Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 14th



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Dell's overall routes and everyone does Robb Pitts. Rod what's happening and student Azeri oil and garlic or tomorrow of Morales made me. Oh was Bob in vivid sound odd if we got a full houses are dead Al Rosen have been our I love it. We embryos really come out. But I did do it bliss muscle doesn't puts joy in my heart William makes Monday you'll only lose it warms mobilized box rather that the that's all I'm glad we can melt your heart that's a lovely and I don't take much as Colmes us. So lovely lovely they're a little skull I'm sorry that was economy. So yes we have Joseph Lombardo appearance. Well okay start acting like a garden society. I. I guess two. Part we have big show planned here and we got a big show we have some really cool so we're talking Monday about today were we start off. Every week every way we do. What are we gonna be mixed. Well coming up August 20 hot rods had charismatic ruby Tuesday's. 12. Three full or lettuce is and how was she is their last night's awards Adele little refresher course real quick spring mix. Romaine. Spinach. Ice berg wow what did you have women tickets came out there and got great regard him Lori reduce days is like. Magical fifty found and killed a 255. Items can make him until onion oversight it. Here's the only man ever seen these letters slur Adidas salad without let us exactly because you know what it was really let us understood only much for your desire for an answer my effect molest them a senior leader salad if that's what you still are college. It was basically just ham and cheese a may view editing spray. What a solid president Kreutz on its okay but if you had a piece of bread it would be a sandwich well crude towns can't see it ham and cheese salad to a ranch. That's in Thousand Islands remains there maybe some bacon bits you know it and I'm just saying you could just giving us Alex Amanda. Maybe though I didn't salad form of dish dish. I'd say August 20 we are going to be at ruby Tuesday's raid Arum would your fruit he definitely enormous that's right functionality in the original home runs and every hour cruises and and I think so warm it up there restaurant for Brazil. Let's just relies flushes Villa let's just do it live let's go life will do in life are right the following week September 2 juvenile diabetes showdown Clayton Georgia. Doesn't tell you something I'll low sugars for great causes and there's none not much better than this rather juvenile diabetes research pointing to it gives me great shoot beautiful Clayton Georgia. Great drought expo at our our Foreign Ministry did not spends on his driving pleasure but take like an enemy above 3540 minutes if you don't bring them. Easy easy just get a Mac can Yuri wanna say things like that. I'm assuming that hurts is mobilized mosques that hurts much violence and wind and I know how I'll feel you'll you don't feel so you know this. Gas gas oh god no I don't know. Let me okay hi how sad that we always have come only got to Georgia we do have fallen usually especially while house parking lot that story for another doesn't know. All affair story there well. September 4 move out of the gallery we have heard from Georgia. September 4 we'll bit make him Labor Day in beautiful travelers stress this drug does make you Labor Day moving from Simpson built a TrailBlazer parked controller wrist. Great shirt material Morton hospital a hellacious event every year anything you can think Joseph would bacon minutes. Is going to be there at the bank and send it. Play even making an installation art could see you are sure of treason or even shaved little piggy he's so even the trophies or bacon related I mean this guy takes it to the next level everything's got a pig thing to it. And that's okay. Oh I get even a cup serving your mom number. That's really really bad road. And for the record profits. That at that pat pat has endorsed may be smaller brewery. Agree with the anything the Robert on road pit exits in metro is illegal move around the room grew I don't need and it's wonderful. I may have been way. And over XYG. Yeah Clinton you know the funny thing is my address is actually forge 1 AM and also the risk foods fix that for joining us she's conservatives can land a man. I guess. In ninety just a little rebels the Judas I don't you just ordered and you're just cool out you know almost you know. As absolute as a till Margaret armies of those. Let yourself and all right guys a September 4 does Romans make him Labor Day and travelers rest she took a plane elements that shows him in good times. Men September 10 for a minute chrome reverend Russ and Mulder and South Carolina. Phone showed a full and phone function arrest there in the big town of Malden. And cool my name. Coming Crowe and Robert Russ want a man includes everything shining. Tires obviously. And crust thrust. Episode possession with fund showed. They'll swarm me there are really going on Saito a sewing by a car parts and all fans militia that crow river you can muscle grown rover or rule us that's great I love mine rust usually your apple off. There isn't as Bruins to a little rusty zoo Atlanta at all because you won't happen there and that includes New Zealand and there. Anyhow move the Alaska like his jokes the funny part isn't it yeah. Shattered letters of an original leg hurt me delusional millimeter dry erase board in just mark every job like there is Ellen makes you have just open up their. It's a job I just weigh into your feelings the bag is sending aren't like girls policemen don't furry. But very wailing and it can't sit there yeah. September 17 we're going to be back at ruby Tuesday's biggest oil they sale for lettuce is is rather disallowed Adams should step out of I don't so I have nowhere in the manner they guessed it fat Adam's home I didn't know in the garden smaller benefit items owned our Marta there are anymore you can't miss the morals of the original cruises and and I'm just get some room probably be live there again if Hulu ever listen elegantly. After this airing they probably won't. Five the following week big news September 30 rob can you take it you get some what's going on. September 30 won't tell you something telling those red letter days in history red letter days of that war to become a frequent around here lose. Auto loans say something we're making history at historic. We will take a speedway this sacred half mile oval care a lot of motor Frist can Wear remind the people here want Greenville Pickens speedway is a sacred. Well a seat racing legends from all over generations of racing legends have been on this track. The very first live. Filmed race was still good agreeable Pickens speedway in 1971. And that's the thing this cold up there. And now we're making the pictured here with Carolina motor fast. Does this show is great if you haven't been you're truly missing out September 30 is your opportunity we actually just got out to meet with a big balls where we've got some huge. Surprises. Yeah come we can't release these just yet but guys coming year old wants they tankers. If what were planning is allowed to go through this is going to be big this Amanda zoom astronomical. Monstrous and going includes several people here in the studio and as going to be. Just absolutely amazing so many years go on their part of a love it absolutely. All right soon coming up after that would kind of average throughout October but October 31 sued November 3. We're going to be somewhere. The doorway. Vegas maybe there are may have Vegas for same way again let's say you. I loves. Vegas the cigarette means see you as always coach doesn't love Vegas well obviously we'll lose that hasn't been the talk talk but all right all the bad yeah. Man I don't gambler then that's down that tells not built on winners and but if you're assuming you're definitely winning. But are you guys you know what we goma to fill accuracy and will this occurs when you stick to the Rosen have been our FaceBook page. We'll be keeping you start to logos a full and photos all the way. Oh absolutely well. Will definitely keep him in live video is smoke there were wrong Orioles two billion and we'll all look. Who's who of the automotive world absolutely million bag man that action stays going to November 11 automated on the southern answer bravely shoot outs. Down commerce Georgia into Milan dragway. Absolutely in this event you definitely know on this is another fun one. Well this is fully reopened about 4000 pound goers 4000 pound plus in the inclusion driver so there's like 38 near to wander round man. You're good together some 4000 pound plus cars. Any car truck and SUV. Station wagon. Mini van as long as it weighs in and the skill Ford doesn't sound as good to get numb and track that's a little raw Benoit rose gold in the tower cone all the action except Blanton is jerky he get there right well fly solo for that. Hi guys well while you were flying solo we have five fly solo and pay some bills so look solo solo the solo. I tell you would guys were listen no listen. 1063. Debbie Doherty. Muslim men are Russ and after our is wrong and it's harder. What some blond hairs like you do expect new mood in the area. We guess medium drill here in the studio list is not lose my government in the same thing I might be a name. Breezy. Levy mark government match. I think I. Is that there are gonna mortal memorial harder though those jailed think Bill Allen however you like friendly fire but I'll take it and and it can jab and they cannon. Got to go home Guerrero. Payment from. Obviously. Door direction better for these overstate just she gave me Leonard Little knew. I don't know how often do you burn down I don't wanna hear what we don't have to give an illusion or we used to everything. All right. So tell you what we're we're told him a malware we'd be in this press we can we actually had a weekend off billowed I don't think we did a Dylan I think we just called that. I was very busy. And you're terrible I'm a stay busy but I was doing fun things I was stiff pounded out doing fun things to would you give them more than I do when you do. Bottle console fun stuff. Actually this would you will's mom mom's birthday. So you know I'm doing the good son thing what I do I wrote down the Seneca. Ajinomoto courtship. That's the perfect thing to do the man that puts own fifty go our shares of year. What do you do when your all time you go to Asia as general kargil it was what you do what else would you do. So are you as almost religious eleven's live at Seneca. There's a big crews and rattle mainstream Seneca they have every month and you know what I thought that cleanup bill down decent. I cruiser own down the citadel overtaking gas to get their head and pat pat pat pat pat but it was a great aunt had some good food good to meet some great people the crews and honored I don't say some with senator Lulu drought that's not our programmable. But. The crew of you can see a lot of different callers like different people. I mean just even the bills were different I mean you all so used to seal street brownstone Celek are you still see a lot earlier. You early fifties your fortieth infantry founded trucks. And I'm actually met people that. Signal Lester almost fifteen years old that's how long I mean that a and they should go to this crucial element that's all Dario Israel alone time ago. Your blood nobody James C Rooney was that are listed for sure what I want to try that he had met in the end. It was really cool to see that drugs still standing tall today that's awesome just like you did there. So word word on the street is your dad brought a new toll mounted video of of course on driving the truck in the old when I can't try and understand merely bought him a nice 69 Camaro approach you're probably too big blown up by SP trim it. Very very cool core very cool coal as the road to Galicia a little warm in this senator heat. Well and had a father jays and the Tories rattle on and well I don't know aren't they what do you draw a lot Sunnis and I think you can water on the Internet has located himself. But it's. It you know maybe in the good son I am you know I told a massive if mr. breaks down even matter to me you know. Should grab bag old rattle back to triple oil from new things to do this happened at halftime but let it sit there and just a little water don't contain no big deal at all lettuce is still a great time. Great turn there's like 200 callers they're saving we have problems do. Will they do mean. It's the machines are made to break their old you know what don't you're held near the port solar civil caller. A home in this sort of fresh build you know and it has been driven very little thing so. You're gonna handle this problem as those things Lou Dobbs I don't with a burger lovers got enemies is part of it. But there isn't a series of really caller who are really cool course stuck out to me down there. They'll really room like I mean these are all part of the commissioner matrix like old school. You know every since animation and I'll put him in downtown site and it puts you in my downtown Greer okay this is just near just just old buildings there's nothing commercially or all the remainder of smog pump things they've got old school radio station where will the wind out front reducing the DJ. Moscow I mean when we're sitting there an illustration that's got what. Seven stations in their deaths among them to death if it enlighten their radio station has one might get it. Come obviously smoltz and you say the miss what's Obama. But I mean there are some beautiful course or benefit six surely convertible turquoise Indian every. Gore's to recruit or somewhere and so small blood SharePoint chrome doubt absolutely just stunning caller militarist salt flats. You look around. There's a good now notes in a long time tomorrow real still 37451. Occurred are into my Henry Ford stamps Henry Ford Henry smack that plume back as it rolled around the similar line I think. But amid a broad array of super slick sure your Diana was random. Read we know it income factory in her and no we didn't Xena didn't have it that way but don't want to do something. This calls gorgeous eyes of Gore's totals actually from Nauru Norton Norton Georgia. There's a lot of goers command northern Georgia others in the mountains Georgia there there's a lot of us a lot of hot rods and shorter period you know like that mill city in business and to show you actually see callers that are like that coming. There don't come regrettable but they'll come to some good news crews there. So it's actually a lot of fun and I mean you know it was really nice prison rather than down piece. Yeah it was just fun open a little tour most trusted also as pro the most miles of god things together in one term yeah let me just wrap them aimed at cruise down main street. Some timid about two big week in stood at. Pat pat I know what she's doing here romance and Mehmet be a little bit is so. I've got a question wrong okay you send a file wanna move around half. There's an end we lowered. Bad. Unrest and solve boys and I earlier in the evening isn't paying these man I mean I don't want to ism is an astronaut will she extend come down buffalo Maxwell. On his table real mopping. Owns just there will also evil so many happy you're interrupted us. Because you want takes although boys to a five wonder what you know hello mr. Rosenberg's know where if I lower charge for on weekends and Monday's also. You're welcome dash your. Hope made an utter. He campaigned for him. Okay this is so god told you about true romance is not that well my game is strong. My name is stronger each game history you Romans games yeah so. Certainly no Casanova and Alia. So you lady killer. I chose try to get away for the weekend away who and why don't Charleston choose to try to get away yeah you Alec berg got a jail robbery you well it's cannot you know be in the big time celebrity and which we are around here you know his. Party is somewhere where people just don't know as you know remains good new maybe people just beaten down doors and neo paparazzi always on the all signed my baby you know any you know how it is. So I do have a fun story which we and the genius idea of hopping on a ferry into an order for Sumpter. Now old four soldiers begala and that the civil wars fought that. Yeah aggressive fortress other Mallon. So who is about a little history you're trying to get a little history going on alert and how are you can save them soldiers thanks to the flag. That and insists soldiers face upon whom CNN ballot and I am checking out and the history you shouldn't you should've checked. Client and sternum bruises school in the yeah I guess this'll burner as he should ask. Asked me when you got Manhattan on an analyst takes both cars so let me explain this fair writers and it was non automotive businesses some unknown and it's pretty funny. So. You go down to where they aquarium as. Anyhow on this variants like 21 bucks toll worth it okay CC fort Sumner from where he didn't say hello to swim world. Yeah 'cause it's huge save for some to Kawhi about halfway out there and you no longer seeing ninja stars downpour that courts were stand on the deck of the vote. When is here so the whole summer on the island just rain and we come back beautiful day yet so we had a great time. That's the show should slam which is also a comfort download audio in one year ago and him and let's say Los Vegas woman we guess woman over some of these commercial breaks here that's run screaming goes got to pay some bills your listen -- us and happy hour right here on 1063 WORD. Our guys welcome meg not around and happy hour this is odd drug. That's how are you doing and you suck at this chick advisor Maria. I don't want it does okay thanks for your first amount of those free and the first time he came out muscling into right out of LA got to put all into the you know like she doesn't watch much child like take the train will slow but your Palin which carry it on particulate Dylan you know you let your wallet out and I was confident that and you didn't in right it's commute time. Thugs Trevor laws should go to pat on the back steal it from my phone. Kraft not so tell you there's a row in the news. I Africa north snakes. Whoops. I'm still got one job and non skin and skin. I said NASCAR's made in the news again and would you know it involves Kyle Busch. I'm only edge of my seat Kunduz accomplished and makes NASCAR news. Great news part of our producer he knew. Breezing judges to diablo the published a makes news and you don't want him. NASCAR known sleeping I mean what's on the Lipton Lipton a human being well does that Watkins Glen selects a medical rights. The scanner us. Still born man had any house cowboys should he will kill Brad Kozlowski for Watkins Glen this fast way. So on lap 45 of the New York 355. Watkins Glen Kozlowski and bush were not involved own risk pools a little collision blue collision. Now I'm watching video because. But is still. Published amounts and you'll kill Brad Kozlowski list. Returned to playing name very angry Calbert shed over the radio he said you better keep me away from that explosive words. After the race probable kill that explosive word. Colonial and what's on them. I don't know how a plus in NASCAR drivers Brad. But for radio celebrities and normal broke down when you say you can kill somebody but did you did you overlap yes says I think you know. Isn't although it is still a matter that's again direct and under threat is and how they Mo little keyed to the city is really give me out of that now. You know anxious last he he he discuss the accident but he said he didn't have time to avoid Kyle Busch at Kozlowski was cal like man. You know and grayer producers Cigna had earlier yeah it is very very grave begs to differ gathering gray. A lingering makes it different is the gravity yes. I live that's the thing. Its raison. Romans Grayson. The sale lit species happens yes mommy. Fecal matter happens it happens ami caller is Rick. Yeah get over it you know you go 200 miles an hour and a note forty note this is what what this what needs to happen NASCAR needs to grow. Some parts and they should go to the kale Yarborough Harry Thomason cylindrical. Bomb. On it's they're not just here spear like spirit yes. That writing yes OK that's but the ones you saw that if we're if kill your world a little low man. There would have been filed these we're used to these things that would have been tight dominate him in the knuckle sandwich exactly. Feuding crews in bore bruises and didn't get past couple of mass tourism I mean managers and people tell you all are NASCAR for the lyrics. Yeah I do exactly like they did give us a little wuss and a man you gotta fight yeah I mean I watch it more as satisfied Allen lives yeah. Plus sales like dirt track and we always say let's get the fight mavericks erased breaks out exactly what episode yet NASCAR return ended that god and still managed to be that jewel to problem is well Sutton. Only meals. You know one I'm blaming them to how I am I'm blaming them almost they've totally ruined this bored males like such a mainly thing and now it's like you got drivers they're quitting because you know because they made their money Libre they're male. The other. You know. Almost fractured my kneecap. I'm not putt well Kozlowski he till march for stud comet this is track where you fight for inches and we most. Bomb or probably wouldn't be you know they're both fighting and now willing to give in on. So I mean you know it is Watkins Glen is tough trek and I'm sure they're both fighting for everything. And cal bush is he gets his school's most and those Kozlowski you know. More than NASCAR officials use you for your remorse couple motto all until the calm down and the Guerrilla Girls relatives told trash how long we take hearings and take you greens all they want you fight. A zero C Iger right Mitt meet me behind trailer you know anyway if people give publisher of time. And I don't really carefully got myself. But I anyway did do is I guarantee you a couple people are much it's the next race because of what he designed for a. 'cause did you set out it would kill the guy. Yeah is similar aussies if you actually it's going to come on and killed though now he's not he's not only Cuba where only he kills is good tabs yeah I seriously though is the reason man. What are you tweet that somebody I wanna kill him like he did via Twitter is he always does McGwire yes does. Okay you see Dale Earnhardt get on Twitter now using kill your world citizen tweedle carry over six Olympic look that's what you say it's not. So we got his point across. Well despite the race results at Watkins Glen bush still says the number two spot in points man Martin Truex junior so. I'm Tony like commemorating I'm intrigued and I can't wait for the next release may have happened but I see you say near patiently waiting I'm good Jerry if if Morton Truex junior walked past me right now would recognize that you Afro and other. I mean you guys say these amendments that will go bowling with a gap but there's just no but this is a must for you know me being. We like and going straight not around circles agreed they won't they did it. Up up up up up. All right so let's offer a story just really that's all I can stomach to care about because I really only tell bush. But let's flashback to a whole new story I'm going back in time of amount 190 let's say 78. While I was while black artist of the year in 1978. The Connie Karr division of General Motors received a complaint. The letter simply said to my Connie Karr doesn't like Vanilla ice cream. Really yes. So I didn't I didn't realize it was lactose intolerant and that's not how it goes and I think that there and obviously GM a first ignored this complaint I mean who wouldn't right. So. Enemy fairly customer also knew it was a absurd you know statement. But so again he wrote GM he told little day every day after dinner his family day ice cream. And each day a different flavored. But after purchasing the Tonya in the car refuse to start after buying Vanilla ice cream. Any other flavor he had no problems. A single chocolate these. Who has been no anyway. Well I even though Oscar mass southern gaffe thing Alan Miller outscoring bombs. Learned to do the only milanese at least some breezy goes edited down way you Muslim breezy so you have Yemeni arms and chocolate chips and on and on screen it's an Oreo I mean I'll be honest we they mean either injuries killed say ally reached cups amount visual solutions you know automate how I haven't gotten everything I do about Barry Zito don't and I got out right now. Here new logo we always sorry sorry I'm hunger desire to travel this. And. Off topic. So although most of most would call my crazy GM actually sent an engineer to the man's house. And to his surprise he learned to the point was actually true. So you learn that and fizzles agonizing said the president's seven day. So nothing was left until I was a lot of drugs like anti India. I'm a law that's nuisance and nothing was left unchecked they check the gas used a car model all the time it's had to drive back and forth. The other give ice cream they checked all of this out. And finally the engineer realized something bomb. It took a lot longer to buy any of the other flavors of ice cream. But because the Vanilla was stored in different case of the front of the store it's a very little time to get the ice cream. This was the clues as the engineer needed to solve the mystery of the Pontiac. So. The answer was vapor lock. Really really because the car was stopping and starting constantly feel ordered turned to vapor. And couldn't could not move through the system so because you know ice cream takes so little time to buy it. The engine didn't have time to cool down. And the car was vapor lock if Peter Pace took a bad gurus. He would have that problem. Okay. And. So I promise storied career quite interesting had to do some research on it and actually snowed it's. They validate the story this really happened in nineteen some day this insane yeah dozens and there's also a little doctor stored her back in the day Illinois is under heard it worse oil well or took a knee hurts. When Tudjman those errors and I totally out of my head hurts daughter will throw the number of prisoner when that. But as well as one of those things you know mile. Story Vanilla scream and that's how Florida to get a quarter general gas what's what's the realized I thought. So you evidently up and expect in 1978 did not like mineralized cramp. This is room no love and allows groups well a little achievement no hostile giving them five gallon pail over the last noon and and yet it's noon. Was a blue bunting. Blue male blue really a blue bunny and certainly no. Ours eminently good news brings you Hoggan dice a little along the way around Iowa have solid team bus. I'm well. There are more mildly. Pit. All the usual rule wouldn't stickiest splitters and you don't live. That's crazy night elementary side the back of their do you like that area this tournament. It's not Martin's not not at. Well why we all gonna take a breaking here is my scram. About loyalists and commercials run papers from mills a ceremonies of the screen monitor and your journalists and pirates and happy hour right here on one or 63 W oh lord day. Just welcome back to hot or doesn't have to lose Robb Pitts and tomorrow. I'd gotten. I've got breezy and submitted to my left almost miss the good Tumblr will go to Q. Do you want to drug. And everybody in the race what do you do to relax all wrong. I'm build model course. Simpler and crazies made it would have guessed pewter blacks. I want to watch him make up video is really this Eli Losman lol I know I'm right sick today it gives me joy and a house to make money. It does badly. While Wal-Mart is heard this story and I'm hours anonymous call you know. How much use mini what do you do to relax man I'll audit. Bob Dole Oprah Silverado vehicle switches how well what does it just relax in the mix now and that's fun but today some and I'll love to do. I loved crews say no missing my wife in his fortune lounge Kurdish. Mr. lay out your wagon or to move everything yeah. Blacks. Look there's nothing more Cologne hard day you know you got the answer the phone you've got people just pulling in every direction and you got. People to radio station won't miss some people to shop won't Mears and rubber won't miss and you've got everybody walls some in Gray's loan commitment funny a result stressed out. You'll have to do toilet melody didn't know boo thing thorough. Screw the rim and grenadiers. Engineers bottoming is low throttle Fabian guess if you will let you know this past week you were talking about my own piece of this lawsuit Eugene CC or grundy at the big blog pick up truck. So it sounds. French. But. It's just fun image to get up and run you don't adjust you don't think anybody anywhere in particular you gotta be crews are you cruises you know we. The oil is so funny because they got me thinking about this we share. Is out run around and thinking. You know. I don't know why cruiser goes enjoy it but what got me started doing it knows a thing about your mum mum actually are not good at actually my mom mom all made street in downtown agreeable crews in the main drag. But can motivate your picture this 1978. Am well we'll never know Oscar slam and financed them like you know I came I don't know how to anyway I don't know about putting X 10 win a lot of outlive us. He had a judge demon. The full forty and he was screen is here we don't cruising down main street. I imagine Disco inferno plays in the backroom brown meg it's Beijing's most recent BG's yeah thank NI a favor. You know I'm sure when does get some build bombs alone in the problem probably on there. Brilliantly. Share on I don't know three or four months but assaulted and elegance like silk shirts and they are gold changed property might have had an airbag man the other number usury and Iran that. But you'll recruiters around in his TV owners. Demon and he was cruiser at any minute mile moment this is the funny thing about this on here in this part of Stewart Alou will let her own luck but that was actually date that night. He had a girl run with them when you go north main to the left there's a drop in store well that's sort of been there even backlit. My dad dropped his day off lid lifter. And wind and pick my momma look. All mainstream. Now the speaks volumes of your mom's. See you talk my rejected cast member of the mean geez role in opening orange. Dot demon for forty though pound in the ground. And she wants in the car Alicea with shag carpet. Is she gets in the car of those gases this so let's face it your your prayers here exactly. But I mean this is the thing the mud that was the date it is like you know what I like this one better. As we do feel like you Corey trail bright and the like is girl also. Illiterate to drop in store system typically what you slam title tumor you know trade off to won't presume it will William Kidd trade off I have seen it happen. My it's expensive. So you met your I met your mother out. We're cruising at exactly the sort of thing about them what what gave them the idea that you're familiar stores but my grandpa. Crews and uptown and dragon main street this is just right here in Greenville guys who were in cruise installer I mean like. There was a person out of Miller hey let's go rhetoric and the circles and populated area to area. That's so Julio brewing united remain amazes me is just worded it come from some sort of researcher and I want to say something goes appear or look for something that debunks the Internet. Tapia and we're cruising started on the Google sooner did you. You will pull about sixty million links to cruise ships. The biggies are cruising in cars started. I guess is going to pull up three things yes you can take your guess Myrtle Beach nano now honestly California you Jose California you say Myrtle Beach I think Californian myself. You're kinda right every year. Not even close how how notre yet you're all right you're right kind of buckle your parent or. She did. An excellent and go back now welcome waste Southern California actually. And you get to go back to this horse and doesn't spoil increase of 42 foreign this. All right the Wikipedia definition of cruising is a social activity that consist of driving. Mary thank. But to me I mean there's a lot more to the anatomy sounds the smells wins is the witness stand near the night air. I mean here's what I enclose us and I'm like a pimple faced kid in my draw Tug GT mustang right now and I'll love it. Let me let me just talk a whole different thing a relative cruise in light. In room. We will look at the Bible what religion is what we DNC and shoot me a lot of people go cruise and knowing realizing it. Have you ever left fourteen and if you want a car guy insisted that long way don't just just wander yeah birds and yes. That's cruising and I mean there than it is screws and ever since the word I mean. I mean just that you most artists who wasn't prison would've never got to date he could hit coming here but I mean I mean it's really met metal on this I'm in a card I mean like. A cartel that was car lesser little else cake you know a million years it's hard to do you have very well. That does not about the same but then my saying this is showing my age before you had cellphones and you just had painters who drives. You drop down the street and main street especially. You call on the floor mat and whoever's executing their car nice car to you guys whatever and column and I can't concede rob patsy made in this spot now saying handing friend. That's right you're around her own these Iran why did you win now rockaholic cute guys. That you did you that's what I you know you don't love us. Look good that's fun about it though Aamir mean it is a social activity AME let. I cannot even think about the thousands. Of people who were inside almost thankful crews and run around. And now the music industry about the concept of it. Right so would you do estado well doesn't read triggers carved a road room. People who like him as guns movement who has no matter I mean everything about everybody did it was so harmless would you think about now I have my child said that to me I would shake the human life. Can't tell you how many man's I've been ML for three and a half. How proud are you still there metals iron and LU -- is the only free stadium up and then that I have vowed to keep our new envelope did say how many come ons a room until they really don't remember the next those weird it's thinning out as well as the crazy kid you know. What's so we'll let. But I mean but that's the polygamy and is this was cruises and what are mammogram until restore but crews and my family's from Piedmont originally. So listen things could easily came to Greenville to go cruise around there doesn't think about it we used to drugs Spartanburg crew. Yes you know yeah Westgate mall yeah well the fat man named a non patent and he's measurement we cruised over there to react Blackstock like my complex RF yeah I mean c'mon grandpa there's no longer among. And I'm totally wrong with a lot of thirties forties Crown Victoria. That's that's that's close get to our guys here yet another gangster but this beautiful I love this stuff and I mean. And everything easier it is just and we compete is running and put so much more members so hard exploding. But you know our I remember and we can store owner too because us from the other spectrum numb hanging in and that's you know that's why I came on driving. But we would crews of Spartanburg to hang out I mean that was just the thing to do. But well I remember him Monday used to give me such a hard Talabani says it's a newly Greeneville to go to Spartanburg crews have to put the largest so what little upward move reasons said earlier like we drove to Asheville to go cruise when more tomorrow we go to Nashville and they'll we went and chest Neil Sundays and cruised river just had a son this is just he welcomes cruisers offense is our primary doesn't formats out. Yeah a bit but the thing is a few spoke one you're going to jail in Connecticut and just did look welcome you. Will incarcerate you to yet we have no problem bringing under the jail for spinning your tires now. But amid the mess of things fun about it though early in the years ago mile heiress in the history of it you know I mean and that's what sort of negative. Say what the word will be history full pay some bills and for too awful nurtures a very sure. Today what does stay tuned we're talking about the history of cruising right you're hot rods and happy down 1063 WO Lordi.