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Sunday, December 3rd

Seth and Dave discuss the recent Trump Campaign-Russia Collusion allegations, sexual assault in politics, Electricity rate hikes in SC, and GHS lawsuit issues.


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock calls Sunday's hero one a six point three W Lordi Sunday night to southern Dave thanks for tuning guys. Before we dive into our stack itself fearing Gaza got a lot to talk about the night. Before you into it quick announcement there has been a time change. On our evening coming up on December 12. I'm next Tuesday with core of the win now see this as the guy who was Trump's campaign manager gave birth to the term let trump retrial. Which of course can uploaded then candy trump right into the White House will be having Cora who announced he's here next Tuesday at 6 o'clock. Originally it said seven. Due to lay down a scheduling company in a move that up an hour to 6 o'clock next week next Tuesday you have a chance to come to the event. Get a a copy of his new book odd title let trump being trump fresh off the presses. Armon have a chance to get that side and a little Q&A with a man who masterminded the Tony sixteen. Trump presidential election if you wanna get your take accident just text the word book be okay. The number 52886. Booked a five to 86 of you get a quick text back willing putting get your tickets those are goal for ten dollars but Gaza are selling quick. If you wanna go to this event next Tuesday text the word vote to 5286. And Dave while we're on the subject. Or at least tangentially to trump when miles we'll start the conversation tonight with what every single person or mainstream media is talking about this week. Which of course is the new revelation. In this ongoing Russia on drama. In the mainstream media where the main stream media is held being determined date. To convince the American people that president trump colluded with the Russians. In or to win the election back in twice sixteen. Now in this last we we've had a a new story pop up. This is from the New York Times president Charles former national security advisor Michael T four and they don't you love all these guys always want for when their middle initials on there Michael Siegel an honor. Pleading guilty Friday to lying to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador last December. Becoming the first senior White House official to kind of cooperation deal in the special counsel's wide ranging inquiry into election their fans. Now they've Al bulletin tonight I looked into a little bit. What though what I've gleaned from this is after the election was over rice after November as a reformer in December. Michael for an new united Tom present trial where it was at that point this president elect and not president. He was. Told by somebody in the transition team not trump himself. But somebody transition to reach out to this Russian ambassador believes in a surge a busily act. And discuss how they felt about sanctions goal for United Nations now what do you make of this DC is a big deal little Deal or No Deal. Well I think the big deal first of all is that. The mainstream media narrative that this and then by the way do liberal democratic narrative which is that trump and the Russians colluded to somehow win the election. This new revelation. In this saga that you currently put it does nothing to hurt. Now Michael Glenn Tait. Eli the FBI get one set go to jail felony. Yeah it any of you if you that the idea that having your listeners did that yep we begin and whole pot trouble. Declined the FBI is eight felony offense and yes. There's likely jail time coming. But as far as the present is concerned it's already is this as some sort of you know. Connection to a mysterious plot to he'd overturn the election or two. You know dry aged two to somehow. Been put the election entrance favour of Clinton I mean I don't feedback. It doesn't mean that it it. Don't need it I just don't believe it done. And and none of this that displayed as revelation. Has done anything to purge that there was collusion which is the word. That a lot of the mainstream media has been using which a lot of the liberals have been using. You in some outlet the job. You know charges for impeachment against the president. There is no direct connection there is no evidence of collusion here during election which is again that. What they've been letting the last six months now. Yes they ran and we toddler Saturday and l.'s Monday is all accounts fear coming out of it blows. The immediately get ahead of the evidence management in the scenes hard time anyway when this whole collusion bomb allegations first place. Or accusation but especially with this because of the new walking back. The original charges that. Donald Trump or people associate with him. Exclude Russia to sway the election. To influencing their people's votes are back in November. So they did it now in Angola almost a year now we're over a year now in this investigation. And it got Michael for him to admit to lying to the FB IO Mel talking two Russians blitzing is is after our. The election right and what's he had those are pulling back to. The president Barack worried about was a they would they would spin this or get ahead of the evidence and throw it up there on the headlines that help. We we found that smoking gun. In his rush investigation and even you know Brian Ross over an ABC and we talk a lot of fake news about it and get a don't say Brian Ross he comes out. And just say that Michael Flynn is for pro with an unnamed anonymous source as it always is right. But he was prepared to my full prepared to testify against the president. Right is so knowledgeable on media runs that you see headlines oil all over on the Internet. And then not even a day later that the walked that back Brian Ross is now in the suspended taking a leave of absence for four weeks. It is almost in their instincts. To see one piece of evidence that that in one instance and extrapolate from that. And improve their and your marriage ended the they had a whole wall is absolutely and I I've once again it worries me. That it seems that there's a lot of people out here and in the all American populist. That they always see the headlines right they hear charm make clue or Russia when usher about 10 and now Michael Flynn has admitted to lying about art and rush out. We've got to now be known Scion. Right right well as that you know what it did shoddy journalism. Or mainstream media it makes it harder to do. Our jobs here in South Carolina and you know when you're talking about investigating corruption he's talking about bringing helped action you'd better have them right. You when you make at least splash back headliner or year you're a leader and a newspaper. Either you're you're darn well better have that stacks right. If you're gonna point as big of fingers they have been and to get this actual like there's not only is it wrong it is silly. But it also hurts the cause of going after real corruption. And and think that we do here at South Carolina meet. You know people get skeptical when they see headlines when they see. Yes sort of corruption allegations and in the it is reasonable go to police because the mainstream media has been so all and end has been gunned go to go after the president no matter what. They Iraq and a lot of times we we always say that you'll play the race car way too much you know and also lots on actors to play the corruption caller. Way too much and you don't like mine are corrupt and what you say especially in this instance it dilute the actual charge that when you have actually a corruption. Which we absolutely do here in South Carolina. When you have actual production in you throw out that word now they look idea what they're all for united they don't take you to see your the charges are Q same weight. They it would have in years past because. You know Americans especially here South Carolina they believe it kind of become numb to the idea of a politician bankrupt we've we've come to expect that. But I don't think you've got to folks realize that the the debt that he goes to when I'm talking about you know it may be talking with a a Russian ambassador. A home you know when you're exposed to we're told him out screwing south cal taxpayers have billions of dollars. Right and that they used mainly to a lot of corruption is here we have Michael Flynn lying REC and needing to lying to the FBI. That he had correspondence is. Then he previously lied about bright he would talk to this restaurant master he was not exposed to he lied about those correspondents as well they've. When we say we have plenty of corruption. Here in South Carolina. Do you think you would you know be beneficial. If we as taxpayers we is constituents. Could looking into the core sponsors of our politicians. It whether it is sue a politician a politician. Or politician to special interest group or a lobbyist or even. Politicians to your fellow constituents. You know what I'm being nice to build a CNET. Well guess what guys. If you ever wondered if you could and ever wondered if you could look into the emails of your employees out of state house. When we give back after the break were you meeting yesterday could you if you wanted to if there was a scandal breaking out and we got plenty breaking right here in South Carolina. If you want to see the core sponsors between your politician. In other constituents special interest groups lobbyist. Could you do it. What the answer after the break. Does he wanna join the conversation and I do not be shot take on the phone call 1803471063. They've before the break who are asking if you want to see your politicians emails your correspondents is which is exactly what Michael for an. Is now being neutral with the FBI for lying about you want to see your politicians emails. Could you do an alligator that the second well during the break. Also want to must act itself and I just want for a second. Had to ask you did you see what art is steamed congressman. James Glover had to say this past week about these sexual harassment allegations. On in congress. He just say oh yeah he says I. You know I did end and that's I mean that you're two go hand in hand here right. This video so Cliburn is avidly defending John Conyers has buddy. And by the way just in case a listener solar cup giant tires is a congressman in DC and today. He is being home allegedly. He sexually harass someone back in the ninety's allegedly so much so that. He paid out 47000. Dollars to this woman and settlement. By the way that money at 27000 dollars came from a taxpayer brought us lush fallen by we could happen if we paid the hush money. For this poor woman and now that the allegations McConnell light James Cliburn. Who as you say name is Carter is good money has also forces say quote fraud know all this is made up. Oh it was made up so we had to pay 27000. And how to be the worst day with my choice I thousand dollars I'd taxpayer up on a slush fund these guys. It values ring true. The rest this guy socal she went further day I've ever Warner remembers the terrible case of Susan Smith. As the lady that Omnia killer children and then in order to try to skate are being charged as you try to blame an old. An African American Manson and last I saw her kidnapped American man. And abdomen and possibly killed. And James Cliburn went so forest to compare these women. Then have all accused aren't cars of our success on them to Susan Smith. Once again throw this race car into something that has an has actually no business. Being in. And so. Now the ditch that a detract from the overall conversation by James clobbering is off his rocker and the state of South Carolina. We should all be ashamed to call him or congressman. I mean this guy if he can't be in the empathetic towards you know. The sexual abuse victims if your first only seen it is to turn their nose a bands golf Adam. Happily possibly believe you have the messenger your constituents heart really care running all by yourself and your money. Boy it is the attitude that he's got chat about it there yeah Cliburn it. They were walking down the hallway in Capitol Hill. And he was down by a reporter. Well how come you know you have all these executives these CEOs leaving. You know met our. Being shown the door to NBC. Why hasn't the same happened with the politicians. And firebird report back with some demonic. Well are they elected right and it and in just the absolute. Hubris the arrogant. Yeah that date they are a ball ball ball and again when you kicked off at the top here. Of this segment talking about the question is. If you wanted to look. Your state legislators emails and its correspondent lobbyists with Wedgwood other legislators in leadership would even other constituent. They were brought could you see those emails. And the answer is no you can't and the reason that the same reason why odd bird. He says and then made the smoke remark well they're not elected. It. Because they have exempted themselves. Even though they worked for a even though they are our employees. We cannot see. That conversation. That they have behind closed doors we and that's seat there email correspondence with lobbyists with legislative leadership. What special interest groups and even with other constituent we can't see it and the reason is the same set. They think they're above the well. And it's very much I mean it's very much like Hillary Clinton right we could beat all those email. You know lord knows what was written in the female all different incriminating evidence there could have been that we could it seemed that the American public that seeing. But they worried that she would exempt in the same way so worse it would. What do we see our legislators they don't have to go through the hassle you know quote unquote wiping the server with a cloth. The color right unlike Hillary's who almost federal level unlike Hillary who her Eagles were open. The FOIA request the whole problem or is it actually requested she didn't lead umbrella term over. Our guys have to go through that process. Right now don't you mentioned on many an act is that they bundle the mobile all they have made themselves a bubble a must and I day. All in all there weren't listening audience if you have a working. If your boss not had the ability to see what you say on your working now. Of course here she does the treasured conducting business owned there property owned their server. For their business so they have a right to see what you're doing as employee. We had the exact same right to see what our legislators are doing and I'll bring elegant example day of this whole Paul Campbell a fiasco involved. This is the guy who is a state senator he's been charged with lying to the police with a driving under the influence and yet his fellow senators. Will not stempel and call for going to be taken down as Ichiro in the senate ethics committee. Or all balled. The investigation committee looking into electricity rate hike bock and Nina has incarceration two weeks ago what juice does Paul Campbell have now we know. They at the decision see our early and and care is a certain amount await. But what juices he really have one is even promising people. Now or allegations have surfaced what is even tell be able to keep himself all the hot seat to keep these gas quiet keep them silent. If you understandably to the right thing in demanding he remove himself. What is even promising. Can we see it in using just absolutely. Not. Doesn't South Carolina exact same way the public Campbell is to go before a judge that he helped the point. They he will help reappoint. Won a time comes. In the same laid it. Paul Campbell does not argue it it would just at all in that instance we don't it would just a role. In this instance we can never see what he is promising a way. Mostly with our money day. And and that's what this all comes down to it is that is all our money. Like you say they work for us we should we'll see how they are conducting business with the gas tax hike your bubble the more about this after the break. Both against sex night when the wind that hole on shenanigans going down what promises are being made I wonder ill even before. The guests outside was passed. Was Hugh leatherman and others say Sanders on their house is promising. Certain lobbyist groups lobbying groups contracts. Perhaps right the same people who are making eagle. The south Carol hours to fix our roads are lobbying for the gas tax hike. Perhaps exact same people who today have gotten over 88%. Of all new contrast drag SX like. One of the great to know what promises were made before went through. But here in South Carolina. Well there's two classes of people. This politicians. There's the rest of us and unfortunately right now they get to behave by different set of rules. And we do. There is no equal justice and rule. There isn't though you know everybody being. Equal the same. They have card and sells out exemptions after exemptions after exemptions. To where they don't have the fall the same balls they pass in a force. All of us. Is absolutely of serie a will not change and silly making it does more on this when we get back from the break Satan. Guys and into the top of the yards one on me tuning in we have a special leave it. Coming up next Tuesday December 12. It is a string to swap evening night with corn the wind Al skewed as well as the trump campaign manager back in 2016. Wind then can they don't try was running for the White House always call calling the tar let trump be trump and all the other. Consultants and all the other talking gets in the media. War saying Donald Trump can possibly. The president. Course a hands off. Let the man do what he does and speak a waste space he knows that's all the American people. Next Tuesday core will be here angering bill you have a chance to meet him in pick his brain. Only just how do we drain the swamp people sykora knows present on better than anybody the trouble whisper even. Come pick his brain while the Q&A session it is next Tuesday December 12 if you wanna let's end. It just text the word book 252886. Text the word booked a five Trace it you'll get a copy. Of course new booklet can be trump. Only chance I had it signed at the event. Day before the break I'd mentioned briefly the gas tax hike. And where a lot more to come over and not a whole lot tomba very quickly actually give our our listeners a heads up. The same thing we sent from artistry and even with the gas tax hike passing these guys are not going to fix our roads. If you need any more proof of that. Does look no further than a Myrtle Beach this past week. Where they actually held the politicians special interest groups some DOT commissioners former DOT commissioners. Total little party to celebrate. The beginning of interstate 73. A day this has been a pipe dream of special interest groups a lobbyist for decades. And now with the new gas tax hike are being passed with the politicians changing the law. So that this morning go directly to the say infrastructure bank. And looks like they are ready to take more for money follow away for existing roads follow away from you know repair potholes. Is fixing roads and bridges instead spend it. Only boondoggle project over Myrtle Beach so we're keep an Iowa on this. Even after the gas tax if passed we are won't even I'll on the money. Continue to alert you guys as we see on the home moving closer and closer. Towards absolutely wasting. The lord's gas tax hike in state history on the oral pet projects. But Daly got another boondoggle the talk about. On top of the gas tax night we've been talking for months about this electricity rate hike debacle. There's single tunnel where politicians have essentially. Allowed utility companies and not only charge their customers of fraud. For investments they are making its nuclear power projects but also left customers on the whole look. In case upon power companies were to walk away from those projects and now they have we're looking at eight billion dollars in debt we're looking at. Families paying a fifth of their monthly utility bill towards a project that one never producing electricity. And now. After months all of these blue ribbon committee hearings where Hugh leatherman and Jay Lucas handpicked. Their bodies to look into this debacle to get to the bottom of the day and offer solutions. We've gotten to the solution part now in days it's worsen the problem was originally. Let me ask Dave if you have politicians. Yet to politicians that have basically runs the energy industry in south gonna into the ground and you're looking for a solution. Would you say hey. Let's get all politicians out of the process entirely or would you say be wages any more politicians involved in the process full would you said. Well look I mean. Followed a legislator Colombia and I was on the take some now and I lied about the whole situation begin with and trying to cover up. You bet on armed bomb which he beat that we need to add more politician and the next I mean why what what could go wrong here and in fact. Not my favorite part of all this war is in more of the proposals. This this bill that they have. Entered in two the fray here is what it's throw. Hugh let them in an accident Berry and guys were talk about the gap stacked the lake and tablet segment. The very same guy that. Wrote that train that got their gas tax hike through right corrupt Hugh leatherman who make. Millions of dollars offer transportation contracts. Let's bring big guys in and give him even more power by giving them a seat at the table at the electricity rate hike debacle now they're calling this. The what used to be called boot the per board the public utility review committee. Which basically controls the pfc. Antique helper. And he also regulatory staff the three main agencies that are responsible for the disaster. Let's bring Hugh leatherman into the mix and what should change the name of the committee city. Universal over 32 oversight committee changed the name will argue Letterman on their. Let's wrap a bow around and call it is very and say that we actually did something. And any reality set. All these because that's one of five or six of these Bilbray put them. A legislation. All of them set do not think they do nothing to solve the problem and in fact as you said that you allude to make things worse. No wait worsened just so moralists have a clear but the reason we are in this mess in the first place is the issue had to politicians and Jay Lucas and we cranking. Who controlled the appointments to what they was talking about the public utility review committee on these guys can Trace green anywhere and every one. They either says that the public service commission the office of regulatory staff. And Santee Cooper. And these appoint a appointees by those two politicians and some which are politicians themselves. I'll what do which is bill Sandefur who is now with this new bill on actually appointed hour right to this new USC. Blood they controlled. This park system. That is why we're in the situation we are in the first place it wasn't is because we have politicians. In control all the electricity industry. So weeping calling for months to dismantle their entire system. To get politicians completely out all. The electricity industry knew what do we really expect to happen. We have folks making 101400 dollars a year making decisions only entire electricity distribution. Is South Carolina that's how you get eight billion dollars in that. So we said let's give these ball is out hoped the process entirely. But instead of inch true to their form. These politicians said no let's get politicians. At a low process. Is set to heaven to politicians control let's make it ten. Right so now would this new bill word pass. Is that I haven't two guys with their hands in the cookie jar and two guys with a potential to screw everything all nuggets an album. Is people like Hugh leatherman. It's people like. Bill Sandefur who's been sitting on a per board and all vote voted for the bail out wall in the first place is too like Mickey Sessler who was animal purport and new us sponsor the bell on the first place. Is not good actors. It is a guy this is what's again been doubling down and already broken system. Because they care more about maintaining their own power Dave and they care about protecting how our customers ratepayers shortly taxpayers. And so. Well but look at it the end of the day deep and we sent it over and over again didn't lie to us. They hide things from us and as we mentioned before. And good god forbid if you want to actually see their email date due camps they I think for months. The other thing would work with bit chilly figure there is they can make money. At our expense ups didn't get rich at our expense that 03 teams right now in the legislature and the tilt for the third step up. And break this monopoly power monopoly apart. We can expect more of the saints Utah eight billion dollars in debt debt not bad compared to the pension system that the we've got. Upwards of twenty billion dollars so. All of this debt work on that date back load the only way out of that it would citizens get together. And they break that power monopoly apart they break up they hold their legislators accountable for everything that there are leadership is doing to us. One is become lobbyists and whether you look at the gas tax hike where we have a state infrastructure May Day there's not always waste ceremony missing most indebted. Infrastructure bank in the country in the SX I bet they doubled down on that and send more money. Do it right didn't care a fictional roses doubled down on a broken system of their own power and here you see this. We have eight billion dollars in debt for Santee Cooper you have a fairways pay in. You know out of their eyeballs Torre a nuclear power from their own never produce a single a lot of electricity. In a double battled that system is become quite apparent. That you cannot in a way for the politicians get their act together you can't sit around and hope. The wanted to come to their senses and stop screwing us over citizens are gonna have to take this state back. Which is why we are already you know hearsay a certain date to be sponsored by the freedom action over South Carolina. Which is in the premier grassroots group here in the state. Is trying to put citizens with the tools necessary to do just that to fight the corruption. The take back control over state government in exe and decay for liberty and freedom here South Carolina. So guys and you're not Czech air minority owned the FaceBook page check out FaceBook dot com for Cyrus fan and SE. Every day there thorn out arm in a daily updates on what's going on Colombia and what you can do about it because like they've says when we say every week. You can't wait for the politicians we've got to you take the initiative did all the whole organ in your emails get all FaceBook. Put the pressure these guys whether it is with our schools that are failing our Rosetta continue to crumble even with I guess tax hike. Or with this electricity rate hike the model or even with their emails not being transparent and not being you'll be seen by the public. We've got to depression though the change it knocked into it to themselves. So we're into a pitted towards a local. Boy you back here and what can we get a a crisis arising. AA lawsuits are gonna file will fill the only details we get back. Guys you wanna check out some in depth analysis of the bills we're tumbled for the break these quote unquote reforms that politicians are putting field. To solve the electricity rate hike to buckle. Go to SE policy council dot org. These guys and are based on the Columbia they are research group and the BRC if your not following the policy council on a weekly basis at least. You're not gonna know what is actually going all in Colombia where is actually going to be Dolan. It bills passed and what the implications for their piece legislation nor to check him out SE policy council not a war. The the article we are distressing is ranked top. Talking about the new reforms electricity or the buckle. None of which way actually protect ratepayers. A day we spent a lot of time talking about state level crises. A lot house where taxpayers are in screwed over their hard earned money on the state level. But it wants a wallet to bring it back home here in Greenville anti while what is actually taken place was being perpetuated upon the ocean room count. Now the last couple of months I guess for more on to a year now. There's been an ongoing legal battle as it relates to the Greenville hospital system in remote county. Now he boarded GHS is appointed by the legislative delegation which politicians. At the heart of all this politicians ought to blame as usual. Just every year ago the board of ths. Voted to privatize themselves. And meaning that they were ruled he sold the assets of all of a mechanic ths. Through private firm. And they entered a legal agreement to on a cell. The essence for eight dollar a year from believe twenty years. And actually rip ball for the taxpayers are gonna accounting. Now when people sold this all in a company are about a year ago when it happened a lot of folks racing opera audiences is this even legal. He isn't even possible lead in the UGH Jesse's the politically appointed. I'll board. Can literally in you know a couple of votes bishop away eighty multibillion dollar asset. Away from account. And so. On the last few months there have been is been a lawsuit filed. Is still pending. Understand much like Dave if you remember the ill legal lawsuit against grim accounting for the recent tax hike. It seems like anything is going on lingering accounting whether it is. Tax hikes or the selling of our assets or a all we know our our sheriff. There is always some legal angle to what is going home. There's been alone accident but now a typical fashion. I believe the alms in the new entity which HS are probably a privatized itself to. Is now trying to enter into agreements for the all of our our companies and even take all their debt load. As a way to solidify their existence. Even before the court can rule. Whether or not the actual takeover was legal. So we're gonna bring in. Good friend of ours and a guy who is on the forefront of fighting this. On top merlot he is actually leading the charge alone the few dollars with this lawsuit Tom how are you tonight and thanks for joining us. I'm doing great set could talk to. Are you talking you give us where we're up against the end of the show but in end a 120 seconds two missiles can you explain to the viewers what ths is all too. And what's going all this week or they can have their voice heard. Okay well or biking you were just saying DHS. Last year quote unquote privatize themselves taking make. They DHS which is a taxpayer owned asset come multi billion dollar asset states decided to privatize it for themselves without pain and dying for. And we've filed a lawsuit last year has been ongoing not to stop that got privatization they wanna buy it let him pay for let him change state law paid for. So GHS announced this year that they're going to be while also going on to emerge with Palmeiro. Helping Colombia. What the second largest healthcare company insult Kolodziej has the largest one. And they've they've planned to be applauding format now. We learned that they want to thank god gets a bond one point five billion dollars in bonds to to to pay off. The existing do you just debt in the palmetto debt and combine it into a one co legal debt structure. Which basically scrambled egg and makes it very difficult when we win this case which we will. It is unscramble eggs between ths and Paul meadow. So DHS has about 600 million dollars in debt and Paul Merrill has about 870 million dollars in debt. And so they wanna combine all that to one debt structure and we're just against it and Greenville county is going on book tribe that is Tuesday at 6 PM at a county council. Wants to vote on a resolution supporting. Guess a bond this new bond issuers to pay off federal debt were telling Greenville county counselors that they should not do this while also going on. And they should do that because this amalgamation of the community always urged above consolidation and globalization apostles basically hurts tickets healthcare consumer period like competition. So that's why we're telling everybody to go down the county council contact your county council agree we'll county dot org and tell them to vote against this bind that non binding resolution that supports this. Did this this new bond issue and that's been put that put together by the government an eco FE gate got jobs economic development authority com. They say it's gonna create jobs that are refinanced doesn't create jobs FEG eight years ago and lend money to companies that actually gonna create more jobs not just about refinance debt. Always just did in the government lending our businesses loans you know get rid of that altogether but so it's Tuesday night canning council will be voting owned. This resolution foes can either call all or emailed her home carry council between now and then or go. On Tuesday night is our university Bridget home county council square check it out now we're on the phone earlier Tom you laid out not just. All mean. On the palm NSR dot com you know imminent with the pollen there's another reviewed so they're trying to take on or dead they'd actually been a convicted of Medicaid fraud he tells more about that. Yes it's it's pol mental health absorbed up to the health out of some just South Carolina substituting health care system out hunter was convicted would convict in recent weeks of Medicare fraud that is true that 237. Million dollars in the conviction by. And the DOT US DOJ not to down the semi sub million dollars. Well did get outstanding debt debt to the has which is now called upon meadow is about eighty million dollars so we're going to be Kobe lead our debt. RG HS debt which is green upstate debt we have Barry I've without without medic would get limited that's associated with Medicare fraud conviction. So I just don't think we should be doing that it's just gonna increase our risk of people for all our debt. And it's gonna race and that data rate health care prices were for all of us from the upstate. Absolutely right this is a place something and then they noticed they see someone like me who is assistant regal wanna keep and I own and and Tom thanks for joining us tonight thanks for doing what you do as far as a law. Follow all soon stay on problem and does he can make canal on Tuesday night Greenville county council. Later counseling though this is unacceptable let the courts play out. You know hopefully. Tom is our prevails and we can have stopped this in an absolute highway robbery of the on the taxpayers and grim academy Tom. Thanks for join us and and before we get into close the bright day ice watching a second I can't explain why it is such a bad idea. To allow this young Punto combing the debt to occur. You know once you allow. On this new privatized GHA system to. In or into financially. Or legally binding agreements. It becomes nearly impossible to unwind those as Tom says unscramble the yanks. As so what they're trying to do it is a end around in and push this through before the courts can't and we we've got to stop at some guys get rattled six or Tuesday if he can. And as we come to note near the end of the show they've. I tore take our quick second reminder once again that our evening coming up next Tuesday CI caddy council. This Tuesday but next Tuesday night. Or have a drain the swamp even a night of core of the when Belsky this is India Q&A in a book signing. Only then wearing come out and get a chance to hear from the campaign manager of the 2016 trump. On the campaign here from the guy who coined the phrase let trump be trop and who. When everybody else doubted him. Was the first man to be behind her on now president troll and sees potential and see the fact his message was gonna resonate the American people and is exactly why. This country needed. Next Tuesday 6 o'clock over global business park is right behind dale may have high school. Guys is going to be a great time a great opportunity. To hear straight from the source how we singled out drain the swamp not just in DC. But also down in Columbia city wanna eat your tickets and ISO and being in the show they are selling out fast. Weight fast are we into space if you want your tickets get them now text the word bulk BO OK. The 52886. That's and give you a quick opportunity you know the purchase your ticket on the and show up next Tuesday night. For a night with foreign owned now skewing your had a drain the swamp. Day if we wait we wait all week do the show and in just like that the ours is by our you know so well. I'm aren't surprised that that you didn't say anything on the top of this segment about the unity Elton John. Risk there. Mostly it if we do you have any comment if we didn't have so solid still the recovered a volatile oil Jones played for two with remittance. I know I know the guys went alone it as little lie much cheer shattering and blood at. What a president trump say who apparently they cute yellow dog I don't. I knew well I I like the man her reason but neither here nor there Gaza until next summits on next week. Stay mad same Omega make a difference thanks to an end.