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Salute to Service
Saturday, June 17th

Salute to Service


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Good afternoon. Yeah I got a little carried away there I lost that game and promising nobody concede that that's that is resilient and I see our radio yeah see me being an idiot John Turner and chuck Porter you're glad to be with you hoped you were if you're out there. And and your dad hopefully tomorrow you have the happy Father's Day is safe and enjoyable one. If year out they're and you are a son or daughter and you haven't picked up anything at the well he's still got time. And foremost as just ammo. Am oh. Beef jerky or bacon you know to be honest I think most dads have zero idea win fathers' day actually is and if you didn't get them anything nobody wouldn't open. I can't even remember my own birthday level I had asked my wife yesterday she said something about to show him like when presenting and she says quote it's Sunday you idiot yeah. Oh I keep coming thankfully there's enough prompts with. You know calendars on computers and stuff like that where there are some the the national holidays that. You know they're just kind of already and there's so little reminders pop up because I mean I knew it was common. To I had it and I just don't keep up with no Mother's Day he'd yet we have had a better you better in your kids' birthdays and stuff like that of course it. F Father's Day. An army discount was Michael it's it's it's yours. Big news week ma'am a lot going wrong. Crazy new usually Ali we've got stuff obviously the shooting in Alexandria. The a couple of navy stories and if you're navy veteran and year out there hanging witness 'cause. We got questions I ask how does this happen. The the collision the it's one sailor course that was on the East Coast that if you know it is lost his seat that went overboard and in the line that. We thought it was over boarded a they found him in the engine room. And then of course the the Tennessee. Husband and father that helped. I don't know he's amber and or had the I escaped in place to listen to him. I mean there's some clarification. That has been brought to that story in the last 24 hours. I mean of course we got rapid fire the a full and focus steel case which. You're not hear much about it domain I can't imagine that clause the this was the officer involved shooting have been Minnesota Minnesota and again a lot of people. Bent out of shape about that bad due process. This thing went through the courts that officer found not guilty. So a lot up a lot of plus of course we've got. We have to have any if we don't have to have any real reason to have. A James Mattis discussion on the show now. No this is actually required it yes I think yes it's did you have required that I've done it we've got James Madison testimony. I've been for the senate this week and a a GOP senator taking. Segments Mattis to task on something which unlike that cut ponies on that guy. To even bring this up do do we call man. His testimony is that scathing. Is that does that does that does that rise to the scheming level or was it just. Straight up and I think just straight up man is telling the truth yeah look here it is here's here's the thing that you've done a dumb thing. And you should all be tarred and feathered Ford via. But I'm gonna put it much more poetic way because I'm an educated man yet because he is a he's a Smart guy how wise is it patient at 'cause yes and some of the things that senators. Said to him and and one that should know better and probably really does. Those just being a jerk yeah for the press coverage. The response that secretary Madison gave is like. Measure very measured very controlled and respectful and I would have been. Might want to pull the trigger and fire both barrels. Yes but he cannot verbally verbally (%expletive) don't make sure it may exaggerate it at this image and get our current environment lord knows we don't wanna be accused of doing something that we didn't do you have bit. So on to Alexandria Virginia this this is cheating us. Attempted assassination up there and with the ongoing Second Amendment gun control debate vs gun rights debate we've had in this country now for a very long time. Once again we see. Good guys with guns stop. A nut job bad guy. With a again. And in this case for using guy as a gender neutral term yes yes the because we don't know what he identified well not only that but the Capitol Hill. Police officers that were part of the security detail for the majority whip and one male one premium now and both under fire both. Struck him still managed to get. You know warheads on foreheads yes guy in shut him down before he was able to do anymore damage and what he'd already done now what a mess. So we get into this whole thing again. What about gun rights gun free zones you know gun control. Freedom of speech vs you know what we've had in. The press for quite awhile now in the media and online media and social media which. Is borderline incitement some of the statements made by people you have. Following. Duty and they are what they do for a living verses. You know. That the that in one individual crazy guy that's you know crazy person. Walking around somewhere tone assign her screaming something out that is you know obvious nonsense nobody's gonna listen to. And the culmination of office. Where it won back. Will we don't really know now because they did he and I hear him wearing an economic planning. What was that a sudden snap or was this guy how long time in the making. I think we can say it was certain. Was certain certainty and that is this guy had been in the area in Alexandria for quite some time in Lebanon's man. Learning and other thing quite quite literally. It. He. He knew where this practice who's gonna take place I just don't think he knew. Win. The the different teams in this case would be practicing hints him asking the F content. You are those who Democrats are and some pressure Republican ideas came out this morning or late last night that the guy had hitless in his pocket yet solved and Jeff Duncan was on that hitless to we've had on the show yeah. So you know I found an interesting and also not remember for the show I told Ellis and engage in low Melvin what shifts yet. So almanac I'm gonna go in and intend unfurl this I mean unpack it okay as they legacy and I and I have not heard any of this so this is. So we discussed on the show before it not only between ourselves with our friend Chris Jameson and with. Jeff Duncan from fifth the fifth district fifth the fifth district fifth district anyway. The hearing protection act the HPS great and how that's best bin not moving along and sitting. Well it was. Kind of wanted in two. The thing called the share act. We'll share active shares a lot of things in common cock no pun intended with PH PA the days they were both kind of balled up together. And when was actually in the shooting was on Melissa. Might not bend you remember what it is today let's say it was Tuesday just for fine. Well. Then there was to be a committee vote. That morning. To get this thing out a committee was expected that the share act and DH PA rolled into wine. Was going to passed it was the natural resources and blah blah blah committee. It was going to come out of committee and was expected to pass both houses of congress. With bipartisan support because they had pulled some stuff back and re written bits and pieces to make it more palatable. Four. Some of the dams which. Understandably didn't really take any teeth out of the blue the crux of the the bill from the things that were in it we're still going to be unit that we're friendly yet. But that morning there was to be a vote to get this thing out of out of committee and pushed on to. The house. So it could be voted on there again expected to pass. Both. But instead. Everybody that not only the most everybody that sits on the committee. And the man who wrote the bill from its oral yeah. Run field practicing by baseball. So you tell me. If that's not a little Alex Jones. Now and you guys know everybody knows in this listening audience how I am about conspiracy theories yeah I I find them distasteful and stupid. That being said. The fact that a Jeff Duncan was on that field from bees he was arm that hit list he authored both. The age PA and and was I guess a cosponsor for the share act. And that committee on which he says was to vote on that act yeah. The day of the shooting shooting. Come on now now I guess will. Unless there's evidence written evidence. Electronic evidence of some sort that this guy left behind. Will will never know since he he can't be interrogated. And confess any thing error rate have have any information product out of him but you gotta think in have. Who was this guy really Smart was aegis. Joseph Barrow doesn't make it was you know why because. You know it's it's easy enough to look at legislative schedules seep what's going on and it's all public in public information as far as you know what schedules for certain things are what the calendar is who's on what committee he chairs it. The the pictures in the maintains an office on numbers are up for these these people. You might if there's somebody that is India. The media a lot you may have seen even pictures to know what they're. Chief of staff for error there PR person looks like them. So we've really. This being a conspiracy or just pure happenstance really hinges on. Was that guy. A shrewd planner. Practice are of good tactics in research was he just some guy that I know these days are gonna be out here practice in baseball for this charity game. And I just need to make sure I've got the right political party out there when I go and do this well I think I don't think there's we're. Conspiracy theory that somebody did did this to coordinate and can it Jack a thought process affect the progress right of that these two bills through congress verses is just. Mere happenstance. It is are sent now those of us in the law enforcement community I think there would be consensus there's no such thing as coincidence I think you know other days there's a cause and effect for everything. Is this. In the instance of just unfortunate coincidence or unlikely coincidence it could very well be that just looking added at its face. And in putting those two things together yet knowing that that to the to the people on the opposite side of gun rights that the eight A in the share act getting through is a big deal is a big deal they they're really an out of shape about oh they are now. And oddly enough this guy shows up to two issued a baseball field with with an SK yes I mean now. I think he would have been more effective from a marketing standpoint too broad a black guy and yeah yeah but you know he chose SKF but that still you know in the assault rifle yeah Eric Larson knows. So. Yeah I'm just thrown out out there for a topic of discussion. I've got something outs right away for this so amen amen to stop talking now okay nominal achieve content oil because when you when I hit the perfect said Segway. I'm gonna come and unpack this next win and I'm going to make you violently ill really yeah okay. And now you've got me one among them think more about what I'm gonna say he's open up on the civilian and and set off some type of verbal. All Argo and added that. You know I've I think it has some of the the better you know the best comments we've seen out of this Aggie. Kind of from our perspective it's being people that support the Second Amendment and you know enjoy practicing the Second Amendment. You know there are in support law enforcement like we do Urbina of remarks by Rand Paul is that you know without the Capitol Hill police it would have been massacred no defense we had no defense at all would like sitting ducks. In us that says a lot about it again this that you know gun free zones are not gun free zones as just hope our target rich environment another word for that. The other thing I thought it really did surprise me is everybody's like well thank goodness Kelis was higher because. Without his security detail that we would've had any protection. And I'm really shocked. I would have thought update these these guys this senators and congressman. You're gonna make sure you've got a body Crawford. Well in in the climate you know maybe 152030. Years ago or so maybe nine may be in the 1970s. Maybe nine but that right now in this day and I'm. With so much information mean publicly available that you're going to be. AAA representative on a federal level either in the as the congress person or as a senator and not. Well not have a security personally you even if you've got to you got your own pocket along those lines. Thomas Massie Kentucky he a Republican introduced a bill that would allow American tour licensed to conceal and carry in their home state to do so in Washington DC yeah. Eight in response to this whole thing yeah and also that. You know let's say your congressman or senator in Europe in DC you can carry in South Carolina which can carry an Aussie yes. He's like god this is done this has done but I don't wanna make it so it only applies to congressmen and senators don't wanna make it apply to everybody. Yes fair share. We come back on the other side of this break I still haven't had the proper segue okay. Saying but we're gonna get there 1063 W ordeal in check in dying listens salute service standby a standby casual BR me. I welcome excellent service John Turner in my co host chuck Porter tank at a got his charm is so contagious they've had to create and anybody except him. Enough. If you have a heavy thought and I didn't learn that cook. Then happy Father's Day in my data there and trying to fees I don't know about it he's listening that I Nigeria's. His wife is she's normally listening we're gonna run up there after the show today so well done an end to a happy about. They might as well I don't he may or may not be listening he may he I don't even he may not know where he would come. And being be delighted to win one of these days it's gonna have to have a maybe next time if you have an out of town trip or something like that in the interview you're gone over a weekend I'm just gonna get in touch with your dad had an employer and Phil and and we're we're just gonna have. I'll hold two hours of chunks to work again chuck roast chuck Murr. Yeah. That's that's all right back to this and it talking about the shooting up and Alexandria. And you know one of things were coming close and now with Leo. The last segment was just Caribbean surprised that. Again Rand Paul even so it's been in sin. You know as long as he has been you know made a public figure publicly right now you know coast to coast having you know run for a president things like that. Or at least the nomination. To be the candidate. That these guys really wouldn't have had a security detail. Had not skill least been there because of his position. On you know within the house leadership you know had you know couple police officers there's a security detail. And I just may find that surprising how in this day and time. I would be shot so that a friend Paul and actually want one being a libertarian. I mean it's just yeah he's just to kind he's just an average everyday guy that is you know in DC fulfilling his obligate and you know he's not a special I think life easier armed NM may be his opponent do you up until this week. Perhaps I mean if you're gonna it he needs to stick to his guns. Yet know the unintended India now the one of the things that is not surprising that again. Surprising that that people actually put this stuff out there that are. Ranging about me so much of this this vitriol all the where where you go well beyond just healthy political debate. Are some of the people in journalist who has long guy. That writes I think he was for a writer for half of Huffington Post. Coming out talking about this that the does this violent resistance has got to be Morgan asked Fort Worth. That his whole thing was that this guy his problem with a it was that this this. Guide this. He didn't plan it out did not that he didn't bring more people with him that then that's this beat this guy this is his this guy. Jesse bin and this is his big problem with this so there's my say so weird weird that we crossed the line with people putting out stuff like that then again you've got a a bully pulpit like this guy doesn't mean as as a journalist. 840 you cross the line from just ear you're making a comment your making political observations commentaries of like that to cross in the onto incitement. So. With that let me ask you this John and I'm I'm I'm asking you and I know what your interest going to be. But I'm asking because I wanna make a point what is the purpose of the Second Amendment why do we have the second is not about honing net what is it four. The Second Amendment was because our founding fathers knew more than a little about tyranny. And that derided the people to stand up against tear. Yet so many government government government overreach yet essentially when the government gets too big for his britches they're supposed you know that the point is to be afraid of the populous yet. Because the populace can defend itself. Now this this this shooter in Alexandria. Was that not exactly what he was doing did he not feel that the government had become tyrannical. In the government had overreached in overstepped its bounds so he used his Second Amendment right. Or exactly it's intended purpose. That's heavy. No leaking this week that put your headphones and analog data. Alone. And oh yeah the identity of what is why can't I guess is his perception of of of your name might be plenty. It all is not like based on perception I think we've had a red line discussions. And it apparently maybe it did cross is. Bread lines so if the government overstepped its bounds in the population is armed. To put down the government and to prevent them from being true radical. So this guy sees what he per procedure went and hit it in his draw saying and his mind is a tyrannical government this overreached. And he. Does something about it he uses the Second Amendment them for its very intended. Purpose. To put down a trend equal government by means of force. Women we've had the discussions before. Tying back to some things where. About like eve we funny speaking to find their flags upside down stuff like that is just it drives nice and it ended in May as well about how that's when need that's when you're getting down saying all hope is lost time. Mean to me. That they're taking up. Arms against government would be again when all hope is lost when you may be you know you've you've lost legal recourse you've you've lost the the the ability to vote you know suspended elections and as Xena. Day and your living actually in a true police state now what people think of now both were in a police asked all right well there's invasion deprives us of the night we USC police state stuff all right and I know I went to Venezuela you know you go to North Korea go to places like that. But. That that this guy sell out I'm Mike and you know maybe maybe that's where his line wise may be. I and I just asked in the question after I made his I had the phone lines have already started you know and I know I knew it that's why I said that though I know what because no one of that discussion happened yet because there has to be. A line of demarcation there has to be a point because this is all based on essentially is based on perception and you doing some I feel like I feel yeah I feel like this is gone too far. And not and not the facts of how far how much we can we might have truly lost vs you know the the avenues that we still half right. And yeah because this day the united the fight is not over and that we used all of them by as a unit and as you are apnea and but but there are people now we've talked about it here have mentioned it when I've. So loaded and one of the other time slots that you've got people out there on the far right hand left hand. The edges can't wait elder all about yeah we're with this common in all civil wars commence a list is gone gays and I'm ready to do this unless our market that is in this and I might for the white dean do you realize what you're saying. Look back at photos. From 1860. The 1865. MF the carnage in the death and the damage look at what's gone on in Syria a look at what's going on in Venezuela local what's going on in all these other countries Ukraine and others. And you walk in in your your salivating for that happened here they have no I really in your neighborhood in your backyard. Let's take well let's go to break we'll Casey's two phone calls we've got from my David and Gil when we come back some text messages imagine that. And we'll talk about the navy to yeah disservice won a century Nadia or do you rejecting John stand by stand back. Welcome back salute to service John and shock at her coming back Hackwear. Do a segment aftershocks still feast heard some things up in any gambling and a in perception and what evidence might still be found about this Arlington shooter and all that gas in my collars and called in a joint summit eagles' advantage to a free talk on 1803471063. David welcome to the shows are howry. Regardless it back to bite six US cup vision Oriole all. And mostly. I'll step the next great America. All of our great great comment which still. But what people. Fear the government there's there today. But win it government fears the people there is liberty itself but you'll need out there and big city. Is that guys like dip dunk it and and people like Tom Massey and good folks like that. Partly through puppets actually fit and allow some cracks in our Second Amendment Rights. Again it's very simple shell out billion branch protect concealed carry at all apple crap all. And amateur golf unity and your spots are actually Americans that a and you don't need the government to watch your dining Arctic air and you don't need to put you know say. Well I'm singing Mac the back. American auto mind their own business like we do here in this well. But it things get out of control as we do what we have the and the only way to do that is what the founders wrote the constitution. And the second amount not. So bottom line is. All the boats were up there and Syria like elbit period. We will have any problem one having these aren't going around doing these terrorist acts know it when we had to clear what happened in the when he. It through over a hundred million people were killed. In Germany in red China and Russia. And Cambodia and Pol Pot and on Monica is with Hitler and Nazi Germany book outlook. Boris language government they had. But probably did not fear of people the people they're karma. What they took away their guns and Americans need to remembered in NATO member out Smart out bowel or. And what a budget done and you know lots we got out there could be a recordable incident took it and start. Did you always been it would get done in of people like really give a rancher in and ask them. I let it Babel which it happens that in a mammoth in the US beginner for you at all this. Obvious occasion garbage of it's real carry concealed period is right there in the Second Amendment shall not be in gray hairs wants to what's been abusing. So does everybody get a gun which are there no restrictions. There restriction figure well I think you've gone out or stretches of deflect on a member right now you've got out committee rebel lack. You cannot carry in your head in the second and then. Why exactly if you brought law. Where does this say that in the Second Amendment where does this say in the Second Amendment that if you have a felony conviction that you can't carry god. Where does this say in the Second Amendment that if you're mentally incapacitated or unable to take care of yourself that you can have a guy. It will not play any thing in there about it. So by that logic. Everybody is eligible to have a farm. I think that everybody should at yes. Even people who are mentally deficient or of committing felonies. I don't know I don't. Are you that. Appreciated David thanks so much for you call brother. And you are men that is you get a deal on now between the felt guilt for Colin from Taylor's was a joke. I disagree completely with the premise of the question note best reporter operate it and that is that. The Second Amendment is fair shake out. The radical government Second Amendment is there for us to defend ourselves. When I attacked by archer article government and you can look very protester prophetic others. 1775. The only time that very accurate which gardens. Was when they were attacked our British troops. And it took every year. Even after a bad incidents that election agreeing to Turkey a year before they were ready to orbit army and defend themselves against. Failures worker pursuit acts. They don't lawyers British offensive actions where guns. That drove our founding fathers to use guns in defense of their rights and liberty. So there's there's there's nothing to the you know to remove and reinstall a government that is become tyrannical. You that know what this second memo was written for I was in the future. Well to graduate student were written to gimmick to give us the opportunity. To defend ourselves where. A week which facility is still has to be reactive rather. Well I'd better not written in the Second Amendment that is in the debate about the Second Amendment and that is in the history of the situation around the sort of which is you have to enter the constitution the way. They saw it as rhetoric. Now I got nothing for that. Yeah need to have thanks them in a minute isn't ready yet and you look at some of the things that how long they they it took them to react and organize and some like that course where two limitations based on technology information. Moved as fast as a person can get on or yeah yes and and taken dispatched writers yeah I know that fair and as as there has carry on the great young points are exactly. Dare I I am certainly going to wait for somebody. He kicked me in the teeth before I kicked him in the key first I think would be is that is that accurate Gil. Yeah that's that's what our primary voters it's got nose to mention. It took them forever to react. Do they just didn't want it they can it do anything extreme and they didn't wanna do anything better. Was dramatically. Changing the course of history until I felt no recourse at all. And you we need of making you read the history you see the debates that that took place that some on the course those that were the the fire eaters and you know. Fire eaters and flag waivers we might say today and then there were some that we're very. Very cautious theory. Resistant to doing anything dramatic a guilt thankfully comment yeah. We got to go to break right now sorry about the desire to catch off man. When we come back we go will grab. Both of these other calls and then will we'll get to some text messages and we'll talk about the navy this time I promised salute to service 1063 W ordeal which I can Jon be right back. Of that at. Least at least stash. Man and a and I am glad we've we've got big that is has called and and because we. We need some navy veterans out there to help us with these next to stories. That'd have been all over the news 01 we talked a little bit about. Last week was one you've had the two sailors go overboard. Yet had the the guy over here off the the East Coast that is fairly easy name it'd been been overboard yet been. Lost and then the lawn over over in the Pacific off Okinawa Japan and somewhat. And limits and they everybody's looking Foreman he's found in the engine room and that's like crazy enough in the end the top it off with navy news you've got this destroyer the FitzGerald. In this collision where it looks like a a container ship they were these big huge container ships basically rammed it mid ships I mean it's this is. How does that how has that happened so let's get this get Vick on allied baby Vick and enlighten us welcome to the show Vick how are you. There's Viktor Joba and frequently. Quick hits the it'll heighten this and endlessly and you get an army guy here and a marine guy here. It is site where like how does 01 with a shipwreck thinks is that's the hottest thing in the knees. A millennium run into objects of that size in the one another without. Somebody going to wait a minute we're about to run into another ship yet. Yeah well. It happens because what you think of these things are being good but they don't them and and and slowdown would stop what you said but this seven and go on the last show the you know the competition show run for your. Boating accidents happen out here. I did I can get that I didn't break here I I don't get Johnny and his in his Jon boat you know slamming into the pie it is beyond his own a jet ski and then you know I understand that man but we've got professional navigators and professional to when it ships yours. Driving these big giant bow to can forecast all right I gotta put the brakes on this thing I've got to throw everything in reverse to get stopped. And it's an honor and it's gonna take me stuff miles to do it so how how how Vick how does this happen. Okay well for one thing. You can't pay the water so you don't have painted lines which still didn't have tracks because you've got ship is going to. Point eight point B undergo the most popular places. Collect imagine there's no road between here emerald beach people are just gonna travel costs Beatles and stuff but still in the smash into each other and yet you're trying to. In South Carolina yeah. And navigation. There's there's no buoys or anything out what they were like fifty something sixty nautical miles off the coast. But you know you still got tracks it's it's like to go between LA and then Honolulu. Everybody's going to be recovered go at the same place. Yeah I know what most people that we can think of that. Is would that become like you know because even Michael person like myself with think about I've heard of the term shipping lanes. Yet where it's this is the general navigational track that these that your your ships are going to be on. Yes so. So you have and you'll say is your head and how you've got other people just like all the roads they're often your lips side going the other way. But human error happens you can find yourself drifting. To better understand this happen to like zero to thirty years to. Yes it is in the wee hours. So you've got a crew that may have been training tired but he got. Newly qualified officers don't watch but. That you got new navigators got tired people maybe they've. Maybe it did they deserve those groups section. But when I was there and other radar we don't know what the call porn star which is six cell results excel resolved that solves itself. But it was just a little bit it is but because of the brick but so is more like to get the good watched as 7 in the morning and because we changed over meals at breakfast. But anyway we had this one kept it came along and he didn't think that we should piece. Basically sitting on our butts have the time so he made a stand at eight hour work they're less people watches go and everywhere Warsaw office like we could get this cap and understand hey you know out of how I think it was his first show. And he was thinking everything was like ghetto. Banker's hours and then got a little dog all the sides and he didn't understand that the rotation of watches so he it have a war the crew well. And I started CN. You know of fatigue and tired coming into the crew. And so but I don't know what the cab's location is maybe he's more of a politician in uniform that he is so. They hate I wonder I don't know well man you know this did was asleep at zero to thirty man I mean there's no question in my mind that that you know captain. Blackbeard was woods was asleep and is burning at this time and maybe you're right maybe it was at the the nugget. That was driving the boat knew there was a booed on the radar and rule whatever but still now we're talking about two skyscraper sized. You know things floating in a utter this around each other like two ships passing shot. Kids that didn't pass in the night that everybody's wish and had yeah. Let me get let me get that your opinion on this other things vague shall we hit have to hit the top the hour break this soldier on soldier sailor that was missing off the Shiloh. And everybody was searching forum I mean the Japanese coastguard was helping search seagate ships aircraft searching for this kid. And then they find him days later hidden in the engine room. I mean did you read that and be like okay yak and see how that happened. The it's the other happened because. They say engine room it would actually probably be an engineering space yeah. Which. We have a lot of all the ships they've been accused society and that they end takes. Kind of like like that beer in entanglement. Yeah sports car. But you've got these. These bedrooms and release bonanza in take care Childress and defeated in the engine Minnesota's got nice clean air police cameras are allowed. They're dark. Very that we live music you have to go there with a flashlight or torture though the light of some sort. And if he's tied out of these places it's here that just beat you this quote yourself away at a quarter there. And you're wearing clothes you know blue gray what tribunal that kind of blends in with the rest of the ships so. He is saying well what they have to go to their heads sometimes that gets up and eat or drink or whatever. Here's the thing not if he's got somebody help and if he's got a silent buddy himself compatible way whatever their reason is whatever you know. He can take you there yeah it can take it a bucket they can do is businesses calls without a doubt that it. Bro that's a friend because I certainly never end like this if you've got that's a real buddy they. Yes that comes back to a more right now. If morale get low throughout the fleet dislike you know the world is has dipped over the you know during the Obama now. I think it's Luke's hospital and those. Yeah the it's well. Decline. But I don't know what does that generation and other. If you portable if they do we will talk it about about the millennial was so well more meals or give military service now. I don't know what his problem. I don't know I'm I'm guest tonight for an Emmy for this is this if I am calling kid because that's way looks like it obviously you know young man young women join in the military. You know that if if the if the head shrink. That is gonna be doing some examined Haitians on him doesn't find something. Legit then this this guy's gonna be in some serious serious trouble. Yes well though. That this ship collision. They're gonna get serious trouble no doubt that this there's going to be boards were admirals and captains and experienced. You know. It and say it was very high ranking naval officers and they're gonna look at this the cap and finished. Because when you take command of that ship you take responsibility for everything police said the captain yes he's he's seriously doubt there. But there's literally a pipe which you yell into the yeah I think that goes down in the other end of that type as like by the captains is he sleeping. And it's. It's very common effort of the cap and get half a dozen calls and I told captain got the world station what was supposed to be. In a Japanese were breaking station where endure the assignment. Does the Japanese it's only six eighteen months rotation Brooke capital board ship with is considered. So tiring. Yes how high burnout level but I imagine sitting I was like and yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I don't think. So by the time I mean. It go to these ships are not lit up like this is crude. That's true that's very true is there that's there and Vick likely to. It rested you've got one. Little green and one little red light and the other ships got it and. That sit in at some yeah. They have a big thing got to go ahead sorry gotta catch shelf has got their heartbreak Sam after the news after the loses a little Gene Autry gunfire salute service won a 63 Debbie ordeal attacking John standby.