Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 2 11 2018

Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Sunday, February 11th

Seth and Dave talk about Hugh Leatherman corruption, John Hardy on the DOT Commission, SC bill proposal to delay state elections, the personhood bill, and an update on the electricity rate hike.  


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sunday 01063. W or. We are present tonight by the freedom action now we're to South Carolina. And got when they hear me say this. Every every week but resented by the freedom action number South Carolina but what is. The freedom action network. That is citizens across the palm out of state. Who remained together to fight corruption down in Columbia to take back control our state government and actually advocate for freedom here in South Carolina. Please join our network Koppel on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash span and SE. Give the page and I'll liken a follow Indy daily updates about what's going all the Statehouse how they're spending your money and more importantly what you can do about it. Are we living in Soviet South Carolina. We talk about all the time that somewhere things a politicians get away with here in South Carolina would make the old Soviet czarist blush. But a new proposal this past week by Harvey peeler. From Gaffney takes the cake stick around for more on that later. But David I wanna start was an issue that has been close to my heart. The last couple days I live over on the west side agreement also everyday I drive up and down academy road and every day. I am dodging potholes left and right. And I people I had single worst of it because a little on the west side and drama academy where it's literally litter of potholes. But I came down wade Hampton boulevard and a day of and came upon a pothole and drove over one. That was so big I mean yeah you remember this us opt actually took a picture of sanity I almost want them marked the spot and say this is a player. The meteor they kill the dar source landed this thing is enormous it takes up almost half full laying. Only tangible board and I had to ask myself day where is our gas tax money guilt. And they did wing are just passed the largest gas tax hike in state history last year and I'll see the money alone anywhere I'm still dodging potholes on academy. And still dodging potholes alike have to. Able we send during the whole debate was two things were for certain if they passed that against tech site the daily pay more at the pump. And that would not fix our roads and has been a gas prices are climbing and as I'm continuing his four bottles both of these things are being born out to be true. And the reason being that we said during the debate in all for the reasonable pay more the pulp. And the reasonable fix our roads is because of the corruption. Right the concentration of power that exists with the fellow Department of Transportation commission the politicians to control it. And also the politicians who control state infrastructure bank. And most folks I think a corruption as a relation to gas tax they think killed Hugh leatherman. But Dave as we found out and we know for quite awhile but as the brawl tortures and once again in Alaska police there's another poster child. For corruption over the DNC and the apple doesn't fall far from below the entry does. While Melamine look John party coup. Is leatherman on a ball and and yielded to set the poster child for what most folks think. Goes on in the whole state house and it in in and around the state capital Columbia. Is. These this sort of nepotism. The sort of control tight knit. As you mentioned before a concentration of power. Where Hugh leatherman the most powerful politician in the state state senator sent leader from. For its county. She is gone and all his daughter's husband is who he got appointed. To the most powerful board in the state becomes sort wrote. And let's be clear John party Q elements son in law. Is one of those one of eight commissioners. That decide where our money get spent. The contractors are going to be and what rootkit steak and win and that they very powerful position Libyans set and and leatherman. And you better believe it. Leatherman has made money off this. He is personally profited from Ian Stanley controlling their roots system. And so. It here we have an opportunity for citizens to have their voice heard John Marty you Letterman's son in law. His term is up at the DOT commission. At end and he on Thursday they will have a DOT meeting. The commission will meet. And the governor. All he had to do is set is held John hardy to take a hike. And nominate somebody new back all yet to do. He doesn't have it that that be a big parade but that would be a big media. You know press release it could net the naming all yet to do is get it called John RD up and say John. Thanks for your service. Don't let the door pitcher where the good lord which it feel later and I'm gonna nominate somebody else he had been done yet. But we've got to force the governor governor Henry McMaster to do that exactly that which is basically fire party. And nominate and put somebody new a bear so we can. Start to rip apart the cut streak without that. Absolutely I mean there is no reason to have note the son in law. Oh if you love the man sitting on the DOT commission. And your absolute right government master should fire he should already been fired. As soon as your citizen journalists are you wanna send that message right now to go ringmaster. Ned you to fire. John hardy fire beyond you lament some aloft and the city commission is take your cellphone and text the word fired F five OR ED. To a number five to. 886 he should've been fired a long time ago text the word fired the 52886. Because let's be clear day. If citizens do not simple as usual the devil's in the details and so we say his charm quote unquote expires. All Thursday I believe it is. It doesn't really expire for another six months because of new master our fails to nominate someone else that he fails to fire John hardy out right. The John Marty can sit in that position of the DOT commission's continuing to determine where our tax dollars go for another six months. So it's imperative that citizens who are fed up with the corruption fed up with the fact or pay more the poll. Is still dodging potholes and definitely fed up with the fact it there's a corrupt. Our system disallowing Hugh leatherman to personally profit. And have his son and mole well DOT commission while he's raking in millions of dollars from DOC contracts. Incredibly detects the word fired to the number 52886. Because if we don't you'll continue to sit there and we we've seen this before day. Mike Wooten. I think it was around our little decorate a little Allison a year ago. Same thing his term expired. May master was sitting on his hands and allow and who knows are sit in that position. Even after he had dog gone past his term. It was only after citizens and we're talking thousands of citizens across the state still look and demanded. The woman Bobby got rattled the there was finally some action taken and now my point is no longer all deity commission. We can't force the governor's hands but we got to put pressure on text the word fired F five RED. To the number 52886. Not say they I think you were telling me. The other day. There's a puddle down low country as well. That's a massive crater right there on I 26. And this is one of those things that it's aggravating you think we're just not giving you know our fair share of the gas tax money back the fact of the matter is all across the state. If they are enormous potholes are bridges industry Payer. And Errol are the same time. Boondoggle projects going on in places like. Florence county the chemical highlight this taking golf. Hundreds of millions of dollars away from projects here in the upstate and the low country in the middle of all the crawl South Carolina the the money should be going towards. Instead we're stuck with continually highs are rising gas prices. Knowing as we're sitting there paying at the pump that money is not going to actually fix the potholes are neighborhood. But instead it's a going to lie in the coffers of politicians and their cronies as well as the bill boondoggle projects and nobody walls and no one needs day. As of the question we always is when does is stop its only gonna stop we stand up in the man it'd do. Well look he even mentioned Mike Wooten I mean here's another. Thank goodness former commissioner he was on the commission. Thanks to our listeners and thousands of folks across state putting pressure McMaster to fire him recently thanks to a network of folks across the state. I mean this is the same situation that. You know party like you might like Mike Wooten like you let him and they make money off of DOT contract. And and I know we're gonna talk about it after the break. But John party yet you Letterman's son in law. Then he got a tweet suite job. Eat a lobbyist for the sign company that you see on the side of the road he'll pull up on the exit oldest son restaurants and and the gas station on book I get to make money on that. John party dust and that the kind of corruption work on net that it couldn't be more blatant and again that your right. We've got to take control of our government text the word fired at IR DD and a number 52886. Tell the governor. Higher Q let him under law on the DOT commission before Thursday. Absolutely we're getting suited T cells. All this sweetheart deal the John Hart is gala the DOC in his company he's a lobbyist for right after the break. 1803471063. If you wanna join the conversation the night here on Sunday night with Seth and gave a 1063 W already. They let's jump right back in this is they've got a read out so we're talking about. John forty. So on a wall of Hugh leatherman the corrupt you leatherman who basically single handedly forced off through the largest gas tax hike in state history. While also making it at least forty million dollars as concrete company from a security contracts and subcontract. That Hugh leatherman has a son a wall John party own the DOT commission and as we said. Prior to the break in the corruption and his family doesn't fall far from the tree as far as conflicts of interest in being able to make money. Here position and influence. Cup from a nerve article and what's eating out as if you're not following the nerve and investigated journalists out there right down there Columbia. Make sure you hop on an. More read just a little bit. From oracle that they personal Friday headline we'll SE governor reappoint powerful senators relative to DOT commission. Now once again as we blow roll through this is keep in mind that this guy. NL himself is doing bad enough he's a son a wall of Hugh leatherman. Should never been with the unity commission in the first place let's walk through his own conflicts of interest to from the article. John hardy of Colombian represents the second congressional district which includes. Arm multiple counties are now under the old legislative wall. Are controlled. I was under control off Thomas a place here. And legislatively controlled committee that all leatherman settle nominate hardy is the sole candidate it's when he fourteen for a new term on the commission. As in their reported in 25 saint now party to get this guys has a section of a road leading to the Colombian metropolitan airport named after him. Is a long time executive with Lamar Advertising company I national billboard and outdoor advertising company that shares or Columbia office with its state subsidiary. Known as South Carolina logos incorporated. South Carolina won us incorporated has a twelve year statewide contract would DOT for highway business logo signs. These are the blue Sar is playing the logos of restaurants gas stations and hotels near exits. And a nerve between fifteen report that the firm charges businesses to advertise or has highway signs and multimillion dollar operation. And paste DOT annual fees totaling at least two point 85 million dollars in the first years of the contract well what a sweet gig gave. So this guy sitting owned the DOT commission. Has say is a armed. Executive when they company I guess a parent company. All of SE logos which has a twelve year contract. With a idiots say now what we have this so he. He told an urban twice detained. He wasn't only DOT commission and the contract was approved and wasn't caller of contract negotiations. Involving the state procurement services office. Though he was reinstated to the commission the year after the contract was awarded. Dave do you believe party had nothing to do with securing a contract for a seal on those. So let's put this all wrapped with a nice little boat right so here his father in law is the most powerful but corrupt politician in the state. He lied about this legislative committee. To dip its gun involved or you were nominated and appointed to the board right I mean leatherman tied it altogether a legislator went along with that they appoint. Our party to add to the most powerful board when it comes to pick and I read the state. The DOJ and optics it's. We're basically right and. Party. Who is any Beck in that thing that mean a little generous. You essentially a lobby strike need knee he make sure that the company that builds those signs. Government contract he has. We want is a personal stake. And the column profit all this company right. You bet for four went by the way. Big big big board to control how our tax dollar is spent. Troubled Bonnie can it exactly so he would not all bleak controlling where the money and how the money gets spent. But he works for a company. That debt and received that money yes so basically this man is the core balked at that populate it and you wonder you're sitting up there. Let's say this show right now. And you have that pot or your mom except an odd but do we pass it all day you know every day we passed. Multiple potholes and you wonder why are aren't getting it. Look at this guy looking you let him in look at John Marty look at the governor. And say. You guys are accountable for best looking at your state legislator you're accountable for that. You put this guy in here you know you making millions off our backs you know he is giving the pot. You know he's making money off our tax dollars. And the legislature. Had dubbed golf app to go and take even more of our money waiting built it that old larger debt I like and they history. Guess who's making money off of that. John Marty and you let him yup it's so it. It galling Margaret is that you notice that we've been talking about this for months we've been waiting for this time for Don Carty. To be out for reappointment and here's the view media right. The governor can simply with the stroke of a 101. Phone call can say John. Don't let the lord they were the good lord split yes beat it get out of here. Bounce on out here we got somebody else the failure role. And he can put the bomb in the IQ Letterman on that one and start to break apart this coral and does it that the first step that do. Less the question right this on the Delaware I answer do you what is the answer is you Hugh leatherman Zito allowed you and continue to control the do you decommission or is. I hear mass are gonna Mandel and fire John hardy let's say he's not gonna do without pressure Dave so if you're listening right now text the word fired. F five RED. To the number 52886. Single ringmaster that message right now. That enough is enough we don't these few low and inside a mall making decisions now we are gas tax money it's been Hal gets spent text the word fired. The 52886. They were gonna phones here we've got Lou calling from Campobello Lou how you do and thanks opponent. I do OK you know sometimes you get what you ask for. We passed a that we didn't pass inside my my represented just time Agnes and voted against it. But the people at South Carolina voted for it they did nothing different. Then this thing mismanagement. That they didn't fix the roads where the money they had before. But magically they thought if you give them more money something will magically changed and helped fix the roads. Which they weren't gonna do and in five years when the current path. Tech site is expired in the roads would still bet they'll be asking for more even that. I think it's cheap it's. Look at the things Lou first lead of the voters of South Carolina did not ask for this and there's a poll. They came now right before this thing up past where 80% in Munich nearly four or five folks across the state were opposed to against tax hike as it was past. And secondly the AD gas tax continues to increase for the next six years but it does not expire. And this is a gas tax hike that is in her ever to ready once he gets twelve cents a gallon it'll continue to be LA year after year will not expire. So only you look at it is not something the voters asked for was something actually to voters. We're very clear now for three years as this debate was unwinding they did not warn it. And the politicians this thumb their nose at us as so we are push it through anyway we're more beholden to the special interest and our cronies. There we are to our voters and so now so does the hole in the cab of that. Do you remember our league right. He took a bench popping gas tax a couple of years ago. And then leave bright actually looked approach and an election and the people I think realistic reared district. Didn't come out it was a low turnout and I'm Lee bright which speak. I'm telling you anybody that goes up against Hugh leatherman and that's an election year for Henry McMaster cracked. Yes yes the primary here. There's a primary keys I think Henry McMaster is gonna go up against. Against Kim leatherman in an election year and from your notepad and then let's do. Taylor I answer are were up against the heart breaks always your question now a master going to slow the man right after this. And we are back here all Sunday night was set and naval 1063 WORD. Right before the break we had a caller Louie can't mellow asking the U really think that we master will go against the wishes of Hugh leatherman. In an election year. And far be it for me to pay no claim that their masters politically courageous day. He's not gonna do it own result. Which is aware are always our point when it comes to legislators or the governor and that these guys look to their own devices will pondering since I was out of a hundred do the wrong thing. Buddy Greg became put enough pressure on him Torre has no choice door he actually feels like there will be hell to pay com election time. Yes I think we NC master force John hoarding all the DOT commission. Who will set them up and now updated to I agree that Lou. On a lot of things and out and and I think that the biggest point not been the point that loose trying to make was. Look these guys are going to continue. To spend money in the wrong places are broad or not going to get sick and and he bright look in her lead right. There are big and set you know I would dare we would watch that happen a big part of the reason that bright was the target. Woes because. He did though again we get packed and he did his best to try to hold up and and oppose it but I think look. There's a lot more offensive well I mean beach with a one a rewrite history here and yes Lee that was a big part but we also had all their votes that it had. Mean I made establish an ad or rated. How did don't they have to look you know he went against Nikki Haley on the quote ethics reform which was really excellent and their flag as well in the you bet you bet. And Tibet that would that would let. But the bottom line is that they get up and go back a list on which tiger at a 100%. They don't legislators. Are going to continue to vote to send more money the dignity even though the budget. It doubled the last ten years settler let's not even talk about that right the money that's already been sent there has been wasted. And the more money that goes there will continue be wasted and you sure as heck I bet you bet your bottom dollar. Vetted John party if you let them have any say they're going to make money this thing and so they do real simple Yelp will. But to put the pressure on Henry McMaster is the governor of the state he can hire John party tomorrow. You can get rid of him tomorrow the DOT meeting is Thursday. They're gonna discuss how does spend even more or money they're gonna determine what contractors get lucrative multi million dollar contract to it too you know. Potentially fix our roads. Let's send a message of the governor right now let's delve in no way no how party showed up that league umpire that you need to be fired or aunts. Text the word fired at RI or need deep. That a number five to. 886. Absolutely and there isn't a good segue into this because we're talking about putting up pressure on politicians especially during election year. And how that applies a particular. Type of pressure that you'll see an all few years and he don't think that elections matter they're not looking over their shoulder towards June and towards November EB sadly mistaken. We asked in the beginning of the show. Do we lilt and Soviet South Carolina. We we brought up before in different ways I'm a recap summit here just a minute but this proposal Dave over this past week takes the cake if you don't think. That they are worried about the election headline SE lawmakers seeks to Dele election. A south cal a South Carolina lawmaker has proposed delaying filing for this year's elections. Because the state has not pass a Walt to allow candidates for lieutenant governor and governor to around the same ticket. Republican senator Harri peeler Gaffney all Thursday floating a proposal that would also put all this year's June primaries for a month. While house and senate conferees continue to meet. The senate passed a bill last year establishing the rules call for between twelve constitutional amendment. The voters approved allowing governor or lieutenant governor hopefuls the row a single ticket soaring 28 saint but the house version includes a proposal to raise Fay. For other state lot of officials and judges. Filing for this year's election. Right now it ends in March Dave they are terrified. Of what's coming up in June so much so. That they are now moving. To deploy I'll I'll I'll play out of the old all playbook of the Soviets and just simply delay the elections. A little longer Italy to find a solution they can Ronald. Right that I mean literally we're talking about suspending. A lecture yes. I don't know about you I want this to the constitutional republic I thought once elections are set. Bet that we prepare more than we get ready to go vote for the candidate one for the dot that they stolen suspects. That's why there is going to be engendered and hearing what had. State legislators. Gone on the more of this and that and the help staying. No no no will decide when the elections are going to be held at here's the kicker right. It gone back when he quell that doesn't sit at the end of the date that Carolina we clearly spoke week that yet. We want the governor and lieutenant governor to run on a pig we voted for that it was big it was an amendment. Purdue and it is a constitutional amendment we voted to put the governor and lieutenant governor want it. That was I add music get hit and they still haven't gotten through the legislature they haven't ratified that thing. That how long with these guys are back how much how were they hat. And it let me take it back from them. They're gonna continue to do that can crack that it's unbelievable that debate May Day is over. There's there's and a wider on this thing of the ratification bill or whatever it is to pay judges more money it's it's. This is in any. This is not a constitutional republic that did not a concert or a would do they don't change the election. Weytman a year. That's ridiculous. Plumbing day they've only had five and a half years to figure this thing now in arming and I think that it is it isn't it logical and they may need in a couple more months just. Suspend the elections and post be honest they this isn't without precedent here in South Carolina. We say it all the time we live essentially in the Soviet state of South Carolina and everyone remembers. Backing joint twelfth. Win hundreds of our candidates mostly challengers to incumbents where literally thrown off the ballot say a lot. Postal a challenge for Statehouse state senate were literally kicked off the ballot and operation lost voting was over 200 candidates not. Vast majority employing 9 am point 9% of which were challengers to incumbents. The one person those able to then scramble and get on the ballot. They'll run as a own independent was Katrina Shealy and she beat being held it. So they know within. They insult could be an incumbent as a independent cant be got thrown off about my primary thing you know the mood was not favorable for comes across state. What was their slash and Q2 hundred people off the bat. Earlier this year arms are all late last year and 27 saying when this all right I do mottled electricity or not was was articulate and start to mobile. And we start focusing on a public service commission have politicians control who sits on my commission what do they do they're they suspended the elections for the public service commission. I think these guys are out of control Seles is not out of the ordinary. For them to think well. If we're already from Election Day I just can't kick the can down the road ambush no word and we already few to go vote you peasants. And these guys do it time and time again. It is terrible. And again that if we don't hate the power back from that. If we don't. Rip that out of their pants. Then we're going to continue to live and again on the back saying Lou great call right caller called in last break. I mean obviously press their ballot but look. He didn't quite and you try to make an angular and too little as well as well the public what and on that. But they did it anyway that they did it anyway because the special interest that they're beholden to demanded it. And and that's the look we gotta change that we've got to change its state we've got to take control or government. Absolutely and and we can't take it ill lying down both of the John hardy stuff. And also this election so this is why we always say that is so important to have a network of citizens across the state keeping up I only guys. Besides while once again invite everyone to join us the freedom action now we're South Carolina and join the thousands of other folks other citizens across the palmetto state. And trying to you know enact change and I'll at a change of behavior from Lee's fault sessions enough was enough. I mean the Republicans take control of our state government Dave for two decades. Spending goes up every year corruption is rampant our roads are crumbling our schools are trash. And the being not busy enough is time to stand up and push back. Against the guys who call the shots and control our money on here in the state is ultimately. They work for us this time we reassert that power dynamic and startled by SAVs rolling over and take Eli now are. Let's look though. No leverage point is an audience that as yet you just made the point right we get to decide if these guys are hired for fire. Right we can fire and every two years in June we get we go to the ballot box. And we get in the primary election we get to decide who it will represent our. Until we take control that hour until we use that our moral than. And and it's recorded at soared more often these guys are gonna run rough shot wants. No absolutely and are we text insulin asking for the thought key war from last second or tumble on John hardy and how he got a hold government master accountable for getting him all the DOT commission I mean this guy issue other means. So wall for crying out loud if you wanted to extend and Sindh government mastering message tonight. Right now just like your cellphone text the word fired. F five RED. To a number five to 86. As a media bounced back tax right away from us. Click the link takes about thirty seconds you can send a direct message that our government master and sell film. John Hari shouldn't fired a ball ago. Fire him now and my day says when Thursday comes in the DOT commission goes and meets once again. To determine how they're gonna spend millions and millions of our hard earned tax dollars John hardy should not be present. John party should not be a member of the DOT commission. That's only gonna happen we stand up and forced the governor's hand. Text of more fired at by REV two number five to 86. After the break gathering give you an update on an issue a follow the last couple weeks which is the personhood bill. Tried to south abortion near South Carolina and also give you an update on the ongoing electricity rate hike the buckle. That is literally sat in south killing families every single malt stick around after the break. And we are rolling into the home stretch year old Sunday night was set and they were talking meets action. Dave do you pick up the the great commercial from SE NG and and union during the break. It's enjoy your time we're about to talk about this issue we have a great Segway treated by the absolute bull crap propaganda piece right now running. On the radio from the menu and now we don't follow the rate hike the Markel Gaza for months and I'm sure most are listeners are up to date only justification not. All store shore would say is passable allowed utility companies to charge customers of fraud. To build nuclear power reactor and also left on the hook for billions of dollars in debt. And in case all these power company for a walk away. From the nuclear power projects they now have we're still paying four and right now because of a legislators have done to us we're going to be paying. Port for up to sixty years us our kids are praying kids already paying for a hole in the ground nuclear reactor that would never produced. A single pill electricity. A day and I would love to be ought to give our listeners they update because there was a hearing this past week. I'm old this exact issue down in Columbia where lawmakers in you know lobbyists and special interest. Were present that but. Can't give you an update guys because the public you know those of us actually footing the bill for what's going on here we're not allowed. In the closed door meeting day. So. Well I will be terribly we were allowed we didn't really know about it until about three hours before happened in Columbia we can like L and visit typical. And yet South Carolina legislature. We don't won't make it a public meeting but we want the public know about it for about reality and it's going to be in and stop he'd EO conference burned in the Statehouse where nobody you know. Average citizen of new normal citizens to calm. And witness and testify. Really only the special interest lobbyists and politicians and that's really what what happened. All of Wednesday what they had to. A buried pactel Kyrie did that had a huge impact on our DNA lives. And that we weren't we won't really. We we couldn't be able to go because we didn't really know. And it wasn't broadcasts. Like all other hearings usually are in the state or else they want not broadcast on the Internet. And and that's a guest of the barb cost try to make it they always do this trying to ample public meetings that are in the middle of the work day and then I'm sure you know conference room in the and guess a building nanny Columbia. That in no one has had a gates argued to a no one even knows about. The last minute and so we depend old for the most part the ability a lot of string these events and see if from the culpability of our own home. Even after the meeting is dawn. Natural is our money and yet they go in this meeting where no from the public was able to get to and then didn't live streaming data recorder. So I guess the folks who are footing the bill for all this have no idea about the discussions went all on one determinations are made or why. Where is left in the dark and they continue to use our money is in the Cerro. Mays is. Glenn. In LA and end and not just some of the looked. You've got now what what they have done that with the state House of Representatives has done is they have these three bills now they're the politicians are up they're outing that these are Eagles are gonna provide us really are gonna lower low monthly electricity bill. The true the fact of the matter is that and is a great segue we did talk about Hugh leatherman a lot tonight yup did it can blow our listeners have been hearing that name. A lot over the last hour. He is the most corrupt and most powerful politicians and state there is no doubt. He makes a living you make millions of dollars off would writing government contract in his own coffers. And what did that how do what did your legislators do overwhelmingly. They voted to give him power. And have a seat on a very powerful board to determine what our monthly electricity Isabel are are going to be so. It bad enough the identities of the car when it comes to our roads which. You know not that Ryder armed South Carolina receipt what do crappy job that you've done the bat and how he's basically on the law money to enrich himself and his friend. And art spent. But now the legislature voted knowing all of that. They voted that overwhelmingly. Legitimacy to the table the German now what are electric bill they're gonna be like every month. The kind of crap they do it in Colombia that kind of stuff that we need to hold them accountable for. I scared out what are these legislators when they and their personal lives and have a crisis and he's caller good buddy our buddies you open and it is in public facing a one and every single table and ever seen a discussion. Down in Columbia for some reason I seem to trust his judgment. In his wisdom as a legislator and it's it's absurd now another issuing the following the came of this past week is of course the personhood. All Bill Clinton last and we I think we're on the air it was in the house senate judiciary. Palm committee it was gonna get a hearing a quote unquote. That gut you know of course I'll ransacked by Democrats look Franken who's a Republican chairman of that allow Democrats to grandstand. Never got a note this past week Dave Shane Martin state senator all over in Spartanburg. Made a motion to pull the personhood bill. All from committee and actually give it some debate in a vote on the floor and once again. Some of state politicians showed their true colors and they are not conservative and do not care about the life of the unborn in voted against. That bill and talk about Scott tally in Spartanburg tomorrow roster are here honoring milk I mean these guys both malvo walk around that by their conservative but. Both live for the gas tax hike and now both of voting against. The unborn and are taken their right. Mrs. they need to be held accountable. Let's be clear set that they have a god given right the right tone light right that light. Begin at conception if you're pro life you believe that life begins at conception. That's what this bill does is define lightning conception. Yes it would overturn Roe vs. Wade is almost certainly would lead to weight Supreme Court case to decide the fate of reverse is weighed by the way. I will take my chances that absolute lights a 100% pro life activists. I will take my chances let's wrap this bill out of the you know let's make it law that Carolina and Lucas in court by. You know what that that be all great. Kmart that are Martin get a good thing he told the bill out of committee will support that they yell let's debate this bill for the state senate let. Over liquid get around all of the pro choice and and pro abortion senators in that Judiciary Committee but we'll write the port put to a vote. Let the side let me who really pro life. And you know what that sixteen Republican that you mentioned Scott Alec Ross turner right if they voted. I get the top without dinner out at any they'd voted to kill the debate they voted. Against pro life back that they voted against the bill and that is a shame because this was really a big chance. Much like a constitutional Kerry. I'm motion that the job until May last year and ouster bring constitutional care to the war. This is really. An opportunity. To get. The real pro life was to protect the unborn to. You know define life at conception and abortion in the state of South Carolina. And what these sixteen cowardly Republicans do they voted with the Democrats and killed that the debate and set that you said. I don't see much into that and getting out of Judiciary Committee I think it's probably dead for the year unfortunately. What's Wallace think you've got to hold the Gaza Campbell who are saying it's way in just one correction for what it's worked Thomas has seen her actually did vote the right way. I'm on this voted yes for the that the bill. Does not save lives but no other votes by just wanna you know clarify so tells us Angeles and he voted ride out a vampire plug is right go twice a day Thomas. Again it brought everything else but bogey there right Macedonia have got Cali. Spartanburg state senator what stirred up state senator from Greenville but Obama missed an looted and to deny. You know rights of the unborn. And there's no excuse for this right I mean first of all as you say not to hide behind will it lead we had to do a Supreme Court case OK then. Then been forced the issue we're talking not standing up for the lives of ABC year. And let's not policy for Iran a pretend like there's nothing we can do force the issue Alice goes supreme what I'm right there with you Dave I'll take my chances. But secondly. Then to sit there and say oh we can't pulled from committee messes that up procedural move to ask to go through the process right where Ernesto is no Selig has no actually tolls we have to vet the bill. Guys abortion has been around in this country for almost fifty years if he had invented the issue by now you never know like where's our right to be elected office first of all. And you have all. I don't trust the you're gonna also a wake up to the importance on it and the next couple of weeks so there is no excuse to hide behind. The lot of life begins at conception this bill would protected this state is run by Republicans who run every single year old being pro life. Let's get a dog these guys ross' charter in Greenville Scott telling Spartanburg the ought to be ashamed in cells need to be held accountable. Set thousands of babies are born to die because those guys said I'm going to accuse procedural correctness yup. Over protecting the unborn and that the sad sad thing. And again nobody to blame but these you know these Republican who that you said one every hero reelection to be pro life. But one cup push comes to shove and had a chance to prove it. They did bill and go to the wrong way. It's sickening we've got to continue to hold him accountable and were continued doing just that every Sunday night at 5 o'clock Q1 063 Demi your knee. Also they knights a seven they've got we'll see you next week.