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Tuesday, January 16th

Trump sparring with Uniparty over immigration and shutdown; Atheists admit talking to God; Vikings QB ranks historic game-winning touchdown pass nearly as memorable as accepting Jesus Christ


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Played good morning turned RA we're well on this whole thing when amassed. Whole weekend's. Did he or did not did he not say something offensive about Donald Trump on in that two darkened meeting. It ventures seeing that the Democrats and Lindsey Graham say. He says something offensive enough that Lindsay heading in my lecture. Down and Republicans say didn't say it but if you re coverage of Lindsey Graham. From the beginning. He will not say. That Travis said it would trump is being accused right I'm saying here is the lead. This is so when is begins January 12 OK senator Lindsey Graham has responded to reports that president trump Cartagena African nations blank whole country's. But only knowledge vaguely that the president made comments. So Wendy Gramm would not say he's at exactly what's. What happened case so fast ordinary start in the post and courier. And as we Diddy Stater Disney and Graham says my memory has an involved on the meeting. Where others say trump referred to blank whole country's. Okay but did he say. Well he refers to Tim's skied. But then tells the reporter at the present her yeah I eat well Lindsay told me that with the media said a truck said was basically accurate. Acer Lindsey Graham is even willing to come out say yes he said casino he didn't say. On the said he doesn't tells Tim's guys basically accurate when adding an accurate. As my former editors you don't get to have to be basically accurate keeping job you got to be accurate when any say. So Lindsey Graham is not willing to say that Chara said as he didn't say. In state and grim day Taylor blowing into his face. So he's helping with the diversionary tactics that's what he's. Com but in this this whole thing is getting absolutely it is getting hassled ridiculous west from Spartanburg good morning. According. Fair or listen here I'll just about as government shut down and out but it's happened. Old but if this tactic that would happen glad that we had a double sure I don't element. Well they come to some very years subpar rounds are out veterans memorial the stuff she can go over our air. But come on late or lower. It is I think it would scare tactic it is trial I had with the fact this. But no consequence is that. Well you know I Wes is on the welfare checks go out of the neighboring cares I have suddenly you are now and then they always go out so. Brought her yeah I think I hear. That net written in a I don't they they you very much. So there yet. On you know I think Lee I am I missing here is doing what why why is it's that Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin an all these people are so determined to have a debate about what trump said or didn't say. And that's because they have to do something to sell that house bill as diversionary it is to burst your because that house bill is a disaster I mean trump gives. It in at the house and trying to give amnesty to 800000 darkness but they take UA chain migration from the average nine point three million people who come here every decade. To meet mathematically that's a good trade Allen Genesee for anybody but those numbers are Mullen to buy that we get to hear it chain migration once and for all. On if we gee daddy MCU. And so the pressure and hard place because they've promised their voters are totally doing docking embassy reassured down the government wouldn't you docking hemispheric. It very hey here is bill do you docking and is no we have to derail the nine point three million Democrat means. A chain migration voters that are coming here. A decade they do that. They totally cantina. And they go on record. Now people who would chain migration is they go on record voting guessed it. I in this built this house bill got to disseminate. They have to vote. Against Erica. To keep the chain migration painted themselves into a corner they did. And so all they have now then if you look at this for what it is to meet this a desperation move. By Lindsay in the Democrats. To claim trump said something he used strong words. But about our immigration policy. What are immigration policy. Nine point three million come here through chain migration. Mac is the best is is there related to hurricane here before. A well I don't like that. Anyway you look at this police can see how much trouble Democrats are under this headline and poll support shut down government over docking amnesty collapses to less than 35% among Democrats. Yeah you read that right. Less than 35% of Democrats. Support. Shutting down the government of docket. This is a massive major lose lose for the Democrats so. The Democrats in Lindsay but then repeat myself. Com how to figure a way to step that has been. They can't have that Democrats cannot be forced to vote on next. They'll lose no matter what they do it. If they vote for the darkest. It's gonna hit it I mean they would you have so many senators up for reelection State's trump one you got a problem. Yes it don't vote for it but don't bet against it didn't matter what they do they lose and so they had a final wish at the debates. And they didn't. Any you have to know it's pretty good guess. It lets you break Gramm's been walk around for weeks and not Margaret trump on this we're gonna find a solution grip which Conan and John Maine she immigration why. You are. Ever meant that so he goes in there and in eight enemies is to be bossy understand what trump was confronted with. How outrageous lies. It was a nice in his back through Lindsey Graham after saying this for Wii's were working with the president women do the president wants were on board as we wanna fix our immigration system all that lies. Ideologues in the air with a. Witten with a proposal that gives amnesty to 3.2 five million doc is not a 100000. And both their parents that's nine million people and keeps the chairs visa lottery and keeps the preference for the country's they've been coming from. A hundred you know a 100000 over a 100000 in decades from Syria. Sudan which is crawling with crisis an array and we keep that. Abby he'd have that program. And we stand chain migration. We knew the president will blow a gasket. This is taking everything that's wrong with our immigration system doubling down aren't expanding. That's what this it's this is not fixed there's no. That truly would fix our system. And they knew trump would blow a gasket and decked. And I I I am even one goes so far is to say I bet they knew the lie they make up when I went in there turbines and that he used ass hole work. We've now got three Republicans and meeting saying it didn't happen. It just didn't happen here's our senator Tom cotton. I didn't hear it and I soliciting a further away from Donald Trump and Dick Garmin wise and I don't and I know what Dick Garmin has set about Donald about the president repeated. Statements is incorrect so don't exist remind senator Durbin has misrepresented what happened in White House meetings before he was cracked by Obama administration official life but here's the. Yeah any senator Perdue of Georgia loses you parties they get. Senator Durbin has been very clear senator Graham has told others to do reports from basically acrid. Are you saying the president did not use the word that has been so widely reported. Until you did not use that word George and until it's a gross misrepresentation. Made sense to me just say that. Yes this is a game. And and and what you're doing is playing to keep the current immigration system. Because it stays in place at this rate eight million voters will come over next twenty years and learn new voters. I'm from countries that most of them that are voting 80% Democrat and gays gays is a sad game over game over for the Republican Party ever winning at the national level. As of they just keep this system we had they went. And that was the goalless to shut down debate. And stopped in his tracks. And they went. It totally went. So. Matter now. They Emmy he had to know the president was their reactors from worse this. Is chirping is wrong to do it. Bombing western assured he was wrong I'm not talking but the SO comment I don't for the record I don't believe he said that I wouldn't I I don't condone that if he did but I don't believe he says it. I don't believe I'm. That. Is beyond the you know as as it is being reported the vulgar comments if in fact that any of that true. The intent. Or the meaning behind what he said. Is accurate because the areas of which he is speaking our failed states. And it is dangerous for this country to continue to accept immigration refugees or whatever from these failed states. And and then of course. Can lead to double. If in fact this statement is also true that he may be the double mistake of then referencing a a very. Caucasian country. Norway from which we should be accepting more people but the point he's trying to make as you want people coming into this country that are going to be of benefit to the country as a whole. You want people they can as you've been sag and sang a bring something to the table here. And but they're trying to make this into a racial situation when did this clearly not your talking about people that are coming. That are a danger to the of the country because they're coming from failed states they could very well be a national security threat. If not AEA social. You know about safety net. Problem for this country. Absolutely and then I mean when Lindsey Graham. Calls many go at a hell hole. Paris on this preview what the committee meeting video of Lindsay Graham uses cravings in people coming here from all nations you know we can't have him keep continue do that. And not a dev and ace there's not a single Democrat on the committee opens their mouth not one. Only Jeff Sessions. Of our ironically. Is like our say that Lindsay is Amazon is Mexico they're beautiful arrow on the holiday as hell hole. Ellen is earns an OK in addition to said that it would hurt the Cancun. There's no uproar over Lindsey Graham having a senate just really care. And Lindsay said was true. It's if if the country were great place to live they what is your year. Well you know one has ever been caught making hand made raft to flow from from Miami to Haiti. Are you sure about that I'm pretty darn you're pretty sure let's check pretty sure I wonder why. And we'll get to the bottom of it. He common sense retirement planning ahead text slang. Or it's one rod so it sewage flu is it through your streets you might live. An an ass hole. Have to mean San Francisco. They've had to publish a yep who mapped. So people can avoid the worst putts were the homeless get. Because the city allows them to do it. Text rates also know is addressing trust's actual question why do we wanna have the bottom of the barrel come here to our country. You folks something I think this played over all American Media to liberal media that the liberals there at their hysterical. They're pretending you know the Trenton say these are blank hole people he said they come from blink whole country's. Displays overall. Americans got. What it is Dick Durbin claim trump said. Do you think they know what's. He was saying when he objected to this however didn't. I text your rights. We pressured down the government parties because it's the only time government isn't wasting money Democrats always take the blame for shut downs. Russia Republicans do but I think this time will be different. We lost an election matters an eight years shouted down yesterday good point. Text your grades. I grew teacher alleged Democrats shut down the government they are on their last legs saying that trump supposedly said as Seoul and they are hanging themselves. Dexter is your play engram to see over and over. On saying closed this dealer sounds bad. I check your share they turn my drill sergeant call me he would've gone to the break. As Susan is Gerald. No different time to replace Accenture racer what country is chain migration is policy what 20 that's right nine. Yeah birthright citizenship also not a policy most Arab governments that are more liberal than ours practice. Text your rates tear it you know it and we all know it dirty Dick Durbin is a liar and likely is lying about president trumps common but. Where is the unified voice from the GOP in terms defense. Still has zero friends in Washington seemingly never will hope he learns that suit. Good point. A golden opportunity now that the country is on this topic. To explain. What he's chain migration. Why is this a disaster. I an admirable were blowing. Look if you know why Lindsey Graham one in the air. And east can't say point blank trap set the casinos trump did he's weasel around. He's yet to tell the media I heard what Dick Durbin to because he's lying. Annie knows. But why what is Lindsey Graham doing they're trying to blow up the docket talks because the house bill is a disaster. Why is it a disaster. Because it ends chain migration. Nine point three million people. Came here between the 2005 and 116 under chain migration. Regardless of their skill sets regardless of whether they can speak English regardless of whether they were illiterate in her own language. Didn't matter. OK a total of thirteen million came in that period ending 70% of the people who came here we're chain migration. It's Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin and can't stop that house bill which ends chain migration. They were pack nine million people over a decade. They can't let that happen. Those are Democrat voters. A eggs in a study here eight million people a million new voters not immigrants voters. Will come in over the next twenty years if we aren't the chain migration that ends republicans' chances of winning national. They can't do it. And so the Democrats have to end this house bill. They have to end this house that they got to step. And they don't want to have the debate concern analysts they've already lost. When 34%. Of only 34% of Democrats in his political morning console pulled 30% Democrats Shia support shutting down the government. Over doc. That's it they needed Democrat and Democrats wanna do X. Della shut the government down. There should debate camp if you push or to find out how our immigration system works and they don't like it including members of their own party. That's what's going on here and Lindsey Graham did derby it's okay we're gonna make some stuff up about trump. When I go along with it and use it as an excuse not to have this debate. That would be deadly for us. And let me say what do we don't have this debate we don't pass the house bill they win they get to keep nine million a decade chain migration. Those are almost all Democrat voters. See what's going on here that's the real story that would trap set or didn't say don't get caught happen. Well atheists or pay Arab facing a crisis. Yet. I love this study. Ask your question referees I was faces at him for a few out there who are not particularly religious and you don't go to church. It was me for like years. Do you honestly just do you find yourself talking guys since I was fascinated me. That no did you nearly believes there. You know go to church. Or may be ED good. Your snout and maybe there was appear in your life for you didn't generally believe. He just talked to god during that period and we are we really driving home we were some Iranian shower and I were beside you or do you buy yourself and and you find yourself. Having a conversation with god that she did actually intend to have that you just talking to. And then you really should talk in a gunman can only be nobody's their but it just makes you feel better talk till. You know a time. And a go to church. Didn't believe it was done for with a whole thing. And it's funny because I'm it was the same way we've we both were from here. And we we were trying as happened have a conversation with teeth got Cantu who countries attended to. Our fisheries there. Money there. And talk with whom we can to. I ask me how much how often do you talk to got all the time. Any tin. Mr. street about it you're talking to someone that you're pretty sure isn't there. Pants little cook do you think about it it's our need to. Think he's human brain has a built in need to converse with god for whatever reason it was put there. So if this very interesting. At this point you can know what she known irrational one that they need to know what's known and gut level. After those two very different things new study. We everyone can use a little divine intervention. People who have spent years not buying into them aren't part. A pay only Carnoustie said he went atheists are facing a crisis this what they do. One enforced are praying to guide. According to news survey an atheist and agnostic our face was serious personal crisis like national disaster horrible medical diagnosis. Are you member of their family member one out of four start praying. So the word on how god feels about. For stating what at a four self declared atheists. Current. What is 5 say yeah I am atheist but I still pray while doing household chores 50% prey want traveling 12% pray during exercise released pursuits. Just half of those who praise today believe god hears their prayers which suggests slim majority feel they're sup occasions and I answered. Four in ten or further saying prayer change the world. Nonbelievers thanks. So never say it makes him just feel better. Families solicit subjects. Start praying about. Weight went eastern India went for it his break. Is intact so he's made been so intellectually dishonest to anybody views him. You're out there you're telling Christians there's a guy who. Arie will prove it. Prove it. Can't. They can't prove there is definitively scientifically not at this point and there isn't. Definitively scientifically not at this point so things have been wasted time as an argument if you ask me. I think its interest in. That the atheists are up near Princeton. How does the ones with the stickers on their cars and wonder if they pretty and the ones who have to let everyone know could we really want to know what you think that we don't. If you're one of those issues this year you're just you find yourself praying you can't say why do you still. Some in the middle of a conversation with god. When I believe in him and didn't go to church. And what it was doing target to but it was. Text your Rick oh yes there are no atheists in a partial and the words are there some reason for that say. There are. Texture grades. Okay not a quick phone that one. Are right where we go. Texture I rates jury takes a lot of fade to be an atheist. Thomas doesn't. Don't use. It's it's not as you that it masks and American in the whole thing I just thought that study was interest and sure sure I talked about many times today especially when somebody tries to run me off the rebel texting. I did employee Ideo Meade to. Me too. Boy Ari. Text writes I talked to plenty of people that I'm certain aren't there. They may be a probably want to talk to somebody about him sing and it's yes. That sound. Yet. Does test your rates. No word ago. The Democrats in the media lied about Tea Party years using the N word before the obamacare that. Same thing now coming missile lie cheat and steal for power so says rich in union. Yeah I believe that it. I ZUS. Discriminate KY eight. I I think Lindsey Graham and Democrats alike I'm pretty convinced of it. About what transcend I think he reacted angrily I don't think anybody disagrees with that but I think they're lining doing but the context to. We say why because even Lindsey Graham won't come out say for certain yet he said trump said what he's he's sent. You'll do it he hasn't done in days he still want to casinos he's like here's senator and he was there he nets. Yes so we now have. And again when the put is encouraged OK did you did did your did need Clinton still believes that question your first and senator Tim Scott. Discards leg rule he told me it's basically accurate with the news and basically accurate ain't accurate. Tim Scott Lindsey Graham doing this. Why. And listing ramp. Won't flat out straight up lighting and he's for you don't decried. So we sensed him not to strip why do you. Well I'm not gonna say what he said but I sure reference him. Dude it's. Sure it's please stop referring to Lindsey Graham and the Democrats need to refer to him as. Lindsey Graham and his fellow Democrats. I understand about what happened I mean is very simple. They don't want you to notice. Lindsey Graham does not want you to pay attention to what he proposed Nat me. Because she would be enraged. You would be is angry is trump what's honest sleep. It's a wonder Tron didn't decking and I'd been tentative. Lindsey Graham walked around for weeks. So. You would centers so rob Passat. Permanent show and migration. All of a lot and then listen rim has the gall to walk in there with that proposal. The whole American public to get a good look at that proposal and they don't that's why they made at the lion the witch hunt sat. 10 it is again you are with you would you vote for this. Legalize 3.2 five this is what Lindsey Graham a Democrats propose legalized shoot 3.2 five million doctors and their parents that adds up to nine million total. Key chain migration and in some cases increasing its. That's nine point three million a decade. Raid there in addition to the others. And does that. Keep the cherry is visa lottery half a big. Let everyone from he's day. 300000 MO. You kidding me that would be my reaction. I know I was getting gig when they are through the door. It probably lasted trop. Is missing grand just proposed making her sister or by the way no enforcement in the area there's no. Immigrants should be. Blocked from getting a job illegally by an actual verification process that's what Lindsay left out they don't want you talk about what they proposed the that's why they made up the hole as whole thing. Tour. If you see if you have probably heard about it and at least wipes to some islands banana making saints game. Sunday night. One for the history books. No doubt. What edged down game adding text down in the last ten seconds. Of the game. Why am I telling you weapons washing can't send a warning here if you borrow one if you eat fewer liberal in our audience. To eat you may wanna change the channel briefly see her have to hear this. Next bit of audio and I don't once you oats and open field position. Hyperventilating because and you are Kabila go to work and Ayman have to pay your welfare and Irish can afford that so. If you really you liberals are probably actually be able to handle the next clip the rest ye are gonna love this. Do you love about this this is vice seeing this is vikings' quarterback. Case Kean and I drink next with a wide receiver. For the game winning touchdown. As the time expires ten seconds left in the game break so we she is old moderately. I got to sweat still dripping off his that he is literally just stepped off the field. From doing back. And this is the first thing out of his mouth when the reporter asks him. Our mood is that why each who have this. Greatest game ever been in his place going crazy. And it's a special whatnot would likely get FL history. I. There. There in my life. Oh great moments well thank you for. Very much this season. By the way the original videos can pull tab coffee YouTube yet NFL copyright. Home. These CN yields. Are taking it means is this country that would be the case. To me a while actually to lag and find it that you two had a constant warning that have been pulled down the property into. Think the NFL put a pull it down. If he'd said. What are the Clinton country shocked but I'm into country sucks it's in jest but I managed to may gate. I game winning touchdown anyway despite all the injustices and took a needy and they pulled it. Don't think so. Check your race is an atheist tells you that god is dead and he's telling you that he once existed. And I. Extra to Haiti is so great grand Haitians that are here going back. When about this over the weekend to. Given all the insults they now allegedly kept take from track by simply Thomson appellate given the insults they allegedly hesitant why it fell to go home. Ray because he's not mean they do is not a hell hole is not no matter what Lindsey Graham sex. And Lindsey Graham may think to paint them the place is immigrants come from a hell holes but but but but this. So. Sure it's why don't they just let us vote on talk with the people speak and we did it was called the last election trump went he ran largely on immigration you may remember. We're Deb great for him. Text your tap and Heidi C how you act. And many so called it his they guard during storms at sea so says Tommy. I mean but I'm sure it's quite a few. Sure it's got to fit into our logic he wouldn't be back. No we wouldn't that a text your rates. Idol in shot nineteen and the Romans. Allman and knows the truth god exists therefore their only profess. Concern at that I enjoy and I don't know which protects them sorry. I'd tech stories means that track record for record keeping I just get the transcript. I had the morning cynic don't have won this. I tell stories here are just humanize proof of God's design conservative pain. Check your race really even had an argument with your husband in your mind or plans which were going to say when you see someone at work. We. Think could see I knew the person that I was directing George to actually existed. For sure Simpson. It's just a reference to last segment. Sure it's your heading deployed several times around the world must arrest the world is a blank hole. And has great county canceled school yet. With times a 55. The kids to earlier and go to school tomorrow the plane for that. Government because it doesn't dusting of snow. At north where are you kidding neither snow act and I got now concedes it would go allegedly pop potentially may be getting snowed two. Maybe. I'd try worries what could be icy implements a drive time could be has artists could be slowed down C a good plan for that and plan for the kids being home of the day. It is just an African go to school here. Even so any day is are off. In the last day they had off with a Swedish traffic day we've seen around here a long time Earthlink absolutely nothing. On the roads anywhere not even north Greenbelt. Sure it's the vikings wide receiver who scored the touchdown made similar and I know that. And they need to find them the play is what I'm sure the NFL is taking him down by now would we can not have egregious praising Jesus Jesus Christ. All on NFL's India we we can't have that clay is it sends the wrong message. Tester race. It shows that most atheists are actually any regard for something horrible happened in her life. I would surprise me. I text I just the times that Bradley Manning AKA Chelsea American traitor and trans woman thank you taxpayers is every US senate. And Maryland. Yet got PM I was gonna say the ads for you put then numb all of our computers died. But this big story here amazing to me is not Chelsea Manning added everybody's talking about. Chelsea Manning is didn't. Yeah. I.