Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live 9 24 2017 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, September 24th

Hot Rods and Happy Hour News, an interesting garage for a car collector, and awesome band vehicles on a budget.


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Gals looking back on Rosen have been our garage but let's don't own due to. We're at a rock and rule smaller and you just told me done with a blank country. I don't make it any better times if I guess we're only got rocks. Hurricane Harvey relief. Don't mess with Texas accident that we get us but we got bay and for days in there with eleven mum and eleven of them play a lot of Marion eleven. Love little drizzle a lot of these real lot of good stuff going on a two under a cumulative written down or you will cheat sheet over there are calling it. I want to hazel Steve doors is the main health problem with a closer view we've done wolves. Steve is a great guys and they super good driver yeah I actually look forward to talk him out and am again featured in he's deadly that we don't do that and I'm sure you. I'm Manuel. As per usual little bit later let's talk about where we man of course last week where average is these days review online I think there are great time. You know I think now abated and mention what we talked about. After the shows that looser Agnes. I this. That was going to be our last recorders show her last live show ruby Tuesdays and this month filling out of it than a minute. Will be our last. Show at ruby Tuesday's premiere last routes that you know crew isn't exactly but we'll get the day here in his feet. I just lawlessness and bigger better things to little exact Louis that I hear in listening. So yesterday. You I don't know what you done. I'm just I'm here would you be resilient enough and it. I was later I was let go boom equipment. Well my wife and I we went and Lawrence's view on this now he has station for a minute come additional crews and and a great time in (%expletive) out of him only once when third place in the to woo woo mrs. wrote herself a threat. We had a great time down there again as if you've never been down warrants of in the style of station. It is awesome it's just sit there on the sun rose this lovely old couple known. And they've opened it up to any cars the easiest commodity pitchers with a is this such awesome location. It was really cool love my first time on them there. It was really cool and eminence in some good friends of weakness in world of course miss liberty nose down there but on the pennant competitions singing if you numbers. You know classic 405060. Some music. Doing awesome job well we use it rates and others very very cool guys we've seen who is neck of the woods is different rules chicken you know now absolutely. I guess now a shift gears and you know of those where we've been let's talk about where we're going. So first of all next weekend. Monumental day September 30 Carolina motor for us from Cuba Caroline the coaches it was the case with gays. Budapest this shows is Laura baby with a radio station in his turn into a monster this shows but no witnesses this historic group speedway. The cigarette Lou we've got some of the issue goes through states. We've got sloppy we've got vendors there and we've got some Verizon's. Was over responsive guys that we don't illness. And yet you know when Tom was issue every week literally. And Bryant well this guys this is it is CN this the third born. And it just keeps getting bigger and better every time and I look forward to keep on growing this monster. We have such a good time was this you know every year's something else then on to another sponsorship of the bag and makes it even better. And we get to deal and funds and making in doable you guys and I love. I absolutely love this event. We have this great show it is right here in Rome today I'll take minute that this is our own affair we illicit this year Lou. Could you convict a better location for me or loses to a group that dispute that's a nor'easter that's our that's our shoulders anyway the Zora went. That's or true Akron and then of course there'd be we've got some of the there's been newsroom with the field wheelers what is going on we got food we've got great news in a future of wars them. A plumes that we get every single molecule in Memphis this year. You know and of course you know sort of oneness history. In game planning other guys from the radio as stations are sisters stations many 33. Rough one on one always as hand me down there. You meet them hang now have a good time at all. But there are like me the radio station guys and most of your little finger salute to his room that right and Aminu is like earlier you know it was the time that was Illinois doesn't want a winner in this is dozens wound. And who does the it was a little different reaction from what I have those rules you. That that worries me older your cool if that's not a I guess coming up after that October 15 I guess that is going to be our last cruise. For our roads that we are rooted these days. Are less truth in general as we're shifting years. In our careers and we're looking do bigger and better things and bring bigger and better things to you. And it's just taken away from what we can offer with a seven to be tied down to this once a month. So we're playing in a display and lets you know were playing and doing web series you know online TV Shiv. And really bring out there and spotlight the course right here in the upstate is showcase relatives say is all about him of world. And you know along with all kinds different great things and you know some behind the scenes of what rob and I do. You know throughout the week throughout our normal lives if you go get seated behind the scenes of what we're about. We'll let you also get just a whole other perspective yes or shoe world in the southeast in southeast which I think is sadly neglected oftentimes by you know. I won't name names but he can't discovery. I don't think they really showcase the southeast once about their own on the West Coast woman say these kids got a lot to offer. And you know just like we said when we start this radio show. We wanna showcase what these kids sold out in this just another way of doing that in another thing to bring re here to the upstate to Lawler. You know our good friends. Our wants and listeners don't want statements are good friends. We're doing this for you guys Ezra. So that will be are blasters and will have a lot of fun there though were not so one down sung. We'll go to school miracle lingers in Gaza is that you'll address the Kabul now we will see is well accustomed to was going to be a great yeah we're gonna get out run the dress I just got to leave them. Alma Malia UB moved here to let him out of the ring master in the circus. Will say that the but you know we won't be doing the radio show live from there because we wanna have time hanging out with the guys one last time. Well it was so wanna focus on the rail system absolutely Stewart were slamming in this big demonstrable. It's October 15 that Sunday. From five to nine write that down not wanna miss that. You know let the third and as we saw him out of that reality exactly 1113 Woodruff road Greenville south Carolina's the only place to be. Answer I can love after that October 24 hours were worked on me down Lorenz a high school for the into faith or show. Do it goes these great shoes great calls these losers raising money for you what's good about school that they. Is a great commercial there's a lot of scorers in the studios or this this is issue dropped him reading either to what he meant to greet Leah. Every great show great obviously no one's perfect opportunity shortly there after swingman notes of explanation for us exactly means OT once but it really Q2 birds one stone or get directly to lieu. We get some good pictures when you're doing. It in outlook for the show will need to do warrants and off. Very rarely do we get two points. You know it's funny man Mahler to talk about that last time I actually went awards from yesterday. Was back when I am I 63 bills player we will win them 20 wavered through torture of reason and missiles at that that's a cool places there's a lot of you have to constantly yeah. Eighteen some. Market fund differently. But mobile. Around incidents as the first time I met him was also lifers really you're talking about you know only six years 67 years yet. There you that's crazy well back in 09 then and I. That's the first Obama him. It just good times. Good sounds good to sources that we appreciate you we will check it absolutely. I'm an hour along October 31 of November 3 we're going to be gown was on the big bird and will beautiful Las Vegas you've. Rules incident goes will be in seem all weeklong guess what we're taking you live as the Houston to an all or social media pages is strictly his book. We will definitely definitely definitely given the seamless experience first opinion front and center maybe in the anomaly night shenanigans and natural you know Samar in the bush lords. So we hear story was similar to get a headache already. A app after app. It's always get time Xena. And it shows so much fun for us the bill would there is this such an awesome opportunity ability to that. But again it's like you know what we're trying to do for you guys would bring some much video of the TV showed Milliken and out. We did that for you guys to bring you that experience EU minus necessarily idiot. What they would experience we need to give them within a few more radio show we need some money first we go play these commercials hi guys who has not rods and happy hour right here 1063. Of the lord be. Just bite hot rods and appearances throughout its conviction and rocks very agreeable silicon rod would still there but while we're here man we're here for the hurricane Harvey relief fund on end Texas of these guys out. You know as we talked earlier in this to all this devastation they've faced them. Well on record the worst hurricane ever hit Texas. Cause you know monumental amounts of damage this upwards of 200 billion dollars and this is estimated yes right now but I mean. Is it's been unreal and of course you know Herman pounding. The southeast you know him thwarting hidden near Charleston just there in the southeast when you deal with the hear from you now. So deadly don't want to get about the impact in the southeast but it. Right now we're focusing you know on taxes because there's still facing. Coming Laporte forty caning get back to ias soon. Right now our focus now Harvey were mounting this once definite time. You know get through army in the long term interest there I'm sure. That would definitely help them forever it would do all we can write in upstate absolutely. So picking up where we're left off the course November 11 and we're done malware on the in the next. Next little bit here for throughout the remainder of the year November 11 we have a Sima. We're going to a commerce straggler. But live right here commerce Georgia you know of Engle another five years and I messed that up still of this thing. Who will lead on their fitness and job now and one Joan and ruined roads to will be down their for the southern super heavy shootouts. Doesn't want to insult that this is like fat kid care for the guard guys at 4000 pounds of callers this for a you get through it analysis is you're Greece's tumor removed on version ground it's. Any thing called husband and human mostly those newcomers doesn't gel together as good as well you heavyweights in the oh speak your pony cars are about turn in hippos are determined to kill callers illness. He's so you are fat kids the Edison you warm welcome to subsequently issued. And now here's the beautiful thing in your car is a little thing is just like at that 3950 mark. Guess what this wait is going to Golden Corral in the Nixon business there is. This way is made with drivers so all you do this it and that card guess would you make the wait until you guys leave the room on run out for way is an asset at. We need we need gas money were renowned writer for weigh in office announced that really shoot I Helmand itself works the scales are immature acts. We'll which the a solar panels and on this whole little side and you know hot rod career will Hoffmann from for rent smooth movement and we need to get we need your mind me. And at. As you may get done is always a gracious as always here of course scholarship going on and of course drag race in the bracket racing of course run which you've grown. For the King of the Hill award. And last year and I some analysis of the home and you know he's he's meant them don't quite some time well known and an articulate lesser tennis and one. Sent let your car went straight here to lose and they're living in a mean what is it they're lethal McDonald's yes. So lets you test the one I'm pretty sure he'll be back. The time before that analysis one recruit to sabotage and others like him. At Embry juries or analogies before in the today. This room you know may be over in Rome torture will. Let's move through this equipment that the hi guys moving along after that November 18 is going to be fifteenth anniversary or Christmas for its. As I mean Concord feel. Concord, North Carolina. And it hindered someplace. That is always separated then that's another event and went two for many years now great show. Great calls and we'll Jason yes. Just beat them in groups motor sports is just cool himself he opens doors all the ratio she could do walking through the workings of the Charlotte. You could see a lot of really cool stuff or to help grow six to 800. Show callers Alia easily you know every year this year gets bigger and bigger and you know Devin Moore and Ali dazzled Carolina GM association. They do such a great job. Trying to make the show bigger and better and raise even more money for the runners hospital every year. And they do a fabulous job with it and I'm just so thankfully it was called and asked this to be a part of it as soon as it is for one's honor for us the for too you know we love nothing more than raise money for good cause in what is a better because then you know the charge kids. They do so much for the future of this country as far as kids if you you know kids are featured his own future hot running a you know miles yes we've been there for swim more. This really drag boats and comfort zone. But oh well we'll look at the shows she's so much going on is just a great Kosher meat which could ratios. For the and they have a live auction run the whole site. That is so what's the latest in the race and remove billions all coast donated to a semi like really big items guys. The witnesses they go to the every dollar there's insurers honest about two or three years ago. And future is enough that's it from the side the entire side of one problem onto his or her. Actually I still have this one. Not one Republican couldn't do him mega. Material their legacy the word got drugs and we may have felt that he's already settlement. And in Miami one or two and the button to Clinton and I may have been ordered to. If you can end here you can have more to words recovery whatever. Periphery of the motive for the drinker or that at a at a nine as move along December 2 roaming over at home to motorsports again raising money for kids. You know this is as always for those exposed drivers is their second annual one. And well you know when are really after the money we're after is always the sun. Mr. books or resources she calls me issues and you agree to a because of the really cool because it feels army chorus last year as filled up they Corvette hey you know receive Corvette and NATO force in Camaro. Slam forward to always had to have a bank catches humbled them open. Because of all the poison remains goers that's also Alexis always great shoot we're sure of tolerance and our crew pompano. This two newsroom we had a lion dance and last year. Now what color wind at their broad and it's. Yeah go to the brakes on the ticket that's for sure. This is the man is immigration. Of course you know Ashton as she does all the work put this together. And last year was the first one and it was amazing I can't wait did issue again we had so much fun than it. Everybody angry I'm a racing to enjoy themselves and plus your real popular sports you know with a off. So that's the cool thing oversee. You know I hate to break traction we're talking about here. This isn't it looks like a was but when we who. Yeah we'll skate board it was just look at you know circle this date or put together we'll turn that with a seven year old little Lou like good partner I ever heard of Tom walking in this his belt since they'll run real and we that we history of patrolling it puts them on. But as night through December 2 overhaul to merge or you know woman's issue it's great time and plus it's horsepower for days here at home motorsports. It wouldn't. What are some of these deals or who lives experts to review these guys who will salute with everything with your can Wear those school results these people would you give we will soon absolutely. Image is always a great time and I love doing Leach's Easter Easter Jesus. You know we've said before that's what got us into this map exactly I mean this is what started listening to them horses whose calls being able to take. Or hobby or passion. And spinach and still have fun. Yeah give back to you know those who need it the most. What better ways to raise money raise awareness you know over race toys for children you know army as a all for wrinkles speaker arrays and those guys we get these commercials come on up. Stay dude you've got more hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 WORD. I again as welcome back to hot rods and have a Ahram on drug Tamara is the lovely round that scenario would. Ward we only locally numbers don't get me wrong. Nobody loves me more than me I'll promise. And not really weird to rub out when you do things like that. And I noticed on third person that he's just say now so I'm looking to repeat. Reverse a built in neutral and don't straighten the injured injured digit. Does word got wrong tourism and for vehicles we got a little rough grow only ward we'll use looking at skateboard thing. The old days of complete with headlights Dylan's my good luck and Ellis this thing is what the resolution just check this does. And she about that into just about. Like this it says don't go and watch those try to do radio than watch things like this is just sort of nearly eleven billion splintered. Absolutely I guess a little bit in the news actions to several months that we report about John injury and how he's facing. If I would stage four colon cancer well just a little uplifting news with this John received news that come both his spleen angle wonder with cancer for reasons period. Omni studio battling left to do you know like chemo treatments left foot. Things you look in a Foreign Ministry and decisions we will just think about are calling this week is it just view this period triple cancer due to let citizens community does address Steve Torrence that a major now an early age with cancer soon. You know in a pretty rough when the nuts and and cancers not Rafa. You know Steve Steve photo pretty tough battle and he came through just fine too soon you know our prayers and thoughts go to John injury it is people's through an. Continues. Do some great racing we. I guess moonlight real long shift in some years probably one of the coolest stories. Rather personal interest stories. That I've ever been able we've ever been able to report on mom. Think about this I think most of us if we're honest solar cells would say we have an autumn a problem. And automotive problem I assure you I've grown and automotive problem and an addiction to automotive things. You know go that or you know I can or back when I was in high school having. Bonds in a police have wheels and tires. In my bedroom most of the south and of the small bush of lying in my bedroom. Countless other sports. Com I think of these problems schools which even harder on magazines my locker in my school who could affect the hey you know yeah I had them from two lucky you look through my book bag and there was like you know it'll three ring binder. And and those hot rod magazine after hot rod magazine if not magazine. And if you're lucky homework might be shoved in their somewhere maybe maybe. You know in this proms never stopped there was a time. Bomb Douglas don't want to deal with me when we first and Mary were living and apartment or dining room stayed most of time. Filled with carpal. Been there if you're an that the so give us this fits the role in mistress number two that was always been from well you've had a court may in your and if you study group of political legitimate pigeon he hits the so needless to say you know I'm definitely face this problem. Com but there is one guy in particularly. That has one of all of us I believe he really loves guilty even now there's a for a clip too or Sonoma basement right now. And so that scared me to be bottomless. But you know for some of us the thoughts of building a bigger runs is something we dream of view and talk about your recently you know with. You're advancing an expansion of hot rods parliament building roads and that's plantation. But for this guy drug wouldn't cut it. This legend when the ball and old Wal-Mart. To house his automotive collection OK so when we get this straight he called Wally world. He bought it is normal two yes next mall more unused Moammar. To house his Alderman pretty good job and after you won't ports. I don't know whether to one and Nina and I do this or Wal-Mart that won't or they still won't want to Wal-Mart this guy literally. On an old one more townhouses or platoon because his 40000. Square foot. Storage building wasn't cutting it anymore. That's for 40000 square foot just wouldn't go 40000. Square foot when do anymore. The review realist 40000 square feet. I'm I don't average homes about eighteen minutes we've yes forty. Thousands who were tokens over one million homes and their blue laws in this nominal figure 25. Average house's. And it it handles his garage now. Now please keep in mind when you have 200 in 25. Powers to be exact heroes there's there's certain details are doing to him to a of course in the yeah. In the US. Yeah. So 202. Point five powers. That's probably like some of those merchandise anyone marks ever held within them to this Pronger is most valuable or he lives through. I would. When you tune of one or heroic stories like comb through the sinner but at the let's face legal market they wish you were gore read an older model no way in at a we're geeky drew again though it's over their ballot from Missouri. And we keep you mobile ordering frozen foods. Well this guys. Mostly GM guy he has one of evercore miss many from 1954 to 75. You know much of big empowers you Samir bigger older Gian callers a lot of rest and Monty really loves those. Two core C really through other than like was it a 34 and a 35 Chevrolet really cared a lot about this for hours. On you know much older drugs often different GMs but his big thing is we want to preserve the whole hours because you know. He's saying is in it and nail these kids you know tinian these. In new commandos knew most things new challengers chargers. No listen and kids of today or really appreciating the U cores and he wants to preserve that we've got a thing where these scores came from where wasn't missile which counters and most analysts at least there's been there for you fusion ticket oh absolutely and I mean you think about the past as little these pillars. You what mean absolutely. So only scores are actually Kim proved worthy. Mom and ready to be driven and moment's notice. And and the desperate as the elections open to the public he's actually openness collection of sneaking him I'm look at these currencies appreciate. You know that's cool what hands. And what he's you know can restore and maintain. Preserved in really a part of American history we as a big piece of American history good thing about his coach little wheels were able to. So I'm I think it's absolutely awesome. You know it is a stepped up analysts just think there's such an awesome story. There's someone out there doing this kind of stuff which you are good but if and a severe built Tennessee. We'll hear. Floyd Gary he's got nice bullets into him in these kind of done the same thing. Yeah some quarters Mosul where they're most of course that you have never even seen before commendation just all that stuff. You know he hasn't he hasn't reached the X Wal-Mart status here but nobody's didn't cause the disease know dangerously close. He does like food here we've got them to be built there which I mean anybody can for eleven dollars and go to around this facility. And you see some of the most amazing goers into some great signing thome he's just got great memorabilia signature of land land around. But just gets you know in his halo storefront that we can buy different things that were a little more gears sit on the calendar this man is a core guy. I don't flawed here at all they have I usually do a good quality as a rebellious Leyland told dealers and without down. But I mean some amazing sources guy you know. He's got some of the bigger policies from the rare ones and big book goers. You know again as Corbett collection jewels of those yes. That merode this over marrow so that the only corner. Is deadly. It was a real one little report warns that yes just gorgeous things like that I mean. We'll think about all the courses has its liberties a really low blow. Little roots Bristol throat wouldn't go or just he's got a couple leaving pillars and they uses super burger it was a wolf we're forced me to. He has them or just causes a lot of really killer forces are also. Yes there. It no one probably the coolest of these guys is he as the two callers use in the movement points of the ship our. And the core they actually ran through the original that was so we are about 71 children yet. And very cool very cool callers in the as both them from the the movie Goer the one. That they built filming out of state queen in the thing and one actually it loves them work welcome bill. The editing clean it up by no means loser but unease is also in the there's actually people out there that have restored and maintained these pieces absent history. You know movie history. It's nice little motorcycle fired over here. Interrupting me but you know what puzzles this horsepower and some wheels up thank you we'll today yeah sounds good to. Of course we have this one will love car here. About the fallout from us and facilities counselors library. Guys here and I'm down here got rocks you're missing out a million fans are fired it's sending. I mean here planned. My ear and you guys getting here in the background. His kids enemies if you country music. And you know for a great cause I don't know why you're not out here and there were in this against them and implement rocks will be well rock until late tonight. So let's shift gears Majorly. We will we get a little game coming up we'll businessmen say. But they would guys who were sitting here we go all these days you go smaller but it's it's a live on rob we'll play or create this challenge. Let's say you're open government brutal affirmed the perfect. Day and vehicle on a budget. All of budget us. This definitely going to be alone we always have a lot of gloom of this when we lucrative incredulous reasons will be posted to the blues in connection chick about yourself. Yeah is cumulative we've we must search phrase goes high and lows and now what we would say. If we're going on the ultimate band experience you know cross country. We as a murderer we do to influence and salute to guys you're going slates in for the last segment coming up shortly. You're not going on this this is human a lot of fun. That is so when we had never in this what's. Since commercials again. Every tune again and again really. We do told these guys you know and it took them this our guys Jerusalem tolerance and happy hour right here on 1063 W or. It does look a little hot rods had you know some rough this rather it was amended in his little for Craig's list challenged. We'll bring you down he goes through quake is the game you know around what would we look so different snooze you chose and find the perfect color the budget. Pia furcal and we're here got rocks while I'm right now for a great calls that they would don't mess with Texas and reason whatever in her relief. As an out run the bulls player great this game was there so brutal on the also banned vehicles. That's that's up all your equipment being glory and all your different gigs but you've got a thirty. All England stuck is on the budget this time it. You know again keep it interesting. Continuous public room Israel Maluku Craig's list does. A fluke a 1992. GMC Bender explorer series conversion. Notice those qualifications and Maine now. Who doesn't qualifications it's got to meet. Nokia below is Lynch's to a reported 2000 miles on that we move if you throttle body engine includes a sloping as she's been our goal she's still running good seats though with a little technology in there on the luge a little credit. But she does that give teachers an eight fold Al queens as bigoted as TV a dvd player agents EV DO gaming system. I'm always scared you know what kind it is but it does yeah Atari don't count but keep the bonuses you know full size truck basically innocents who can import through with a it is O six people in this thing. Yeah so and on run and help others live for 3000 dollars we got a little money in the bank. And I am that. So. 3500 dollars a match them budget on this one. You would not believe what I found and I found a gym in Atlanta extra 3500 dollars this might actually be on drugs grudge. Right now. A 1991. Moment. Those mobile custom cruiser that's right feels no other station wagon now everybody says you want I would freeze wagon out of Buick road master. The Oldsmobile custom incurs no holy Grail well yeah clearly station wagons absolutely no remedies now anyone amended to. This beautiful because nobody warned India and eight easy. These beautiful GM's. Only came out of two years beautiful June seals those sneakers or was really cool if you take the CU as soft some. In mutate the or off cruiser and Yemen any one time groups. Only you wrote it only. Let's say you look as sudden and those who know what would go to do with this crohn's legislation weigh in I mean this the rock and roll whereas at a daycare. Well I mean does the rest for your resume car maker known airline in new tires. On the rear and front tires are in good shape and you know they're 500 orbits offer anyone has a 140000. Miles on the feel injection ish for fifty. Well I mean obviously you got a nine passengers station nine pastor station going in the minute. He told the vaccines now. You before right pieces I was in the back on will hold with a note speakers motor homes and are we always a third row will need a third rose that we can still get all she figures and drums and that and seek six. It's so blue gum a nutty Fujian Evander explore series conversion when you get to know anyone who's built custom cruiser. Or Tom Cruise is volatile time. And look Colin band equipment. These things are really neck in neck got to think about it actually only a dozen groups are in the Linder of removal I have done generally GM just. Well maybe that the single the wheels will swap between the two. A lot of things like flights is nobody was doing and basically they're paler than even told capacities he remotely close links which is nuts book. The Brady Bill Walker to cover in do you have higher store shelves because of tall vehicle. If you will just cozy du -- our own money went on records did you religious well at at at at. Mixed up you know what we hear all the roads and those illustration caller. Incursions station wagon I slippers visually it's not that that yellow homeless people have at this is the thing around. Around around this is like Georgia wrote treasure conversion and we got mood lie it's like mean old selves. That's scary you can watch TV in this as sounds like homeless guy is living in it. No known. Is this the vendor of the class this is vacation with the family. Now touring the country rock and small things. With class even as some really close to stuffed inside. A mine is a balloon went to town. The flu in humans go boots. Among by its okay let's look about him who. That's building with a zero pretty neck and neck his bruises on the view is that the trident drew GM's moblog in both these guys were both GM goes with it a few goat that we do have withdrew its mobile and both and you know there really are dependable vehicles and they drive through. Now on one hand. You guys. 240000. Moms vs the a 140000. Miles. And again when a little bit the dependability department filled in ovals maintained it yes you do some warmest if you want Mosul. Notably ugly little work. In all around and can time the air dependable mothers so what's next. Maintenance. This is what you got me does that. We're irrelevant in this little clothing that motors is notably over the doses lawyers custom cruiser you're live in the mood for people in there you know remove your center console to get to the to the engine. Which is no fun. CN change your radiators become. Four hour job where. Words from mainland of Boardman job creators of that evidence for the tuna would be a nightmare yeah. And as easier to give you distributor cap it is you can actually just I'm going to. That a the owner of the third elevenths employees going down and grabbed the sugar in the bone and it you're border do bells miles you may be doing that at the incidentally deadly in Maine is the farm everything is covered in a land. Everything is that pain in the butt working on the wagon for sure takes on the winner as far as maintenance guys those things you know about creature comforts. I think you pretty neck and neck they're too. Neck and it had to walk around and ovarian well I mean you know work them out like on the TV a low blow my Nintendo sixty forward you know you don't probably been playing Tori. You know it's got a game in system. OK Lola. But as usual and you've got entertainment. Lou like you've got its hand in hand when near the main here's the speedier Tammy you know worried about it and you know you'll play in all. A and this is my thing I think this is going to be the war was going to drive it home. I really think this was also moving. You know what you're gonna buy it every woman loans to report that you did groupies you really will bring a group B back to a book movies and welcome back to the station would want jazz Amazon wrote she said remain anonymous. She comes back to the station blame all the time. So scared since. There's like albino boy is she still comes back as like old to release of the room and never lose that woman can't just pull it out and rare breed the rarer than a custom cruiser I assure you. I mean you know Norris I am of an Emmy for free candy nuns thing though this is the conversion and I think he's over sixty minutes. The aluminum wheels and this is clueless what a good idea. Oregon steel wheels with the caps. And move in where they thought he hearings the other dozen years a ministry classic in the blue to match Obama or some announcements of he got a cute soon as custom cruiser and it had been the front and I'm noticing you. And look this guy this guy are a malignant Craig's list that are next is great this as such a lagging guy. There this is like in 91 on the court wagon in the Bagram. I mean as these are writing that's dedication to the wagon all to itself diseases sure you secure individuals we fumbled the way it just a he has a problems what it is now move someone is by the selling them organize our hunt and 40000 miles there 500 dollars per gigabyte crush anything that's really ZAC. May trade. Some island among analysis of on our FaceBook pages is this is a worthy one. Of going to look at this I think this is your man curry you vendor is the ultimate in cool Europeans let me know what beta with more than. It got to rooms they invade and who you know most man's looking at a man like. 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