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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 23rd

Salute To Service


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Is there may I tell you I'm doing good because thank goodness the world did not end like that I put a cautionary post on our FaceBook page because. That numerology jobless. Basically say and that this morning I was gonna wake up look out my window I was sipping coffee and in a planet in Atlanta area ask Hillary to her. Some thin and so I my bad I wanted to make sure we communicated to the audience that hey. Yeah we we love we love what we're doing that might get in the event that. Planet X is gonna crash into us that we may not be here in the studio. I don't know even though we could've really done any you talk about a what a great show the last show before the end who is like end of life as we know that. And it's amazing how much traffic that little post got online something silly like that but anyway we're glad that we're glad to be here and let me tell anyway. Need these kids these other host man they keep they keep closing out the FaceBook without long and how that dialogue and now I'm I'm telling ya there. Somebody's gonna stuff somebody's gonna explain ended this underdog and ultimately a net debt close friends I am I won't do as many did it. Kill the Lindbergh baby to. I get that we've got I guess in studious or you're gonna get things we've is that okay with you a fast start the show officially I think even in the direction I think these gentlemen can get on with their weekend. Because. It's been awhile since we've had a couple of guests in that are from we always talk about the the local veteran. Organizations the nonprofits. That are doing good work in mode the lives of the veterans the men and women who are right here in our area. Or she see advertisements a lot of times on television for these large huge organizations. There the good groups most of them some of them have struggled in. Enough recent past and but we hope they they get themselves straighten them fire right. Madame have a couple of guys witness Tom PS and chuck Rouse who are in need if you watch us on FaceBook he knew this was comment. Hum FaceBook dot com slash Debbie Doherty slew disservice Tom BS and chuck grouse from project healing waters. And if of just kind of been happier and and God's country looking at nature have a little fellowship. With veterans these guys are gonna tell you how potent that can be gentlemen welcome to the ship. Thank you John and chuck it's great time great to be here meet marvelous opportunity to talk about project human water's good good. You've had told me that when we were talking earlier on the phone that she had actually joined Bob. Or somebody had had had been on the Bob McLean show in Greece and resent past talk a little bit about what you guys do that. For people that wouldn't have caught that. What is project healing waters. Basically our project healing waters is a national program. That works with disabled veterans. In a rehabilitation. And readjustment back. In this decided to help them with there are. They're issues issues could be PTS. Could be an amputee it could be they're just unsettled him so we help them readjust. Through fly fishing. How but now I know about the therapeutic value to fly fish in an and Tom and I were talking about it before the show. But oh. From your guys' experience is much more vast than mine. What is it about fly fishing and and these these veterans who are need a little help what is it about that I I would think in its. Fly fishing first of all. It's when your I doing an outing. You know it's. It's God's beautiful country whom I mean there's nothing more beautiful than being on a a stream of water running down that that. The vegetation mounds around it just absolutely stunning and calming. That was until us until a snake swims about I don't know that evidence now down the yeah yeah I had fortunately it was belly up but yeah still was a snake. But fly fishing is. Relatively technical. The secret fly fishing is an casting. Oh absolutely and I can try and as you get past you can catch fish yeah. But. So we teach the fly casting we teach the how to tie flies and partly due. We call a rod building but we take blanks and we put the attachments on it and they decorate them yet high release. Decorative those people who do back from day and it's kind of staging would would understand this patience and skill that takes to do that. And Andy's techniques. Help people to improve their dexterity them. Being underwater helps improve balance. We've had cases where people spent more time under the water that on the water. Well enough or I don't I hit the idea being in the water is if you haven't been under the water here you have have been issued. Yeah but now some of the the pictures that are on the yep project healing waters dot org website you're talking about of course veterans that. May be physically. You know both arms and legs and everything in good shape the deal with the stress of it but then on the on the web site they're great pictures. Men width. Physical injuries where a missing arms and Heidi I think there's even one where I was prosthetic leg yes and you're getting these these veterans out. And again focusing their mind on on something again that is. There's something very zen like about fly fishing once you get into it but it is. It's technically have to do it like a golf swing you have to do it the right way. It and and the difference with with golfing when you have a bad day golfing you turn your clubs in the lake. Give a bad day fishing. You've been in and a great environment and says it wasn't such a bad day after I think catch any fish and that that. But it was still a beneficial day with nuclear with and a an environment. But that you talk about the handicapped. Healing waters. Over the years has developed tools. Or an amputee. To be able to fly fish there's attachments for some and they with a missing hand or. Part of an arm that they can is this attachment and tie to the flyer broad. There is. Tools that have been developed that allow an amputee to tie flies. And Tom I can't talk flies with two hands. Not I don't I wouldn't even ever again I tie my shoes yeah yeah I don't it was better. For for my sanity to digits by the flaw but yes. Yes it's probably cheaper to man in my day Betty yeah I just I don't have the coordination got nothing to do with the reason that I never I just don't have the patience to. And edit its patients via and but but these tools help these men and women adapt. And edit gives them purpose. And you look at. Suicide. And these people have lost. The purpose to live. And programs like healing waters and other programs give them purpose to continue on. And and and that's that's a great great feeling and when you can. See that person. Recover. Yet and. And this has got to be it would be important to. Should be to anybody yet to hear any patriotic American that you guys with your backgrounds. Of service. What what's your military background. I was united united states army. I get fillets and oxy moron I was in nonmilitary aid. And it was a those two things are equivalent and then we were talking with Tom before the show and your background. I spent enough from 67 to 69. Mainly within a 101 airborne. Spent twenty months in Vietnam. The I think your both army guys then yeah. Which first time I've just now my brother not sitting here Eaton crayons are hollow. Mobile. Theology in eight. And I had to do a little research regularly sometimes joke about will have bags of pork bronzed and here to munch on during the show and things like that had we been bringing in. Some chunks of fellow leather necks when we might add the assorted boxes sixty watt to sixty for the show are gonna make our C. Thanks. Oh man. Well of war about honor on a break. Time and so when we come back but I want you to guys time melody is there. You know among many things what we want to have and the different veteran nonprofit groups here on the show. Our promote eve dance that you've got coming out and project healing waters has an event coming up next week. And we only get back we're gonna look at gas talk about that says stiglitz salute service 163 Debian or do you check in John standby a standby. But excellent service John and chuck 106 or Debbie ORD the F states talk station. Glad to have you list today and we are joined by in studio yes from a really neat it's a national organization you gentlemen are with the the local chapter of project healing waters Tom the S and chuck grouse welcome again. And we've been talking them. About project healing waters in what you guys do as far as working with with veterans whether it's a day. Physical injury or something more mental emotional. With posttraumatic stress getting guys and gals NT fly fish. For part of that it and myself on Tom and I were talking I had a difficult time with the loss of brother several years ago and and fly fishing was a theory healing thing for me. At that point so that's why I act can make the connection is just now pretty much working six days a week I don't have a big both anymore. But it will into an effort to support. You know project healing waters and what you guys are doing all across the country as well as right here in the upstate South Carolina you've got an event that's coming up next week. On the thirtieth and will we start talking about this call healing Saturday. It's healing Saturday. It's a national event and this is the second year for healing Saturday we did not participate the first year. Because it was veterans day weekend calm and as you can imagine a number of veterans events that are at that time so I just wasn't enough hours in the day. National heard the complaints about that and they moved it to September 30. And the purpose today is. Of course fundraising yeah I was weak when we do an outing there's no. A cost to the veterans we absorb all the cost and that's equipment outings room and board. Everything. But and it's for awareness and for people would like to know and see what we do. Were setting up we're gonna have professional fly casters coming in and doing demonstrations. And then we'll do hands on training for anybody who wants that we can teach some way to fly cast rather quickly there won't be good at that. Because that take a glorious life that takes takes on an outlaw of practice. And I got 2 o'clock exercise for a recurrence. Isn't enough to get on the water yeah. We're going to do fly tying stations and and as a B hand onto we have a couple of guys that are really good teachers and dissident is going to be at Duluth east is going to be here he's out Italy bill. On large road. And endless loop visa's been a supporter of ours from virtually day one we're approaching its fifth year in Greeneville fifth. And and they have been witness for much every step of the way it's always. From the fly a time fly fishing community we get excellent support. I would I would imagine so and and then talking with Tom. What before the show bowling for your rival chuck. It was interesting timing because today is the state had doors gas were kicking off their show they had the the gentleman which is Brandon Brandon Brandon barber for a from a river late night can fly there's a lot of advertising and sponsorships that work with the gas from a state outdoors that was also talking about this event that's coming up. Now I need to put my glass of worst thing about getting holders have to Wear glasses they let them fly fishing film tour what yet chucking and here. The fly fishing film tour which is an event coming up at a brewery 85 that. Some of that I understand what you were saying and Tom some of that the the proceeds from that will also Lou help. I'm drinking water yes. Odd as say it's there a fun event it's also fund raising event for the mountain bridge chapter of Trout unlimited. But it helps support veterans affairs things. And chuck runs that. He's a sure of that and through it helps us a lot. And as a big event and if you can make it in I would love to have you guys out there you can have fun and support sir couple good causes at the same time. We won't have me a beer yeah when he gets upset yes at a brewery 85 via checks already got it locked in on his Google map on simple. And there's going to be prizes and things out there now one thing I wanna hit on because again and we were talking about this before the ship. And I think it's important as were everybody out there knowing you mean to you guys people that are work in and it's we've got to be Smart with our money and we wanna be generous and help people that you wanna make sure your money. Is going to organizations where it man administrative overhead. Is minimized and the most of your generous support goes to the people who need help tell a little bit about that and. Healing waters. Nationally. 84% of the funding that comes and goes to programs and to support veterans. The other. With 1416%. Part of that goes to advertising promotion and the rest it goes to management of the group and we aided about over 7000 veterans last year I'll and had about 3500. Volunteers. To do that. And healing waters I believe. I. This changes has five full time employees. To run the organization that national national out that's pretty edge and locally. I would say a 100% of our funding goes to support programs and we are 100% volunteers. No. That's great. I guess we we don't date. Marty that we don't even though we go data to look for yours. You're donating time irony Antonia and sometimes time makes more difference than the money and we run that. When we run about 15100 volunteer hours a quarter herself or at least that you. Oh man that's debts and that's a huge thank you for us and our audiences you people really wanna spend their money like John said wisely you know when it comes to donations and they like to spend locally yes. And that stance of huge importance and wait we've spent most of that money locally what we spend external layer external Greenville. Is if Leo. Down to. Mr. too good on him Cody counting write a local up in the North Carolina or Tennessee fishing and those expenses sure and that's that's local enough that's a desolate has yet you're not going to be if you've got to have a certain geography and environment readjusted you know you get into the track especially to Trout fish you know I'd always fluctuation in constant we know. I thought we have made any event in. March where a project healing waters group comes up from Tampa the news with this that we fish for three or four days. On the issue or two ago and we stayed on the company state park campgrounds Obama. And because they don't have. Throw water on her yet so little warm down there for the trial I don't know what do and I wonder if they wouldn't be good to hook up with. Our friend appeared Eagles feeling. Eagles team in the Melanie Butler as evidence sought Minnesota I don't know they may have a we need you I'll pass on the information if they don't have a ladies become a friend of the show she is a a military the daughter wife and mom and aunt that I got tired of fighting for her son to get. Helped through the VA says and she said people watched on woman and she actually a couple of years ago founded and started a what's called Eagles healing nest and it's a a retreat. The home away from home for veterans and they take gas from the Korean war on up to recently deployed guys coming and they do. All types of alternative stuff they it's it's got a little bit of a farm honestly got to make more with the animals they've got shorts in the garden they do. Theory. Outside of the box and alternative things. And dare break of helping. Veterans both men and women it was so surprising. This and Ph.D. psychologist types Dan at the University of Florida was scratching their heads. When they read about or like can we come up and see how you do what it is you do. And a stuff they were definitely a mile her into yes some of this stuff now. And that would be interesting. Is. We know that our programs is being with. With these men and women didn't. Is exceptionally beneficial and that's in my phone rings at night sometimes somebody just wants to talk yet. But and that's and that's that the time part yes that exiting that time can mean so much more sometimes than the money. And so those programs or exceptionally. Beneficial as the I went to a national conference for healing waters last. Year last spring or. I believe that anyway. The assistant director to the VA was one of the keynote speakers them. And he said that the healing waters was the best third party program. That the VA. The VA system. And and we've talked to their counselors here and I've had some issues with some of the guys that I would. Called the psychologist the counselors at the VA and say. I'm going handled this and what what can I do her because we're all professionals yeah. And and they said we talk through and they were helpful but they also said you know. We should get to spend an hour maybe eight and our monitor our every couple weeks with these guys. You get far more time with them that way do these especially when you do an overnight and you share a room with 10 yeah he says you've got 24 hours with them. And it's interesting and when you're sharing a room and the lights go out. The conversation. Death and the the aid downloading via say it isn't just connote. Not yet out. Yeah that's fantastic and that's phenomenal I appreciate you guys stop them by as project healing waters she can find more out about them for their website project healing waters dot org. And we share the information and will remind people of that your aunt aunt Lucy's on Lawrence wrote Lou these outfitters. He evening Saturday and nationwide event that is also occurring here locally as part of their efforts to. Helped via. Veterans via upstate area man and the magic in the wonderful experience to fly fish appreciate you guys commit bank dinner Graham you guys think as you might really an outdated and thank you. I like to Iwo when we come back why don't we talk about the 88 leaders as the the slightest possibility that a female is gonna graduate from. I think is a little Morton slightly she really screws up here at the final wells will say we'll talk about that when we come back salute service 1063 de BO RD second John standby a standby. Red items in all day every day. 24/7 360 John Turner chuck Carter wanted to 63 WOR EDS based talk station welcome back and it was nice heaven. Common check in here from project healing waters and a lenient. You've never been fly fishing now and you're not much. I am I mean I I just finished a bit. Fishing for me isn't yeah I just don't enjoy it yeah it's it's what is I mean it's different I've had times in my life where I've. Bin more into go and especially tie efficient kayak fishing and stuff like that and and fly fishing at I tell you. Difficult time in my life one point and again some friend say hey man was gonna do this I'll teach you how to do this and it got me through a a really tough time in my life. And that's why when I found out about these guys a Mike. Yeah I can totally see and understand how. You take some veterans saying you get them together and teach in these things in and they get them out they remain in the rivers in the mountains in the you know just get out there in God's country man and and it it is is healing it is itself. You know I'm fine and in having that discussion and talking about Eagles healing nationally in all the variety of of different. Assistance. Type programs there are for veterans that are available today I mean. It it's such. It a broad swath of standing everything from fly fishing to working on branches to riding bikes to panel and boats. I mean there's farming cardiac death the guys that did the road Henderson bill's right is the farm thing and there's a guy down in Augusta area this kind of similar to that. Veterans and their their farm and. Man there's a half for every head yeah you know so if if somebody needs. Help them. Then there is something available for everybody and whether it be athletics or. Agriculture or we will name it there's some it's it's really encouraging to seal. I. Vets that are dealing with physical injuries in the wheelchair basket gallon guys. Running screaming and jumping with prosthetics on which one he's one of the royal phase it Prince Harry and prince hairy there is usually on the net really Evian that that guy he's the stud man yeah analyzed I think jacket. Packets Syria and hang out what that guy in and and legal courses Brothers a helicopter pilot that it is yeah I think it probably is too can probably take probably two of the few you know the royals that I can stand in the hey Matt I mean you know that Joseph Jones Beers of beer and we'll speak and has probably going to be bill heaven heaven of the year to celebrate that we don't have her name. But there is an un unidentified marine lieutenant. Female the 31 female candidate for the branches grueling infantry officer course she's completed. All but the final stages and like unless something goes wrong today and tomorrow. She'll graduate on September 25 Monday and then Monday yes I'm a good thing in the world didn't end today good thing planet near Beirut just. And I'm I'm really excited about this. On one level having a daughter that was you know a marine and yeah herb is a marine in and the the long time the struggle spend because there's never been a FEMA get through this never ever in the history Emery court. So it's not it and I am what I'm going to say is gonna be insulting to some but it is now like ranger school. Were you know there was it and I don't believe they made too many adjustments but it ya rumor has it they made adjustments. This this is not that the recorders and operate. That way yeah that we're gonna adjust a little bit so one will finally hopefully be able to Acker and I think this girl just did it. Well and I would believe that an even being an army veteran I would lean. Towards agreeing with you there because again on all this politically correct social engineering we need to. Make this happen. The Marine Corps was. The branch that went through a very intensive. Coed verses. All male right. Combat. Jobs evaluation. And I mean put Jerry I put it in numbers did it very scientific qualified to use a big word. And and yet here we again you know in some people. We're gonna run into. Those right well I just don't care for this I don't like this as women shouldn't be in combat when all this site but the anyway it was just what. Women are in combat and I mean other way that what was and you know Jessica Lynch I mean if you know a little supply and logistics driving a truck. Capture in combat I mean given the nature of the battlefield today. The lone female. Marines soldiers sailors airmen and very they year yet and whether or not. You think they should be there at that did that ignores the reality of well regardless of your feelings and preferences right there there are. There they are and whether this. Young lieutenant goes on to actually serve and a rifle company in the Marine Corps. Or whether she goes on to some other field I we've talked about before. The training and the experience that she's got she takes that wouldn't she takes that winter and it will make her a better officer if she's. I don't know I guess the Marines have supply and logistics yet to master. It's well it and it it goes when we were talking about. These these ladies entering your school that ranger school aid is you know secondarily speaking leadership school yet leadership small small infant. Small unit infantry tactics stuff so they're taking all of that back to what every unit they go to and you may think it's a waste. But it's not because like you just said the battlefield isn't what he used to what was that story we had it was the female home. If she was she was a cop. In real I guess it was into and Tennessee National Guard actually was an eight and pay the Tennessee National Guard and again she's doing convoy duty. In Iraq. They get attacked. Her training her experience from where she had been a bush he did in civilian life yet. Kicked in and she and another individual jumped out of their vehicles went in basically did so to fight your own took the fight. To the year. Here is the insurgents the bad guys back guys and and killed a bunch of home in May lost nobody in that convoy. Well it you know win when you're when you're spread hate. Five point 56 with leaders of the time yeah it doesn't matter who's doing the spread and yet let's go ahead and get out edited and mark what's up only. There are you guys living the high. I hate about how while worked out jump somebody great topics. Just couple questions and help get out alleged direct comment sure. Key question to be would be. Email it to treat lieutenant. It's sheet question is she increasing combat effectiveness our future units or detracting. Well and that's NASA didn't want I want I want our lead that to you guys got sect. And you're such an attitude dark empty team now new that right there also talks are different subject which is art in general. The guard their strike the district combat is highly highly highly underrated. Based on exactly the point you just made. What they bring to the site. Say they meet all the same standard as the active duty units do. I start training and an evaluation and yet they also hold. Like. Nice job you real real world jobs right. Soviet combat effectiveness is highly underrated. But the key question at first question. And Kurdish just to comment okay. I'm not sure either one of you are I'm sorry I forget which are beside you were in the army that's John. John if you had been doing to school and we all make sense but I will take. Slight issue where it. And if we're gonna start compared ready underscored talk about being out rectory and so short and so on. All the services sorry gotta argue that Danny Marino won't stop about it I'm making adjustments. Chore. Politically correct reasons and that I want you guys just comment and I'll get off and not waste and mortgage. Out I had never waste man never awaits president thinks those those those are all very valid points very good question yeah and I can see where you would wanna get Alfonso. Car. But I agree that I had to do the first question is she improving combat effectiveness absolutely she is absolutely she is we just set it. Regardless of whether she goes to a line unit or whether she goes back to the top wherever. She's taking with her that knowledge you can't take somebody's educational way for them. And a lot of that depends just ended Aaron are there there're there are millions graduating their course and you can ask the same questions they went quite kind of men are they what kind of officers are they and are they. Increasing the effectiveness of the units they get to I think that this will vary from individual to individual yes. What was. Well here if you're. His eighties that the the third point I'm not aiming and touch on to I don't wanna start a brush fire out here in front of the finger pendant or wouldn't Woodruff in check traffic down. But on the the the second. The combat effectiveness of guards did not yet yeah. I I agree with 10 AM and and I understand it. You know they do bring something extra because they'd be on top of having their army d.s they've got actual real world. Employment that they have to concerns or has been an Elmer cops firefighters. You know those are the kind of people that are inclined to be in the dollar. I think obviously clear where some people. Have a little bit may be a lesser opinion are of course when some of these. Units guard units reserving his get activated and they need to go somewhere Brighton pre deployment training. Because obviously if you are doing something one week in a month couple weeks in the summer. Year year edges may not may recession may not be as CA you might not be as proficient as people who were full time active duty. But certainly I think what we've seen when these these people get. Deployed that they are effective and they are. Professionals or sure I mean you know as well as I knew we had reserves come manner we had you know well for us every reservists out of spares yeah. Yeah I mean yeah just Canada again one of those rivalry it is it is we don't think less of them we just. You know give mark and yeah that's just just because she could just think that's in the way again as it. Let's say well worded questions are good though today that was that was good when we come back willow grabbed. Ron Ron Ron's got a question hang on salute service one of 63 WOR DH I can John stand by the stand by all combat with your phone calls and text line. Me to court I it's not bad either you know what Charlie doesn't do. Surf past. Now I remember it popped in my head of the commerce rates of minister Maher had asked about their rank school not course army didn't didn't go to ranger school I know guys who did get in almost nobody. Said it was easy then of course I've known few people that. Or Marines and work for a guy for a couple of years it was a marine. Force recon officer. And you know it's talking about I OC and other schools and none of that was easy either so well a little known secret. Did a lot of people. Don't know losers a lot of Marines ago during the few that do go to ranger school law does it again it's a great school for our leadership and one of the finest and tools on the gas and small unit tactics yet and very great great school with. I got run has called him at Eagles advantage still free talk time or. On how are you. Hey and get along great this beautiful. Let me say thanks gas for your service really appreciate all thank you may yet. I'm 22 years revered foresee it not. Vietnam veteran. 6660. Shannon. 70%. My combat related got a question. I got a I got some information in the mail about re trying mean. Out any seven years ago. But I would lack of flight school those that the those could be a. When they say retraining. Today they are ill out what the cost of go into the site helicopter trying. I think that the GI bill. Will coverage that I knew some guys that did I served with the got out when the lakes partner not a clear armor room. On the GI bill but as far as like vocational. Retraining or. Schooling I don't know the answer that I don't either but I've met of where your foundation assay or solution and that this woman worry solution yeah because I mean this one of the things they helped advise guys are some of those VA benefits again and and training schooling. Continuing education opportunities SS you might look upstate warrior solution. Okay and as one of the contact guys there. I'll I'm. Appreciate you enjoy your show. I think we're I think we pretty much for the call her this can't just bomb attacks line common sense retirement planning Tex on 7130. Cent hey guys on the veterans from Vietnam arrow watch Ken Burns the Vietnam War and you have forgotten that we're talking about where they yeah thought it was well done I didn't come away with the impression it was slanted left what was your impression of either you've seen it I have not I've been waiting on it because I'm morning I've been. I know if you Vietnam veterans so I've kind of waited for them to see it and get some feedback from them both. The guys that were here joining us from project healing waters chuck grouse and Tom. He has. Our Vietnam veterans and they said they had seen most. And thought it was OK but. Slightly slanted. To the left politically. And you know I've heard in Ken Burns is a great great documentary filmmaker yet am. You know probably release super nice guy but he leans left politically so you can got a expects some of that and I think of course people's perceptions obviously. Are gonna vary. Yeah some like they do with anything else but I have not seen it but I am a I'm in major. Doc Keefe documentary file. Hockey final hockey file I guess yes but the word is a word now Bucky files and non yeah but my Merriam Webster who I am my Netflix playlist is child. All of documentaries and a book marks all over YouTube. Forget documentaries are probably catch it but I've been waiting to them. Get a little feedback from some people that I know their actual. Vietnam vet to get their take on. One more Hague has amassed confer prayer about my buddy Alex this afternoon is a marine veteran and a friend of mine from non mr. Gibson so of course will keep him. In our thoughts and whatever he's got going on him. You know hope hope for the best for the best. So and you know what we're about is I caught a supplement work on I'm on the phone calls and tax man okay one thing I want to mention it and here before we ran at a run out of time because this is. As applicable. In Greenville Spartanburg Kenny Lawrence county Pickens Kenny Anderson county as it is in a county county where the sheriff's office issued an advisory regarding non. Narcotics. Not oh come to carry shares issued an advisory reminding residents not to touch her handle substances they believe may be narcotics. You've got this stuff out there this fentanyl and car fentanyl that are extremely toxic and dangerous gas if you see stuff out here somewhere. And you think it may be narcotics and a power form please do not touch it panel keep your pets away from a call your local law enforcement. And have them come check and if it majors keeping hands on Friday when we come back little Gene Autry gunfire make Saturday even brighter Nolan before salute service one a 63 Del Rio or do you attacking John.