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It is that time again 5 o'clock on Sunday here 1063 WO lord be time for Sunday night to set the date we're taught meets action. We response tonight by the freedom action over South Carolina make sure you get it checked them out of their FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Forsythe spent a city where you can find daily updates about what's going on in Colombia and more importantly what you can do about it are you too stupid. Are you too illiterate to understand the basics. Of how to manage your electricity use politician singer thinks of we talk about more of that later on the show but Dave let's start. With the federal government never talked I don't CNN. This past week I almost like a much in medal movie Groundhog Day. Where Bill Murray keeps waking up and live in the same day over and over. The to the sings like a six what's can't go by without the folks in the senate votes in the house they open DC talking about shutting down. Or potentially shutting down the federal government. Now Kurt I usually always ask more talk about a federal issue because there's so much being a white noise when it comes to mainstream media I'll when it comes to covering DC. Is it a big deal a little Deal or No Deal how do you see this shut down playing now or what do you see being the driving factors making this even a conversation TomTom again. What I look at it comes down immigration just a minute and and that's the bottom line is that does the liberals in the senate and in the house represented they they really want this. Docket deal. They ask sailing trump yet. Doc. You know and in and look at. They want. You know chicken day or two giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. I mean that that is the bottom line in in the cold deal. In so. You know or horror is Republican gonna hand the they can donate to stand up to this. Not cave to the pressure and and set up play I've been. You know thousands of working and how on the hill. You know long long time ago. I remember is going through a shut down for a little bit and you know what they'd be feared that runs through the Republicans. In humble legal amazing it's like get a automatically K even just get through to end up in the air give. When the media and the Democrats put pressure on and start talking about PS were shut down. A home they were on the Hilton mammal do any thing tool or shut down. And quite frankly that the mean you know I don't know about you and the I think we do you know I would not seen shut it took me shut down to good things. That they you know it would be the best these non essential right you know what that term deals at central police don't shop to work. And and you know what you realize that. Most. Is not about Altria almost all of government is non essential right. Towards jail and solvent and look at mean either that the military jail are better and our our our military personal they will continue to be based on risk your checks will continue to try. Com here doctors to treat Medicare outpatient will continue to do that put it yesterday I mean this is about illegal immigration. Well I think it's about double him at things and into your point I mall for shut down I mean if you have something it is nonessential. And it's costing us billions of dollars a year cut it out. In a right now forgetting revenue shut down which used to my bigger point which is. This time around. The shut outs he's been driven guy. Stack or immigration but at the root of the problems that no one in DC whether it's Democrats who had control over congress for. And the house and senate for two years of the Obama. For the Al house Republicans who had a house for almost eight years now. No little actually pass a budget so we go chrome continue resolution getting resolution and whoever the mine we're reporting may be the time. Can use that as leverage to try to get with other able. And the majority important try to uses leverage as well depending alone you know how much how to wanna play it to force it down the throat of the month 4040. What they able. And so it is they is once again a bow breakdown of basic government functions which leads to having. A well oversized bureaucracy. That if it were to be collect if that were to be quote unquote shut down nobody would miss it anyway. I mean for example Dave we just had snow appeared well in the upstate this week. Even down into commitments so the South Carolina State Legislature essentially took two days off. That does that they couldn't you know brave the elements to get to the Statehouse and legislate they did the did anybody miss some. Did anybody even realize it affected they weren't able to pass the tax hike which you think the board. Well that anybody miss them. No is anyone gonna miss the quote unquote non essential. On elements of our federal government there we shut down absolutely not. But to your point about Republicans always seem in the cave. Ides in light at two points on that I do like the fact. That president trump seems to be trying to turn the narrative all the Democrats. And is set a saint Pierre Auguste got a cave he's saying. Oh so the illegal immigrants are more important you van our veterans. Yeah you sure immediate spending to our veterans and and funny now that's good. But other Republicans senate Republicans. Won a particular being the crown princess of South Carolina Lindsey Graham. Two is not only trying to struggle what do shut down he's actively advocating for and lobbying the president say they're gonna shove down. On the president's wrote this amnesty for twenty million. Illegal immigrants so forefront is folding like cheap low chair when he Graham is leading the charge. Yet in order to try to get them. In debt and you know it did Lynn the along with John McCain along where it gets slate. You know you name it security and large contingency the democratic Republican. That our. Chamber of commerce taxed. And quite frankly Lindsay is is the leader of that fact caucus. You know that the chamber of commerce want to sit back they wanted to see open borders and illegal and you know illegal immigrants. Mean granted amnesty. Because they bought it for whatever reason they think that that's their workforce they think that the constituency of theirs. And they want to get distinct path they don't want. Hold up stowaways shut downs and so that police seal and he ran out there. And fighting so parks or amnesty is because if you know look that's what is. Corporate backers are telling him to do and so. I agree with giving good bit this does this sort of batted in this seat it's about illegal immigration I think the look prompt is. It's kind of hold the line here as he shoots I mean you know what I mean you know I give the president credit where credit is due but look let's also take that back. He campaigned absent that the koehlke the really big I would say it's not a large issue warned his top two or three issues that propelled him. To the White House and certainly propelled him to winning the Republican primary at least six. There's actually no doubt about the fact that when he came down that elevator in trump tower did he give in a regular old no toes political speech. He never wanna call fire or what did he say in that first speech. Then they people roar in the lobby and had to talk about it the next point 448 hours on the news cycle. Was that we got a stop illegal immigration wearing the worst people flooding across our borders and it has to stop. And people had been going to hear somebody say those exact words for a very long time. I mean Tokyo so he went to trips to the border during the campaign people loved him they would look anyone who may just stay at alt for them seriously right. Credit where credit is due thorny problems sultan he knees the follow through and hold the line. And let's be clear set the the they think could not be higher in you has. Experience they thought Carolyn. You have eight bill of public and in new seem. Instate college tuition. For illegal immigrants. And the Republican aren't you are conservative tell you that we're in now and that Neil Collins is Pickens County increasing the bill to give tickets illegal immigrants in state tuition. I think he's the kind of things that are gonna continue to happen it's going to cost us as citizens. More and more money. To continue to subsidize this kind of activity and expect more of it. If they gave comes as some sort of quote compromise. That would be scramble for. You can be guaranteed it's gonna cost you more money. No absolutely in this not just. You know sometimes nothing is conservative get called up in the dollars and cents a little. And there's no doubt they're giving twenty million illegal immigrants amnesty is when it calls Manila federal level the old state local and local level. And a lot of just like special school districts they still have the morning. Two and if they do divert fallen away from. Educating the kids are already there for these you know ESL programs indicator to easily won immigrant children who suffer since our dollar since thing is a quarter of life thing. And when you have school district down in Texas for 70%. The kids can't speak English well the kids who are native from here the English because they suffer. And I think this is all we only get one life and affirm from my money company might in my government ultimately diverted to American children. My overhead the social welfare programs that's a lot of discussion over to have them they'd be four or an Afro Americans. For Americans to better all Americans not yet not handing it out sue anyone ever won. Does we'll be right back after the break talk about this and more. I think it's a nearly universal feeling. The driving down the road. Maybe it's dark out. All the sudden you hear the siren you see the blue lights in your rear view here. You'll even though yet either come for you don't even know yet if you've really done anything wrong. But he immediately. You get a little scared a little anxious because you know those blue light represented. The chance. They you may either go to jail or pay a penalty for having done something illegal. Even if he didn't means it may be just pull out of the McDonald's and didn't remember to fasten your seat building and navy didn't see the speed limit drop from sixty found the city found but you know either way. If you broke the law. And you see those blue lights. You're going to pay the price for. Well what I say that's nearly universal. I mean for us taxpayers. Not necessarily. For the politicians and the legislators that make those walls. What am I talking about. For weeks we've been following the ongoing saga. Of state senator Paul Campbell from the low country. Couple weeks ago after having a few too many drinks at a party. Okay able to side to get my heart the will this call our rear ending young lady in my 26. In allied to the police. About the incident the man literally guy and the car switch seats for his wife and try to make her take the fall. For having her exit and additionally. Now rightfully so that young lady called the police. And to his credit the officer came. Did an investigation determined. That only that Paul Cahill wasn't payers but that he was lying about the situation. Now this point. Most people would be humbled by the mistakes they've made and completely. Apologetic. And seek. A better understand why they did is seem to be a better person. Paul Campbell the only other hand gets handcuffed and principally scar. And marbles into the dash cam how he's gonna change the wall. To benefit himself. Then his bond hearing laughs in the face. Other young lady's mother. When she was recounting what happened. There reflecting on the affected the series dame which could have been done. All laughed interface. They'll line. But Campbell have these so brazen as to mumble into the carries or change the wall. How would he be so contrite. As to laugh in the face of it as all mothers victim respect and mother. Both simple. And this state it seems Dave the politicians. Not only make the wall but or above the law. From the post and carrier earlier this week South Carolina State senator Paul cable seeks dismissal. Of DUI charge. Attorneys defending senators. They senator Paul can't when he drunken driving case said authorities failed to follow proper procedures in the field. In jail pending court the naming the dismissal of his criminal charge. The lawyers argued that video footage didn't show the legislators feet at a key moment in his field sobriety test. Troopers didn't give him a chance for independent blood testing we asked for an official ten promptly handed over evidence needed to defendant. Let me get this straight. You're gonna let a man who by the way not for nothing is the chairman of the senate ethics committee here in South Carolina. And we're talking about not. Making him day in jail time or restitution. Not talking about the fact that this is a great opportunity and equal just some level. We're talking about getting his case thrown out only technicality. Because they couldn't see his feet. During a fill sobriety test Dave. Mean you watch multiple videos and and night it doesn't take a rocket scientist or blood tests determined the man was obviously and payers. What sale you. They keep the stretched and I think it was clearly. Did wrong I'll beyond recognition. And since we've been saying all along well. We knew. Include point to get all. I mean the when you as a system where. Somebody like Paul Campbell state senator. Not only. Light a Waltz. And make the walls were also appoints the people who interprets those walls. You didn't have a situation and he says where these state senators or a ball but ball right because. And there are so many complexities. And and you know I we can spend time talking about it. They the end of the day you have a guy that was clearly dropped. Now whether seats with seat with a white that was the police boxer. Determined on the scene are right you gave that determination. The police witness in the case said that he's what she could apply. And and live the police. And so and he was charged such. So basically. The judges that you that he also believes the Walt that he helped strike our our cunning you know full circle and he's taking advantage of that situation. At least settle debt. Chances are he's probably going to get pretty much got three. Here's what we can do it shouldn't let you know what we've been talking about it. Having watched those idiots having watched his behavior in the insidious the dash cam video we're says he's going to change the wall to benefit themselves. Right in that very clearly looked in the camera that I'm going to change. A wall and apparently he didn't need to because the technicalities that once again it he writes the legislator. Warren followed and then I don't nefarious bullet. Was it all purpose that these technicalities were allowed to happen so that possibly get all. The army and. And and you look at and ask yourself as a citizen or not I did the first question I. If I was holdover in the situation. Right. What I. Getting on technicality the one that got up there not been set make. Sort of a million dollars a year. On our back and he's the direct not only eight senator also that the director of the Charleston County airport authority which state government entity. And he makes about 300000 dollars a year. So he can forward. To purchase the best trial attorney that money bought could you do that don't. We couldn't get regular order sit down there or quack doctor early that now so already you've got an advantage in that court. But at the end of the eight then we go again we settled this about the name of the picture. And this is about the decision that Nicole he would be ethics committee chair and he is in charge. I'll be investigating corruption. In that state and he has the power to subpoena. Any citizen that he wants to in this state now a bit ago. That you have those kind of powers. Says you know I've been arguing held up. He shouldn't be he bit his fellow legislators. Should the very least kick him off that at least in the should not at this hour. Absolutely what it's very telling is that when we've had constituents actually emailed their state senators and tell them just that that. Particular innocence that is not for us to determine. But if we're gonna have the ethics committee and all. You can't have a chairman Diego's been charged a line to the police OK guys as basic come since. All we've head constituents are gonna citizens and district email their senators and tell them. Give this guy health. They him and they haul and and make every excuse but not a single one on day of what she stand up and make a public statement that this is unacceptable. And that's and that's the bigger picture is that. Paul Campbell absolutely should not be able to investigate. All tho she's Neville subpoena citizens he's already shown he had a character they will that type of power. But bigger picture is for whatever reason. Because of the culture of corruption that Columbia. Not even that and his colleagues took he would think would be. When not little build the chamber of their job tainted by the fact that he is currently charter or at least they won't even stand up to publicly speak out against them. And that kind of culture of corruption goes directly into or we talk about this next segment which is a complete fraud these politicians have the patch whale must be back or sect. And we are back and Daryl Sunday night was set and a able 1063. W Lordi before the break we are talking about this ongoing case of Paul Campbell to arrested for DU violence police now seems to beginning golf. On a technicality surprise surprise. They even have not even a surprise is the fact this fellow senators won't stand up and do the right thing. Demand he be removed from all of the state ethics committee for the senate ethics committee the right for the bright day of we are talking about the fact that we've had folks from across the state emailed their state senators and demand they speak out publicly against. Paul camp. Now particularly here in the upstate and we've got guys like Mike hits you'll stand up and do the right thing you know folks like. The William Timmons the right now been sciele. You know folks like Thomas quarter due. To be out of this one the most home to supporting. They did the sings like Tom given his Krstic just on the run around and saying. Though it hinted at Holland and then when he gets called out all that just flat out ignores his own constituents. Yeah no admitted that the pointing with Tom Corbett because he's usually pretty good on our issues and he's he's usually pretty good. When it comes station and interstate out. Ed Ed and it you know really defending the citizens South Carolina all that's when it and says you know. Hundreds of folks that you said had been reaching out and contacting their legislators on that. And it that the going to see throat and sent doubts that communication they've been having with the public how Gordon who. It essentially ignored these contentious or have given them the ball around. I'll all on why he's not gonna do anything about all cable and and. It won't go EL I know we got to wrap up ball but that pilots on this issue is is. Is the input did OK you know hey this is just the culture in Columbia there's nothing I do. The remaining silent. They're giving me okay on this one and that was so disappointing with a guy like how important is. Is deafening silence and not they ended inability to now publicly. And say hey you know senator leatherman senator Nancy the leadership we need to get this guy off. The senate ethics committee he would not going to rapper and meet he would not going to be a epics in Columbia anymore. And we not for me you need to go. We're not hear any of that from from any of these guys these so called conservatives. And and that the police say it on time again. They might be good on some social issues they might even be good on what it comes to protecting our wallet and that's fine. But when it comes to a culture of corruption in Columbia these pretty much every one of these sucks but these politicians one political and that's got to change. We have got old and count. They absolutely are amazing by surprise and so like Scott telling doesn't speak out against Paul Campbell and a bright but police are using corn to begat. You'll cubs for the season just plotting a war while his constituent but. Like we say is a culture of corruption that they all seem to be more cultural feeding into. And what is Vegas they get is things like the lord's gas tax hike in state history David also gives us this electricity rate hike to buckle that we've been talking about for months. Now for those of you who have not been following it. Basically ten years ago. The politicians hold together with lobbyists from all electricity companies in South Carolina. And they wrote what we called the bail out wall to base load review act. Which allow these are power companies to start building a nuclear power plant charge their customers all fraught. For the financing colts and then also leave customers on the whole ratepayers and hope for decades. Even if this I'll project were to fail. Which of course now what hands with both the VC summer on nuclear project going south as well as the duke nuclear power plant -- Gaffney being abandoned. Now ratepayers are on the hook for billions of dollars on and cost taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in debt. They were a pay for new higher electricity calls for possibly decades. Now from the job. They we've been saying this was all of masterminded crafted. By no one older than the politicians along with their electricity alone company buddies. But that the politicians basically gave him the keys to the castle and allow them to. I had not electricity rate hikes in ten years allow them total run of billions of dollars in debt this still out and ran roughshod over our state. With no guarantee of any return for citizens. And this past week a new bombshell report. Comes out that the same report has been tucked away hidden away. For a couple years that they're on now brought the belied a day by the nerve dot org which. I know us ill timing has the nerve is the only investigative journalist out. The connection rely on to be looking into what is going all the Statehouse how it's going to affect you to try to get to the bottom of what is really going home. And they and covered a report. They wrote their own article headline powerful state house panel behind blueprint for south Carolina's nuclear push. This is bile Rick well a Brenda burned red pipe that's less than they've. Yeah and regret them Barrick regret. Quote nearly a decade ago and influential state legislative committee quietly released report advocating a quick expansion of nuclear energy in South Carolina. Claiming for instance the small state might face power shortages and blackouts by 2016. Well glad that it can't turn. Those dire predictions did not come true. As an Albanian VC summer construction project in Fairfield County was being planned. The state regulation of public utilities review committee perk in its energy policy report claimed among other things. The more nuclear energy was needed because many south Carolinians were illiterate. And likely couldn't understand energy conservation a conservation measures or too poor to afford higher priced more energy efficient appliances. Or lived in older mobile homes they couldn't be made more energy efficient. Although not widely known this when he went page document serve as a thinly veiled policy statement for the expansion of the nuclear industry in the palm out of state. Which already has for operating nuclear plants. Perk freshen though the Tom was that expected new federal regulations under the incoming Obama administration. Would significantly drive up the cost of electricity generated by coal fire plants. Disproportionately hurting for South Carolina right payers. Yet those same ratepayers would face the financial pain of nine rate increases over the years for the VC sore project. Hikes approved by the state public service commission which is mainly controlled by Turk. SE ENG customers collectively that paid more than one point seven billion dollars. For the film nuclear project. And as I said earlier oral will hold because of politicians for decades more. So Dave as we've said all first of foremost the fact that politicians look down their nose at us straight from the horse's mouth were it'll literate. More to pour. They'll apparently be live in old dilapidated mobile homes that they just can't be made energy efficient. I mean did the staying these people have for working class south Carolinians. Is palpable. Well it will look set we knew. From the beginning. It dictate passed this law to benefit electricity companies and there are no lobbyist buddies acting electricity companies rights. That was debate so that was the bail out all. We knew. That they control the public service commission which raised our electricity rates we now have them hunt the highest. Monthly electricity call in the country. Can we knew that they did that too. And we do. That when it all said and done they're going to figure out a way to bail out there lobbyist bikes we knew that right now we know. This report is a bombshell so mile but now this report troops. That they secretly quietly masterminded the entire state. This entire whole idea. Oh we need more nuclear how we need to build more nuclear power is the most expensive upfront cost. Former Henry you can possibly have. Right then you know what the best the best thing right thing about Opel all politicians logic here right this state is to pull war. For energy efficient appliances. Like you know what we have a couple billion dollars laying around first and nuclear power projects I mean are you kidding me. Right right and this is the first this report is the first that we knew all along and talent shows. That not only that they perpetrate these call upon. Did they they come up with this scheme where we had to pay up front and then bailed out on the back in a bit stale. We argue that now we know. That they're the ones that came out with this whole idea in the first place and they set. Have to be held account that these guys that did this to us are very cunning. And they are Scott back. There is no doubt about it they're they're they're they did that just they perpetrated this crime upon not. But legislators are the ones that need to be at cal when they did this to us. And by the way too well mother died at the same time in this report that you mentioned working stupid and were you pour just figured. And and that really I mean. It is they ate nothing amazes me anymore that but Utley what visiting bombshell this changes in my opinion this changes the entire debate. It changes the entire way that we're looking at this issue that people. Deal folks across the state. Captain viewed it as look. As being either no doubt about the electricity companies they live they they are regulated monopoly. And they will do what ever they tend to continue their level to go up we believe we know that we get. But for the tour are where are supposed to represent the legislators. Cannot only collude with. But then you create this situation. That the whole new level a whole new ball game. Set we need an outside investigation we need a real investigation to look at what these politicians did what they do. When they do it and what they did about it. When that's a whole another wrinkle that alone again soon as we continue to be worked through this doll article in the next segment is that. We need an investigation is what's become clear is that. The perk board the guys we've been saying all longer responsible for this thing. The power lit up powerful legislators Barton knee deep in and now Dave after having created this whole thing. There'll committee investigating. No doubt there at least to be an investigation. All of the politicians. We'll talk about this animal we get back prior to break. Dave. Did you remember the rolling blackouts that Tony sixteen. Rendered those cities when dollar for days acie went around in the summer. And it was all so bleak in so terrible help Blake plays second I don't remember there being a role blackouts and point six think it. Yeah there were. That's their war but if you were to read this report. From the perk for that we're from a the last segment. They said they we had to have nuclear power that is if we did not. Quote this small state my face power shortages and blackouts by 26 thing. Now where they ignorant and roll or they perpetuating a fraud. Or stay South Carolina when they sold. This these multibillion dollar projects to us they threat of rolling blackouts much when he sixteen. Ignorance. A fraud if. Well look at work talking about about this recent bombshell report from the mayor about the work. Being powerful stay out panel I'm blueprint for South Carolina nuclear push. That is basically set proved that that we. Been looking for the B politicians people state legislators. We're behind this entire electricity rate hike about the from the very beginning in this report describes secret. We're port blows was put the bat. And it of course we talked about earlier and earlier segment we talked about how they thought we were too dumb and too stupid to lower on electricity bills to conserve energy. The other side the report that you mentioned that this I think it for a they they sold debt to the legislature they sold this to outside investors they sold it to bondholders. And to the media. As the ability. You know being be what they'll out of energy can under our production we. In that state they work they they painted a dire picture you kind of pointed out. Oh rolling blackouts and we might not have enough energy that's why we need to build these nuclear power plant where it reality set. They knew. We had twenty Archie get plenty of electricity that we have the corner. And we had too much. Until that lends me to believe after reading this report says. That this was far out there permanently out fraudulent document. But it has heard that these guys knew exactly what they were doing and that this. Whole debacle that was nothing more than a money making scheme there were no lobbyists. The energy executives and potential of the politician we we don't know but I'm guessing that they're involved in this and they're making money in the somewhere and. But no doubt about it and Engel back to the article from the nerve a quote per painted an urgent scenario excuse me. Alternative energy forms including nuclear energy needed to be expanded quickly South Carolina because the federal government under the incoming Obama administration. Was planning a series polish nation might reduce greenhouse gases produced by carbon dioxide emissions. So on one hand. They get it wrong on local just of the nuts and bolts of their are electricity generation and saying we're gonna rolling blackouts Utley sixteen without nuclear power when mr. reminder. None of these projects produce a single kilowatt of electricity. Man I'm a much you got the when applicable lights which becomes all now paying you know. A tonne port because these politicians but it's come and also on the wrong on that side and then also the role in the political calculation side of hold we're gonna have to do this because that'll Beimel he's got past them. Little BO was a cap and trade and we is gonna have to give some about it so they get it all both frauds and go figure right and they call us too stupid Dave. Right know and exactly what this report says. And and that's exactly what I think that your question the top of the segment was. Were they when they idiot. Or were they Rodgers they are they committing fraud here and again and you have to read this report has been hurt Doug or. But it is very clear and I think the case can be made. That and act out and shoot I mean I ain't seen. It flawed but a broad that we had never seen before in this entire stake were talking about potentially at the twenty billion dollars a year of fraud. And and that's what it is and meet these guys knew what they were deal they knew that would they published this report. They had plenty of energy that will Miette big glut of energy. But they told that it did we were running out and that means they didn't need to build beep nuclear power plants. That they knew were going to be Matt Lee center and as you mentioned we were going to be a bit detained the same folks they called it poured stupid. So we were too poor to you know do attitude and get it to try to conserve energy and producer electricity caught. There also this video we're we're that they do the same people that want to pay the upfront cost for the expensive car mats of nuclear. We'll this politician logic and the ball back to reporting some of the quotes in here just mom bond so. Com it says quote there are ongoing plans to build additional nuclear facilities to meet south Carolina's growing electric needs. Perks and without specifically mentioning the VC summer expansion project. Although some parties oppose nuclear power generation. We believe that in order to meet the electric needs of South Carolina was limited greenhouse gas emissions nuclear must be considered viable option. For at least the immediate future accord to reports executive summary. We must rely on the growth of nuclear energy industry in the state to ensure that reliable affordable electricity is available to all of our citizens. To attempt to resist change or merely stand on the sidelines hoping for a delay. In the inevitable is no longer an option they've from the horses now they can not be looking back and they could not have been anymore wrong. Or sound any more competent. Right but rather than. These can't these guys being completely removed from any positions old. I'll responsibility of power in the state for some reason decide to concentrate power solely in their hands so that. One got basically and with the bill behest of all this storm Glenn McConnell ball back in LA one half politician can get the ball roll and and then everyone else figures out how to commit money off the zoo and before you know ever want a gravy train very some general we solve the gas tax hike and he loved. He is the real world he personally profits the other guys see the right on the wall. But how brown a great restraints of and the same way that the gas tax hike was a complete fraud and they say they're gonna fix our roads and and actually no intention of using them way to fix our roads. This absolutely. Was a fraud. These guys knew or they were either. They knew or they did were deliberately. Stupid. So that they could claim ignorance later either one is not a good on the fist as I said. At the top of the low signal Campbell. You know when you see bald blue lights and you're gonna show me your you know that if you're doing some role regardless if you admit to or not you're gonna pay a price for. Right so these guys. Knowingly or unknowingly and I agree with you I think they're cutting I think they're out for themselves I don't think they give a day or about us. But either way they are culpable for what is happening there are responsible for the billions of dollars in debt and they need to pay a price for. And this this Djokovic investing Odessa Garrett investigation comedic angle Arnold which has these same politicians sitting there investigating their own crime. Is an absolute joke. And we're not gonna get anything older than the same old same ol' if you have the same old guys in control. So will we said all along this first of all this is a fraud second of all there is to be an actual investigation into the politicians themselves. What they knew when they knew it did they profit to their bald B of up present daily prophet. We need to know this. Mean I know the full picture for it investigating. Stand up and SE NG tell all their executives walked away what millions of dollars already anyway. We need any investigating the politicians and furthermore. The guys that war right now or were responsible for these politicians. If anything they have got to be removed. From the committee investigating his truck. So we said if you want a single politician is a message to stand up to leadership and kick these guys all. Of this committee if you what a drain the swap early start to. Just text the word drain DOR a are in to the number 52886. That's and you your chance about thirty sags a send that message say enough busy enough. We're only you guys we know that ten years ago you'll clued together to pass this monstrosity of a bill. We know the politicians and overseen the regulators that have bone allow this thing though ball blow up into a crisis. And we know that right now you're trying to cover up for each other. And allow the same politicians who perpetrated this to investigate and it was enough kick them all text the word drain the 52 at 86. A day this is not going to be the last story under our last thing we talk about. This bottle is ongoing it is imperative that every once stay home the look out. For the next not paying the problem when there's this dominion deal whether it's today. Reshuffling of the car in turning Perkins soup but there I think they're calling that utility oversight committee that would have Israel and keep your eyes open. And sale toppled your state legislators. To make sure that two things happen. Go for that ratepayers are protected and that we break up this concentration of power data Colombia has gotten us this mess in the first place. The guys they you've tune in and night until next week stay mad stay motivated and go make a difference thanks to and in.