work all that sacrifice. And you got to compete against man. A person who biologically. Is superior to you in in in muscle viewing in muscle mass and you can't that is a scientific fact you cannot change it. So I just was Arenas that he was your mind is my target man to get to college where she wanted to play sizzling team because Amanda. And and what will Chelsea handler had. To say about that is official to comment all my daughter trawler and move on right. Obviously I have never seen anything that Chelsea handlers on the only reason I know anything about her is because she's an outspoken famous feminist that makes these. You know ridiculous. Hum the statements at times. I only know what she dies how how did she get to be famous how we Shia thing anyway. For you go from one it was she she's a comedian I've followed her she's a comedian for a long kind she used to do rolls in like chick full exit and you know. Well there's one I don't know yet she said that actually that's probably why you don't know it's except as mrs. Rogers. Yeah. Anyway meanwhile. I am pleased to report because this is a new for this is a new one for me in my career leaders to say this is this is a new achievement for me my eye on these church of Satan. Who is after me a wonderful yes they are taking issue with me I have struck a chord with the church of Satan when you've done something right. Yes it's I am I must have this is the national church of Satan. Which we still does have the official check mark from Twitter so they're good they're called him. No not at the polish government they're not pinnacle mine but but but then they do. I'd pitchers as saying they are taking issue with me. Because I called beat Matt Lauer roast remember the one from 2008 am practically satanic on Twitter right and they're offended. I hear people are sending me this from all over the place how could they be offended. Well here's what I wrote must read this is practically satanic. If you want to understand why are culture is running from the inside out you have to check out to share riot at the top bowler institutions. The church of Satan. Official church of Satan according to Twitter. It's been verified them. Says it has nothing to do with satanism please leave us out of its. Police have manners the use the word please let us for a well I have news feature Singh folks it has everything to do was say yes. Every church of Satan is distancing itself from Matt our. Boy and yes. All right that's. As a new low and are yet is. Even the territory so they won't touch your Matt you've got problems looked really good grief. I oh boy yes so. I am now officially from the church of Satan. And not tell people was noticed I wanted to attract quite frankly but that's a good thing. Yet that's a good thing. Tony when you wanna read more from the church of Satan go on my Twitter account there there are among males today we've heard enough from the church of sickness as he has done with them now. Producer Chris just made a great point. About the church of Satan. If your sing which is now condemned me. Mad when thereof would just say Chris pretty red bad when their OK with being associated with Satan. But not Matt Lauer but not met our they would not all of that. And they were you know we worship the lord of lies in the fatherly will bled that that's that's two full that is a step below lines. What even we can tolerate. Course you would expect them to lie about that wouldn't you. You would it would new Yasser rate. And they really love met our. They wouldn't tell you the truth about him anyway writes I've been officially condemned by the church state of Satan on Twitter the verified church of Satan. Scenario. It's great to be needed a. I'm I've pretty everybody. That's what I do OK temple of perspective I didn't want justices to just end up buried in the succeed Maris have you listened to all four hours accomplish. I don't complain I got to do against two important. I want to bring this back up quickly. That that the thing the left is doing right now the leftist media it is this idea that spreading today and yesterday that in assists trump. Agreed to recognize the capital of Israel to be Jerusalem and to move our embassy to Tel Aviv which away. Was cornbread LA majority Democrats and Republicans many years ago. Clinton and bush and Obama every six months had to sign a thing delaying it. Today it isn't a radical idea it was voted for by congress. And yet Chris Matthews. Had this to say. As if you don't give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity. And have a capital where they believe it should be you get evident and ending problem by the way deaths are coming now because this you can just dead the next few weeks we're gonna help to pay for this. Totally erratic decision by this president can read each party has had the White House since 48 has recognized have to be careful over there. As totally wrecked yet some completely racquets are into disaster west brilliantly point this out earlier we're number callers. Explain how the same people who tell you it's a religion of peace. And it sees this a couple of skills but is just a couple and key internal early gin and Nina suggest that you make him mad to get violent his dad. That is alike and if you tell that lie is because your hater. And you are a you know white supremacist and a racist and and do whatever. Is well for a break. These did they tell you this all the talk. These people are at Chris you are now say this year does all of the media today. Legend we we can't get that if you if you PM see you declare it a Jerusalem to be the real capital of Israel as it is. According to the Israeli government you you you could tell what she does it. There is any religion of peace. Plagued by a couple of bad skills. And their homicidal jihadist X make your mind. Yeah sounds to me like. A woman with two black guys who goes down at a police department Fila. Please report 1946. And one behind Karen says who gave it as she says my husband. And one behind cash says how would you know would. Who do you did you provoke him did you make him mad she says the Akron to make it man and woman pulls the paperback and doesn't let her file a report is if she made amends she deserved it. Different from what Chris Matthews dissect a few meters Muslims mad men you may command he's going to be violent to a kill people if you make a member can make much. When. But Chris Matthews I talking about trump. The erratic out of control she's she's crazy he's not it's this whole idea of movie mean capital. Like a majority of Democrats and Republicans voted to do and like his US while it is our idea of doing that recognized in cap went snatched shows trumped. Is off his immense and nobody else is promised that it except Obama and bush. This Obama and bush speaking before the cheese. Congressional Israeli lobby aipac a darn at a time. And it boats bush anti Obama promised to do exactly what trump. Has done dealing differences. They didn't. Here is that her majesty's Obama erratic. Course not. Asia is blowing smoke.