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Friday, October 6th

WORD on the Town in Belton; 18-year-old Upstate woman murdered by illegal alien Dreamer; Trend in children’s clothing toward female superiority


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Accordingly the morning terror so. You kind of pigskin do you tanner no not really know that feeling rebels' bus close to attend as I ever get that okay. Okay would you you know you may be any end to tell. Yeah umpire for I've been called worse. Now it's actually not an insults all kind you know they're mapping out the jeans and where they came from the start you know parent. Does say they found my these actual neanderthals some woman 50000 years old today we had they have their whole genome now. It's they're finding out these genes we thought or are this we think of isn't European. There's more exotic than that shall we say well on a one thing I get skinny jeans. You ain't got skinny genome snapped me. Season and you may be union to tell that your real man yes there yes and they're that what are the real man Jean came from the N meandered tells you had to. Yet they're saying that those with later hairs could have cut hair color could've they had me until jeans that was actually a and innovation cynic innovation on that it was unique to them because they came to Europe. Thousands of years before we did and sourced in didn't have time to really change like they're sad and they didn't you develop that gene that helped them survive on very little sunlight. Very little vitamin. So armed legally. That would clear that a that cleared out of San next time your wife yell to see you me and her tell you decide where that proudly re right yes I am. And meet a sunscreen that this Larry. Well all this morning that we are that learning all of which can help you a little bit but so. The tragic murder and have it and it eighteen year old girl. Green filmed in high school students. Daniel day haste Souza Rangel Shearer. Was another dreamer committing the murders Americans just won't commit. Illegal immigrant. Yeah that's that came out yesterday yeah tenement to get to it in this mass a stack of stuff we had. Illegally immigrant com and it kills me and we've spent so much time. Reflecting on the cost the murderers to you know in in recent years in recent days of guns and gun violence don't. From what lets his committee them. Let's look at how it'll look let's go look at some cost your we have 30000. Illegal immigrants right now in federal prison. That is a staggering number that is a staggering indictment of the political class and their failure protect us from people who would hurt us. It you don't hear a word about that anywhere from break Parti. You know so it's it's kind of thing. It's kind of like where only concerns about harm. Tom if the right people are committing harm but if if there were people are committing harm than you just look over here let's just not pay attention to this let's. Let's do some obvious things that would really help. On the system the murder rate to stem the violent crime rate and even at thirty dot. Exe you don't end up in federal prison because you got cotton and baggy Maryland beaches that day is impossible. Home that the way in the confederate prison is that police chiefs. And even in cities big Charlotte. It they will turn over the worst the worst that they cannot tackle mostly these are people who work you know part of Rico style conspiracy to commit crime. Andy is the FBI has. You know sources in statute that they don't have and they'll go after them often using drug laws. And this is what America's understands Ali's people of federal crib prison for drug was yet because they had the longest sentences. These people left you know trails of bodies and their week. They were on pins they prosecuted people they. Where the worst of the absolute worst in the communities that they were in and some police chief said. When the FBI came minutes and he what do you need us to do you look at this thing over here this is the worst sewers can you help us so that's what's in federal prison. Do you consider you when you say 30000 illegal immigrants depress federal prison. They ain't deer for like a set of baggy apart as they blew a stop sign. Orcas they drew drove one too many times they're they're among the most of violence criminals. In all of America. And we won indictment that is and yet it barely mentioned merits a mention I'd love to know and I've never been of the finest their combined body total. What is it it's got to be. Isn't it interesting that the left always says if through gun control we could save one life wolf went through border control. We could save one life. What if we were controlling our borders. To the point with the federal government was actually defending the borders of this country so the people who should not be here are not getting here think of the lives that can be saved. Look over there it's squirrel yes exactly. Or girl killed by illegal immigrant let's move on okay no but that's the attitude greater. And I sort of just simply these people are serious about saving life because there's some ways that don't count on yesterday I was beside myself I eat those weak reading the onion. Did the Baltimore Sun article yeah. Surely you have okay Maryland mostly remember her the prosecutor from Baltimore remember the rights and stuff for the mayor when he was just let them burns on a few streets not the whole city. Is it make him feel better chance we need today. And showed they have deep police that city. This is the action Baltimore Sun and so before. You had to two years ago. They had gotten murder rate finally down to a little below 200 year ended they were evaded you were self congratulatory they had you know this. Thank you very aggressive policing going on made their community so much safer particularly black communities well they denounce that. After Freddie gray who by the way there was never conviction in the case because they couldn't find a crime. Com and so I'm after that they. You know they they can date there in this this Baltimore Sun article this week congratulating themselves this the police chief. On deep police. And howl they're not using heavy handed tactics anymore. And today the home increase. To 300 murders a year from 200 is just a small price to pay for that. In the important thing is that we're not using heavy handed tactics. But you have hundred extra bodies a year. The hunt. But you know what did people and then and then he goes on to say what the people Baltimore except that they understand. Did you what we're trying to do here is Christine we're trying to have a better police force which is trying to be more humane. An extra hundred bodies here's more humane we'll get there will solve the crime problem. Oak. Which lead prince lives on the show many times and I'm not saying listed to be a flame arrives fiercely yet more proof that two left. Yet more proof that to the left. Offending someone is worse than killing yes well I mean that's what other conclusion can you draw. You forget try and I think that's I mean maybe look at it like you for did you go to a place we never be ascend again when I I don't know. The death today there literally justifying 200 extra bodies here most of whom by the way were Black Mountain. That's that's what's really sent that's what's really should and most isn't pure you Pia. You've got to put a hundred extra weight spicier. It's just soft racism and he just rolls right over people you don't catch and end here he's my favorite part of your clothes at the end. When NASA police chief pitino on your 500 officers. We have five or fewer officers today than in on the day that Freddie grades are in the back in advance. And he says we've been NBC had trouble recruiting people because of all the controversy you can imagine right. Unease if we don't need the ball because we're not you know we don't need to fill those positions because we're not doing heavy handed policing anymore. Unique he you mean like the kinds of policing that saved an extra hundred lives year. Yeah like that. And it does encounter rapes the armed robberies the violent crimes as just the murder those through the route to. And put together lean Lisa Raymond v.s to the people telling us they're gonna keep a safe. If we just give up proponents. And the kicker the kid the best part circle rate. Number have tough gun laws just like her trip tough drug laws because those work so well. And I see the city council's okay we're we're gonna pass a law that says you know if you get caught illegally you know you legally possess a gun to either criminal record we commit crime it is automatic one year. In citrus. But then I decided that was too tough. So they softened it. And they can get the votes to pass it. So this idea that they're gonna go after people who commit hammers. Well which we don't police will just prosecute now came to that either. So what does that mean they just aren't you you're on your own that's that's the bottom line here. And Steve Stone. Well what did you think is not that. Just don't look at the extra hundred bodies might put them the perky what they'll stack up pretty nine. Just the fact that are stats say they were having fewer encounters ever racial nature of the good things can scrape against symbolism over substance. Resulting in actual blood I just as to shake my head. Broadcasting out here from beautiful little sin watching the sun come up. My thanks to the Tilton alliance let's find Susie. Com. Eagles have been struggling real quick to talk to John in Spartanburg hey John. Yes. If you consider the world band always say. Try to stop them now and Eminem or here are the. Seed definitely qualifies as a bad corporate. It is this how many more. That might be a racist. What I didn't yea I think once he can wait once you commit the crime of murder you can meet agreements call people anything you want about Humphrey would be fine. You know he knows the saddest thing in the article about that her father that the the issue beautiful young woman was killed her father saying I I don't know how this happens. I wish someone would tell me how this happens. Music sir. Sonia happens. No we've been talking about how it happened for a lot of years here and John from Spartanburg thank you very much for your phone call this morning terrible tragedy. Too many murders their Nia. Violent crimes that Americans just won't commit and and green billions just won't commit. Irate not issue a more positive side to this is so cool I'm sitting here with Alison Darby she is the education Courtney your city built an area museum association. By the way I'm sitting up here next train depot and elements school. And you have something really neat going on. Yes we doing the heritage days at the deep tell me about that. Yes we can hosting this festival for thirteen years. It started in 2005. With our sister since you Neil we were celebrating a 150 years of the towns charter. And the museum wanted to do something special to remember right that so we brought in some here to skills artisans and people. Two do recreate eighteenth and nineteenth century skills. And it was such success during her Cisco since that we studies do it every year sag now it's thirteen years the end. And it's grown from one day into an artist cents to three days and 59 cents. Is Grande from 250. Schoolchildren coming and then hit testing part of the festival. So over 2000. Schoolchildren coming ever today. And over 101000 who come to this impact festival who get to city. These artisans working their crafts and that is partisan pipe has yet to see and be able to see that you come out for that absolutely dead prisoners will be doing their their stuff from none thirty to 330 so we do invite the entire community. All the upstate to come. During that time period to see these artisans and and Alison Darby I'm I'm fascinated by this not mean the guy out thinking to myself she's I can really make it to this day in the modern world knew we would in my ancestors do. And that's what this answers what might insisting what do our ancestors knew how to they survive. On some of the stuff that's and I I would I'd love to see the top of beating that that's really cool. Idiots and he's mister Larry Brown he is a could top Indian. And he's a native of South Carolina native to Ohio and because of aren't the answer we were looking for a beater this year. He was in touch with its nation and they said hey you wanna come down from Ohio and we said yeah we wanted to come down from my diet saying these. He's going to be doing the beating and he does beautiful while bomb belts and on ceremonial for an item on that yes I will have some things for sale to have on the Saturday absolutely. And then we also have another native America and now he's a chair key he is doing native American weapons. And such is the next thing I was as in my son to make a beeline for that and with little LA relating say he has battle adult that they can thread he has tomahawks he has. Of let it go and that they can sit and feathers out and hit a straw basket I mean there's so much in some opportunities for people to. Fun things with the skills that you're talking about how our ancestors of now on. This is what comments that we. Always bold on the one thing I never knew how hard life was a hundred years ago. And asked to me is what we're trying to did too we're trying to make sure that not only are these skills prisoner. And that may be they can light a spark in some new generations to enjoy these skills but also for them to realize. That. On a harsh wilderness that we were in here in the upstate was. A day by day hand to mouth making sure you agree and say yeah you didn't as well Wal-Mart. Our job to Wal-Mart and find everything you needed and everything wasn't dispensable either you fixed it. You know yes something that they all look. Learn as well and that in front of you your legacy the log cabin builders and need and they will take. Timbers and actually erect a log cabin in twenty minutes just wow. Wow. Twenty minute sessions they are you happy to have him. Looks he took per at what I guess I guess maybe ten to maybe consider this is the heritage days. At CD panel which is part of the stand by festival om and it is due October. The seventh at this weekends and this this is kind of is this oriented toward kids or adults to your kind of for both you bring family out and OK it is absolutely. Un no gender I mean multi generations can enjoy east presentations. And joins Saturday they don't do scheduled presentations and they just as in Asia come talk to them. So do not did not you know I hesitate to go up and ask them questions about their skills and they'll talk to you about the hand crafting that they do it. We have a southern storyteller. That tells the most extraordinary stories stories from my time in shield that's her CD it's for sale if you want to that is. And then we have a potter. It is keeping alive the tradition of edge field pottery. Which if you're a native south Carolinians you know that it's still pottery is beep pottery that was tournament in South Carolina. And said he is keeping that traditional saint Vincent and testing and we're talking with Ellison's RB she's the education coordinator for the builds an area museum association. Which anybody heritage days which is this week and you can bring the kids out there you think you're registering about. Now if you wanna find out more about this is their website they can go to get information as they can go on our FaceBook page built in the area music association there relates to the ambiance on the they're. Also are web page switches Debbie Debbie Debian dot belt museum dot com. If there's information about heritage dates on there. And does the belt all its web site has information United States that perfect I got thirty seconds left and I ask you what is traditional pot throwing. Just they are putts is that like wait you did the wave got matter husbands. Oh come out back ahead of what is that what the heck I say that they would get from the creek beds and they would actually have to write it down all the way ill. To make sure that the impurities that we're in the clay would get out that they have to continuously throughout the impurities out. And I prefer the Wal-Mart way I just chill and I broke my putt I complain when but you could see how they did it. Some some fabulous Ellison's RB thank you so much for joining us the same views. Had tried to learn another language. Rosetta Stone and all that. Learning another language in just a year makes my head hurt. And that can take this course is in school. Certain amount of Spanish or French to graduating. A list of this the coolest thing ever and along that if this is the real deal. How we have to have released. Google is just unveiled its new headphones is speaking heard about this they treat it they see they see can translate forty different languages. In real time. Take that he school English teacher Spanish teacher French teacher whenever. Yet you review once a new futuristic credit comes out that seems like it was with the public ran out of the Star Trek episode. You still got me teleport fission device yet that we know of to this pretty cool. That was among the new products that Google unveiled on Wednesday. Home and so yet so anyway it said Scott pixel buds. Forty differently which is in real time. He mentions. A couple that would be. Skin like select the morning Croatian saying Pakistan saying the French thing. In any. And done. Just Penske and you just tap one and earbuds say something Michael we speak Spanish. And then if someone around Shuster speaking Spanish automatically translates into Austria. A 59 dollar cost small price to pay their attempt to not go through like what two years of language instruction high school. Literally now they're a bit and I'm sure they'll be kinks in this the first one. But you don't make it practically obsolete. Anyway that's so the exact same price is apples and airplay has turned the day don't do that. So anyway. Cool stuff with technology so much fun. They can even make them people Smart people who just to struggle in Spanish city of take on moms I know my concern Carrino duds to. They're Pallet pullen and the purple when you drop the kids after Vietnam today. You know on your hand. And only one in America who's noticed this is that I have I have a great analyst and I got into my complaining don't don't get me wrong. Okay yeah. There's this thing going on with kids clothes right now an Arab but you but your be feeling a year probably it's a little cold you know a little chill in the air in the mornings and say your kind of moving on to. You know pick it out the winter clothes for the kids maybe nine a few things radio and I'm. Once I'm doing right now and just trends. You've noticed that they trust me absolutely. Nuts. With children's clothes. Especially girl clothes in particular geno when it is. It's. It an act could just like one year thing and so I kind of got over it sometimes is not gonna last forever. It's been three years now. And. Doing with her asserts. Girl's clothing. Let's girls who have kidnapped boys club consumer and go with the cement. And if you have I would love to hear from. If you notice is they put slogans now on girls spoke. But just and he slogans. Superiority excellence. That's what I like to call superiority slogans like bullet what what my talking about. Well I take I eighty once dreaded dice a shot at Children's Place on one line. Pre sealed his place is rate you probably shop there today that affordable clothes this just from what's for sale was Smart. And in if you if you look colleges you see snowflakes coming out these in raid snowflakes in you wonder like we're get these crazy self entitled ideas. Some of these feminists. This girl's shirt says it's simple form what you could by the sport. Non girl genius. Girl tried. Girl bus. Be here are some self girl. Which has sent pitcher of girls so presumably your awesome to simply by reading an existing. Girl's rock. Stronger a strong world. Girl's ruled the world never underestimate the power of a girl. Girls the best. Here's another one no mystery here in get them in different colors unstoppable. Is a picture of growth. Tell this it's attached tax rate is lipstick. Unstoppable. Hash tag unstoppable hash tag you go girl has tegra power. Here's and one this girl can't. Mom I seen it on an audacious for so ready to show you pop out of the blue sky. Of these boys seeing these shirts on what they're all over the school and you know what I notice is yesterday because I was there forum. That invented they had my children's school. And it was just I would not by the shorts I won't by the I think they're obnoxious. I don't think you get to where escort assured this is girl genius when you're nine years old Albany haven't achieved anything in the world. He you don't get to become genius just as you exist or boy genius for that matter. Bop on over the boy's side. And if these kids in elementary I don't he's still popular middle school leader at I don't know I have I don't have middle school. There's nothing like Eminem plays side there's no voice rock is no boy plus there's no you know. There will be manned super here there's no strong voice strong world none of that. There's this slogans like scored big stuff like dad. On with sports images but there's nothing like that and these girls are wearing these shirts all over the place. Thought it was is a silly fad in a lot of this is done in glitter letters degree you know the church itself. Have you read at moms you out there who knows him and the only one. Discriminate. Consciously or boiling to reiterate. Girls around you were wearing girls rule girls rock girls rule the world the world is ruled by girls. Girls are awesome to brilliant. And was he should sign. It's. Fill in the blank form. And may really want. Maybe emulate my mate at any I want juror then. Who. Is doing is because not just Children's Place each is big. Storm pick that don't go look for girls clothes elementary. Susan. There's none of these kinds of slogans for boys and divide just do it sort of thing you know it's it's also it's the only sports related that's. As this does is a voice there the only partner mile kind of contribution makes sports. If your girl you're automatically gossip girls rule girls rock. Girl tried. Owner who is coordinating this cited this was in. And what we the wouldn't why isn't a version of this. It's just it's just funny when all of those including manufacturers and designers aren't who they are. Seem to be doing the same thing at one time. And he you could only get tech stories it's sexist is what it is. But it's history it's your hat and three daughters myself I've seen one Haiti's political and sociological messages it's it's subconscious per each key. Two I know meanwhile they're. Everywhere at school. My daughter's not any single thing that says girls rock rule way no way not do. Analysts irons what do you want to. But I want to listen how many you can't. Tester rates preached or the clothing is embarrassing that you only thing worse than this. Is that who pathology. I refuse to purchase something with open. Police Obama just human ring vocalist now glitter Obama she's the funny shirt and of debt. All of them were driven to young people than it was to go girls rule the rule the world on Monday and poop on Tuesday. People might surprise some people put what I'm. Doing here. Sensory it's my daughter ran cross country in a high school and had team shirts that said run like a girl I was a came with that because it represented. And actual act of hard training to run with it that's fine. She and what is it. And grew one. Text rates sexist that's what it is yes it is it's subconscious. And it be there they are drilling it in start in grade school who decided to do this but I would love to find out. We have delusional texture it's soft serve chocolate not pocono. It was some sort chocolate when you bought a few kids. You know the image. So surge chocolate give me a break. She's. A series I've always said note including messages used to be just on the blacks however the messages continue to change. Girls need to create a life that says the message do you not where it's actions speak louder than words here's a woman talk and and I am I am of fall shopping him. Ryan few weeks behind theirs so thirty cold but it's still in short short sleeves. Is the journalists like that anyway so I'm online frantically searching. And is driving me nuts again this year it's the same thing from all of these. Girl empowerment messages on the girl's clothing if you don't elements is pleased to exactly and talked and admitted this is just what's on for sale right now. And it's our Children's Place on girl genius grew Abbas girls rock. Strong girl strong world girls rule the world never underestimate the power of a girl girls and the vast. And there's only one other option than they did us. Could it be that he wants to would be when you're nine you're not us. Mortgage. Nothing like eat sleep and three. The meals did everything for you whatever. But they don't have. That they'd comparable for the ways and needing you have to sport shirts that are you know of the just due it's where brand which is kind of you know score beat you know go team kinda think. But it's all sports oriented. This portal boys in this switch it's everywhere these pro voice temerity next and it's kind of look. Annie it's seeing me is that they don't have the tears not comparable for the race we did some executives attend home we can't have wished. That calls a right. I will be on national tell which. We can't have you know boy genius. Why that would be cynics and we have seen down we too. Dexter is Gerry want to have lunch with my second grade daughter yesterday it was crazy hat day I was appalled to see much of the teachers wearing a new energy hats. There weren't who put herself to -- just thinkers society does know it is sicker than they get into the next century anyway western culture at the rate it's going. Text your rates are male and I would Wear a girl's school teacher I would also where -- movies are awesome certain acts are acting I think your misunderstanding the topic. It's here at. Maybe that's why all these boys are we no pressure right maybe that's why all these boys are renouncing their boy parts they want to be able to Wear shirts with the cool girl sitting on. That. Did this just think cultures starting elementary school the first thing they can read the girl's chest. These girls are awesome and you're not. I'm telling you it it would get to me if I was a boy. Text your right I worked for all women they have never done my job but their books as I'm doing Roland. Against her I feel feel put it that's an unrelated topic that's that's a whole other issue right there. A look at the hawks flying over here beautiful boats and with the hawk on main street check it out.