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Sunday, July 9th



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Welcome back a dollar doesn't happen are we promised review into the meter her story today and so the promised you order a lot of work to do some of them today. You'd either any of my name in any among men. He misses don't you know there he really isn't going your salute. We know just for you was sent into nude until do you think do the little drizzle Leopold to you away. To make money player with Coopers. Loan that's easy. No move move is easier road to do it well which dues you buy a matchbox cars are worth a lot of money. He put a little more while still making their products you sell my money playing cards. Some like that good but I can make more money and you can actually drive these co owners can't cash. We like the north texas' so we're just also our parents have marries Carla. Not now not connect milk. But this is the thing. And a lot of people previous lives together. This a good idea come current Amir Plano with this list is new music that you're both thirty day special by by how little today's I was thirty days visual. You play good answer at my. The the thing is really cool about this your way into a lot of we wanna give the caller probably and they get scared off until near where we see these auctions on TV your hair jokes is to become auctions. They see these things are American ever for collector car. But that's a great investor number you look at anybody. With any. President of the United States has clicker growers moon the who's really anybody within the worst. There in real state. The club course Google's rumored as it. And this in real say show but I don't blame us when we go here in the new gadgets and future. There's always money in their ultimate dilemma. But yeah just like us callers are not making any more of it exactly. Exactly coming your time now in and we talked about before you know are around Easter only had their precious metal show talking about our. You know loan production numbers to these are the exact colors are good investment callers and that's just some of the cars that are good in this regard to me things you think about these stores. There's not just all true rare warning of Lynn's owner. You're certain niche Mosul callers. Every American. And even for coming these callers are all collectible in their only run right if your ball right there goal of the value every day. You know and it is great arm. But anyway I mean do you tell a story you had a finding marine boy we've found old dodge in a garage. The Dodgers and dodge and garage where most dogs sent him. How come you know I'm gonna you know I'm talking rather guess. You know once you ensure that story. Well listen this this writer's historic core well malt. Missiles well a year ago yup and it. This guy a fellow color in the green ruled news classifieds. This is the bring us the classical or section in the angry when he was close but it is six months. There's six left in there and one who's been there is oldest child at. The Gaza on the same 77 Ford Broncos keep up. But others who think he was just slip in through any salt 1970. Dodge Charger. Will be called about it it was a seven before forty charter. Fully loaded. SE call whatever I don't know normal for a maniacs are barely there. The car to have in your own mansion almost horsemen sitting in store for forty years to Moscow for 161000. Dollars. Solar for 42000. The next day. That's one story that doesn't happen every day. That was right here in Greenland that was a year ago. Well on the other prime example is my Indy pace car just picked up. Are you from another caller who last won out same for sale home went through mayor Jackson had 22000. Dollars. Bomb this one here's a new drugs should. Alone at 36000 miles on service and Roger while. Probably another twenty years on it on the cars bought brand new and not Taylor south Carolina's lived in tailors his whole life. And I was able to make it up just randomly finding it on non close. Ball bring you into our schools there's no there's a those who do learn Taylor's wealth is more career probably be angry but numb. Out of the result as we know there's there's no pressure on her yeah goals we do bomb so make those bills anymore really feel so all I. I know as weird as it. But Elaine this goers mode new race here in the upstate you know in his kick around Taylor's career area the whole time. And I found out Craig's list just by happenstance and picked up another line Letterman are about 4000 dollars. Coming these cars are still out there. You have not form until you look. So I'll come over swung around looking in Syria and they didn't get the most out of she's just kicked around the upstate area furlough that a federal Griggs who is she may help achieve these kind. But there's lots of cool courses lobbing there's collectors for everything when there's a do you agree article about your kids old days of there's a club for everything exactly this forums for everything. These cars are out there they still exist there's. There's still you know we're in a war Reynosa there still legitimate bona caller input in garage never came home it's out there to be found. Well there's a lot of you're little there's just a lot of good course period in June aura of tournaments you think about. This if you have the budget here you go and you see these low mileage you muscle callers are these real blue chip club course the nerves are great. But you don't want you don't miss a little distort that have a profitable caller. Absolutely not absolutely not I mean you know it it's like we're talking about earlier. Mom and you know different financials little bit with the guys. I have deny anyone caprice wagon kind of gal only thirteen thousand dollar short. Com I'm sold it but and I don't think I'm going to just because of where a man investment must go this route to fools rewrote their. But no in all seriousness of the store. It is hard for an individual just to save up thirteen thousand dollars. But you know I've been building on my caller for the past two and a half three years that was easy to do. So now it's a return on investment. No umbrella would take in a loss when you have dollar for dollar on a court. But I can take that thirteen thousand dollars now and nine go buy something. You know lying under 20000 dollar car that I just got a great deal on now unless some even better. In that can do little notice is why you're not promised issuing masks. We can take that you know to see star plus thousand our caller he dual award to an over a couple of years you sell for three well rarely take three in and you turn into a six does. Narco this this is a true story number gives you for a first subject there's a gal Craig's list. I read a story about hair ribbons in one it's like young these are some as a few years back he started well they more like Mary. Foam the Simonyi gives us judge Joseph Longo this was. His shirt all the Blackberry phone. And in two years he had a Porsche Muster. Just from trading on Craig's list back and forth. And isn't saying you can't drill. But we're talking about my on the collector car this is the thing I mean you got up on the court you are you buy something you like fortunately you're something you look so you enjoy it. Vietnam and I grew the whole heartedly you don't want we run around and Honda civic and that's not your thing right I mean is not a job this is so you enjoy. This is this what I think he'll look. Give me your budget rubber. Lower higher. The such 5000 file doesn't get budget. Doesn't give a little more than that finalist to ten plus content plus 101000 dollar budget all right 101000 dollar. We're looking in her sixties opening notes counter looking it. Not a serious issue bills which you can pick of Malibu still decent call or you get some your. Mid life saving these quarter or you can find all fear nova. I'm in LA you know 737. Or you can give him a little in his nose hood. Any any news still you can cross them back to make him look like a pretty you know care you care but you don't sales Murray still two dollars and too much distort what this. Hillary isn't used to buy these cars and looks at your story won't worry. The goal of the value every day even if you have to finance when you still be ahead in it absolutely I won't talk about financing and just a little bit. We don't dig a little deeper into this 101000 dollar budget and what she would combine. When that kind of money. Right here but he wasn't I mean we got a little bit timelessness and Muslims say something else that we were total total insurance classical total total so in this clutter car. Champ cars a look at a man like we said you know we eat your prayers he tours and not necessarily. Your low number course English when he cars other look at. There's you know all kinds different ways your niche course welcome your your mother's there's popular callers every genre yeah I mean. Well for instance you're looking a little Nash metropolitan just still a day coming. That they were just searching could stand that he did you total up painted white to John Nash on main. Just a little Q glory years no one year old man twenty large swath and Israel are torn your son your drug trade deficit is so you took my very reliable car a car you can beat around and great guest knowledge. And when you look you drive an F fifty metropolitan. On the cheap as you've on the thing for Nixon mustn't know I think. We'll tell you hold a Colorado there router on we will continue this conversation earlier in Colorado and happy are Muslim intolerance and every hour. Utter yes or do you hear that number in there you're losing your leg. Who's doing so little hairy in my local ones Lou and I was I was by the don't blow Leon really really kind of in a boring little. He now uses a little mentally you know hello you hello we still. This is cool this is fun to true for instance the fruit and cat. Pat pat pat. I sort of mom mr. Pitts the total amount cash for cars away until well leadership crucial is decreases you like we're talking about that was cash for clunkers and that her muscle. There are you drug war hurts everything. Including the environment all right. Aren't but no this is they were Toma making money with callers. Make him on who can always investments all right so basically this is correct dollarization land. Don't you think he. When no one out what I would do. It's basically you're gonna take your savings account and putting your garage. Yeah I did and you're gonna drive. Nobody else does not just one more. Who won a miniscule on this. We're the other way. As soon grow profits they garage and continued it did then did senator us microphone cuts of but I salute to almost 101000 dollar budget we've gotten. Do you think well there's several types of collectible course so there. I did know the cause I'm very collectible the last few years or is getting a lot of ground if you fun and Iceland which you can find in that 101000 dollar budget now. The Cadillac a warm days. Yeah I know stars. And acknowledge the source. Really really I don't you come from the station wagon man now mountaineer fan there were a lot of Clancy to horror story that we won't know for a or ugly. He put it. The dream you can that's that's a sure thing. You have. It's ladies. You know always through through even than blatant and the elderly man his models you know there were a lot of data about that point. The caller who still calls on this thing is a Cadillac two or its convertible you know me it was a ruling uses sporting glory in the animal Dallas. You know one thing. But. Those career coming collectible. They are it looks like the view were not as your children my others and they are becoming really ought to Rihanna not a Ramallah on the same thing. Could not because it removed or Buick put together. For us it's really not. And now look at that go to we're just Ellis other not a good thing I think just stick to incorporate everything I have. But now as those of Ramallah sergeant. No. I mean. They're ugly callers but yet yet they're going to carry some value to quell the because there's no meal doesn't do agree honestly was the last time we saw once. Eighty you know it's actually year is when you're talking Malek car club does nothing less Tom Mozilla Charlotte motor speedway for. Was let have a layer in the number of course and I have a better. Yeah warm spring wonderful monitored our affair they get on the last summer I was there is the Rihanna club was layer and I think there was like all three of well I honestly I think the wrestling eight or 9 points and all morning good shape which is like I think all matter left. They were they're kind of consistent. Every flight if you drop the ball runs they're you to go there until Arianna population together and you there'd been no more. It's created it's always try to spirited people who can translate that they use Symbian miss didn't. There were slim. But I mean the end these these cars are rare in the area investments is like knows she'll be and then our friend Richard just bought. Well it's another to show which orders yet your juju turn road course. Those children guarantee you know the nice ones are really picking up steam a little things Romney's the same ones you know the this commercial Leo yeah he's. Those closed her belongings this quarter picking up speed. And that's the thing is that new crowd I'm in the same view of the luckily transformers now on all ring in the big money when others are these cars bringing big money. That's another call a little more outlets here bells don't prostrate Jerome Lawrence. But it does that you're eighty C four bits gave me collector's edition vet. You know it and these are cars there and we talked about this course with for the new collectors. Com you can hop on our podcast thing you know I'm 1063 New York need to come. Coupon canceling go back and listen these boring now here's some iTunes yeah sure I bomb just surge our resident every hour exactly in search all the old shoes are there on iTunes now. But how fun mayor Indo by analysts know when we're talking about new clutch or course in these new cars were talking by the you can get in them cheap enough. Mean you hang onto these things are investments are going to be one day they're going to be worth some money quarter of the money right now so one day there yeah yeah this is happening now yes. So you need to make a move only store things but I won't they'll be there until the big thing like. Your legacy for your your your collector's issue mortgaging your journey to collector's edition you're injured 8835 anniversary Corvette you edgy non 340 thinner version already. These closure Graham's board see you know. I don't even that Tim does storage you can start picking up C flowers in the 101000 dollar range and absolutely a military knowing your trans ams and firebird slowest car really nice 3 June of buddy's fool June's. Those children giving on the money. We know you've been looking to foreign cars like you're a fair ladies all your old Datsun 280 ZX serve goes your. UT forty years says there's little those girls love the six no tumors and other didn't think there were pretty hard I guess they are on your fours into sixty is no more no that that's actually one of the cores are great in rear Elvis I had 82 dozen 286 Turbo car. Five speed and T dobbs everything you do want nationally arugula and India. But I mean those cores you write got a station wagon now. But I mean those stores you don't find anymore and you don't find him in good shape he knows when rust was breast Greeks have come this course. And then like he sent half a match up of become raced towards him drew of course things like that. So to find a nicer one is like really on the you can still find them for under 101000 dollars I'm not sure how much longer you'll be able to do that. I didn't drink your oldest it was a literally 300 Georgia anniversary three RC all why won't those corporate you know the money yes I mean these these earned the next cars to beer and coming. Disease of the Karzai grew up seeing drive now on the streets you know new groovy and seeing him drive and on the streets Korea. So when you're in your eighties you've all American rim mess on wall 1000 high school I am on the scores and you don't want one again. So main is going to happen these cars are going to hit their sweet spot and it's not too far. Always goes already hitting their Swiss pilot as a resource in eighty east always get political semi daily scholarship or rerouted anything eighties is given collectible an outlaw and let you know what's the column ninety's. I mean it's just natural progression exactly does a hundred years well it is generational thing you know we'll move. You know the men who were short of backing off a little bit and things like that the next thing you know you got surgery she got there just run their kids. Coming into this guy has got better paying jobs they won't these callers because that's what they grew up with. Exactly you know you look at there early ninety's the Silverado S this is the there I mean honestly look forward Boris or strokes they're not that great big excited about there not loaded with power they are cool look and but even these trucks or start and climb and value the water so about these true those drugs whose strokes in the nineteen Cindy core really pay source. Yeah I've never seen one with a rehearsal Somalia now. They'll get political. So there's clear those out there you're just a touch other 2000 dollar range of pickups are. Give AA in the core reds if you find the right one and third they can reach just so let that price strange at all. But that's no zoning case course. You know we've had a whole show about pace cars before that semi Corbin is probably one made the most of a thing may 161000 lives course. Those around you to Miami and I'm Tony they're going to be worth money one day potatoes they do your SS Monte Carlo is a low scores and cut a lot of whom did. Any you know okay that's another perfect example dirt track racing is really big in his big nationwide. Think about how many fox body must think we've lost of that and now they've opened up front wheel drive classes. Which by the way here are his chances a tunnel local circle tracks around here. Go watch from will drive clustering circle track is great entertainment career. Is there is absolutely awesome but I mean you know. We get on well there's more coming up after this commercial break but these cars are out there in there Ian scarcely. We'll tell you what we're gonna do on the subject a little deeper right here in Colorado and happy hour all right guys welcome back to hot routes and have errors Roberts. What's happening. Dude. Anything she can only other than others. Was happening in Nam Barak mullah. Monica is they're black. And your mind. Well but anyway legacy or to buckle of course we're talking about having money in the garage give us. Yes so we looked overtook him on the Indy pace car is again available available literature that was probably shaking visibly Ozal courses so it is or go for the as my friend he's the one with the show the charger who. But anyhow here care shove you builds forges mills not just in next month's tour show Eagles anything that plays and they also billed as a bolster. Uga the fact that the now but in all seriousness I mean we're tomorrow you know and choppers and true. We're talking about the they stores and you know different ones and it there's some news mania thinking wow golly when was the first one made it. What were the first 11 Indy they score Dolly when they start that in less than well me and I won the first face to women sort of historic thing minimum thirties the pace car program. But I mean still coming human made over the years nothing where only eighty something. And galleys they don't make many cheered those are very valuable goers missile in the 2001 we talk a little workspace source. But you Tom Allen the 2001. Proposed a bill bravado. How many of them around there. Very few Hampshire. I don't know it was a super Honda will ever be a collector core but next it will be with the in the package I think I think he will be. And the one that we've all seen the world will be in the pace car pulling up a little bit but it would move and owners of the things collection most of next wheelers in the books about it most things have gone astronomical. Well as what we're Tom a woman left office all these callers didn't tore power being dirt track cars now. You know our current refrigerant teenagers drove these things exactly this is the most of the eighty's and ninety's. But these current popular 1000 schools so this is the you know think about these colors gut. Tortured so you fun and nice cooling global listed books but it was thing. Odd thing I think what's Orlando's by the time I'm older man you're gone people going to the dirt track. To find a fox body to restore back into mystery caller. So delusional that list that's. Taxpayer dollars. Plus it is it is. You're sick man and a yes I told you thing that most of your show was but it is a scale of their preferred me to the dark side. You know at least a circle problem on amino remain an issue yet and there this of I figured it out route. You know fox by as showed chief. Ellis murders are so cheap you put two together books bodies were really that she was just it forces over which exactly. Do you EU that neither Ellis motor you put the two together yet analysts fox and it's cheap and it's powerful and reliable. It's China Ellis. You know well this is the brawl in the room plus. Imperialists. Is powerful wreck you every day. And every guy. Not powerful and definitely a reliable reports out of it and we're putting together at a sewing and we will I want you are done by no matter what there's no. Oh won't a ball at 324. Boy Richard. I got a two and a half hour lecture from my father about me owning any forward if they fiberglass. Reproduction. It's it was more an hour and cheerfully was born and if a gallon bucket of brawls and is it just kind of shaped like so machinery for imagined in 1932. And I got a lecture from my diet so that's the least I can do if we puppets a little ago we honor on. And as to everybody that's. Stay away from their blue bullets. That is bad. Penang had as a mean. These fox lies like we're talking about Lara. They're out there and there are collector wants though they don't want them yet there was that 25 anniversary listing of the year of course they denied. Then they had the seven listings agree most of the light years of summertime addition exactly the right a little light guts and the Porsche GT LaBella she's router. I mean. These cars are very collectible item in the the nice ones that haven't been tortured and had. Forty different exhaust systems club owner of the port boxes toward tomorrow and things like that those sort of bring top dollar and they're out there. In another way do another way to get to that fortune. Car that you're seeking. You know mom I want these must thinks you know you're in and it's five to 101000 dollar slow but I drove. Enjoy it insurance in this is the and then I think this a good time to talk about this is this right here this is insurance literally on your investment. All right. Clinical policies you don't put regular insurance on this course you put collector car insurance on their nerves a big difference between insurers and political insurance in exactly. You know and and that's a big difference between these types of insurance so when your political policy you have agreed value. Now agree value is these are a unit appraisal or being Yuri and pricing your head as to what the court works. In your degree in union nature's gonna make you reckon for the homeless. Poses no two. Out of the box too just too extreme that usually go for because your paying that much only insurance. And Melissa you know when you check where these guys name in Alex's. Each insurance companies a little bit different but when you check with a mean you tell them hey I you know I'm 1934 to wherever the case Monday. And you go adults whom they kind of know already what to expect. They've dealt with this before these people are experts. Say you know you bring him 65 Malibu SS they know what the scores are worth. And they know when you hit him of that number would you think it's worth. They know whether you. Are on him out of silence doesn't Melvin that it we may need you appraisal well. And you know some people have wondered does not believe that I'm missing basics Dave elderly are more they get a million dollar well Lou looks exactly you know and so that's one of Fraser stepped man. Or you know if V if you got a malicious uses simple number if you get 101000 dollar Malibu. And you want to insured for 151000. You might have to send them some documentation and pitchers and things like that but that's that's up to the insurance provider and of itself. But this is a good thing to have now there are limitations that come haven't collector car insurance restrictive drug you know we have restricted draft you know if you're going to a shop to have something none are your on your way to a car show parade things like that. You know for your own on Sunday juror there's no problem of that. On driving and every day to work order tool for a little little and the big thing with the school also is it to be stored inside. Yes man to be in a closed locked. Garage. And they really love if you Tillman scheme cools. They're really they really like to know that you're taking care of the call or it is. On now here he takes care for your investment you're also taking care of their investment exactly the girls so that is they have to tell you that agreement yes or you know they'll fix it to X amount. In you know say a lot of times these should these a marine insurance policies bill actually take the car and fix it properly. And do it to your says vacation. You know I know guy who ran a I think uses 68 Camaro inning ended up hitting a deer in it. And they actually fix the car back better than what he actually had it Korea the so I mean they do these policies are good they're great to have especially. You know a lot of these horrors. Other pauses well actually the chief picture caller yourself because like this guys you'd be restored it yourself you wanna fix yourself that your baby. Absolutely and you know that some of these older cars Leno who want to get the right mope or any busted windshield on it that's a total loss on the east course. So to have a policy like this. Coming as is bulletproof V can't go wrong with a having a policy like this and honestly. They're cheaper. Oh yeah. Well and injures store coupon clipper coming it's coming I'd say no Clinton was cheap insurance yes it really it is cheap insurance protection investors so you don't know you can go that run around in joy your power. This is the thing and until people this all the time. You know you can check your bank account evermore and all want and need to look at that number but yeah there much in the way. Or you can walk down in your garage. And over here you can open the door and walking in there and you go this also click to call and they and you get to go run around and thereby hoot and Holler when your rundown rooms. I mean that's how and censure is injured so so that I was to guess what. They're gonna fix it or play or give you the money for yet he would pay a man so is great and I'm and that's another thing that's great about having your stock market issues or something like that you still get the car. Exactly it's but let me if you got money in a star Morgan crashes guess what it's going. Yup I'm allocate cores along like a do guns you know you've signed on for X amount of dollars. I guarantee you you can sub for the same amount or more in the future we're coming and so did clutch scorers the same way now. Here's which won't be careful about is buying you know a niche car is great the buying it to niche of a caller. Can be mad Hearst stay away from home and less hugest won't want. I love home I was like no one but you better be prepared to be married to that call our. Here's what we call daughter on exactly going to be may have actually hear why Everett Ehrlich cut her as a Janelle it's about honor and a half the homeowners of deliberately be buried that thing sure enough. Weldon loses just as I think she's got a shovel in the caller. Mary. Altman. Why in the here's. My that's close enough to owners with. None main. They're all some powers they really are being you know view on the right businesses are great marketing it's like if you don't you feel if you always simple they're great Mardi to a bit old ambulances or know them on their own their hard sell in you know avoid these talks. You know you don't want I don't know what that was real lot core. And that it would precision way in the medium now. Then there's several callers out there enemy likenesses of the there's a book for her receipt. But sometimes you get little to borrow the books Yemen give thing about wagon thing you know we joke about it but play injury for Gaza families well they Laurie you know wagon will always have a niche market after there's always someone wanting essentially sort of mortal to you know rooms they're room there's always someone after him so that's not really a problem but. I guess we're going to have a more of these odd cars and things to avoid doing why did you do to make a run when your wife on the first thing that. By guys who is not around snapping our writer wanna 63 W guess what we're Colorado and every are it was a rough periods and what's happening. Dude dude dude could we were talking about because in the garage stolen cash cigarette your tongue mouth and niche cars stay away from when you're buying this certain collector car. Like. Hearst Reuters journalists rehearse rehearse accusing her seat. The star Hurst Hurst and of all didn't drive it curse. Curse curse the curse sell my want them. Errors is going to be worse. And the ones all the dead people know by those yellows or reds who important their money can you just don't keep him forever it's come become more ornament. The curse of the hearse don't buy one that's on trial when your wagon. It's not any of its got worst parts only and actually deserves this is creating the best sub point. Including. Tom do and he's moving on him and is still inside beauty as boom boom boom slow. There is a very creepy banks or alto that one day and there's a very cream today exile today today snub today he. But in any out but it young and it's more regularly send away for some reason that she courses are just like. They're Colt Morton a little resale value cool exactly you know and you know we're we're told no break earlier talk anybody into a mausoleum on Volkswagen's all those those things are going. Crazy right now at Carnegie is the little things things. Yeah we'll litters and three years and then there for some reason they've gone foray easy critical and plumbing your rabbit pick up trucks there's things panel cool following they do that Eric Shuster and you'll bug were to do these diesel rich color correction all of them because there's not make him anymore exactly I mean all the popular stars picked over so this would share to get but there are several callers on the is that you have. If you're getting your good result we keep forever. It's fun. We know it's like. We used to talk about all the time. I mean now your star missy restored 57 Chevrolet Ford orders well now. Restored four or sixty foreign policy. Because all the two doors are gone. Nice start to see restored long bed pickup trucks because all the short mister Boehner unaffordable it always seemed content won't trucks they'll usually it's and that's when you know who -- crunching you can't find these doors and that's what's happening I mean is going to continue to happen. You know think about all the caller is from may ease in the ninety's and even in the seventies. This cash for clunkers deal you know what let him know for a five mission. Did that god. All these callers are going in so these cars and only the ones are worth the big bucks or less but it was a really nice good condition go slowly to zero little ones are good coerced. Ending you know you talk my your low production value court you know and number cars and we talked about these before bush. You know your guy who bought that first enlightening or in the second Ginny even input in his garage. The gab on the CT is meat wagon and put in his drugs that are made 3000 or so than you have lose doesn't do that yeah I mean Mike I drove him Silverado SS in mind. You know there we value to it 2030 years down the road if there's still layer because a daily drive mine. But there's guys have bought those things and they have like two or three miles almond learn a garage. Those you cars are only worth money one day. Coming in around there you know you look productions of like the and Z sixteen shoval the what were some other ones the was we. Memorial six initial wells near four point oh mustangs your your your through most true to course. Things like that actually not until coarsely look at those jurors but those are blue chip Clinton wasn't there very viable right now get their volleyball portion of our solar. It lets you know what you will still look back you go lute Craig you've got some good income you more about one of these cars. Yes you can do that yes there's several owners out there that finally it's political version your local might include you and welcome to all who don't. There's also there's auction. There's actually makes bit. Just deal with collector callers like JJ best thing for me also got the election and we would cycle of correspondents than me and noticing your several several banks and ukrainians writer Harold L. The interview Clinton called for an answer. Police say these guys though like mayor Jackson all these big car shows and all that like all affair EC amount Blair the Turkey run. Indexes have wrapped motor homes is a mobile link right there you can buy a caller all seen. Exactly the list I'm canceling yeah. Leave out there without court paid for view of bank near you you leave don't usually look they're without that's OK and your caller he's been and while. You all star security. Every year usually you are solid business partner yeah. I hear his name is JJ hit his name is JJ. He owns a few car for the next 510 years. And actually a good all around play around the SEX. But I mean there are services out there for this you know it. And a lot of companies won't wanna look at doing auto loan. On a car more than five years older more than a 100000 miles that's where these companies can employ. Ramel they don't gear just. And it's anything and it's going to be collector caller. Yeah I mean the value passed me there exactly a year or more 100000 dollars on you donated four Dodge Omni. These guys are no different than the insurance companies that are you know gloomy covering these stores so they look at Sudan appraisers they'd go on a crazy scores and make sure their worst. What they're backing it wasn't exactly exactly. Coming is like he says he can't he's 100000 dollars and Romney it. That's supposed to muscle on the definitions and then she's abuse she letting us foreign currencies of being. But I mean you know there are these financing companies other than they can help win this you know. Behavior they guy who just wants to do you know. You know waist deep and minding your first classic car. There are options nothing wrong with financing and collector car now lives in our tickets bought rights. It's all right I don't care if you are fun listen you're still ahead of the game because your mind that caller you're stepping up to a blue chip callers living up to. A finished product. Yeah exactly as car you can enjoy it's an investment. It's a forced investment if you will bomb a bit. You know we in there's equity in it you lose equity there in the car but you also. You're you're not building a 56 Cheryl from room to Google and unbiased in this 56 Cheryl do you know in Italy analyst deal with simple math here. If you drove my car of the year gone 20000 dollars and building it in you combined for 101000 dollars refinance it. You're winning that you're still ahead of the game Cuba but a build a sweep period for so you don't get much to secure extra 1000 all men and enough. This thing the problem that's. Is restoring this coast all the chrome all the deals coming this you're losing money restoring that call you Tony who will just used it or she about Shimmy of many sorts. You don't my 101000 dollars was a Karl Malone on the story exactly and this is the thing if we have this colors are gonna poorer they're losing money at 20000 on the screws and Lewis 30000 score I did some things good bothered corporately because those numbers. Well listen you're here again today absolutely. In this society get ahead in this so you buy corps achievement we're just going use these numbers for simple. Mentally you know you by this point does our car for 101000 dollars nine years already even though your financing you're still 101000 dollars to the good inequity. So if you wanna turn around and sell it. You know what. Now you're send 101000 dollars to do and you've paid off your long. Now you get 101000 dollars cash to work with the you can go finance again say you find another 20000 our core. And you don't have to finance in this time exactly there's a lot of there's a lot of register fighters who won in your play and their money. Exactly and then that's because there's always a good thing you know and if you're credited. You know carlin's pretty cheap down towards interest rates you know the better ones you can get over independent you know we're praying in you and your financial organization your financial situation was big factor in their team. Well that's you know me will you don't have. Saying son in the notable thing you should be doing Google it's a in hourly us a lot of times it is put your mind and easy. I'll gladly borrowed 101000 dollars for three years and only cost me a thousand. Well we'll consult and you don't mile fluid. And that's a no brainer absolutely. That's a no brainer special we're investing in the political or you know not really visual finance and I'll leave that around there. If you can make little move it's worth it yeah and I agree tigers rob a 100% is not good finance hobby. I'm not a big fan of that and I don't care where you knew it. I don't know how well the Steelers sit there was get their own way of doing things you know and let us this horse symbolism goes to show what you think you're immigrants who were there. Can you wanna do in the sun it's a great way it's another avenue to get you in the quality I agree wholeheartedly. And you know just cool word of advice if you peer into an older Chanel. And I just on this because you actually still don't want if you're into older Chanel or something like that all the muscle car look NL commando who wound and carried the same features. Gloria well there's a lot of Colston for it was an acute among the jewels and also to the warm little green yup but they'll agree it was a great Cody started with you know. And there's others that we talked about earlier in the Malibu vs your belt there's and there's all kinds different ways to do they mean by this Cain vs Paula. You know in the forehead same thing you know maybe you can't afford to Shelby mustang would you mind GT re emerges of a small 50. You know those options are out there you know exactly and only let it sit there's there's there's a caller for everybody in April restaurant we get you gotta cover. That's a great W investors. Yes there is a money went out for opportunities as anyone mullah caller economics radio shows like this relevant got by you've analysts and our odds happy hour.