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Oh welcome houseplants glad to be whiz today. Keith Clark from the buyer's broker in the house Chris robbers from county bank mortgage more than dynamic to us this that's right sure I want Kate he's on vacate. Especially back on Monday don't movies come back and on the strip. Reminded him I got down to north these elevenths at all and I'm staying guest and you know that I know he's enjoying himself has been hotter here than has been there. It's and change has been varied Meyer condition struggled a little bit yesterday Mon did today I came out like look this thing is set on mixes swap. But that's a great it is a great topic we don't we didn't talk we didn't think we're gonna talk about it but should gear changer conditioning. Stay. Caught up when that temperature reaches 9596. Degrees your normal force struggle a little yet. So and I guess it depends on me and you know on his face she sank well. So it shouldn't you know and then matter if it's 95 re fat and are being able to keep up fractured but I don't think that's necessarily true. As I would agree with that of course it also depends on what number you get an edge that's true you know it is like skull gal I do like it a little cooler than moost. But not as cool with some people I know. And you know if you if you put the thing on seventy. When it's a heat index of a hundred and found that Dan and is he thought it's gonna she struggled just a little bit. Unless it's a brand new and loaded the united. And then of course the other thing that I spears this week we could have a property of commercial property this week that had to. Needed to be recharged with old refrigerator. And the price of that referring to are twenty years is going drastically when 100 dollars a pound 167. For the first time around one Huskers and thirty for every pound after that. And this unit held eleven so did they strong army into replacing mean and had no I've been working with the script for a long time and they said hey. You know. Let's try three pounds so you have the pressure changes before we start chastened leaks and all the Solutia. Well listen we do have our first caller of the day that sergeant Lewis has gotten yes stride as somebody that somebody gets us off the hook so let's go over to the plane agreement more annoying. Hello god will are really don't know how they approached just this. My wife's FaceBook account. She had two instances of folks we know. They're jobs have both forced to move here to green but also amid have gone ahead. Right but we got because of the housing situation in the price ratio of one big. Very and so and hotel somewhere I'm I'm in the hotel occupancy in this series must be maxed out. Yeah I'd say it's it is quite strong and if you look you can see new hotels as far out as. There are two new hotels that have grown up. At the Piedmont exit at 85 suit going you bring up an excellent point there is some growth there. Can I asked do you know what price point they're looking him. And very and then there's 25350. Your range but they've been outbid on several occasions so there was very. Enter an appeal to folks we know are could someone just give liberal so they're not paying out the nose for these so hotel rooms welder. Well they're looking meanwhile they've still got a job obligations they have to get to. Yet that is a extremely. Tough situation and and and can be rather stressful Keith. You know it's funny that you would bring that up to Y one of the things that they Keith was telling me right before when no food to the mayor was. We have the numbers for G we were looking at him and Torrey. And in the Greenville marketplace there's 4800. And in 82 listings but what he said is that if you. If you go one N one not level deeper and look at wave year that inventory is. That price point the talking about it rather tough right now if you go to the lower end of the market it's pretty much nonexistent. And what's growing. Is actually the 600 plus. So maybe they can join together and instead of us 300 they can buy 600 lives together and I can't get back drying blame what you're talking about of course. As interim housing and historically. The upstate Greenville in particular is had a siege corporate community. And now owns several of our local. Companies. Would prefer to put out new as only new job every 345 years said that it's a very active market. But I think the short answer to your question is I would go to the relocation department and and see if there are some sources there are some places like azalea he'll suite saying. There are some individual niche companies that came work with the interim housing rather than being in a hotel program so are we go to the HR department. And and look for some resources there for interim housing. Aren't I got out I'd whip the F sixteen production moving the Greeneville over the next two years sooner that's done it that's going to be a price Smart there's going to be an influx of people this is not going to go away anytime soon. Absolut world Dwyane we've got a head into this hard break do you want to holder to break. Okay thank you so much this is house plans will rewrite map. Welcome back you listen now house plans glad to be with us today if you get a question about buying selling anything to do with the real estate we'd really appreciate your call 866. For four to 7553. Is the told three whole free number. And then of course can always hit us on the test line at 71 and 307 that seven wind 307. We'd love to hear from me into Wayne did a very nice job kicking off the show today talking about. A couple of folks he knows that her own in bound relocation. From job perspective. And end the the one key. And then the we knew look at what's going home. We have the inventory itself then you've got very very low inventory. And that particular price point. And says it makes for a little bit of stress and struggle. And well going Hussein that that he had a couple of associates say weren't hotel room spraying and a larger Manning. What he was referring to he said that the F sixteen contract Lockheed has a facility at Donald sent Donaldson center. And historically they've done the refurbishment of a sixteen that it really read the whole article but drive. They're they're going to be there's going to be any influx of people particularly in that. Southern Carter when your commuting to power you know he's journey to powders mailbag two cent Smith if you're down and at Donaldson sinner yes the most likely. And and another theory that I was gonna say is is let's not for gear it. That Piedmont area because you know in the neighborhood that I live in their award there are some. Houses in that price point that he's talking about that are available where I. And that Piedmont market sometime this forgotten how perilous hello is overlooked a little and of course it's very convenient for the hospital system. Fantastic. Schools in that area. And there is plenty of new construction going on over there now it seems that some of that is a little bit. More toward the 200 in the 300. Says you know maybe a smaller home but there but there's planning of construction going home. When you get down deep in the what I would call powers bill so maybe when a mile and a half down 153. Headed toward easily but your steel in the Anderson county yes and then of course there are several projects that are going on right over the line. In Pickens County which would be easily proper. And so that don't forget about those areas because you know if you look in neighborhoods like Spring Hill farming you look at neighborhoods. That are that are clustered a Ryan owned. Those. That 153 area there are some properties there and of course. There's also a huge phone new apartment complex that just myself and half with probably. Gosh I'd have to guess at three to 500 units that was I was there yesterday where your Paulus and totally actually look for some land for a client. Right and they called big king over there to make bell jet death. Eritrea dad and say which again. Yeah there's thirteen year to the ground that's exactly right but. You know it key if you did that research and talk a little bit about what you found around my 100000. Mark. Virtually. Nothing don't enjoy. So I Ayers is skinny there's nothing out there you got to pull the trigger immediately sometimes a lot of in house deals nine houses that have not become on the marquis had he's just a tough place to work. There are significantly. More now the million meals the first time home buyers are in the market. So that that entry level product I'd say probably up to about 145. Right now there's just nothing out there there's no women to. And and then from you know 150 did. 270 fab even 320 found there's just no women torture and in him and many situations if the house's. Priced fairly you're getting a multiple allfirst. And as going was mentioning that the these his colleagues. And missed a couple of houses pitcher in so don't think we were told they were out beard helped them win even try to so we were talking about that aren't at the break. And and he when you when you think about Greenville, South Carolina who would've thought that Tina yeah you gotta. A bit on a piece of property so yeah I have read that. That's not always the case I mean there are some there is some women Torre in certain areas of the city really just depends on. Where he wore one of the things that I find interesting about. You know we expected travelers rest to take off ten years ago and it really didn't buy it for five years ago. And they embraced the swamp rabbit trail and inventory gets scarce and TR so sure it's there's. From some national builders going on out there every part as a city yeah every part of this city is very active with new construction. And then of course downtown there have been many many. Apartment. Complexes that have come on line recently. And there's plenty of availability there that might not be your number one choice but it might be a way to. Two finds something get out of the hotel ramming into employment courses expensive. Very expansive my mis expansive as that they'll rent yes. It could very yeah that's touring. Probably not a hundred dollars a day that. And national convention sister but let's talk a little bit about what we you know if you're if you're in the market to buy. Any tired yourself high quality buyer's agent what are what are some of the things that you should have done to prepare you for this type of market. So that you are ready to act you know from my side of the fence from the mortgage side of the fence the first thing I think about is. You need to be pre qualified. You need to look at multiple options the first being. What are your house that you currently have doesn't sale. What if the house that you currently have does sale and how does that impact what's going home because that has a big impact on underwriting we have won this week where. You know the the the ups are buyer was selling. And they're buyer was unable to perform within a week of our closing we were already cleared to close rated ago package out. And we got a phone call that said look the person by my house is having trouble. Up in Indiana. And I need to I need to find out. If we can buy without selling that house first and we salute the good news is we we have already prepared for that. And so the answer is yes send us this this in this. We'll update our approval will change you know what we have and so on Arian and it was a non issue we just had a switch a button in Gator re underwritten but a lot of people don't think about. You know I'm doing that and you need to do that up front you need to net do you know because we gonna call we cash callers contingency plan and you. You know what's the plan B right. And then of course. The other thing that you need to do. Is you need to work very closely with your agent and I think you knew you call in an interview consultation with the purpose of that keep this. To really deep doubt we do your client to make sure that they have a clear vision of their goals and objectives. And sometimes when you get a businessman a media column money and say guess what on Wednesday. It's kind of hard to do to quit. They're trying again and what you wanna do of course is mapped out a plane. Around sedan with your agent Matt and now it's. Set your goals and objectives. And for me I had a client recently entailed from New Hampshire. And these folks are retiring from New Hampshire your bank says they picked during the South Carolina can go anywhere like eight index of one of they were well I thought that we're here last week about guess. But to make a long story short. They had been in town one tan. Just a few days. And decided it. This is where they wanted to live. And one of the things that I fan interest being in Aspen the whole first day. Just showing him during the Buckeyes here here's the net of the conversation and less you know what you're looking. So when you go out look at property. You need to know what you're looking that you can't be guessing if right if you're seriously thinking about pulling the trigger you've got to know what the market offers. He need to know what the pricing is when you see it right you need to know. The bells and whistles the characteristics of the property. It. That are valued in terms of dollars and Santa send those that. May be art valued in terms of dollars and cents. Yet provide some additional. Improvement in quality life. So the point I'm getting is achieved you have to be educated yet to be fully educated you can't relax. Even on your agent to tell you that. So when you when your agent shows you a piece of property you need to be able to evaluate the properties your agent's job to help you learn how to do that. And so in order for you to compete in a market like hours. You have them be prepared to pull the trigger and and be comfortable because in that multiple offered Neil I can tell you that almost nobody is happy. I so the person he missed a property is not can't be sure the person he secured the property is not happy the next day rank when they. I'm never showed us a little barter more than a little bit of anxiety yeah and did I make them epidemic the right decision here. The seller it's the sellers conscience bothers them a little bit you know I made in. One person's tapping into other people or our her. Are feeling very disappointed. And then you've got to deal with these so you paid more than full price for that house. In May have got to turn that into the Lander and they got to send an appraiser voucher and and appraise a house that you paid more than full price for. Absolutely I got to two armed text comments that came over in the person was the two hotels and I'm talking about them in Piedmont there are often they exit forty. And in between exit forty inning Anderson. There isn't anything else so it's kind of like that agents in the last march and no hotels and T get all the way down probably play it. Winning your nineteenth somewhere in there. And so that's an excellent point and then the other the other question we got a little bit off topic but we should hit anyway is as big as those wonder what the foreclosure market looked like and then. Also this is that there in the market for buying Lander buying a house. So the foreclosure market we'll talk about that I have steadily seen over the last ninety days. Updates coming out of the mortgage knees industries that delinquencies are at all time. Direct all Thomas yep. That all time lows actually sell when yesterday this in credit scores are at all townhouse. That kid says I found that to be very interesting so. While there are always foreclosures. In the market. That are based on life situations you know and divorces deaths things of that that that lead to foreclosure. That market is very tight end that a group of investors that specialize in that market. Our our own competent to can only you know a kind of thing and says you they do continue to occur but but. Not at the pace that we had and not in the price trying to so if you leave your trend about four pleasure he might pay fair market value for. So the implication in the conversation is. It can you make a good bye now own a foreclosure Jessica's foreclosure Dan meaning in my can get bound to grind out there are people are competing for it and he's right. Fair market value or more are recently had a situation where assault. That the Bank of America was for closing on a property and they had had multiple all first cash call first. They were what the listing agent thought were respectable number sure but the bank just wouldn't go on there they drill say they're of opinion of value. Was that they felt very confident that they can get their money out of the deal and maybe even make some. Yang and then of course that the second half of the question I'm gonna send the PGA tournament foreclosure market that that the buying the land in the buying of of the house would be. In that investment portfolios type thing I'm trying to connect the dots there and of course that market is very tight right now. And is it all comes down to cash flow you know because the rates are so low and some of the financing his return you can finance now. Up to 85%. With mortgage insurance when you buy an investment property. We would recommend that you try to put down 25%. Which you get the best rate best terms. At 75 loan to value. But to your point key. You know you need to make sure you check of the the taxes taxes are going to be. You know and 6% not the worst of the going to be triple whatever the owner occupied radius that you need to work as cash flow numbers to make sure that. It it it's a good bye in the two going to be able to. To have a nice positive cash flow assuming your about it port best tennis offset by depreciation and if you're negative fueling at least make sure you. You're dead even on your taxes such rights as some challenges they're in this market but. And also it seems to me those wing and a lot of times in that under 200000. Price strange people like that price range for Randall's. And and that's super competitive right now hard to get a deal right and no doubt about it. Well listen your list and house plans we're gonna head into the bottom of the hour break where you can pick up some news and weather. We do appreciate you listen and if you have a question comment about buying selling anything to do it housing we'd love to hear for immune. 866447. 553. That's a toll free number. And of course the text line as open we get a cup with techsters already today. 71 and 307 will be right back after this. Wall welcome back you're listed in the house plans glad to be with us today would you of the text line opens 71307. That 713 or seven. Of course she can do to deal fashion way and Dolly 6644270. 53. Talking a little bit about the market going was kind enough to kick us off. Talking about inventory low inventory. The competitiveness of that that. Market and in real estate around that 250 to 300 is very competitive right now. And hi it is we likes to say it's an hour. If you if you want us 600 now we plan isn't just out there and just all crazy glue and she does have a similar. That's my sweet spot yes we did get another text question during that break key that says. Would you guys you guys be able to give information on tax sales and I'm we have over the year talked a little bit about tax bills we'll say it is somewhat of especially. And I would highly encourage you if you do attack sale. To make sure that you talk to an attorney see I understand exactly what you're buying. I do not know off the top of my head the redemption period in Greenville and Anderson county. But essentially what you're doing Keith is our understanding is you're making an investment meanwhile you are buying the property yet textile. The the owner of that property has a certain period of time that they can redeem it by paying you that plus interest and so. Let's talk about ten. Set the stage is to learn what what attacks alias well. That you think your taxes are days for 141017. The tax bill will come out in. October 1 week October maybe and I remember just opinions it depends I think I think it rolls out gradually depends somewhere that you are done right. Laid out October and November you're reading teacher tax and notice from the canning. And if you don't pay your taxes. My march 31 of next year right. Then you become fully delinquent pits do. Right you get the bail right in it becomes light for the first penalty at January eerie feeling changed during him right and then I think there's another one it to be wary that fifteenth and par or one and another one in March it ended ended march 15 in the becomes and then you become a celebrity they'll put your name in the paper that try and so once that happens. Then you have a that's the key Downey schedules. A sale. I tax to call and tell everybody who hadn't paid contract and two notified that there will be attacks on my trying to win the tax sale occurs. They sail all the property. To the bidder is right for. Does that delinquent taxes that's correct. Andy you gain a certain if you purchase that you gain an interest in that property right prank and so. The per the owner of the primary owner has a certain period of time to redeem that. You receive your money back including up a very nice interest in fact some people do it just religious currently in turn as an investment. And now it is important to note unlike a foreclosure sales that that tag sale is subject to liens. As well as mortgages during the comfort really cumbersome so it's quite different from buying it on a foreclosure those. Those will not make those wings go away so I don't think you're by Anna. 300000 dollar house for 18158. Dollars because that's not true. But I do know meeting media people that have done exactly what you said Keith they show. They found the properties they they seem to have a good feel for which one ends. Had just the paper's been lost in just don't get paid and says they will invest about paying those taxes. Buying the property out attacks fail in hopes that they will get that high rate of interest returned. And their principal back in short order as soon as somebody somewhere goes of and and of course it applies to both residential and commercial on that same timeframe that you laid out. And so you know you may find a shopping center where the taxes haven't been paid in you and you may you know and spend 38450. Dollars to pay the taxes. And hope that you're gonna get that redemption comes along down the line. And in some cases. You know we shook the room with interest rate is 9% sticks in my head. But that may not be correct see you would have to. Talk to the county to find but that the interest rate of return is worth your time is is about a good tea. But often times the redemption is fairly quick. And I would have to look up what the redemption period he is but it is not a short peers I think this a year I think it is a long period of time. For that person to come back into redeem the properties to be two years I think someone tell me recently this year. If somebody now as they should call in and tell us absolutely or texas' 71307. To give us a heads up and then of course the other thing is if you do. Won't to. Get sellable title to the property. Then there are some steps that you have to get through we knew we need a local. Real estate attorney to help you do that the PG will have to deal with the wings. And all the stuff out there. You know you're you're not going to be in first position and tried now for pleasures a little different thing I completely your the only delaying that survives the foreclosure processes. But that's. Power Eslinger and desk as far as I know you went you know day the Z they do indeed so let's say the property had a first in the second. Mortgage and three judgments and you know who wins when the foreclosure the master in equity takes care of that foreclosure. All those are going to be flies like they we'll have the opportunity to buy the property at the sale but it is very unusual. For a second lien holder or somebody who has a judgment and listeners just tons of equity. For them stepping in and buy the property in the if they do than they would pay the first often and they would be the one had the property. You know obviously to protect their balance and you know. That's one of the things when we receive large second mortgages if you've got to 800000 dollar house. That's got to 500000 dollar first and 200000 dollar second sometimes the second mortgage holder on the 200 will not buy it now. Because they don't wanna spend 500 to protect their 200. So in many times they'll negotiate their 20200. Crying as a vote yes in order to yes or better yet I can do I take it out take some. An end the one of our biggest let me interrupt one of our techsters texting and said the redemption is 11 year now he's source if anybody knows what the raider returning is. Would you know that that be helpful to know as well go ahead I'm sorry well I can wait calling in and just give us a lesson on tax back at. Yes I was tag sale right. But I was bred into the foreclosure foreclosure process much different and tax sale in inning Guillen. Most of the folks who take advantage of the tech sales do it for as an investment I think rather than. To the in game mean to heaven long term interest in the property teacher absolutely after a another thing that. Just recently happened that you'll be surprised about was we have a deal right now that is actually on the short sale. And it is like being in the hot tub time machine going back 2007. When nobody knew how to do want Barack. This is a big box bank that phone that that has the mortgage on this property. And they have abused the buyer. In every way shape form and fashion they did a tentative. I couldn't believe how this thing has gone I expected you know hey. Deer in the during the meltdown everybody learned how to do this the big boxes became quite efficient at doing it. You know they originally started out in hard headed in the I don't board and they created systems and this is a big bucks buying in the they have absolutely tortured aspire. Date they originally said yes if you get an offer for that will accept it that when the contract came in they said non nevermind. Which is the united debt that blows my mind and then they took at least a month. To decide. What contract that would ratify. And so. We have now the loan is cleared to close on hiring and and we have set up. Four different closings. And on and that big box. Has not improved. The CD in time to find. And there is no urgency on the opponent they're absolutely Chris and tired today and they are backing control and they were not in my dad more. Foreclosures and they won't midday yes work with inhaled during controls circle was worked out you know their their back is Irsay had an and it is I mean they're not treat the buyer fairly. And they've agreed to the contract everything is as promised. But now it you know they want like a week to approve proceeding and of course it takes about three and a half minutes. This makes me mad here but is is it it does me too and it disappoints me that the tree and entirely because it's not fire. Well listen we're gonna head into our last break of the day we do appreciate your calls comments and questions you can hit us at 866. For 1475. Feet 23. The text line is open 71307. Will be your right that. Welcome back US announced plans Keith Clark from the buyer's broker in the house Chris Roberts. From CUNY bank mortgage here to answer your questions Karl's comments get about thirteen minutes left. In the show today if you got a question about buying selling. Anything to do with the real estate you can text to set seven not one and 307. Or you can Collison a 6641470. 53 that's what. Shut decided today so let's go over to chuck on this note shut the morning hasn't don't. They're the one good. Of course I'm looking Obama properties. And it would ball and attack fail. But it spillover whoever that over that it had it for about a year and have a foul ball this property outlook that you all are about it. Yup so live it you won't explain why he did what. Going into. In a mortgage if they have always gonna come back and get that property. Yet that's what I was gonna bet that my comment was going to be this you need to make sure that you. Haren attorney. And that that real estate attorney does a title search owned that property. And that he's he can guarantee TU. Through the purchase of title insurance that you're getting marketable. Clean. Title. And says I'm all that that is the key is you won't to nature. That that what you're buying is a property that you can do whatever you want with the chicken salad any any town. And that you have clean title and the best way to do that. Is to have an attorney of your choice if you need a referral if you'll send an email to asked JD and county bank mortgage dot com. Or you can call us at 331 home that's 3314663. We can give your referral of an attorney that we work with a lot. We have several level and you would want them to do the title search title work. And in just to tell you hey what am I buying are these wings going to be there. And then you would definitely. 100%. You would want about owner's title insurance that's iPad because it would protect you if something did come up. And you really need to do a little bit or research Chris on the home that you don't give a general warranty they needed either day you don't should give them when you when they'd when you get the indeed it's a little bit different type of indeed I think. So. Thank you need to do a little bit of exploration and research on him that Chris is spot on when he says. Title. And not just the police and you won't hear attorney to look at the notes he won't you don't make sure dozens marketable product right and and and then of course title insurance in the Avaya. Something is amiss because an attorney is only searching the public records if there is Alina. Or an incumbents on the property data is not recorded. Then the attorney will not be able to do stuff that discover it in the chain of title and I am not. I'm not an attorney I don't want to pretend that I'm or an attorney spokesperson that dramatizes as usual but I would recommend you contact a good do it real state attorney. You want them to not only do that title abstract to have it done but she won't name to read the notes. And then he explained EU that type of title you're gonna have been named a good title insurance I would even say from Ike. Again I don't know five more local title company you know warming sure sometimes he attorneys have their own title company yes. But to quell the insurance is gonna be written by somebody national. And some of the RA some of these attorneys use or have their own title insurers can. I generally know OK so but anyway the point is he she won't good title insurer yes. And what that insurance will do. I've been in this business 25. Years now and I have seen three or four examples. Where exactly what Keith was talking about happened. The abstract or missed the wings. Say to somebody who thought they were in first position was not in first position and and so you know that title insurance had to pay the long golf. I've seen situations where the title was improperly transferred. How one example was there was a just able to. Person that owned the property that was tricked into given apparent the PO way a power of attorney. And then that parents use that that power of attorney to be the property to them sales. The next attorney they're reviewed it did not catch that. And in so. The transfer went home the property was sold but that trains for using that power returning was actually against the rules you cannot use of power returning to. It's the title insurance stepped in and took care of that so that is going to be. Your number one thing to and in use your question is absolutely spot home. What position you're not going to be in and what cannot do with the property later in key and somebody come back after you we don't want a scary that we wanna make sure he did property daily fees and adapt and you get the title insurance should be covered suitcase point if somebody comes along. You know there was a case up and rock kill one Tom were some Indians came along and says look this display and that you put this development known is actually inside our reservation and and we own it. And then you had title in church going to probably the most famous. Title insurance. Story in the entire country when the native Americans in Iraq killed yes laid claim to some property there and and that it would have changed. Changed hands many tapped yes absolutely and so. I agree we keys were not trying to scare you were just trying to say hey might be a great opportunity to make you do it right in if you need. To reach assault players send that email to ask. JD. And county bank mortgage dot com or call us at 8643314663. And will be happy you were free to a great real estate attorney. Our operatives because you know I'm gonna hit it the biggest there's enough Clinton money that that ultimate government. They always wanted absolutely and here's what here's what I say you need an attorney. That's that's watching your neither team and she and if you're gonna wanna make sure you about owner's title insurance because if anything comes up that will protect chief. Are there is no more for sure is ask AS KJD. That county bank mortgage. Dot com. All spelled out and then of course the phone numbers 331 home that's 3314663. Yeah I get lunch we wish you the best that you make a great investment. To have that he was glad he made that I yelled hey he will be once cost of the attorney because. It may turn out to be a great deal or they turn out to be not what he thought it Wallace. And and you just want to make sure that you understand you know is just like if somebody comes along and says hey. I'm in trouble. How old DG my house for a hundred dollars. Well that might be willing good they might have a mortgage on it a forty and it might be worth a hundred. But here's the problem if there's any other liens if you do that then you're taken all those with the and says you always wanna have a title search you wanna know exactly what your position is. He still might make the deal you just need to make sure you're making an informed discussion you know an informed. Listen we had a couple attacks questions came over the first one was can you please provide the phone number in the name counting bank. So I can call. We've given them out a couple of times you can always reaches at 331 home. That's 3314663. Or you can send email to ask. JD and Toni Mae mortgage dot com will be happy to help you there. And then the next question Keith is about buying land says that an opt gained about eighteen acres. That is a Jason the mock property. A live and a subdivision in the land behind me is landlocked. Policy for the owner I believe it is non not big old bowl nice car and with the Iraqi moods. I'm would that increase the value of my house. In the subdivision Ali. And that's a great question and. Yeah that the short answer is as it may or may not the cash app back. That that's not a clear we would any more information to tape here's an ad haven't I gave you the short answer. I'm in your manual for your man eighteen additional acres to your property is spending increase to. The desire or ability of your property the other resale market are trying to say got to some additional land. Having said that what you're also gonna do is change the nature. Your personal properties. If the other properties in the neighborhood or. Let's say two acres. And and yours is. Winning I truly calendars. Then you might not you might not be is desirable in the resale market is you think it is sure so you need really need a little more information this guy and real estate agent and order a good agent yeah yeah trying to attract. More more likely an agent and appraiser can MP value but desire ability probably. That analysis might come from some by using very very familiar with your market your home your neighborhood in your geographical location. Now the second thing that she says it is when your by handling and due diligence on lane is different than it is only handles. So many times she may even want a phase one environmental inspection of the property. If you back property cities. Let's say contaminated. War. There might be some. Some summary and on the property that when you say this general holder should be ended and I'm thinking of some you know could have been some criminal activity or knows. When nobody knows that you wanna make sure that she. And discovered due due diligence on the property to make sure it is what you say it is yeah sanctity. That's right I will tell you this another strategy. I had a if a friend somebody that I knows that was in the same similar situation. The the numbers were larger their their properties on five or six acres they were trying to about forty or fifty that was a Jason. And what they did with the forty or fifty to make sure that nobody. Ever built whom it was after they did the due diligence on buying it they turned around and donated it. And put a conservation playing some solace yep. Any gender received huge tax break for that and have over the last five years. Not had to pay any income taxes because they've been writing. All that that. That don't tax credit that had a tax credit for that exact that donation and then name that self set their pens and of course when you do that that that all guarantees. But the property won't be built on here and so it was a strategy that he took both from making sure nobody became his neighbor now or in the future. Any Osce did it for the tax advantage says that might be something that you wanna look into two and of course I'm not a tax attorney but is just an example of sump announcing happen that you might wanna. And and I think what we're talking about Chris is meaning cams the professional. In the business can look at your situation. From a different perspective you know women in a lot of times we talk about what's the highest and best piece of the property picture it may or may not be what you think hideous and getting in a professional opinion about that. Is essential before you make any decision yet we just just talk about team a team of professionals. In a week we have certain expertise but you really need a full team Iran you when you make these pictures it's. And then up the you know having been in the business for twenty years and may look at it as the analysts think about this a little different based own your customs situation. This might be a little bit smarter strategy. For Uga to get where you wanna wind up in that team of professionals is where it comes in and we'll listen if we can help you with the anything outside the show please feel free to reach out to us. You can reach us at 864. 331 home that's 3314663. Are you can always shoot us an email to ask JD. At county bank mortgage dot com he'll be back on Monday fail that email box up formula needs on the day. We all have a great weekend Keith you have a known as well we'll see you next week.