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Sunday, November 26th

Seth and Dave with special guest, Pressley Stutts Chairman of the Greenville Tea Party. Topics discussed include Tax Reform across the nation, Tax hikes in SC, Senator Paul Campbell still on ethics committee, corrupt state government. 


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Is that time again. 5 o'clock Carroll won a 63 WORD. Sunday nights was set and a thanks for tuning guys you wanna join the conversation night. Call 1803471063. Or since the Texas 71307. So does secretary really special guest tonight. Joining us here in studio. Is the chairman of the green multiparty press to start pressing Harry doing night they Seth doing very well the stuff from the Turkey over the policies that I'll survive five kids and yes yes. And I think your both hosting this the swell you'll want to. You almost have no idea we has its news. Five. That's how best dramatic I always think the easy route and I just hop from house the house and in Eaton take leftovers and and the responsibility whatsoever. OT brave soul sound about right yeah test it in character appeared. We just before you started all unfair and SE. It was our sponsor and I the freedom action or South Carolina he gas or not all volatile FaceBook where she Koppel FaceBook dot com Forsythe Fennessy. We along with the very multi party had a bus special evening come and appear in his a couple of weeks December 12. Say the date is a Tuesday. We are bringing a longtime friend of Dave's according to a now ski too. Yes don't remember was the original campaign manager for Donald Trump's a presidential run back in 2016. He has come elevating new book. I'm simply titled let trump vitro. Which is core strategy all along during the campaign he'll be there and hear all the twelfth. Oh highly event co hosted by Tennessee in a group of Tea Party. Folks will be able to restoring old Tuesday on tickets will go sell. Twenty dollars due to a book on each of the two adults in their you should share see the book signed where had a great discussion. About draining the swan not just in. Washington DC but also here in South Carolina Dave I know. On myself you press you're all excited about it also does be looking for the announcement old Tuesday with tickets go sell. It'll be a special announcement you'll see a first on our FaceBook page basically dot com forward slash famously. Or certain guys easily if we focus on the the state stuff but there's a big debate a single for Alaska police in Washington DC us there around tax reform. Right coral protection more ham and coming off the holidays I think is an apt analogy used. The home we talk about tax cuts tax reforms. It's almost like a diet in the governments and go home. And we all know we have friends that we have that either now or right after all the holidays and Christmas well come to say you know going to die. And then let's say when your friends came the inserted. Pay day for a symbol on a diet and wanna start changing the way I eat a rom exercise a little more. A home just just gonna go on diet and if so how much weight you try to lose. No Alomar trying to lose it like. No way it always say the exact. Now glory hundred pounds overweight always stay a hundred pounds overweight I just kind of remove the fat around from my gut to a fuzz I don't want to lose. Anyway. I mean Mars possibly you know why don't we just waste ten minutes you outlining a quote unquote diner going home if you're not losing weight you're not only does it. In the same thing applies this tax reform they were having DC where Mitch McConnell congressional leadership seemed held to determine for any kind of tax reform to be. Quote unquote revenue neutral. Meaning they don't wanna lose anyway. So for me day that we were gonna have Mitch McConnell are running the show. After already in a single pinning him in power already missing a Donald Trump's plan the on repeal replace obamacare. Never get in the way of thwarting his attempt to actually see a tax cut. Is it roll a neat thing is a waste of time if we're really not going to shrink the budget. Will press aide you know what do you think about this because Alitalia I'm tired of hearing about in their very core with their words tax reform. We're going to be able to put everything on a post card and that's great about the way I mean look I I think it's great that we will finally if this is true be able. Tip is send in our taxes. On a postcard a little you know in 5 X 10 postcard or whatever it is that DePaul rhymes some Matt. But at the end if I'm paying the same amount I don't care. And that's and that's the thing we've been conditioned. By these politicians I think a lot of times on multiple range of issues. These these politicians whether it's in Columbia whether it's in DC we've been conditioned by an end to say. Oh well that's I guess that's the best we can do so yes let's get behind that. Can tax cut. I would pay less in taxes and I want the government to have less money than they do now that's not a huge demand it's not over the top. That's what I want anything less than that. You know sorry if I'm not excited about it. In no you're absolutely right in each time. Page to talk about raising a penny sales tax. Or whatever type type protectionist because we need this we need that. Government had this uncanny way of spending everything we'd every time every terrorist and the one thing about the the Candice C and the presidency Donald Trump is that he is taught us he's shown us. That the Republicans and the Democrats really are that much different now they're not and I'm. I reverend thread today on FaceBook you guys talking about well we got campaign campaign season coming up. He should well I guess we're gonna hear all all this talk from that. From the campaign conservatives whom you are that they'll tack to the right during the campaign. But when it comes time to govern they show themselves to be impetus to where they are you know they don't get the job done in the American people were lies to them. Now onto them now. People like Tea Party and other groups I would what you guys are doing with Canada seek we're on to Rome and we're saying guys we've got your number and Nelson we we. Deserve better we really I mean look it it's been in said this is actually obamacare debate here you know. If fervor for what was it since 2010. You know conservatives and putting Republicans in charge of these various levels of government all of the promised that are there are gonna repeal obamacare right. And we sent you know folks that took controlled house and they took control ascendant and got the White House. And it's like. You know the condition as well this is as far as we can go folks this revenue neutral and and that it was. It's a false like Cummings is the same time I drove pencils to expressly does the same thing we salt in Spartanburg where they said. You're gonna have a sell sex increased or property tax increase was a false I commented on the same thing in DC now where it's OK either pass a quote unquote revenue neutral bill. Or we head in a one half trillion dollars to vote a home deficit or the national debt. And no way no one they are seemed to get the message but did you say Americans will you cut spending. They want you to cut us as a government able more money in their pocket and lessen the coffers of DC right but it is once again and it is a yearly two day. We spent what seven years now almost eight years now giving all can Ali was a controlled government to Republicans. Who say they are the party of tax cuts of smaller government now I don't see any evidence of that. In the last seven hour when we got to show for one of got to support that nothing really a. It down and that's the thing with this this whole tax reform business and again. Prescient the nail on the head the power comes from our money. Does or does politicians in DC the bureaucrats in DC the deep state. The reason they have the power that they do is because they forcefully take our money they steal it from us the attacks so. If you want to reform the tax structure if you want reform government the way we pay taxes. JE RS that's great reforms are good show and put it postcard or or we go to a sales tax or whatever. But don't come any with this tax reform business saying we couldn't file our taxes and a postcard in Manhattan he paid the exact same amount if not work. All my taxes. Then I do right now if that's the case Paul Ryan you can take your tax reform and stopped it because I don't want it. If we're gonna pay the same amount of its revenue draw that I want a tax cut. And I want the system completely changed anything less is unacceptable a book that the tax cut. Has been spending cuts it in I say absolutely not the whole thing less money going to DC right less money to go to DC and less money going out in DC. Right but for some reason and and we ask you this wouldn't go to an oil well another second is for some reason there's a good reason no one ever talks about cutting revenue. Cutting spending it's always is revenue neutral it keeps the gravy train running in and happily spend insult to the American people. And then the fact of the matter is no one in DC Oden may be Graham Paul who actually voted against a home the scoring put tax reform bill nude in the senate. Because he says it did not cut spending enough but on the ramp pollen no one DC sings very interested and at addressing the real issue which isn't. Making sure that he attacks is stay level here cut here growth there. Is actually reducing spending reducing energy sedate the control the federal government has over all aspects of our economy are locked right now. We'll told of this and more once we get back from though. Tell us how his break bread they dive into this Paul cable situation. Once again this is a state senator who charge a DUI lines police still is the chairman of the senate ethics committee. We'll see a list on senate ethics thing. 1803471063. If you wanna join the conversation Knight hero Sunday night. Was set and they want a 63 W already special guest tonight. Chairman of the dribble Tea Party Presley stunts special special there especially makes us feel really good and we only special in the retarded something special an exceptional cents. But before the break guys come up tax reform quote unquote in this revenue neutral nonsense of they're talk among DC. And I alluded to the fact that they never want to talk about real tax cuts and there was talk about true spending cuts. And does not gesture in DC Dave. That's also true here in South Carolina now will remember three or four years ago when the gas tax hike debate first started. And they had this convoluted plan to raise the gas tax hike to kind Nikki Haley that Nikki Haley nonsense plain they're gonna raise the gas tax hike. Minimally cut our income tax which finally in the lords are the highest in the southeast. It was all gonna be quote unquote revenue neutral because my god we're not gonna have any less money going to Colombia which is safe house and I remember a few about a year ago me and you were down in Columbia and we're discussing why is that these guys are so adamant about making sure that revenue does not dip. And the dirty secret that in DC in South Carolina is the reason we will never see a meaningful tax cut unless we absolutely forced their hand. Is because of the debt load that we have both in DC and South Carolina. When they go to put bonds now. Whether it is powerful or float on. Treasury bonds and the federal level. The people thereby and the more guarantees. All of the governments for local income to guarantee effective they can pay this doesn't mean it's an investment is an investment for them. In the same way that when you're gonna get a loan for your house day of a Presley. They say how much money making. And as a key component whether or not their approval don't feel that way and no are you gonna have the revenue the income go forward to finance this debt. And they what was that one of the same thing and have a much higher level when you're talking about voting the government billions of dollars. Presley relieved Livan here amid near ten years and it. Do you call it any one time at the state level. And we got no meaningful tax cut since you've been here now. Yeah exit on I know I'm in your Friday at my age when he fills Taylor and the idea you know any. And in Sioux what you're talking about says it does is the question pressing I think we all need to be asking and as conservatives. Coming at the state level we're talking Columbia bright lights of the state house is about to one Republican to Democrat. The senate that two to one Republican Graham Democrat limitless which had the governor's mansion Republicans and governments now for for what. 1214. Years and like yeah. Their campus today suddenly that right. And in Akeelah Mark Sanford. What would. Why I mean EU SA questioned as conservatives. What the heck is going on down Columbia we should have no ax to switch to the lowest taxes in the country that we have the highest marginal tax rate in the southeast. Well there's a dirty little secret game. The line to us yeah clearly they play a shell game. And they come blew things. For example I was talking to a friend of mine Dan Carmel earlier today. And he's behind the group no home tax dot org. And that they were able to cut our property taxes several years ago and half. Because they added a penny tax on the sales I act three be able extremely well guess what. Tommy Pope. The house to protect them young who is going to be out of again this year and they want to start increasing car property taxes again so process doesn't stop. And again as conservatives that. As concerns in the state we think OK we send these Republicans and the state house and every 24 years and come back and tells all these conservative things that they got. Not once not one time in ten years you'd in the near the fire that I've been here in the twenty that you would mean here not wants. Have they cut. A meaningful tax have we gotten tax relief and you would think having a Republican dominated general assembly and and a Republican dominates the house and governor's mansion. That South Carolina would be on the edge of greatness every. Every you know everybody touting about the low tax South Carolina instead where one of the highest taxed states in the southeast. Close that it's not just that the that taxes don't go down a salute to the budgetary year. Oh my area of our billion dollars up every single you're talking now from Sanford to Haley having master. Every year thirty billion dollar it's more and more money. And that's why it's so important we talk adult time to drain the swamp not just in DC but also in Colombia which is why once again does save the date. For December 12 the fantasy along with a group of people are gonna have a special event indict with core Lewin now ski who was Trump's campaign manager. Palm originally for trumps a presidential campaigns when sixteen he had a simple strategy. Let truck B trial in a trump talk to the American people the way he knew we need to be spoken to any knew what we wanted to hear we need to hear. That is the swap in DC has got to be drained the getting get rid of the deep state and actually take our country back. As of December 12 let's say tickets will be normal cell Tuesday and make sure you stay tuned to FaceBook dot com for such fantasy. The UT gets the moment they go sell but is gonna be a discussion both on the DC level. And the South Carolina level or how we drained a small. And I take just one place they can start is with Paul Campbell. That we talked about this for the last couple weeks. Paul Campbell is a state senator now a low country who's been charged with DYL. Lying to police after he rearrange the young lady dropping down I 26. Now there's been a lot of I'll give back and forth own social media I know our activists they cross the status and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails. Not just to their station and also to the governor. Saint she remove all Paul Campbell not only from his position as chairman of the senate ethics committee if you can believe that. There's a senate ethics committee as a bonus of solace like rap music rights will tell us rocks guarding the henhouse. It's a little tough but let the mayor is right male only investigation committee looking into this electricity rate hike buck now. We want the senator stood stock remove him from that position. And where's the governor on this I mean we take care Bryant was in Europe for pretty hard at the attorney general said that. You know and his opinion lieutenant are lieutenant Reich could remove. All and Paul came immediately so there's been some some he don't film. But where's McMaster day it will where is he wants he's silent own would you wait now for the biggest scandals in South Carolina. Well look in and let's be clear about why you were calling for him to step down from the senate ethics committee. It's because that is the committee in charge of investigating corruption in time the state senate I mean you can't have a guy in charge of investigating corruption who lied to police right and the police report. Was incredibly clears I mean that app police officer. Very clearly said that Paul Campbell was lying there wasn't the other wasn't really any wiggle room on the front of the thing the thing is to do it whether he is guilty or not. Right now is this the type does beyond that right the court can decide that the court should decide that. Index we are now let's be clear. He's going in front of a judge that he helped a point I mean I'll I'll I'll write about much equal justice there's going to be. Firfer ball Campbell but I I see your point on I understand. And and none of us see your point yes a whole another issue but when it comes to deciding you know guilt or innocence that is not. My job nor yours and and nor is it his fellow Sanders or the governors. We're not saying in a go ahead and convict him we NSA he's absolutely guilty. Or saying is actually of certain to have a man who is charged in what you say the police report was very clear. That he was driving under the influence rain into our young laid on October 6 an attempted to switch seats with his wife. To avoid being charged with do you lock. While he's being under investigation in this he should not be. M a powerful position either on the senate ethics committee. Or all this electricity or high to mock investigation committee yeah anything your mood today. If you wanna help illustrate this whopping get him removed helpless and even more emails to your state senator governor. Text the word drained DOR a ER and a 5286. We met after the break. And we are back here on Sunday nights a certain they've won a 63 WORD special guessing here with us tonight chairman of the green Tea Party press a studs. Gaza for the break we are talking about Paul Campbell who is the disgraced a senator down low country who is currently charged with. Do you Lyle lines the police and we have one simple message. The man has no business still being the senate ethics chairman. Nor does any business sitting all the investigation committee. Do right now is looking into this electricity rate hike the Markel we just left. Our ratepayers and possibly taxpayers billions of dollars a home in Denton on the hook for. Dave during the break you were cut outlining. Some of the more sinister aspects in the power they Campbell has while being all this investigation committee of Calais NL force. Well I mean I think that this is the most important part for us Pressly is that. The man has a tremendous amount of power and so when you have somebody that is clearly lied. And provided false information to law enforcement officer. And he also. Coincides he continues to keep these powers. And again we were talking about this in this investigation committee that he's on in this whole SE NG nuclear power plant electricity rate hike debacle. If you went to testify in front of this committee this investigation committee. And EU. Didn't some set Campbell off. And he then when he decided you provided material misleading information. Even if you didn't intend or or it may be do it was actually mailing a false media causing a false right but if you provided it in his view. False information to that committee he can go to the attorney general of the same as South Carolina. And get him to charge you with contempt of the general assembly which is a felony charge. They can come knock on your door and possibly arrest you for content of the general assembly he unilaterally has that power that is. Wrong. Absolutely we're no longer the government of the people for the people by the people. We we are ruled by a small elite oligarchy. It and end it entered into people. We just have to wake up we have to wake up. No eternal vigilance this guy needs a dose I mean it at the end of the day he needs to be at home at the very least they got these committees whether he is reelected. That is up to the citizens right is district whether he is indicted or whether he is suspended from the senate that it you know that's the indictment process. But man this guy cannot be. The chairman of the committee that investigates corruption in the state senate. And you can't have them there the powers that go along with that investigation committee where he can really. This like a felony charge on this unilaterally on any one of us any citizen in this state. If they wanted to testify in front recommend. Thank you to mind when you Tomas why am yielding that kind of power was the same man who while he was sitting in handcuffs. In deal patrol cork. Was way to jail after being arrested was motoring into the camera about changing the wall yes yes yes yes so once again when. We take a woman and I'll push Beckel FaceBook and people liking you personally attacking Paul came we used one in all these committees. Know you we cannot trust the man it's really settled place before if he's willing to lie to policeman. Who is not willing to watch it don't you can have a man that kind of character. Sitting on a committee where he can throw a citizen in jail almost on a whim in a first fault they should have the authority in the first place. And we've so from that showed these investigative committees and from a dog and pony show from the from the jump. They should been disbanded we all know when he's needle and we repeal the bail out wall in actually try to reform electricity all industries South Carolina sedation and has been a long ago. They shouldn't have the subpoena powers they do. But if they're going to exist and they're going to have the power you can't have someone like Paul Campbell. Usually to a lot police alters. Exercising that authority and so are called simple Bethel to play and forcibly remove film both from the senate ethics committee. And Rome this electricity rate hike on the vocalists all a committee. Get them off there and if you wanna sing your state senator McGovern that same message text the word drain as in drain the swamp. DO RAI and to the number 52886. Takes drained 25286. It gives you a quick. Easy ability about thirty seconds. Begin direct contact we your space and governor cinema quick message and say hey. Enough is enough. Remove Paul Campbell immediately. He stands shrouded determines guilt or innocence but. Press yes he said it best if he was a statesman he remove himself exactly but he refuses to do it can these be removed by his fellow senators. And it I can't help but think. That is how bad it's gotten in South Carolina house. Gulbis following this this'll sexual on allegation misconduct allegations in congress of him think that it's everywhere and it is insane so you guys. All I think it all started when this one more which are. Rice and then third nor actor Roy Moore and nothing's really been proven nothing's been ponies and charming thing. And you you've had these congressional Democrats who think first or Al Franken. Do we picture service at him groping a woman what she was unconscious. A comedian Jerry classic oh yeah I mean very tolerant by the way that's very tough. But and then it just go home earlier this week without John Conyers. Who's also a Democrat in congress has not only men alms. You know accused of misconduct he's paid a former staffer out. 27000 dollars in hush money. And get this. It's from ice slush fund that taxpayers and yeah both seventeen point two million dollars in nobody seems to know. Where you came from who authorized it or anything but. It's unconscionable so let's think about this so when he says bill I think at created. Right or 1997. And reports are from 07 to 2014. It's just a little under seventeen million dollar hasn't paid out from this volume sexual misconduct slush on Peyton. Presley and there's a 230 something in our cases have been paid out. That's more than a million dollars a year in a most on a case a month. For seventeen years. And we only have 535. Senators and congressman right not to say that everyone of them is being guilty of anything I'm not saying that at all. But it seems to land that there's some pervasiveness. Right this good old boys club going around DC it's happening in. Colombia is happens on the county level. It's it's just wrong. What does a Smart questions you see that they had this. This slush fund her to settle these suits basically taxpayer money being used as hush money for these women and out of a sinner and they maybe some man or men that have follow. Policy soon. But it is a role for me to ask the question is this going only see. Could you possibly going all in Columbia if well I mean lucky EU head several examples of this column in Colombia I know Nelson Hardwicke. In Horry can mean to resign his seat a few years ago because of sexual misconduct and they go down in Berkeley county in his name. I would tell us you say Elian's case or an Abbott he I don't believe for sexual misconduct and and it's. Look it wouldn't surprise me in the least. On and it's something that quite frankly we're going to investigate. As to whether there is one of these slush funds. But as see your point present it wouldn't surprise me that's happening. It I've checked you know we have our local issue here when our sheriff who have been accused of as her bad things right and there is money in the county budgets. To pay lawyers. When people sued for various things sexual misconduct is one of the things so we have. People who we elect who do bad things. But then we end up paying. Their legal fees the legal fees for the county where when the county is sued. But I heard that's absolutely no penalty for them as individuals. Person I mean it must assess what I heard of one the reasons he was refusing to resign is because if you resign actually he doesn't have to look for it makes sense yes I. He itself we'll look upon you know who knows how much money. It's gonna end up costs and accounting. And when you say as far as an actual financial he would he skates off tougher. To be hundreds of thousands of dollars and perhaps a million or more a sign a settlement. It out we were starting it'll be especially if he's really get into a settlement yeah rape a year in December figures easily. And and the way that these guys especially on the local level Presley much more of an expert this. And I am but the way that these guys handle personnel issues is so secretive. I mean they will not hesitate to throw that executive session. John gadget anytime that you wanna know about what's going on with personnel. Com and it really leaves these politicians especially the local level in the sale of above all all. If they can do whatever they want they don't have to pay a real and before it. Other than the embarrassment of being in the news but to heck to these guys they have no shame anyway if they're doing this kind of activity they really had no shame. And so they really don't have paved path forward in and you know what happens I mean you've evening he had dual five kids I got three of them yeah. When kids do something bad they don't want to pay a penalty for it. And if they keep doing it and and XP they get they expect the same adult over and over again and let me tell you if we don't lock this down if we don't stop this here now. The same thing is gonna happen over and over again I'm rolling and have herself to the point. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and these guys think they're untouchable. They really do that we the people we have the power and we have to start holding them accountable with which goes back to our first point set to it was. We need to stop sending we need to stop. Letting them take our money as Martin with a tax cuts I mean we need. Less money on a Washington DC we need less money gone climbing less money gone that you know the Greenville county government. Because when they have more or money they have more power over us and an ability and they actually comes out a bit. The example here in South Carolina so much more egregious even an in DC simply because we told bows before. The legislature. Controls the judicial branch of South Carolina they exploit all the judges. So even if there where we're seeing this would vote while Paul Campbell. A case the judge he's gonna stand before he helped the point and he is a vote to reappoint. When it comes from a report that's him. So that's why is the we said earlier on. Presley eternal vigilance. That's absolutely right and I say we can't let them rest for a minute. So going back to the Paul Campbell thing if you grew lust that we've got to start drain the swamp in Colombia and Paul camels a good place to start. Text the word drain the 5286. We're gonna tackle another monstrosity of an issue we get back after the break the electricity rate hike debacle and the politicians proposed reforms say after the break. We are rolling to the home stretch here on Sunday night with Seth and naval 1063. W already. Before the break we were talking about tax cuts or tax hikes rather we're talking a bloated budgets in the government growing year after year. Now they even though that for the last couple weeks in a row we've gotten great news all politicians. Saying no mosques retiring in refusing to run again. Armed and their face for the fact that the electorate is angry with the establishment hacks here and with those who have set up almost silence and allow old. Our state and federal government to grow year after year. And one of these guys that we can now and add to list is Tommy stringer. Statehouse room Elmer Presley in these greens yeah I know Lothian and I've never met Erica and he is they are Statehouse for appear in the Greenville area. He's been down there for gosh multiple terms ten years ten years and now he's finally decided. That he is when to retire is going to step aside and not Roland. For reelection Dave I know you were enormous Tommy stringer has to obtain your heartened to hear he's got again. You is one of those guys I've met him before I don't know that well but you know this was such a loaded the Jeff flake like moment if you will Presley. Where he comes out on them on his ball longer on his website and makes this blustery statement about you know in the is that you know ages of your and how great it was and I think I got elected in 2008. And he says I got elected as running as a conservative reform minded Republican. And I believe that our state government cost too much delivered too little and does not accountable to taxpayers but having gotten sick taxes he voted for all those things. I mean this is the kind of arrogance. It's the kind of do you view that duplicitous as you mentioned before. Running as a conservative and and you know governing is as a big spending crazy liberal maniac in Colombia and and and Tommy stringer is you know I'm glad to see him go honestly I mean don't let the door hit you on the way out on you have failed. At every at all three of those items I am all three of the items that he mentioned about. State government cost of natural Tommy you voted for every budget I'm sure or even if for most of them and spending is increased you know at least 50% while he's been there. Com you know they they delivered to little. I don't I can't necessarily speak to that but like I think about like together her gas tax thing is I mean you know eat you bet. And any was not ended the government's not count of the taxpayer the government still accountable the taxpayer NSI don't know where he's coming from again servants Jeff flake like. Moment where he just feels like he's got a you know become the philosopher king in his Blogosphere. Is blog world Tony people who Greta Brett Hull Tony you'll I have to to be one of them got credit for what you know Joseph but but seed Tommy and and like I said don't let the door hit you where the good lord split. Well you know. I think you'll probably be a few others have decided need to return twelve and so yeah I know we've got a few good challenges Shaq coming up. And speaking of challengers have. The Q party we've realized you know we get a lot of FaceBook warriors who Twitter warriors. We ran rave all day long but we don't do anything. In we're all about action we're about taking action into one of the things we're doing. Is where we're holding these campaigns schools these political. Leadership schools to teach people educate people to arm them with the facts with the truth. The let them see that. You know that these legislators are all always claim to be shell game with us. And so I am stay tuned as sometime in January February. And we're gonna be hosting a campaign school. Will be getting the word out here in the next few weeks on that. Battelle we've got to encourage. Good deed conservative honest concern not just a campaign conservative right those those people turn you still make the attack to the right during the campaign to get real conservative. But as soon as you're elected to take off three steps of the laughed and this is just wrong we see it in their votes. By the way we've got. Team working on a scorecard. We'll have that thing ready my network in the year and that's score card is gonna be very instructional very educational. It'll let people see. How they're kids they're candidate or the representative how how they voted because the only way we they're look they're all nice people right. They're all very nice people to feel a few exceptions. OK I know what I love your your charitable or you know you're you're more charitable to set but here's the deal. Did they don't. Vote right exactly that's the problem it's they go down there press for the wrong reasons and they go down there because they think like Tommy stringer. That video brings some sort of unique perspective. Yes it took a government that they'd bring that they're the ones only today. That Tommy stringers of the world you know can can provide an Odyssey rep tell me one time that they got elected. Because there and he felt that their constituent his constituents thought that he had a unique perspective on how to attack in and find solutions. And that's bull crap but yeah okay yeah we elect you to do and what you should go down there to do. Is to empower us as citizens. Give us the power to take control of our government. I don't care about your unique solutions you don't have the unique solutions okay every solution that you thought of has already been thought of fifteen times over and it's been tried and it's probably failed. Well obviously is Syrians framing these things then. In the blasts went thirty years as a Rhodes of crumbled our schools are going to be the worst in the country barring contact tracing down in high in the southeast of their electricity costs that scar our electricity rates have gone completely out of control the highest residential rates in the country Bryant and also on top of that by a billion dollars in debt with Santee Cooper which is failing utility. But they think for some reason when all these problems the last thirty years. They're the first ones. Let him. Seeing the issues that have identified solutions and there's gonna arrive in the Columbia Imad Dora why abortion maybe you don't. And there's would you say of the day I mean is absolutely absurd and the they tale don't keep the guns yeah exactly. And that is a tale of Tommy stringer. Is is in this is tell Moline is he got like fifteen years ago. Two reigning government to make it more accountable to the taxpayer and here we are ten years later the gravy train is continue to roll the budget has continue to grow and he's gonna and he's been a part of it yeah he's been a part of it and that is. Ninety investment as bill press who says these campaign considers these convenient conservatives like the call. They absolutely make your stomach churn and then all the while while Sonia out. We'll look at in their pencils on the back into how good a job again now and that's. Eat what you're doing is so important and you should that's your job by the way and you have to. You know in roll these folks on the year on the ground do you know who these folks are you know who these potential candidates are. And and he's a focus it's not up now. Whether there and I'm not trashy it's not about whether honest it's not about what pledged they're willing to take it you know anybody can say that. It's are they going down there to empower us as citizens are they going to give us our power back. Where rightfully belongs where our forefathers intended it to gut. Are they going to give that back to us and that's why you go to Columbia no other reason in my opinion. Exactly and in another way let me let me say thank you to you guys in candidacy for what you do. You guys are on the cutting edge you know what's going on in the state house you know what's going on around the state. You're educating and education of the people is empowering people. So we really you know us guys here on the ground crew county with the Tea Party. We want to thank you guys for what you do statewide. How you do that you you do humans working thank you for that. Plotted the thing that the we've always looked at as we have a corrupt state government right Ambien talk called talent now and replacing them though butts in the seats down there. But until folks actually know the true issue right just the corruption. Before before we can tackle the roads schools law the courts anything like that tax cuts test if you've got to fix the corruption and so. That's the world as letting folks know and hopefully they can go and make an on good decision in foreign fellows that are actually gonna stick up for their home in Colombian exe empower them eat it and. In is it's not that it's not a unique solution and it did the founders this country solve this. 250 years ago and that's why they wrote the constitution the way they did Jackman is to protect us to give us inalienable rights and to protect us. And we just have to do their job that's that's our job and even know we've got other jobs were you know we were in effect through work and the school we work at you know for the police were for the fire were. Wherever we work that is our you know income job but we have another job we have to stay vigilant we have. Have to hold these politicians accountable. It's our lack of doing that has gotten as were reality where we are and if we wanna turn that around we have got to remain eternally vigilant settlement that that's the bottom line. We've got there is what we've got to drain the swamp and if folks who closer that. Trained Islam not just in DC bit in Colombia is Paramount if we're gonna actually had a conservative government we're actually Neil have. Freedom in this thing. We've got to drain the swamp to save the date December 12 Koppel our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com force less fantasy. India are tickets for let trump be trouble and I look forward nasty or sell Tuesday guys until next week's stay mad stay motivated and go make a difference.