Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, July 9th



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Does look hot rods and it is Robb Pitts. What's happening dude I'm hurt why you'd enjoy. Them the stressful mortem and that better and I better. And doesn't get as we get a gracious Cleveland I'm so excited about all the schools to over total. Where original amount and you totally don't won't tell you how to do to my favorite things with the click callers get money he. Clinton callers get money will first guest are off when where we're going to be. Over the course of the next few weeks only. And come up July 14 which is Friday were only in that case you mean canning dragway that's right they care Lama thunder pro ma cereal and giving a speech in unique manager anyway all of today's guest we'll Madrid with soap box criminal. That it a bigger thing boo moment. You Garrett who is the eighth mile concrete. They're actually sanctioned drag street in the state of South Carolina. And the newest NH RA drag strip period in the state of South Carolina and also one of the telephone eight mile tracks in this great country voters. And also poured by the same people who poured Z Max speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina dragway. So it was a circles for a it was a straight whatever. Straight laced straight woods who but he anyway you soon getting so let's go drink doesn't want to face them. Good grab you some money so that we meet future free and you engage some fish took news of pizza from the concession stand. And what some Greg Greg Anderson we get to Ramona pro mod or slivers union accounting. Can't miss a minute I Nextel July 16 hot rods and happy hour beer ruby Tuesdays on woods or fruits. Count them 1234. Spring mix. Remind. I just murdered and you know spinach cabbage has missed a bit about that crap the stuff populates. Beisel last month we agree issue and a woman get bigger and better this month. I think the rumor has it we're only event of their life so it's orally. It remit their lives doing a radio show as exciting a load. Well we go on and see the action happen mr. and now of course from a team will be set of Pomona 63 dollars million free stuffs and got thousands of Iraq and importantly we have the the blue book's old auto pilot you would just railway and land home and now Basra it. So that they also that is this ratio under Saddam is so there's really measles there Rubin donor and we got a lot of radio show going on during the color of it. Yes of this very cool you get does definitely do you know on this that this Sunday July 16. Will we go from five to Nazi there at the Soyuz bulbs this is just thinking about it until a new one. You see that that's the hair on the back Monday extended amount. Isn't does that anyway but the man. My anywhere that it quickly backyard than now now more Obama budget that would be fun consent but anyway. This is going to school that is exciting stuff I'm it is I mean I'm getting like schoolgirl giddy over here about those little schools are now she can yeah. The other hand clapping and everything around and on them and want. I guess July 22 back to basics and Seville. Misperception golf club Bhutto's son Gus if you wanna go to if you like in the passengers movies. If you like any of these new movie like you're comics dribbles little acute care to look also go to. You'll love this because this is what color me looks like on TV and he's got hold it down six callers do you. Got a good to split from autos and a trio are there. You've got stairs tell you who had. I'm trying to get down there lingo. You know underneath job. McKnight you're doing it out now. Now you're missing in the department terribly this cold no you're not be in cool well on the on the cold nap this toxic. Made horribly missed mark. But I am back to basics is a record as park agreement it's fun it's in the units relax. A Maine you really can't be it. Well I'm screaming and it's of rage knoller analysts and you look here's the most course old course you go imports domestics limo muscle you know drugs matrix there is there. A genuine as you definitely don't miss this little changed place which you use dues towards normal march it is. But this is torture it's a cruise in the caller meet exactly so mean it isn't a rural folks Karmi today again that he it's a car me. I'm in it's this relaxed he'd just come hang out and have a good time place and Harlem here and that this oh our total war or try to take him sirens and entertainment lone amateur award I don't know we'll tell you something we actually got a secret weapon this you this week. You know I go the team manager for the total war and of course we got my MVP. Rub. Rod hit it high five five that are gonna love it you know but I've been you know. We're looking like dabble right when he's that superstar quarterback he's normally how schools and he's looking for these kids for a listen what I do is a Google and correct. I go to Africa notice all of the biggest guys that can filer today you have a court after this the walls of bulls now. Tell me. I would make you a deal I got a sure it'll be achieved I need you in your weight. But a what I have to do to swing back just leaned back. Might take steps to. Upton and what we're undefeated so far so I'm an important. It's a new challenge dragon some youngsters grow up a couple of DC you see Justin Bieber CDs and play though cans flying left and right always puts jewel in my whole worked. Equipment. Nice of them babysit them on blue note Ritalin or daddy kimono. July 27 mr. rob Curtis turns another year older. Want to recent predictable. And gave him out of there and it is beau Jason knows a lot of fun was a really critical Robert as usual stay tuned FaceBook page whom it and then following that July 28 to thirtieth forum in Anderson and to gathering. The gathering connect kit Williams puts all hellacious event. Anderson civics in which is a great facility indoor or indoor outdoor portion of vendors. Put me truckload Rosalie little muscle class cars anything and everything you can think in Anderson. Yeah and I mean this show is just phenomenal Maine like he said it's open anybody you'll see a lot of matrix there just as they you know they like together. But this show is open anybody Amy from you know you're thirty to 4057 Chevrolet. Do you 69 mustang two year you know 2000. Best and slammed down from two points. Twit folks wanna foes now yes took into little toys are small yes toys are small twenties than sentencing it's been. As culture but I mean it is is great shows of name buy cars or motorcycles trucks lifted slammed it no matter they have a low rider bike sure yeah they do. There is just a cool coal oil course dropping winner of either that's agree that's always go all the trouble where trucks there yet so much cool so Smart schools veto yet men and of course us you know aren't happy hour on the inside young all the jams or the weekend well inside and outside we're jam him inside and more will we be the AC but you'll be outside in the heat which used to leaders in front of three commands is a you know gets hot this July. Yes we will go into those rooms when we roll. But man is is agreement guys you definitely don't wanna miss that. Inning coming up after that another another riddler event for harrah's and having errors missed just his birthday. August 4 have to move to the happy birthday she says she's actually sit over here in the stadium just university liar and Algeria. But yes tomorrow lovely wife happy birthday who have to. I guess August 11 we're going we magna eating candy driveway enough sit above that but August 12 were gone bail thrown in Anderson for Cruz and Anderson play sykora. Love love the show great show for even their calls are raising money for a food pantry yet to deliver food pantry. Super cool Shillue. I mean. Dorsey is also sponsors are great people around they like to sit back and Anderson great cruises and this is this is your older of course it was as criminals are small cars and a shows where. You need to be absolutely will Dorsey does a great job organizing this event and it's honor that he tells us helpless to have us and see it foreign. Mom is very event we get to a for the first time last year helpers a ton of money. And that's what it's all about man Mosul it is on the we're doing raffles and Kate go actions summary mail just a cakewalk Dinah it was it was awesome. And I think we yelling at kickoff that built Israel. So you know it's a great time well we're training for two war exactly so it's kind of like training thing Maureen you know out as an achievement in the hearing exactly means. Guys there's a agreement right now any counter August 12 Devlin no on this is always have a great cause. That court's August 20 to wrap among the ball is simply aren't happy organic ruby Tuesday's want to insulin per usual we love and to. I'd like to think so and these cruises with a form once the ruble's causes towards you your story cooled down will be in the evenings is not so. Stone can know exactly guys. By you guys think it is he would pay a little bit of bills and when we come back we'll be talking about where we've been. Who struck our journalists and paparazzi and happier. And Muslim and ultimately it was rough bits and what skilling known dude you schooled that little girl for files and he had indeed. Batman that that's killing me removed. Lucky to be Candace Cameron. That we think. Don't we always I want to say something together when I was about come down to slow down under conservative radio CO2 thirds innings Florida is go well. Right back again your columns and column now some true well that's on now we got callers thought about things like that culture. So what he's. Now that we were on guard Candice and Cameron you know that you know get that out a way where we've in this past week only women everywhere. Well of course but let's name one place in particular. My please euros Manning. And Anderson and they get out of Europe analysts say your streak he's ever Anderson jailed there were rumors that we sunburn on the sun all day just a bit of heat stroke coming up like yeah yeah antennas and doesn't say. They want that really ruin a really cool garage on the TV a background this forces places been around since like the Wii was invented. Movement and quite that old conflict around the fifties has built in this this huge issues neutral repair shop once. But things school is the show is now a caller restoration shop for a and they had to be open masters in commercial earlier rate of the great musical thing that these guys there. That's what true flames films a little odd thing and I managed out of their one gather his little his logo is husky is a husky guy. That is one route good Republican wanted spiky haired guy OK I thought and a news conference AM when you mention that I think has been in the wrong has no problem. No it's almost just it was there. There at all. Then she room getting dad and so I mean is it is the criticism happy hormones have what excellent president we are well then those. Because guess those guests today are what great music great town conscious of that and Oliva and there and it's clear rebuild singularly do just a great great ship. I want well some call us and there. What about that in general being. And the opening scene police car from the TV show series this has are very very cool. I always if you if you watch these hazard at the end of the opening scene in the car makes his job. Radio dot com please torn downtown hazard. The car that certain under the there ma'am there. That car was there at the ship it's a Buick deuce court police corps that is that is awesome man and the sea was signed by many in the cast of muscles are shorter yup James zest and reserve account by ending his time. Rick Hearst and be clear this thing go and so amino schools say the zoo goers together. Those who was really neat I mean I've seen probably a dozen journal is a person that this one. Dismissals of ruling us generally and having the police Carolina was very cool. Yeah sustain that that was awesome mania we talked about generally sometimes performance show. Just such iconic power and actually see one I'm about man this madness and not necessarily men want from the show. I don't know that I like this and it probably wasn't the color of the interior was a hair off from there's a couple of cities but it's still six in the Dodge Charger easily twisted exactly MS is beautiful car and of itself mr. So saying that there was a police car very awesome and anyone on drugs and see some stuff for work not. Like the old Camaro with a twin Turbo Ellison opponent here. Gorgeous gore. -- coming 68 Camaro with a big Blanca or will this order rather twin Turbo yes manager jealous ex boss coming. You know twins are relentless it mostly in there Bill Miller gets really stuff got to fix six nomad mere couple were marvelous and as a couple blow told Politico dot Brothers is definitely won't meg there and it actually do their real world of Vegas together. So coming just tons also stuffed a shot does anything and saw behind panel ruled crown jewels of the Vegas exactly. Just high and stuff so multi piece of really picked up strokes are just gorgeous Aaliyah but they're one of my favorite colors there. But form. Was the gold the pagan Gould 32 Ford truck I'm win this thing is gorgeous and all of appear correct grown over squad wants white boy volunteers and and one of the ladies who has there been striving she was actually working on the tailgate of the stroke or whether it's driving in we'll lose touch this really million that's and I. The shoes and their constructing Italian drug is gorgeous in this program itself was flawless if is beautiful it's a lull that puke operate glamour on book exactly. You know that whole shop that was Cineplex everything you know just flawless I mean just gorgeous as solid a mustang that was on the right there film. I'm in a course perfect. Or Lou as well wasn't perfect they're building it with a look at the gym is so cool is currently approach to living nightmare account to another whole shooting match. And school I you know like rob and our own about it and there the show when you build a car and jiggling their doing their use it everything up exactly you wanna for the call our. Well we have the thing is you actually amount of money to this to this is fringe and then you put two wheels on the junior walks all the wheels in place. And basically build your suspension out to the wheels so to run and hide everything is set. And we must rebuild caller you get the wheels to fit the Kohler. You'd think the caller fit the wheels Davis who authored two. Exactly. You know I was at Penn strapping a lot of of vendors are selling off and stuff the boys from liberty fund does route there. Actually cutting on the site mr. Tom I mean just a lot of great stuff go on and then of course the pent up competition. Which I got hand off to my beautiful wife for taking on third place restaurant congratulations Jessica think he says. She'd a fabulous job her first pennant competition course. And a lot of people there for that there was what fourteen entrance trauma. We'll screw loose this plus also the shop all that and element to say yes this is the which is. The Cisco raises was called all the physical. Bobbled trashing many which irishman if tiger freedom alliance make eye opener for that showed an -- phenomenal job. It should now allow ladies make open their foot nausea actually. Michigan goes on your face your little move now and there's nothing do with this kind of thing is is this young everywhere you think should restriction limits Emeka liberty did it joblessness Iceland and a ghetto shouldn't say give. But a minute it was as a great shows the pit of competition was awesome forcefully he said miss liberty those they're saying on annaly man was they're singing. Everybody did a phenomenal job of course tolerance and happier they're putting on those guys saw the notice until anyone just Diller wanted to. 00 won't ever almost Leo I'm like man because you want him credible edible is to anyone who knows guess. If they knew what they were doing an NB dangers of Dylan and instantly met him. But some noises drew flattery will get you everywhere darling I think I'll have to flatter and who who know Lou well you know when she's married to one half of our library. You can gash you in on everything is. She Catholic thing Kyra that our theme for her dress for this weekend whom. She did. With the theme of the thing the red and black. Would this thing with a theme. As civilian Alec has stuck in matters of their person didn't Lee she. It's been a mystery missile story you can see still it was a story about herself Basra a lot that a little military wants tell me one. Well we don't but the news mixer until momentum on the news tonight there will go as we get some good news stories of juicy ones so you definitely paying on. Yeah we got we to this story well once cancer and we know one real juicy story the woman what is the worlds ago. Yeah ones really really did when I cannot wait to get into it. And I think now we just women on the map with a little delusional ignorant they're doesn't say a word stay two journalists in the hot rods and happy hour. All right guys look like a hot rods that mere hour and what's happened and mr. Rahm hits. Alike when you go mr. Man let's tone can be used as a millennial thing what is the respect them these two. A fellow rather dangerous no respect I was born in like the last five days of the eighties in which means a group in the ninety's I don't mind doing them one meal plan because you normally feel that you aren't real Ahmard Childs like generation and much earlier like no you're not Generation X. files like the 2000 babies and graduated. None other than I graduated in 2000. To designate exactly not 2000. There. I'm all right now I'm one peach cream just sit down and are now ammonium. Sure thing when you animal in your local calls and come down. Does do this for. Look at the coal is older than you he has actually it is easily which is liquor is it that I've accusatory little with film. Points. We've a month with normal stuff. I was like none too heard from them as preacher cute dazzling mourners to. And now child wouldn't talk about news you know subject alright when you first look at the news though we will this sad news. Fizzled as sad news drag racing world for the jurors Rome will further. For everybody the in the NH RA world was shocked Terry Chandler passed away she lost her battle in the brain cancer this past week. Terry was a very important woman in drag race and she actually funded both the course for. Tony Schumacher. And she had a lot to do would make a wish foundation Susan big hill for the all of so is very sad sad loss for NH RA in you know. Blizzard generals will want is people that everybody loves ogata is very low. And I menial increasingly heavier stuff and all that stuff we super super super great lady. I mean it'll tell you something it is and that's a loss for the sport of an all around our hearts go out to home. Absolutely you are today if I'm with a Sam lane you know and of course you know there's the Schumacher family as well as you know. There or journal also well that's that's that's a horse has already knew exactly. I guess let's move on on to less or news or more I don't know what well I think independence got a good and well yeah this is down. Tonka Miller can I get this ultra high. Volvo. You know supposedly. Wanting to go all electric all electric but 2019. It was the first automaker to go from internal combustion. Straight to a lecture. Now are they wanted to do this and just that are car programmer they want to do this with a semi trucks as well it's going to be just callers. This is the thing that's crazy about it. Of all the Sugar Bowl equip its two separate India from an encore. But the thing that's crazy about it it is that you're tell me there were turned her back also that we've been doing for a hundred and two years ago now keep in mind 29 team a sounds like for a future but that's less than two years away exactly there wanted to all Letterman came to mind. In the last five years. Electric cars have Kabul and so what strong and also sold like they're actually they're some YouTube by a model. But you know what I think you know take it often Lehman non union South Carolina and then down the back roads. Down to say the beach going through with my iron cross cross keys no losers down through there I don't think you're going into may electric car plug ends. Well you know like outrage in these things down in utensils do between 300 to 400 miles. On the electric car range and it's great to. But. What do you do when you get that I don't think the power grid is there to support this are really now. Well this is the next problem and you we've talked about this before other analytical cool thing to meet I didn't do I do coming election. I'll look at it like you know it's neat it's an interesting thing. But for his life the carbon footprint global Oldman you know left it does nothing for it. Until you know we figure out ways to channel the power from rain moves and you know Colin Forbes. It's not gonna be possible for electric car to be calling. On Google look a little sicker and as a doesn't want to also a million times. Right here and go South Carolina you know world power control unit we get a little bit from from from the you know from the water names and things like that. And a whole bunch of coal burning power station. Well I mean even the good handling Marcelo in and say you know and nuclear power plant. Well actually this program that's not exactly clean energy. Well I mean it's clean. Ish. Loan is nothing spilled over its own capture a chairs don't get an army of about him as dangerous stuff here when you make in power not. Oh you got your split and Adams exactly. Exactly almost almost like the split and Adams knows at domes at Tom's. But she's getting at the ministry is definitely tell it kills it is which of course and it got to think about making these things that he's live that's batteries most of your router and with the caller. It's not exactly. You know it's not like that clean of of the. You know in any talk about longevity. Of a of electric caller. You know it's like a Prius what he others Barry's was a wrestling eight years or something on that someone there. And and then it's like 8000 dollar replace found these launcher bell these lithium matters remain. And well that is an all male oriented you better look real exactly I mean. I don't know I just don't see this being a you know. I would like to think in the you know big metropolitan areas you know Atlanta Charlotte. New York LA San Francisco. Austin and Nelson's record Dawson you they have called charging stations that are exactly and I think the bigger metropolitan areas I think invigorate I think is you know. I think LA. You know I think you'd be great if half the people in LA drove electric car. I think it Andre directly drop the carbon footprint there and that is an rivers who will just get space shuttles to gulf peace team that. But I mean you know the small problems down on the let's just assume man I think electric cars we re together the domain you know when you live on the country and you know. This Al did this I was down and now Mississippi down toward Tenneco a few years back. I was a hundred no matter. It was our if you wanted to Wal-Mart is an hour if you wanted to of the gas station I don't think electric car has placed them there it's just me. Won't you stitch of course planned over the future of view gotten. But I mean these easy lumps and there's still places like day in America that it takes you a couple of hours ago anywhere. So is electric car really believe is just like real patriot in America exactly well and was just the fourth just last week. Yeah filled patriotic film opened drugs still manhole was a rumor careless lucky to get real excited and exactly. But I just I don't feel like. Who we're at a point where we as a country can stand alone now lecture course it's a really don't feel that way. Totally old days into the bush is here to stay Alia. But electric cars they're novelty right now. Yeah super rich you two missiles coming out more than affordable electric there's like thirty for a thousand dollars. Is there affordable electric collar or any scars are affordable you can buy you know what's the other Chevrolet Volt. This 46000 dollars I understand that but you know you can you do you go rebates all awful let's deal you can go under I ignored only 6000 dollars for more fun Honda Civic. That runs old batteries. And you know then you look at the utility of the of the situation. You know I don't think Silverado resuming come and now oil Richard Silverado into all the afforded to lecture ranger. Man oh man yeah most. And a short lived that it you know puzzles. That a golf course Larry I don't really have alleged perjury lose 23 in the and so this. And cultures very automatic I can zero to sixty intentional foot putt. They usually cut payroll I can crawl and beat it cliche what I am saying and the same one time coming electric suburban coming. How long's it going last and within. I'm mainly our U mill will pull years tractor jury not a funny story when we said electric suburban yeah GM came over how we're in suburban convert escalates right. All right. There's a museum. In Tennessee eco store to encourage museum brother Dalembert can win them there all right we'll Dolly Parton. Donna Barton donated her caller to there we can't tools that nobody heard you can lightly funeral Cadillac for the museum. So Ballmer Cadillac Escalade hybrid. And his big hybrid stickers across the bottom of the rockers on it. And letters she sit talking about you know a low Monday Callaway except for some techie stickers downside. There's. A slow so funny the year dot in dot I can I read that and Dolly's voice. But. The five dollar complete non go. But I mean you see what I'm saying I don't think the power grid is there to support the electric car movement. He says his Volvo's going after him in line cinema trial metropolis areas I think they'll be fine. But Armenia and rural rural areas and rule overrule. Rule I can answer that work. I'm a country. You Jarrett being on the country. And I just don't think it's there to support these stories houses don't have power to me period they sent clicking. You know we need some reports even around here that you know basic cable Loney run to. A eking it cable and we ran out let's orient the scared yet so I mean do you really Hologic car. Exactly electric golf courses where problems. That happen at any of them on cast skeptical but I don't on a long day all electric golf carts. A tale of the longer as big of a bill to get open tolerant here to yeah would jump on FaceBook let us know what you think less so you think about the electric car movement all somewhat Obama's trying to do a table will also get some more more media gossip the alias meeting doesn't come amount break here on our runs and happy hour 010630. W all right counsel Greg routes that there are some Robb Pitts. And what's happened in due to. Now we have been talking about juicy God's juicy gossip and I think we've given his story here I think we do have a good story here now. Does it go filled blisters a little background there's been some air quotes you being used here shots fired. From the one and only Richard Rawlings. Toward the one and only Jesse James Marks Jolie Richard Rawlins is talking trash like a rat mum and you know I would think he'd learned his lesson. Now this is a four growing problem you'd think he'd learned his lesson we talk contrast to the boys from a 405. And then have them lane on the smack now moment. You would think you learn but evidently he hasn't well Richard bridges got a problem that is mouth again it'll stop via via I'm. I'd say that these things and only fifteen minutes of fame will alls mine so he's just a scream look at me look at the back. Now Richard Richard is cool guy but he does sometime on them mouth overload as a dale and if you went and science. So let's flash back 2012. Was a year. On during the TV show chopper line vacate the biker build off. Well there at several of these is the last backer bill that he has lunch bucket Billups and want to Obama this against monkey garage when a piceance all wasn't it was. Are counting warns Channel Tunnel as you know calm and just suggest this James and well Jesse James Noah had some before is. Would guess Mikey grudging this somebody else that's maybe there for the with the titles during that time we actually had a big beef with Paul junior and him and Piven singer actually get anybody's yeah. But so during this time there was altercation between just James against McKee your odds you know on hand and families were brought an end to it one sailor is or drawings no match. Anyhow. Also some family issues were brought into the argument and they almost got to fight on stage over the list. This you know this this is the thing Revver so you going devil's advocate here. I'll around this before and I know and I was I don't know how these Discovery Channel producers and writers were. Some of that stuff can be orchestrated. Big can maybe get trashed all the TMC. That's Richard Rollins I think I think this one was a little bit more than orchestrated. I think there's some Truby fear that I'm sure there's a beef there but I think that they magnify it. And what they see they see dollar signs when they see that I'm would you there. I'm way disown this almost looked to have will just say a quote unquote fights on live TV a year is spent. On to is and a host of Mike and bill often call too often calmed down I got a little money on just jitters I am saying and who. But I mean did you know listen I. During all this time during the by the bill of dollars is when Jesse James Love you may remember dropped buffalo and of horse manure. Guess monkey's job. Well and it's you know and this is the thing they're here and now that one I must say is probably a little more orchestrated Allison loses Discovery Channel thing right there I mean. Putting Cahill and maneuver the salutes your words that's that's pretty bad. And I didn't I didn't Richard Rawlings and like don't Pearson and it's great job for supports that. But anyhow this all into it this past week some paparazzi caught a Richard Rawlings actually MLA. And they asked him about the spat between him and Jesse James and Jason. Just James Gist well he's insane name of the season you know that he's just over in Texas trying to be a Texan. The suggests ladies elect LA. So the answer always worried you melodies and bullies organism. Property in his old motorcycle show this make him and oil is a long range yeah embodies that it. Though in an old motorcycle show they know is is a for sale that is been empty for lock. Megan another jab and whisker of shoppers that was his jumpers and you know because it closed by 2010. And then also there in Lansing ways Dylan in he says he's looking for a middle aged. Very wealthy actress. You know his Ahmadinejad when who is looking for well it was my best actress he was make an agenda when. When Sandra Bullock in just James are together so. He was making a jam that says a main. It's just as bad as it is is is drama of this first turned up between and I don't know where it's going I don't know if it's a ratings ploy. A man and Ottawa. It was always a ratings polish television talent words but the next thing you know think about this. As you move perjury Rawlins this boom it's just it's taken this Sunnis mixed and all of legs and blow up. Don't say something here Jesse James gets a really bad rap. Yes and a lot of it is because of Jesse James and a lot of this because of the way discovery actually painted him to be. Yeah now agree without you know they made him out to be some ms. And Salome whatever it registers an order from anybody else. Just James college graduate. Just James was a football standout high school love you don't know that is Sergio and particularly in the of that power. Just Jane report colleagues and he's a talented guy. He's a very talented guy now gripped deliverable to go days. We know when not what they made him out to be now actually you know in this is of immense. Sandra bums just yen from Jesse James banana growing up you know I love West Coast Choppers all monster garage. Mean you know I bought and all that when I was younger but the thing about it is is he you know. He was so humble when he got to start he woods AMA you tell people to army uses to glorified world. Well and this is the thing. He built an empire off of that down. And in TV got a hold lo Pena they took that attitude and it magnified it and then they turned it into that here no that's not here. If you ever tell you what if you wanna see anything truly genuine. Jesse James has a regular FaceBook page just like anybody else obviously he can accept her friend request his resume is silly but it's open to the pop right. His post he touts himself. Another reason unknown it's of another insight to religious James. Is you know we were told by the force called him yeah you know it's a it's a big go form. It looked urge you quarterly tolerance it just gives a mayor. You know you chime in just hear him here and there be income and among thirty to four wanted them. Can you reach of his clothes and things like that he's not that guy. I mean this picture of the discovery and all the stuff that paid him and he's done some things would like TMZ and in all these you know all these you. Those tablets and just. Blown out well leisure and people like kinsey there was looking for story. Well and they make more than me and malveaux in the world economy story when there's not really one there I mean sure. Came and went to Discovery Channel store become rock stars you notice that every caller TV. Do you see teams you follow room Joel or to us. Oh. And from extreme fool you follies and from entering Waldrop an average net but as rock stars. Well you know you EE DA Richard Rollins and when we talked about before Richard Rawlings you know iron Kaufman you know on him big chief for mom with a stereo street L. Arm you know guzzling this is they are in high demand right now I mean. They are discovery has found a niche little market with the stuff and there pull pull them apart I don't want to say something about rich draw this is where he's missing. Richard wrongs can learn more from Jesse James if you just listen instead of roses smell so much about just James has been downward generals have already. Same to me I would wanna bring this is James as part of my shop vote merger on Tuesday or worse for richer Imus and more forum. Sam and bring him in as a part of my jobs just Jay's is more to go on his peak in their local shop on the it's really. Groups and make him call regulator go anywhere from others what it means. And there's ton of people over GOP don't rule but. That being said. Sonoma before just james' lay the ground work. For the totals and Orange County Choppers Heatley the grill work for everybody who built auction Google for any correlation program discovered bluster. He made it happen. Well it's like he says we're talking about this earlier today. Any Rawlings is just borrowing from on Jesse changes playbook that's always do marketing out on everything is and there are still some Gene Simmons who put their names everything. We do you remember was the early two thousands. There was West Coast Choppers land on everything. Anywhere you wing you can find some homeless can shoppers still go there is WCC dot com you can still while West Coast Choppers sneakers. And and in game after the Christmas. All right guys. I think that's all of this juicy news we get for today I think we need to pay some bills and Kendra breaking into the meat of our stories for today all right guys who was two dollars and you know re hearing 1063 W.