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Sunday, March 11th

Pressley Stutts and Tom Barilovitz join Seth and Dave to look at Paul Campbell being released of DUI charges, the Greenville Hospital System takeover, and local politicians calling for gun control.


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sunday night here a 1063 W Lordi it is time for Sunday nights with seven Dave we're told me it's action. Guys we are sponsored night as usual by the freedom national or South Carolina. Which is the premier grassroots organization here in Pullman a state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary. The fight the corruption and a Columbia. The take back control or state government and actually advocate for freedom if you haven't taken out yet do it all FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Four slash candidacy. Poll showed nice guys we got a full studio full house man absolutely we are joined not we had Davis media first of all which adults and beyond. In a proud a studio everywhere we got on the day of guys prestige does it chairman agreeable cheap boarding. Who also got several that's who is a on an activist assist and Agassi or rebuild who has basically leading the charge. For all auctions of purposes only is ths takeover. Com by and the board that was appointed by our state legislators worried that more happy new years tells you happy new year behind you there's there's only more choice. Eleventh the select Serb Davies is having years out to her not him to want to make sure this Euro is can be July 4 dangerous and we tell anybody happy new year pretty happy need that. They play in bowl so I guess talking about this all right probate Paul Campbell. Say Sarah down in the low country who. Was arrested a couple months ago for driving under the influence and lying to the ball officer who came to the scene of the crime. About just who was driving. On the car when the wreck occurred. This past week and you befall our FaceBook page load this guy got all own a technicality they through his short is out. Now we surprised by that not in the least. Because. Fact of the matter is the South Carolina are two tiered justice. What for us regular folks and want for our state legislators they get to a point the judges in our judicial system and it also get the police themselves. Within the state house so are we surprised that Paul Campbell guy all for a technicality absolutely not. But while we'll tell you so we're fury eight about the fact that overstays Sanders or even our governor. Has not so it opened the demanded that he stepped down as the chairman of the ethics committee in the city. Now if you wore a perfect example. Of how corrupt South Carolina is look no further than the fact the chairman of our ethics committee. Is a guy who while arrested while sitting in Hinkle simply scar. Was mulling about changing the U I laws in the state to benefit himself. This guy got all. But we cannot allow our other state senators and are already get by with skirting this on the road date it's time to call these guys out and say if you're not willing. To demand at Paul Campbell stepped down. Great port of the primary power of the culture corruption looking. And that we've been saying this all on set it in this has nothing to do with the legality of that right this is about his behavior. He was caught on the dash cam while being arrested while under arrest saying. I'm gonna change the amend this is what this is the arrogance. Of these guys and you're absolutely right there there is a two tiered system of justice. And when these guys appoint the judges or can unilaterally basically blocked judges all the way down to the magistrate level. There is there is no telling and it actually it is a fact that we don't get equal justice under the law and set as we were talking about earlier today. You've got to wonder that you know we haven't heard a peep out of any of these state senator given her peak now steal our state senators. Note not a single one has come out and really at least admonish at least acknowledge. That Campbell's behaviorist hair done and we we are talking about why is that and the reason is simple. And this is why were calling for him to be. I'd thrown off the ethics committee. The amount of power that Paul Campbell has on the state senate ethics committee as the chairman. Is unbelievable and and we were almost two equating it to. And and citizens can be dragged in front of the FT CEO folks that are challenging in these legislative races they can be drug in front of the ethics committee. So these states senders they don't wanna singing thing. Because if they have baggage in their own carts in their own closets. They're gonna call out Paul Campbell and call it for his bad behavior lest they be held accountable. For even something less than this so. I think we've got to we've got to pour on the pressure our listeners have got to take action you can do it very simply. And and can you can text drain to the war to the number five to 86 let's drain DR AI and is entering the swamp. To the number 52886. Take action tell your state senator enough is enough get Paul Campbell off. The ethics committee he does not belong in his behavior. Disqualifies him from serving as chairman of the ethics you know Wesley should engraving got to queued up play her listeners that that dash cam video all Paul Campbell. This kind of it's good you are watching right now. Tumbled ten minutes then I'm planning on McCain's long week. Well and a quarter of the total for the area and fizzle Paul it's a whole folder but it gets us early issel so drunk as early but you know. Thoughts compressing is that the kind of guy you think should be the face of ethics in South Carolina. We're guys obviously answers absolutely. Calm. In not only is his actions. Reprehensible. But the action the inaction. Of other senators. Who are not willing to stand up call him out that is. We've got a crisis of corruption cancel out Carolina. In. This time for the people to stand up to these elitist. We know better than you politicians. And we need this guys enough is enough we're voting your butt out you've got ago. Well guy either has gotten isn't your neck of the woods appear for sure yeah shouldn't we will we've got to play us I am talking about that. Blade but yeah I'm and so that's that's really it is it's up to the citizens is gonna have to atlases and as we as we see and this is a perfect example is while the focus on this issue is that we always say. Left to their own devices politicians will do the roll thing early still filled the right thing. And look no further in this instance right if a guy who is a he's sitting in handcuffs. In a police call anti arrest for driving draw. And this guy so draw coal power base just sit there and mobile about changing the U bottles to benefit himself on. If it's so this is still stand well. This type stuff they'll continue to happen they'll skirt around the world will continue to have two tiers of justice in South Carolina one for us. And more for our state legislators and has absolutely role and is can. You can bit since then we send at least that is all you can bet if you were high. Or Tom or Pressly was pulled over. At an Iranian grade at point 09 blown point nine. And then switching places otherwise thin and all the other nonsense and align the police you better believe. Our butts and still be in jail I mean there's no doubt in my mind we would've been prosecuted for old Greek. And the other thing the real real well and that we we haven't really gone into but the other thing is. Police officer okay he pulled over State's energy it was a senate are. It looks like he's pretty much did everything model at all. He he might have messed up on that blow this thing and we don't we know for sure we don't know exactly how that that played out how that trend acted. But here's what we do you know. The next time a state senators pulled over. We think the odds are that the police officers pulled him over is really gonna wanna do anything at all actually. There there's an intimidation factor in that with our law enforcement you know these guys are all about blu lies matter except when they get pulled over on the blue lights are turned on them. Then it's the cop is a liar yeah he lied about me a line you know and and that's the kind of stuff I mean that's the stuff that we don't think about president has. Totally has an effect on our law enforcement. Eating you know law enforcement agencies around the state is. These politicians they get pulled over what all Boerse AG actually don't want to restore missile tests it that it once again like who sets the phone for slid. Yeah right enemies and not say legislators and tell. I think he was so drunk in the car that you realized it was all being recorded at all. I got it right a lot evidence that how drunk he really well. I know absolutely not think you don't recording it and you hear us say I hope you guys are watching what I think was he was so drunk but on our whole panel power that he didn't care. He thought that he can literally mumble about whatever it is that he could say whatever he wore it suit they can do whatever he wants to eight it by. And I say guys if says there's also happened in May and this guy did not kicked off events committee is not gonna happen if you listen yours say sir that message take your cellphone text the word drained. DR they are in hasn't drain the swap cinema or 52886. Text drained. The five to a sixth gals are back after the break with a lot more to cover stick around. David they are saying Osama he's changed and they were shows next Sunday afternoons a certain day Helen. Amnesty for citizens and believe Manning get much sleep last night from now on a world on this a little bit holiday of the gas thanks for alassane tuned in this this Sunday night to certain they've. Well was 63 W already just got to Texan or takes on. Asking what was that the word sex and distressing you were on this is you say politicians about removing Paul Campbell from that ethics committee. Gaza is just drained text the word drained deal or a giant hasn't drained this wall. The number five to 886. Isa and adding your get bounced back text takes about thirty seconds sin unless you're say Sander got like we said before and last segment. He'll leave into the role devices are not gonna do the right thing if you want it and as Presley are always great call the crisis of corruption in South Carolina. It is all too citizens. So just text the word drain DO RAI and cinema five to 86 and tell your state politicians. Give Paul Campbell all. Of the ethics committee now. Now we're talking about a state issue there's another local issue here in the ups they would have fallen for a few months. Which of course is GHS takeover where a public asset was basically given away. Two a private company for eight dollar. So the taxpayers are gonna accounting who've been paying this for years. And is there ripped all the way we're Jordan Knight by Presley Stutz the chairman agreeable Tea Party also top girl that's. Assists and Agnes and fall it is very closely Presley can you just give us a recap real quickly about what is happened so for with the GA just at or. As Greenville hospital system ranked Maria the number of high school was down ideological schism that. Oh well. Tom we we don't have enough time in this time it is already assured that they everything. But I'm. For over two and half years. And and the gentleman sitting to my left mr. Tom Burrell has been at the tip of the spear he really hero to the citizens. Of the upstate and I would say that this is currently. It's at obscene this year. But if it's allowed to metastasized doing is it's going to affect everybody's state is he already creeped down into Colombia. Is going to Florence scorned immunity but trying to go up into North Carolina. And I would like to defer to Tom because he knows all the inside baseball what's going on. So Tom if you would I'd just go ahead and give us a brief synopsis of what's been going. Thank you Presley umps are from my voice everybody but don't. About two years ago. CEO Michael Riordan decided to with a few other executives to take G-8 task which is a multi billion dollar taxpayer assets. For nothing via some fancy one sided lease contracts for a hundred years for a dollar a year. I'm he's been trying to make each us into a statewide are actually multistate. Giant hospital monopoly. Even and that's what he's been trying to do trying to emerge as hormonal now. We follow lawsuit to stop that in that lawsuit is ongoing. Com I tell you we we we had to state legislatures are on the lawsuit with us. File a bill 4945. To basically. Undo what Mike Reardon has done. And and actually sell off a hospital system. And have the billions of proceeds actually go back to the taxpayers who own the hospital. And this is like a Microsoft. Started forum was started by my bill gaze for a few thousand dollars. Grew into a multi billion dollar operation and somebody coming in giving Bill Gates a few of those thousand dollars back as saying now we own. Microsoft today it's absolutely ridiculous and taxpayers should not stances that. Said Tom if I can. In this episode essentially what they did was they swipe this this hospital system mean this board of bureaucrats essentially in and Mina would have used data come in Maine they write this fancy agreement a lawyer Fred at a fancy agreement. They walk away with this asset base they pay a dollar a year for it. It's worth the cut you know a few billion. Now you all pursuing. Right you're suing to reverse that that transaction that's correct that's correct so where's the lawsuit right now. The lawsuit is still in the discovery phase. In these are complex lawsuits end. I'm GHS has an army of lawyers Wear what court system is gone for the state court system Erica and I think it's the eighth circuit he got it was originally started out in the thirteen circuit here in the upstate. But we felt. That we cannot get a fair hearing or are at least a fair shake each year because of cost the conflict of interest unseemly scrap in the court system like now know who else ever and but boy we used we've got kind of judge out of lump. He's district and judge Bubba Griffin I think he's a good judge. And we're in and initial motions and discovery requests and all that stuff so it's kind of takes some time but justice will prevail. If he goes have to go to the State Supreme Court. Now know that there's the legislature. Try to intervene and that's essentially what you're referring to David there's a couple bills in the legislature and your state delegation in Greenville Presley yes they were the ones that kind of came up and and may originally. It sounded like this is going to be helpful to us and the taxpayers that they were trying to return these monies essentially almost coinciding with Tom's lawsuit. That the money shall be returned to the taxpayers and some various shape. In form right yes Tom in some other citizen activists. Where. Invited to senator William Timmons own. And we had been expecting this. It is. It was it was handed to us is again basically. And he sure does the bill we look at it we discussed it wasn't a perfect bill there was some candy that they gave away the store. But bottom line until we decided that we can get behind the veil. And we would support it senator Tim asked us to do. We went public with a from the Tea Party we re on an email we sent out on thousands of members. In the folks responded I mean this is just hit it off the charts are yeah we they've responded in that we thought it was a good thing. The day and less than two weeks after senator Timmons. Introduced senate bill 1026 and I forget the number time and how's the 49454945. Pounds. I'm senator Tim and you've got on the floor. And introduce an amendment that basically guided these tires anyone vehicle's back essentially went behind her back and snow negotiated just. Hi Linda not only did he go behind arm ax. But he did even inform the senators he was working he wit rolled in a single handedly went back to the GHS and their lawyers. And negotiated this quarter quote compromise with the and we were just all astounded. What I bought back a solid in the points that Simmons situation that and that bill one minute but our back up to how the sexy Kurtz of the G chessboard. Essentially gave away this asset write. And how who appoints the GH as well. The GHA's board is appointed by the south com South Carolina. Legislative delegation from Greenville county once again our state politicians for us so they thought they were asleep at the wheel I'm asleep at the wheel kind of reversed and being the on new board members selected by energy task. And they just kind of rubber stamp it weren't worth paying attention and Cali are Rhodes yeah. You have to give credit to a lot of guys like Gary Smith Mike Mike Burns Dwight Walters Tom Gorman they've woken up and they are open honestly to win the lawsuit. There they're critical in finding what's going on. Like he's got to know ten builds into week six election. And I think says point in my mind is to you mean the they have too much power yet and if politicians should not be appointing them as a board of a hospital system than it actually does that that's another reason why don't we when they were asleep at the wheel whether they didn't intentionally which some of them I think did. Maybe it doesn't really matter the taxpayer money is lost now because. Of this system that's inherently cry I think there aren't there are still. State lawmakers from Greenville county like Bruce Bannister yeah Ellis Henderson. Our rob Timmons Ross turner you know fail so bill titans had ever heard I enjoyed it and you don't normally support she's just trying to do they brought the currently teaches that all this consolidation lack of competition has somehow going to be magically great for everybody. When has been proven to be false everywhere and every industry across the world. We recognize there the next thing you know grown people around him yeah I don't know if you talk about it because it was sounds like in the is that you have once again a crisis that is being created. Solely by our state legislature. And their competence in the air on. You know inability to I have off four site Dave Coles is just like everything a solid drove down that more once we get back you'll Sunday night's seven Dave. And we are back. Hero one a 63 W already Sunday nights a seven day before the break we were talking about this GA just take over and as Greenville hospital system. Take over. But I play a private corporation basically for a dollar a year there leasing away a billion multi billion dollar asset. Far accounting for a dollar a year Arab for the bright we're talking about. That's how the mechanics of how what happen effectiveness GH is board. Is appointed by state legislators. And now we moved me up beyond the original take over now some of those same legislators who appoint the board. I now realize the error of their ways and their realizing that these guys shouldn't trust in the first place and they want to pass a bill to try to stop this take over. And it rolled side that Tommy got a lawsuit going to try to stop that is wells are. That's correct and and to keep in mind and the the core of the lawsuit is. This could happen to us a public school boards Clemson University where he receives South Carolina. The south gone ports authority all these all these taxpayer and an eighty's if they're going to be privatized let's do that and we'll complete product as well the proceeds going back to the taxpayers. Oh what did you is just more geared back into when fifteen vote to move forward this plan. And it ties all future board members for a hundred years they can't do anything all the powers that board. Are now tied up and at least. It's kind of like the school board do we won this year's school board doing it and anything else school board members are I can't do anything that's the stats against state law on the US and under your vision. Why is should be I SA and we hope that the normalcy plays out because Ella we talk about a first segment. Although the judicial system here south Kallis not a silly the most fair because those fairly sayers appoint the judges who create the problem. It I think in their fight a more hiring of success of they year. All of legality of what happened then Hillary is legislatively try to convince these guys who've via said supported the board in the first place. Then actually pass a wall that stops and running. Well how you wait you fingers more of a way to do it legislatively or the civil. Also there at the green if they can legislatively under this and this is typical there's a lot of politics. There's a lot of legal ramifications all of this month. I think. It is GA tests we can reverse this illegal privatization. For a few fat cat executives who are making 41 million dollar deferred compensation packages. A home. We can that we can reverse it and then we can talk about. Selling off GA just completely privatizing the pros he's going by the taxpayers and may be selling off pieces we have more than one competing hostile maybe three. Yes I mean you talk about this 41 million dollar. Compensation and this guy is Riordan is his name right Michael Reardon has and he's the C he is the current CEO. Of the yeah this this organism I don't know what you called us and us now he was until week sixteen the CEO of GHS now he's the co CEO of the South Carolina health company which is a corporate power Kos I do not tell us private corporate holding company. And hope that supposedly controls ths and the financially troubled palm oil. Has about 860. Million dollars. And junk bond rated almost jump on rated debt perfect and they wanna mix it with good GA says that. Well let's go further this is a obviously Riordan has an agenda. And so it is not just Ellis who was best for the the taxpayers reach and our clients in the health care system in south on the upstate right. There is a alternative agenda here pressing like what is. Now. Seth. If you go back and you look at the history. My career in terms of Chicago University of Chicago. He was an architect of obamacare. Which has been an unmitigated disaster as it forced upon millions remains of Americans. My career and hired Michelle Obama. And when Barack Obama was first elected the US senator. All of hospital. She was promoted from within. Okay he also has he also and hired Valerie Jarrett. Dale actually they are both of those two also worked at the university Chicago. And became top level hot President Obama advisors hands. And on top of that the same hospital was in investigated by the feds for patient dumping. And we feared dead and Tom was at the the tip of the spear a couple of years ago we GHS try to take over account in amounts. In that come and you talk about that and. In what patient dumping really does urged the people that like in Chicago whom they use our community outreach initiative or something very nice sounding. Where they basically take pay corporations. And they try to direct him to other hospitals. And and there really encourage more wealthy patients succumb to that hospital and these balls being patient with the insurance pays and insurance and these are nonprofit charitable hospitals. And are trying to worry about their bottom line. And so it is he a mask if if GH has it had taken over the amassed they could direct. Certain patients anywhere they want it away from bone secure Saint Francis and may lead to them. I'm not saying they would have done that but it's too bright of and opportunities that to happen. And again I mean and gone back to what's happened in the last Mina for four months I mean look. Timmons the states and here green bowl puts in this bill that effectively would. Help us at least would sell off GH ended the hospital system. And at least give us the opportunity textures the opinion or whatever money we put into it back is that correct. Yeah now four billion dollars toward and then he takes the rug right out from on any of us pulls it out and decides he's gonna go and sign with ths now. Speaking of money in this and we're talking big money. You all you re always in Greenville got this nice and I'm looking at right now it's this nice eight and a half by eleven full color. You know mail piece from some group that nobody on God's green earth has ever heard of to assess how does that sound airliner. But it. You know it with with these politicians on the front and it's it's obviously a front for these GHS interest in and the interest for for for Michael Reardon it looks like. Where he's calling all the politicians that kind of a calling out him NG HS. And again you get into this mess and I think for listeners sake. I mean what we want an Intel we're talking about this at the break was look. Privatize the start paying the private sector almost always does things better than the government sector the government should not be in health care business and that's really what it. I think your lawsuit obviously is about. On the legislative side it seems like it's if things had gotten too convoluted too many political interest at play here. Really the ultimate situation beat this legislation dies and you or your lawsuit coming goes forward is that the guy that right now the best situation. As most likely the best situation because. It's always tied up and the lessons I would encourage people to support 4945. And does get Timmons to change back. Ten point six back to its. They are basically a copy of 4945. But probably that's not gonna happen is very difficult that's a very difficult thing that you got a hundred some legislators to deal yeah GH hasn't testament did all these executives. They want this lawsuit to go way it is a very solid fantastic lawsuit. And if if the courts finally good just signed an easy task. And this opens the door for every other government any existing precedent do this campaign it's very it's very strong lawsuit and they wanted to disappear. Well they want this to your team because. Leg and it as we talk under the bridge the discovery process they don't like that very much. They don't know why do I know how much you're getting how much money they're making they don't want you know how many millions of dollars are ripping taxpayers off with every year and so that is part of the problem but. Mean I tell you press it and yeah both by none no way. Let me go beyond that I'm health care costs. You know they claim that health care costs will go down they haven't yeah ended. Believe it or not right now. Greenville hospital system has the authority. If if you're a a patient in the hospital. And use your insurance has these high deductibles of 7350. Dollars if you can't afford to pale one time. They now can garnish your tax reach her. In the last six months they've garnished and point six million dollars from the pour hard working taxpayers you know the monies owed. But but the put the prices are inflated. Right that's what William Timmons told us that in the last six months DHS. This private corporation operates in this nonprofit supposedly non profit as his guys got the power of the south Florida department of revenue to garnish without going to court. Ten point six million dollars now those funny because. GHS was a government and Jeep and Alex it's operated by a private corporation and a lot of other private corporations can do the same thing. Give the south Carolina department of revenue yet to garnish your income tax refunds without going to court yeah it's it's terrible. Well in set and we talked about this before we talk about this all the time and again I will single out. They'd be on William Timmons minute guys just a you know we we watched him campaign you know two years ago. That guy's mouth about a punk I'm I'm not afraid to say it I mean that guy is not Limbaugh in a pond with windows and all anyone I just citizens agreeable is shameful. And it's sad and it's just it's typical everything else that we deal with this culture of corruption there and Timmons is a part of it. And keep in mind think don't look they. They have done a lot of these doctors they show want to these. An and I think they're forced to shore up to these public media county council delegation meetings. And they shall with a laugh coach which by the way very unsanitary outnumbered hygienic and show off like we're leaving churches too yeah. Every actor just it was coated with hundred dollar bills I don't know but I I think. The doctors are calling him mine we we we think we have a great health care system which is owned by the taxpayer. And it's not the buildings per say it's the entire organization you know people prefer so good medical professionals just like Google has just like Microsoft as. GE everybody. And GG jazz as a great health care system because again great professionals but because they've got a fantastic customer base. Exploding economy here green it's a monopoly. I mean essentially it sorted that we've that we that they say you know they did choose and they say these people and they way they provide Cheri we all do that or virus are paying the bills. No last slamming this is why I said look at the in the low to break this is a crisis that is being created in managed by our state. While legislature and thank dalliances like you Tom there will stand up thank you guys site. Against it. You guys preach on the income we'll be right back after the break Carol Sunday nights a seven day. And snuggled in excess hard hitting political push badly ill John I only like two assists on guys we are back in heading into the home stretch here on Sunday night to set and Dave. A 1063 W Lordi. Were born of an issue that's been in the news a lot lately and that of course is our second in the rice Angolans in the wake of the Parkland. Four to shooting. Last week there's been a lot of calls for sourcing nationally. To restrict our second their rights to. Ban particular accessories even may have particular firearms. And in South Carolina a lot of lists like pretended Tate we've got a Republican governor. A Republican senate Republican House our second their rights are secure. Here in South Carolina. But they'd ever see in this last week apparently not so much as we have very public and our state legislator calling for gun control bush. And and that's turning gray Gregory's a Republican from Lancaster and by the way set not the only one not the only Republicans calling for or in the past called for gun control. And restricting our rights but. I mean he's joining up with Moreland can send a Democrat from Charleston on the one of the most liberal fire stands in this state goes which bottle let us just for own portal order Marla Hanson is the guy who is calling for us to rewrite our state constitution to include reparations for yes like old Arlington and net Libby I don't think marlin kids in the denies the socialist aren't I'm pretty sure. All right well it is second now Greg Gregory as a building inland I think Lancaster named after his daddy's oh yeah tiny beautiful little girl yeah. And why did I don't know but it was a sticky notes are Eritrea does any talks we are to blame but here's the other thing. I mean really he writes this op Ed said when he talks about we we got to restrict that we've got to come close but Charleston loopholes which is. This some quote loophole I don't know what would would they define and Paul has but look. The law enforcement can do the job until Merv. You pick the backlash that kids should not been able to buy guns and he did because law enforcement similar to Parkland sailor would happen out of Florida. Law enforcement doesn't do their job and that's not. Our fall. Is law abiding citizen is not our problem that the law enforcement agents didn't do their job at the FBI to make sure the dome roof didn't get a gun that he shouldn't of had in the first place. Greg Gregory however blames us he thinks it's our fault and law abiding citizens so he wants to restrict our Second Amendment right. And that's cracked Seth. So it's crap. I think also could keep her mind and I read recently written or read on the radar recently. And it was saying that all these all these students out here doing these walk Alison these protest and now this is to hit land these kids are modern use FaceBook and everything. And really it's it's the national federation of teachers that's right Democratic Party are all front its Planned Parenthood VMware helping organize these protests are the students. That's rich is the plan parent is all involvement in this issue right so. I don't listen to an organization that abort hundreds of thousands of children every year and our approach it like they care about kids that they are. Interest is just protecting the children answered did. Out of here man behind it then the hypocrisy oh this is so they so rant in Gregory superb example an and they will place a little visit. These politicians these avid college elitist. They see a crime. And they wanna blame global abiding citizens for the cry yeah I'm like wait till egg roll Greg Gregory liked. It is not by restricting my constitutional rights you're not gonna stop a mad man. For shooting of a school or mole or what have you. What you will do. Are restricting our rights and those other all vices in South Carolina if you reduce the probability. The one of us they will stop that men and for perpetrating violence the does more knows. Like the blow part of Florida are situation. Because they're they may not do their job. Is up to a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun and what they did Greg Gregory always over policies do no idea it. Is that our rights are not controlled by very emotional feelings and their immature intellectual approach this issue. Any payments and Gregory I mean look it it is that this is a guy you know he's been a senator for I don't know how long and what you sediment is. His daddy in the daddy daddy was you know some prominent designers and myself can't scrape. But at the end of the day I mean. It would be you can't take our rights away and and again blaming citizens law abiding citizens and abusing all my axis is taking away our rights. It's had to make yourself feel good and I hope justices is a Lancaster stand up and. And hold Gregory Campbell is all right let's just like O Lowell the C Greg Gregory tried to think Donald yet until an anti trust in man in South Carolina angle hat if you've seen they Gregor impersonate me can be written he's a little oil and you just say here and talk and input and op Ed in the paper until about how. It's irresponsible thing to do we got take the guns away from all of us this great. We're Mathisen come trot that. Republicans need a this is not a Republican in Democrat issued the these are the Republicans are joining these Democrats. In China never does and there's no doubt about what's that's their that's their goal and external I wonder Greg Gregory all he wants to do is he warning if you wanted to be liked by certain groups. I mean. Is that what he needs to do to get friends and he's gesturing easy but it came yeah I don't I just I really believe that we don't need guns I mean and who that might be a legitimate belief even though he's a Republican he's probably gotten elected on being per Second Amendment in his district. Which believe me he Durbin and that district you know for sure that's a pro second and the district. Com he'd probably just believes this that we don't need guns he spends a lot of time in Columbia elect a lot of lawmakers in vacuum and around hold out people won't have gun control. So you tell a lie long enough. And loud enough. They begin to believe a lot. They learn the truth is is that Greg Gregory at all or the sailors are stacked on the vacate the second and they hate they they've been they don't do they want us there pose with their hunting rifle and pretend like they're pro gun. But when push comes to shelve. They hate the second then they hate the fact that as citizens we have an equal power source the government does. And as stand up and they they hate the second minute and doesn't only got a few more minutes we will. I want a when issued this went wanna read this morning there was an article on the end of the Charleston post and courier and it was about how our state buildings. Our it just becoming decrepit. And and I mean National Guard buildings it. Shoot it they said that they estimated somebody asked me out of this address for companies that about two billion dollars behind deferred maintenance. On and state buildings or our government and buildings. And and so I really wanted to bring this up in and out real Linear as opinion on because. This is really gets down to the the crux of the issue was standing in the state in one there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats in the state house. Here you have the most basic issues ray Rhodes predictive governments can do some could pave the darn right that's what we expect. Taking care buildings National Guard or our our heroes are coming back from war. They they they use these National Guard Billings for training would a what have you they're decrepit or fallen apart they're leaking wrist. And yet we continue to spend money and borrow money for economic development. For giving away incentives and huge. Taxpayer gets to these corporations. For quote economic development. And we let our infrastructure crumble and Presley. I read it in house like. Am pissed off about this these guys so far off. And it's because they make money off of I mean that's really what you the only logical conclusion is they're giving money when these corporations because they're getting some sort of skinny. You skim on the middle and they're not taking care the most basic needs. Which which is what we all expect them to do well I absolutely. There's this thing district the local government fund. Where in the state requires every county. And divvy up X number of dollars in hearing Greeneville in many other carry through with the called Dora county's rate we have these recipient. But as this is the money goes through the Columbia. The legislators skim off whatever they want to raise. Handled their pet project right and I think every year here and we've academy. We we lose 46 million dollars in taxpayer money. And all the county councilman. We'll tell you. That the very last thing that they do is they put the money into infrastructure repairs right and as a result I mean over Spartanburg county they got the problem with the mold in the courthouse. Here agree of the county. And we need a new three million dollar roof honor our accounting council or county building yup. But now they wanna cares and yeah brandy Oilers sent out a dollar and that I just open up another can was awesome they saw no little guys on the censorship. Yeah I think you're exactly right it's these flip Parra priorities set. In and it's just it's unbelievable in what against this economic development is borrowing money. To give way to ease multibillion dollar multi that the money or the local level unbelievable locally decide. Note we'll keep them in my pocket Grammy and he's now taken the money animal park in the first place might not things are good is it okay. Last year or government spending is out gala increase by a billion dollars. A billion dollars right so prone 49 to thirty billion dollar ever has been this year there is no excuse would that amount of money. For our roads to be crumbling. For our schools to be the worst in the country FO RSA don't buildings to be dilapidated you know I mean these guys should be ashamed of themselves and the fact is that is not tell us. Over some dilapidated buildings they have control over is our health care is our roads is our education. It is everything and anyone in the state has proven themselves electricity electricity if anyone's proven themselves being content at any thing. And as these state politicians. Why in the world we ever give them more or go to Greg Gregory 10 even more authority over a lot they saw at ever rethink. Well speaking of putting these guys accountable Presley and accuracy and then the green tea partisan and it's what is it this week tomorrow night or night it's at the sum everything he talked about Justin. It called priority setting priorities right. I'm tomorrow night green Tea Party 630 ads in and a and 24 south main street a common we have a forum. Of all the secretary of state campuses and also. And then may be Willie senator timid bushel up April we've got the fourth congressional. Bill LA. These guys are saying is guy Williams got another Olindo quilts and he he demanded the commonalities not in down. And then in April we have a fourth congressional. District calf forum and we're hosting alive with the BO RD. They were doing the same thing alive with the BO RG with the gubernatorial candidates I was joined this two parties in a thanks guys for joining us British amateur mountain guys. Tomorrow night green realty party is and thanks for tune in again is tonight Gaza we'll see you back here same town same place next week or Sunday night's assassinate.