Salute To Service 8-12-2017 Hour 1

Salute to Service
Saturday, August 12th

Salute to Service


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Good afternoon and glad to be windy today is John and chuck in more remote let us out of the house if it is for. We're out of house and an actually. We we must behave ourselves well enough the last time this is actually the second time doing good folks here EC PI universe. They're not well they're meant there's a lot of that here that's the fifth with a lot of our military folks. But we are out here and EC PI university at 1001. Keys drive hearing green bill's easy to get to right now. 385 he can get the roper mountain road exit her yes. Almost probably can come off he would somehow or another and in it in your room furniture and we are here with the folks at EC PI great. Programs that they've got here for veterans Chia bill's stuff Mike it's gonna join us here next segment toppled it about it that. We are out here there are pizza ups and cold beverages. The just regular that the G rated G rating culled averages for era which everybody is incredibly disappointing when they said they would have been a beverages and I'm like well off. Well we've low block or Orkut but we're working here were working. That anyway we hope you guys come out enjoy a state we took the tour last time they've got some really. Incredible technology here I mean things that go into the manufacturing in the end is more of and a I guess what a column on Monday through. Friday we'll house with that technology things with networking network and millions. Securities. In my will be talking about the programs out here in the opportunities for for veterans next segment that them. Get things rolling yesterday was an interesting day guess at this idea. You know if you listen to the show very much. What 11 off we appreciated in the and you know that fifth that I myself never worked in law enforcement background and bringing things are going to show pretty much comes from military. Experienced yesterday went down to the going to law enforcement senator. Got eight really a VIP. To work with sheer will Lewis going around in an overview of I guess if I was gonna put it anyway it was like day and trying to drink from the fire pros are dumping Tony gallons of water into a one gallon bucket. A lot lot of stuff. Before we get into this how we approach it basically you're gonna interview me about it that I wanted to. To say again. I'm very grateful and thankful for this year taken to a matter of busy weekday and today that. And for the people that spoke with me when I was down there and just you know treated me. Nicely in answered questions and didn't make me feel like gosh here comes some bodies interrupting my day yet so that was fair enough experience so. I want everybody to imagine. Me sitting here next to John with a pair of Reading glasses perched precariously. Ian in the mine knows a looking down upon him yet to interview style who who's the gadget they interviewed Donald Trump. It was doing that doing so it was some guy in BC. Older NBC added accurately guy's name I think it sounds like that rather lose a guy out future maybe it was Charlie Charlie Rose yeah so. I guess my first question is is simple. What you think. What at a thing at. One and opt out left. Well Pratt got to mean have to leave here for the feeling to Haiti and is started setting in one when I was there is it's like we set a lot of times that this. This is not the same. Little city and sparsely populated county. Compared to what it was you know 2030 years again right overall impression basis. Now there is a lot that goes on them and and we only really looked at that the counties. And that. It's a lot of men and women. With a wide variety. Skill sets and personalities. I mean it's. I don't know I would say is it's kind of like I have to try to be running man I would say it's like trying to conduct in an orchestra. With lipstick and dynamite in one hand and juggling to paint and he took a breakfast. It was it was really. It was impressive and it was it was overwhelming because as the information. You know. Share was you know telling me you know things shown the some of the organization in new things that go on on and and meeting new people is just like. Again trying to take a sip of water at the bottom of Niagara Falls so it but it was impressed. Yeah I I think everybody has kind of buy in union more so than I guess most people because he's been every Saturday with me. Lecture atlas couldn't. But it. You you kinda had I guess a peek behind the curtain yet. In our author conversation. In in social actions. Why it. Surprised you most. What were you not prepared for. Com. With no I'm going to be honestly the thing that surprised me the most. Was when we went to the call center. Is most people out layers that have never admit that haven't got seat a little man behind the curtain now everything really works but probably years. Discount. The the qualities that are needed for someone to be aided dispatch slash 911 operator right when I saw. That that call sooner and these people sitting there these men and women. And the number of screens and the systems that in a greatest it is the call and how it. That was one thing it's like. That pass front lines stuff they're in the trenches on the phones. And that is one job I would not it has gotten nothing to do with you know pay scales drink it it just looking at it. That to me is who was one things like well I had zero idea that there was that much involved. For the people that are sitting there taking the calls. And directing units in resources and try and help initially coordinate things. They're for the sheriff's department that that that was overwhelming it's it's kind of like herding cats. And I think it would back it. That's way to put it yeah and it. You know there's there's a a flow I guess flow chart would be the best way to describe it is you know when the call comes and it comes person may impersonation dispersant mean person mean. Looks at available resources to see all right. It's in this beating area and play yunis to I have available and he's been here in that there are not available on the speed area that I've got to go do it joining me here in my unit available and send them over until somebody else can clear and that the area yet well what comical as it is that are you know I hate to use the word retain an association law enforcement but is it. Isn't already occurred crime NAFTA yeah triage yet again what's come and it. Is it already occurred is in progress artisan progress what is it progresses and assault is a verbal altercation it is it is that it can't fight in Canada stabbing into what is. Is it you know medical situation do I need to transfer to Ian match to my needs and the Highway Patrol do racked with with with injuries that. And in even with with all that being being part of the game and ease the word game that's not a game but that being part of this an area there on every day. It was fairy call Patrick why. Well it wasn't. I totally right in there and there were a few people taken a couple of calls. Evidently it was kind of company gamble we went in there it was again everything from kind of the lighting to the way people's this war in stuff like that. Again it's just not. I don't really know point out pictured that that that I found a slight wound that and that's what was texting and talking sheriff Lewis and about how there. They're screening in the looking for people to. Put in in the call center. Yeah match differently than they were in the past is where it might be some minded. Is in law enforcement and just can't go on patrol anymore for. Or somebody that wants to be a law enforcement it just has. Problems getting qualified. For right what they may want to do and it slightly to work in the call center. So a year you know them to major steel partner team yet okay I'll take that job is that. That that made a big impression on me in again and thank you from my part my point of view is as today here knockout. That I've I thought that was very action because it's point nine my first contact law enforcement as a citizen of the county. Is going to be with that individual one of the one of those men or women that were down yesterday. And then the am. The other thing that I thought was interesting again was seen. I hate again this strategy we know is him in the diversity in this in the Hamlet right but was the makeup of that the people there in it's obviously some younger on some older men and women people of there every other editing if ethnicity in line not going mom there. So I think it probably is pretty reflective of the the makeup of the community yeah. From but then one of the things that that statistics enemy almost like because we spent a good at a time they're fun and it was the organization board. Yes and looking at how some of the things that were discussed during the campaign in certain initiatives he said he wanted to to to bring on you know bringing some more people in some of the special ops types things that. Those things are starting to happen yeah and it wasn't just seeing that look and names on the board and I don't remember the officer's name could he was. In special ops type informed and haven't named tiger brand on. That when we were down there near the the bomb squad Smart guys non Latin new wandered off soft somebody unions on this guy in artist talk and and and easyJet innocents like some things to come and everything had men and Alina silky Smith he's had nothing would be nobody expected image that we're seeing some positive changes. And says so that was good after the again and seen the names in the numbers games up on the boarded the people in place and that to actually in a conversation with wanted to get unsolicited unsolicited cash yet we're just. Hanging out now like you were stand there with this year yet because sheriff had to go off to talk to somebody in peace offering and that she went off to talk to says they are kind of stagnant and hopefully I led by talk of left me alone and and talking with this deputy and and it gets so that was good to hear. Okay in again I think it just impressed meet with. This this this building that's you know downtown in our in our city. That how many people that not mean and percent of everybody making any nine point hoops and everybody that goes by the year. Just does not. Yet audio is no idea how much is really taking place in the air and and the things that the men and women are doing in the air as it was. It was impressive and it it's 24 hours. Day seven days a week 300 FT five days a year there's somebody in that building doing something yet weather's uniformed patrol people Weathers the when we went down to the evidence collection. Area yeah there in the in the in the base via before he walked into the dispatch center. There's somebody down there yet. It's. In all right just. Each of these these individual. Divisions are individual sections. Take a lot to run there's a lot of moving parts overall GAAP. There's a lot of moving parts just within different organizations are moving parts and dispatchers moving parts and in evidence collection of moving parts in the records department all of these individual places that we visited. Are crazy busy. Increasing complicated yeah. What what did you find should be. The most. Did you see anything there that you didn't expect us. Well yeah that one of the gas went high school. Not in a bad light added that Liggett and retire from there ask Wilson NC. Just unexpectedly and Indy yesterday. And classmate and why it's cheap sport lieutenant bars. And I think one of the things at them. I don't know if it if you really if it was that I didn't expect to see it that. Was just a level of of politeness. Wrecked and I mean you know is like. And again because I know we were they're in the LEC and then there's nine cats threatening situation going on but again it's one of those things that. App I'm not one of the crowd right that become an in there on the outside this come and Ning canning didn't get in the tour the walk around the place but that everybody. Was. More more friendly but I think one of the things that was. That interest to me a little bit more. And again because of what ID during the week day was that TH a technical services right guy I I was actually going to play at Tennessee and you know what they were doing that went from everything -- again research evidence investigations and things like that that involve technology. But then also some of the PR related stuff the media the social media steadily yet days that that was pretty cool. And think that okay yet there was some IT tech related people at work and and they want to know where guns that was illegal. Not so good I adamant that the Friday it's in its path. I'm and I'm gonna run that Obama bosses opportunity for an evening kind of things SE they get to do it here why can't I Wear my Glock fill out in any mouse instant yes. Yeah I think you or against our first break when we come back and it might sit down and we're gonna talk a little bit about EC PI what they do here at school and what opportunities are available. For veterans veterans jab bill changes so yet. State is user 163 W or do you check in doubt we'll be right. Oh you've got a slightly John and so excellent service we are comes he lied and remote today for him. EC PI university here 1000 and line he strived convenient location. 38. Think things just survive and create a left it out in Korea and its gonna get worse next weekend now now. So. It's been some timely this year for this segment. Michael makers on the now what's your position here again directory and it says here that attic and I helps people eating in and start. Anything on this right we have a staff of six advisors. We also have a fresh from personally go high schools. And bigger we grow more resources are needed so. Specifically with the VA students answers special segment themselves. Special needs they have. And we have actually the favorites here to help him through some of the financial questions specifically what you missed earlier in regards to the just changes yeah gender Bender that some significant changes that it's great you know is this some don't myself ETS to 2004. If I would try to go to school now from now no chance yet. But with some of the new changes they're gonna have the ability to hold on to that possibly transfer some of their family some purple heart changes via word purple heart. Increases in your. Chances to get earnings there but also BAQ and a lot of changes much. That that in and of itself my my daughter recently and record and I had no idea. They were bitten the AG BAQ. I when I got out 1996. Here's some money buy your books. Beyond your way in the I was at their pain and all kinds of stuff it's all kinds of you when I when I used Jeddah myself. I had you still to come to lonesome and then once I guess you know loans and then my concern transition funds from the right kicked him. And worked that way anymore a lot easier form. In one of the things it's instinct with us having come out here and and met with EU so many others staff faculty here in. Does that tie in. To our wheel house surely do with military veterans EC PI has a long history list active duty and veterans. But how many the east this staff and faculty work here our form of public Iverson both. 25% from both. I would say to encryption mercy embody and of course our finest service directors are behind me should answer for sure. And then also our department head of our network security. Retired navy. Department head forearm Cardtronics and electronics engineering program retired navy so a lot of staff. Here support that's what we got C last time is that the electronics. All the stuff which is really amazing which is. Is really impressive in of what you guys are able to be here and sadly I had an article that. Came if it was last week or the week before last where there was yet again another story about somebody. Somewhere else in the north east slow further of them put a cult mid Atlantic states. Had been ripping off the department of finance and active duty and veterans again with containing an education programs stuff like that and that's what the good things about having. EC PI here and of course other good technical institutions here in the upstate area South Carolina. That for the the veterans that are out there listening. What's the difference maker. For EC PI. You knowed it if you want a general leading combat that's been in combat before. And a majority of the people hoping here had been there. They understand the needs of the student and they can answer those questions but there's also resource available. Four on how many years and wrote an open this year again and number one ranked by the military. For nontraditional schools and online schools EC PI it was there again so from Virginia Beach Newport News Manassas all the way down through Greenville. Charleston Columbia we have camps to support those veterans students. New campus actually in Orlando for about dubious and you're specifically in the Greenville area. Huge focus on manufacturing now but. By early two thousand twenties. Expecting huge job shortage of net security. We all I care about that I hear about that allotment it infraction here but if we're gonna see millions of jobs come available over the next ten years. Four security. It's going to be so that's important we just need of the students intercepts which entrant to get there now. For specifically for that Kazaa that's hot fields such Europe. A mom or better and Graham programme there's something you've got young extremely member dead. Is looking for something they can get into aid. That network security stuff is. I mean it's it's not going away it's it's not like go back in the eighties or something nine he's learning. Certain technologies certain coding languages are specific types of equipment right. And or street isn't carrier AG. If there. Two point 304050 years old looking for a new career that's a great. Now one of the things it I found challenging went back to school after. How you found a golf challenge now alive and well everything I won't it was a challenge namely you know let's let's couldn't clear your crayons here. Is when I went back to school. I had trouble. With instructors not speaking thing that's right and you know coming coming out of the military there's there's there. Nick vernacular. Did that we had so I think having veterans on staff. And veterans in years administration. It is comforting in no way. To a lot of veterans because if you speak like you understand. Not necessarily. The needs in the one's desires that we can communicate with you because you understand where I'm coming for a completely understood. One of the things that we found a small class sizes. Are average size usually is at largest us is going to be twelve sometimes as low as eight. But when we've gone through so many different training groups in the military you realized this small group element that was able to train together. And grow together learn faster together. And they wanna move on the military and or whether it was basic training or a ninety or anything else yeah. You weren't expected to be there for the next six years training. Notes what do wasn't designed. And EC can university we develop our associates degrees focused on one point five years. Bachelor's degrees 2.5 years let's get to training let's get in the field start earn money. And I love one of my favorite people out there and in the meat year at the culture. Is Mike Brown. It talks about you know we got young people taking home dad to go to the traditional university Xperia teacher college experience. And they're getting degrees that aren't giving them jobs that they've still got that debt that big time. And in EC schools like EC PI are very focused on. Gideon and get it done. And then go out and found. Some gained full employment with that writing that's and as that apparent is now that one that says senior and a the university and Columbia them wrote. It's like I'm like please please please this is tremendously somewhere. Before the the moms and in dance that are out there. And in Pappas honored order that maybe and maybe even if they're not military veteran come in for GI bill related issues. But just as a general concern what type. Placement programs for success rate of launching in Chile. Job or career. Upon completion of what's what's there's always. Look at that and one of the best ways to look at is what's the difference between theoretical knowledge and applied knowledge. Mostly degrees that we offer here almost everything has an applied factor there are specific jobs they can get when they graduate. So in addition to that. We have an interview process there advisors help them through to answer all the questions they have but then having to support staff. To keep them there to help them graduating get a job in their field comes down student services it comes down to careers services. Having some minister sit down with them. Polish that resonate. Policy interviewing skills. And help them have contacts with the local community and the jobs are hiring. Tom we have a new position here that we work specifically with employers. So there's a lot of educational partners in Greenville almost fifteen now by. Big companies that say you know what we need better and better educated employees. But help them go to schools a lot of these companies around the green where your openers students or help their employers pay for schools while. Now if let's say student comes here in the day they graduate with an associates and a graduate with a bachelor's and they decide. Two years later five years later they wanna continue that education they wanna they wanna go get in NBA they wanna billion. Masters in some thing earned doctorate in something. How does EC PI does that translate. Well into that next step of a formal education in other words they go to. Duke or University of South Carolina or whatever and say look I've got my undergrad or have got my my associates from EC PI. Is that cool great question there is. Programs are programs out there that. Connect with each other very often. And one of the ways that we wanna help students communicate with those other schools. Is being part of them he sic university is sacs accredited southern association of colleges to regional coronation. Seems Clemson USC upstate duke as walls many others in this region. That gives our students a little more clear path there it's still those schools. It's still the grades that they get here right right skates up to the curriculum they take you know they're not gonna take AMP anatomy and physiology into an engineering program. But if they have something like that we communicate together we communicate often it's something that we do a daily basis here. Some associates degree students take for instance. Two of our most recent agreement here in this areas articulation agreements agree taxables arbor community college. Those relationships had increased chance for the students have their associates degree to come here to EC PI get their bachelor's degree. We're both sacs accredited. The curriculum is very similar. Our genes have met with each other our presidents have met with the each other to make sure that if a student does have that passion some of that ground workers hardening. That's big that that is added that that is that he can be cagey hate to waste and JT's network situation X amount of time get a degree in it. You can't do anything with an outside the field in the last thing you wanted to do was spend six more months or twelve more months trying to do what you did over again amen amen let's corrected make it fast. When we come back we're gonna talk about law enforcement officer involved shooting here in South Carolina and and how it all happens a disservice when a 63 WRT check and John thanks Mike we appreciate that you guys. You know I've never actually done it that everytime they play this intro for some I wanna go home and and just turn on The Rolling Stones and then watch a little bit a generation K. I don't need to do that go home and crank up HBO guys hate him. Forget all that John and show excellent service show glad to be with you today and WORD. 16 story is the station. We are out here alive and remote EC PI university in Greenville campus here 1001. Keys and building here. Postings. Yet again for the kind of what I believe and not for campus discovery. And they've got some amazing programs here I've got good people that will. Talk to you about the different programs anymore and sailors effigies a few navy people out here at people and say anything yet if if nothing gnashing come out in check essence death may be swap a couple more stories. And but seriously it's been nation it's geared ports military veteran community there art changes. Good changes. With the GI bill now if you. I recently. And you're thinking about getting some. Additional education course she'd like that education be something that would give to each job. Well you've gotten out and who's come here it's been these guys did. It might be it got. A list of classes. If she can give me. It. Just real quickly just run through real quick what you guys off technology programs would be the electronics engineering technology associates degree but we also have the bachelor's degree level that Mack trucks can't. Which area offering. Four degree in electronics. We have cyber network security associates degree and bachelor's degree. People were also offering software development shopper program. Which includes clout programming. We also have business administration. Which is for your bachelor's degree. We also have medical programs practical nursing. Medical assisting degree in health care administration Patrick. A lot so it it kind of runs the league began it. You know from technical. Not so technical. Mort technical sure you know I know Saint Paul and we're finding today is even in our of one of our great resources and nursing its 3-D simulation he sweats he talks his eyes tightly. It around eight dollars. No that's no I didn't mow the grass that take that she's just. Her her. But apple runs on programming. It runs on electronics. And our medical students can use it as wells art. Uses the number that's amazing per frequency and need change as you should receive. It will thanks for that and I just wanted it. We talked about some stuff about one natured it everybody knew what was available here. So they were committed to write in and that's all that's all cools stuff now let's talk about this thing in. Steel and still still in since South Carolina but it's it's one of those. It strikes me is the more burrows the base for les Miller of the Hamburg where are down and like I've heard of I don't I don't know and not only India sometime this system we can punch in. And name if only we had the totality of knowledge at our fingertips on the machine and and figure out where stuff is eager it would be amazed if you're listening now gore. Expert Internet OK yes. Wolf and that we're anyway keep well there is architect is this article is this angle yes it's on the circle armed. So an officer. Quincy Smith. The Williams in the UC still police department. Was dispatched to a call about a man apps and some people outsiders convenience store. He tries to make contact sent outside the stored man walk away from the talk on the phone in the video in the videos quite long. In quite graphic. In the closest data object conceive of those page well. But none. In an attempt to make contact with this there's this suspect. While doing so the man pools day nine millimeter and his pocket and she's not it's yeah. Now. Seeing this all unfold on video news is. It teacher or arena it's scary it its earliest beak is. Your face to face of this guy and even at the screen grab him in right here your early in the early this guy's guy. What I found. Most interest thing about this and you know in the heat of the moment something you don't think they will be watching from third. Party standpoint. To see the things that did officer Schmidt did. He shot he's bleeding. His arm is broke and he knows at least one of his arm was broken he shot in the neck. But he manages to it is to break contact get back to his patrol car. Manipulates the radio to get on the right channel notifies is dispatcher he's been shot. In bend. Has a presence of mind to keep himself alive in. He's asking for help he's given out all the pertinent information a bystander come over to stand with him in and kind of talking tree paper you're going to be OK this is just. A citizen yet brilliant stand in there with him. But talking to keep voters keep keeping him away Keith and his his mind turn. Wolf what does this back urged dispatch when his back and finally arrives one of the things that this kid says Massie kid I don't know how old you pummeled so. His body cam was integrated into the classes yet and my yeah like the city of green yet. And they're they're trying to game on a backboard in in the officer after mrs. Get my glasses it's got my body. Yet. Now through all of this violence. And trauma in collide in pain and confusion. This kid still had the presence of mind to make sure. That the evidence that would be needed whether you liquor batted at one point he said on the radio to his dispatcher. Tell my family I loved him yet now what you think about that for a sec. You've got holes and you currently can now hydraulic fluid that you know you have to have to stay alive. In eventually it's gonna run out your heart's gonna start cavity. And you can feel this coming and you could feel the broken arm and you could feel the hole in your neck and you can feel the burning sensation. In your thought goes to my family. And I wanna be sure that my family knows that I loved him so I'm going to tell them this information. Over the radio. So that they don't forget. It's a pretty incredible story and if it's not on our FaceBook page I'm gonna put it up there. Before the in this shows itself. Coming up next enlisted pilots get that here and or the 63 Libya already checking John Eddie CPI will be right back. But a Mac salute service live and local 1063 W a RD John and Jackie and Lee are. Had a house today we aren't running amok running amok. The setup here on the the Greenville campus at EC PI university 1001. Key strapping Greenville they are having. That an open house today is coat campus discovery day income in talks with people hear about the various programs. That they offer. In and mainly for the people that kind of martian program military news in your veterans with recent changes in the GI bill. And you'd wanna get some weird. People understood. Where you come in from where it. A lot of veterans are here. We met one navy as army subject they've they've been I have an air force got some well there's always Dolly's line. And though especially in this environment you think yeah air force got all over the place well. Others that the navy cats I mean for yet they rumored that you know. It's gonna say that of course but I that's why I have my. And that askew if it now go ahead and aim the tees and moving on the aired. Among them and I'm gonna grab hold the rhetoric and then they're back straight in Oakland ahead laugh is that what you're saying yes I was yeah it's going to be arts and crafts related. Just leave it that okay. I this this was your story you bird dogged Manson you know this this one. Interesting because. It is the age from basket purpose in the the headlines meet first ever female air force while not like. One out flying and CEOs they have those that pre world war. To do yet and Ali in the in the RE British aria yeah Adam walked Ortiz in the beginning of the Second World War and then for whatever reason they decided to go all. Commissioned officers on her for aviators so this really caught my attention and I don't mean for this to take away from the accomplishment what these these he has done male or female. But there. UA. Which means they're not strapped. To the vehicle unmanned aerial vehicle drowned Tesla decline around parents buried yet. Powerful and it is not they're not flying replay yet predators captain things of that nature. So this. It caught my attention because they've given given the pilot to meet him some and by definition. By the Miriam Webster definition of a pilot. That's what these folks there it's. Buy it for me. The technical definition and the difference between the technical definition of the pilot. And what a pilot is in my mind. And I think for most people is strapping in the airplane and flying it in especially when you're flying in and warm way yet if you are not worried about any. Triple A and right or mig toning and some commend them on yours fixed. Yeah it's it's hard to equated again in my view whatever they did I mean it's obviously highly technical requires a lot of skills yet. Patience and expertise. Probably need one of us has an assault lord now that is still until lucky because you know I think you know pilot thing okay that's that's the person getting in the cockpit in. Strapping. In there they're getting this thing around them. That. I mean. It it just. And I even pose the question I want modest social media platforms and it it got 00 wide variety of responses in many people you know the purist you are saying well they're not really pilots they're operators. Which. I guess you could say that but I had one person post pilot a person who operates the flight controls of an aircraft. So Biden definition identically by definition that's what they are split does it. In in your mind does it take away from what a pilot is does it take away from the F fifteen pilot as he went there the C seventeen notre. The F eighteen partners does dim being called pilots take away from. I don't think it takes any anything away from the eyes that is men and I don't think you know and when you've got the Guinness decline in an aircraft with the things we've seen happen lately today for male and aircraft. And you're not taking anything away from the as people that they that. That they are now and fair enough that's a good answered it back and look at me and they when we come back from the news break little gene altering gunfire forty. I like. So it service 163 Padilla ORD chuck and John EC PI 1000 went to Easter.