Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, August 6th



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I got my dollar us in after hours Robb Pitts. Rod what's happened and do. Residents mummy color special yes okay so we make history book does is of those long commercial break like I got bored I will tell you saw those twelve month films like it was a scenario and they had jaw and face full it is a good news thus have winner. Now I must and that should do and we really need tops the yeah yeah we do need is okay and his new stationery I forgive me anyhow sort of mucks up ten mum rides can build by Edmonds. And hinges Edmonds Clemens dot com we have Missouri they really 400 years they really United Nations you will they do but they only have one to go with dot com they don't come out there Edmunds dot com. An answer we got through our to the first five salami recheck the list. Coming in number tense I was about low exe sixty which soaked. Eminem number nine was the Volvo Jetta sport wagon diesel was actually the vols why did you know while about to hand it actually sucks. And recommend number eight was the Tesla model S sedan which was a little bit cooler with still sucks. And then was the Porsche con game condom were not going to Wear this is a Porsche car and that's his senate work for some reason with the porch pepper. And it also sucks Kansas coleslaw more. And they demand the number six I was the Mercedes mini class wagon look at cooler. Did was no evidence that was bad so is that the number five spot missile and I think actually don't suck if you can afford to keep it going. It is a Land Rover Range Rover sport. Now these are very very very hot vehicles and there supercharged nail polish to the match. X 510. Horsepower factory era suspension publish huge. Rover for me and I'm a real another problematic in near their church the your matters a lot all right Ryan I have a good to level and how low these cars that are not to have them fancy renders the sham owner and 30000 orange or no I had to I had a huge save me a thousand or if you slurs in your 160 for the auto biography addition -- -- glove leather interior levee and they're there they're cold vehicles and got mud this for days and what I never give an Obama rover you know there were explaining them to that you're let me explain this let me explain the Rwandan livid usual picture. I know you you got robbed. Google will in my Chevrolet Silverado. Obama era Rome huh decor so you walk in and there's a big shot and Land Rover dealership back a little waltzes. We didn't sold out to build the world's least expensive for drugs we built the best. That's when you know with your pinky are you say that that's when you know you're in the wrong place here really he and and the various schools like it's got buttons on it like it's got to button. That drops back in and raises the thrown in for when you're coming down off an incline are okay because you know ended up there actually water tight to the molding salt. So you're filming I won't travel 130000. Dollar car in water four foot deep well you know that was the beautiful thing you know OK so the ranger rover sport here 130000 dollars should be supercharged. Global blogs and drove to school crap all right these people all go to build more. And take them off running and the Range Rover car didn't Seattle they have of this for these things how about no. This crazy you know my dear all routing of the Land Rover is like accidentally hit a grass moving occurred downtown parking that's my idea of all protein that's extreme offered him how to put in order to him maybe hit my little draw but the guy told me about yeah. Yeah yeah it is crazy. Enemy but these things are plagued with problems I mean their ploy she may look yours is the come. But. Wiring issues engine problems trim mission from grim problems. Horrible caller specially for daily driver like this and for the budget. Clue number four my faith that fat fat fat fat I. The key is so. There's three things are gonna say about this night no heart no power and definitely no salt that we have been a trend here for germs so now. He entered their careful not melanoma man who won't allow me I like seeing one of getting close to one of look at it. And appreciate the mouse marketing commercial it's my hips are well ahead and do all they have to commercial murdered her cheeks the red meats I mean are they appealed to children and I see that because it looks like child's skull yes yes it's like a circus wagon. I mean. They're bright colors and all that stuff but I mean there's there's a me too with everything calling kids in this is a good idea. Who would errors anger of holing any thing or just sitting in one or buying one was a grid and a I mean. It's horrible you know the horrible all right screw it. And we women that's just horrible looking don't want him number three men have also terrible the Ford Fusion hybrid I've got three things about this one but yet you know regret things wrong with this off the bat. Ford's name in fusion right Everett right and now. It's horrible but so little problem you got to manage their own you've got you've got to do you go for car okay that's fun. This half gas half electric goes on in. It's that's another problematic thing image and and to me I don't really understand the hold. Premised on the hybrid called you know early on to look into Harvard situation will. Is this is an hour and so you've got a gas mode that takes over when the electric motor that you don't sure urge. Gives out. Okay. I got their orders put against notre B Dillon or lecture Kwan. Are you go all the way one way or the other you know and it makes no sense whatsoever like do you wanna make a little pollution but you won't help the environment two or. Was confusing. Yeah and then you know thing about the problems that your own hand. Why haven't won on things is does the quit exactly. You lose your guest motor well you know the problematic and actually there's several people that have a couple actually help these fusion it's there hybrid. And I mean. She's asking for problems you well buckle but called for love the long called in this is not a caller who keep 200000 miles knows this is light. You know music furcal Beers here Rivet and then you know and music from Marat. Men is it your mom look sort of more soak it yet if your mom and you've pulled depreciated PTA in this thing I'm last a year. Like your during a boring car we'll sneak up on anyone here come in these. No jokes will be an electric mood all right let's move on to another piece of crap on the men's sudden it was a great core from moms. Coming air number two spot the Ford Flex. Okay. You know we are drugs and do now wouldn't talk about anybody no known on how lol I don't won't know thing and the rockets don't talk trash gonna buy cause us some I would not I would never do they match. But also won their equipment was up. The four flicks are Thomas see you river lie back and boy scout days now. You know like you get your car would derby core PP peers is that book award wills ya. It looks like a pile would do every car in Q was scared to use the song please put the wheels on the block. Hey Chris what this is a payment is just like boom here ego. Yes this I enjoyed the churches this is aerodynamic as the shoe box. It it is the real issue here is equivalent of issue bugs. You know I made that might be the whole ghetto of some women mere seven through issues in the bags out they there's a few bucks per issue boxes business this is funny looking little mean. It's like a small school bus actually that does look good job old school muscle yeah so if you wanna sell that marketing standpoint you know you want handling yellow. And like to a black numbers on it I might have a cool factor for. Is going to be hardened wax diddley also signed. So yeah that would be the Ford Flex coming in our number two response also a great such key vehicle thank you Edmonds for putting together a list. Round of applause and that's thank you. But Zeller is a good number one spot to an integral. She. They highlight from earlier in the show when we talked about. How horrible there doing now. And how they've been in the news they BM WX three made re hearing Greer South Carolina and you'll say. I'm asking you now B and there is you know what I'm almond BMW number three of mine and I've had mixed Surrey and okay. Around Maine now on the power okay. Luxury buttons bird's eye views saying. Still sucked along the way you describe it you know let's get that bird's eye view things when the birds everything is cool always said to them they regard to a if you don't know the bird's eye view. It's mirrors there adjusted on the front of the car the back of the car and the team Mears. And gives a bird's eye view of overlooking the top of the course you see everything all around and displays on monitors actually pretty sweet. Too bad and a BMW are using. Think it's just another reminder he would have just another reminder here's some more of what you're sitting in and then you know. The beautiful 27 speed transmissions that could these things are so problematic well this like do that was never in the right year now ever there's always jerky image in the right here you know g.'s been plagued with problems diseases same transmission. Well and then your pain and 60000 dollars just because you all like balloon wind circle on the frying your core well ought to mean this is the thing you. Its main Greer. Yeah is not even like a German made auto movie out his main number there's a German designed. Greer automobile Yemen and we know the drag strip him BMW. Million the elements a some one of those two things a school the other on builds cars scientists say. I'm lucky day which you hold that don't look as though things schools commercials because they pay the bills we until crowned parent. Journalists in Colorado and have they are right here on 1063. W Lordi. Guzzle my car doesn't have been on this Robb Pitts. And also there's. We just ripped through the worst list of among callers. And I thought this week would be great to do it topped your list of your favorite mom course. Because those are America we love animals yes so then all of my mom and it Manhattan you know how low mind telling you don't say it's it's a love that he didn't know about mobile radio before beyond his great. You know actually doing it your mama on the radio right now if you want. Really mean maybe you know maybe next segment we'll bring mom okay well look taller wider political moment. Nine so. And mr. file illicit substance cars that sucks for mom to drive. And no we read through they'll listen legacy of this can we pick to a Florida blew anybody with a horribly would agree was. And then I realize this those look at our top ten list of of course to drive from moms that don't suck it did I was going to have deal will live crow. A little crude and that was non dealer crew here you what do you do Friday it is like chicken of really focused good. Will they catch up here because it makes everything taste better referred. And so crucial aspect or less say make him and the number one spot was BM WX three. Bomb can and many can number ten on our list is a BM WX saw. I remember Syria there's another big givers or this is the Big Brother of the BMW as you there is a big differences and all the amount of money you'll spend in my want the file order 67 horsepower four point four liter V8 this thing does zero to sixty in. Four seconds. This is a 5300. Pound vehicle. In Atlanta and they come you know not that bad a price is. 101695. Dollars after rebate and the man a check coming in tonight to coming to a mall. IDS these things are actually trickle of good looking dollars and really L'Oreal and I don't like Symbian derby resorts on those are actually really good look or its agencies when you got that little William. It's like your little cool club you know it and it's like you said 567. Horsepower. They four point four liter V6 V8 V8 years is this. And zero to sixty in four seconds that's hole on the male that is toe in the mail alone tourism you to assume people on this thing yet so like never labor's soccer game. Never waiver soccer game no relay for the PGA we go look classy when you do get pulled over exactly and that you know what that's important. Well you know what Cody for original see you all saw the road do you wanna be in the Volvo exactly no no one wants me in the coloring in series next love. Guess people look in people recognize you that mumbled yeah you that bad mama who Jeff Fuller in a Swede named her. And in these things are totally awesome. Does a better not in this I mean this made our top two in this is number TN. Yeah so does your definitely definitely in store for some cool stuff as we did a little digging. You would realize that can actually actually and I we were compiled now some of the is men reform our listeners. Some of these mine I'm able to go around is readily ma. You know like a number want the William the latest. Public notice or your yes we can go out and if you love money you can bite you got to let right now EA you guys actually came about I want. So well so let's step over in a number nine spot on this oil actually is cool and has been around for awhile. You don't exist on its two with a green Cherokee in solar teeth the Grand Cherokee is searching you know say it. Can a slew Goliath because there's got to hit me. Yeah this thing definitely has a hammy a six point four later Tammy. So church are exactly. Will Leo when Milt that should tough of 400 signify horsepower zero to sixty in four point four seconds. And tops out and wonder 464. Miles an hour as we all want to fast as he be a militaries are good does that stone crib midget some record speeds now. Dodge does face a little scrutiny and now have to agree this is having owned one. Fit and finish on judges and not quite there you know there are a little problematic in the transmission the format but in the how performance in the kick. But tale to enormous detail but yeah but the office but it's sonics is permanent. They've got it in states I mean they got nailed dial yep and they do you mean they really gorgeous. They're cocky don't have put it. I'm in recent user also when they're they're built to handle you know the steering downs quake and really took a green cheer key. Yeah and it's not a six on a brilliantly and you know it's called me you know when basically transmission them they're very cool now. And you know in the hustle around the track. They're Thomas Colorado clearly guilty about this or to either lower the at the big wheels only toward resolving these are bigger breaks you all the monochromatic trailer things body color. There are some good looking vehicle and dominate some also love about the Geneva is the senator exhaust coming other that is the that is very cool alike is kind of like good little European Porsche can feel for a like it a lot. Don is always. Also this does always done an excellent job with both the marketing and their performance lineup. And nothing really. What they've done especially here in the last few years has really kept muscle cars and get money alive. Well this is the thing they've tone that he meaning in this for lenders made dodge billions upon billions of dollars but this is the thing. The year that they've got design down and they've got product and marketing shield pro absolutely could just build a quality product that will cap. Ali you know it a mile the new challengers do you know the other's career in problem with the new challengers now so that all your ilk it's an all these new demons and in reality royalties. There's this turns out album now. Well eighteen you know this from your round to face when you're throwing. In nearly 500 horsepower should be like minister was a demon over a thousand horsepower ready you're bound around to some problems. Especially you know when they do performance testing on these things you have professional drivers. Now you throw people in these cores that are owned drive and the crowd problem. And not treat him exactly how they need to be treated. And they don't terror must assume this is your true testing grounds and obviously we're seeing the true problems should shine through. Well Laura I mean this whole rotten so my bedroom alone so we go number of my first car that's coloradans. He did it and unfortunately Chris or has a lot hot rounds flow during a speech. Yes he the other a way that there's a lot of problems with a book at the end of the day eight Jeep Grand Cherokee is certainty with the super chargers slam nine. There's absolutely. Cool mom and isn't very cool mom run and automobiles weird. With four orders and if horse power. It's modest enough for the street actually gets fairly decent fuel while JGQ before another throughout leading actually you know get down the road and I mean just everything and that that Bermuda this or Gigi been in life if you keep your foot out of the throttle. All right so coming in for a number eight spot and our our list I'll like to think is in no particular order. Only a moment we play rhyme or reason list it's a little bit or roaming the Amman also. Additional little favoritism yet number one is definitely number one I'll agree to. But number race but here's the 2017 Ford transit now hold up hold up an order of Lincoln neon was staying you know like a free candy man now. Now this thing way cooler much closer what this is actually to have total Immersion joins us on the small drizzle like Carl's and that bears got. Let him look cool but bowers is stars trickle through this kind of pill that you don't scale of 110 hours is legit the eggs I mean you know loves it and it's paid for a celebrity homes new homes and out of this and hand. Just and you missing swords are gonna about you know of the big strands of the one you know for your whole litter munchkin well holes twelve people in this thing yes saw me well let's say you've got to based multi really one of the daughters yeah. Like a John cave policy situations are exact your invincible yeah and then double friends exactly end of what's cool about is that the report found leader eco boost to be six or you got a twin Turbo. Twenty or skis I twin Turbo trusts that cool homework yet. So like double digits winners. I mean it is double digits bidders they gave twins are those all the Ford transit. I won't days of smells like they just bidders we got to bring this. Marat because we go to break. I guess you realist not hot rods and happy hour right here 163 delete the Lordi. Muslim intolerance and after this Robb Pitts are wrong I was having an in my spiky haired blue eyed devil and all of that Mendes is oil that those those those cute that was real cute easy hammer zillion time. Bolton is a we've compiled a list of cholera and happy hour top ten mommy wagons money wagons. And this is the thing you know but the school tax free weekend everybody as we're about you know what you've got to get this his school again got to get on their own time. You gotta fill these mommy wagons a put pencils notebooks. Trevor keepers claim to still make this thing I don't know sticky notes Kleenex wideout. You know coming years now and in particular job they've got a personal school simple gifts and helping the total is schools what you do to learn what really matters what you eat them why you're so they're listening they DB for react by. You know we're zooming and be preoccupied what are alerting you know always to do we Steve the only legroom in your mouth and your money real way and like I mean. And then like the rumor on the board month stay conceit but make bets on who's a ball first you the reason teachers quit pro prop. Maybe Hillary isn't others look at teenager drought that there's a story unlike me in making a teacher quit but that's not for the air that's most and that really have enough. That that's a real what. I totally believe that then that's the real story of the business that's after hours him up on FaceBook if you don't know about that but we have all the book he had me up on the face books and on the mound that's what does announce they all other story innocent in this zone is to Graham's you can you can kiss me in the DM but you know was at this hour from there a strip so anyway I wish I don't know about. Mom her eyes out for us and our special spies so coming the number seven spot. If you want splurge for the game G model and you got about a quarter mil to spend the 2017. Mercedes-Benz. G wagon. AMG edition. This is my thing all of the G wagon because I'll be elsewhere in a moral Melissa bright blue get a word. If you want to be that mom this trolls like she's regained so if you want like the word dread lottery or get a rap guys posse yeah. Loses no doubt be as a side gig that's what I do well I'm guessing it now I gotta tell you who have promo what exactly could recognizes who have been in word. But this is the thing. These are filled right in there like tanks. Yeah it is life for a sixteen horsepower. Easily two miles a gallon a man's gotta be some more than ever earned that award for Olympic gold Mercedes slight rebound in the shares in Juneau. You gotta have that I have three of until you come in this line is also. If you don't know what in G wagon is in million up. There's no Briscoe wait for your short and they like a whole overflow it does we knew by the G why didn't you ought to gross doll did Chris doll. When you buy G wagon and you automatically. Get signed with a record label did you stay go it is mobile is do you subtle drink yeah. That's the dread dread comes sides you himself via penal cinemanow and O'Donnell her. He comes up doctors didn't exactly amenities Asia's through cove school they are very cool you go rolled up and G wagon. Puke yeah oh yeah I like the best one I've seen is the Droid charge your screen when we see now alana all members parties came through tonight yes love. Floated today some of zero around NHR true she led him. One is or look at me or highlight reel for those who don't know searchers. But if you're all around and highlight her G wagon. You know you've made it. You and you and you want everybody just name and everybody else knows eighty's airplane behind much you can do on them by name has as much as did you show and just showing no front. That it does sound like you're that I actually they actually yeah yeah showing off Friday. That that sound I've I've got a funny story about that but I can't say little leery that they came up on Facebook's. Amiable face glued I have stood takes camera number seven spot. So have our number six spot. I tell you what this list they're getting faster and faster and faster news is moving its crazy. We're currently number seven spot number six spot Marisa number six spot yes we're the number six spot. How are number six caller has 700. In seven horsepower we'll geez that just gives the way I don't know it is it was seventeen hill can't charger dunhill kidding. The old days something. These callers you know I'm not a pair historic. Group Peabody Sheehan each rich imagination their cool. See you evidence of the most part through I didn't know most cynical little rope or Asia and I mean. There coal but I mean 770 horsepower six or fifty foot pounds of torque from super short six point two meter hit me absurd every. And the or how close but a disease like woo woo did they stores are awesome of course. And other come the two key set up you know we get the red key in the black keys. Well that familiar to piece of very kits completely the other cheek it's just we'll play a piece it's another reason why we picked it yet and Fleming is I should keep three kids. You know it if your life for the PT mean PTA meeting you grab the red key division is a leisure drive to school we grab the black key well there's nothing worse than having screaming all the oil from Russia exactly so that's the rate he comes into play exactly nobody walls running cookies incurring the exact is a full size to our main loses it to us afford or sedan with a roomy trunk. And coming easily two or three crib manages and strong blow me. You can't put children in the trunk of the car so soon. I'm sure every law and every municipality in this country I'm seeing now all of a Kia. I don't. I don't you looked either that's the prob well you know there might be some truth that all right until there is lots of safety features a safety options and all this you're the reason they put those local door handles and draw a most. Stories about drug growth there there are laws say if you socialist thought I didn't. I pray that your email subject for a second. And my job we build police cars from time to time in the first time a Dodge Charger roll them is the first time I seen that will glow a handle. And I was like dang they just have fun right out of it. Indicated a trip nobody is drawn on any and they're like really young brother Nelson and Perino tells the foot up and do you know random stranger used to roaming. Draw a line and live to use told somebody the charter car and then take off analogous we will paneling is no fun yeah as a whole mulling new world thing chances are once upon doesn't really reflect bill's Cologne nor can handle drama. Yeah and that's what's wrong when American is this amount is over the shorter has told the safety features that bore you to death with ABS brakes blah blah blah see bells inside there I'm sure. I know whoever all the stuff procrastinators. Preserve our Internet pressured BP JD's five star Sarah doesn't Judy sums of those orders are not a blogger logic at the old days of that it does have this cool out Vegas also missed a lot of luck. You alone what is I don't know what I'm lucky just. When you're driving your caller you come to a stop you press the brake pedal down you push as one but this is what I'm looking gauge across judicial does in front of you. And then it locks the front will's ball releases the back wheels and you can do eight John. Hello look smoky burnout yes in the mile and it was about I think Jon plus time is four style whatever but you know what I'm saying that you can do a burnout for days to you well that button is no law that coda. And the thing this so called out his kids loved it. Doubts have tsunami house. Still bird yeah I'm not grown past that all like you just don't ever well now I love what so that's a matter alone money. So let Augusta your kids out of a bad day you know say you know what his girlfriend don't tumor. Let's say kick of cobalt area dropped his rank up you know our job is remote is just still don't locker you know he's not a bad good you know up. Crowds for the kids still smiles. And I know I'm in them who who as a true or not one on one of these. And some else causes fund rather Nokia was that they have like it and I knew onboard all the time they tell your instant torque and horsepower ratings will they have let it is a little brutal Scott wasn't. Scott launch control. It doesn't want to Charles has lost control a rocket yeah so I mean this is the thing is basically a delicate chargers a rocket so basically comes in really handy for those fast getaways are truly get to the PGA measles exactly. I guess is moving around long tour number five spot this phone's cool. This one's a bit of a stretch time won't go ahead and put that warning out there. The company and you know if you're not really big and automotive do we actually get these guys don't seem ordered Vegas. And they have a company called busy motel in you know would come in name a busy motive they have to be making some busy finesse course so busy fast callers. And this one is a busy moto Honda Odyssey man know this is the thing about this Honda Odyssey plan until you what this is cool thing about it sunk. Honda Odyssey brought. Dependable Honda V6 mar epic sweep maroon color right. I'm Big Ten territory or those of us are severe. Said let's look more Marty means I want to tell you something. So you can imagine the things making eight. Thousand. Horsepower so you send this is a well Mardy crib meant to cruiser this is a well well it is a very well money crew mr. cruiser. I mean this is insane I mean I twin Turbo Honda Odyssey pro world draft pro Waldrop. You want talk to us some cool learn announced the fruit of the things so who was there about a little hollow as it looks like it looks like you're lots over. But they took this one of what they're cooler on the front out just as big expose her cooler on it. Let me just coal is got like you're the cool stem cell wheels on C computing goodness if you go to bat the base that he created this thing you know one hour until right. If hour delay and give up on life. And just come to a point where I realized that among by many man. And there is no more to rob you know I'm right here on violence well this is no this is it right here. This is like you got kids you really love the fast imperious. In your urges Alston. No yeah. Speaking of awesome what's not awesome as these commercial breaks that are brought do you buy and commercials that's really kill me gusting to stay tuned to our list this rods and happy hour right here on 1063 W -- or. I guess what my dollar us and have come this brawl pits. What's Hadden and dude did indeed. We're talking about Robin. AK mummy era it's goes let's go to our. And we have our top. For mental you know where more on our last of the four income and then number four is the Mercedes stand. Our 36 AMG. Stay joined this is a really cool. Sosa when Leslie is a minivan technically yet it's like cow cross over issue looks like a big tear drop it doesn't feel totally reversed your drop trailer you look at it does look reversed your drilling or if you take a box and is vital aid into her. Is counts like that it's really cool let's go 32 valve V8 zero to 64 point six circus is actually the fastest production minivan. He mother made the move those Christmas tournaments you have the visit moto is not a production in this Ahmad and Honda so this is the fastest production minivan. The other thing is actually. Really really cool and you know I don't really break the bank Jim is a more expensive as you re. But I mean is some like its air and then the other team whatever the sports I you know I really don't like home or selling a minivan I know it is a minivan. But if you look at it looks like Nicole or dish but is like a minivan just like don't miss mauling a wide and I'm only in this business. But it did yes they call a name and a power mama drama left it's a minivan OK Cole whatever that fiscal many math. If there is such words as using cool and many men together. That Columbia Mercedes-Benz are third error 63 but I want AMG AMG is very important to remains like you can line yes. So commit number three all mining going to it. All money call money going. As they do a moment ago I'm just there is left her there and spot coming in at number three command number three spot this is not about speed. No mess about brute force yeses like crashing through the brick wall to get to zero he would talk about among lag and so we won't the Barbie Jeep. In GI Joseph and we put them together ten collegiate Jane when that's been kind of sort of could only come India Africa but know another thing I don't know you know whether you like how army mullah. Blair caught a remote. They were put those together and you know we just slowing hit. We get the number three on our list the Hummer H one decade to harm the we're not only about little. Each to homer when I told him about running out as we may close or pastry which is everybody trilogy and don't let the real deal American general Hummer. Exactly is are these are tough yet and the way in 87. Hundred pounds 8700 pounds like for elephants or something do you know what else weighs 8700 rounds knowing now what else was so much was that 76 tank yeah yeah always and you literally weighs as much as attack yet. I'm in this thing is a monster and you're the new the last version of what was billed 2006 courses power bud. Chevrolet is dirt Max six point six million dollars in diesel engine that I am an attachment on through freeing actually so machine gun so that well. Those civilian model not a civilian model. But another in this course is back you'll also automatic transmission so you can actually tell all help solve the foundation for all the kissed a pizza isn't what everyone ended in the way. Listen enjoy full well those the civilian mono like a mayor -- exceeded Larry look actually did have a bigger backseat Julio love more creature comforts than army stall -- result will be doesn't have a whole let's get seats here as the only seats in class endorsed the end Aniston will now. And and they do that as traveling on which primate then they do they do have the deterred from done yet again it's that's actually really well but that's a very very cool a little wheels on this list who was the first person I have a civilian H one mar. I would be oral Schwarzenegger is correct you get a black one you like they'll take random caller trivia for a thousand daughter on a compound. He is the first in Aaron and I wonder Reese does a night. He probably does in our Warner if the if the claiming only cleaned it out when Maria shrug look the F. She drew mojo Mo she took my Hamas. Now I'm nominate him or her own worst. Arnold Schwarzenegger pressured an area I'm not good at that. Read a mom like second worst I got this sound like we're all that's less than one yeah well I'm number three is selling out ground in the light shaggy is a strong second you do you just shake my anyhow. Like wow let's talk about number two harkat. We've got the Cadillac CT SV wagon global with a that is that's actually going on air. This this is the thing that did not say what's bad is you know what I know worthy I'm not a station white anger and run so morally you tell the world about it. I think Joseph likes it is leeway in the rich and yet this is the only glitch it there's no way you know. Is Amanda's then no big deal wagons he says it is headphones off has pushed away from his mind because he knows more hanging out. 556. Or you're lagging germs only to our men and others all robot funny. 500 in 56 horsepower Ellis say supercharged. I mean it doesn't get named very in this the best of the best when it comes Ellis motors. His crammed under the hood of this cursory getter. Cadillac style and caprice utility and Corvette horsepower remain in what do Amanda isn't in their Brenda breaks remain. Between which one inch wheels on the signed. Oh sorrows about her fifth. More zone that was awesome so issuing an act the F so little. Knob or no you can't move out. This is very Olson called galaxy TSV wagon they are very very we know these doors actually came in and three different models that came in the wagon they came in a four door sedan Nelson came attitude or troop. And acute acute and bought my boss actually own horn non radio station most the mire like outside of this place job boss. You know I like several bosses now want. It's like wife job one job to enjoy up three home while Boston's. But oh well Abbas is actually him when he says a sedan. And honestly. Is probably on a fast the scores of a percent in in my life. This thing will lapse solely move down the road now he had his tune up little bay you know blitz they share on the super charger you know under drive pulley. Bigger inject yours bubble while global con stuff is actually made 716. Horsepower. But many things are absolut bottle rocket man coming just cool fun to drive handle gray and the end today you know what he got a Cadillac. And another cool thing if you remember back from several shows ago we talked about rare cars and cars were lower production. Numbers. The sieges leeway and actually comes only 2300 cars ever made so. Excellent very rare call has actually rare car that's going to hold his value and like in the longevity. Is probably one of the smarter scores on this list you could actually buy it. I don't know nothing new role is like super Smart your head of the class this is number one it you know what number one is also very Smart buy and number one will probably also maintain its value if you don't want and a breath in and around to try. Free your some of them no no for the children's sake please wrap it around a tree that's for Paul Harvey do like make your you know. We are not with the children. Know that I'm not a journalist for your innocent pleas kids at home and number one you definitely duster your issue with a few. You know finish for the PT I won't say some Comerica that is very excellence alone you didn't hear shots they was also bag I'll take my headphones off and you can didn't want to you lose your own do yeah you take it and it. Take away certain. Or I guess. Preserving our number one Holler Rosen have been our top ten money car but to the school. Number one pick. Proposal on those big it wasn't a total but who's the big car that it deserves it. Coming in at a walk in 5800. Panels. Rocket 800 and plow horse power 812 foot pounds toward. Zero to sixty in three point 96 in a reprimand around them Forte what this is it weighs 5800. Panels. And has a zero to sixty time without Porsche. And I'm not talking about a client. I know about a real one not a Porsche effort no not forced Cabrera not Tomo boxer either a not so bottoming out apportioned a lot of real Porsche. The 2017 Cadillac Escalade. Tennessee addition. The liquor addition. The liquor addition this thing is all some do. Hey supercharged. Six point two liter engine it's a surcharge Ellis three baseless what's your feeling left yes but this thing is loathe me as his oversized breaks oversized wheels is oversized everything including the budget to buy this thing. But don't wanna tell you something this is the ultimate mommy wagon the utility. It's suburban apple steroids and a quarter mile some of twelve point three seconds coolest face a messy very. That's moving into Cadillac Escalade and that's flying yeah. I don't know if I'd won a Meehan said escalade corn Medifast. And a quarter mile track and were so but it goes through over hundred mile an hour and a quarter mile gathered there Lauren prayers for that. There's a lot of room for error royalties on winning a lot of room left in the show are grown now we're on wet or winded up unfortunately. But they would doesn't have you enjoyed our talk do most of my only hours and a half on FaceBook Intel's much affair mommy Iran thus relatively well we're Lori Dupuis of some of the stuff on FaceBook page where actually has some stuff in the news on our FaceBook page also got us. Oh I think your marvelous today thank judges next week say Motorola time same Arab channel right here at harrah's and happy LL 1063 WORD.