The Tara Show - 10-18-17 - Hour 3

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Wednesday, October 18th

Greenville ranked third best small city by Conde Nast Traveler; NFL owners’ meeting doesn’t even mention kneeling protest; Everyone jumping on the Weinstein-bashing bandwagon betray Hollywood’s culture of corruption; Details of humongous conspiracy involving Russia, Clintons, DNC, Deep State, and more coming to light


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According late good morning terra lot of fed some buzzing this morning about this story Condo nice. Landing Greeneville and the top three best small cities. And displaying all morning how what that did to Charleston. Downed which is either good or bad depending on your perspective we just had a refugee from Charleston Collins say yet to Condon Oz was the kiss of death. Comment in that you know within a decade after they began getting listed as you know one of the best places in the world to live also my best places in the country according to kinda eyes. Literally become the on top to one of the top ten fastest growing cities in the whole country. Thumb and and so we're looking at rebuild say getting that number three it it that's a huge deal I mean that is. It's it's just it's it's to win that is unbelievable army look at the are you look at the company that word you know there were in number one is of course Charleston as it is almost every year. From Condit has number two is Aspen Colorado number three Greeneville. Number for Santa say. Number five is so Laguna Beach, California number six Savannah Georgia. Seven is Telluride Colorado aid is Carl by the C California. Mom and him you don't even get you Asheville to number what was it divorcing his fourteen yet I'm scrolling down rhinos as it is is number fourteen Sony BD even beating ash fill out that it's a huge honor. A lot of kudos to them about the beautiful place in in which we live. All but she can't. Add you make this ten fastest growing Imus or cities list for the country. Want it quite honest exactly Illinois traffic. Well. Listen to this area's gonna grow whether Condit justice Leah talking about it or not. There's plenty of other reasons. For this to be an attractive area for manufacturing political standpoint you know all all the other reasons people move to an area so. You know is gonna happen whether we like it or not and it is just gonna. I think in increase the necessity in the planning. On on the infrastructure of the at least in particular the highway system which is still. Just on adequate for war we are now. Straight hello we are you know it's the best where are here now. Daniel from Greenfield good morning remake this Daniel. Or alt group I can speak from. Experience Conor not stated thing in my hometown back in California. And we won the rating I think I'm sure Irish it initially some twenty years ago. Within ten years we went strong population just over 7000. To being well over 1000. Well. My whole cal will literally be any good direction you know was a minimal very diminished just to get freeway. At all any direction. Just five minutes so I'll tell we had got a lot of mountains. Two hours you can be at the beach ditto desert. You can be any amusement park like Disneyland knotts Berry farms Six Flags. You had whipped into an app powered Scherer close TD while little partial use. I mean it was a great spot to limit I grew up there it was wonderful. Are pretty much everybody there are new or nobody else. But after we made that diminished. Construction just wait it out Pro Bowl with the we had eight red award that was built right next to my own count work. San Diego. Based film the first session series movies there and well count. But along with all of that you know all our infrastructure and everything else went are. Came the drugs the cry name. The bad part of dole saying. Which overrated just about everything else and second day that I laughed. Mayor to move out here. There was a quadruple homicide. Well. It into a little like dream wash how totaling. So you're not at I Yi so high she obviously Daniel probably not too excited this morning and about Greeneville making the continent's list. No actually win I will guide here I had next Easter is Mike Green. And literally girl putting them how much cheer. I live in an actual three bedroom one bath towel. At a very reasonable price on the Blake three minutes of the road contrary to help. I got a wonderful try to backyard a wonderful try try yards and eight during the caution you or grant little glitch. What I grew up just shortly before I left there this would've been about a twenty bilateral or remote play still worry that well. Went and played some years ago it would have been about what is now. And you know okay this is an all early networks but it didn't tie each. Here you assure yourself herald put. It is and you know I'm I'm I'm multiple listing service almost every day I see what's going on there are areas that are growing here I mean 6% annual property value increase and and it's it it this is just getting started me we agreed on the news predicting a predicting so many credit agreement is a might be true Lee but. I mean these numbers are staggering predicting a 40% growth in Greenville. On Greenville county population. By 2030 mean that's like thirteen twelve years away I mean that's. That's not a bullet but I mean what did you mean I see it yeah I think the lesson here is if you got it really get a little bit extra money bison rental property kiss. Oh well good thing and a strikeout all right hang Brea middle school they're building some. How to share yeah. Go door to counter a live at first base support the what is that blowout so I was going out there. British pretty much good to be like that do we actually open your kitchen window. And pre would be able to reach and encourage your neighbors. Did you shake. You can do women how to structure and on how actually going to be out here. Ed and that's hard at thirty seat Madden and cities from like career here which is really popular because of the schools. On makes it's not what people are paying for these postage stamp size. In lots Lamy insisted so. Yeah yes but the guy I got a daughter and and her husband there who have got a place in Charlotte. That they're leasing right now in the amount. The amount of grass. That they have to cut is probably about the size of master control room there were a citizen mayor that's about yet I mean they got a little strip on the front of the sidewalk a whole strip down the side in rules strip right behind. Between the detached garage and the house there and it's just like you gotta be kidding jacket clean this I I can do this without. You know a weed eater. In about you know ten minute. It's it was a private they're playing more in Renton my mortgage to a top probably saw Australia and that used to be a bedroom community of Charlotte which was a portable everyone and there. On and now it's just I mean it's it's literally through their through the railways steam from easily about Greeneville winning condi not a number three. Best place to live the small city live in the country bomb and in what Ed stone to other cities that have made that that list I mean after Charleston made it. You know within a decade they were in the top ten fastest growing places listed to move to this has happened all over the country that would that content us list and now we're on it good thing bad thing we think Steve. All I think it's a bad thing I have a friend who lives in Nashville he's a lifelong national event. But rev residence yeah and in 1982 ash spill made number one on one of those lists that was actually in a book. And he has first net book ever since because the county grew up in completely changed. You know here it is politics match you know ash spill becoming beat Barkley of the southeast. So what he doesn't like is the way that the people who moved and tried it changes city they wanted to change the look of that they want to change the feel let it. It's not actually grew up in and it never going to be that way for you know any count things are gonna change. But what he's solace to people coming in and just completely. Changing their neighborhoods keynote the charm of the neighborhoods disappeared. The charm of the towns changed entirely. And ask bill disappeared in his opinion and that's what's gonna happen around here click the people are gonna come here. They're going to bring. Whatever you know. They liked where they came from Californians are usually don't want to try to change things to go here county council meetings and demand. Something be changed or summit mount an Anderson trying to. Shut down a shooting range caddy was from California and that Mike and but ash bill now has got million dollar condominiums. In downtown. You have mill hill houses sticking get renovated and sell for 300000 dollars. It's become unaffordable and basically the people who grew up there can't afford to live there. You have these houses built all over the mountainsides to the charm of the mountain you know look it's like seeing housing developments put up on the ice plant. It if you Greeneville it's going to disappear at all saying that people are probably in Greeneville. Are going to be kind of pushed aside and who knows what we're going to be. Our grades showed Steve Von deathly not a fan I'm making this list Steve for measly thanks so much for your phone call. Yet you know and I endorsing a tease people who wanted to move to ash spill. But cannot anywhere near afford it there what can and like Spartanburg. Anderson count me pick in this. All because is the word is spreading that way too early on him you know you still want to Mountain View lead academic Ford ash spill will check out there I mean you could still get yourself. You only couple acres you know for 200000 bucks an ice house on in those plays an idea is once soared to its out its all time. So sure it's their problem with that kind gripping Greeneville is that people coming here are not coming from red southern states. They're coming with their blue and instead from then blew an artist stays in bringing their blue values with them. That's a problem for us all yeah I agree. Just happens. With the NFL. I gave Roger Goodell the owners the players auto in this meeting race. She even what's the biggest controversy country ray Downey anthem to nailing all that stuff that bed was with the meeting was about. I. They need to come out. The idea of players being required to stand for the anthem didn't come up at all said Roger Goodell left the meeting so what did they come up. Here's a quote from Goodell he's the head of the NFL. We today. About issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to what issues are communities that maker communities better. I think we all agree there's nothing more important and getting back into our communities and trying to make our communities better that was our entire focus. Today. Can't. Com. Which no greed there's nothing more important and getting back into work and he's trying to make him better. Com okay and no I'm you know did you you guys play football that's nice job. That's so there's nothing more important than getting back into our communities making them better. How are they gonna move past the into controversy ever known brings up the income countries pursue. And last I checked what Roger Goodell was the closure of a football league not a social justice action team. And now the highest calling he set eyes. The NFL the National Football League is community revitalization. It gets better. Goodell and the players send aid joint letter to Capitol Hill in favor of prison reform. She is over 800 players have been arrested. And a file not over 500 NFL players of Paris to since the year 2000. He's quite concerned prison reforms and so many of them seem to be headed that direction. To what's going on. I mean you're starting social justice boot camp that the players can go to and social justice but can he match. And then learn that the NFL players association. Earlier this month gave charitable donations to George Soros linked social justice groups. So what are we what are they doing wouldn't charge but donations to these kind of groups getting social justice cause is well anyway what is going to be NFL instrument of George Soros. How much this is being choreographed behind the scenes spice Horace and these groups. The DN FL players association is entering run giving money to. So answer protested even come up the idea of these guys being forced to stand not even discussed. And I sat around talking about social justice I guess when they weren't writing the joint letter to Capitol Hill in favor of prison reform. Okay. So that so what's going on in the NFL right. They have five recommitted themselves to their best and highest priority which is now social justice and not. Football. I wish you luck with that that's that's good idea. Well we'll see how the audience likes that I'm thinking they don't like it too much. Meanwhile. Yes these actresses coming out. Nothing ever receive. AME I was sexually assault into our Emmy. I just Israel out. Reese Witherspoon. Molly ring won't. You I was sexually sold it over and over. Okay. Is supposed to feminist women Ashley giant. Says she was sexually assaulted how OPEC says she marched around and kitty cat head. Screaming neon about trump but doesn't blow the whistle on the Hollywood liberals who sexually assaulted her does that Senseo. I sure she's nail this with this week you wanna hear it. Has any actor become a star without first putting out between on Tuesday. This is a serious question now. So far fifty nearly fifty women including Angelina Jolie going to pat stroke Ashley Judd wreath will Reese Witherspoon Molly Greenwald have come out. And gone public with Eric counts of sexually predatory behavior as Weinstein summit is this is is not. And Jane Fonda except for lane and McFarlane Courtney Love so you know we knew all about Weinstein's crimes. Once these crimes knew this and think they're too busy criticizing trump is that but that was with they would do. I mean this at. A way Motley riddled. Was first sexually assaulted she was thirteen. You why I can use these inner he's not going to just goes on you sent to you just know him what it's. Is kiddie porn ring is that what Hollywood this. I did this eagle Edmonton I want to hear from me an attractive female actress who was not sexually assault. On her way to fame fortune. Is there any A Lister like that. This is amazing thing. About this culture. We did you look at Angelina Jolie when Patrick OK these are not middle class girls just hoping for the big breaks they could say anything. They're Hollywood royalty. What do passers father alone was big time producer he kind of launched her career by himself. She have to put up with this but she did it. Angelina Jolie sits in a family connections there close and factors. Her parents. But she didn't and capsize. She's culture. Their culture. These people who criticized trump trash conservatism. Made these movies considered themselves feminists who marched around a pink pussycat hats. This is who they re geese who they really all this is what they accept this sick culture. I mean this speaks look what happened at Fox News look like child's play. And no one senate think even those powerful enough to do it is still have a wonderful A list career X. Except did it. Reese Witherspoon might happen when I was 22 year eat your 41 honey. Where you. Speaking of where you bank. Holy cows still be taking its Greek phone calls coming in on them Condit not asked. Listing of Greeneville what that's meant for other cities have gotten it which has been massive massive growth. And I got Gideon sickness. But the entire bit and we just had the entire top tier of the FBI commit treason. And I'd amazing to see if congress pretend they don't notice. Sitting today an inch at its heart claiming to talk to land from fountain the U. I wouldn't talking all morning about this kinda nice lists they green hills made the top tech top three best small. Hayes in any kind of all of our usage you turn your radio down lend. They go thank you. Com and another in a city that did this is happened to and how they clearly see their growth explode afterward I saw that happen in Charleston and if you asked Charles to leaders. Just a recapping the pain no wise Charleston now in the top ten fastest growing plays delivers ads in the Condo nice. It was when he met in Charleston still number one. A home so. Italian people's opinions on this to Greenville earnest today disturbance a little suspicious that this may was may be an accolade that maybe I don't know our chamber somebody paid for. That we didn't earn it we don't deserve it what do you think Glenn. Well blue indeed probably around a candidate. NYPD. Undeveloped property I have got out of jail or comment I don't. Every charity in late Edward hired to have quite comprehend simple idea. Cops who don't play yet it howled for. 48 cop yeah well. Goal develop my house now. All of the ball will tell he's born commissioner. Yet they are not what why he did all that plays as well. Our talk and really did that Obama county that did that experience didn't hit any kind of gloat. I don't have a blood and and woken do you. Unchecked unlock a third are like you do in the right now out people that none of our garden book. Thought they look I have the job that day and night out. Yeah enemy and we I'd I saw that happen in numb Charleston I was there. We still have a house there was just a regular are very average. Middle class house. Now we're seeing 6% growth annually. In our neighborhood and we're not even in Charleston were you know one of the bedroom communities. It is it's just it's crazy that just with the growth there and once on the traffic and all of that that all of that come from the cardinals listing. I inferred pressed to win is never what is. Number one is or Charleston number two. It is I have this right to have to separate from passer but there's a number one was Charleston number just to recap if you're tuning in bear with me. Because this is a big deal was just this is your who what when you Trace back the major boom here attorney be gone don't get me wrong word is getting out. On this early one of these key adventure and Trace it back to. Charles is number one and on the continent's list number two is aspirin and number threes Greenville. That's followed by number for Santa Fe, New Mexico number five Laguna Beach at California and number six event Georgia. As some just best cities turned to live in an and they and they talk about our downtown which really has that sort of you know. Ash mill liberal. Upcoming. City feel to it. And it tracks one of these folks like what command and dusk are back in and out of it I want play this Oreo. This is this is Fox News yesterday you will not hear this on CNN MSNBC. Our need those of the stations but this is literally what is going on our countries is insane. And unfortunately I've. And I messed this up here here it's let's try this again. Okay here and brand new FBI documents that show the Russian nuclear industry officials. Kicked back millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation this is eight massive scandal. It's still shocking to me that there has not been a congressional hearing. So the FBI. Has documents. Clearly documenting. The kickbacks and bribes. From any Russian. Infiltrators. To the clintons 145. Million dollars that's insane amount of money. They had. They newest. The FBI in this amaze me look at who OK she got Muller. Is that the FBI. You've got and number chill currently at the FBI Andrew McCain is leading the investigation and guess who I'm was in charge of the investigation the Justice Department. Now and then Robbie Rosen Steen who seek he's the guy who appointed Mueller to investigate trump for what Russian collision leads that women. So what is going on here well the FBI agent to recap really quickly this is what is broken hill broke. The FBI was investigating Russian infiltration. Ever nuclear industry. On it was illegal aggression infiltration in violation of federal law these are crimes it was a criminal investigations they find. They miss you Trace this Barbara every street scheme. All the way back to couldn't. Answer the Russians are infiltrating always nuclear companies including and Mia and uranium trucking company. CF BI is is following this for years and similar rate by law they must reported to congress that is federal law. It is breaking a lot of hide it they never told congress. So they are crime number one. And I mean I think there's a good case for treason here for the entire top Echelon of the FBI. That's how serious this is. This is way beyond what we are lenient. So there are pretty investigating this this Russian scheme the bribery kickbacks a listen Ann Ann and Bill Taylor ability Hillary stumble into their investigation. They're looking at with other companies. Now the latest companies kicking back almost like it's like about where I went straight to village thinning go to the Clinton foundation. They've got documentation on this they've got eyewitnesses. They've got an informant. And they said nothing. It gets worse. Muller and Rosen steam ever verses she's the one who appointed not even start motor to investigate the president. Progression collision. Modern resisting sit on his committee it's an obscure committee but they the committee approves deals like the sale. Of uranium one's 20% of you know US during incidents at the Russians. They proved it. Never mentioned their own investigation they've buried. Knowing full well this put the country's national security stake in did not care if these people tell you rush is the biggest threat to the country. Now here's the crazy part. In informants. A Russian informants or American it's hard to tell but he was he was that he was yet infiltrated Alice this Russian. Skeet kickbacks all that he is reporting the FB tirade he's been reporting for years. Minnelli a problem because Hillary is smack in the middle it's. His attorney is saying. Tell circuit news. He was threatened by the Obama administration ice terrified of them. The FBI informant was actually threatened by the about a mystery you for speaking out about the corruption you witness while providing information. Most specifically the kickbacks being paid Clinton's. As science of the FBI. He'd been working with their investigation is watching this could down his deals are getting approved Mueller is who is rubber stamping them this treason folks I mean there's a decent treason case here. Against the top leadership of the FBI nevermind the law breaking I just documented. Tell Tom taunting that's their lawyer said her client is not only afraid there is is. Is not only friend the Russian people but he's afraid US government because the threats the Obama administration made against him. You what should happen here. This be like our police chief. Putting out for criminals have done a string of bank robberies. Hiring Neman putting them in charge of the bank robbery investigation. Which the actual sergeants in investigators. On New York are cops as their employees. So of course it makes sense now my wrist in Steen bomb committed crimes and freezing your covering for Hillary and approving that deal. They panicked. After charm got denomination. The god we get a stop and let's spied on and we'll get something. Signifies a court. And it defies accord doesn't approve it soon they go to their Russian spy friends. And it put together fig dossier which they pay Forte to defies according notes fake they know they're lying defies court they get worn to spy on the the concern desperate. But they still stop armor to find anything they can leak so what do they do now. Well prison steam. Appoints none and Mueller. To frantically go after. This everybody who donated to Hillary is Armin Mueller investigation trying to impeach him. Before he stopped Sen. This is this is amazing this is I'm only would never seen anything like this America. I initially what folks. This informing is right trap is in mortal danger from these people Muller Rosen steam because they're dangerous. It's it's that her hand. And congress won't stop at what is said Sadie. It's benefit that kiss of growth and the kiss of death. Depending on who you ask. Greeneville voted in sued the top three best small cities in the country by kind and honest. To live in. Now we know we have a lot of these. Kudos lately. But this one is. Is special. And I get to talk about this morning haven't on radio in Charleston mean you ask anybody there are eyes glaze over the answer is always the same we know why did Charleston take off to place to live and not just vacation elastic yellows started only one the content Oscar work. He's gone all over this is gone are all over the country. As incoming number 3 am you know when we're away where way ahead ash fall on the list of weird. You know ran up there would Charleston I mean that is simmering in a lot of looks for governing a lot of folks moved here. Text arrays Greenville is the next Charlotte ask you something okay I LW wine creek you know I did it come from please state. Maybe but yeah it's not what I'm seeing. I live in what you folks on the Tex one called northern ghetto of Simpson don't. And I tell you I mean like everybody on my called sack but one. One couple is. From somewhere else is about it and think like ten house is that you know ringer ran to street they're all from New York Minnesota middle when midwest I mean I Darryl from someone else somewhere else. An edited ten. Only one is liberal. And here they are the only ones who are transplants they're they're local. Or did everybody else is hard core conservative IIS to pull around to pull one day she's been interesting to have met a lot of people there of the summer's. On every once some girls left folks who moved here to take jobs at nor big corporate employers here. And has insurance pool and talk to people. Add in I don't Tom who I am they have no idea. I a you know it's me I'm just very very curious about who they are animated type folks and off somewhere else. A 100%. Which I'm supporters. Conservatives. They also dissent how would you live why would Federer I honestly is Toronto why will what she knows she's got a job we moved. What sort of come here I was conservative who can't stand up north anymore. And sentiments around my neighbors one day in their you know all the folks around you know whatever. General from the north. Everybody's shirts from my guns. Invoke a guns every last one of them. So. I am in I'd I'd really what I'd be really curious to see what numbers are like. To make a thing going on here in America we haven't quite seen before I mean I think some of these previous transitions this out for some these blue state people yet the rampant taxes at all a bit yet EA and that that's part of it. But it's. It's not all and I think there's a big movement here by people to. Culturally or southern. Culturally how I you know embraced the southern values they are they have guns. They vote conservative Lee and they've had at the places they've lived. And they you know had been looking for a place to move that had those values. All but yet has you know the restaurants they lake the schools they like that kind of stuff. And I'm the most timing I go out to the station I mean not from New York. Hardcore conservative. I sit Swiss judge Somalia I'd I I think significant portion of them are are as conservative issue our war more sent. 71307. Toll free 80347106. Straightaway and.