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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 23rd

Salute To Service


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On the back we have made it to our number two not only have we survived. Our number one we also survive today. Been alive on planet earth without playing index crashing into us and we did a good job as was predicted on that one. Numerology guy. Course Dylan and I'll sell books but we're glad to be here glad to have you where you are. It is segment number one of our number two so that means it's time for your weekly dose of Gene Autry. In just a little bit ago and far. All right starting off rapid fire this week Harry Dean Stanton. An actor with quite a long list of credits are also the musician. Also a World War II navy veteran passed away earlier in the week aged 91 and given that. Kerry. You can marry from movies like cool hand Luke pairs Texas had a great supporting role in Nam. Kelly's heroes and great warm and the Clint Eastwood film. Anyway passed away died of natural causes and now hospital Los Angeles at age ninety once. You know again as these gases and the kind of people we're at that age where. People he used to seen in movies are slimming down a well known tie or is that yet now they're they're I. Some away so it. A process say about us she's the finger is no hope no. This is the stories come into this at a Colorado Springs, Colorado a jogger in Colorado was terrorized effectively. By improving on their lawn outside their home can I just think your right and forced the woman is. Been dubbed the mad Cooper by Kathleen dude whose sister children were the first people to catch that hunger in the act squatting when their shorts down. But told the station she asked the woman are you really taking a group right here part of my kid she's like yes sorry. A sign begging her to stop hasn't helped either this isn't behavior that we see you don't Keaton basis lieutenant Howard black of the Colorado Springs BD. Told Huffington Post on Tuesday black said the suspect is dedicated in several parts of the neighborhood according to witness Thomas. It leases runner brings her own paper and does her cereal crapping on the ground and not on cars are inside cars. That's just disgust no man why not granted long distance runners people like marathon runners and stuff like that. You know that's just natural part of the sport you know I I get that but why he added when somebody should hard having years the. Name and I act I tell you what man I've got an idea for this that really requires. He's not not not not nothing particularly violent. But you see those and you probably get him on sale now that summer's almost over are pretty is over officially. Those super soaker type squirt gun things. Guess keep good teachers itself your kids everybody gets one of those right you go to like JE a the first aid. Health section of and Walgreens CVS in my day and look for like some of that day hot heat muscle rub type stuff easy like. Trainer she did they read that ICI icy hot status bio theory and that stuff that slight bit in liquid form. Get yourself a couple gallons of that and fill up those super soaker scored on things and and just wait. In the next next time. She goes to take that and just. Has a problem solve problems Saint Paul let yeah GAAP would you do that though the F bunker. Colorado man I'm ala Colorado. I hear is a another passing of note are getting a hastily off that path again in with this type stuff but these are guys that live to a ripe old age. This past week the oldest living West Point grad dies he was a 105 years old. It was a retired lieutenant general William Ely who is the only remaining graduate from his class in 1933 died this past Tuesday. And is home and Delray Beach, Florida as originally from Pennsylvania. Graduated West Point commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers after graduating in 1933. And he has decorations include the legion of merit with one oak leaf cluster the silver star in the bronze star that's according to the DOD's. Mated to a 105 there's probably. A lot of guys that graduate in getting those types of of decorations that. Thought there were times they'd they'd never see the next day of the next week Murray last make it to a 105 cents a credible in. Well done sir you know and rest in peace. Amen let. I guess in in his approach that's appropriate that as that is appropriate there out of Cleveland police in Cleveland say a woman stabbed her boyfriend several times after finding him negev on top of her twelve year old daughter. Cleveland dot com reports of 31 year old man was stabbed five times in his chest and once in the backfield is headed home in Cleveland early Tuesday morning. A police report says a woman told investigators she was going to bed when she found the man on her daughter. The reports is woman grab your pocket knife and attacked him both a woman and her daughter suffered cuts on their hands during the struggle. The man 31 year old Troy parks was charged with rape in gross sexual imposition. He reportedly told detectives that his girlfriend may have attacked him because she thought the twelve year old girl and feelings foreign. I I don't know I don't know that she at I don't know that she necessarily attack you because she daughter daughter had feelings for you grow. I think it was probably because you were naked in laying on top of her twelve year old. That's is that a reason is inning I mean. I feel pretty confident that I would still be stabbing him. Via. Right now. Like they would have to take him and me out. About it yet to sink just be idea rather than Hank F Andre a year you're just going to be yet you're you're hanging on yet and still go on Narnia as as as a parent like cancer ambling. Are right here is an American hero wanna tell you a little bit about petty officer first class Jeffrey Thomas he is a navy DOD explosive ordnance disposal tech was just. Received the silver star this past week for his actions turn a ten hour firefight with nicest. This guy definitely displayed. Some courage there was a firefight going on over in the Iraq Syria area. He was in a he was relatively safe in an armored vehicle. As some Korman. And other individual for moving towards some fellow sailors and since they were engaged in combat there with the I disguised. I guess they were probably seals are special ops types I would think and they were cut off by a minefield. The ice this guy's head quickly put in place and listen this guy this petty officer first class Jeffrey Thomas. Comes out of the armored vehicle gets out there on the ground bullets rockets mortar rounds targeting. Is Jeanne it. And he sweeps the area for explosives. Just after a roadside bomb took out one the other vehicles. But basically gets out there and clears a path says that the medical corps Korman and other relief forces king get in the air. And and provide some now. You know I've had they're in and did what needed to be done and that's what makes our men and women just. The best there is that what they days I salute to use petty officer first class Jeffrey Thomas silver star recipients pretty amazing that's pretty stout stuff. So out of Moscow and and a territory will would this be considered collusion if we. I hope it's okay out of business. A towering monument to lieutenant general Mikhail Kalashnikov designer of the AK 47 the Soviet rifle has become the world's most widespread. Assault weapon. Was unveiled on Tuesday in the middle of 1 of central Moscow's busiest thoroughfares ceremony took place in the sounds of Russian military folk music military folk. Say hello little better idol sound the Soviet anthem orthodox prayers and words about house creation had ensure Russia's safety and peace. In the world and a according to the idea. The difference between here. In the air and you know we got people tearing down statues is definitely hear it and everything and everybody and everybody. For me generally Christopher Columbus and over and over there there there could not stay hatching a thirty foot statue to collapse and Kalashnikov you know weigh it and it just it's kind of funny is still does the the great warrior poet ice cube. Once said he it was a good day when you didn't have to usury K. I mean that's the piece that the peace in the world that they won't elaborate that he try to pull them Alan this is I bet you don't aegis I'll let you know Charlotte and AK feature apple and down that statue and yeah that that is accurate that is the most prolific garden. Yeah only ever produced yeah I mean they're everywhere yet and late this. And genius simplistic design it's just it's. And anchored even though works it Ryan's and it doesn't matter what you do to it yeah it's gonna Iran and apparently. The newer generation that the 1874. Is means the same guy Anderson smaller caliber. And it'll run and run like a singer's own machine now you brought up a good counterpoint when you posted that story on our FaceBook yet where where is our wares are thirty foot statue of saint saint Browning yet John Moses Browning out. I mean so Mikhail he he pops off the set we we should designed one John Browning and in 191140. Any chance in a mod decency. They Uga. I mean it would be great job John Browning patron saint of mothers. It takes for us to try to arrange that means low line Abbie we have to have a little piece of property they they they. Produced some pretty gained granted just down the road there and Georgia man big we should make a big chunk of granite should be made out of lead. She's been made out of urban molten lead mole on lead yeah. Just point Kasten in the minds. Are you what what would be great is if we leave I don't know if you little little seed money go on for that project and probably flip open the windows that they have that big artists beer festival in oh my god a sculptor and what are the chances we can get some sculptor here dictates that idea and artists fear next time it rolls around. We should do that seed that can be a another great thing for Greenville I don't think we've got any real you know. Lifeline history connection to John Browning nine bit but everything that they are doing around here to try to make. Greeneville yet a destination type cities of like that. What if yes 88 and we need to do better than the Russians how tells us that she thirty feet so he's he's fifty feet fifty feet I'm proposing right now that down it falls park where you can clearly see it for the rich. And in that area where they do the Shakespeare in the park thing yeah needs art and culture now and literature and stuff like that this disk. This just poured big slab of cement on the grass they're cover that up. Put a big granite pedestal layer and a fifty foot statue of John Browning. Holding to 191140 files with a with a modest fifty at his feet and that would be beautiful. In a BAR. Slung across his. This is getting out of can just get out of control somewhere somebody thinks well we're actually serious and I tell you what let's go to break and then we'll catch I've got a text message here from somebody who clearly doesn't pay attention to what we do on the show which are being OK for the okay I'm sure. We can we can cover that we can also cover some of the is stupidity comes from the night. Ninth circuit court of the ninth circus and yeah. Salute to service 1063 W ordeal with chuck and John will we'll be right back mainly. Welcome excellent service one a 63 W a RD Jon and chuck glad to be with you today try to be anywhere today well especially given the predictions that are now it's when it's not. Is October up. Easily but the Berman down though it was a little a little bit amount mound you're coming back in it at. Made countless desert Mountain Dew and down and do the the kind you combat this thinks station. Cummins has retirement planning tax on 713 easier or seven Ingles advantage told free talk until free from anywhere 1803471063. Now. A full disclosure here not a lot of stuff isn't much. Now just on the groan and a page it is things don't bother them. But this text is. To expect is that bothered me in Doug and Hillary are. Guys guys that's us get that car if truck goes in quote cowboy on North Korea and triggers a deadly conflict. And it and and images of flag draped coffins are on the news period. Will use of still support him since it's all under the guise of killing bad guys now on an address the first part of this okay the part where it says. Did trump and will we still support it. And the texture here is making an consumption or inference that somehow. And I can only speak for myself and it. Anatomy Trump's support I don't support politicians. I don't give money to politicians I don't subscribe to politicians their politicians. They're all just as awful as the next went on both sides of the aisle and tell me until they show otherwise so too it. And to put it to put down on me. Because maybe there's a difference in in philosophical writing ideological. Meanings. That somehow I am beholden to the president of the United States and all of his. It is it is dealing yeah just a blanket approval gag is is absurd and in kind of lazy on the part of the texture. For for not not taken the time to even ask. So the second part. It's trump goes cowboy on her why's it gotta be trop de why can't be Japan. Why can't be South Korea why can't be any number of of other nations states in the region. Because they're the ones that are dealing with this guy directly yet more directly yeah and I asked him to talk more than him and hit not us. Are far less than it is of them hitting Japan or South Korea or whatever else is float around out there. The third thing. This has been going on for seven years. This isn't news this is an Donald Trump thing this isn't a Barack Obama thing is not a a G de BA is not a Bill Clinton is not on. First bush it's not a Reagan it's not a Nixon it's it's been going on says it's very true and yet. So is it coming to a head now yes it is the president talking mad smack. Yeah but you know what. Fine after seven years of appeasement somebody's somebody somewhere at some points gotta say now. Well what else with what. What are your options when now we you know analysts are saying that they. Look like they had tested 28250. Kiloton yield. Hydrogen device. That that was some of the most recent analysis. By peace groups these things that and that scientists analyzed sleek and seismic results in the air sniff first stuff and all that. For radioactive particles now. These guys have gone from ten to twelve kill time yields a couple years ago under. But bush then hope Obama and now. They're looking at these yields I mean that's that's a drastic change in 1012 kilo tons to ram the 250. Kill time. Yield right armies blast that's a significant. And as cold as it seems. To spin around. If we're. I am I believe like John boldly I don't wanna live under the under the threat of this illogical player on the world stage having that kind of power where there can threaten us with an error service blast. Or other 250 kill a ton nuclear weapon or an EMP attack. And so we have to find a way to deal with this and hopefully the things because China can be key to this and hopefully these recent. Activities were at banks tightening down you just saw a story for about fourteen hours ago came out that timing and cutting oil oil supplies and stuffed them. Hopefully these things will brain. North Korea to to the table to have a a logical and reasonable discussion about this to hold at a lot of hope for that. A little not not a whole lot because. Since 1953. There hasn't been a whole lot of reasonable. No stuff come out of North Korea that a lot of appeasement has a lot of giving them food and give them money old don't make a bomb and yeah feed view gavel Wilson medical aid will do all these other things that they think the guy is. Yeah he's not a logical player home on the world stage that's for sure and and an ill logical guy like that. Having the potential to use and deploy a 250 kill a ton weapon and we got audio and stuff like that could we're gonna move onto the ninth circuit thing but there was a whole bunch a stuff we've got on the North Korea stuff. And even commentary. An interview gonna play the audio from congressman Duncan Hunter. Who has. Cannot say and you know it may come to us having to strike first because of what we're hearing in these classified briefings about what they've got the potential of it and in this guy a being in a regime that's rather unstable. So if we're gonna get to a point where we have to act and I wish we really didn't because a lot of people. You will die. Compared to what Americans have become used to in recent conflicts but if we're gonna have. A lot of death and destruction I would much rather have it over they hear on the peninsula and potentially scum on the islands of Japan. Van flashing news the massive destruction and death coming out of California Washington Oregon Missouri Texas Idaho. Illinois you know places like that where you know what's frustrating about this Texan I'm sure it's it's you know and it patrol is a troll but at the end the name and we meant for the last eighteen months or more talking about this more decree thing we have Randy video before. Anybody else what anybody else dare I say we were the first and always look at his waist to get out of this yeah. How how can you make that happen. How can you make that happen but it hasn't won an NN and Bolton even has some good ideas about Mina and saying maybe we you get ready your nuclear weapons and will pull out US forces on Albany like a small joint base down in Tucson which is at the very tip of rights soccer. Korean. Part of the peninsula and looking at ways to deal with that and I'm I hope so badly that we can find anyway. To get out of this I'm not. Particularly hopeful. That that will come to fruition. But I would much prefer to see that word van. Like what we said the forum and our opinions have been confirmed in the terrified by guys like mad missing Kelly and and others in the know Duncan Hunter and others. That this would be a large scale. Conflict like nothing we've seen and seven decline this year to last person in the world wants to get shot at two persons are dementia once again you know and I'm saying yeah. And with the warriors last person wants go to war yet so it just that that that whole text message that on the limb with I'll let us if it comes to that stuff like that and we see these. The results which would be wasn't quote that the taking a flag draped coffins when I yet I'm I would still. Support my country yes. Now aired in our commander and chief concept not so box art. And a columnist Charles Saatchi let's go to that that be fun you're on brother was up. It's just wanted to unload chime in about most for your first. And and we've been we've been around in her hands that for super early years that not decade. Yen and I'm afraid. I'm I'm like you hope and pray it doesn't he but I am a little military. Conflicted on the Verizon Andy and we'd be made to be. We need it didn't want column to show. An astronaut below below. And here. Anyway. And and astute. The second month it's. On my view I'm closing Browning. Men donation on that. All of you. Mayor. Brown and all. Ban in there at the accord would be a good move further output the Allman. Yeah I think that would make a I think that would just really increase the attractiveness of of Greeneville being and one of these destination cities absolutely. Think it would to end and let's stop it and yellow envelope sometimes but let's all forget Eugene Boehner. He didn't go to bed in itself for Lou Lou booty our platform. And Orion yeah. Got a picture in ma. Panama and tell you also non GM with a lot of military and stuff but I got a picture of you gain Stoner and material close call. Together. And and one of the interesting things is you gain Stoner metal a lot of money. On his invention and local election fault specially made new era. He was given things later on in his life but he worked to go. Yeah yeah yeah gotta gotta love that hate communism guy yeah yeah there there's a perfect perfect example of communism vs capital has some Atlanta I thanks so much for the call brother we appreciate it but I say I see that that whole thing made that that's the stat sheet thing may catch. But I'm telling you. Some good starts as descent and a Smart Alec joking. On mine and end on a little helper he finished up with. Next thing you know agreeable City Council sitting in chambers on. Are you who are these clowns in the wiz kid clients coming in. And how did they get a petition 100000 names on I don't know this and maybe we shouldn't say that anything. It's just funny to see what happens is somebody text in about. Let's see Bobo but you generally I think we'll put boots on the ground in North Korea because of seals or train south Korean army well that that's all that that's yes that's that then had to do exercises every year yeah. In a 1911 on his hit carrying a bar with and into in 1917 and 1919 and his feet. In in 1911 on a sit carrying a bar with and into into 19701990. News feed on the loss where we put the lever Poppins in my putter shot. That's. See that that designed can be worked into the pedestal you know we could just make we can make him out of all of the guns he's created there a year ago. Kind of a creative yeah mosaic typed typed yeah like his legs would be mod deuce and Zora happy bar in his chest would be made out of all handguns and onto the creative and well I mean eco. Teacher and his every gurkha stuff that teachers. Open up a food try this to incorporate it occur. Everything could be like that you know some of the restaurants they use the names from. You know step off television shows popular sitcom gal I have. Whatever it moos does that when that stuff from signed Phil yeah yeah just do a food truck and everything via. John Browning gun gun gun references gun reference to tell them to commodities yes we have a giant among want to use it. It would not be a modest would be it would be to keep those you know they would be half inch diameter yeah. We say we're sitting here laughing about this is somebody else is out there so I write something like that down food truck theme from mine and and make a million dollars. Well and here's a break so I am I screwed up our our man that's okay that's on us to think Emma but on my shoulders but. Let's take in Seattle ninth circuit thing on the combat we still yet we got all kinds of time so. All of you out there NG Vegas and surrounding areas pay attention to is we're coming right actually serves 163 to BO RD. I'm actually a disservice a lot of local 1063 WORD John Turner chuck Porter glad to be with year indeed we are all right Ron talk a little bit about this ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision this started quite a few years ago with the these. For the color consent decrees. That are part of agreements with local law enforcement state and local level law enforcement agencies and the federal Department of Justice. But we've seen these investigations take place course at Ferguson has Baltimore other cities where an incident may Iraq. Arise. And especially under the previous presidential administration these civil rights DOJ people get in there get involved start. Doing analysis and re search and nit picking apart. What the local. Law enforcement agencies are doing. And then they would basically give these consent decrees that basically be in a nutshell is either. You either follow these guidelines that we're gonna you know work with your local leadership to establish. More and you accept that and you implement these or. We're gonna take you court basically you know is the federal government suing. Ferguson Missouri suing. Seattle suing whatever municipality. The at large or small so a lot of these. Municipalities when they get in the situation sank. We've got X amount of dollars and our budget to handle legal issues are right might have some emergency funds that are certain amount of dollars. But we don't have the bottomless pit of taxpayer dollars that the federal government seems to think it has. To keep something court for years and years so a lot of municipalities. They got to fold than they fold and they were with Dan with. Representatives from the DOJ to come up these new policies and such in this is what happened had in Seattle. Was basically to make him just to make this simple but they came up with was use of force rules or call rules and rules of engagement. Basically is what we column in the military. For local. Law enforcement officers there in Seattle and some of the officers was about 125. Home. Thought that. These new. Rules these new policies infringed on their ability to. Even defend themselves in dangerous situations and so they took it to court and it went up got put in the court. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. And they're the judges and the ninth Circuit Court said. No you have not lost your Second Amendment Rights niece policies and procedures are. Are fair and reasonable in our opinions and. Stay in place so it didn't just in this this first an aside the daily caller on address would you just say here but I wanted to get this first sentence. From this daily caller. Column on this. A federal appeals court Tuesday ruled a Seattle police can only use force proportional to the threat they face seriously damaging Seattle police forms abilities firearms. Proportional what does that mean does that mean it if it is a proportional day in that. I have to bring a knife to a knife fight is proportional that if I'm being beaten I can only beat back it is a proportional and that sensors are proportional on the sensitive fan base with deadly force I can use deadly force he's deadly force now if that's the case and nothing's really changed sophistication where are eight. This guy is presented me with a knife so I have to be proportional with that I can only use now. Knives we can use of the ties her baton well not even a bit lately it pays it would it's not even the pleasure because that's not that is less sleep. So it was a guitar and but it depend of the time has the inherent inability to articulate person you can kill person with the time you don't. Something went to go horribly wrong to a person the taste yeah now my second and were I take issue with the the officers that filed a lawsuit. Dayton I think they dress it up wrong. And by that I mean that when they filed the suit. They said that it's in it limits their ability to defend themselves. Well you know at the end of the day everybody wants to go home alive right in that's fine but we're we're not we're not out there to defend ourselves so to speak. Those situations are situation where. EU want to open ended deadly force situation. It's not only that you're defending yourself pitcher defending the society at large from that person because of that person is willing to take that action against a law enforcement officer. Then they're perfectly willing to do it to anyone else for any reason so. Had they dress it up. A little bit better putter put opinions and some. High heels on it a little lipstick and said look this limits our ability not only to protect. Ourselves. But it limits our ability to affect protect society at large because of this person kills us. Then who's next who's next he think that's due flown out there with that night well it wouldn't have but I think the argument would have been. It would have been a better are you would have been a prettier argument yeah. Well I've got concerns on a situation we ran when I and to the main members of management here went through some training recently. Out of the Greenville county in camp chairs department training center. That a lot of this is slight with this ruling could have put me in the wrong. Well we'll discuss strategy when we come back absolutely will leave it right on the inside the bracelet serves 163 to be lowered each having John. And here I am yeah. The manual car and here I am John Jarrett Jeff Porter and batter wrap up this week's episode of salute to service. This ninth Circuit Court of Appeals thing though and tell you were reading there the quoting from the article about this that the police in Seattle police specifically because of the wanting. Filed the seat. Can only use force proportional to the threat they face and objectively reasonable fourth proportional to the threat or urgency of the situation. And a couple of Fridays ago. I went down you were fewer with this car she were mostly sit there watch and laugh and that this bit. Went out with a cup a couple of gas from the management team geared intercom went out to the Greenville county sheriff's office trains and the end and yet. And we ran deuce in areas where we were geared up like officers and had the Glock Pistols was seen munitions and all that and one of the things that came to my mind. As we Arenas where they're talking about you know. Proportional. And objectively. Objectively reasonable force. One of the scenarios I was involved now there was a domestic disputes and and in that domestic. Dispute scenario. One of the the players role players and in this scenario. Picks up a steel pipe that's what was it four feet long recess on my dad and as I was working in this situation trying to calm him down NC. The escalate this and I had a taser. Pepper spray and the farm. And of course got a situation in the guy acting now except this four foot long piece by. Starts coming at me I pulled the pistol which in thirty times in the in the got it right. And coarseness cease fire and you reevaluate the trainer came over why did you do this this that the other and I assembly gas at. Peace steel pipe he's as big design and he's got the pod race that he's come and and he was yours 67 feet away semi feet away maybe he's got momentum. At this. If I did hit with that he's either gonna kill me here into me and then my firearm is taken an inner. SO NS I OK that's fine and everything house worked out fine but. Gonna get when things like this going to place Andy's DOJ agreements these consent decrees go and place. Are we. If we took that scenario that I ran. And where I did use the firearm to take out and an assailant that was coming ME with a piece of steel pipe is. A Glock pistol proportional bull and objectively. Reasonable. Situation to that to the people who would be reviewing. This this ruling kind of flies in the faces of tuned to court cases and in so many mention in our on our FaceBook page. Tennessee vs garner yet which is huge in the the other one is grandma. And grand verses. It. Grammer is Connor. Both of those are in some metal instrument on law enforcement and Tennessee vs garnered deals with flowing felons and in an appropriate use deadly force and then. Graham vs Conner talks about. Reasonable objective to us via and and it's not wait you know John Turner would find a reasonable any given situation is what another won't force her way in law enforcement officer would finery from him because. The the situations are so dynamic as you saw yeah yes and your and your scenarios bit. You know it's it's what is reasonable and of objective in that situation in that time. By eight or you or reasonable cop in not hindsight yet. Because hindsight is twenty points or so what what you did was that reasonable. In that moment yes. Absolutely Wallace now if he had assaulted you. And argue caught you grievous bodily harm in the fled. Did you shot as. Now but according to Tennessee vs Ari can and because he's a fleeing felon. He's he's committed a crime worthy where the the need for you to stop them for the public benefit outweighs. His. Ability to include to go bye bye if we're gonna break it down Marseille. So this this decision by the ninth circuit. It is not gonna last. This would go to the supreme and I haven't seen any follow up statements by the the organization in the right legal representation from this 125 officers to see if they are gonna appeal that aren't sure they will this'll this'll go to the Supreme Court iffy iffy if it does and I'll be shocked in in a million overturns the ninth circuit gets overturned like every day every day distortion greens and why does he think about how did the ripple effects of stuff like this how would police officers feel like well I've got to live under this. Their looks like some questionable going on over there a minute. Am not gonna go insert myself into a situation in its second guessed. Or somebody does get into a situation in their column for backup. And some. A man not. I'm too close to break Ahram I'm not I'm not gonna expose myself to write it potential legal hassles and stuff which is all referenced in these articles I was right about where these. These are legit concerns that's out there and then that police coming in as well if you wanna do little issue reading grandy Connor and Tennessee vs garnered GA are in New York America. There it is not a cult collar voters are waiting guilty today folks we've politics are just ran out of time. But tries again next week another show in the can and same bat time same bat channel and as always if he can't be safe. Beating dangerous scene if we give folks.