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Thursday, December 7th

Government shutdown looms; DACA becoming less popular; Wall of silence and pervasive cover-up of deviant sexual behavior in liberal culture


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Late good morning Sara well moving on into the weekend when we could have a government shut down. But away. You got to let. The idea this is how much are government is flood the rape I am big new poll out morning console poll finds 43% of Republicans. Com are strongly in favor of government shut down. They're like yes shuttered down south where no one rating to do it. Where Dan if I did the funny thing to why I did act I got admitted government shut down under trump would be hilarious to watch. Because the president is to choose what cents down right. Which as it turns that we may end up liking. Don't you remember Obama would would put those silly little yellow caution tapes and black kids in front of like you know veterans around the monuments and of and the parks and stuff which he didn't have to do now at a point of doing that. For the photo ops exactly. Aum and so he would shut down stuff that would annoy conservatives. While keeping stuff we don't really need running right yeah might struck pick quit which shuts down to you I I can think of several EPA programs that are completely unnecessary. Fact the entire Department of Education does nothing so will shut them down. The EPA to Education Department all of that yeah that could. All of it just you know. Like it up. No problem yet to sit down. Com and yeah of this because the reason I think that Republicans have always won are always want to shut down debate is because they're suffering to have it they're so afraid someone that CNN. Column might object bright that they don't make an argument they'd they just you know go into the field position under the desk is if we're about to have a nuclear war much likelier tonne grade school. And stroke isn't taking that tact and an and I love the tactic he's taking. Because this to be highly highly effective here Rea. Democrats. Are really looking and that's something that is very dangerous to our country they are. Looking at shutting down they wanna have. Illegal immigrants in many cases people that. We don't want to countries that want to have a legal immigrants pouring into our country bringing with them crime tremendous amounts of crime. We don't have that we wanna. A great beautiful crime free country and we want people coming into a cup but we wanted to come. Or are basis and that's why we're being. So careful with a process and our screening. And as you know we had a tremendous victory the other day and the Supreme Court. With the man. Spent quite a bit of attention probably not as much of attention as a deserted. But we have tremendous says that was a tremendous victories in this country that not a victory for me it was a victory for our country. So why the Democrats maybe he won't wanna shut down the country because they want people flowing into our country. And I want people coming into our country but I want to vet those people and one of them very carefully. Because we don't wanna have radical Islamic terrorism. In this country. So perfectly released reason let me read. Yeah and guess who else the sounds reasonable to. This is a story is not getting a lot of coverage and I hope that that president trump is still reading brain part can only hope that because that's the only way he's going notice. And that this support for docket amnesty is plummeting faster Democrats are insisting that doctor be a part of a whole budget thing. On you don't know where we are right now on in polling and this is not by conservative pollster either. Only one in five that swing voters support shutting down the government in order to give daka illegal aliens amnesty one nick in five. That's best swing voters that's very very very unpopular. On huge margins of the GOP over 80% should say don't support shutting down government gives the docket amnesty. There's no wind in doing the docket amnesty. Anymore and I have been tracking polls on this or the last couple weeks is this huge national shift. On in this and you got almost half of Democrats right now don't want Taka 40%. Arm and when you look it's you know swing voters unaffiliated voters Republican voters huge majorities of them. Don't want docket that is an amazing mean. Even during his presidential election the Republicans may majorities of them wanna docking amnesty not regular but docking amnesty they don't anymore. Even Democrats are getting an all I can think. All I can think is that some way somehow. This message by trump is getting out. As it did during the election we thought his message wasn't getting out because of the horrendous coverage by the media may be it in its. So you know indeed Democrats. Let him throw a temper tantrum and try to shut the government down on the docket backlit shouted down. Again only one in five swing voters support shutting down the government nor to give docket eight illegally aliens and CME's 80% of swing voters don't. This is they slam. Doc. This is the kind of slam dunk that Republicans routinely ignore and don't do. Because it might make their party powerful and then their donors will lose so you know Chinese to be Smart yearly now. Do wouldn't be able what apps you win every time that you that was his formula when he ran for office is what it works wicked amazingly. You do it again now. He do it again now are remarkable thing is happens to time you it's time magazine you know name the need to movement right. The the tree in the silent breakers all of this kind of stuff. Will Cyrus is breaking everywhere and the degree to silence is just capsule shocking to me as is we learn as such about the sluggish in the show just literally. How old. But thoroughly corrupt almost two point satanic a lot of our institutions are we talked about the media and Matt Lauer yesterday. And how Natalie did they on the oh they reveled in the stuff that Matt Howard. The head of NBC universal. Toasted him. And we do is they mocked his wife at that taste she wasn't there. They mocked her because how much she'd she he cheats on her with other women. Oh yeah that's great comedy there isn't it and they laughter all of item weird now here as sitting there laughing fox has the pictures Katie Couric laughing. I own you know and curry laughing. As they made jokes about our doing things I can't even say on the air will lose or FCC license with Katie Couric Meredith Vieira. Ands and curry. So not only did everybody know. About what a slander. -- be an abuser lauer was they knew he went after though did you know would be let your lower ranking lower paid women in the office it was laughed at. In public in arresting him in 2008. As a ECB accommodation but how Lee how sick how deep how far does it get. Listen tell what just me this. Think Corey Feldman. A big fan Pyrenees Olympic community. Corey Feldman just was no offense defend him no growing up he's one of the no collectors that time. I 1993 it's a Michael Jackson trial he gives them the Santa Barbara county sheriff's office a list. Of the pet files in Hollywood. There's a ring of them they operate together it's organized he said. Yet this is the stuff you know at the conspiracy theory blogs online right except Corey Feldman name them all. And no one would listen and he toiled for years he said he told. You know the authorities about their existence who are they aware how they operated all of that. And see our county sheriff's office denied denied denied denied well they've gay he's come back out again screaming about it again. And they went back and sure enough he gave them a list it's on the recording they completely. Ignored it. And it's been sitting in a box. In their it in in their warehouse. For years. So he wasn't lying he didn't make yeah. You know and it's like conspiracy there's a kind of firing in Hollywood's highly organized very highly placed. Bomb and it's you know it's there it's real it's sick it's some of the biggest names in Hollywood this is why they're in Hollywood so they can prey on children. And lo and behold he did he wasn't lying like pollution obstruction of justice to name yet. And showed up that police front has given me the sheriff's department has come out in many and we we patted the whole time. They denied it before we move on their record. That's the extent. Of the cover up for liberal abusers. In our society. And so if you think which you've seen so far is bad I don't think we've seen anything yet. By the way they are now investigating this and along the LAPD and just their everyday new reports by the sheer size and scope. 38 open investigations into sex abuse in Hollywood many of them going back many years. So I don't even think we fully understand yet exactly how corrupt the upper echelons of our society that is culturally rot in this society. How bad they are. I don't I don't even think we've begun to scratch the surface Sodom and do more. What you know I mean. You juggle silly saying that a year ago but now. I too far off am so glad that somebody's finally believe Feldman. He's tried for years to get justice for Corey came who you know his good friend of his cease he blames the abuse for his death. And nobody would listen but you know a liberal circles and Roman Polanski. Flint flees the country because you abuse is a young girl. I and is about to be convicted and put in prison for it and there's we're Streep clapping her head off for him in his absence. You know an EE guide time. Now with his name the back when PM Woody Allen yes Woody Allen site. Screaming and yelling about how his sister was abused no one would listen to it. He tried to come forward with you know tomorrow Harvey right Justine story nobody would listen to for years and years and years these people fight. And these are not small people these are not some guy who got coffee on the set these certain these are actors who should be able to do but he couldn't do it they couldn't break the liberal while. Silence or watching comes on right now and done I think is countries infer real shock. A real shock when we you know when we finally have the walls are down and we see what what this country really is. And in in what we we think we are is going to be challenged your II every day. I see this in I'm just a man I'm amazed by it that the way the truth is coming out. And I don't think it's an accident. I I I don't and I think it's a good thing and it's a fact I think it's a great thing. If you must 20% of the business where you work would you get a big fat raise. The rent here you get fired. As (%expletive) We have to make money this isn't a daycare but apparently the NFL is. And it fell on Wednesday extended contract of commissioner Roger Goodell 'cause he's been doing awesome you know to took just two years to lose. 20%. Of their buicks. You have to video about owners' negotiating bills compensation signed off on a contract worth roughly 200 million for the next five years. What's 20% viewership. Honestly really weeping eagle is twenty print twit twenty more percent the next two years. Maybe. So loud they're you don't failure rewarded. Only liberal bill. As how to achieve due to the more you fail the more you're beloved. And the more you succeeded where you're punished. Arie two Cummins since retirement planning text slang and now. Tester race you can they should tell me I arrests and a woman look back and hump tonight. The tech stories on yesterday's topic terra bad drivers intensify iPad two drivers. Double a double yellow line roads. Not running off the road last two months. Two I mean and I'm talking going straight slap down the middle of the rough of the road. So engrossed in their cellphones they don't know what to doing. This happening on country roads to mean I think what happens is that dead people that well you know I won't do my shopping for Christmas on Woodruff is too much traffic away till I get on. Lee Bonner scuffle town her. Destiny or somewhere like that night around to a there and it literally dead they are literally driving down the middle and it's like eight year old and a double yellow lane road and it's like. Every fourth car QG not has denied talk about a solid time. Has got at least one tire over their over that line they're so engrossed in that fine you look at every time is to sink in their heads down and look at the phone. I've never seen it like it has been here lately. Text rates on yesterday's top of the bad drivers I want last night it was literally piling not straddling the middle not straddling the middle he was in my plane headed right for me. I was a dead stop laying on the horn didn't budge until almost got right to me and this was in town. At 25 to thirty miles an hour zone just utterly clueless. Has a lot of really distracted people out there. Tester race Alex Jones from info wars has been telling us about these kind of files for years. That it takes to raise the emergence of volleys cut a thousand sex abuses in Hollywood. It spans the pool of senatorial candidates is to ties. Mean though from Piedmont to morning. Good morning. Just curious what what's your opinion why did he sank that. So and so and everybody NBC apparently knew that Matt low power all of a sudden return of under the bus. Well I think part of it is then need to movement which is broken the wall of liberal silence. I I think a couple things have happened I I I if I have a funny feeling they're getting ready alliance new. Sex abuse allegations at trump I think that's gonna come in the near or just have a funny feeling about it. And they were doing laying ground work for that with Roy Moore and you know with with the other folks and I think they lost control of it. And I I think that Nemo that wouldn't what's going on here for a long time is that. If you are a woman in a liberal organization. And the people abusing you are liberal. There was a wall of fear about coming foliage you can eat your your your accusing conservative you never have to fear. But I mean they watched. The accusers of Hillary Clinton personally ruined they likes to Bill Clinton's surge in popularity with the young US him American citizens after. Everybody knew what he did of these women. Nobody cared it said your liberal woman you quickly learn you accuse a liberal card carrying liberal man. A abuses. When he did it. I know he's gonna listen to your gonna be demonized you career will be ruined and this this flies were liberal women not just. The once you bring the coffee. Put Katie Couric Meredith Vieira and curry when it Contra. A new list goes on and on and on and on there is no one to hide it cannot be destroyed for criticizing the liberal man this is their culture. And so for the first time in decades these women have. Some protection for coming forward because the need to movement on on Twitter that that that women like need. At conservative women if we concern you know we accuse conservatives man Republicans preachers whoever if we keys and we are automatically blinked. Even for making it up our story doesn't add up the matter we're believed liberal women have never had that me now. And they do now and this new way and so this is why you're seeing this. Well. Also we get them all out of that Adam would. Yeah and you can see why a. I there's this jarring clash between the values are elites in this country those who produce our culture. Shape our culture. Those who breezed film movie TV. Add those in the news. Those in Washington and the average American person. And now we're finding a lot. Final why. Odd that that I and I talked about this and I caught parry yesterday because his or encouraging anti nearly as much detail but I haven't up on my FaceBook page. Too worried. That literally sitting around. All the exact and by early Donald Trump was there to. I think is why trump has their number the way that he does because he's been on the incited these circles as a head of NBC universal NBC executives. All of Scarborough was there Joseph Scarborough he says he left early because he was so uncomfortable and he said they were celebrating. Who hours predatory nature. With the women in the office laughing about all the conquest he had had both in the office in out laughing at his wife. For the way that he cheats aren't. On insinuating. That he had also done this with all three women Katie current Meredith Vieira and Ann Curry and that that was oracle with these women sitting Alaska. And I just mean an insinuation I meaning graphic T cell. About what he supposedly did with them. And everybody laughing and yakking it up. Now I ask you this where you work where you've ever worked. If use ice spectacle like that most people you work with so odd that any company function when they get openly even discussed. I think most people I've ever worked with would they be appalled because you know what we only this way. This is not our culture. This is not the middle class culture this is not the middle management culture this is not the general American culture is shocking they're culture. It's nothing like ours it's foreign. Agha safaris to say it's destroying the country. Turn is useful to have a millennial living in your basement. 60% of us plans you give somebody a gadget for Christmas. Simmering having a couple of those this year my family. New survey found 90% of millennial have had to be V tech support for older relatives. The gadgets that require the most help our new phones and computers. And tablets. Secede they are useful. Means a good reason to keep down to basically keep computer don't 8034710632. Excellent 71307. Lot of folks weighing in on knows that we've been talk about the soured. I'm particularly. This 2008. Into the show with Chester in but it's remarkable was 2008. Roast too they did for Matt Lauer. Nelnet get a drug de trop was their NBC executives are people who say I didn't know anything about an hour and when he did. And we know of that we we know about it because Joseph Scarborough of all people on MSNBC. Told the truth about it last week and he was very felt uncomfortable and you left. And I'll act arrest they were literally mocking flowers wife. For all the affairs that he had had in the way that he preyed on. Women who worked at NBC. And now we're doing they doing that they made racist jokes about Al Roker which I'm going to repeat. All and they went into graphic detail about the relations allegedly lauer had had with Altria does co host. Who are sitting right there laughter. So this idea that nobody knew noon. And it's you know we gained zero shots and if she's it's really terrible and this is not Norman world of Paul old. It's just not. Saturate this is their culture. This is what they do this is how they behead. And they were honoring him for. From his conquests. In the workplace. It was very specific. Even making racial jokes about him and and you know curry. Having relations. I just went online an online an online and on. Act and so did this idea that they you know they they didn't have made they didn't know about it this is imparted their culture this is foreign today and I know. No this is excepted to them. This is what the easiest. And it shows you the absolute riot at the top of our society are wondering wire societies crumbling dispute these people are running at an and normally he would this. What you more actually in charge of our site. Here's a Scarborough said about the rose that he does that Joseph Scarborough and MSNBC so the whole theme was that he does the show and many has. I'm going to land in surround we're here because it turned the car the whole theme was that he does the show and then he has relations with people with employees Scarborough said. So was this whispered behind closed doors no it was shouted from the mound tops at the wrist and everyone laughed about it. Susan 2008. I Shockey. Chris thinks I should use that plays piano. He plays piano with women around you know before I did but you know average rent a local told me that sounded funny I should go back to relations what do you think does that sound funny. I like to play the piano. Since Stephen Moore you know obtuse. Part to figure out. Trying to work with the parents in the car who I know what's going on there went against it. See it Chris it's increased only dip pulled the doody show. Because it's everything is going to be so crude our politicians are you are using just words and phrases. At press conferences like the likes of which would be a scandal ten years ago the same public. Annie is just the things people feel comfortable stay at pains to show it really does go and not running this every day do why not. It's every day. Com and it's it's unbelievable and here's what. And he said this is say. Is this is a zucker. The head of NBC universal a tarmac was having some trouble at home with his wife. He was Clinton on Brian Campbell's can gum doubles catchy innings blazes because of the things doing any office. Preying on the deluxe. She lacked in there with him and this is fun. This is honey. They Seko has Meredith Vieira was especially critz really making jokes about hour and broker Cisco has partaking in. Playing the piano during the Turin Olympics with broker on the receiving end. The jets were also racist brokers black. As deep ocean near normal average everyday Americas is just talk like this. Cave like this would this be put up lip. As sleep brilliantly pointed out yesterday. When I played this audio again it's still stuns me every time I played it's I mean this is. Katie Couric. She's there she's given interviews on what it's like to work with Mal hours this couple years ago. And she says this and no one cares. You co hosted The Today Show without power for fifteen years what is not supposed to doing it happens. It. He penchant for him and the reaction to that now we know why. Some is I wish I could read you got to rate yourself from the jet age too shocking and the wit these women were abused and demeaned. I wanna read it I can't. That the stuff he says about Ann Curry Natalie disease slimmer racially. He also slams her in terms of you know. It's it's it's shocking. Any at their lack think they think this is funny. Totally accept it so this mean that this deal he's preying on these four young powerless women now does he need to move it no it's not the ailment it's not the palace once it's Meredith Vieira. It's key current. It's good pal trapped in the case of party once he. To biggest names in Hollywood and their fine in Indian media and their fun with it. And a shoot to sit illustrate what grabbed it quick when you read this this is pretty much satanic. I mean this is this is eyes wide shut this is everything we always went yeah that's really powerful people yet they do yet they are this is what they are this is who they are. And so this the cultural right I feel like. Is almost miraculous that in every industry every Kerr erupts. Institution that we had that we didn't know was so corrupt the skills are falling from our eyes one by one by one their toppling. All whites at this time. I don't know why I citizenship some. Your rates sit there are organizations in this country that women paid to be apart and that set up parties with alcohol and invite powerful men. Professional athletes. App for the part they do is go to court and a liberal institution Hollywood ending media. It's some it's unbelievable. This shocking. You play for you coming up the next segment. From Chelsea handler. And at what she said about her Huckabee centers. Chelsea had handler considers herself a feminist you where is gonna drop her job what she said. About Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And the complete lack. Of reaction to it. By other women by other liberal women. In particular. But you bet I wanna get to this. President trump is taken it on the chin today for recognizing. The Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which it is you're recognizing reality don't do that this country Maria can't beat you get punished. If you say hey that weight lifter he's a mini should be can he shouldn't be competing against women by Larry and had this next segment and in the next hour. You say no that's not a man but it is meant no it's not yes it is I see it know what you see there is not real. Israel is the K eight and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Congress voted along time ago to move the embassy and recognize. And every six months whoever's president has decided things saying that they're gonna delay at this has been going on since Clinton. And so trumpet is being completely destroyed. This is his phone who dies now the Palestinians don't get mad as a result a lot of desk and it all China's fault. Said Chris Matthews by doing never trooper George. Will was on MSNBC yesterday and he's wailed away on trucks as nice as sends trust fund baby Jerry commissioner there in Asia annoyed he's dominant he's he's messing everything up. Messing everything up did you have anything to say when Obama and bush both promised to do the same thing. And then didn't. Here's Chris Matthews. On that trust decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move at the embassy from Tel Aviv. Because if you don't give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity. And have a capital where they believe it should be you get avid and ending problem by the weight deaths are coming now because this you can just dead the next few weeks we're gonna help to pay for this. Totally erratic decision by this president. Every party has had the White House since 48 has recognized just be careful over there. Dexter coming you recommended until somebody. Eat if you if there too but if they get when you look into what they want. OK at least latest ice is recruitment video is quite good by the way. I pay attention that stuff it's my hobby. And who have strange hobbies. You know look at list among the reasons for attacking and killing people in the US as justification. Try to plan to block them from coming to the US the vetting. Commission today when can't come here Gillis. By Chris Matthews logic we should let prices for Calvin here so be happy. Over with the Palestinians kidnap and kill people we have to do what they want. Who's crazy him were trapped. Well here's some evidence here's Obama. And bush. Promising to do what trump just did it. President charmed as we said. Filling his campaign promise of promise and other presidents have also made when they weren't candidates want us. As soon as I take off. As I will begin the process of moving the United States ambassador to. Yet he then spent eight even every six months signs of doing to prevent that from happening thanks George. But here's a promising to do the same game. So what happens might in any undue. And is this a political win for president charmed. Sheila that these labor troopers like George will who can themselves out to MSNBC. They never hit the bush. For doing these people who are so appalled by the wall that bush signs into law. Yeah when bush does this fine you know distillate violent push like acts like Obama. Is gonna we gonna pretend it didn't happen. So I mean Chris is why they went a bottle and do it. And when bush wanted to do it but not finally now as people could die. I guess I guess it only matters to people died when truck does. I guess.