Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live Hour 1 7 16 2017

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, July 16th

Rob and Oddrod are live from Ruby Tuesday on Woodruff Road with News and Date of note, what's on TV for Hot Rodding, and Jack Roush and his Hall of Fame Induction. 


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And does little rows of houses Robb Pitts and god. And and a new content you'll live in Ramallah itself today on Tuesday he'll look technical difficulty in elves and Dave Ramsey replaces I'll tell you what's up Dave thumbing wins as we as a straight to sell them what you're delusional stood on our toes here or do financial she'll do hot rods. Well we weren't. Where yeah we're going to have a conversation by amber it's all good Israel with little Melissa things do total Dave Smith. I'm ensuing yellow split up crew are right now as a half of our group just breezy there over averages these are known and now new era here in the studio right of their own studio right were Donald troubles being interviewed just local resources manager don't throw I don't know like deal less visual oriented trump would sit and ray in Israel Donald. A table on rob let's jump right to it I well it's a very very special day for Arabs and happy hours breezes birthday restaurant happy birthday breezy avid buyers today birthday girls and their Holman downforce. Can none in the next owner birthday yeah. Morgan averaged less shame in that is horrible you know it's our tables I've never had been that those and come into. This and coming up July 264 men back to basics of incidents of bill and you're always a fun show hitters Poehler and there's kids missed such gold club to put it together big time. Great meet me 600 colors of course it's a real player or your favorites are yelled food trucks there you know the car limo lieutenant war which by the way. That changed hands so. There's always a fun time getting lower and lower talking about that we were looking for members of our rules that they are total yeah so you only members of a winning harassment and Hillary 350 pounds or more you know. You like callers right. We got a free teacher for you if you come out. To back to basics proposal to award show is because we do we don't like losing. Not I don't do lose in well now I am I'm very dependent your very competitive and we king and Allen and then go to were dragged its draw sparkle again exactly there's going to be flat bills and Bieber takes fun everywhere we'll we'll screen. Skinny jeans just lying on. I guess come up July twice have a very special day our own rob it's his birthday that's right and the myth the legend mr. around himself is getting older little portability a whale of a war commitment and pretty soon now on a beautiful monitors north there for a no wind. Never he never. By Gazprom that weekend were booming hang in now is and we big Romeo and Anderson in a tennis of July 20 and thirtieth from again gathering. The gathering showed Gaza to with a so huge over showed Anderson civics and a few dozen have been down there you really miss not the Sig grieving for caller it's an indoor outdoor noise swami vendors. It's a great advocates for a detailed girls there problem lawyers can be a great show. You can't Williams always does marvelous job Alicia the show and it keeps growing year by year. And meant they would open caller show you have many truckers old school hop around new school hot rods. Everything you can think of low riders Haas and trucks that whatever you can think of there's even golf carts their motorcycles and doesn't matter what it all the muscle is everything everything you can think Taylor Radovan socialism I know summarize them all courtship and they're gone and again this year very very cool very you know relying on car so. Guys he had definitely chickened out coming Alan listen Anderson and the gathering at the civic center. You do not want to miss enough and coming up and after that two very very important day. August 4 mile life just got. Her birthday as Wilbur that you better not forget how Wall Street and I think imitate that weekend off the world to do some them. So you need to yeah I think gaullist harsher stuff I think wages then take off and head for the hills. Willing to look this is the thing immunities and auditor she puts we view all he's station wagon and Dixon had a at a manufactured good woman you I know that we'll both audience. When my blonde socialite. Until you look in big a domino. So coming up after now August 12 Romeo back in a town again occurs and it helped turn Terry well great great cruising for even better Crowe calls Anderson classical article puts on great event artists and they'll patrolled on Anderson rattle constable mark. He's fun. Super your toaster produced show a lot of great callers like cinemanow great calls yet will Dorsey else of that together and and will does a great job variable they held there are some classic car club there while all kinds of things are settled all kinds of stuff. But all the proceeds go to the good neighbor food pantry so it's great I mean it's just it's a great calls a lovely you know we can help Andre calls. He said it a million times now continues say it's awesome that we saw ours something we love and we enjoy doing and were able to help out the same time. There's a main. Already know in the past two years where we're getting close raising 100000 dollars for different then yeah little love there yes it is awesome is also on the hill that we millions to community. So that's great. The following week we're going to be back here ruby Tuesday's August 20 moving back there and joined. Four months mistrial today uses fear this we're all star on us now they are at their ruby Tuesday's alone is producing great mix cars legacy. Industrial right now. You know what weather's great a little clout it's cooled off a little bit there's some gorgeous colors run on the ruby Tuesday's parked on I really hate amiss in the wake of the men were stuck in studio. I'm Manuel. I think we get take a little break pay some bills folk we guess more announcements come up after that be should go to ruby Tuesday's real is not around and happy hour right here 1063. W Lordi. Man rob good wherein you place this thing done other things that we get answers Oreo in the day I don't I think. A tale while back on there that we got some very important. Com and September. 30 and thirty all right doesn't want to little history. Right here motorsports is carriers in the Greenville. The very first though. Or. Deacons beat. Yes there was back in 19711971. Of them really cool you won't think about that this is sick children you know think about all. Haiti's earnhardt's all the drivers do the trick. September 30 were making history in this for an ultra popular Carolina motor for this week. Matter. And I and one and what. Now we've whenever they choose uses acts of his first. The year annual. And witnesses the image you were a lot of things plan lot things and make another. It's going to be all going to be always accurate it is. You know when all you guys helps us keep it bigger and better which she knows the third time and it. In every time in bigger. And with the guys that would plan keep Roland and make games really spectacular. All of these should be privacy report. Also. Was. Well Izturis bills on monsters. Like that well just about where we've been we will break it we have to. Especially in this heat lately you know it will. Well we did legal future what was yesterday. With the mystics yeah and then Leo and globally mostly just very random man and you know that more and more months thanks in my beautiful they light in them there. The words beautiful and urged him to double. This thing is that confidence booster you're welcome thank you. We are aware aware strolled around we went over date is today businesspeople and came back through it's definitely anxious and a picture of Whipple and just sometimes if Europe for the first. You well this the first time again Billups in the corporate for the first for. Yeah so I guess it's on the bright little back story that. Yeah well of it's warm this is its tragedy like cuteness they're McLaughlin. And yes yes there's a lot complaint line now. All seriousness. So with the Disco or others come and help from. There but Manning now if you put together with fish them out drives. Angry angry and will Forrester. And with a moment hey you know engaged. So it was true it would ten miles muffler shot a open matters know Richard. A month of school. They need you appears. Our viewers know Churchill. With Lee and one maybe thank. Over two months thank them take that issue. We know so my wardrobe. Butler survivalist. And rags and engines yeah scene when you leave rag in the engine and wraps around brainy note Hampshire com. They tend to break up or in you know Avery rule cracked secrets and motor. And you know what happened throughout the you know happens. Rules rush you get none actually zero zero's of winning engine has Knoll pressure as beautiful that is. Pairings there there. Crank start grinding enough and well if she is reached it. Oh no that she's back. She's she's. Yeah he's trying. Diesel line exactly bigger and better every time prevent economic well yeah I just spend more money and it gets bigger and better and maybe one day. One day perhaps this week even available drive. Excess water by her about it intimacy and well hopefully the next right there. See this beautiful analysts while like him. The infamous analysts while. We know more about most intimately. Awesome stuff in outlook and other retirement other. So love this place because ever changing. Well there's that was generally the record of course they got the tip your folks' money list along late models and if it's in the of course you that you felt must. But you'll still a classic as against sixty she'll be posting in this -- room like or Cold War. On the day right now that don't will that work to motor majors reliable but they've left. Just on the store. In about a walk out muscling Chapman or live in one with no brainer everything that's the thing of beauty of it took years to keep it weird that we I mean absolutely torched I think it's worth more chances verses actually urged dormitory. Is this so beautiful that ties in what will be tuchman in a little bit. This course is so amazing Soviet was exits. But you know must urgently do Austin so hopefully there's a fox bison an excellent way news is it and paying. And Clinton bear breaks we well and in this school is to a three U two's stuck through to list. But he was prepared for Jerusalem to next year but they would hit it in its rear brakes on the a lot of responsibilities of being built because these throughout the course of how well the high school. Yes but only children overtures English as your razor but it but I don't want to alienate everybody wanted to fox but it was going back that there was that the cool thing we not still want all of them. You know you have to you want my butt into one bit less than a little less that you think Jamaica station wagons. But you know and he's speaking of bomb speaking of doing the coyotes while. It's another thing with core of the work and announced that 98 GG. He's. Which mean they it was a GT currently equipped that force it to them there's nothing wrong with a list of power where. But now let's get that figure out if power in this you know old style most an ashes and award to expect from out there those chasm in the do phenomenal job. On everything that news is so amazing to see it. And I just love it now there allotted to be so so in the coming Allen the go to they're always. Electric project or don't count as well. The duplicate what fifty of their real close together that truck's going to be awesome is still in pieces are now but they can only get the big forefront and opener. Yeah with a group of it from another course we have exit now what was the real bags before there with a yes Amanda bags with twin Turbo caddies and a little preferable frustration and I need to form and we're not mistreated them will be wrapping it. In this game which we grew. Yes it showed in the Arab and have ready from us and we widgets come of that ligament ventured out. It's essential to him is an attempt at a come and it's wrong and excellent there's money must think here today might have been of may affect mostly the first ones land and the dodge group strong forces wannabe or we whether load quarters colors here but. This is the thing about that service with alzheimer's right now all's. Said export orders there or if that's true colors the course of the Ku coach or the classic course. They'll go slogan is so true that runners to lift them this is so cool I'm sure. I'm just keeps in the skewed. Come out this beautiful white count for team on the match point or. We'll vegetables jailed because what we're right they get that in mind but they're Thomas in this thing man keep some Paloma or toward the door sentiment towards no. Under on outward so much about what are every day thoughts and prayers appreciate it and it. Any course you got some eighties beautiful black so robbery here decent trailer. You know took in twenty twos force when force to a four month. My apologies to my phone is about to get right started he's looking Emmys get medieval on right now. If it. Lemon is Horatio and you know we're back here now are these days if you Gazprom about. Comes this program was rumors saying now I mean it's let's hope that with the security here we games and a T shirts great term for everybody. Absolutely. Now we got some we have some news talk about him now. Water cooler in the news what we got a couple things he has the monster of involvement and Kaufman and Jack rational people. They can't let the cat with a beard and I think he asked the camp with a very big beards Meyer they're revered. The so you wanted and a little bit what's going on with the bearded wonder. The bearded warriors go for the Walters that we told about guys you can go back to the story pockets now it is just search. Our area we have. Real cool. We're specialist. But that goes into that we X do deficit talk about the weather problems that guess what in the Mallard golf story that these injuries as well you know there's fun. Back on the guess we're talking about that there are so many speculations that Thomas Dwyer and walked away from cast on it. And I think. I think all our. I think I call I guess and musical stars on injured in I don't think this is on the last Sunday seem on the Discovery Channel or anything like that I think he's going to be. It's only a matter of time I mean if these beekeeper now do things on the New York Post and I mean. We give it tastes. Also it's a small taste these guys like Avery here for a either of them around this stuff before me when they do need to do so that you do some three or four times that you just right for camera. Yeah only all discourage averages races in the name exactly but that's the reality of reality television are really the reality you know it's basically just. Estate estimated this would put it. Among BMW for forty. You look at yeah thing is treason an account like the moves and the what was the weather golf and obviously he's the gamer now. Yemen it was lost regulations that was going on it the truth of the matter you know he's actually start of his own shop. Bark like a fabrication. Well me and the thing is your company is good our parent company or hoard. The builder. In this is the thing when you do things like this you lose hunch that your hobby. You know your view that this club over the world which stay away from we need to do it for years guess what Google story Google using you're gonna lose. Well answers today you know the from a had a guest monkey. Was you know it's a made for TV shows it is a drama based TV shoes a lot of products at lower its record flood teacher shop. We settled goers look it really is that they got the perfect marketing strategy of course all this car as a don't watch exactly you got guesswork Sox owner yeah I guess monkey sucks right now worked at the last refute what they say your product of Wal-Mart has just what happened too much of that. And I. Ghetto and long and now was his jumpers went away after that with those officials so that that when you make Wal-Mart. Told whale they argument Wal-Mart. Dedicate groceries later and he did know that you know. Guess monkey is great job air and was good for it but the problem is. It is a TV shoes my approach is building goers away happens of these TV course and you force run through quick quick. And you lose touch of the you know the labor in the nights where there's Andrew and I think that's worth area and you know you get tired will. With little problem you have with that stuff is when you're doing these types of callers could study them hard to build this car for television it really isn't. Alarming it's a forty footer at best exactly. And you know lot of cars against would do both with our group looking towards me much cooler it was a bit of their group that there are good people do time constraints users a lot of forms it. Because what is that they're making callers for TV show. They're not making callers for people or recourse to show. We've had election season these two are so close and just like you look at the overall course. Meet your personal best course builders Barton and in this country a good move against anyone. But those are overblown growers are non Q whose source. Well I mean he's into that and each one timers don't judge him out or ease him overall. And that's just a prime example we'll this thing this TV talk. That that that that's what he should do at that. I mean yeah there are some great coach a little bit about reverend one the first and they built it to the future Italy for. How awful it made it to go cholera. And airbrushed all the roll them sun Hillary's and that's what we shore partly because they're giving chrome look I don't think seven days. Actually airbrushed approvals underscored that both of your tree coming from or if it's extremely hard which then will it make you right. In that Cold War the public facility Columbus that good guys in this school I mean it McKee sees it that way. Yeah you not like the pants there they built for us Lima. The guess looking Drudge yet it was per unit blamed some of these George Reitman and even assuming it was a little to be desired exactly. But you know moving on with a and he some of them to show up of course our place fabrication plants folk the focus on his long time pass. Early fourth at one under snow and he's currently film a few you know different fabrication levels you know salute Joseph office work and I'm sure. We'll sleaze. Something. Here overthrew him and you have cared about Israel usually heirs to a very cock on him as Gypsies. Yeah estimated that the case unfortunately guest McKee your odds of builds on a place. Casey's itself starters on Japanese and a great job. Casey Matthews don't have to ovals all the main appeal mostly due to. Pressure workers mistress gave him and use it's that you do you use. Sponsor you know there valves or is completely. So it'll fly it over to authorities they have to go ahead of oval weekly TV she thinks he's. World that meets every two weeks you have to spit out bull that was. A fully built or every two weeks now approaching a lot of them don't they have you do you like you know to be continued field where it takes to your two episodes a multitude caller we keep in mind even at that building or from the ground well. That's it's just unbelievable what is that these sort of things like that you have to cut course. Exactly. By its next on the news we get Jack Rauch the cap the Kampman and it's Jack Roush is actually being inducted into the automotive hall of fame which you know once one but we. Well I'm I'm Wyndham. You know. Four's always Jack can remember he is men he says today. Don't fail mentality is an improvement will mean today during those adult film when he came literally or keys that success a success. That is present results. But the refusal the first that a result of. That's a success faith in Jack actually drove the Manchester which is Newt Turkey border and he growth and poverty you know. That's around the World War II era actually it was more war what the stone age and equipment. You know he's all forgotten war it's farmers them on the look back then. I mean that's where he grew up in an even his own father Charlie Rauch fish he struggled as a businessman working and nice and cold delivery. Which I imagine let's just commodity business news in the severe cold delivered via. You don't mean we've you know maestro dolphin related rulers say they just imagine that's you know great arch. New ownership they're well they're too little felt lessons from this that. Absolutely love us that you're only a jet crash that so many things of automotive field of everybody cattle through. But on the ticker of course is Roush mustang is round. If there's or it must. Do it do project or. Chris that CG it was a lot of pleas for very agreeable. He was doing conversions if it is as if you fifties when the moment. You know aggressive and in their view one time that I want to never have left and his father avenue Hammer's family. Hey you know talking about what is true they went to. And he's always want to have enough things going on you know mentioning which he said. And nothing's going on that you would never have to worry about failure I would say it is I think he's not an up or moment. As you know now he's 75 years old and routes legend in the automotive industry. You know he's the chairman of Rush Enterprises. In and go overseas tour Stoner Roush Fenway racing which like decent by knows him. Nosy for. You know and Roush Fenway that one over 400 races CN as the main thoroughfare interest of their brilliant highly aggressive. I mean and ration of processes become major flatter me engineering and product development you know or auto industry with appliances bugle and of course Ford Motor Co. with a Roush mustang. Summing you know Jack's been out there for a long time monkeys that he's involved. On wheel is a big name like these moments several several aspects. My Harley-Davidson just although from what the authorities sort of thing that puzzles with twelve hours forty. Eyes closed or just get back Jack Roush Jack he'll be inducted into the automotive hall of fame. This Thursday July 20 system enough where you gotta be at or object you know at ethnic. Man's always on the reserve. The area that is to say there's a great honor. To have his name in the rates. The industry long dollars. Some days very appreciative of Tina objectionable automate things may get double frenzy and have rushed most things. You know Johnson was it was a beautiful great when that even Simon for a career and that's a cool. Descriptions. She's whether NASCAR should yeah yeah let's give let's put it has accurately. That they would demand will slow let's get into the what we plan on dogma. They won't. Every week we've had to use of support that. So this favored. You missed months. You know telling you have your cake and it is only. Certain. Yeah a lot of things with your built do you build six horsepower four. It's not exactly good street course. It as a rule Rosa Rondo in the most reliable. One of those strange look and but evidently this is mostly he was changed so much laid low and now the colors. So what they've done in the last fifteen years is user CO of these sort of Vietnamese together. They're taking this in his body. And all this late model train they're making their liberal liable Rupert thriving caller. That's I mean virtually made it three. Compared to look old school incorporated. Pot. She could you. So it'll start to argue it are you saying here beside me admitting to Ellis laughing world is better. Not necessarily the content of what do you not think that context. As they allotted here my and I agree TriBeCa telecast analysts often throughout. There's a lot cheaper room of the did you did you thumbing. Their press that months. As well it is as a street your that is you know built to handle today's world you know built to drive them daily basis. Well let me it is built go it's very very very very popular. But before we get to you for what we need to describe exactly what is the rest of about ten or fifteen years ago exit the rest of my team we mystery game no Palestinian story. Or don't stroll well that's important Hilton wants him out though oil fell to big thing but another thing that was really big war that was you sort of have a lot of people will be virtually every hot rod is technically at risk because you've driven interchangeable parts. The big thing now is used in the view reports. Well. For example like street. You know you get your thirties and forties or keep them you know a night when I had my third twofold. For a hundred mile trip play pro cross country ride we're on now the go out and also whether you're fortunate. But he drove it into California he literally drove it across the country yet I drove across the country which is unheard of in 1930. So I mean that's what I was very very exciting. So on technicality. I'm technicality. A technicality. My wagon would BA ressam the privilege. See your main Neville to build something cool ground. I was able for the raptors we'll. I'm all right let's say you guys we pay some bills bullet is still stick rail on this hot rods and our 1063 WORD.