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Wednesday, November 22nd

Being authentically Southern; Google admits to tracking people even with location services turned off; Vegas shooter’s motive being intentionally obscured


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Anyway good morning terra. Tester raids. Sweet baby Jesus terror please don't say you all I agree with weight it's. Same if you saying you all had a visual it would be like question the NB walk for the first time. I know the text rates LO well happy Thanksgiving I love the show I listen every day entrusted. More right and cool. Appreciate that now the weather's beautiful wish you were here. Think at exactly. The magic drink several YouTube look cubs have southern speak. Now the checks to rich I'm grateful I live where we can say yell happy Thanksgiving to all of the W already failed. And sweet ride back yet Gary package OK but check. Jim standards share outlook. Right downtown Sheraton downtown OK I'll. Our political heaven and nipple and it but we sure chip is a real place in South Carolina Estrada and what are your childhood friend for Thanksgiving. I wanna give you a related kind of story real quick but my personal I was thrown air force band that morning great look there. Actually I went to school all out back built well great no most of that will back in the say the least. Out still hot Roberts you know had a hot rod car that broke. Will I'd come home to seat any of the outlook. I'd always heavy hitters always open. No Barbara straight hitter on the leg too late date and it Bubba the outlook or are about getting here meanwhile it Beatty back. And my public east always say Atlantic state it got that they have I read it. Bush. That the cult like yankees stranded like bet back being. Yeah did. I get what I have a hard time believing Bubba Checketts never sounded like Yankee that'll have to take you where four. Right here I am pretty sure it yet you had no no prob have a have a happy Thanksgiving I heard from you Furl for awhile I start to worry it might when I don't Bubba. Well. I don't doubt still try out this week's not bring it every doctor I've actually. Only got six lots. It betrayal network or years four years due to Arkansas first. It is true as my upper quarterback ever since they cook is Ben Eager or basic much. Alibaba. A separate from pilots are okay now really been wary whenever you hear from you yes. Okay and it and and thank you for your phone call. Holy counseling people doing with somebody tough things I was holiday season it's easy to forget that. Spirits for its yes I do whatever we're dealing with there's wanted to be thankful for yet. Eight amen to that meantime. What are you here he said side projects honey do list after working on your garage this like this guy. Seeking to prove that a company of astronauts fabricated to shape the earth and it is in fact really really it's really it in really actually is flat yeah. A California man intends to launch himself 18100 feet high on Saturday an Iraqi he built for scrap metal. No plans to do this after Thanksgiving right now you can have one less good million and a thankless. It's 500 mile per hour mile long inflate the Mojave Desert does not kill him. Mike Hughes told the Associated Press is journey into the act at at most let. So he calls it will mark the first phase of his ambitious flat earth space program. OK I question here. Oh Hughes ultimate goal is a subsequent launch that puts him miles above the earth. At where the 61 year old limousine driver had a hopes to photograph proof of you know the did you know that. They appear flat sepia look yet they what here's a question and could. And it did what why should book the book a commercial flight maybe. You know I'm Sam Mike he could Kiki Jack king I mean it could see you looking down can you see the horizon until maybe can't. And if you if you got enough altitude yes yeah I guess you could wait a minute. Art photographs flat. Yeah yeah. So if he had a picture around thing you would still look flat wooden it's true yeah. Deep thoughts with producer Chris area here again. Irate. Oh by the way most mentally eggnog. It's ridiculous meantime. I have a last night we began our official on Thanksgiving binge mine has been our nonfood. On television now look at yet this would immediately binge Thanksgiving. And I am pleased to announce Teresa Chris as always your picks are excellent. Mine hunter and we started it last night it and very resourceful open fair but very and we enjoyed it. It is a little slow it's I will say it's not quite turning out like expected from the funded the trailer that I saw yet but it's very interesting and I and I have a couple ideas of where they're gone. With I am about. Or maybe five episodes and. Okay. Yet we have word totally into you we wind up watching for like an extra forty minutes but I'm what I intended to last night which is why you know I got to binge crash going this morning. And I'm really tired arm so yeah is it any racing good stuff and we have one episode strangest things left we saved it for Thanksgiving eve. Town because they wanted to end. If you know what stranger things you'll understand why. So that's great that's great that's very binge where the tees were doing not to was well interesting study that just came Alley and they and I have been treated like. A lunatic for thinking this for a long time I mention is on the ship Charlotte alone 14100. People promising year. Omniscient when. Now we don't always favored a found again because no ever by the Chicago Police Department tulip and other persons found most the time right. And so that they will tell you the detectives to hand it to him missing persons ion it's not really forging her missing now combat what how many have come back now. We are now. Let you know what we'd we just I mean if many people were really missing we would now how would you know. I mean what's to say. That a couple hundred women a year in Charlotte. Are being you know dragged off into the woods by their hair never be seen again what's to say I am and they in our semi around around with him on that and and they never could prove cited a whole thing on anyway. I've always thought that the number of people who go missing is dramatically higher but truly missing link never coming back like they're gone they're they're done they're you know finished. Is truly is is much much higher than anybody wants to admit they get right now this is fascinating. A researcher Thomas Hargrove. Is now estimating 2000 speaking of mine's hunter 2000 serial killers are at large in the United States he's developed his own algorithm to track offenders. And he's even been able to prove the FBI database wrong finding extra 27000 murders more than appear in FBI's files he is their data's rock because of numerical faults in the upload. From these in different locations. On anyway. He's been a Catholic I always want to know this number and I finally sought to shares to discriminate. This gives you chills I don't know what does on the 5000. People a year in America get away with her. 5000. People because the cases are never saw. Think about that. That's line and they're walking a minute probably stood next huge traffic there behind you when wine at the Ed you know with a great Sri stork. Only cap. Just stuck nuts this Robert and he has is so good. That he can ate it can pinpoint places where people are going missing. According to a certain pattern. Like a Lake County Indiana. In 22 any called the police departments I think he got a serial killer and Elena you know you're nuts between 1980 and 200815. Women have been strangled many device found in vacant homes. Six contests local police nearing asked them if they could possibly a serial killer and they paid little attention. Until Jerry van was arrested for killing. Africa party at a motel six in 2014. A the next several days he takes the police to abandoned buildings where they recover the bodies of six women. All who strangled just like the pattern. That is algorithm found he says the algorithms search as the country all day everyday looking for these patterns. Baum and at that so anyways is it and he's done as a bunch of times where he's literally found serial killers the police in local local areas and even know about with the sovereign and and he says by his calculation their 2000 of them. The official FBI estimates somewhere between 25 and fifty. It is Italy if you are Smart enough to not leave any evidence behind news right. I would get away with mean what did people only get caught because everybody behind you bite behind who's to say she's not limiting California. And I never really get the puck past the police on the seat my man she's not they just Inco. Again how do you know that. We don't Wear issue I don't know. We got 14100 a year just insure it. 14100. Missing yes it's reported missing. 9697%. Of the cases. Unresolved gonna get angry with the probably most of those or urgency yeah inlaid she came home she ran away spun around and the founder element somewhere with a boyfriend and they just never called I get that. But there's a lot of room and they are to hide figures this big my my point bringing it up is that how it could be this big you wouldn't know he would think we know we find bodies Olympic. Not necessarily. Lot of people the missing this country every year and no one ever really conclusively figures out where they are. Tester race I'd Bubba shucks points is hope for you to you two may sound like Teresa and her. One day. The Eagles and then agents finally get around to talk to CC from dark corner ACC. Right don't do it now I read about dark corner during Halloween is a really is creepy as they say there is that just kind of hype. It's just to turn pro part dark corner. Yet can't hit as soon I'm sure it's wonderful. That's exactly gallon now I laid back in the bed they well on our links aren't producing area. And that's correct got a little tank. Anyway my question for you of you know deplorable what else. Know going to night. I can guess but I might get Iran once you tell me. No. Easy holes. That I never heard they used in conversation all yell. Aaron Aaron at you or other different. Art and allele. The idea that that Tim is I need to I need to concentrate more on the W. Then the Elena that's my problem and I'm almost there. I don't think that I didn't and I. How could he should be on Chris Dodd or. She does say Al Sharpton yesterday. From lead that daddy I do not sound authentic at all I had no idea. Growing our. Current and now. I guess you know what I guess so well we'll see see from our corner you have a wonderful Thanksgiving okay. You dropped irate. You all. Know. I'll use. I don't know texture happy Thanksgiving to chair and the family and family and all of the WORD family. Did you stretcher I think you're doing very well with doll I may need to throws some bless your heart. In that when you're discussing issues especially if you're gonna say something bad about somebody always preface it with oh bless their hearts. Lemon reminds us that when she says bless her heart you know you know she's trees and you know somebody is going. Down. Yes that's that's a standard southern colloquial ism as you can say anything you want. After saying bless your heart about there's a generation that truly still practices that that is that is not a stereotype pits or that there is some truth to that. OK so I hear that plural of ya all is giants that lady entries in southern youngest. Really when you lose that's that's actually more of a northern construction and it says more northern and me. So as one enemy. Narrow. Carried out or 08 while credit downturn except some real news with with some letters that take zero kind of with the where we are but authorities have that interest me. And this really interest me. This experience. You add this meal like in the last 24 hours you are at home your iPhone your searching something among glory. You know search engine may be Psycho woman he's not a search engine doesn't matter any of the big ones rate and you search for something and what are we looking for and it comes up you might. A work. Okay see this is urine you sign up you go to work and you use your computer there right totally different. Computers as if server. Not connected to your son right his may mean people where you are now they they don't pretty much give people phones and Marcia like topics actress. And go to Google to know doing the search and what comes up. Your last search you know they've become a price new. Like with with a lasting that you listed the last his or some of that happening the last couple days what I search at a home on my iPhone comes up on the Google at work. Work. And it got a laptop. That I used on the exercised her. Not connected. Well I mean I guess for going my outlook it is the female but otherwise not connected at all tomorrow or computer. But she's here is somewhere else is not that means so my computer my lap to become as minor I own it's. Bomb you know we wonder runoff Lavar Wi-Fi at our house not to server here at Entercom. Same thing. A guy on the computer I will see something I search heater at work as the last ness just thinking that has ever happened you. Or you you know you haven't Sergey search thing and work you have not search him home and it comes up among the suggestion results. They're trapped there obviously tracking and clearly and we know they are. We know they are because maybe the Federal Trade Commission. Put at a report. I say may save all your Internet searches and he sees beyond these big this is the poll put any search engines racing is what I know its market to you. And they can tell by you know your likes dislikes even his politics. Which preferences are an it down till level. You know if you would if you voted for Lindsey Graham and 2014 you've probably like a foot you know afford. I it's it's it's it's that crazy OK so that's what they want it's we know they do that rate. Well this just came out. Google admits it tracks just even with location services turned off. Okay this is a new big dip never did day they made a big deal about what you can turn it off. It yet we're not tracking they liked. Good contract says even if we turn off location services used no apps and don't install some cart. The and a giant now admits it grabs data from android phones with just an Internet connection. I. It does this so they can market services to you based on your interest. It traction from cell tower to cell towers so by surged for. Yes something I wanna buy it knows I wanna buy something you know I suppose it could byters over here is gonna show me that. And it doesn't matter what I do its contract. Which by the way is the opposite of what they told folks in the last couple years. OK so here's what we net. And this I don't I don't she's coming in here and seen. That obviously the Internet search engines have figured out which one is my cellphone which one is big not which one is an internal organ which one is my laptop. His assertion that come up on my husband's company. And he owns his own business so it it his own. Computer are different and once free so mean they taken this to a very sophisticated. Level. In tracking missed it's very obvious. Now let me ask you a question. Yesterday the police captain in Las Vegas was on Fox News. And he's said we're never gonna know why the big shooter did what he did. We are never gonna have we have no way and we looked at his computer through our hands in the air we can we can never know. This is the part this is the story from fox. What are investigators saying about motive or any thing and that is leading them and toward an answer here. They're saying they're doing everything they can not build they'd gone through hundreds of hours of security. Camera video date taken upon Stephen addicts. Computers they've searched his gun buying wreck chords they've looked at his gambling habits. His real estate investment still no firm promises and security experts say we quite simply. May never get them listen here. I think that unless during that examination of his brain we find 666 on his brain. And we it turns out he was saved himself that might suffice. As to why but honestly I don't know that that's ever going to be something that the public is going to be satisfied. In its principal I believe. But I think that was the police that was the basically ship our northern aideed and as a security expert. This from his press conference seven weeks suspect. You tell me you're gonna plan something mistake. When we Hutus computing needs to not. Well Google knows where I go limp home on my phone on this computer I'm sitting in front of right now yesterday. US tell me he never went to a single web site. He wasn't reading anti decides or ice is sites. We moved to his computer so. When you don't know I don't believe that for a man. New York Post is reporting. That the NSA has all of Hillary's emails. An idiot I didn't wanna. Each month and at the NSA also has a record they know exactly who broke into the DNC server. They had to you don't know. Mean yeah any Macy mpeg to leave the letter you know what side she's I'm telling you can tell exactly why he did is if you just have this Internet search history. And I know from the Federal Trade Commission they do you. Have its. Big. And go now admitting how we track location team was services turned off. Are we reviewed what is extras and we reviewed Stephen patted video we order or what is so I'm not blaming the video and what you Cano. BS. Dana. I'm telling you my work terminal knows what I searched at home. On my Sony. Yesterday and I conceal I want hint they know and you get a tip if they really wanted to do I don't think they did. Because I don't think they won just no interest. The innocent then agents against Kim met from a more has something he wants to say hey temp. Yeah freedom as more and are you live from the little reason to continue that is that you have to do more channel you have agreed with Google. And if you look at the top right hand corner when you get a cure Google changing you'll see deter some beer and if you don't walk stuck with the army air sci. You can do it anonymously and there's also didn't hardly go to Matt mattered. It'll now she's not happy that so that it Google has our as a meta tag that are associated with your Campbell. He also has the option to go back into your history into leading our various things that you need to leave the problems. Didn't even get to her sophomore so. And that's your history on your computer. Not an illicit district in Google ECB until I can top court called a Google search page and get secured settings. Are yet to drill I don't and they change constantly but they're the plates were allowed to get to your Google history used to treat every web site you have ever been to arm Google. And after about Palin read this TO. This Google is paid him before they they they denied this now there busted Google tracks says even if we turn off location service is used now laps and don't install a sim card. The Internet giant now admits it grabs data from android signs with just an Internet connection. A little bit yeah that is a when you don't have to do will. It did not lose he had perhaps luckily weren't you on her neck trying to lectured and it acts. Inside and yet here. Your eat. He's their Internet anonymity. If it isn't approved an. I don't care what people that hold it everybody there is no privacy here but you can't limit the information that is strong work. Basically just blocking the bugle before you do your searches and the like you know that it says the right and core of your group also stage you'll see you do your Sami and Orioles site police army and if you simply tiny hands. So pure or continue it now go to Google. Well and in any here's the thing that they're there's they're saying this is the FTC did data brokers report is not just Google. On the all of these big search engines most of them anyway keep and I had word yet they have your entire search is just got a. There's a whole whole revenue stream BM too much you'll work more or at the implementation makes you aren't the democratic big you aren't an individual. And so that is what their salad. Can pork and of course slogan that. Happen and that's blocking search engines sorry pain Ford just from their interest that you are they say oh this course has amassed while these these are. Commercial comes due and everything else to do that you would. You can't circumvent it it's it's it's dug deep inside out of all the new account policy recent thank you were subprime he. You can't try to call it gets submitted to do it each and every single web site to go to said the best the best. Not my opinion it definitely got is when you go out there you're really just you were outlook public data mining. You're not gonna property area and thank your written those terms. Yep I am and I think that's it means a great policy ten. I agree that didn't lead a reason we got into this bomb was because Fox News had the M police captain from Vegas. I'm on kind almost earrings and listen we're never gonna know what that way we know why Vegas happened that means that the big vase shooting. On and he and you know they were similar you know he's gone they gone back through all the video they've looked at his computer. Aum and you know we we knew that they'd they'd taken I guess that the cart adamant so you know we looked at everything we're never gonna now. The only you know maybe if we look at his brain is gonna have 666 on the net and in that's all Jonas aware of Geddes at. And I I went. It's not at. 19959. Like okay you check the video camera and the and the computer I'd buy that if it was 95 now. How on earth did they not know his search history how is that even possible. If you're gonna do something of that scale. You know I mean it if you write a manifesto you pretty much. Figure out where is mine was by just looking at the web sites you read you cannot tell me. He didn't read something that got him motivated to do this or use. Some subject to fire him up and given the courage to do whether that was nice its web site Nancy full website or what ever I don't believe it. And so for the police chief this in a dancer well we looked at his computer we wanted to do we just don't know I just don't I don't buy him. Combine amply I'm with the on them notably the om and did the polio mean he's just. The idea that we can't say that you you guys don't have Google I Yahoo! all of and then bam that the NSA doesn't have its. Mind. I don't believe them I think they know and it makes me even more interest did. Come when they say they don't know and their explanation doesn't make sure. Well we looked on his computer. OK well I you know your your your web sisters history is not limited to your computer. It's not. There's a lot of ways to get. There was a lot of different. You know. One different things that we're dangling without a whole story there still dangling that. I just don't understand why we've never been given an answer for laid you know I mean he had yet a couple dozen of his transactions. Show up on the financial terror watch list and I mean you can even get the timeline right. Repeat no they could at the time went right and didn't tell us okay will those transactions were related to Terry then why did they boarded a you know. Causing hit. Can you explain to a Stanley you know what why you're wrong and why the hits were grown used them know it was just reported once that day that they were you know that that they. 'cause it's Jerry you know financial transaction hit and our budget. We'll never know. Look at their squirrel look over there a score them speaking of the governor's coral have three does. Because it's real I checked. Do you agree outsourced yes I did two T find while I was sleep in embryo doors open like I like to visit Lincoln back in my car yet and. Okay do you find nature comfortable and relaxing well if you do. Is proud is your white. And a racist and he okay. According to a student at Claremont college in California in every op Ed somebody actually published. In studio run newspaper stood Malcolm can't claim that nonwhite people. Wait for our exclude the outdoors because of white supremacy. Why. Exclude somebody from the outdoors how does that happen. And I do for Donna I'm locking people inside. At any say kudos these looting have yet to set. It's like the NFL well people are these social justice people have been left behind by who's even know give us address we'll talk to angrily. Do the predominance of whiteness inning outdoors. People of color have been denied. Access to be outdoors. So. There's stopping people of scholar at the gates to state parks is that what they're saying. Clinton and well. And mean outdoors is I mean all of us walk outside this door. Our lists of race creed or whatever and were outside. Now yet we're still may is city area outside the studios but in a couple miles down the road here on the country. Who came to camp says his issue is with outdoor programs at Claremont college. Which is a conglomerate of five college business by sees these programs are mostly funded on campus here are saturated with white supremacy he says we'll get off campus. He clubs are open for all people need to join if he wanted the color of anyone's skin but should not everyone feel safe to attend because there's too many way people. Now that's. Well if you tended would there be less white people the percentage. I'm just saying he's via Europe yet you don't map again I'm impressed I know well this common Corley now. Oh my lord next week. I'll go OK I had to do I learned that common corner long division now. Honestly I would have rather gotten a series of shots. That was this without how my daughters and our test guess what we get to do when we come back from Thanksgiving. Caught coarse fraction tag yet making it is hard is it needs to be infractions are anyway. For teachers very preemptively sent me. The adults. Training. Module videos maybe you should be book it was maybe should start the anti fraction faction. I know. I don't know there's this is your if you check is apparent he if he can't do your kids homework or make any sense of it there are entire played training videos for parents. Incoming core online but the teacher's probably therapist for that there and in need therapy after this. You know I sort of do with the way that we weren't tied you guys have to do it that way does magic is ready answer still wrong if she doesn't with their way something wrong with that yeah. Text your rates that's always say what happens on the Internet stays. On the Internet. Wells on this is only on the Internet element. The way. Terrorist tactics richer how would you like to be the guide it's gonna have to go down that tunnel something clean it out when he gets stuffed up. No I don't think about that you just pain. I hail tester race. We're Disco. But at that tournament time you spent learning common chord you can be making extra money put your kids to private school. Might be easy might be easier now. Text erased everything is in the cloud on the Internet. You probably is. Magistrates Sherry you you Ryan shells which deduct a goat search engine they don't track you. They don't track in. But she's an essay still does. Now the jester race is scary when you look at what Google keeps. You know it is. It is but I mean we have when he we look at how many people are tracking us including our government I. Stir your hands in the air and give up privacy is dead let's move on. Speaking of moving on. So it was cracks me up. The person will start their Black Friday shopping. At 3:29 PM on Thanksgiving Day this year that's according to a new survey. And at least 40% of people will buy something for themselves that's Chris a shock I understand. I broke wrist in a Christmas season. I guess that's what I'm least likely to buy something from us can imagine. You know. Tenement but that's about that's new hot hip thing I guess. It's as a 74% people planning to do some shopping on Friday. I don't do online and go to stores they'll spend an average of two to five. Hours there. So Wayne what what time are they planning on starting at 329 tomorrow which is Thursday. Does that include if you have to travel in order for a non. I don't believe so this is a national surveys to go ahead now an hour to that. You cracks me up is tight case people start to Christmas shopping three point 9 PM tomorrow which is what. Time. That tell you can't take any more of her uncle. You know I mean. Yeah aided knew it would look bad if you bowl today at one or two he's gone through the entire top ten list of things not to talk about he is covered them all you were sufficiently. Offended you have a terrible headache Greeley used to drink. And you don't even drink and yeah and see get her I mean honestly because what could he a lot of Phillies eagerly. You know one or two union whenever you 329 that's about when you can politely go do something and the only thing that you can do. Raid on Thanksgiving to Sinatra believed view everything else is close is is go. Chapman. Long thought that that really was what like Thanksgiving shopping was really but that wasn't actually like to have the eldest is to be open. And like Freddie to dispute was still in town missed with only two Saturday. But that's really with a shot with the people are out there they might buy stuff 'cause throughout their but they're out there buy stuff throughout their to get away from the family. You know it's funny I a I think it was last year maybe year before had an occasion to go to Wal-Mart. Because they needed something on Thanksgiving Day and just and it wasn't like Christmas shopping or anything like that I was just going to get a thing that I need to remember go to was. Buddy was it was it like. Four in the afternoon. Or maybe is like noon or something and they were closed officially. Because they were opening the next day. At one so 1 PM. Thursday Thanksgiving. Was their opening for Black Friday yeah. A lot of places like that and I'm ties pure escape factor and it wouldn't let me buy anything. But they were open. Well that I can I can get into the building but it was all it was like being there in the middle of the night when they got all the stalkers out in the end in all the inventories still on pallets and stuff. Yeah you know that excess. And they said I even understand shopping anymore I don't I like. I don't have the Dow Chemical storage chopped let's see if Islamic I don't get that because I I I am at the point now because you couldn't cost compare everything online. The idea of purchasing something. At a store makes me very nervous. Album in in terms of like Mike why don't usually one Eminem I have five to choose from and you know is the lowest per race. So I almost feel like I have to check all the online places. Before it can purchase anything at distort make sure it's the best one and the cheapest. As of determined they did you get rid of drilling you know what is too much effort our shop on the computer again. Our wonderful. Thanksgiving since sometime in your family you all.