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Thursday, December 7th

Moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem; Saving for college; Transgender athletes


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And clean about the B and does she move don't you get it it's okay when liberals live it's not okay when conservatives tell the truth I think excellent poise and a pronoun that's very good that is as Ronald LaMont somebody said their coffee related ads they have yes they have. Aunt and about this is Chris Matthew this what the liberal media is saying right now about this move. Of the embassy and a recognition of the jury so Jerusalem as the capital which is US law bullet which it always has been yet every six months. Bush Obama Clinton had signed something to delay this from going into effect trump simply inside. Congress voted for this majorities of Democrats and Republicans at the time in congress. Voted for that's so what is wailing about how radical list is. And here's thing here's a finalist is using I was listening to an overnight program. I'm nationwide program and rabbi called an and he is just gnashing his tee because people you're gonna die because this is going to Palestinians man. And that's the tag the media's take you right and. They get mad because this in people's diets chums well no it's the guy with a bomb strapped to his body it's killing his fault. And a B and this is something it's. They had new last month they had news security members in measures put into place. You know barricades put up no holy monuments in in Israel and that made the mad. This is protect people of all faiths who want to visit them. Bennett Palestinians magic so they killed Israeli guards. 'cause they were mad that the Israeli guards would let him in to blow themselves up. I mean don't matter what you do they're gonna kill people it's who they are but that didn't dissuade Chris Matthews MSNBC. As if you don't give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity. And have a capital where they believe it should be you get evident and ending problem by the wave of deaths are coming now because this you can just bad the. Yes what women have there not been deaths in the Middle East over this this issue mean they're content to newsroom jump. Yeah her deplete armed but here's the thing this does not just something that trump promised to do well. Obama and bush promised to do until and when Obama promised did nobody batted not I don't. President charmed as we said yeah. Filling his campaign promise a promise and other presidents have also made when they weren't candidates want us. Russian does that take off. This I will begin the process of moving the United States ambassador to. So what happens might in any undo it and and is this a political win for president charmed. That stocks news. Yup and then and then they're right on the money and and the rest of these people are being disingenuous does this whole issue is once again symbolism over substance through slump has always been the capital of Israel. And it has been our. The way we are ignoring that fact and and having the embassy in Tel Aviv. You know of the of the canal citizen Jerusalem the prime ministers in Jerusalem the capital of Israel and has been. And an if you wanna pretend. That tell leave is is this the capital because you're afraid of Palestinian uprisings over it well how was that strategy worked it has worked at all. It hasn't worked at all and this is something hosting the other day about probably at least he's doing something differently. We we over the past thirty years have had ineffective. The foreign policy and defense policy. You look at the situation in the Middle East to look at the situation with a wand you look at the situation when North Korea. We've been doing the same things the Clinton administration the Bush Administration the Obama administration at least trumps trying to do something different. And that's exactly what Tron said he should listen we've always we've always done it this way. We still don't have a two state solution sit Ellis when in reality you know and recchi ease toward reality and recognize Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has proclaimed by the country of Israel now. It's not like trump decided to Jerusalem's going to be the capital of Israel. The Israelis decided that a long time ago it's action if the Israelis put their embassy in Seattle now and declare that you capital of the US. Yeah exactly or better yet Mexico City. While there and declared a teacher capital yet you act now. By the way take this I never trappers. Reverend certain group Franklin Graham who I love mom took to FaceBook. To declare no president my lifetime is defended Christian faith like trapped. Mr. It is absolutely. True everything about trump. These Christian he's not a Christian you know like him. You can't beat you you cannot deny it is and you would trump is doing right on and released com every single month. Alan that we take refugees from the Middle East the percentage of Christians is increasing the percentage of Muslims is declining. It's capping month after month after month after month. Really it's the point at this rate very soon where it's only Christians were taking from the Middle East as it should be there are the only ones being persecuted. Along with the Shia. Who are being killed by the Sunnis and we have a policy where all we took was the Sunnis. The one you wanna Christians in the Shia. Why are we taking it. I'll they vote at an almost 90% rate for Democrats or clearly rewarding those who run that. The markets where sex slaves are sold quite welcoming welcoming them to America. While leaving a sex slaves behind Derek. Trump is changing got. On in the refugee exe singing exactly who we should take if we take anyone from the Middle East and by the way we can bet the Christians. And then there's just time in Jesus we didn't we we can go to their churches and see their birth records we know who they are. We can't vet the Sunnis. So I mean all of this stuff did that. Trump his his Don I mean it's been one fight after another after another for Christians he's been consistently on the side every step of the way. And it's it's really exciting to Sissy. Text racetrack it's a real man something has not been seen in Washington for a very long time. Now register race Clinton promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem to. By the way she where. Clinton bush and Obama were standing when they promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem and finally recognized Jerusalem is the state capital of Israel human understanding and trying to aipac it's an Israeli political action committee does a lot of money now. So they literally all stood there and wide. And then never bothered to do. And every six months when you say light as some strides not they signed that thing to stop it from happening every six once they had to actively preventing it. Both times when bush ran and both times when Obama ran a promise to do it. And and you know they they promised to do it that it the second time to which means they had signed for four years every six months something to stop. John did it texture Wright's words promises are easy deeds take courage real leadership trump the trump rocks. Tester race you just you realize the liberal philosophy and a Middle East it seems that they that they felt if they. Except it all of the murders into America there are if date of weeks delta murderers into America there would be no one left in the Middle East killing people. It's now I know it sounds stupid but then again we're talking about liberals. This reminds me of when Chris Matthews says asleep at this it this reminds me of that the woman who shows of the police department with two black eyes is her husband Peter to file a report and the woman taken report says well did you make him mad. Will but no you can't file police report it's your fault. Crazy that this exactly what Matthews is say well if we make them mad that it's our fault when they blow themselves. No it's their fault. We recognize this went to man beating a woman why can't we recognize this when it's a Palestinian suicide bomb them. He pulled the trigger you feel people to record Randy McCall and not us. Not us Gordon from lake floor. Good morning. Good morning were out on a tight Jeremiah directly go to a movie embassy to Jerusalem we're gonna die if you build the wall Odom died the year of Obama care. Well guarded I think stops you migration we just don't diet. Al what Andy you you've worked for got wind is make his own until Lindsay our word about it. Text and drive it in TARP that's true yeah see you actually could probably accomplish that continuing to work this morning call now and this implicit we're gonna die because of the tax cuts. Do you miss out on you was in the world he's not there yet. That would extradite terrorists get about yet so hopeless ray we might as well lived embassy in the capital and. But are not the other western liberal. Competitor are honoring your reproductive. Aimee and I think Gordon understands the way that it works. If yes he did towards a rate. What's with the trafficker and here you never know but if you get there. And you vice president would make any difference at all. Honestly. Yesterday some people think their boss is totally unnecessary. Levy shouldn't and it suddenly Bannister she did. I would affect your work if your answer is I'm not at all well congratulations you're just like everyone else. Lot of people labor so people sit Airbus is unnecessary and this may be the reason why the survey also found it less than half Abbas. Have ever received any management training. I got my bar here actually is necessary in fact the whole thing would grind to a screeching halt and three or four days into his absence. Word nobody pick up the slack for him you begin to see stations. Clearly descendants silence. Or partial silence here and come. That's how critical my boss here is but I had this kind of bias. And it would do day. And in truth you know and I think it is they babysit this with the database. And was the people who work for them are competent and probably could be turned loose on around. But said twenty percentage. Into turn loose and that's what did you do in minutes making babies. As that your boss is he useless she would she use. Thank you ask cut quite a few of you has buses that you can't get anything done because they're constantly emailing you or stopping by your desk. The talk they would literally have nothing to do it. But they wanna feel like they know what's going they don't know what's going on and a higher seeded they don't know what's going on the Milliken effective OS had a boss. You would do more that's tough to do it and Devlin went deadline. And laughed so I'm not his left CNET survey. Would that. Tech storage tier I just takes a godless immoral orange chaired president to do look at Christina Moore early superior. Professing GOP critics and in my opinion what is. Ever have done for God's chosen people it says a lot doesn't it. Yeah I sues Texas talking about ten Franklin Graham. Writing on his FaceBook that no president in my lifetime is defended Christian faith like trump and ended that strip sad but it's true. And the living of feet. And to seek to from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Tester it's whether wearing out tester until we had as an effective foreign policy was Ronald Reagan. Used to strip. Agree with that. West's firm Greer a morning. Take care good morning you know infinite fascinate. Ollie can actually Muslim united cheating massed. Attack. Just try having notre people unite unite eat pro quality everyday amnesia to explode the liberal left college tell us you can't blame mostly. It's just this year instance don't cheat day here don't you dare try to portray. That day are hot. A crack immediate not the main all come statistically land the mantra it's still early religion that they but it senate trot out there. Just a couple of all of liberals. Run straight to our camera says oh. Older daughter start killing people that are not freak out and I don't they don't beat and it could mean you know wonder Chris Matt you why wouldn't be deadly. I mean if they're not at that all have a propensity for power. Okay and it's but it would probably misunderstood that did this all just been a coincidence that they've all come from that religion that army into a fascinating is that not fascinating that wouldn't accept all of these people don't go crazy. They're gonna be dead people make. It. What care I told you this sport truck is on some kind of mission. Now it sits. There would put your dang I can't figure it out of that it is a man eight. To watch this and every day care each scares me how process. The GOP's stance at lucky it didn't matter how bad the political look at odd days that 1520 years. And they never saw any lower than not hot they can get look at their rot about the only people try option as we Daniel. How could sit and under warmer. Up our. Support in it is the GOP. Chair I had pastors. My mother struggled so hard to vote for trot that I can't explain to look at I mean she really tall. That demand has or Thomas isn't. Look at. And I absent mother you know I don't understand that this in its kids or I've been ready from every person that Turkey than ever met his children there that much manager. A lot of people you'll ever. We're study from that west chair Dick says one remark from me to say I think you've won the epic rant award today. Not because there's not many people who can cause a revolution in my mind that with a whole new thought process you have just on its and you win the nuclear bomb award. And you do let's go back to something you said his was brilliant I don't want to be lost because I've not heard anybody say this and what a great observation you dismayed what's made us go back to this. That the same we turn Chris Matthews rate. And and you're talking about Chris Matthews sailing out trust could be responsible to their blood aren't as he and his pals things can get mad about the soldier is on capitol thing in our embassy in America. Some people right. I never thought of it that what you write the same people who tell us over I was a religion of peace just a few exceptions only a few skills in the bunch you're ready as soon and I is. Something like this happens they hit it. And say these people gonna kill everybody is it the religion of peace or not. To heady with. This and it's going to be console I'll say it automatically. And all. It hit some pain care and we just how did I knew it but let me tell you what we're really I've got up and left excerpts. I'm it was not satellite search my son does some California mountains sheeting so we travel round for him to do this. Delisting and I have a sermon you know it in the orange gotta get up early. And it's one pastor how much you orchard eight years stood up. And basically says. You can't let you can't be Christian but for him. And I just not so I'll watch and my son and we just law. Syria they need paint yes and I couldn't believe I'm just could not believe it and you wanted green. This close there are still Christian friend of mine that still turn their nose. I'm remember one truck. I'm just happy for circus term with the west he you've just said I think I just heard of that that the prob possibly the coolest children's exit extracurricular activity have ever heard of to just scientists cowboy mounted shootings. Yes he wouldn't want that to my child join the team that sounds really cool I was when he gets a little older he can do it now obviously can't have a gun but it's barrel racing we're. Okay you've you've you rack your horse you fly between the barrel but there's a bulletin on top focus. Stay. And you post six cheater gets slightly cal what she's in the eighteen hundreds and has blanks. Bennett and letters or mail. In line and that you're climbed through the barrel he pulled the gun you have to multiple range you have popped orange begin June 2 penalty. But it's. I'm just. Yeah it's something about breast care united conservatives we look at this sheet we always happy to great shot and he was one of these kids that all the cowboys. When he was born like most always an. They go way Alexei what 30% of the boys out there expect tabloid size goes away it never left key key route every day. You look resources than we did mallet he was barreled right thing we want out so their house. And there they work flying around there what they're seeing it she's announced that was John wine. And we were so we're doing this book from there out but they're great people but it's too believed. That this pastor. It sank compromise that immediate exit so why didn't care I mean it was an easy decision made from day one. But for some people when it came down that Hillary corn. Or Donald not even spot couldn't figure out they could both orally not just remind my mother was well enough. Yeah well in in addition there was 'cause we're up against we're up against the break. Put it thank you for your brilliant phone call. I'm a sit there and think about that on the break. And the same people who Telus is the religion. That he's. Telling us and so did nobody is what trump did would Jerusalem. Would you I would say thing the FBI said to us member. San Bernardino that the killer was triggered by the Christmas tree it was the Kelly's fault for having the party. The sun is his retirement planning it Ted. Signed text to raise the next bombing in Israel will be blamed on trumped yet I mean he's already setting him up for that because of the old Jerusalem. You know embassy thing. You Richard kill posthumous relocate them they eat up to 5006. Years so says Robert. Now Lyman is to fan I just don't want one living in my. Attic. Ani new sure today that 80% of people consider their boss is useless. And that they never came back to work. Things would carry ons finding no one would notice tech story it's your my bust received the best management training I could possibly provide him. Blade. Where you go am. Streets are so good bosses that she hires people that need scans supervision and gets out of their way. Nervous takes your race still trying to grasp what is Israel capital things controversial Israel is a sovereign state as recognized by nearly every non Muslim. Controlled nation in the world last time I checked Sovereign States elect their own capital bizarre actually. Not a jester race. Some America are expected to not be triggered by spandex and cleavage and let's resist making comments or compliments regarding yet. G hot keys are allowed to be triggered and shipping office party or blow up half of Jerusalem. Perhaps the G body's needs some spandex and cleavage in their lives to take their minds of Jihad. Anything's worth a try at this point. Talking about OS is brilliant point which is cause a revolution in my mind. As is rare that I hear viewpoint had never heard before haven't made myself that makes me think so Wes has done an aim my monument just in this morning. Putting out the the very same people who Telesis the religion of peace and we're big it's if we think otherwise. Should now blames trump. When the religious she hiding zealots go nuts in the Gaza and killed people because they're mad about the Jerusalem capital. Which is it that the religion of peace or their people we have to placate or don't tell us pickle. Text jury takes here at the peaceful Muslims are calling for a day of rage after morning prayers on Friday please explain that's. Ash yeah I would direct you Jeff. To. Chris Matthews. Do a better job explain. Okay let me you've got a cause I kid you not to have won a walk in closet full of toys you can walking is knee high full of toys and Christmas past. Item file that most of it came from grandparents and folks like dad. And they didn't want to give played four or played with for two weeks in the neck and neck and then they just jumped rate. Well art state treasurer Curtis leftist has what I think is a better idea for Christmas giving. Hey Chris say you do it. Hey guerra armed but I had to say here at the top intro pop some bad ball and bombings but that doesn't it six. Definitely antics in YouTube. Well or. I'm doing great and you great idea for grandparents aunts uncles parents who don't wanna waste money on another plastic toy the we'll break in and open the closet like at my house. So what else could she give that might make a real impact on the child's life for years to come. Well your experience is what we all have you give them a call or you go to war more about who's Webb are already ought to give it should of you who may or may know like it. What are suggests it may be getting the gift of education and that got a pain failed tax and the score yet you give this gift from her now. You get a tax deductible increase in the directly from your computer. 2 o'clock Rihanna countless South Carolina is not award winning PG scholar college savings account you directly to their account they get on my caller oral other Oprah news. And you do it all there and the culprit on the go through your own home. And you can set these up to your grandparents they don't have to how existing account correct. Let me get a try my that he doesn't get yet. Puget power dot com WW WPG scholar by column gives a lot of information about it to our count. It is hooked up I was honored to have an award winning. Cost savings plan is actually being used to walk a lot like in our case you might mean that fact deductible. It was actually it didn't take it out for educational expenses. The factory as well yeah that money unique accredited to the four year college in not only in South Carolina put it in all fifty states. Until about 600 colleges all around the world so it's a great thing or do we try to make it easier for people to get my teacher. And I gotta say I'm Chris Lofton is IA dominant big and the big fan of the State's five point nine because I'm a big investor in the fire 129 we we paid off our cars we drive 1517 year old cars pushing eleven and seventeen year old cars now and we make the car payment into the college when every month. And on you would be scandalized colonel Curtis leftists if you saw the totals on my accounts we may have gone wild on. Well you know locking issue then maybe I'll go look at men are you welcome. In over a 100000 families and got Carolina got the bank bank of 100000. You know marketplace till it was over and over and over that this college savings and the that you are now. It it is the winner. You're not support by the government exporter with Reebok rather see if you can Maple Leafs got the accident is. By the state and federal government. But he took it a good free market program and it worked well. In the best way to pay for college is it's more an easy way if you don't say you can almost guarantee that your trawl. Italy coach was approximately 30000 dollars of debt. And the first job they pay LaMont because our dreams it was a job that they pick it. Edit any begins to war the way that you live your life. On there after we need to set a study of a young adults who ordaining moving in with each other not 'cause they're in love Curtis left is the because they have says she's a college debt. All right yet and in your caddie I graduated with 21000 dollars with a college debt now so desperate. To get it off my back I renovated house and I never Germany and nail before it took me nine months that's. How desperate I was I was eating Cheerios at some point because I could afford to do both you know so I don't like you to knock me do that so I love south Carolina's by 29 let's give via web address again Curtis practice at your leader here speaker our. Awesome great Christmas gifts will not end up broken on the floor or in the closet. They're a written. We hear that you you're listening to live of those folks that bodies. Product of the books and the best in the children and I think tank tuneup for the top. Arie thank you treasurer Curtis and laughed as citizen review by the way it was sponsored by the South Carolina. Treasurer's office. Get a left an MSNBC tell. Well I'm struck. Over the you know recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel Edwards recognized reality which we never do in America would only do that. According your left. Making appointed this is is we batted he's Ali's Palestinians regular kill people and to be tram stall. Never there's in the religion of peace it's always somebody else's fault when they kill according to left. Ironic is Wes said that they that the the same very same people who Telesis is the religion of peace and and you're just biased. A white supremacist hate monger. If you you know don't think that UA it a couple of Muslims who kill here in the air we yet just the exception. The same people telling us now be truthful when they kill people because they're mad about the embassy move. Which is it's huge the religion of peace or we have to pacify them because calculus it's one of the true yeah pickle and it it's hilarious the MS NB an MSNBC. Accidentally rolled the wrong footage. In the middle of it. They wrote what did you Palestinian rights should be good people and said stumpel fired. The panel got slightly awkward when the panelist where accent reminded of who would actually be responsible for such attacks. They met to cut to a quote from the mayor of Jerusalem. Apple but the producers actually showed a clip of what appeared to be Palestinians throwing rocks at Israeli police. I don't think messed up and told the truth which is hilarious and happens on MSNBC. Harry things I'm really proud of my daughter lately has dedicated herself to a sport that she's playing who wants to get better and it's you know she's only nine. And she's chosen to do what it takes to get better. Which is you know for our practices on Saturday to our practices at night as some days for our practices on Saturday depending. And I thought you know what I signed up this but you ask me three weeks organ here complaining she's not going to dishonor Saturday but she hasn't she's determined. I'm very proud that the effort she's making and you know when I this I thought that. Because all over the country there are little girls the age of my daughter who have big sport streams. Maybe it's in track maybe it's a swimming maybe it's in volleyball soccer whenever. And girls who party forfeited a lot of hours of their lives to be the best. Something we use to celebrate this country. Girls do will work for years while other young people plane into themselves. And when they get what should be the top of their sport where they should be honored number one in the world number two in the world number five in the world what are they burnt. They won't. Their names won't go down in the sport's history books they won't experience the glory they'll only know defeat. Why. His though. You know and who you to be met. And just have much more muscle mass than my daughter ever will now occupying the first second third place spot this happening in. Sport after sport after spy Anna it's. At the commissioners say something here's the latest. Here's what is all no huddle. Covered 39 from New Zealand. Just finished its gains overall in the world weightlifting championships. Laurel is until a just couple years ago laurel. Was man. Which really gives you a boost. No pun intended in weightlifting white. Scientific fact many. Had 50% more body mass above the waist and went. You cannot change that even when you begin taking female hormones. And I can think. Is that never to position should've been occupied by some porn Earl like I did my daughter who spent hours of her life lifting. And training. And what happened what's going to happen when most major women's sports are dominated by transgender former meant by doing that. May end transgender used to wit wait list as a man and couldn't place in the top of the world. Now he she it's. They won't cure we offered a woman knowing you're never gonna be better than third or fourth. Why sit watch cartoons.