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Wednesday, December 6th

Raunchy details of “top secret” Matt Lauer roast indicates his kinky behavior was common knowledge at NBC; Religion of progressivism condones depravity; Distracted driving; Redistributing taxpayer income to illegal aliens


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You know had we. Matt Lauer has faded from the front pages for now won't matter who flat flour okay Ariel little yeah. How did you hear Jack Trevor Hoffman and getting. Lit. Let the question here is did you didn't didn't did the median at the alleys and and NBC executives Telus well you know we didn't know. And this is same thing we're told with Harvey Weinstein rate that we find at all he's powerful people who couldn't stop them including many powerful women. Knew. And in doing some of them have since apologized dollars or done something about why didn't they do something. Is it possible. That in these that the high echelons of these liberal. Institutions. That it can be eager that matter I'll work on his piggy and is celebrated. Accepted expected. Them. Are they literally that morally degenerate that resting your mind when you hear these stories anything Nona and I and it could be it could be that the highest institutions in America. Our our likeness are literally so morally corrupt they're practically his satanic. Well him. This is almost as can't Fox News okay. Embattled NBC executives have been following it themselves insist they know about Matt Matt hours per beat pats. But a tap secret roast of lauer that took place in October 2008. Suggest. Otherwise. Wouldn't. But it's Chris event now legendary New York media circles pushy outer limits of sexist racist homophobic an obscene jokes. I needed contents warning here and I normally wouldn't be this filthy with my mouth but I went back when I want you understand what runs America. Committing this is just the tip of the expert. At last week NBC's own Joseph Scarborough who attended a rose to said he left early feeling uncomfortable brought it up 1 morning. Out flowers. You know peccadilloes basically going after these young women in the office doing all the things he did the door you know all that kind of stuff. We're not just known he said at the risk they were celebrated. The whole seamen. With said he does this show this again some guy and I'm quoting here from Scarborough the whole scene was that he does the show and then he had sex with people with employees quote. I'm quote Scarborough said. Quote so what is beat whispered. As it was this whispered behind closed doors no it was shouted an amount toxic everybody laughed about it I was there. The 2008 fires crab rose club roast took place at the New York Chilton was sent by everyone from with from future president Donald Trump's TV legend Norman earlier. I consolation New York's lead media including Brian claims dinosaur Nancy O don't Howard Stern. Also on hand were numerous target top executives from across the business and almost everyone who was anyone it NBC news. Speaker Martha Stewart joked I hear NBC executives called Matt Babcock of the rock. Had known. Yet and I actually need and I trying to vulgar here but I want you know the truth and I'm gonna tell it he led dates militants and this is how they talk to each other. I'm sorry I've never been a part of an organization that where people speak like this this is completely foreign to me this is what's going our country if you wanna know our country. Is in a moral sewer. Here's your answer. Another terrorist speakers was current CNN worldwide president Jeff soccer. Then the president of NBC universal who last week we denied he had any idea about hours in office sex capades. Kirk personally made played Alicia and two flowers marital problems and how they were caused by his activities. And their laughing. About it. They're not laughing now. I. This city cohost Meredith Vieira was especially crude making jokes about an hour and roker partaking in. They're both men. And relations during any Turin Olympics. With roker under receding and the jokes really sexual they weren't racist. Workers black. Non. Panic box Bobby say it eventually took the stage suffered worse laurels the lawyer look at flowers marital advice to I'm doing Mac come out into the dark ages dark side. My next wife hasn't even been born yet. So I talk these people who the mortar did these are these these are the are murderer arbiters of of some of morality right. Not the leading lights their evil as with the dirt evil the EU could not sit through this net total discussed. If you were anything less and evil you have to be so morally correct and other comedian. One attendee believes it was comedian Jeff Ross made racist jokes about our use any naked broker. I won't go read the rest of that please don't. Comedian rob Gilbert Gottfried was so obscene that precious kitty and published highly X expert rated version of his answer. Abbott it was party racist routine that involved with a little liberal woman Asian sex jokes about in curry. And take it Currie is not entered. No she corresponding until she was she was a fire. And you had to sit there and take this ago super woman I bet you I you know what this is where I don't. This is their culture. This is this is their back and this is what's running this country. It's not just politics. But it was pretty sure the comments in hindsight were made by Larry himself who spoke at the literacy gets worse. Idea. The Today Show art this did today's start a limit to sex with two former colleagues. Couric. Curry. I can't even read TO what he said I age two shots look it up on one exercise can Gardner. Bomb. Yet charming the executives are there they're laughing about the ear being specific about who he likes to have these relations with. Our employees they know they laugh thinning is funny. And so I mean you look at this and you got hurt anyone seen any good even people like when his pal trap. Good time is now she's dating Brad Pitt she's wildly successful she doesn't need to be on anybody's couch. I her father's very powerful in Hollywood anyway he could mayor himself without Weinstein she need him an issue has come forward. She never did none of them did. You had Katie Couric Meredith Vieira and Jeff sucker all standing up again this is Fox News. I'm joking about but his sex in the office his kinky news they all do. They don't do. I remember this again this is it Katie current miss this push you considered normal if you're at the top Echelon. A liberal circles and your woman you're about war on women holy cat. Co hosted The Today Show without power for fifteen years what is not supposed to be doing it happens it. Keep pensions family and and Katie Kurt thanks so now we know we were idea executives did not react to that number was baffled by and I went to salt. Let's just colts. If you're did in the break room would be adding here and we have income Sonos. But not there were not debt. Not in your world. And you can visit I think this is because liberalism and religion and once you profess to witness a public you're always forgiven by them. You you understand that if you submit. Bomb to the will of the government's and you admit that you yourself for broken alone and only the government can Biggio. And and curb your baser instincts the near accepted as an annoying person and you're expected to fail and they think it's funny. They they they literally think this is funny. So interesting about display and it's really that psychologically yeah as a human being. This is not the real world this is not the world Americans live it now. This is the twisted world they live a power and privilege yes. They are not like us they're fundamentally corrupt. And when it seems but there's this big disconnect between the media these big institutions in America people. It's become ice. They don't live in our world they little little world that is not real that is that is corrupted is obscene it is immoral it is I wasn't quite frankly satanic. I know house to put it is an. Interesting that these are the same people who will then deride Republicans who still want to support judge Moore Roy Moore Osama. This and saying that too there's something wrong with your morality something wrong with you because you would you know someone who has been accused of basically. Being a had a file. Being accused not charged not convicted but being accused of stabbing your candidate and yet though criticized. Republicans who support. Judge Roy Moore. And once again I've got real problems discussed. Jimmy to a life and I huge fan by but my guess is a candidate in this was many years ago when there's you know. And it is been a conviction or anything but still those drawn act like they still have the moral high ground. Let's ask ourselves this lady's. In a world the these people controlled the way that they want to control it. The way they came really close to controlling it is we're learning with the. If this is how they act and this is what they believe you think this would be you feminists editing disease be a better world for women. Sure a good world for Katie Couric was it look at put up with the film nation elected I don't know. This should they are. And it's important we never lose site. Of that and please god don't ever let them get full control the country I did that would terrify me. It's applied. A second cut some kind of suspense movie and think eyes wide shut. What if fundamentally evil people corrupt people sick people. We don't we re coil from. Were running all the institutions in our country is liberal people people disagree with but I mean really sick people. Are you probably wonder that the foreign that it's never as bad as you think. To read about this and I'll post. To face that and retiree capital because. I can practically. Here poorly in their turning red. And I don't usually get that crude on the show but I want you to understand what the world that they operate in and what they're norms are alike. On the racism the sexism. It is Derosa that was held in 2008 it was acknowledged publicly by Joseph Scarborough. Last week on an assembly she was very say left delicacies and comfortable. And it was a roast of thumb Matt our this is held to honor and quote unquote rose to Mel hour. I'll just give you one line on this in in in America repeated the whole this is for those who just showed up and show the whole theme according to Scarborough was that lauer he. Howard does the show as many as sex with people with employees Scarborough said. So was this whispered behind closed doors now. Instead of an amount tops everybody laughed about it. I can't hurt and and America fear and in in you know increase sat there as it you know they were joked about you know. Having relations with our neck as would be funny. Same counter racist jokes. And it included an arrest were these are NBC executives annual about it. This is there world this is what they except. Zooey AR I cannot imagine a country with time running it. I can't imagine what that would mean for women posts are read to see that you understand your especially these liberals who led to a rose to me and attacks on. Understand these are your leaders these the people you look up to it. They are only using you particularly you feminists. Not to get ultimate power. You look at how women at the top of these organizations retreat. Once we're supposed to have power. And understand that's exactly how things would be in this country. But it every day could. Look at Venezuela. This appalling articles are written recently you know what. Professional women are doing Venezuelan up if they're good looking. A prostitute themselves for food. As they're doing. And it surely find those in control him in power. They don't care about you they don't care about women is surely don't care about minorities as you can tell from the racist jokes told here. Al Roker. Geez he using spare. And if I would who they are. They're racist or sexist and degenerate. I think what we're looking at at the top the FBR right now which polls mean scares me. This culture among married leads that tolerates this kind of grossed almost satanic sexuality and celebrate too with a rose to not lower. Is also the same culture at the top of these law enforcement agencies is the culture to topple Washington is the caution that protects Conyers. That's protecting Franken now. By sending him to the ethics committee. It's why you see this gross illegality at the top of the FBI. They show over the top outrageous it's almost unthinkable. You know I don't your mile disk it's Hillary so to my liking it the 700000 dollars to be recruited to run. By her fund energy fund raiser. An and literally come he's watching this he doesn't care he wants the most corrupt agents working on Hillary case. Any Washington adding history getting back tonight at this this is the world they live in. This is who they are this is who will run the country if they get control. At every level. Tester rates. But Sarah I found out all I need to know what I heard Matt Lauer interviewed on Howard Stern found that they were good friends it was completely different Matt Lauer then you saw on TV. Text your rates to think Matt hours' rest was bad checks YouTube for Franken resting Rob Reiner seriously to serving our will check that out. Tester race Katie is joking if she was harassed that is awful tame compared to the others. Maybe it's current because she is a low life piece of Scott. Liberal women like Cecily just think this is what how men are supposed to behave because none of the men that I work with behave this way. And Arsenio like this anywhere import the. Think this is normally oppose this is why when your daughter and your son get to freshman orientation and telling your Sonny's tax it any knees governing class pay a fun classes to fix him. And what eventually you're nuts these liberals. But this is there world. No wonder they think this. Let the liberal men behavior if liberal men professed to being liberal. Tester that experts we now know the liberals truly believed that the country's sexist and why yes. They weren't living elect is bubble where it was where was actually happening I thought they were just saying had stuck his division tactic. The sick. Tech stories here and yet Lowry is suing for thirty million for being Arabia's guess what he will get. It to our attendance OK but tester rates. I'd Terry Kinney was joking she's a cold hearted waits who would lie cheat steal and probably sold other women who pose a threat to her position. Unless Chester writes Terry you hit the nail on the head when he said satanic that's what it is periods Sosa's MT. Dennis text your rates. How gloss over the fact Donald. It was at that pres I didn't I wanted to hide from your would erratic that I you know as a told you. How do you gloss over the fact Donald Trump was up Everest. He's did I'm Donald Trump is a religious righteous man I do not know I've never cities are religious or righteous man in fact have been very blunt about his faults. You stand behind Donald Trump as a religious re just man's man a great leader of this country and yet everybody else that was there is a horrible human being but he is okay now. On oil think I said that. If I didn't want to tar trump with this again I would've told you that his name was mentioned in the article did. They accepted him as one of them and when he was one of them. They were fine with him. They were trying to look less Donald Trump. Is not a paragon of my righteousness I never said he wants. That's common I've ever seen on what down Donald Trump is was a random poster under an article and he said I'll never forget it. Donald Trump is not a candidate or even a person I like are we like he says it doesn't is a murder weapon sent to destroy ideally. Don't trumpets he's the only weapon. We had a choice to grab. No one could one anyway I still stand by that I mean he's good guy. Best gang. Green more you know less fluent in the rest of us. Tester it's your good morning you know I don't see what everybody's so up in arms about with Matt our. And I you know I was raised during a free love and hippies and all that sort of stuff senses like shaking hands back then. A good daddy I want them to grill a bar and I can't read the rest this. And many finishes you came into dire drink and it now all of a sudden times are difference. If you put your hand on a woman and she doesn't happen to like it Europe for sexual assaults it. When times are not different at the top of our society. The scene is here the common theme. To all business. The old justice system. Rules don't apply is likely said we are Matt our. Grabbing Katie Couric's rare and she stroking about it in public. The that the in the management does nothing police right it's insult you and I would be brought to bear that we would be charged with that. They're not. It's a double standard for them not just legally the morally. And that's how he get the behaviors seen from the FBI now. And the shock Whitney's FB I do consider how they're being held a yard count at least called on the carpet for a and there are no walk around Owen at it to themselves a walking what I did you know might have been bad but Webb and everybody knows this is so much worse. Text erased your seat revelation at 39 check that out on the break. An assessor is your you file would guns understands. I'm glad. And finally history its share these women like Katie Couric know full well the cost of their career includes. Prosecution themselves. And they enter into these relationships are willing illegally are eagerly so quit complaining that the lady said. Apparently sat out. I think you're gonna lead you into. Sometimes the tags showing cracks me amply. Can first get taken for the way to the woodshed for not taking charm to the woodshed right right for going to Matt Lauer arrests them. All where they honored Matt loud or for his success in his in office conquests. And when was that 2008 OK so activity does it as how long a sign years ago yes. That he did this and I was just absolutely obscene racist jokes sexist jokes. Mom we know executives there everybody laughing about how Matt you know does this with these women in office who really knew. And so profane I came in read parts of it and since being reported by Fox News. And it was in knowledge by Joseph Scarborough on MSNBC last week he said he was there but he felt uncomfortable in left early when you know jail. Yeah what do you joke. This is turning in the whole theme was that he Matt Lauer does the show and many had sex with people with employees quote unquote Scarborough said. So was this whispered behind closed doors no it was shout it from the mountain tops everybody laughed about in the room. Now includes Meredith here actually incorrect. From you know her stern was clear and and Donald Trump was there. On text your rates. At your and I said listen if it Russia hide from needed to that trump was theirs as criticized for you know. Make he's about to be a good guy I would just left that out of my report. History its share I agree that you're fair and don't hide anything. Did you streets G chair quick jump to the side you're such a flip flop Burke you talk about others talking out of both sides of their mouth and so you know. That the original text or accuse me of seeing the trop was man of god I don't think I've ever contended that. I I think trump is is say brave person who has a lot of folks. And I've never said any differently. Home but I am also said that I thought he was the only one could win the election and the only real option that we head and unfortunately. Because of where we had put ourselves for you know years of XP you know expecting in receiving and being okay with receiving less from from our party now we ended appear so. Anyway. So people I'd get just parlor and I mean I can't make any be happy now in new type you cannot do that so I'm just not in contract. A bank meanwhile. You can go in and go ahead and free file this in the disaster file America and I know how this got past the attorneys this is the worst idea I've heard recently there have been many. Found text grades up well you know before you in the text her excellence was getting to this part on his text to comment tonight but non. You know because we need more things to distract us while we are driving golf course we do need that GM is meeting the demands. Just sue feature that's coming to new buicks cadillacs Chevrolet and GM sees my shopping in the car. OK and you can use the touch screen. Aren't your dashboard. To order things like food and guests and places including Dunkin' Donuts TGI Friday's show and ExxonMobil. They're gonna add Starbucks next year to now could. Because is GM just flat out admitted they are creating it because the stores are said that she currently spend an hour a day driving and not shopping. He are well here's to the problem. But jury they said they decided so is easy and it won't take a few touches to keep it from being deep too distracting wonderful. Yeah you just touched a three or four times in the U snuck a wreck your car probably. Yes prayer forced hello I'm okay through afford touches that's I would even travel football field. If you're on a highway pretty much depending on your speed down yet. So I mean I guess they like pinkie swear you on diet could someone was wearing giants not watching the road this class action lawsuit waiting to happen. Is it not well. Why not just have it set so that you can only do that when you have your full break in the car stopped. You know if you're a red light hey let's quarter Starbucks or you know let's get that happy Millard Mickey d.'s or or whatever. You know I think that's a great idea by a soccer work that way and I won now now. The claims not to be too distracting. Good luck with that now you did doing. They know texting on our phones and were on Amazon ordering while we speed down the highway one piece of it now here's what's the were being set up for autonomous cars so yeah they will ban driving because that's what's coming. By the way did you see the new study. Canal on this oh my gosh this was last week and spent running in my pilot sentiment to get to it all medalist in that yes that. It's instead running in your part that in in in in Bob stack of ethnic or does that yes she's. Now that these new autonomous Elizabeth will be able to do you could say they we have collect some rehab coalition control and some cars and she will not let chew over correct. On the does things like this an an and it that is I reduced to remember a Matsuzaka. I am well that'll get better and better and better until eventually. In an unemployable collusion at collision collusion charge if it. A couple immigrant okay now under the car cannot avoid. This system will eventually decide who wins and who dies. Yeah I've I've I've got out. See I've seen this in their studies about them because there are certain circumstances where it's gonna be they're gonna have to decide okay. Is it better to hit that eighteen Wheeler or to hit the guy on the bicycle. Yeah no it'll make this decision this. Particularly in tray in situations a cartoon that correct for. In other words the car can't stop the collision in his eyes on the road something that the car camera control and so it will decide which you hit yes. And so is it gonna take up the bicycle listen he's gonna die or you and I slamming the back eighteen Wheeler or make those decisions. And that's really scary when you think about it because what is gonna happen. They're gonna begin to pack their things in I guarantee like well what's the age of the driver. Well but see when we get to the autonomous vehicle staged you know we if the conditions are not right to not to be it would go anywhere anyway the car just won't go. Because I decisions being made for you that can weather conditions preclude you from driving so we're not going anywhere. It's as you got no steering wheel and a brake pedal no accelerator pedal you can do anything anyway and you're totally at the at the mercy of the software and where the government wanted to go. Text -- here's an idea just they cars that we drive stop with the obnoxious thrills. Well listen I think it's fine to have the driver assisting like antilock brakes and you know a collision pre collision breaking and and some of the other things that try to mitigate. The mistakes that drivers are are going to make. But just like Irish. That I'll admit there will be may be some times if you're stuck in traffic jam more I would be okay with a car driving itself but any other time I'm sorry to stuff. I gonna happen. From my cold dead hand trees. Tester race your I'm voting for hitting the priceless bicycle as they're softer. I yep they're hurt protected political class no way to personally to hit a bicycle list. At tester is Nellie I blow my horn and a woman yesterday for not moving at a traffic late and she totally ran an extra night and academy street and tendering them. I'm surprised oh boy you're railing on early this morning I I have been a rough road twice in last two months two times. Run off to run run a clear slap off the road. Due to. But why he sky clearly on a cell phone this is looking down and oh yeah he drives I see that all the time yet he that was on a Bethany red. He was going down the middle of the road are yellow around a curve down. The LA and yes so there is of course on South Carolina reds no shoulder now because they haven't been maintained since 1950. And on thank god there was some grass they're size it would run off side of the road and Hewitt contrite when he realized what he did he look you know like oh my gosh would I do. But another guy on that leave on road and and into runny clear slap off the road did just he's he's on his phone to you can see and he's doing something and he ran me be clear after I mean the grass. And he even I mean dinning about a react to I'm sure if you noticed quite frankly. Completely oblivious to the situation yes. Twice in the last like you people are doing Mysterium in this. This is some Levon all the time like country kinda roads I don't feel like I think they think well I'm I'm I'm not get a text on Woodruff is if you celebrate camel and wait. Too it's safer there's fewer targets out here and I kid you saw it one out of every four cars. They got at least one Wheeler they yellow light. You know I'm they'll be put the phone in drive you know we all. The sitting today an agent tackle and we got to talk to Robert Inman who wants to confess. No upstate that he used to drive distracted he did it. Yeah Tony year aeronautic yards Omar laid alert outward shape or mileage or greater. Had a a sports star and stage just such change gears. I would beat Bob McDonald then and during an opinion have a cup order. And wow did all that and I've I didn't and it I managed to not. Army out of master list. Drive in a way that it every more about it. A managed to not Wear all their murder all the yellow arm and I have our bet. That they're just isn't the current even what it all my way she'll I have gone every yellow are just she's in the side. We run anybody off the road now and I never got a collision and maligned you know. It's just yet defiant saying it does this really. A lot more strategy knew it been you know. Don't know whether others dot. The. Your still doing you know Robert. Now freely. I our common stock of apparel and I got scared. Com and web what's your G just the wheels durst never did the wind just yeah yeah and. In out but hey I'm talking Xeon are now moderate. Yeah he's talking and texting so but outside area of science at astray. Terry well you know admitting you have a problem is the first step Robert. IRS so that's dead is that there is bigger view. Prompted him to do so. Yet to show you show I I certainly appreciate died and I hope you're not one of the ones that my husband screamed. I'm going to go to town. You got a court. Or by big going. Yes hack hack wine I'd. It's a good collapse eventually every day. Thank you for your phone calling your honesty texture rates Chara I leave for work at 6:30 AM IC people are ready on the phone. What do you have to talk about that are really you just left your house good grief. I don't know. At a text your congratulates me clear slap off the road is great southerners speak thank you attract. Protectorate trying to self driving test a guy who was killed this of the accident was caused by semi truck trailer being as being too. Clean now and polished in the Karstens is couldn't see it boosts the Smart people forgot that one I'll drive myself. Thank you register register only elite we'll have cars in the future and it will decide. As presence will die. That would not surprise me. And so that was one more here wandering back now I can find it I'm sorry but that. OK for thought for the day. Question ever become old into thinking that the Republican leadership is on your side. This is a good reminder of who they are and where we fight them. You know led senate tax reform bill that passed. Yes last minute somebody in knowing what fest and it inserted language. To help illegal aliens claim child tax credit so what does that mean if you're illegal immigrant. And you don't pay taxes. Money will be transferred from an American citizen. Who does two year. As a reward for having a child and making it here. Illegally that's of the tax credit that's that is money given you when he don't pay taxes. And somebody slipped in no way Mitch McConnell to know was there no way. And this is an element we count on tuition to illegals don't get here. You when he did that. Begin chamber of commerce friends one a Pam like slaves. And they know they need a little some some them every year to help them pay the bills and stay here so they robbed their their own voters to pay the illegals. That should they are that's what we're fighting is by the way and a house version prevents this. The so little perspective on who were dealing with here. No offense the never shrimpers support.