The Tara Show - 12-6-17 - Hour 3

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Wednesday, December 6th

How long to leave Christmas decorations up; NFL decides to divert funds intended for breast cancer and military charities to George Soros; Trey Gowdy defends Robert Mueller’s performance despite mounting problems with investigation; Millennials favoring socialism; DOJ indicts Jose Zarate over Kate Steinle shooting


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Well Lee it's now apparently acceptable to leave your Christmas lights up till mid January all right it'll gave percent said that school okay that's fine so extending the holiday season yet no one neighbor who left them. Decorations in his trio of a year rounds. And they they are great and she is remind you Chris with a comb through it's a great Alaska on the plus powerful country on them that's a good thing that it absolutely Michael from powder spilled morning. Good morning mr. good morning mr. really I was just in the sale as far as personal slight slip until January. I have. Older daughter oldest daughter that is one the day after Christmas and twins are born January 1. And I have never wanted them to give. It compared that I never wanted them to think that person rescinded because they were born. So we really polite. Until mid January until birthday party for time. Home that way they don't get that compares and. Well see and now Michael that is totally acceptable evacuation to jittery say 15% of the people. Well you know yeah I probably do it even if there was exceptional for. They're so ramble because he's out there on December 26. You know I mean I was packing it up so he's not to be embarrassed by the neighbors but only 3% of Americans think they got to go down by then so that's a great fan traditional like that yet. Well I don't tell the baby's happy birthday for me Michael. I doubled to document man have we got a similar to some but not not quite that way about our. My oldest on my son was born like the 21. Right before Christmas course. And we wound up ice in the 21 electronic and yes we want to going back to the hospital on the on Christmas morning. Through medical checkup for some jones'. Yes same he had since he was terribly this you can and we were an on Christmas Day and mental Philly delayed their Christmas simply to come with the baby now. Coolest thing we something and come he was actually due on the 25. And that's why named in it we named Gabriel there you don't change don't want that bones for Christmas season and so. I pretty glory so anyway there are their noses correlates to about how am I OK so if true the NFL. And you gotta find her million dollars to me. Non you know happy right and work as a reward for them losing 20% of your viewership in just two years whichever you prefer and players telling folks not to show up I'm. Do not tell me if you cannot pass the social justice litmus test OK fine. Okay sitting there and Donna Hahnemann DOS well but neither fun money now. Wondered where they would find the money won't turns out it was a big pot of money center Gatorade but why is this charity allocated. But not yet given. For breast cancer. And military charities. Oh really. Yes so. That now that it's a mean this sounds like fraud because if you said the tour raising money for breast cancer awareness and you say that you are raising money. For military families and they knew. Divert that to another charity. However. Deserving that may be. West out NFL money they they didn't raise it from anybody this is just this is their money I'll get out there are translated it for the two it was gonna go to slid to service which supports military personnel now on his good Jerry and they were also I didn't have to breast cancer fund's. But yeah no David Chu who helped George Soros. How yeah millions of dollars and attitudes social justice groups connected with Democrat billionaire George Soros. And the grinning with the players coalition NFL players plan to funnel. Because remember they could decide where it goes you know tens of millions dollars to a core a leftist advocacy group led by four Obama advisor Van Jones. Who every act and I don't fans love him yeah they totally lost and and linked to mr. Soros which is called fort saving the clean power plan. Which is you know Obama. Executive order to destroy the economy yet exactly. In the name of global warming up. That we can reduce crime emissions by less than 1% by 2100. And cutting prison party support cutting prison population by half. And it providing sanctuary. For any immigrant escape illegal immigrant who wants it and are snowboarders. Now. So that's what I don't know that's your social justice that's your social just so few believed the US should not have borders when I have to people in prison now attends a you want to CA 40% increase. In your electric bill would be any big deal for the NFL players to pay but the British constrain you go ahead by that NFL ticket. Otherwise it just taking advice in the New York Giants player stay calm. Stamp them. One of mass. OK so I mean I just added Phyllis simply is sort and you showed home to a few gonna collect and cut funds from salute to service that's. It's made to players tab PUS. And Sam. Now. And a spyware knock can be happy in Arkansas kneeling. Happened. We've seen obviously I mean to push on the Spider-Man and I'm not I'm not criticizing tree guy OK I'm kinda just playing what he said. If you if it out you know Robert knowledge but not till annie's last bright red haired dude you know motor will not spy years. Is he telling not responded to subpoena and Brett Baer was was kind to Mueller although a step further. My not only didn't turn the text over which recovered by the subpoena he did tell congress about their existence. Which by the way is a problem then. Not just because he's initially lied to congress. Was alive commission but it's still lie. I'm yeah it badge at the hearing is if Flynn wasn't told. And I just cricket FBI they just. Om it's possible. That the deal he signed is legally much as according to a former federal judge. Did lord tell him. Just flip you know. The Disco with this guy was removed for. Nobody knows. And show. Com that she huge legal problem re pair. Show an anemic dollar. I'm not telling congress about his investigation into the Russians. As he was regarded Duma federal law. And before they voted on uranium deal. Expect the mulling new. What was going on with these Russians he was investigating and still up and then uranium out of the country. Which the Obama administration and lied about said he never left the country we found the truth out last month yet did once Europe and Asia. Pat knows where it is now. So I mean after all of that need. Jason does intrigue I can't get by Brett Barrick and he's still think and sure there's somebody else in America who could do a better job than Robert Mueller. I continue to think Robert Moeller Beers. It is our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation been very good. Oh boy. Excuse me congressman Galley but I think you're a napkin there's a slow cool laid showing stripping down your chain you're gonna get or listen I am. I am a fan of of trade gap in I think that the for the most parties and a great job on us on this this this subject right here. I'm sorry the the horse has left the barn on the Mueller situation and I'm sorry I just I disagree with the congressman. On this issue obviously. Yet and it's it's just it's the overall judgment I mean what you had donate when a bare minimum of 500 dollars to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama even get a similar to. Did you not. Practically every inning when you've got that level of bias. Harris was to feel comfortable. I just I don't understand now now he is is obstructing justice. And yeah daddy's hassle coming have you see what's going on with the FBI and even he meant serie the FBI it's kinda ugly. People have the right to assume the people that are investigating them or objective and have not already made up their minds. That's why we need to see this tax and we need to interview this special agent for the bureau's had a really bad. The last eighteen months and then then this. This makes it worse frankly. Please write about that. Daddies and asked can a president obstruct. Justice. As in the interview Gotti is he says to my to his credit from now they obviously have no collusion so. And I mean now we're gonna now there now these Democrats are now there are dare offer. Investigating obstructing justice you know it's a much you know ironic since that the Democrats who are stoked about investigating obstruction justice six months ago we're stoked about collusion. Rape and says. Present it to kick you can't president obstruct justice. Where where you want an obstruction of justice I would say two things I think the chief executive can obstruct justice I would just grew professor Berkowitz I just think it's really really horrible when you have. Full pardon power plenary pardon power and you are the chief executive and can direct. What is and is not investigative also read keep in mind this is the same president. Who said he liked bill and Hillary Clinton and didn't wanna see anything bad happen to them does that obstruction of justice. What he for the Democrats complaining that he waited and ended and try to influence a decision with the respect to Lil. Sunni comments as retirement planning it Texan I and we know interest rates don't say add Terrance country adding it is not Dershowitz Dirk awaits its Dershowitz. It is even know his name. Yang Eddie says he disagrees with Dershowitz that the presidents can't be found guilty. And obstruction of justice that's not what Dershowitz. Said. Dershowitz said. On that bird in prison to be guilty of obstruction of justice there has to be a crime committed in a process of obstructing justice by president. If congress ever to order charge him with a obstruction of justice for exercising. His constitutional authority under article two we have a constitutional crisis you cannot charge a president with a obstruction of justice. For exercising his constitutional power to fire Komi. And is constitutional authority to tell the Justice Department go to investigate who not to investigate that's what Thomas Jefferson did that's what Lincoln did that's what Roosevelt. Did we are precedents that clearly established that. When George Bush the first pardon Caspar Weinberger in order to any investigation that would have led to him. Nobody suggests that obstruction of justice. For obstruction of justice by the president unique clearly illegal acts. When Nixon hush money paid telling people to lie destroying evidence even with Clinton. They said that each when it. Sorry but instruction just seeing what. How many people punish repaint. Destruction evidence. Hiding amendments. I normally Justin. I'd bet you. I thank you Michael Flynn and his attorney were not told. We may agree to this line deal an NE he copped to this plead alignments I would heed to what he did he did dead so they wouldn't get my worst charges and then when I get in his son on more charges. I bet she when he did that they didn't tell on the chief investigator. Until about these tax. But they didn't they didn't I'd bet that content to my 401K Dolan from. I mean why why not they liked congress. There under subpoenaed intern modern I didn't tell congress about their existence that's why leaked. So yeah for trick daddy does point to say he still believes similar. Is is astounding to me. I continue to think Robert Moeller here's. Here's our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation being very good. While with a team full Hillary donors. And armed with one of the two top two investigators being a Clinton foundation lawyer. It's just it's a farce there's so much who have to pretend tonight now. You know and if you think being unfair trade Gary look who's on my side. The Wall Street Journal just called for him to resign that is the global is paper of record. And they they laid out the case. That Muller when you know it it if he's dishonest to congress. About as investigators. He cannot be trusted. And it wouldn't say he's odd he's actively protecting FBI he has a lot of reason to protect the FBI. I can't over see this investigation which ultimately is also investigation the FBI can't do it. I say that's Wall Street Journal. Susan why you have to pretend not to know here to come up to two team to beat a heel of his point two via. And I just I I don't I don't know where his comfort tinged did you hear you did you rush talk about the show restraint I just as an aside to throw listen. This headline from Bloomberg all right entry Gary. Europe to weigh whether US tax cuts violate global trade rules. What. European Union finance ministers will discuss US legislation slash taxes and meeting at a meeting in Brussels Tuesday. And let a new plan violates international trade rules. That. Keep in Heinz. All of these countries have a lower corporate tax rates than you yet. So why we would be violating international trade rules by bringing our tax rates down to where there's. Most of us from it if Trey caddie go on his way. And tree guy and I have different views on Obama trade. When rush read this history I think you know what if Tre Denny had his way we're laughing at this now mr. enters nothing European finance ministers can do about the tax cut. But if we passed Obama trade. We haven't unelected. International bureau of bureaucrats. Most of whom are not in between the US. Cool what have a say about these tax cuts. Just remember they can but they could they could vote themselves additional powers that well. And congress would ceded its ability. I'd to oversee the cot the economy to them as part of the trait do you remember tray Ghani saying that we had to do this for trade. And that the day I was armed you know on the same side is Nancy Pelosi who oppose this. And I put it out to a more you're on the same side as Obama. Yeah. So you we do laugh and if trade Eddie had his way on Obama trade we very well could have an international unelected bunch of bureaucrats telling us we came to tax cuts. Had to. Thank god we don't. Trump saved us from that. When many things he's saved us from. Amen to that 803471063. Tex lines seven no one at 307. Tester rates too has been talking to Seth Richard Stanley. And occupational hazard Washington as opposed the jester race he Chara. Have you ever noticed that whenever the clintons are accused of corruption they never responds. Did you sometimes tester race entered the old cartoon deputy dog treat Audi is deputy dog. Text your rates who better to dig up a crime the person who is committed the crime. Well I mean keep referring to right Rosen Siemens pose at the department of injustice. Text rates motor is using this as lifetime employment for him and his staff he spent some they like seven million so far and they nothing to show for a oh or just wait. At tester race. And turn says he's against calling Jerusalem the capital of and Israel even though it's banned so for thousands years being Catholic how can you follow me and that is wrong. So much concerning religion. I don't foment. The Pope is a temporary inconvenience in much the same way that Obama was I didn't abandon my country. When a heretic rendered in America into abandon my religion not just pray that he will soon be on his way. Two straight straight Audi is only concerned about the president's investigative powers but no one else's the only thing he's worried about is Trump's ability to influence and investigation of course unbelievable. That is straight sub trade IE it's not Berkowitz yeah I know it's Dershowitz. Text or it's Gary Graham is there any difference Gatti needs to go along with him scratch. Is a while analysts. A kitten confidence in Mueller is investigative. Ability to flooding members of the intelligence committee are now calling for a special prosecutor. To investigate Hillary's crimes. You know once Muller investigated and couldn't find anything no scraps. See what happens with that tech sure it's your brother was born on Christmas Day home he died when he was diamond sold. I put nine my dogs are tree in honor of him I'm sorry so good that you remember. To the Ingles and then they start claiming to talk to Jerry from in many there was talk about trade Audi hey Jerry. A target foreign pretty quick thank you for doing you are what your show. But people amazed me that they continue voting for curry get out. And if you watch team always do in is the same role playing that Lindsey Graham's ability to do it was smarter way. And if you can't see that he's not or the crew. Might regret America great again by uploading a home or on the price back. I mean this is crazy got a link people but it caught back got to drink to collate these bunker or cricket but completely Greinke really what he says the and that's Paula got to let. And and Gerri first of all thank you mom for that for the kudos and I appreciate that I eat at tray out he's done a lot of things that I like and I don't only decided I'd. But I don't understand where he's going with smaller so I I'm not I'm not trying to bring DM attribute much today but I am letting you know. Wary stance because I know you'd want and a and that's how we're doing I'm sure they're listening now when he in in his office. So that messages too to them. I I don't get where he's going with this I don't understand. And in this investigation was to look into Russian collusion mr. Gotti admits Indian incorrectly in the interview there is no arrest pollution. Instead okay well this investigation must and that. We're we're back and play games investigating this president for obstruction of justice that's a joke. And we do need an investigation mr. Mueller. Because he is now with holding separate car. Amazes me is Pete like trig Audi saying things. Likeness. I continue to say Robert Moeller Beers. There's our fellow citizens best hope. For finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation been very good. When trip he says things like this. When mr. Mahler. The FBI are simultaneously withholding information from congress. And duration under subpoena again you and I know we would go to prison for that a freak wintry Gotti was a prosecutor and he was a good one. Com if we had ignored his subpoena we would probably find ourselves in. It was into an attorney in jail. Again he's currently defined tree got you right now. As to when when we go on television say thing like this. Might course despite similar. I mean it trick daddy is one of the key investigators here it eggs Muller I tells none hold on hold on don't Don non iron on you he's okay what she does he you don't feel. The subpoenas apply do you. If you don't feel. Day you know it's wrong fear obstruct justice that's okay we're cool like you think your good guy. That's what that says to Mueller. I don't care if he catches it would give a caveats of what I just wanna get the information. It may ask by Greg Baird you want to usually hold in contempt of congress he's not allowed a floor fight about that I just want the infect. But I mean if you're saying hey you know we have confidence Robert Mueller is he's your best hope. You're not noticed a meager mean consequences for what you're doing. And that's insert. Straight annual people ought to know. Is she not we don't play subpoena. You double that I mean you double again as you do but not telling congress the information they subpoenaed exists in this case texts. He's an open defiance tree got he is mocking him and every of an old person leadership in congress right now. He's daring them to do something about it and trade daddy's angered a lot. That's what that was that's how Mueller will take. And I understand it I don't I don't pretend to understand where what he's doing. I'd I don't I hope maybe there's some really Smart plug there 'cause he's Smart guy. And it may be he's gonna play along and hold hands with smaller. Right up until the time. That they slept with I don't I don't know I don't I just I don't know but that is not helpful. That's not helpful. I visit this prosecutor. It going instead. You are as good as it did jugs. In court and you've you've got to defend it openly defying the court none actually part of the subpoena. I judge says an an and judge patch on ahead. Wink wink nod 91 hope you produce in Burma and doing things don't. I think Jai and Jenna BO NER continuous what you're doing. Okay. Idea. Maps text rates after a lineup. Is having a bad day when god can say or do something that makes grim look good. Text scout he's following English I would Gary's doing I've I've completely I don't understand. I don't I just I just don't get it. A complete and total loss there. Meanwhile. Interesting new study this is from the Wall Street Journal socialism and capitalism see new led by younger Americans here's another one of these. And it really scary. Out right now more when he cells. So look at millennial Sione largest voting group in America in terms of their numbers to one Democrat they vote. 42% of younger Americans are city support capitalism only 19% identified themselves as capitalists that's a disaster. It's it's back where did it come from ago. Well it's so nice these young people it's peer. Drama the perception they have limited epic economic opportunities in the societies a whole has become more unequal it has to not wrong about that. That's good this group to be really cynical about institutions. Military government this show crazy that's according insulin to lake. Onetime Democrat pollster that's what this group to be really cynical but institutions military government yet this group or once government. Wish there cynical of two running economy it doesn't make any sense. The idea that people this is durst insult this Anderson a Republican pollster in the Wall Street Journal the idea that young people tend to be liberal and become more conservative with a aged is misguided she's asked. The oldest colonials are actually must Leisle. We've talked about this on the show before the those in high school right now are actually pretty right leaning. If you come of age Greg if you could donate graduate college or job hunting around the time the financial crisis. You might be asking what have free markets on trio. The easy rhetoric that markets are bad government is bad is appealing. Especially to the uneducated. I would you came of age and graduated college in time the financial crisis you have no regular free market looks like and that's the big lie here. That was a free market that was a government engineered disaster. And that's what they haven't been taught. My nails pulled say they want a bigger role for government in making conditions better for their future. The number he never young people who believe that tax cut sparked economic growth. Which is held I held steady for years fell seven points over the past two years according 2016 her answer Harvard survey. Is understandable economic fact that tax cuts. Spark economic growth and is it these are this is just ignorant folks. 67% or Condit and a responds oppose the way president tribes handling the tax measure. A Quinnipiac University poll also released Tuesday showed a semi similar ails the find it. I in the surveys of the 34 years old believe the GOP tax overhaul would mostly benefit the wealthy. We're on the verge of a very significant political eye movement led by millennial Los. Poster said this generation does not believe in trickle down economics here's the cool thing. The reason we're losing this argument. Is because no one has bothered to make it since Ronald Reagan they'd never heard it's. If we did this tax cut passed and showdown. What it does to the economy we can win again and for the first time in my lifetime since Reagan we the president willing to make the argument. And if we make your argument I'm convinced we can win. This is why tax reform has to pass they have to see it work it's our luck a post this is our last. Chance. Last chance to make the argument to win. By showing them winning got to get past. Good is V department of injustice. Gets it right. Every once in awhile has indicted Jose in as Garcia's Iraq today. On federal. Charges. Related to keep Stanley staff. I guess according TD Washington Post this isn't your upset about him getting off for this crime. That you are white supremacists so I guess that makes the folks at the apartment injustice white supremacist. Tend to buy their. Logic. It's ironic that this country in the opposing NS RC's erupting. I mean come confessed to shooting Kate finally. He confessed to. At and it is. He gets this I do is that he has suffered fewer repercussions. For being illegally in this country being a multiple times Fallon and multiple times in port sea and shooting kids suddenly. Then the president has for doing nothing. There is no names crime. There's not. That's how come in the middle of the a special prosecutor investigation we can switch special counsel investigation into switched to a new crime because there was no crack. Two and went inventing new cracked. To investigate say it is it is absolutely absurd that that the way that we are operating right now. In this country. It it is David from Greenville good morning. Hey David. And Russia what's up with David. Arm yeah okay I did the text line let's see some people they're taken me to the woodshed I try to read those ten straits quit rolling over people. Straight out he's not a gutsy thing good gutsy things his actions. Maybe based on information we are unaware of don't get discouraged. From its Izturis to be a pattern we can say he is selling out. Well that's what that's what I said I did say drink get it done a lot of things like I just don't get I don't get where he is honest. And the egging Miller on when he's an open defiance congress is not a good idea I just keep my mouth shut but that's me. Tech straits of these millennium thing government can take care of them. Then rush Desiree young skulls full much. It sure is we lose our mortgage deductions state tax deduction we will be much were soft totally against tax reform well parts of tax reform outset. Desperately want Trudeau's grits is strengthening our country tax cuts and eliminate semi 5% in government bureaucrats are only good for confusing and messing it up. Tech straight wash or may not be having gout attacks anymore but many of us are having dowdy attacks this week how. In a month and I'm laughing with you. Oh my lord on. Yet here's the thing. They these in millenniums believing tax cuts are a problem I mean they have lived in a country. When the business is American businesses have never competed on equal footing with international business. We are attacked effective tax rate is higher than France. And Canada and Germany. So I mean yes they struggle they don't have jugs. And receipts. Were 15% of the company's tight. And non UI Italian you Kiet. Dude that. And have government bedecked in fiscal Torre. And and not survived I mean not how he spoke to have a job immediately to Kissimmee to explain this to them it's not their fault no one's made the argument on our side. We're too busy. We're short freight bush to make the argument. I so I healing people bash on the mccombs goals full much they'd never heard the argument is only one person on earth making it right now and that's Donald Trump. We've tremendous opportunity to show them with this tax cut. So I'm I'm fired up if we get this through the veil learned through experience an and they haven't had a chance yet despite this really go much as Stephen Thompson right now. Bomb. Two is a Simpson bills it NN MMA. Fighter. Went out number three in the world is way classic can't remember he's on fox difference. So what kudos to Stephen really nice guy too he's my son's karate teacher.