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Sunday, March 4th

Seth and Dave open March with the South Carolina Grocery Tax, the face of ethics in South Carolina, Pressley Stutts joins to discuss the GHS scandal, and fixing our roads. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock here on Sunday's 1063. WORD. It is time for Sunday nights was seven Dave we're taught meets action. We are present a nice guys by the freedom action network South Carolina the premier grassroots organization. Here's South Carolina looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary. The fight the corruption down the state house to take back control or state government and advocate for freedom in the palm out of state. Well not only are they not gonna fix our roads of the gas tax money they're gonna spend that money to tell us to get off the roads altogether. Moral that later stick around for that it'll have you outrageous and has us Al raged. But Dave and I Ethier restart rule but the good news. Of the last few weeks we've been following on this proposal coming out of the state house to put a sales tax a brand new sales tax on groceries. All medicine even on our monthly electricity bill. And of course once we saw that was coming we want to stop that before gain any momentum. And thousands of folks across the state agreements. And took the time other data get in contact with their state legislator the house member of the state senate governor and tell them no way no how. You just passed the largest gas tax hike in state history you're not gonna turn around and start taxing my groceries and my monthly electricity bill. And thanks to them thanks to thousands of folks. Across the state. Dolan threw the freedom action or south Carolinas are called action platform and getting in contact of their sail legislators. Dave for now that sales tax hike proposal has been tabled. Well and thank goodness set because until you look and I just got done. Load up on grocery here before. The CEO and and you know with three kids now outsold. Five total you know growing. Got a five year old three year old one year old. We spend all mighty and the brochures and I imagine most grown and we do. And two. Need to have that tact and Eddie 3% rate. Statewide on top both what I Artie takes Charleston County of 1% felt effect on our Greg street. I mean it's just again it all adds up to that it would they're going bit they'd want to nickel and dime must adapt. And in some cases. Dime and quarter to death and that's exactly what they would've done with this. They you know it's silly stupid what everywhere called proposal. All in it not only course street but on our power built I mean it's just it's again Colombia. These state politicians think they know better than a lot. They think they can sneak one in on us and doubt that they're they're trying to feed that addiction that we talked about all the time. These guys down in Colombia are a bit. The spending and debt. They are like terror when they need to find more ways to take out money more revenue sources from a lot of them. So they can feed their addiction of more spending. And more debt that's really what's happening down there Columbia. Now available to spend our money in it is seems that it's only hell layers and was able to spend what is not there Mona but hours in a costly try to find new ways to get their hands in our pockets. And you know from our perspective you call it silly and stupid and also throw sake ought to ridiculous. But politicians were run around call this a courageous proposal very and make no mistake I mean they still to pass this thing. I mean a war to tax the purse recently by far families they want to tax. Our electricity month every our electricity bills every month is just as citizens actually stood up and demanded they walk away from this proposal so are safe for now. It is it has been taken off the table they're no longer looking to pursue it at this moment. But it we turn a blind item for just the second day of the rest assured they're gonna figure out away to give us in the back door because one thing we've learned. The last couple of years watching these guys are Columbia. Is a couple things first a lot of high things from us. They all make money at our expense entirely as we see here they are not conservative they want to tax us today at you saying Nikola dominant. But we you know we always say you know penny here penny and iron as sort talk about a couple million bucks and that's how they Tennessee embalmed. That's also important. Oh lead off the show was because they once again shows that citizens can take control. And our government if we organized insane together and are forceful in what we want. If we just sat back in and allow the singing gain momentum no doubt they would hammered it there was quickly as possible. This isn't still not enough for the first time we ceases to stand up and demand change multiple console last year you first start with Mike Wooten. The corrupt guy who was the former chairman of the SE deity commission he was finally forced to resign excesses of pressuring government master. And then couple weeks ago John Harding and if you lower risk for ups animal who were it was also only has he DOT commissions. While the company he was a lobbyist for had a sweetheart deal he was finally fired. By governor master after intense pressure from citizens and now we see. Even though every special interest group wants to have this on. Politician to run around caller courageous they're being forced to walk away from the sales tax proposal now because citizens at all and demanded they do so. So it's good to see half fill it citizens now are or start to see almost only on monthly basis but at least take it's not a little bit it's done. At the pressure on our politicians in conjunction with thousands of other folks on the ground state within our network that they can see positive change. And make no mistake they were gonna have to keep that it. Is although it's great you know beat this thing back for the time being there's still a lot of work to do. We talk about Altera. In our constitutional crisis self defense in the second and that and also little the right to life are still not protected here. We got a lot of work to do we still have the whole he's got to cattle and drain the swamp in Colombia in Gaza you wanna join. The other network the the folks across state or putting pressure on his cast do the right thing you can do that tonight very easily is taken yourself roam and sex the word drained. DR AI in drain and drain the swap text drained 252886. That's gonna give you a quick way about thirty seconds baiting get home. On asylum petition what you politicians know enough is enough enough for these tax hikes enough with not protecting our constitutional rights. Enough of us haven't though you know dodge potholes everything defeat on our roads. There are especially after paying those are they pass a lowers gas tax hikes they history. Enough is enough day if US and and that's the night text the word drain the five to. 86. And they've. We talk about what else we have to do. Did this past week is the perfect example of what kind of swamp we need to drain. We don't fall on this Paul Campbell bus story for months now Stacy had a pocket without a low country to. Actor not a parting a little too much drinking got into a car accident on interstate 26 actually ran into the back of the young lady. And was charged with not only. Driving drunk that evening but also Lar into the law enforcement officer who showed up at the same about what actually happened. He was allegedly here's a guy discard switch seat of his wife and try to peddle harder. When a follow this and this past week Dave this guy got off or make technicality. And if you need a better example we to drain the swamp continue to do so look no further. Well look that mean in the gap blue point are not. The minute they threw that out that is the does that doubt he'd blue point oh not that brought a lot or two hours after he was. Well rested so aid this. It is it that you Teddy get well on technicality. But Donald and that means we've we've seen the video footage and ended on our FaceBook page everybody wants to go on tickle looked. I mean his behaviors to stick it de Beers one set as we've said. Really should disqualify him from serving on that the chairman of the senate ethics. Committees and I think you were comfortable. For. Determining whether or not. There is unethical and possibly. Illegal behavior in that in that senate chamber. I'll bet man is not qualified to be doing that he needs to it we need to shame these senate members. You forced him to step down that position that doesn't change its behavior was still awful he's still says it on the gas cans that you and I both felt that. You want to change the do you all the benefit himself and that's what he's said it on camera in front of everybody you laughed in their victim's mother states. And is bond hearing the very next day after he was arrested so it. It's a pattern of behavior against that courtroom talk about the veto as we move on another segment here there's jokes but. It's a pattern of behavior that all of these guys have. They think they're bubble ball they think they don't have to follow the law. When they're confronted about it they don't like it very much and they Acton that rubio quite it's gallantly. Or dust what we call Matt. No absolutely I want to go in some more details about just how he got all and also two of them hold these other state senators accountable for the fact that this man is still the chairman of the senate ethics committee. We'll talk more diesel that that only give back after the break Carol sunny nice to seven they've all 1063 WORD. A ring of fire and as exactly what Paul Campbell somehow managed to get himself out of when he elf a technicality this past week in data charges of driving under the influence. And lying to law enforcement after earning young lady and I 26. On a couple months ago the day before the break up like you'd made a great point then. It's not just that he had been charged these home crimes. My we've always said is our do you arrive or anyone else outside the judicial system to determine his guilt or innocence now. We can go back and forth about how fair. Our judicial system actually is in line affected Paul Campbell another state legislators. And only have a hand in. Obama appointing the judges that they stand before when they are a charged with a crime but also the fact that doesn't seem that. Let's say legislators are darned do anything to go to jail. So we can Arianna how fair the judicial system is. But make no mistake you and I both believe in you know equal protection under all and every once in a fair day in court. But we've never said that they should be though legal trouble he's going through the should determine whether or not he is removed. From not only as the chairman of the senate ethics committee. But also from his powerful position on that quote unquote investigatory committee looking into the nuclear power plant the box which gave him subpoena power tried. Debt than his legal troubles or not we should get him removed from that it is his behavior. While he was go through this process the deems them unfit to hold those positions. As you alluded to. While he was handcuffed. And being arrested. Four. About changing the deal while malls in the state and I ask this question a Friday day under my face but a lot. Why would he be sitting there mumbling about changing the DU I laws in the state if he wasn't guilty of breaking them not just a few minutes before. Right but neither here nor there a state senator is sitting at a police are mumbling about changing a law. After that after he's down in the police station saying enough I'll be a prison jumpsuit and his bond hearing. And listen to testimony from the victim's mother the young lady who he ran into when actually six listening to assessment of her mother and saying that. They've been playing her daughter's wedding. And but for the grace of god they might be planning her funeral. Had that wrecked him more serious. Paul Campbell doesn't have an epiphany and realize the severity of his actions he says Sarah last in this lady's face. Prison suit after being arrested and mumbling about changing the law. As so we said before. Our state senators. Is our governor. Comfortable. Allowing this man to be the face of ethics in South Carolina. And so full or that answer is a resounding. Absolutely. Because not a single state senator. Not our governor not a single gubernatorial candidate to date has called for this man to be removed as a senate ethics chairman. And like we said the previous segment if you warden a perfect example. Of how much more work we have to do data Colombia to drain the swamp look no further. And you wanna be apart of drain that swamp. Guy's been a text and asking what was the text numbered in its text drain the drained a 52886. And you enjoy and now we're folks putting pressure on these guys and try to hold them accountable for stuff just like this dive. Oh certainly again you look at you said before. These. I mean this man has a direct hand in a warning have been the judges of that state. They had to change they've walked out booted the magistrate judge because. Actually directly appoint the earth so we said the group that did that put another magistrate judge dollar because here. Any senator any time can stand up and squash the reappointment the appointment of a judge so there's no reason as you alluded to before. That none of these guys have gone to jail or the reason that none of the legislators who have. In some cases admitted to breaking ball ball. In a bear of very serious crime they're not going to jail and the reason is simple set. We don't have equal justice under the law and that they not only powerful legislators can unilaterally appoint. The judges on the bench we can't we don't send since then and that our FaceBook post was our our our time on the filled up with folks saying the exact same thing that you're allowed to talk about a long time. Let it go to work you or myself or anyone among listeners out there. They're committed they crime that popped in the bowl bid you better believe. We would've gotten the maximum punishment possible there's no doubt about it. The men as a state senator that point judges he'd also wealthy man. Who are being gained is some of it well. From government. Work and and a government job he's also their edited Paulson on the airport authority. I constitutionally not rule out tired. What that unconstitutional in my life of course when he goes out is viewed by the best. But lawyer money can buy and get law on a technicality. There. The bottom line is we do not have equal at all in the state if you are where are accused of the same crime the Polk and the that you better believe. We'd like being jailed this moment in time poke Campbell walk now three. The charges were dropped on the technicality. Nine is absolutely disgusting as you say when you realize there are two separate judicial systems in our state you know one for us pleads who actually pay and the rest is just salary. And then one for these you know holy rulers who who settle topical areas Mount Olympus and look down on the rest of us because there's above reproach above the wall. And below people realize this we told us on well on the road the other day. What people realize there are two separate classes of people. That's when things get really here. And you alluded to are faced a patient by you I want to read a few comments from our post on Friday highlighting the fact he got off a ten count. Karen says this is a disgrace to our state. Jane says what a crock of bleak. Carla says when I heard this I thought this is unbelievable I'm sure if this happened to the average citizen we would not see this happen. As Karen stated this is truly a disgrace to our state. All re adds there are no ethics allow and our legislature. Clint says above the law POS politician. Joseph says disgusting. One guy says this makes Avis has this makes me so linger. Why are his colleagues silent corruption in South Carolina never ends and sad thing is that these idiots keep getting reelected. Monica goes are you kidding me chairman of the ethics committee really. The Statehouse is more of a mess and I realized time for some fall November cleaning won a bunch of nit wits. And then Todd asked they had Kimmel film O Todd thank you for asking a yes sir they did great let's play in the clear up. A drunken pulse Campbell smuggling elf interchangeable and now. From both chambers then things have more pins more important. Of course we'll. He can only win only because a little short is Paul got a little wall profane in his is not there you go on and are there is up. But they just for context guys measure here and that that is filmed from the dash cam all of the police car. While Paul Campbell sitting there in handcuffs. Under arrest. For driving drunk and lined a law enforcement directly after causing an accident owners say Tony sixth so yes it's not they do have a mold them. Beyond that they have a mall still laughing in the face. Of is that other victim's mother as bond hearing. It's a likely say guys if you awarded a better arm perfect example. Other kind of slop we've got to drain down in Colombia look no further than Paul Campbell Paul lion to the police camp. And Davis like we said the other day when you're driving drunk airline to the cops in maazel call that bad boy. As what us football game was charged with these are free and candidate folks. He's just use two different systems adjust to the committee chairman of the ethics committee that they still pull it a quarter of a million dollars taxpayer money is CEO and airport authority. Got already is up would better this. And we are back here all Sunday nights the second day where talk needs action. Does facies check to settle FaceBook FaceBook dot com forward slash fantasy. Wearing your daily updates about what's going on in Colombia and more importantly what you can actually do about it. Before the break we're talking about Paul Campbell drunken Paul Campbell's face error down low country getting off on a technicality last week. For his charges of DUI. And lying to police grilled cinema more Tom of that clip of all Paul Campbell we dropped in so early as they caught Alaska upon site. The conflict. Will go watching right now. As Paul Campbell ankles a police car minutes after being arrested mumbling about changing the lot of balls. Now any poll in golf for ten caddie this last week once again showing two sets of the justice here in South Carolina won for politicians. And one for the rest of us an absolute disgrace. But Paul Campbell's not the only state Senator McCain giggle so early and went face a little adversity Dave. He became unhinged. As will folks are obvious stain website it's news called it over the weekend. For a little back story we've been following this GHS take over the last few months now we've had Tom world it's a home. We've had a good for Empresa Stutz is gonna join a series the second the talk about affected. Based on the border JH yes which is all appointed by our reported and screened by. Our state our house delegation basically sold out ths for a dollar and privatize the quote unquote to some other monies and basically sold out. Although taxpayers over him carry which is dumb millions and millions and millions of dollars. And this not public asset. Now there is a lawsuit going all the try to stop that or talk about that a lot more deets on next week when we have Tom world its own palm. I don't. But some folks we're trying to get a legislative solution while we're waiting on the lawsuit to play out. And one of the state senators who said he was gonna try to help out all that solution was our very own here Randall William Timmons. Now Presley starts the chairman agree multiparty. Along with some are too citizens who have been hands own in this process. And crested and working with senator tendons to try to get this thing in the forward legislatively. Now a the last couple days it would seem as though state senator went tennis has turned his back on that process not an about face. In his long no longer but I try to help out when a legislative solution to this problem. Now when faced with that are when challenged about that by Presley such who are welcome and right now. What are tennis and not take very kind of to a press liking you walk our listeners through your interaction when an and his response to you. A SS SH for having me on the day. Before you start let me be up front to clear I have no animus toward centers Simmons. Because Smart guy. He I think he consciously does his job. But he's crossed the line here on not just with each click it is that he used when he told me to I can't sit on the air like com. Right yes are not as they lesson that I think it permit a letter answer that right now. Yeah sort of left rough and chill out and yeah. Yeah yeah I expect it. And and then in the taxi you promised to crucify me. And I don't know what that means yet and maybe I'll find out that. Why doesn't anyone I think remains one. Well I I hope not but. So here you're here here's the back story in the end you know. That this this whole. Unhinged article that was just it's news it's very salacious again it's. But it's actually it's we we get sidetracked as we missed the points. Which is saying. Because senator Tim and invited a number of citizens and some other members of the house. To this home a couple of weeks ago we sat he presented to last. A bill that he was planning to introduce. Maybe slightly more than two weeks ago now. Senate bill 1026. Which basically. Would fire. Executives of GHS. And put up with the local system personally it's estimated worth. Is somewhere in between three and four point five billion dollars really the only they would be in essence put on it. In those Florida for a for a billion dollars would be returned to taxpayers. The bill was a perfect that was too candy I give it away from the store for some projects. Police side you know why it really accomplishes and a couple of major things that we want so we. Agreed at senator Tim has been passed to get behind the balance sponsored. That we went to work in Dan. We worked with this and being the Senate's a lieutenant governor appliance ruled it a local issue because it is a local issues. Because DHS's. The board. That was nothing new there was controlled by. Pepsi delegation because they were nominated by Pepsi delegation. In so it would come NFL but there. This past Thursday. Who senator Simmons goes onto the floor. Certainly it's an amendment to this bill which in essence. Does a 180 and guts the bill in hand over the keys to the kingdom right back to GH yes. They say it was a scheduler that annual store sure he says can do one thing on these tests are needed the exact opposite. Yes and then you confront all out then in the basis I was. I can't seem high tech city then he called me within five minutes. And that's where and the the words were changed. And in the end it's been picked up you know longer so FaceBook friends has been picked up. You know in the news. So it is up pretty you know set. It in the song you've played that is leading to what we were just talking about. Among like to make love not war. That the but but but but listen. I have to speak truth to these self serve being narcissistic entitled cocky politicians. And William Timmons is not the only one. Where is it that this entire. Most of our legislators there's some good lies there. But these guys think that there are smarter that we the citizens are they picked a better that we are they're entitled. And you know sometimes you just have to tell the upper any network in close. And I asked very pointed question. And you know our dialogue is we were talking senator can sit well I don't think the bill as a chance of passing. My question to them like what that you think at a ticket partly why did you hit it in two weeks ago right I mean every it's incredibly. Yes secretly it stayed happy in your key man. I thought process as. That pay less than. I think I've that your ear and out dead on men and we've been fight along with you on that in and crack in that yeah this whole degree possible that some. Situation with beer and a but here here's my bottom line on bad but. The fact that he came back instead I'm gonna crucify you. And again he might not amend it might have been some neat said the key to battle. But it the end of the day. When the state senator held you would wreck like that. Everybody's Payer on the back or neck should pop a little bit. Because our last segment on that you heard threats we were talking about Paul Campbell. Talk about how he has. He had this great power of appointing judges in this state. In every state senator has that power are almost. Unanimous power to appoint and two killed judicial nominations. Went to win some state senator let you view like he did it. Then that should put everybody's radar need to gulp on the net gear because quite frankly he has the ability. Unlike most other politicians in the country. I unilateral ability to appoint judges and that should scare reconcile the public got that it's carelessness. That somebody in the state senate who had that awesome power is running around wrecked into the didn't win when pitted the challenge him. On on his by the. Yeah out well. I just questioned. But I ask says the senator why it turns to face turned an about face artists. In he's too well GHS is popping a lot of money into the sitting there and trust me. GH guess is throwing everything at us including their kitchen sinks okay. And then it. They are they're throwing money at the governors of big gubernatorial race in the governor's going to veto it. And I simply says oh does that mean that the got to get behind European thing too because she hit the candidate. And declared candidate to be Bradley in the next week congress will look right for the fourth congressional districts. And when I said that an and I spoke truth to that power he took offense that it and that's when he too young to outlaw. Yeah. So. Well not me you know I think day in my day says it is a is a threat that should be taken seriously when a guy who has on judges in this thing under Islam tells you gonna crucify you when an elected official backup power. Goes after and threatens private citizen it we should albeit sit back and take notice says the elusive. But also should invigorate the rest of listening to the Presley you know hats salty and you say he you've got to call these guys out we all have to call these guys now. And we knew we know that kind of power they have we know what they can threat assessment. Billion the day that we don't sandal tool they're gonna continue to run roughshod. Over our state so hats LT for call animal and all know what he did you guys and getting a hold his feet to the fire particularly because as you say. He's not historic campaign for congress and if you think that he has a lot of power that he can threaten us with as they all freshman state senator imagine the kind of power he will. As a congressman and DC. So gala that type temperament would that type mentality. Towards his felt towards the citizens that on his constituents. Has no business being anywhere near our nation's capital for that matter. Our Statehouse to Presley thanks for calling we appreciate everything you're doing wherever it's a heartbreak Causley right back. Dublin down. I guess we're into the home stretch here on Sunday night the second day of a 1063 W Lordi thanks for staying tuned in. Dave what a story about state senate William Timmons we discern our. Yeah and sadly not surprising and in. Sadly. You know a pattern of behavior that these guys that did. And and again and assemble Forsett. Any time that a state senator that can unilaterally appoint judges chart nick and threats like that. Solved we got to keep we can keep our I doubt you know got a described opener years. Are to the ground on that because that that's scary that that that is that is not an idol read well and when those guys they have that much power. Are they can appoint judges. I think that kind of thing so we need to fight that need to double down Mike Pressler did we need to call out you know the truth to power on that end and called it out in the that would make you that. Leslie is a behavior bar pattern of behavior brought tying our last two Simmons first Potomac Paul Campbell. Right he gets arrested or son of the rover driving drunk and wind the cops. He's signaling it is sitting in the police car moment about change a wall. Right he feels like he shouldn't have to deal would this meant what he flashed that our state senate business card. Business is kept on going always usually shouldn't get got back in his car and been called today. And William Timmons thinks that he would do whatever the hell he Wall Street down there and if you try to call him now I don't know the only threats an old Tate asphalt and he's got a crucified. Right I mean these guys and it's not just an isolated incidents it is any time we also see it. We end with our folks who rule are in elders they send or state -- legislator. About an issue. Know him a little token response but then as soon as the questions itself those ignoring what today's fill all the threatening to burn as there's you know a couples aren't. Late so they all seem to have this idea that they are not only above the law but we beyond reproach and like you like you said when you tie that kind of attitude with the immense power than a year old. Over the judicial system is a Siri is serious threat. And he's be taken seriously in the east be called out so once again had salted the chair of the group the Tea Party here in. Here in town on the of state press stunts for calling and Simmons owned his. About face and his lies about what he's gonna do these ths situation. Let's talk about las for a second day of biggest ally. Potentially in South Carolina political history remember this one. If you just raised the gas tax we're gonna fix your roads. Remember an alum. I do I remember real well but but but but. So it's been found though let's say if about nine months now as they passed the largest gas tax hike in state history we did a FaceBook blog this past week guys are faced a page FaceBook dot com forward slash candidacy. Right there on the interstate on. Now halfway between Columbia Charleston a forget it's our house on enables a Blackwell. And Obama and Rouse an omen. We did have a face that glove would a pothole. Does the size of a Dag gum Swindon poll. Again not much credit they don't guys if you can't check it out so I say all things that come. Forward slash fan of SE Dave Lilley Hopson this thing began. And we're sitting there were doing a face a lot and we say I must say now. It's been nine months it they're not even takes on the interstate day right which is the most heavily traveled road in the state if they're not even Dixon that. There is no hope. And in the fix our roads in other words I drive home the home every day the urge you drop home are broke probably get home every day and not old dot bought old rural roads are Pickens and Ayers and there's no hope. The they're you know makes it there night in fix in the interstate. That's why not ours are drawn to this op Ed the popped up in the state newspaper. This past week talking about a couple of weeks ago talking about one of the boondoggle projects that he actually wanna spend our gas tax money home. And no and it's now one of our local roads know what they order of no us on I 85. It is the boondoggle project of interstate 73. Down in Myrtle Beach. Guys you may remember us talking about this as we were following the Mike Woodside a last year and forcing him to file resign from the SE DOT commission. Essentially. This is a four decade. Decades old idea. To have an interstate first it was gonna connect to believe Michigan to Myrtle Beach so he is in many gag and yankees down here's possible. But now all the other states have realized that this is not a viable option but this is a boondoggle. Every state but ours. Were special interest groups and politicians are still pushing for South Carolina to face they're portion of I 73. And so allayed by the name of Lisa Jones too risky road again. To stay newspaper when an op Ed titled Myrtle Beach doesn't need that pricey interstate is just special interest spending. Last week south Carolina's transportation secretary Kristi hall present her agency's plan to put taxpayers dollars to good use. The list focuses on urgent long overdue needs for our state. Including improving safety role roads widening existing or states resurfacing roads are replacing old bridges. Interstate 73 which is Myrtle Beach is priority did not make that list. In fact the money need to build on I 732. Point one billion dollars day. Can actually find in most of the State's true priorities including upgrades to I 26 I 85 I 95 and I joining. The massive highway which are run from I 95 to SE 22 would line the pockets of moral be special interest not serve the people South Carolina. In the Myrtle Beach area chamber of commerce has invested heavily in marketing and lobbying campaigns in Washington here at home. Trying to convince our congressman communities that we knee I 73. But we don't hears a voice guys all of a us citizen from the year they'll be affected by sending three saying we don't won't it. We don't need it. And yet two point one billion dollars. Right now. Whether trying to divert away from existing roads to use was I sending three boondoggle project. And Dave unfortunately. If history is any indicator they'll get that two point one billion dollars. Plus long overdue are plus the overall and plus the interest is if your remember there's a another boondoggle that we've been following. Typical highway over in sports. I too laying sleeping highway that a man can literally lay in the middle on a 5 o'clock rush hour is it was so calm. And not congested and to lay down the middle of farm progress show hour that highway has got to expand to five lanes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Not because the citizens more today but because special interest groups and politicians. Namely Hugh leatherman from Florence which is where the highways bill. Born so if you bought it if history shows anything it's at they'll get that money unless we do something about it. Well intent not to mention meanwhile they're building all these brand new interstate ten and make them they can't look at however that you are not seen that few times now and talk about small Elaine. Country road now being built that almost like a five lane interstate system. There are reports Alex. Meanwhile Heidi pride is driving on that what got on the surface of the moon from basically the North Carolina border all liquor green ball. I'll we've got Woodruff road has been a problem since this sense did he get basically. And you got all these real world wrote that you're not programme all the time in all on the need backwards here in Greenville Spartanburg I need some of these rooms or in decrepit condition we wrap it Boe minutes South Carolina on I 26. You know one of the you've missed well traveled route and that speaks. One of the most well traveled portions of the most well Trout bird in the states that haven't even fix that would target tech money so you. You've got all these problems all of the state and are worried about building new roads and eat and the reason is simple says you hit on earlier. The recent very simple. They'd make money on building new work they don't make money on repairing old one. They don't make money on fixing potholes. Or restructuring Bridget. Act now or those guys make money that's why this whole scheme was all out. Building eyes that needs through the whole debt act like gained from the very beginning. Was about adding and lining and there are pockets the politicians and lobbyists. And boy are they make good money that I mean the first project I think that they did it immediately put out. I think or eighty or 90% of the money went directly to the lobbyists who sought fought so hard the at that gas act like they're making money on our accept our roads still aren't getting six. I don't see that ending anytime soon not until. Our listeners and citizens across the state and up and say a not a not. Well it's even worse and that they not only as a sending in the show not only are they not going to fix our roads this gas tax going. Right now there's been an am going to tell us to get off the roads. Now and an had to be refining this guy as there's actual website you can trigger yourself low country go dot com. When you bring it up you'll see the SE DOT logo prominently displayed in the lower left hand corner. This an SE DOT. Funded website. It is selling used to bike to work to bust the work. Even walk to work days they would get on the roads so ridiculous is this day they pass a lords is gas tax hike in state history. There has spent a lot of that money old boondoggle projects and new on roads that we don't even need. They're not gonna fix the existing roads and our solution that is just tells the sale from. Just didn't work walk Disco and. Is just getting out ahead. At the pocono RI I think it's worse third funding all of that and Eric Allen McDonald and not in a particular road. The beauty to how the that there itself won't it's. This is just improve your commute with rob logo just walked more guys that's a solution to fixing our roads did not demand our politicians being Campbell. Just walk to work just I should tune in this week will see the same town same place next week on Sunday night for seven day.