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Hello and welcome sports fans everywhere actually no name podcast which you are truly mommy Mac terrorists or nations. And Vince Coakley the terrible triumvirate are together again. With our behind the scenes raising the curtain look at Dell what we truly think. Although most of the time. You can get down on the air plus Kelly of the half no hiding here in no way we know we're we are not. Bereft of opinion. And no mode note what we have low the podcast we have an opportunity to talk directly to Ian different manner then know when we're actually. On the earth and broadcasting first things first surely go out there's just yeah. Great game two is here on the podcast. Posthumously. Walter Cronkite. Mr. green jeans Captain Kangaroo and mr. Rogers have all been accused of sexual harassment. It. Mean are they get to make you know who's going to be next. Right Walt Disney. Yen in an obvious served time isn't it he drew Donald Duck without any pants. Hey you know I mean I think every time means the same thing yeah I you know did you know where Donald where around. Hey he's he's stepping right up he's gonna you know be on not all of the out. That fits noon student buzz clean everything else you know accusing Walter low sexual harassment were not good Ronnie many trowel. It would have. You don't care who the accusers are Nicosia as we've learned since Saturday and she's according to earn her present you Cliburn if they are why eight. Many doesn't. Count not a good. So there lice that you know really don't like the murderer Susan Smith. Rights sixties and time that she said get a black I did it would actually as a procedure of the kids into the lake yeah she's being racist and her accusation yes and so it's just like that you understand what I'm saying it appears they are actually no you don't understand what I think is it makes no dirty sense but that's what Cliburn says here say otherwise -- only does not either way they don't deserve to be put it that I sent to it trumps accusers don't deserve to be believed or more and more sterile way they're all like yeah so right on right off the board is Sam line from a bright part representative James Cliburn deep pride of Orangeburg South Carolina. Claims John Conyers accusers. May not be credible. Why eight U queer as well because they Y eight. Now my goodness. And compared them. It is Susan Smith the infamous. Child murderer of Robert Draper who's a writer for the New York Times Tim this is the other shocking part of this story. Draper. Actually wrote a story. In the New York Times about how Cliburn so did you when you think you just you know laugh and often ignore it. Adele and make it up clever and saying enough but but Cliburn tried to explain you see the other reason it doesn't count. Is no way in these white women are accusing a civil rights icon right like representative Conyers not only are they murders anyway. But it doesn't count and if you're elected. It doubled. So I hope all you guys didn't you tell me just say you out examples were pointed out to him and John you're so well liked them. Yet they he was asked why am white and say you know I'm wind you know white into mr. Conyers so Lawrence I kind. Near or resign quickly late you know Matt Lauer well. And Adam. Matt Lauer oh my goodness so it is isn't any you remaining to be sent about Matt Lauer except. Where did all these sleaze bags come from what I. Noticing some of the by the Steiner sting before Burr forward move on younger. Doesn't get it we've got some breaking news going on with this thing in the fact that Nancy Pelosi this this about as bizarre break. Here here we have situation. Where this guy checks into the hospital he's checked in the hospital. For stress related condition I wonder what that is exactly why is age 88 years all I am uncertain and while he's there. Nancy Pelosi says he needs to resign Iceland now there's a statement this cannot punish attorney is saying. Pelosi sure as hell will not be the one to decide if Conyers who resides in us is gonna be interstate. That and and since we're going down that same. Let let's let's me by a ratio about this Nancy since you're now so adamant that Conyers should resign. How about that guy across all in the senate. Al Franken Shean shouldn't you resign Gerald. We you know I think the argument will probably be me I can hear her saying this. Well I'm not going to interference in this this is that's for them to decide can you imagine her saying that you know if she can put all those words together I don't know. Much of what I mean don't look at the point jerk your mind the over arching concern here. Quite a while men of privilege she's a multimillionaire. Right right quite what men of privilege. Demands black civil rights icon. Resign. Now there's analyzed for app I you don't get curious how he's gonna take for the Congressional Black Caucus to chime in on this share. Now and he's just a matter of time. Well it's it's going to be fascinating to watch here's the here's the other thing I'm Upton about the breaking news out of Matt flower. Nobody had NBC. Had a clue. As far as you're concerned Matt Lauer is as pure as the driven snow it was a great guy. And yet you go on the Internet and we're recording this on on Thursday. And at that you go on the Internet here. And dozens of examples of Matt Lauer on The Today Show. You know peeking down women's blouses and no one cares asking what are your hours I'm scourge fallen below where they white women. Yell out OK I did go pretty okay fine up that's my head yet that debt that Santander curry and and a dash and community are and encourage them. To start exercise your from moment to mention that to Greenville news I decided to interview me for an article public life here and her comments and reiterated. This week what sit like scared intercom and said well. You know my my morning co hosts he likes to grab my career ends align right. OK when I hit the stands how long before get a call from HR yeah. Or do you as a direct quote less than five minute you know we Rogers is a great guy and he just dump pension my ass all time great. I the funniest thing we heard today I did yeah I had going on and they would be investigation. It would be a stunning there's no there's nobody in middle America corporate world. Did wouldn't raise major want to be flying in the lawyers and a baby and Katie Couric OK source told well these poor powerless women who work is inter and strident critic yeah I think she. He Kerr yeah I cried for. Yeah in any end of the Clinton when she does the you can here's a guy thing Matt so grand jury errant. You would. Nobody noticed this in the executives and we see how many viewed another way we don't live in this story about this button under the desk asset locked the I don't it. That's supposed to look like doctor evil secret chamber you know you got steel curtains and slide down and cover the windows while he's an action. You bright and of course you know Andy lack. And I you know not hang out I love the statement that came out won't nobody on the current management team. Which have been in place for a few years. Know anything about this war one about the previous management teams they didn't know any thing I learned anybody rescue eighty yeah right don't want him. I have questions year member Donald Trump put out a tweet about this. And says something about it's looking into India lacks background yes or something yes I don't know lack yes he does and I'll tell you what to do since you asked. Back in the day when Juanita Broderick came forward with her charge of Bill Clinton. When he was governor of Arkansas had raped her not grab her by a big inning. Body part had raped her. In May seem to euros and on me sane house. Did an interview with Juanita Broderick and Andy lack who is ahead of the news division at the time. Did not errant. And they waited until the Clinton impeachment trial was over before they put segments. Of the interview on the air. And one of the segments and they excluded was where she gave a graphic description. Of exactly how. So like Lilly had sexually assaulted her now in fact ground this robbery just in recent days. Has come forward probably instigated by that tweet did you mention. Vents from Donald Trump about Andy lack saying look. If NBC wants to clear the decks here they should go back and error that interview in its entirety and B you know as well as I do that I can happen. Don't hold your breath. Now I'm an meantime you know what I was a reporter I you know working that the crime bead and creative looking in Charlotte. Are you still good I went on drug house raids and I'd I am greatly sources I was out of all the time and I mean you wouldn't believe which would seem a drug house menus would not Lieberman go into it here. I'm what it was we might have that this week. Bite the description. Let Steve got the real icons he just you know grab a little here there after buffet right. You know I mean he. He didn't. He have this test with. For a cure this down these steps procure women for him. On the heat he would grow the women in the office he didn't want to dimension their husbands. An and they have all seen him. In his underwear or need to run it isn't you know. We don't we take this soundscan. What did you it has but he did he order to get paid then Al Green beret who is currently file the articles of impeachment against her bring. Okay so one of his staffers he discovers cushy but tells him what she's buying cocaine to he discovers she's on Coke just a drug problem right now I still Stewart from Marion Barry when he was meant to. You do with that point dinner held you have some counseling. He had sex with her clearly so we end up clap clap I thought she should get it SX without and that she says you're trying to blackmail me. I'm going to public and he's sues her first. How it is so we re you know. Person the United States. Where they have where the where the rules are no rules. And turning beach spectrum here and yesterday all of does at that upper management Pelosi McConnell and they always had access to all of this book collection and yet. They don't pay here that I agree with no place like this drug house side and so's Conyers walk around his underwear but yet. More or. I'd we finally find somebody we're gonna get up in arms about rush you know you are not. Consistent now I gotta ask your question yeah we can't because there are some conspiracy various you're out there saying. That the whole purpose of all of these allegations and watching all these scandals. Is to ultimately. Come to a place where they began broad GS would allegations against Donald Trump never I think that strip and Bethlehem so here's my question how vulnerable is mr. trump I wanna ask you to. Because you guys are such big supporters of thought the dear leader. Well. I'm not that's such a big believer in that I think that no this time it's kind of pass not let me put it this way. Billy bush is not going to be replacing Matt Lauer sit cohost the delay this great and less. An it Eaton that unless there's a photo that comes out of Tron with his hands on some woman's breasts. He's not go anywhere an hour this is backfiring and steel sink lords and even though so far. I mean each year in Abu grab a photo we'd do they kicking down to the ethics committee in the basement not you know I even justified do an icing his trop. Is that the case but I agree with you Vince I think that's absolute where there's good days. Going well Alex is a sporadic times so that's pretty much into this week yes back next week for the podcast with a no name you know to make sense it could mean for. Yeah I don't know helpful down there would be until next time you might imagine Chara and then saying adios.