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Thursday, October 12th

Trump counters Obamacare with free market plan; The real costs of selfish Obamacare users; Why liberals tolerate bigotry and sexual assault while speaking out against it


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Really am thinking about this on that I just you know having. Spent so many years in my life and in news ran. I'm on endlessly fascinated by how can people she's different stuff. Yes reporters doing their writing articles I am too. And you know we we UN should concern you when you're ready you just read what you write but it's the same thing. And it's it can be Charlotte and cannon to see you get like what can do to bring his soul you know nailed a solid one on one line with the important thing is self. And I've had you many times reporter going to an editor and act had an amazing an awesome editors who were who said to me. Nine emas hopefully hearing your story you did what's called burying the lead almond burying the lead means it should have been lead sentence and you lost the whole story in the middle of of the story. You mainstream media I think a lot of time the times they bury the lead on purpose oh absolutely. Like OK we got a report says because wouldn't you know we can't get away with not our prince where can be high and it's unknown moment now. Home and I sent it to a famine to pick on them but just having you know Bennett editor myself having huge. Better reporter I'm watching this and I know what I would have said to the reporter who wrote this go back and rewrite dish wrote it wrong. You very easily the most important line in this Greeneville news story about obamacare next year. Is this one. Premiums. Are expected to increase an average just. 31%. Seen in 28 T yeah. That should have been headline it's down 123456789. Paragraphs. Does not really for listen if you yeah you know what if if you're secure and a question you can still afford deep. And you have to course you pay a little more. Like 30% more one on. Not a big deal 30% more no sorry 31% morneau beat Hillary. Pac. But we don't this is yours the headline consumers have half the time to enroll in Obama care this year. That they normally do. At any insinuation all throughout hears about you enrollment goes simply does trump should just drug administration said it short the Roman period to better align with open enrollment for Medicare and employer sponsored coverage in the go and interview these people this is can be terror most people that may say he's trying to shine. You know Foley's people and I think it's along the road period there is time for Obama care. No do they're not percent of for obamacare because the premiums went up 31% to show any treatment is not the tea. AUS you know assisting about this and this is probably dilemma that the reporter faced. John. When writing this is the Republicans have not changed Obama care. We in my cheek as he Roman period but don't. You know it is a pretty good 31% of pets. Well we did that delta was greeted with what answer a 100% Democrat votes yes and no. Republicans no Republican has done. No zero. Zero. 31% increase for south Carolinians is not the national this is the act and averaged 31% increase this year and the suburbs and the Republicans voted. I don't know how many times to repeal obamacare every time until it actually matter. Yeah. So I bottom line they're okay with you paying 31% more. I mention with this is gonna be like for middle class families even those who get some subsidy. I saw something recently where they were and I wish I had the the numbers and in the store run for a nominee. But the the thing is the people who. Pay the fines for not buying obamacare. Or the people who can least afford it yet and it is those people who make less than 24000 dollars a year. How you hit as an individual. May 24000 dollars a year and and live. Well on the you can Leo often and if you do with Alps much of the luxuries of many of us have like oh you know cable TV cell phone car payment. House payment if you can do with how all those things you Mike and live on 24000 dollars a year. Well you know I told you dates you know to the my sister and my father and made the only a decision at one point because her health care for years was so expensive. That's on they could not afford to pay for them all right thinking she needed. And also pay for her obamacare at the same time because the deductibles so Heinz amazing she weren't covered. Bombs that they had to literally let go of health care plan. In order a patient and a series you do real measurement defined rape you understand that I can find a single mom who's losing your hearing. For not paying for obamacare so she can afford health care yes that's what they're gonna that's he are cruel. Where those single moms and so I'm mortars you lose you're gonna get hit with that you're in she's like knowing knowing oft Democrat Karsums. And Nam and you know hopefully we doable and a panel wash at tax time she knows she's like I don't know well fortunately trump why and and I got gratifying. That makes a big difference is honest in PA's so many things that we forget it was old Chavez does much really eaten believe me. So many things would be different trump had one you know and that's an. Excellent point because those those fines were gonna go up for people who generally chose not to divide. To do to get into obamacare to get into the federal exchanges. And that's one of the things that trump was able to do through executive order is basically said Don no direction Nachman you're not gonna do those fines. You're not gonna don't have many collecting them. Yes she'd when she dodged that bullet so who did that help out. That helped out all those rich be no way demanded that helped out the pork yes and the struggling yes. And he would genuine health care problems when my sister. So I'm yet 31% increase this year in South Carolina nest insane I mean just that. The rim which is escalating I mean because what last year was a 14% increase in your premiums in South Carolina on obamacare. This year it's thirty want to so what do we look at 45 Cheshire when let's do it. And you know which is is showed discern your immediate there's only one provider left on the exchanges don't. So marking his free argue there's no you going to be you know they blew across the issue until Jewish about a penny insurance commissioners stamps and that's it now. And 31% to snub increase Siri Indy any year is not judged reasonable. On this adjusting said to some 883506. K south Carolinians were enrolled in an Obama care plan as of June sect and this year. Again earn 83005 a six that's down from 216. Last year according to the state department of insurance. Soon to read that this is eroding quickly. That's what thirty some thousand fewer. Just there's cannot there's thereof girls and on. I'm sure these 31% average increase is going on totally encourage people to shine to sign up. Of course because we know that when prices go up more people want to play. Kills me though. You'll never see. And I've never seen except occasionally on Fox News an interview with the family the middle class family who got that 31% increase. You know I mean Kissimmee about USA is okay and they are seen as a mom dad their combined making her in 101000 dollars that's sounds like a lottery pretax book number tonnage it's on taxing you know. Okay your downs you know and was 7000 something like that we use that he's slap them way to 171000 dollar annual bill. To my diplomat. We have three kids. On that's cruel moon that that's a dead studies desperate I mean it. It's health carries not affordable for in a classic more so let's go find the family that a system for 31% increase subsidies. We the truck driver with the subs all we know he's like. You know am I am manager has gone from my guy remember what it was 6300 bucks to 17100 dollars and I have 40 subsidy. When will that does not mathematically work is it om and yet he's so terrified of antiseptic yet to pay the full seventeen under boxed. No no let's go back to when you paid the first race yeah. So. I can't wait to get all the details that continue coming out today about the trump executive order. Home but it looks like it's gonna be everything. That Rand Paul has proposed from the beginning well which is. You know free will an open market under the repealing don't care which is what yes what he really wants and was curious thing to me. Okay the Republicans went through all the sinks straight. About almost lesser repeal swing Erica bubble bubble Ali don't have it was to do it ebbs and civil law all along we eating ever had to. Only did do was compete and create a competing market to obamacare that was a free market. You're young get a subsidy but there's no obamacare regulations so insurers can offer wherever they want and you know I and just there. And sick she was down marketed tickle your bond character forcing anything we just choose just choose what you want to get little freedom to choose what they want that's all. Com and W you are laughing earlier today but I just business insider article where they list out. The horrors of the trump executive plan. Ariel now is this is what's wrong with it might according to get liberal business insider association health plans. Allow people in the individual or small group market to pull together to purchase insurance and more favorable rate. And that's a problem as a problem. According to record these plans will also not be subject to certain Obama deregulation helping them make it making them even she for people participating again not a problem. As he gets the punch line here. The push my news. What we did we have a portable ensure does who's going to pay to subsidize. People with preexisting conditions. Com. Again. With this executive order healthy people could pay less for insurance which is was a disaster but million come people with preexisting conditions that could pay more. And that is why so it is now become. Bomb on the left a problem if your insurance is affordable. I keep saying you know would it if if if if they're right we just stand up and make it it it an argument I just stated we can period in my next Tuesday on obamacare. But they won't. That they'd rather let people in South Carolina haven't had taken averaged 31% increase in their premium head. Knowing what that'll do the Stanley insane nothing I don't know how that packages. This is just such an easy argument to make. We won't here's something else that misogynist woman heading trump has done Kosher when he nominated to deputy White House chief of staff Christian Nielsen. To be the next Homeland Security director after John Kelly the man or woman here a woman who actually has served in the Department of Homeland Security force. So there's there's what that woman aiding misogynist and Donald Trump has done put a woman in charge of protecting the American homeland. He's films sergeant yes of course he still is he's recovered apple yeah of course he's trying to cover is just a token nomination stoke until a Topeka. Speaking of which. So media over the years have text means that it is these shaded there are there you know their feminist but it totally cool. You know with the islamists in the way they treat women. It is liberals are totally offended by trump and Billy bush tame but they're finally with Weinstein what kids. To explain it. We've never heard before coming up next. I get this question. All the time. Again and again and again on a weekly basis. Why it's a lefty so offended by racism homophobia and sexism. Does it tolerate among its own to such extent. Best most baffling examples of nervousness. G you'll remember the bathroom debate in North Carolina to remember that. And do you remember apple and PayPal. Announcing they were going to boycott. North Carolina because today at North Carolina would not pass a law. Mandate that businesses you know provide peace bathroom gender neutral bathroom. Options. And today they were so upset about that that they we're not going to North Carolina. Yet pay pal I don't know major facility. In Saudi Arabia and India. Apple was in Saudi Arabia. Indonesia if you are found it to be gay. To have participated in gay activities. Punishment starts. And tween lashes with a wet. They saw no hypocrisy. And hypocrites. Don't really believe what they say. And that's it and we tried to Sony have tried to understand served your ears and you're don't get me it's like every week now is Harvey Weinstein. Was seen to watch the liberals safety. And how slow people order condemned this compare to how quick Hollywood was to condemn the Billy bush tape which. And piers Morgan president and may have even for liberal is amazing piece today about Roman Polanski. Should miss this whole OR Harvey Weinstein these are new. Polanski. Raped a thirteen year old girl. Plied with alcohol. Drew answer sodomized her pictures. Is you know dead racing he did decks. And you when he an NA he said he was gonna get you in terms of any thought it was going to plead helix and soft plea able funds going to prison time he fled to France. Right so it's 2003. Plenty Polanski. Wind is best director at the Oscars for the pianist after all of that he's fled the country. He's a Petit told the worst kind. Harrison Ford announces his name. The isn't goes wild person to prolong loud clapping. Street just springs Georgia State is plants he's standing ovation he's not they year. Because he's trying to avoid prison. For the rape of a thirteen year old girl. That's the left that's the true Hollywood. And so we'll look it would Weis he did it's baffling is garden is which of attention attention. Pails in comparison to what Polanski did at least at this point animals he met with the rape allegations out to. Watch. How do you explain this part of the man and a liberals say he whether it's the Taurus. And non condemnation of his long for the treatment of women and gay is. Conservatives Chris instead stay at viewers stick up for gays of these countries let's totally self why the hypocritical now. To me years to figure this out. I eight have worked so liberally newsrooms for a long time and I was not out of the closet as a conservative for a long time and so. They just kind of got to me is is sort of liberal leaning person was into politics in some these newsrooms I was to lowering content saying anything at the point at that point. So to hear them for what you know for who they really are and studied him and this point baffled me for a long time the most absolutely racist things have ever heard sank. Rolle said by liberals most newsrooms there'll like newsrooms by the way. I came repeat them here Chris I would be fired if I repeated what I heard liberal newsrooms. In fact the only racist things that I curb weight people say when not accompany a black people truly racist offensive things were said by liberals most newsrooms. As it is when I met my husband's right around that time I was so working for very liberal publication. And he was working for a very liberal business owner. And this I would say stuff that makes me blush about black people. It's a terrible I want repeated because it it's it's hurtful and horrible. And on Monday the owner of the company had you know it it was a small companies said to my husband may know made this comment stereotype that was. Oh. And stay. Just treating my husband was Republican you would like rest. And he he would see he sent to you he'd keep came in raging about something that Republicans don't I remember what I was now that he considered to be racist it was it was a policy. In this guy. Literally. Believed he was not a racist but Republicans or any he had a really huge anti racism. And yet would would would let me like a couple times a month safety stuff. My husband about black people in my husband's and my Spanish who left office so dysfunctional and it was it was a horrible you like working there. And guy was nuts. But it was a La. I hurt and was hearing the same thing in liberal miserable you look at the times' newsroom. White it is you think they believe what they say. Oh. And yes yes they did. So why. Did they'd you know react like whipsawed to trump the Billy bush tape. But you know days have to pass before Hillary will even to condemn YMC while lysine was when it was powerful. Own Roma plan wasn't he's at a country. He was disgraced yet he standing ovation why. You know what I finally figured out two years to figure out. Liberals believe. That men went polian ski and trump and Weinstein. Our. Vick and that all men are in particular way be able to are inherently homophobic. Racist. Sexist. Predatory. It's. They believe that moment. And so when. You do it and so it is okay to beat those things. Because there's a mental part that's a white people are. And that the only meet redemption for you is an accepting liberalism and once you accept the liberalism. Which comes what did the idea that an event that you were so fly as a man you are automatically sex is dramatically raised dramatically homophobic on you accept a deal liberalism. Get it that you need an authoritarian. Government regime to control you because you're so that. You haven't considered enlightened. And that's what why is no automatic reaction. Today's these people's contempt Weinstein. Whiskey still celebrating with a CC. They see nothing why he's accepted liberal is. It's. Is it eight is a religion the way that they think it is a liberalism and it is a religion. And it's a pasteurized version of this out this whole idea of you know if you're save tarsala sinner. Which are going haven't because she safety dedicate your life to Jesus Christ. But it's it it it is a sick twisted version of wonder no you sure homophobic. Sexist. Predators and shore. Race is what luck but. Have accepted the need for higher power the government to coming controller so I shall we are from. We're forget it isn't this why. This is why why Steen thinks nothing of marching in a pushy pushy at march. See that is against this. You know declaration of and he doesn't see a contradiction because he's accepted. The left the ideology. And so when one of them does a thing like Weinstein or police and ski. When one of them does that. They don't show on. Of course he has sex. Predator our car. She's do you understand his nature he understands the need for some it's common in control his wife so it was. The problem therefore when they go after trump. Is that trump. Trump was visa toward women Cintron does not except. His nature and many drove all men which is their products sex. Or the need for the true solution which is considerable control of our lives so flip this around now all line up. It's the same thing system is Kim until flip this around on PayPal and happy Saudi Arabia Indonesia. They see nothing wrong with locating headquarters in countries where gay men routinely change for being get. They they they are senior it is not you could barely on the Internet can still aren't those countries that don't care why. Because the lap because Islam always votes with the left the authoritarian regime and so what you see. Is mom doing. Two women today's. That's that's your teacher. You wouldn't. But just parent to her neck is no hope they're like they understand the need for eight would let government authoritarian regime took. Coming up six that makes six and so post. Like trump these islamists who kill women homosexuals because they understand that we need an authoritarian regime and that's why they vote. Depending on the sect 89%. Democrat Labour Party whenever they whenever leftist most leftist organization is their country. This is why there's no uproar. The Tories not did you commit a sexist or homophobic acts he'll pare. Whit what don't want seen was homophobic. He accepted. His nature and the need for government to correct the four so he's firm did he shaped. So there's no immediate reaction because there's no problem here in May not it's. But the moral failing is not accepting the authoritarian over lords not to sexism. The rape the what are. We get a jump on and heard today Ingles advantage Turk lent to talk to Brian from Boiling Springs hey Brian. Factor are you more did woods and nine. I just picked what you're saying about so many racers trying to build political that's about it you go to Saudi holy radio or could be art. Well number one comes to mind is being dependable. And issues they had been it actually rice which all walked at all. But I'm playing collection and I can always stuck it on and that's why aren't by and don't you don't see any public or. So I laid it disc or play. Black action as odd collection choices and harder I have a better country looks directly solve only. Yes they believe this. They believe this but then is it the same time. A white liberal he said something races Van Jones would not bad and I. They never do. In Virginia. Are all. Yet no problem no problem and I just understands just trying to explain an ugly why it is that the liberals have this contradiction. Armed in how they react when trump you know does spared Billy bush team vs how they you know taking days to have any reaction time to Weinstein almost as if they don't. Really realize they have to have a reaction them. Lately it's very delayed. And and sit in and explained I didn't years only the newsroom to figure this out because of baffle me fears and our sense is afford to ship these all and the most. Racist and he only racist things I never heard white people saying confidence. If you're black person ran away with releasing coffins. I've been a lot of Republican campaigns republic congressional offices conservative groups have never heard racist in my life not one. On you know maybe there are bad racist people but they wouldn't dare say anything. I'm may or may be dangerous not -- I've never heard it the only racist things have ever heard were an island newsroom and the stuff that that was said was unbelievable night I have this. Much the same thing Eminem I've been involved like county level and and some of the Republican politics years back. And I just know that you know every time that there were African Americans that come in they're welcome to you know obviously if their it if in most of time they are conservative they are Republican voters to. On Hispanics you know Asians wherever I mean there's there's no. There's no white supremacy going on what happened on this. This level this trying to exclude these people from being a part I mean there are encouraged to participate having good grief you look at the leadership of the now I have my differences with the statement the leadership of the Republican Party but there's many minority leaders and they've been there for years years. It's I mean these people are positions of leadership and making policy. I guess and I I have some differences of opinion on policy you know some of the things that the -- the party may do occasionally but you know to can secure just say just because someone is of a certain party. That they don't regard people of another race with any in a benefit. But this early look at it in this is why you know Dennis piers Morgan trying to play up this morning in what Hollywood is did this whole thing with one with one season new. I mean they stood up and applauded him in 2003 when he was on the run on kind of thing charges. He was awarded an Academy Award. And Miller Merrill Streep she has the picture right is this art is a column in the telegraph sustaining a bleeding me implies staying applause from plan. He raped a thirteen year old mean listen I understood fully understand that there is racism in this country yes there's there's racism of whites against blacks and other races and there's racism on blacks against whites and other racist. And that's that stuff happens but for the for this this. Image to be out there for this narrative to be out there that this is a racist country where people of color cannot succeed it's like please. You know we've had a African American president we have African American entertainers who were the most popular. And and or the highest paid. In many cases. I mean from from entertainment to sports. I'm just you know. I don't know you know granted I've I've never walked the black man choose not ever will but then they want to mine either. Yes I am anyway just try and I finally came to. You know I am Tiffany on it after years and liberal news from my pen and these same people who clearly where the most dogmatic. You know against conservatives against Republicans. Based on the idea that they were racist and it was saying racist things old timeless I realized. How they contradiction could exist within liberalism and that's because. They believed that were all racist. And men in particular they're all predators on anyone of them would have done what Roman Polanski did that thirteen year old could if they had the chance you get to choose but the reason. On that is not outrageous when. Replaced you does it or Harvey Weinstein does it is because they've accepted the doctrine of liberalism they understand the need for an overarching authoritarian regime to control everything they do and so therefore they're forget it. They're real light and they're doing what many did you. But yeah yeah they don't react to it because. What he's one of the guys he is that we need to have you know where every seemed to control everybody the is people like trump Hillary admit they're sexist nature. And allow us to control. So they don't they don't see when Harvey Weinstein does something like that they don't see a problem because he's just doing what men would do but he's OK this. Can you mean he's he's on board with us he understands what it's gonna take to fix is flawed nature and the checkbooks open. And so they don't see. That as a problem. It's a problem when when screaming about some Republican doing some minor thing this threat you know racist sexist homophobic wall. Literally. PayPal as head according itself in the country throwing gays offer roofs and lashing them. But they want going to North Carolina because of it a transgender law unlike what the heck there's no in their mind there's no contradiction there because. Is impeach the is lawn. Has a very clear record of voting for you the most left wing regimes in every country therein and so therefore I. That's why they get you know what you can be is misogynist homophobic as you want if you understand that the solution is overarching government controlled. There's no problem with that in in this you when they tell us old timer original sent originals and what is it your you know your white supremacy your way you're you're supremacist and not the issue or. And they believe that of themselves to do they just they just think of their better because they have a solution. But you can't no matter what you do you can't sit Ickes is a pure voice comes nature and that's where there was no reaction to Robert Weinstein the what I guy is just threw him he would do an and we do he think he's see he's more than trump because he understands what we need to solution he's on our site I'm sorry he's not what. That's the only in real man would do but that's held they think I realize that but I it's it's nuts. This one text ash you know what I'm up against break darn it I went to address this one text from earlier this morning. Home Allen. What do you wish you would say this text her as the Boy Scouts they're arguing inside your I was raised to seven day Adventist and we had pathfinder's. Which was like Boy Scouts but it was coed we never had any problems. We can't together as well. So this person saying hey listen this is all overblown but the Boy Scouts. Majerus that coming up next image to get to earlier in the show I did and but I want incident text. Text your grades to this explains why so many colleges have mandatory sexual assault prevention classes they think that otherwise man whenever reason not to read what it. Of course they do. Harry I am sure Jim I'll listen to the senate okay LS Lima David from Greenville first hey David. Are you don't really care yeah it's on Monday. That's that is really the battle adversity will not improve it was two questions are receptive to bring up about liberals. Here's a trick question address. This direction W. Or is it double match. And it just desperate for every single thing Gloria. And you find out this is cute purses evil on every shipped. You elect to exhibit that's said that's a good framework. For using it. It's so yeah I know it's it's it's great great point to even from Greeneville thank you wanna give her phone call. Back to this text to from the listener terrorist risk to seven day Adventist and we have pacify we had pathfinder's which was like Boy Scouts. But it was coed we never had any problems we camps together as well. Here's and it went dead girls have been employs gust of twenty plus years that's true age fourteen a joint venturing venturing has been co lead since the beginning. Mean basically say everybody saying what Tina it's going to be fought. Tom we know we've done this before. I mean what people are freaking out practice. It it's it's not. That. It's that. They recognize the difference. And it differences. That this is a liberal takeover of the Boy Scouts. And that we as Americans take us a couple of years to to watch and take over these organizations we know how it goes now. We don't know what goes and so when they go in and they semi is going or inaccurate integrated coed girls. Why not pass miners have been that way for a long time. Yet but pathfinder's we're not that way because they work. On here infiltrated by liberals when they should ever group. That's just the first step there's always an ending it never just stands there. The purpose of the takeover is never for the equality women's swimming to win earned the badges second we know that you know they've got an inherent. The purposes of making get to the next thing. As you we had a scout leader caller earlier and say. You know well I you know we have ways of keeping girls out or anti that neither does suit. In his suit. And in that lit this this is where this is gonna go there's going to be on his boy scout largest rate. What it is they're not gonna accepted did the girls are gonna be in separate squads that's how does is close to god that the troop as a whole would be integrated with the boys and girl's been separate squads. I guarantee is somewhere in America right now there's a row there's only a lawyer working in Los about that. And the squads will very quickly Peco let. And and you am going on trips is that what not the bush girls cannot sleep in the same you know bunk beds in the spots. When you have you know gender different now the boys and asleep in his room in the bunk beds in the girl's aunt in this kind of. No no no no no no we're not to be easily to get a. You know that's where they'll go they see. Us. SA difference. That you know here's some. Adventist and your pant pathfinder's it was co Ed what was it coed because. A bunch of liberals took over and they were on their way to implementing something else no. And so can work. This isn't gonna work. Its nineteen nor. Did they literally just got did you know to keep the camel's nose under the tent. And it's always a path to something else. And so you know you say girls than boys Gus a twenty plus years age fourteen I joint venturing venturing spent coy since the beginning yeah. But that was asserted because of an agenda and his wife's at and it's a very fine distinction. But we know how it goes that's just does gay marriage didn't just give a stimulus. If you wanna marry on you don't have to if you wanna take a look we're gonna take your business listen she got a big okay. Oh and by the way transgender people have self identity rates on par with the First Amendment your first amendment rights just Kennedy wrote that. We seen the Havoc that his return country. I'll William went into any game urged door mat and now we have. You. Right now in California if you use the proper gender prone and it into nursing help. This don't ever going there. Well you're going. As it when you look at when you look and you know the way this goes this is not just you know the girls really wanna be apart of it. They just do when it's all just plume in the badges. Acts knighted as well. As such did that to change they post is going to be a pretty it is within a week we will we will have the articles boys cabs. You know it boys gets proposing changing name our girls to Manning Boy Scouts changes cub scouts. Geddes guess that's changed if uniforms. Didn't you're not again it's coming. It's kind of that's that's was coming this this is just getting the foot in the door. Tester it's on bush candy she seem to citadel early 1990s and Shannon Faulkner. Tech streets here until just recently society got along fine it was Gus girls with fervor in the years segregated by sex as well as youth groups that included both sexes. Each. A these organizations serve different purposes and no one complained about the lack of inclusiveness. Of scouting. This is all the instruments to kids in the long run I fear. Yes it's a slight difference but it's a big. Winner let's start so. And I don't wait they know what is is is never anywhere good texture change your alleged showed they keep B and CRT and Colin it like it is oh don't worry I will.