Salute To Service 7-15-2017 Hour 1

Salute to Service
Saturday, July 15th

Salute to Service


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I need to do and out there hope you're having a great day man it's. Another hot 1 I am so ready for like October to get here October November liking it. I can hardly stand it man. Who won it it's just. AT and I had it really makes me sweaty I know it it is and I an outline and I complain and I cry about it. 'cause I just can't fake it anymore man Maurice. All of our air our lock. Netting and get in and I am my grandmother clone the ball and anyway John Terry tempore what are 63 WORD. Insulin to serve is glad to be with you today and this it will have some fun this first hour I hope we do if we if we if we don't we'll just we'll just blame argued this before it's. Horse's fault already yes doesn't know it that's. And because we've we've had several. Conversations. Between the two of us. About. Veterans. You know coming out transition means getting into the prime transitioning into the civilian. Is not so there's no confusion exactly transition into the private sector and also Lou we've talked about the many stories of veteran for new worse. And then we've also talked a little bit about this. Culture of the the dysfunction is functional veteran culture that I'm in Hamad has. Not downplaying. The men and women who do have serious problems and and are struggling and do need help and need support. But there's also this culture of people they just. I served in Afghan a bad attitude for whatever reason is almost an entitlement yes so I'm. A dysfunctional better you know that you have to adapt to me I don't have to adapt to you yet and so what we've really been one to do you are bringing in. Veterans guys and analyses. Been there done that and have gotten out and are doing positive things making a difference either with nonprofits. Or their own for profit businesses. And. And along those lines we had in your trainer Jack couple two weeks ago yet two weeks ago and yeah I. And today we've got none against with this airy Cleary who. We're glad to have Jones today man taken taken from around the coming in thank you I'm just glad you clarified the transition to the yeah yeah I don't I don't imagine and I ran him clear our transition time and I and we we're not talking about transition. As in isn't used in so many. Definitely try and stay out of the military and a military that no other transition. Accounts or clear yet as long as we're claim and we are and Lou we wanna make sure you know just in case your wife had detained in the just accidental votes that don't don't worry about it everything that's fine we'll return and as it is funny I'm transition into this area are ours they didn't tell you wouldn't get home it's gonna be weird it's just it's just between us and how many people. But what did it would just it's it's it's less than twelve or thirteen people dead and entered into throw it met oh butcher a little bit your your bona Fides your your background would you do in the military and how long in what year. I it was in roughly about ten years I was actually just a little shy of that 19 and actually got out but. Originally listed as a medic. And up by a re class thing. Q dental laboratory science. And reason I'd I'd I'd transition and that have died in that you know and I got hurt and kind of became that profile soldier that I know is disliked so much. And so independent budget knee surgeries and stuff like that so when I had had made the switch. You know I just kind. Didn't really in jewelry the army is much anymore but. They offered me you know medical. Industry aren't all that stuff in awhile back united you know turn it down and just decided you know still wanna try to make him altered career but. You know I was in a few unit in in Germany. For my age my last deployment which is 08 or nine so yeah. And yeah. And marks a minute so I did a packed house at the 464 medical company out of logical Germany. And when I got to Germany and thought I'm going to be working in hospitals in the coach K job the united. In the reserves and got a little trouble and and have been active duty in. So. Think in the house difference that the first. What he said was English coast hospital job enough I think and so sergeant has never yeah. Okay recruiters and your first I was and they never lied to you ever so anyway as I ended up. Get to Germany and didn't kind of pass around to a computers I thought it was supposed to go to in and nobody knew where to send me. And the 464 was kind of like the he has mastered unit that nobody really. You know it's kind of world to reject seemed to go right up three national affairs office that's imminent integrated. So any recited up in trash over the hospital Marshall Germany and Mike come here you know enemy in light. Stay out of our prayers and answered soon so. And you know go to this one and everything you know like while yeah we don't have a yard gains roster so I'm not totally short approaches might well. I've seen for other cities in Germany and and four other bases cuts and made another one. But why not why not in a home just doing maturity Germany here answer anyway is this guy just have as a walking and from the 460 fours and this one on our gains roster because but I don't think you're supposed to be your foot another month. So doesn't mean okay yeah five. Right but I didn't not know the 464 was so we ended up. Taken me over in the headquarters and churn out there I'm supposed to be. And comes and has a feel. So much Kurdish hospitals I was so excited about going to Germany and travel around a little bit ended up. Being on orders to deploy and so. 2000 and I was there for about. Not a year before we deployed and up bug on those that camp liberty going on nine and ended up coming back and I dislocated my left knee and so I ended up having them have a bunch of knee surgery is in moccasins that kind of offered me medical discharge at that point didn't wanna take it. And so I figured I'd find summing it translated correlated really well in the civilian world yet in just in case you just in case kind of thing and on the future a little bit. And so. Whether to allow school really enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it wasn't military. Yeah you know Mina on the civilian side and it's it's actually it's a great job in I excelled really dwell on it and it's morally awesome stuff. And but you know having to deal with you know going from a field unit and combat you know and and you know gut you know geared stuff to me. Sit in. Lab bench all de gras and counties and you know make your facial prosthetics and stuff like that just. And then having to deal with all the other crap that comes along being in the army. You know I just and I couldn't go to any of the schools I wanted to moms and because in my knee and Sony's has really put it. A damper on what I was gonna make a career yet so I really discuss or resigning in and sort of challenges you know coming in life. So I had made the decision and a command orders for like recruiter. And l.'s life. That's that is not the life remain so I end up Conan talk conceive miles speaks surgeon and just decided to make you know decisions currents are amenable processing out. And they and how I started. Looking in the labs and stuff on the civilian side at about ninety days police say debt because I've had knee surgeries consecutively and had a bunch of leaves through that so on the news and in my own. So last about ninety days leave on and on California. Come around but housing prices into the job market not stuff and as I've visited a few labs in California. I just started noticing that. So much of what they were doing was either getting shipped to China. Or it was being three printed. And so it just you know I just really didn't see. You know the the job opportunities of the longevity. In that especially technology is going to mean. These guys can print. Set it and they can ski in your mouth with a laser prints at a dentures out and you know notes on main estimates dentures right now but like crowns and all that stuff. So it just. I just didn't really I was worried that in you know fifteen years from now after I got out what do these. You know replaced by a machine yet. I didn't have an interest in Anbar bring in everything firm for years and and always got in -- that effort clippers and was always you know Catan bared her and the bears and things like that McCain couple. You know. Couple bucks for beer on the weekends and stuff you know and so. And I'd actually. It started in in California and then and ended up when I was in the reserves. Deploying and they'd be an option of staying or going so I ended up you know. Oh yeah so. It's Amanda's it was a passion for so I thought you know here and getting out of the army. One argument shot. So ended up. Starting. To get that so much leaves it up and was you know and it was like and you liberate Africa out. And up enrolling in school and started at ten days after I see an army. Says it so fast forward. Interesting kind of six degrees separation Kevin Bacon type of the moment I'm down it hit the local watering hole in this has been. To that three years ago and sit in my mind my regular spot at the bar with. The usual group of idiots and those two guys stand in the into the Boren rendering holes got on some kind of some of us something that drew wide. Militarily speaking Paterson on them and construct of a conversation hey man you know yeah I just got out and blah blah blah I'm like cool what are you gonna do. I'm an and one opened barbershop in actor remember thinking to myself. Why didn't I think. I'm not a lineup. Oh what it in and you know this guy goes on to describe to me what kind of barbershop he wants to yeah. And I'm like man that's all semester barbershop I want to lose a child yet my grandfather took me two worst system you know it's a bunch of deeds. Didn't hear cuts and sit around and act like a knitting the I'm it is enough though it's it's you come to find out. Yeah did. Gossip can get a real you sit around and talk smack in and year route in end of sarcastic an ugly end and it's it's all extra well. Not physically uglier and your pants and a half. But if the end of the day I I left that encountered a one man asked you know I'm curious to see if this guy's gonna make it that'll be interesting. Fast forward a little bit later and you John Condon yeah insane managed my haircut at the coolest place my I really do tell so. Dina got that I am I take advice from him show up at this barbershop in the. The urge didn't show it. Well it took me like I think two or three times of cutting your here and have me being my eight well actually yeah thanks go ahead. Symbolically they tell us trimming your beard and you think you guys scrapping that because our. Car. It's a totally towns are becoming you know doing that to an incident as a night how doing knows this guy. And then one day you came in and you had mentioned something about Irish Palmer something that. Ellison it was like to. Remember you and I remember that conversation that we had very vividly and I had. I'd just. Moved to Greenville I think maybe a weaker yen yet this year horror before that conversation your mind. So yeah I ended up I went through a really nasty time in in in my life that first year. I went through a really nasty divorce and I obviously. Lost everything I can mean. We're talking like my car mighty my house I was ranting I mean how it is devastated. And so. And then also being in an unfamiliar place. Where I don't have friends or family. You know and and not knowing is the resources available to me as a veteran. You know I just I mean I struggled big time. Let's let's stop there and and going to go to the first break and because I want to pick up on on something he just said about you know being in a strange place in and the trials and tribulations I still doesn't have any for hands. Guys got customer cup when we get back below will continue this conversation with Eric it was his lip service. 1063. W or do you attack and John and will be right back stay with us because you got nothing else to do. Excellent service a lot of local when John and chuck on WORD. A State's top station glad to be here and join us in studio today we've got guest lists and local vet entrepreneur who are veteran pro in Newark. Eric Vick for the Newark area Newark where he's joining us. And went for when to break the conversation had gotten to a good segue. Pretty chalked one line avenues of discussion you wanna. Perceive what one of the things that you say just forward to break is you are talking about how you're going kind of been a dark spot. You know you were going through divorce and use you as they had essentially you're literally lost everything he had you know you car your your place to live money. Is divorces are often times. That's just the nature of the east yeah. Which that would've been for anybody. A point where you could've you could have said you know why I am I'm done and in just gone dark area. Relied on other people are relied on the system to take care of you because you know all hope is lost. But instead. You wound up being in the position that you are now is this a set and you know a successful business owner and I don't hesitate to say that. Our conversations. Where you work. You're you're you're looking it may be. Franchising your taking you know second location and things I see your obviously growing in your obviously hash accessed. By how did you get to the point. Through how did you get through that dark spot that dark patch it in in your life and still come out successful. Well I mean to say any and it being very fortunate. Long story short I mean. And at meeting news who is my wife now right and I mean. I definitely would not be where I am today if it was not for her means she's my best friend them you know. We have businesses right next or which you know so you an answer that was and they can't senator patty yeah I mean honestly it's absolute truth. You know my father in laws and better use these. Vietnam purple heart. I mean amazing man he got and get out pastor a church. In affirm. Michael's thirty years I mean it's just and it does an amazing man in on in I'd look up to him like my own father mean. But. I was I met my wife now. And I was like us enemy tauzin really bad spot but you know we've gotten to know each other we you know we're dating this time we got to know each other enough you know for her to know that you know. You know we solemn among those good guy so the thing you know I was very very fortunate to house you know. Them yet to support just ahead a bit of a support system is absolutely and I mean she. And living in by it might you know in law's basement for six months in Communist system and and I'm thankful that they were they are forming you know but. If I hadn't had that I don't know honestly did I mean granted I'm a pretty resilient person but. My life might be a little bit different you know I mean but my file being a veteran as well. You know and being sympathetic to a veteran right you know he had my back you know so I. I feel like there's a certain. Inherent quality about. People bit. Like us that that you know you choose to raise your right hand and in sign on the dotted line and do your thing that. There's there's two of strangers and there's a one or the other type of situation where when she set a goal. You're going to achieve achieve that goal come hell or I want you can you can ask my wife I mean winning when it comes to huge determination. I'm. Yeah that's one into the military teaches you that I think a lot of veterans when they get out of the army they they forget you know I mean we are taught in the army to adapt and overcome yet and transitioning into civilian life. Is a prime example of that you know we. You can either do one of two things and you get you can either adapt and overcome. And do what you gotta do you mean you know data daylight for the military. You gotta do what you gotta do you know when you're given an order to do some in my sock which got to do it but you have to do no matter how difficult it is or how much of a pain in the ass citizen. And so. I just you know envoy is that's one thing that I really took away from the military is hey. I gotta do and I can just do I got to do our financial news you know here's my mission done you know that brings me back to is something we talk about when Jack was here or something that he brought up was that. Finding that not only not necessarily support system but when we get out we're used to having. A common objective home. And we're used to being around a group of people that share a common goal of mercy selling guidance. Exactly. When you don't have that anymore we don't have that guidance you don't have that that it's you know support system. You have to be debt for yourself oh yeah and that's a very difficult thing you know sit tune to do sometimes because. You know it in the military especially when your players weird you know junior enlisted you've always got an answer a sport chain that you can go to and say right hey sarge. I'm trying to submit this paperwork for this school or whatever or trying to get this correspondence courses done. It would like you can you know show me what's do here so you've always you always need if you've got good and CIO's. You've got that supports this and you got that guidance. I mean Grammy continues now that some you know really had in CEOs all yeah but but the same time you know I mean there was always that one that I knew elected countdown. And when you're when you're when you're at the army and you don't have that anymore and it can be a scary thing here yeah I really can't I mean especially from me being out. I mean she moved to Greenville I don't know I don't know anybody here right you know to me and and and and so we you know the one drunk guy at the bar that night giving DiMarco yeah and I did meet a drug Aaron. With a nasty look and beer the a horrible attitude more latitude but. You know it can pick and definitely be a scary thing in and but for the once again to it to go back to listen before. You can do one of two things you can either give up. The B be. A product of the system if you will work or or rely on government assistance and everything else and I'm. And just me person I'm very proud person I was making pretty good money every week on unemployment and I was on unemployment three weeks right and I went on a job that was gonna pay me and a hundred dollars less a week in unemployment was gonna pay mean. If you're gonna take him out. But any you know I mean looking at it it's it's. Mean is something you learned. But ten mean I just add I can't. I don't posada O'Neill borrow money don't you know you don't you know take money from people right you do what you gotta do to make money and if that man that I had to flip burgers in mcdonalds yet. Then. That's what happened to you and I am proud I was I am. How much do you think that it was either just kind of something in ate with and you are your upbringing and anything that from the experience of the military. That that plated. What parts did those things play in and that's. Me growing up cause I was kid I mean my my parents were very much a 6 o'clock in the morning on Saturday is lights came on doors were opened up anybody ditching but it does yard work. And I didn't come from money in my for my family is very poor and so my grandfather give me a lawnmower as a kid and a when it came time for news news school clothes you know market as much about it appears she is but you know everything else is a means so. You know and being instilled that it is very young age that a I got to do what I gotta do and I got to work. You know 1213 years old I was pushing on or around the neighborhood knocking on doors and into Nebraska you know and that's how I made money but. You know and and but I have authority issues and Ager thorny issues I mean my father and my and my stepfather and I mean just to. World war three in the house and he was finally my mother's fine with me you know also. You know just. When I got into the notes here I mean it was one of the best things that happen to me because is it. Straighten me out you know I mean I just and in the game and then in the military mean shoot I got into a lot of trouble. Like I was. It was not your model soldier in on him and he's also yeah. You know mean towards towards the end. You know toward my last couple years in the army have mean. It was a lot different but when onto an army that was 20 years old and am down Tony is all I wouldn't you know about everything who's this guy told what to do you know for a. What when we got they woes could take a break when we come back let's talk about building. Building the brand. And how you you know started with with what you started with an end you know contrasts that with where he wore out salute today slip to serve 1063 W or. I'm. Red white and blue you betcha all day every day 24/7 365 and only Anglican for another way alive John Turner and shut Porter 1063 WORD. If you're just tuning in. We had have a guest in studio witness today we've. Had multiple conversations about the veterans maneuver. Issues that you know we're seeing a lot of young vets that have gotten been in servicing got now over the last several years starting businesses doing. A lot of interesting thinks yeah I mean from things vary. High tech city. Common. Needed every day types of services which are our guest here Eric player in the old crow barber shop are in the business of providing. And about contrasting the this dysfunctional that culture right that you see a lot on line and people. I can I act Canada that you got yet and looking more at yeah I served a land and you know some have seen. Worse things than others and some people truly do struggle. And need help but then there's so a lot of people as this may be it's not the system and is now the experiences may be used as they usually use yet and so we wanted to. You know start bringing in some guests who are local to the area that our veterans veteran for new worst. And have a discussion. With them about you know their background what are they do what's kind of their life experience and have they get. To the point they are now and border they are there plans for growing their their businesses. It kind of where I wanted to go with with Eric in in this segment. Is. You know you you you've got to the point where you decide you're gonna open a barbershop which I thought because there's. Dishing it to be a boiler plate with veterans when they get out don't wanna start their own business they're. They're gonna Charlotte started shooting school. Yeah they're gonna start the teacher company and banana. Or they're gonna. They're gonna do. There was one other thing that I I Cameron when a law enforcement to glass house business but well Dayton but still that's something that you know you gravitate to them. But the barbershop idea it was it was kind of that out of the box for me thinking it may meego gosh that's. That's a pretty novel idea. In the way that you've done it I think Phil such a niche that has been missing for so many years in that industry. Because. Before one of the military I got my hair cut. It at a barbershop and inhalers and those guys will be got to cut my hair was cut here on the battleship from World War II that's awesome I mean those guys were when I talked to one of those guys who can you imagine right cutting hair on on on a movie with Joe Camel Pacific. That's got to be interest thing but after that generation retired. You either had you know quick Kutcher whatever those places are or you had to go to. Only shop rite a stylus just. Analyst Stan in the salon the salon and not that there's anything wrong no we're got sunny got the bad blood on you got you got you got you two different types of guys you know some guys like to go in for that. Atmosphere and to actually in some way that nothing wrong that my wife you know options on as well and she is does great answer cuts a lot of does allotments. But then you've got the guys like me. Day you know what you we have in the military crew router camaraderie and team and say that you've got the camaraderie you've got. You know your boys are around town right now in on women and altered Cuba you know to mean it's like you just. Yeah even the women in the post your your your ball I haven't got a chance that's the truth you know I mean but. You know. That's woman wanted to create with this to the barber shop is is to bring back that neighborhood shop where. You know. You're not worried about going in and offending anybody united offend anybody in my shop. You know yeah that would be a honestly that would be you would have to try yeah I mean jeez just command for for thirty minutes and had the stuff that comes I'm miles after that yeah. So but the other thing is that that's the environment that I wanted to to create because in the military when your around your boy isn't here on your you know fellow soldiers in battle buddies it's. That's that's how it is and you know so to create that environment for guys to just come in and beat guys is is crucial I think there's not enough of them. That's positive right you know to me you can always go to the bar on your body is drawn to Bob Bob Bob and I often countries more probably decreased problems and absolutely so. Creating a place where guys can come in changes. Hang out like. You specially come out Saturday we have we have fridge full of complimentary beer. And we got dazzle to stop violence Saturday as that are you know on the way home from work. Rise to grab a beer and stand around and talked for humans and that's that's the environment wanna create because. You can't walk into a salon and do that now you know I mean and mean not to mention Hank. Anguish and Hank thank Hank is special Sosa has so it was a Hank has registered service dog now yes yes the only yeah. Thank you as the shot dog and he's. Just he's so he's. And does not know his own name. Hank is is a pain in my butt but I love them we read write in about a year ago. And he's an old English Bulldog religious slammer all over the shop all day but it. Year technically you know notice listening to this room saying about. Haanpaa Dalian hospitals have an animal and bar or shoppers on anymore is a very new new thing has passed but as soon as I caught wind of that. As a wolf. I like pimples and help. I have so I got online and just register as a service I pay I don't even collagen it is but it's got to tag yeah you gotta you've got a piece of paper I got a piece of certain items he's got an ID card apps out I mean who knows but it it says he's a service talks a lot of it comes to come out of my shot. So you went from no barbershop. To having a building with the chair so what happened was as. Is is in part Brian button him and I business department has Barbara what's clarified is we're clarify two things on the show today do things. So so it'll be my business Carter Brian and I and also. Josh. We were all worked for another another place and we were happy had eaten and everything else but we'd all you know Brian has risen built up a really. Big clientele and we are worked out a week two weeks out every week so you know kind of really banking on that fact that hey if we do this. Please everybody follow us if you ought to mean yeah. Email lists are important I think a so so ultimately one day I mean how so I was so happy where I was that after after kind of going through and oppression coming here for. After school for for about a year in a miserable miserable place. IE I couldn't do it and then and Brian was actually trial's going to be in a mailman you know and so. Not that there's an Enron. But he's kissing an idea of the industry completely right and I was looking at touch. Conan is contractors often you know and rained on back overseas. And so. I was kind of by the location or right now Hyundai and this match I just eyeballing it to look for seat they were hiring for front line and so spaces empty. So I drove by I looked in the window and there was no for Lee signers in a contest on who in the building I contacted them. That was on Thursday. The fourth of July weekend was on Thursday. This on the location. And I had just found out. That. My wife was pregnant. And so a lot of things clicked in mean that it once again pay adapt and overcome right what you gotta do I knew that I had a child coming. Yeah oh yeah that changes ass drastically and so I knew that I push I needed to make more money I needed it I needed to it is to think about my future and think about. Put him anywhere for college in all these things in the flood of emotions that on top of the fact that you know. I'm still only placing you know and so I just you know I saw the place an essay. Called Brian massive dude I found it. That was on Thursday. I had no game plan. I think I'm about to go about things I have been whatsoever on I don't know what I'm doing now I'd I'd never own a business I never started business issue. I've worked in. I works and that was where I. For somebody else amen so I had never had any experience with the business. We send it work on Monday. She did it hit so I love it there's they have found a place. Monday and met with the landlord assay. I'll take it. Outstanding at de why when we come back after this break. Our final segment coming up on on our number one will finish this up about where you are now vs where you were before in some of success in and could feelings in rainbows and unicorn so richly deserves. A busy street appeal or do you which I condone grab bag. Was. Now Miami city victory the victory maybe of them actually disservice John Turner check Porter glad to be with you today 1063 Debbie Allard media stays talks station. And now wrapping up our number one with our in studio guest local veterans in Newark veteran barber shop success story Eric Cleary. And and again you got. Barbershop success story so it feels good. Hallmark card. Barbershop. Or coming on the hallmark of this Christmas is alleged Israeli lifetime movie out. That we've been it and it's been fun because you know if you're just Jonas. Yours you miss some mid conversation here because we've we've talked a lot about you know this dysfunctional veteran attitude and and again not discounting and all the men and women who truly truly and issues. And need our help understanding and compassion but then there's an awful lot of this just generic. I got a quiet attitude whining and I'm a veteran air forum dysfunction that kind of stuff. In and that juxtaposed against veterans who give out overcome some challenges. Launch a business and in our making a success of it. And one of the things you guys an old crew barber shop have done and I think some of this probably ties and because of your. Military. Service Baghran stuff is. Some of the things that you all have organized to help raise funds four local law enforcement are absolutely good some things like that how important. Is that to you now that you are a a partner in a business and with that background. And we wanna be successful and profitable that has to beat gold number one or you don't stay in business. But we still need to support indeed things. For this community I absolutely. You know the way the way that I view law enforcement. I mean you're not in the military by at. You know where is Ozzie put your life on the line for the cut your country and in the law and law enforcement year ultimately put elect them on for your community. Your friends your family you know to mean. And sowed in the over the way I view it is I mean your your just as much a brother or sister of of mind because you're still. You're serving your community on and on a little more intimate level you don't mean so. You know we have a lot of law enforcement that that comes in the shop to note. Count me city. And you know those guys are friends you know on and and why not treat the guys that. Keep your community safe and we won't mention a name accomplished you know from mad security read there isn't a particular state congressman are you. Lights mayor and had a shot a commercial and I've only show you. Just kind of guys that. That's also really good guy but. You know we definitely. Want to give back to our community as much as we possibly can't and so you know when we we we lost you know one of our own. You know offs on Jacobs is also a veteran yet. You know that really kind of hit home with me and we've been open for. Now maybe he's not even here here yeah and we don't know much about six months we've kind of been looking at you know I've been going over different things like how can we. Reach out toward community what what are battery to reach out your communities pursue them when their grieving. And so we decided to do is we we threw our first annual spring dust off which is an April. And since around one more zones will be our next to numerous third annual but. You know recited do for the family of officer Alan Jacobs to you know as part of our our community so. You know we offer of uniformed service discount shop mom you know for for all law enforcement. You know. Active duty reserve military retired military. And you know it's we got in on military stuff on our causes of a diamond and and you know stuff from you know police department stuff and assistant to place where. Everybody from any kind of military background to deathly come in and feel at home the and a lot of Roger that sir and thanks so much for Joseph necessary any traveling on Ira I really enjoyed being there. Good deal so what we come back an hour to stand by for a little minute Gene Autry in gunfire yes everybody's favorite part of the show. So service one a 63 W a RD will be back after the news stand I stand by.