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Thursday, December 7th

Corruption at FBI; Chelsea Handler bashes Sarah Huckabee Sanders as trollop and whore; Obama blocked deportation of over half a million illegal aliens


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Play good morning terra you know I don't often do this you know kind of revisit what I said today before because I've had a deep thought about it. Alone deep thought he sighed sit in with fits here is surveys to zero. You know rising about this whole thing with trade Audi yesterday in the lead them we played did the thing and he. Is for the second time. In this interview going off fund you know how Muller is the best guy to get to bottom in this. And mrs. You know we got to trust him and he knows he's in the minority here between intra smaller. You know an NM American thinker today and they go through every single person who is on millers to most team. And here is not a single person on Muller's team who is not an antitrust zealot who's not on the record either donating. Or tweeting or tweeting. Or texting now are what ever. Bomb against Donald Trump any political man manner as every bit as radical as you know any left wing blogger out there. And actually it's at the expert. And you've got this guy struck. Crew as starter Carlson brilliantly find out. All interviewed her magazine. Interviewed Hillary Clinton. Com and yell ordered. Change the -- memos so that it you know would not Sigler grossly negligent that's the standard for being you know that this is in her first felony charge with a classified data. And it yeah how he's interviewing him Aberdeen and Cheryl Mills they both say no no we know about the server. Well in writing. Any emails that they had not disclosed. To the FBI that's like number one they really tried try to find out they they did know all about the survey they talked about it in the emails they didn't disclose to the FBI. That's a double whammy right there. And this egg this agent Peter struck was the one who. You've done not only were they not charged with lying to the FBI and it is your beautiful that they lied to the FBI. They weren't given immunity as an or as a reward to protect him from all future prosecution. And what are we told. I can't he had to play this. Enough times. Now we had James commie any and he's asked about her magazines lock braking he says well you know we can't play her she you know was wrong. And so when did the double standard connection imagine my plan has had to sell a house to Paisley the bills he's completely ruined for doing what. Lined the exact same FBI agent who when he's not interviewing these people is swapping 101000 tents with his mistress trying to figure out. You know how they can hurt trump. And help Hillary that's what's kind of been you know my guarantee you that's why Muller wouldn't turn him over. And yet the head FBI be the former head of the FBI. Com you know defying congress a subpoena from congress to fight to be his laughing intrigue Audi space. Now early eighties the fight if the subpoena he went a step thwart further. He didn't tell congress about the existence of the texts that they that they give me the subpoena applied to it. All I mean you see lawbreaking. And you seek collusion. And UC obstruction of justice. At that level. Is astounding the American voters seeking Gilbert's every the second in a deterrent or Johnson just dropped. And then have people in the mainstream of the media saying what Gregg Jarrett said. Yesterday your friend and regulate him on enough Fox News leak. Obvious BI is a shadow government now he's become highly politicized Peter struck. Is the perfect example of that he led both Hillary Clinton investigation. And until recently. The Mueller investigation. This is a guy who has crop political motives we now know we use the congress has the emails that he is the tip of the iceberg. There are others especially Andrew Weissman and as you pointed out Cheney re funny. But it doesn't end there. It doesn't end here we have on the inspector general Dennis McCulloch he's tried to go after Hillary. He saw what was happening at the FBI that was personal Lubbock to me it's in my family's. Two. My office when he tried to come forward to the Republican leadership. Bomb he goes to James clapper. The had a depart via Director of National Intelligence James talent tells and the pipe down his job Lee is he's spent in general is to police the police state. And yet what happened when he went to congress and. You'd drafted this letter in January tween sixteen true. In a manner that cola told congress that email beyond top secret passage the former secretary of state unsecured personal server all the sudden I can tame. Show. Writing I was told by members of congress be careful when you're losing your credibility where people want to just show you. By February 2016 Clinton Campaign emails released by it WikiLeaks ingestion of color lunch and target. I think there was certainly a coordinated strategy. Five in fact I. I'm not only think you I mean I think it. Very very much so based on evidence to us. Now when they come for him they threaten his family that was personal Paula back to me to my family. What are Rhonda since is he went to the GOP leadership. He wanted to investigate uranium want. The last congress we and that oversight committee wanted to investigate the foundation and all the other crop payments involving the clintons and we were not allowed to do that by the leadership in the house for whatever reason. Well now I think. What about Jeff Sessions. Sure we investigate mr. Rosen steam here it appears he's implicated in lining congress invited to buy and violation of federal law. To covered uranium one would not that mr. sessions. But I would like to remind you that deputy attorney Rosa starting and it's directly sue Verizon criminal case went in he which US attorney in Maryland. I don't think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct do you. It would be his decision he's a man of integrity. He can investigate himself coming comes that we have to hear this how many times is Jason Jacobs have to tell us now on Fox News about the GOP leadership in Clinton's. It is he's talking about Christian are being dragged to the hill to testify. Absolutely ridiculous that he is coming to capitol who's got a lot of other important things to do and they will never ever ever do this to the clintons and that is what is fundamentally wrong with this because it. How many people have to jealously how many people have to tell us and when you trade out he's had what it takes vigil door justice system to exist in our country. It takes a lot we think about it. Profound darkness. It requires the protection of a majority of the political class some people have come forward bravely. I'll but it's gonna take a lot of people dozens and dozens and dozens of people to throw gone Allentown and sin no more. On and what for their protection. It would have zapper it would be powerless it would be a paper tiger. Com and and yet we have Tucker Carlson on tell I mean this is Tucker Carlson last night this is America folks did you think you'd ever hears a shipping on your TV. This is exactly how the secret police start. When law enforcement agencies decide to do debating politicians. Rather than pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public. And so you know if your tray dowdy. And using Muller's it could swell guy and he's too Smart to know batter he knows better. If you're trading right and you say this. In see you say. This I continue to think Robert Mueller Beers. Here's our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigate. Well he's clearly marking. He's not responding here's a penis he hid text from year. The FBI is hiding information from you about the prize accord about the dossier about your payments. As you know I mean does it it is that if the leadership. Of the congress would come forward forcefully in demand that this and it would and very quickly instead they are protecting indeed Satan that's. That's the. I'm probably. Turn Betty if you really does this way about Mueller and Mueller is mocking him openly defying him. Keep your mouth shut. Why given oxygen. Why do you empower white backing up yeah going to do one more of the same defining mock me in my face. With pooled data from me to find my subpoena. And any heat patch someone had. And it takes so little to bring this. Top falling down London Bridge is falling down all it would take is people to go on television a lot of them and say no more. Sign a letter call turn into it and they won out and every day they do it leg straight Garrity. This deep state grows in power Annika pull the plug tomorrow what they won't. Ladies and this is going it to drop your job as you would hear this Germany jumped to the phones in a minute. You know let before I wanna set to separate let me get let me go to the phones first admit I'm going to play for you ladies. Aid jaw dropping. Clip from a feminist. Of all people. But first Mike from Greenville good morning Mike. More. The net more and they say the current income. And more gritty little random in the current security yours. General. But it doesn't have to note there's an easier way and that's that well have to make the political class stepped up and and it and when people like tree Gatti accommodated. And give it more oxygen in only grows in power. Pure Obama so there's temporary or lack of leadership. Yeah net but it was in Paris steamroller approach without the what I get back itself. So they get it passed the senate. And the pres is it like they can't spell I spoke. Yes. But now. I I don't I'm not convinced that Mike because if we can establish the norms now that this is criminal behavior by the deep state. And that it will not be tolerated. I believe going foe word that we can at least that in fact I believe might that we can police them with the Republicans in the minority. If we have to do all it takes is enough people to stand up. And say. That this is fundamentally corrupt and we demand an end to it that way. Viewers Jeff Sessions. Yeah I know mimic the guy needs to get it and that's a back at a sports are. Oh or or wherever they're presently keeping them. I don't like all in all quarters vote. But I tell you this there is no way in the face. I'm a majority of Republicans out there on the hills screaming and yelling about this and signing and demanding. On that this deeds they could continue to operate similar to continue to operate the way that he has. It takes the acquiescence of those people that's why it exists so yeah it did he state to exist takes a whole watts. It is a whole lot of cooperation by a whole lot of people. And it doesn't take defection by that many to stop it. He's gonna have to be more than you know. Jason Jay fits who's now not congress anymore and representative get some people like that it's it's granted doesn't sign letters from beginning to scream and yell out for them to be afraid I have to go to prison that the stock to stuff. So now I want I want I comeback that I wanna play is is remarkable. Chelsea handler. Calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders you've seen her she's tramps this Press Secretary. She's also my country's dollar. And Chelsea handler is a you know inn raged the liberal. Former comedian but she's not funny anymore she's just angry listen to self proclaimed feminists who marched around enact those pink pussycat tests. But how does say conservative woman get treated by people like her and as you listen the plays imagine what it would be like. For conservative women your regime and run by the left. I can't even imagine what it would be like after you hear this this is her criticizing Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Not heart let that the addressing happen chopping out every day I mean one day she's she's has no makeup on at all the next she's got like six foot long eyelashes. And it Scott cleavage and some report lipstick all over her face can believe what they turned her into a proper trial up. Some hurt or. Lipstick. And they speak about women like this these liberal feminists when they're not power what would they do to women like that. If they wore. What would it be like to be a woman under. People who think like O'Leary no. We we've seen a roast format our. Where it was joked about how he sexually abused women in the office I got that up on my FaceBook page is it's a must read if you want to understand why American culture is rotting. And an apps and scorn the left has for women. It's right there. Including executives of NBC at the rose with Matt our slap them on backing can graduating and for cheating on his wife. In public. Not with girlfriends. But with women in the office he preyed on. Now listen to Mike Huckabee he's Mike Huckabee is Sarah Huckabee Sanders father. Chelsea handler has just called his daughter a summer war. That may be pretty angry listen to his response it's two days epic rant and it's. On us I'm surprised that there were not women on the left to at least had the decency to call are out for this but. I know you're probably expecting me to be very angry about it but truthfully when I read what she said and and I watched it. I felt sorry for her I feel sad for Chelsea handler she seems like a very angry. And bitter person. Look she's almost as old as me so this is it a one of her life she needs to start mellowing out. As she seems to be just in a rage and the sad thing about it she boast about the two abortion she had its sixteen I think in many ways she's jealous dollar. My daughter has a husband who love shark. And it's wonderful to her. My daughter has three delightful children. As she's happy balanced person. She enjoys life she's a pretty straight laced person goes to church and enlists a wife Chelsea handler has never known. And I really think that there's something deep inside of Chelsea handler that says. She I've missed out on a lot I could be raising children but I supported him I know that's harsh but look I I don't. I'm not angry letter I feel for her I truly feel sorry for her. And I feel that she's lashing out at a life that she just doesn't understand and it's never been able to embrace and that's sad so. I no reason to be angry at that Chelsea. Yeah I'll pray for her of the shall find some peace because she doesn't have it right now it's pretty evident by the tone of voice but she's an angry bitter. And and frankly belong only persons. You what that was the most mature deep thought they'd reaction to any tough questions I've ever heard as a father you religious background and commentator. Great job governor thanks I appreciate god bless you thank you. How. But really complete silence from the feminist liberal left. Complete silence Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like a summer horn island state. She just a war in general told a he mentally and be like to live under them. You know we Reno would like to work in a liberal institution. Were greeted on my FaceBook page read at the rose from Allah or 2008. EE ink like kitty Kurtz senior Meredith Vieira Ann Curry. Al Roker how brokers mocked for being black. And they left the industry his co hosts insinuating he had sex with them in more ways than one. As they laugh. They laugh they think it's funny. And an honor him. They daughter can't. She is waking getting away with for preying on the women in his office. Since duke says Nino says Joseph Scarborough MSNBC who left because he was so disturbed I can talk about this for two days when she understand what our world is and who runs it. And why we've had a moral rot we had. Because these people aren't like us they're nothing like us. Most people in at any officer never worked in if they went tourists like this they would walked out there would be appalled that people don't talk like this in middle America don't talk like this in the management. These people alien an a for an. And they're not that's another reason our societies fallen apart. This is just Scarborough talking until our arrest the whole theme was he does a show in many as sex with people with employees Barbara said. So was this whispered behind closed doors no it was shot from the mound talks at the rose to everyone laughed about it. So you hear Chelsea handler talk went down about women this is how the left treats women god help us if they ever got the power. Real power of this country. She'll see am Lara limber and feminist pink pussy cat I had aware and neck. And central marching and it Chelsea hand Blair says this about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Not hard let the addressing happen chopping out every day I mean one day she's she's has no makeup on at all the next she's got like six foot long eyelashes. And it's got cleavage and some report lipstick all over her face can you believe what they've turned her into a proper trial. Some her. Horror. Guerrillas there was public summer and winter course this new. That's totally new enemy as I knew everything in the world thanks Chelsea. And her father's remarkable responses to that. That Chelsea handler is a woman who aborted. Every child Shuler have missed totally alone she's almost Mike Huckabee is age and spin and Huckabee says she's jealous of my daughter. That's why she's so there. And I pray for her because she must be awfully lonely. Tester rates tear out was trump at that same Matt Lauer roast in 2008 that was so disgraceful. I'm pretty sure this text won't make it onto the air. Yeah its in fact I pointed out I for a half dozen times now suggest reasons have been talking about this. And it pushed the article as well on FaceBook which notes trump was there are so what you know what would be said. It was part of it is part of attending. This trip knows these people as well as he does and can push their buttons like he dice. He knows them you know is a Malloy we never viewed them as what he's so good and exposing. We realize how horrible what's. Citi have yet anyway you should we care about Matt Lauer rose. I any absolute satanic nature of it. In what women were treated black keyboard treated Asians were treated does the app absolute sexual balloon element of a woman at the top of of you know this did the structure of NBC not just people delivering coffee. You gotta read your article some at least a page is on W already FaceBook page you can understand what's going on our country then you ask yourself what is the FBI think. That they can act like a criminal extension of Hillary Clinton's campaign why do they think it's okay. To open an investigation into Hillary. And then be sitting in her head her chief donors office as an FBI agent two weeks later. I greens takes 700000 dollars you quake could run from office from the woman you're investigating. And her fundraising apparatus why they think it's okay this is why. This is the absolute moral depravity that is that that that is at the top of every one of their institutions. And sell these FBI folks it's a topic don't think anything what they did. Because this is what they're used to this is the norm this is this is the rot. At the top of our culture alien understand what it was until trump was elected so I think god for that. Gerald from cal pins. Let's undermined this morning. They get more help mr. apple the apple world or anybody Brecht. If you look at Nancy Pelosi football although I thought it would move perky. She would probably in the locker call Blackberry just. It's purely click the plot cheaply to get pictures of children and we felt that slot cable power of the plot black. I know but these are the same women including Chelsea Hammond was there who marched in protest the trumpet the way he treats web. That's the date the irony. Get short order a hold of some journal. A sack Sharia I mean to cut but they're goes OK I mean cut him off electoral. Gut checks in every morning after breakfast. 80471063. Text line 71307. Sure it's Chara who who who's the horn a woman who had so much section aborted every life insider or Sarah Huckabee. Can't. Companies that want to screen the tax line. Hole lead. By the way I artists have an attitude to. Please keep commenting on that bad that blew my mind. But to guide in any time at President Obama is in Chicago with his speech comparing trump to Hitler did you see this. Well a man who killed six million people. At least. She's did you cargo he's doing that in two W bush did not do this to him. No matter how Obama will on bush bush never said anything he never should think. This was not to onto a bumper Obama's doing his trop so well robot is in Chicago wailing on trump and comparing him to Hitler. Worth the truth about what really went on in this country. These numbers are about to read you have never before been reported. You could not get him as a reporter even if you wanted to. Because they would not release them. Listening to what. Obama. Did the massive scale of the mass Obama deliberately made in this country it's becoming clear adding I think we've seen a half that. Headline Washington examiner Obama blocked deportation of 550000. Illegals more than Atlanta's population to. Senior and then I was at blocked it. US immigration officials have revealed that they face a deportation a backlog. Backlog of five or 60000 illegal immigrants who are given temporary amnesty by former President Obama simply let off the hook by liberal judges. The massive backlog is being tackled by ice. Immigration customs enforcement but to churn numbers big in the population of Atlanta or Sacramento is overwhelming the agency's enforcement and remove the department. This week as ice and other immigration officials reviewed successes under president trump our reporter asked Matthew Albanians. The executive director for enforcement removal hitting in the number of outstanding deportation orders. Above party said it's going to be about 550 Dow is well why is it's so either report said well for large part of the last four years. We've been unable to take enforcement action against these individuals. Under a product many deportation actions were delayed starting in 2014. Even if ice officers found one in a jail Albin said it. But they worry advice against seizing the illegal our officers had to turn their heads and walked give away. So that's a large part of the problem the fact you could enforce the law he said. And liberal judges also forgave her protecting illegals even illegal populations like several Iraqis in the Detroit area son who are being sought for murder. According to ice. We need to hold liberal judges accountable says ice acting director Thomas the moment yeah I did a good taste and we split all of recipients. And I am I how I how many times you washes it will never come off. And he added the third foul. During the build of deportation orders is could 300 Sanctuary Cities refused to let ice offices into city jails sees illegals. These numbers and never before been reported because there were not publicly available they were hidden 550000. Shielded by Obama's was not just the doctors. This is an addition. Many of them by the way had misdemeanor and felony crimes that they have committed. This really did this country. By the way headline Washington times. She ate he read satanic it's it's very hard to turn the ship it's very slow but it's turning. Headline trump turns try and illegal immigration first your border crossing the border crossings hit 45 year low. US Customs and Border Protection reported three and 101000 apprehensions nationwide. A decline of 25%. From a year earlier the lowest level since 1971. Is because fewer people worked. You know coming into the country. And illegals captured. Arrested deported. 1101000 a 40% increase from the previous years to the ship is turning but it's turning. Slowly by the way interior removals illegal aliens jump to 45%. Over last year. Well we had nothing about a lecture. About how that tax cuts. Are so unfair. It's unfair. If the corporations that employ us old. Get a tax break. And Obama would little thing like that happen and never ever because we wanna make it fair. It's bliss he said it's Armageddon and it literally is the end of the world. If these tax cuts. Pass it's just it's so bad. That we could not ever be expected to recover and from the bouncy. That we will have. Okay. You know it was so much better under a bomber and she she said is where we're not ever Gunner recover right. From that we we we can't come back from eight. Because it was such a disaster. Okay. Well Washington Post. Washington Post. Own buddy Rich's one of the richest man on earth. Just reported that is the richest 1% now owns more of the country's wealth than at any time in the past fifty years. I ask is trying to break is too strong today and he. 1% of American household households on 40% of the country's wealth. So according to a new paper by economist Edward and wolf. Shear is higher than it has been at any point since 1962. Front minus start. From what thirteen share wealth all wealth owned by being 1% shot up by nearly three percentage points. Well under buddy bottom 90% meanwhile fell over the same period. Today the top 1% of households own more wealth than the bottom 90% the bottom 90% component. Hello obamacare alone probably detect. And she just was which are putting out now every month for health care and that's what you get it from worker not faced is they re distributed across the cross on his plans. The gap between ultra wealthy and everyone else has only become wider in the last several decades. Hong. Let status stories this that this happened on Obama's watch they say it's hard and when he thirteenth. His policies widening gap between the 1% the rest of us. Nowhere in the post stories mention. So you don't eat you see is what why did this happen. The presidents don't really influenced the economy. No they have a hard time making it better but they can certainly make it worse. Why is this. Bob real wages haven't fallen since I haven't risen since the year 2000 folks. Emigration to pressure waitress. SY. An M money from the depressed wages they should honing your pocket there are artificially depressed by slitting their labor market telling the pockets the wealthy. Wouldn't what is the number one expense of most businesses labor. It was a labor wealth re distribution. That's why I got so fact. It's a different you Obama helped. What is your 550000. Illegals sheltered deliberately by Obama. From deportation. Is a deportation orders that he would not let ice. Execute. In addition to the doc is this is not done we never known about these guys before. And just just the ones we know about now. You think that depresses the labor market even to depresses wages of course it's. As sunny still from. That's what an app it's that simple. Has to do wages. You know Boston University saying this tax plan for almost flies. Will increase. Wages. Over the next decade dramatically. Get geared your minimum was 4000 dollars in for a family of four year. You get the money back. You begin to get back. But immigration is big part of the two we've got to stop at our market is to flood we don't have enough jobs for everybody and they want it that way they like it that way is by design. It's a wet so rich. That's how it happened. And Donald Trump is trying to stop at and is trillions of dollars in stake here. So we hear the scream and yell and I understand it's really the donor screaming yeah. Not Dan. Net if you leave the left new leads in charge that's what you get that's their record is not a conservative website that's the Washington Post. Rich guy at the top 1% got considerably richer under Obama. Now only a little some back in a class a screenplay where. A text your rates your trip was a Democrat when he went to Mal hours' rest same for the Billy bush tape he's regained his sense is now these Republican. Maybe. I have texture is why would you go and kick out. All of his 500 dozen illegal aliens and take money and spend it housing Airpwn homeless citizens and veterans well trucks trying to news. He stray puppy did say years to do.