The Tara Show - 10-6-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Friday, October 6th

WORD on the Town in Belton; Trend in children’s clothing toward female superiority; Furor over bump stocks and ammo quantities after Las Vegas shooting; California becomes a sanctuary state; NFL popularity waning for the same reason Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts popularity did; Lindsey Graham will talk to illegal immigrants but not his own constituents


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Good morning wave good morning terror and it is good morning out here in beautiful Bolton absolutely where out here at the written in red and green hillside the the museum of the train V show where we're anxiously awaiting beginning tomorrow of these anti festival. Yes which to be there it was illegal and I inherited stays at the depot are to be done really cool and airman with. If your kids wanna see how people dressed back then I get those questions all the time. On you know how they couldn't account today you know make pottery when they do what you can do all of that out here on drilling for kids about 2000 school hasn't come through here today. I think this at announces today or this weekend but so you can bring the kids out tomorrow for the heritage days. And you can find all of this on the belts an alliance faced a pitch. You're looking for some direction for how you can participate moment but dumb I'm look at you have AM. They're gonna have a log cabin demonstration in trouble on cabin like half an hour. All right he's slanting Hafner went. A year later after it pulled the splinters out of my hands and remove the trip that cheaters from my rear end. I might have assembled blog camp but by then I probably would have frozen to put to death rates of course I NN. Get richer and sisters they'll let you you schema which would you cover them. If that yet we we believe that though the initial Rogers in the un American came over the McClung or that's that's where about genealogy. Has Sokol. We've come on I hear and see how is Roger survived others years wilderness that on May be trite yourself. You know I wanna know I know what the Indians do blood sugar chinook is I'm still itching a weekly from the camping trip. The whole lives laying on the ground you and what many don't know of an immunity. If they. Took liquid skin like glad third. I am homeland. I don't even know how that works. Well back and they didn't have girls are awesome T shirts. Let's start I don't deep in the scene is can she don't have kids and scoring but that's the big hot at retirement is blessed are they hot hit thing is. You know you you go online you go to school where ABC other girls all have these you know girls rule the world. Girl genius all that but there is no corresponding thing for the boys just isn't there there's nothing like that's causing male privilege. You have really don't let these guys I might sweep into Brothers in new whenever you get one to one thing the other is it raining I don't wanna order poised shirts are the despite and they don't make them and then have to deal don't boys' room what would go they're not by insured in. And he's just been my nerves for three years now and I thought this bad with zions getting worse. Any eighties show it's like program. It's like a billboard on your daughter's just a radical feminism. Was to give to five years an elementary school you know reading the girls rock. For nothing else and breathing and they don't have church like them. Anyway tester writes silly Terry I don't understand sex is just like racist if I can only go in one direction. Here's another one. The pool in all of the girl power shirts is to systematically deep program the alpha male and turn on a new generation of pages got helpless is Jennifer. On Ellen this is my favorite. From Alan since until terra I have a slogan for the girls to Wear singles for ever. It's how that ends in Japan actually calm but anyway now living right along okay so during the Obama administration. We you're told Obama could flood the country with god knows you and god knows where you don't god knows what is we couldn't you know background check the but the important thing was that they were here now. And we did the states could not do anything about that in my correct because eight yells yeah then again would suit states that tried to enforce federal law. It went because the states are not allowed to do that great now one has told this to moon beam. Over the air in California. Who just signed a bill declaring California sanctuary state. Probably not recently and I think he's he doesn't have too many Republicans around his administration OK because I thought during the Obama administration that states could do things like this. Yeah we'll see you that your right and and once again this is one of those things are only goes one way. I got you know the civil law changes depending on time a Republican is. Shows any animosity toward federal government regulations well. You know then that's a problem and that's got to be stopped we got to take you to court but if it is a liberal. That is violating. Federal law well that's a whole nother issue there's there's compassion here. I'd guess yes and that's the thought that matter exactly no matter how many people die we've got to accommodate. Right you know this poor school girl shot we now know on eighteen years old combined legal immigrant nineteenth gap on the federal government had done its job. Two and a. Exactly. Home but when I can talk about now because we just want talks more about you know. Banning guns start whenever those things are things. Bomb us bonds stocks yes OK meanwhile I get what they just don't tell for this is insanity. What they Danielle we don't was Sanctuary City is when we know it all that is keep it this is this beyond. Home this is you know I'm I'm I'm I'm glad to see the governor of California is now a huge states' rights fan I I don't know. I'm thrilled when you join us for yet home with us here they come I was not meant to be this way okay. Listen to this so here's what this Abbas is not just banning ice they can come and talk to be illegal immigrants in the jails but they cannot actually deport them removed the murder. It's a sentiment anyway they can't actually enforce federal law no no there will be known voices in at a loss is stopping federal agents from doing their job. Yes bomb landlords are prohibited from from learning ax asking about are assessing the immigration status much less reporting. They are documented renters that's now against the law there. Most this employers are Bart. From authorizing workplace raids by federal immigration enforcement officials this even worse that they can't participate. So if you think come running into your rounds of whoever. Fraudulently sold fifty Social Security Anderson mean you cannot participate or help them in anyway was depart authorities wouldn't that be considered obstruction of justice. Let's crime doesn't mean if you actually did that outside of California Paris right. They still instruction justice inside of Californians here which is the lineup to elicit this you can't provide if your employer. This one is interest in OK you can't provide if your employer any information on illegals working for you to the federal government. So no you know what Social Security number they're using. That's crime is using somebody Social Security number OK so they don't have one year reunion I have required. To send in the tax money but we can't give any information about them. Aiming but it so we can say. That you can't report any of this to any federal agency. They know I'm sure that I'm against the precedent here than how we just decide South Carolina the doobie no reporting of any tax information to the higher hats exactly where rates that. That's. That's such a bad I didn't he may be on to something you're still a little misguided. Legally why couldn't do attend white could you just pass salon South Carolina saying we've incorporated iris where we're we're over them we try to knock down that so what ever. Formation we have about the salaries of South Carolina citizens is private information between the state of South Carolina and that's citizen. And that if the citizen chooses to reveal that information to the Internal Revenue Service and federal government that's their choice but there's no legal requirement of the State's South Carolina for unity so. How that go over. Not sure to check now some good bet you'd be called everything in the book pro that would make you race is somehow I don't know how that he'll explain. So on you know a pasted it in addition to all of this. In California. They they provide they had provided a list of like yup he committed a serious enough violent felony then they would exempt you and then ice could come get you. I'm Melissa noticed you have to have a felony drunk driving charge. Seminary you know let a whole class of drunk driver's. Seat basically got to kill somebody before you get him pretty much strategists yes roadkill. Com or they're just in their valuable citizens here south of of California. Journalism he speaking of illegal immigrants. Spends. Mean I'm not keeping track primary thing but I spent seven years. Trying to interview senator Lindsey Graham he's spent seven long years supporting his you know he's very busy Nancy and dismantle an atomic Collins just so busy. When times she talked to illegal immigrants yesterday at the Mark Zuckerberg. Press conference. For forward dot US the pro open borders pro illegal immigrant or so he does not have time to talk to meet or use V. Actual law abiding citizens of South Carolina but he does have time to talk to illegal immigrants then. Yet he promised them amnesty in American jobs. Julio. He sits at illegals who are gathered there to shame nobody was there arrest them you'll make America a better place. He means you he meant them. Now that. Yes jobs in UST. Oh and you notice he says he says after he does daka and legalize is how he promised the illegals that he was illegal as their pay the docket kids he was illegal as their parents do. Yes five million because that but Denny says after he legalize their parents. As in case there's anybody left he's gonna come back and legalize the eleven million. And that we would see. So you seven years from now Lindsey Graham we'll have time to talk to you mean the people of W Doherty here the audience. Meantime come out could still be very busy he could be ice he's very busy very busy. See this. Pumpkin spice air freshener. Taught prompts school evacuation. Fire officials say that was in here. No they had called Hazmat team in this is simple more brutal jumpy these days are we. Hazardous materials crew strange odor it is strange. I'm hoping pumpkin spice is really meant to be smelled so much is consumed. In number and learning that from Baltimore but anyway. Ari so. And where was I don't it Al IGT would have this. Doing okay. I'm not here and beautiful boats and by the way which is why I'm a little bit scattered by east broadcasting out here with all my aunt creature comforts let's jump on over to the in Ingles advantage top one. Who's on knickers accused seek his amount hearing Robin green thought hey Bob what's on your mind. Mornings I've heard a lot of talk from the left and from the news media. The last couple days how much ammunition this guy had. I would tell you as a competitive shooter. We issue. A lot of ammo which not and for me to go through three or 4000 relished it and much lesion. Congestion registered sanctioned action scratched when he gets a drop in the bucket trip to a lot of competitors should. I know people or Russian competitive first. Bet that all go through 101000 rounds a year. So in other artist what the public but maybe to dole over a lot of both are not familiar competition. Threat owner and stretched several thousand our production several thousand rounds of ammunition and a year there's nothing. You don't Bob I'm glad you brought this up because you know what that's mystic and micro too because. Now it would be heard over her obstruction McChrystal go and somebody should tell the consummation of cold. Mean I mean by exact measures they would have reported my husband along time ago I mean he has a lot around he's a marine he likes to shoot. I am an indication have a lot of rounds. I needed to this lead to act like Bob that this is late this bizarre things nobody would have more than ten rounds were you only need nine senior. You know I mean what no no I mean people who like to shoot it. You nobody has go to the range rates in my those who goes three times a year you even how you put in not a usual feed have a couple hundred pilots. If you heard arranged once a week and shoot under 200. Rounds of ammunition when you go fifty to reach arms a year. I mean you better. Just doing the math he would understand you know that just just having the nut case and where else do when your ten round magazine. It is not something much. You know what people. Then. No it's not logical and and the other thing about the number of guns what should notice it was an unusual number of times. Honesty mean my my neighbors are sitting around the pool once I you know I didn't even know a lot of people would they were you know they're my neighborhood. And and come to find out everything in a cul-de-sac had guns. And there's nobody. Who had fewer than three. And their credit the people sitting around us to pull that data had it doesn't mean that's just annoying and it means super how it will balance you should be reported let's. Why not squelched. You know you don't use. All I don't know much about golf but I sure wouldn't use what is in the sand wedge or pitching which did. As a driver Charles. I mean you got to have OK so let's go through this logically but this is normal on purchase rate an in arena how you have a couple pistols race. But I have a couple my husband you know he it would be a different re equal levels because my hand is very small my wrist is very is Joaquin handler repulsive I have a couple pistols. You gotta have. You know some kind of a you have to have at least by the those rate because the kids are gonna have to try to do different directions in the house if society comes parties have to cover tasted play with five bus when he tried it and to provide cover rates unique does a shotgun. Go ahead. Look at look at just if for example La art computers or short or competition which means I shoot and they are just getting. Similar to what military issue wish more. I don't sheet debt and my eye and much else you are trapped and change. So I mean there's two right there which totally totally different. Absolutely and and also even for self defense. It depends on what you defending against and you have again intern kicking your front door Ewing sort of close combat in the living room with one guy it's going to be different weaponry for that. Also you know. People told me over the years I can't work social because of the way I dressed and don't be stretched for what you're wearing a dependent on what I'm. We learned that they would virtual shoot. Or some dressed down or choose different guns or their. Yeah. Yeah and and you know what you're I'm glad you called about the spot because his appointment meaning meaning to make that decides it was somebody hats. We would what is the weird number of rounds over 600 is over 16100 I mean what what makes you stranger in suspect. You have. You know what number but number he yeah. And about thank you for your for your phone calling for your expertise certainly appreciate it. Story takes Eric take effect everybody takes offense to something these days we can't get your segment anymore without something being offended. Tier I take offense to the comments about a bed being better than a chiropractor we have tried it. Why don't you say better than orthopedic surgeon. Or better than a physical therapist as a chiropractor for the past thirty years I never spent six to eight hours adjusting a patient everything it at their life. Which is what your Bettis for. This is bad publicity for carp. Amy and it. Tara practice and when we both chiropractor syrup when a 63 W lowered to we don't mean to cause controversy. For dis empower anybody. Casting iron from a built in out here. Rates are on the green hillside the train in deep in the museum of kids arriving about 2000 kids go through here this weekend. When we're helped to publicize these stand pipe festival. Which is called and they're gonna have and then it's certainly on heritage days at the deep. Need to see how your ancestors did it has survived. They're gonna assemble a log cabin in half an hour. Nobody can do it that fast. Yes and no hope until his blacksmith Ingrid Smith thing in home weaving mailing you know hagee to close back then. So making. And I native American include name and making Mencken I think learn carving. Basically how would you feed yourself include the suspect any kids or ask you about in kits with your your love to see that kind of stuff. We learned that things didn't always come from Wal-Mart. They came from other places RE TUB common sense retirement planning to excellence like common sense honored yep this disappointment to make. Some movie tries federal law. Jerry Brown governor of California with the most outrageous sanctuary plan yet he made a hole he signed a bill making almost a century state. Making it illegal for employers. To cooperate with federal authorities ice on but also the iris anyone who would come after illegals committing fraud. In order to employ themselves. In the still American jobs. You cannot cooperate with them and also basically they have. Made it. You know. If they basically they made lawbreaking mint in state California. Techs straighten this so always the street so morning Mimi. The governor of California device federal law like yet sheriff Joseph gets arrested for a bay federal yet attempting to. Am not implemented against a judge's order the world is upside down he right yet to do justice system right there. Right their laws can be vents. If your hurt is believed to be. In the right place which is anything that furthers the Democrat vote total at election time no matter how illegal and it's. By the way. You see this. I heard a news report aren't station and take issue with there was one ours. And so it was a national that came down. And this what you're trying to do with this been with the senate sells stuff. Looks like down a few percentage point its pretty generic could be the weather at that McCain's. Terror attacks in Vegas. Nevada was. Just a few points just a few points as he did you cannot picture attribute that he's a few points it's only now viewership only done a few points into mean can't save it. Boycott has been sixteen successfully tried to succeed. They forget something. You see that report it. It's that they're forgetting to keep our honoree this year according to Nielsen. The average NFL telecast for week four. You fourteen point two million viewers that's down 4%. From the previous week. Monday night's match up between Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Redskins it drew only eleven point nine million viewers that's down 13% from a week nobody hears you have to remember. These ratings are all down from last year when he NFL's on across port 8% decrease in view rush. You governor of where they're starting from. Since this healing began and and you put that together. Is devastate. It is it is devastating what they've lost. Stastny and look this up is that they need to team need this so much of what's going on with info tell me if you think emerald. Is analogous to what's gone with the Boy Scouts Girl Scouts knew the Girl Scouts started. Lauding partial birth abortion abortion activists on the equity Twitter feed. I'm going you know Harry and I am transgender is in and in in their lives a voice guess we'll have gay leaders will be totally cool. Openly gay leaders and then it was what we're in a transgender. It worked out. Came by and large these organizations not change what they do. And a local W probably still final migrate troop leaders who you know are not they're not like that he didn't do not preaching with with what's coming down low from the national love. So I knew what to what impact did that have a boy scouts of gross. Does fascinate. Muted voice gets the Girl Scouts. Clearly isn't 2%. Membership peers 3% 4%. In a cell and is now what general and could keep prices are rob and it's just how we need ads for the cookie sales mental health. So Girl Scouts says. President did today they did what we're hearing from the meteor right now and three to four percentage and somewhat. We kind. Of down the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts since 2000. Since 2000 the boy scouts of loss was this a third of their membership. Author. That is deficit. But the Girl Scouts since 2003 according says impress the Girl Scouts have lost 30% of them pursue. See evidence of so you just hear you do these a couple of little things very defiantly and you pump your fist in the air and say screen social justice be apart. We're being apart from us. People go okay. And if you drift away a few more if you mourn the cushion that these are institutions in our country. So anyway. I wanted to seem to sum total Spence and so the craziness mr. organizations announcements and plus you know trail like now has 20000 members I don't know what American Herridge tells us. Texture rates. The truth that little Lindsay has no governance the fact that he won't come on your show while and it. So else if you do against Lindsay terra and point 1 AM will never listen to your show again he has to go but would like to commit today. The issue keep listening. Economic team that just for fun. Because Hewitt whenever some does Lindsay they probably have to quote me even if they buried at the end of the articles rate you think they would. That quote me. Thank you get a platform that way maybe. With somebody outside the estate might know what Lindsay actually does when he goes. To Washington that this latest if folks just like he he has he does not care what you think. And straight guy I turning in any with a guy for seven years she's been very disk he just he will not talk to me which he means to me. I get your rage when they won't come on the show and you know what is because in me I don't care to talk to me you're not. Is this similar to what do you. Mean vicious 6 AM to 10 am is that. Number one Mortimer warn the Mercury. The general interest losing twelve us so when you princess and a time for what he's he's he isn't time to it for you. Backwoods. Listeners. And in light like Lindsay so does Lindsay have time to talk to Italy seven years on how long you going to hear from Lindsay. And we'll never do anything and script well he'll take you questions for whoever wants to ask and a pair either illegal it's. He joined Mark Zuckerberg script yesterday. FWD died US which is a unabashedly open Borders Group we should there for more than just lets legalize the docket here for flat out open borders. No questions asked. Depression wage is old. And he took questions. From the crowd. Some he would never do this next. Point Kevin Bryant. Lieutenant governor running for governor and song of the day. Not only does he sit here and put no preconditions on the questions he says to me African unity what do we opened up the lines Sears he might do. Open the lines. Great. The ticket requests. Now. Notice the difference he's not afraid to be missing is perfect irony thing and put to me that speaks volumes. And Lindsay grimly feels comfortable with a legal immigrants not you you know we told them. And this press conference your dreams can come true. He said they were gonna have jobs in amnesty and then said. And I was gonna do die aka and give that aims to humiliate it seems to tip the math on that spot no. An said leaves some of their parents and eleven million more. To their questions. So he won't do on the station. Three of the station are better than you are listening abuser like I'm asking what Christie won in and asking the obvious question I'm not mean. But I do ask tough questions. That the people would want to know he he boy so he's afraid he would not illegal immigrants process that government. What does that say hey. Okay it's so heads. The Boy Scouts are now battling the Girl Scouts. Because bush get it bush goes listen third of their membership since they started doing most crazy stuff gone sideways. And listen I know we've got we've great local troops we really do is I'm taught him a national. Tennis and the messages they've been sending the Wisconsin was a third of their membership rates are now what you're doing their record at their recruiting Girl Scouts. Gene do you know about this. Yet to increase membership. And take the point why the parents have complained we need to have girls and a Boy Scouts because as a fair that the only the boys can do this go in the girls counseling not hot. It hit her Girl Scouts. You turn you know pull for from our organization semi energy and they're literally fighting for membership as they used religious world around toilet and I hate to see that I loved Girl Scouts. Earnhardt that's my daughter and but you know I mean and my daughter will be if she's involved in something she's a very curious minded person nor she got that from. And she questions everything and sushi I mean she beyond Twitter reading the Planned Parenthood praise I mean and in in the partial version point phrase and I and then left explained partial birth abortion when all I wanted to do. Whose teacher had to tell from the mosque in the bottom of the tree where she was Alec. And so I mean yeah EG you can't have this but if you look at this in terms of the NFL. This is your eyes just a flesh once it's just a flesh it's 23% yes we just know it's at trump did not succeed. Have to over like a decade decade half a look at the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that's what adds up to third the memberships on. I don't wanna see that that is a great American institution. He sat. Until left it's either do our where would destroy your organization no one with its bid to be apart. Straits how to keep giving trump credit. When. Inconvenient felt. Has been declining for a couple of years I think between college all day on Saturday. NFL all day Sunday Monday announced Thursday there's an over saturation people us are tired of the not so instant replay. It gave trump told her. And I mean we did we talk about the decline of the NFL because of the kneeling in its last straw for people. Where it is not interesting players either. Military used to. And I have a good story line when you fill your kind of boring story line with a parent Nina you know raised fists. So now we following these NFL ratings on the show public patent two years since the kneeling started. So I you know I don't I think trump is accelerating what was going to happen anyway. And Tanzania and it's a culture I think is the hostility I think it's the beyoncé black power personally. Knew it he even get away with. If you are also willing to honor those you know the bid defied police officer slaughtered and Alice protecting black lives matter protest but they're not. I said it's just that she cited is people want acceptance. Check straight yes commit to running against Lindsay for the senate today. I have to do with today he went to Monday. Yours with a B so much I would win. When the kids did chamber of commerce and hit squad after me. I would drop the bar Bowen went through. And then you would know since what happens when you have to do when he went epidemic before you testify against Hillary a but I have for insulin when they never let me win. That's straight set limit to certain reliance trader needs to go yet no joke once a decent about it. Take straight cake tester it's California sanctuary state law is the same. As one South Carolina fire around fort Sumner Sumner skis and general sessions. Must act to have California law ruled unconstitutional. By the federal courts or the federal government doesn't exist on the issue of immigration which is key to the maintenance of a nation. Listen if Jess sessions let the stand and don't be surprised when he does. I say we move right here in South Carolina and we remember it was just passed a law no employer can pass any of our information on to the IRS. Ideally that protection Intel for not wish taxpaying citizens Getty. Sorry I'm not gonna pay taxes that she Crist now illegal that turn over my Minnesota the government. I literally don't have to hand their info over to the IRS but we do. The justice system the justice system.