Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, July 30th



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It does rugs and bill. What's happening in dude me it's what's going on goal may have just sitting on hang on hang on did you have a beautiful birthday sons. I had a wonderful bird does or says something. I woke up this morning bright nerve wracked. And I've got to look you know what the sleep my and stroke and walked into the bathroom I looked in the mirror. In some little more faith she wants a little while and then it goes well the minute you know little globalism is good look in that kind of I don't tell people it's like none off until it is a myself on oil and they've been getting better with age. What did a year AARP membership the mail. Rather at all why are so offended a slow our producer Grail may now. Intense moments that's a comic team and how you. It allows comedians out of work and I got you to that decision completely (%expletive) up. Now mammal gets up well what we know logs dogma we got a lot to talk about today relative first lowered it took a while we are told about where we're headed to where we're headed. Well this week you celebrate last week my wife Jessica summer in this week August 4. That's true. They shared how fun com to FaceBook page and do wish her happy birthday Basra happy birthday Jessica Morrow. All right and August 12 week. We got two shows going on Shwe still remains on our own business. Well do you see. We wrote a dual problem being colored shoe gurus like ourselves right RI RI but rumors would you the way they the way Jo bros. But we we have the problem is slow we get double booked you know maybe we want you here we won't G here but we're just we're just to got this we can't stretch that far no of course you know we knew we got we got breezy is ready and then we did discontent just good they're open to sell. So we've started a second group. To help us are you tell Maine there's Haaretz and happy hour to two. That's right guys. You are so we gotta we gotta new we got a new over here and live report you'll only codify into the end. Who are actually going to give the terrorists only twelve. And Australia as we're going to BS the crews then mail to Truman and Anderson 810 here we come that's right in the air and Moore also on the head back to basics again in Susanville. And over here to spark them. Guys these are two awesome shoes well first of all of the proves there's a cultural. This of Cruz in for great calls they're actually reason money for the good good neighbor food pantry. Fairly brochure is like 4800. Both excellent three hours a low a low helping great causes. Billion last year is awesome show I remember. I mean we had raffle items so awesome raffle items do not really hate. Is your home AM Anderson and I'm on the head back to basics we're split enough Yale forceful enough. And I really hate Colombian miss in the Sanderson shift is as such also showed great colors are beautiful earlier caller from Georgia there's going to be a super bit yeah you definitely don't want to miss it how oil wells we got we got talk news. RCM real jealous now. He had tacos. And I am here to sparked. As the other relationship goes you've got Scotty delves yeah I guess well dirty water dogs are taking the old days of them I'm ashamed to admit what I do for under water guns into Mohamed day man. Not this bad things though you. All right so here's the deal I wanna ever won a view. To go out Anderson joined round out there I think you know new breezy communion resume via a great town I want you other and join them to have a good time in and after your done. Follow. Follow Robin breezy over back to basics and join Maine has your home a little delayed the world world Almeida so. You can really get to both Jews. But you'll be a little bit late human orders ceemea back to basics put this drug I heard there by just spending growth he Saturday speaking of back to basics speaking of Ben and I know we're going on the whole well format. Obama let them hold off police and give me the most so you get ahead yourself we know we know we can only Jose geez what breaks will not put the brakes on we don't say that. I guess August 20 will be in back here ruby Tuesdays on what your fruit. For lettuce is only Gordon Moore can you name all right real quick real road though right quick. Great and Romain. Is murdered spring mix. And that cabbage look and stuff like Ellis manages same crap Popeye eats yes this will do the most idea the muscles yes those are horrible impression mullets slot this time look at. And those clubs Willis have. Yes come join us some relief but yet on what ruby Tuesday's yet jump up on top of it. One up on Woodruff road exactly the Ruby Tuesday is greater risk is that we are the original. Crimson as tried. And no will probably be live from Marion on the radio show rooms and there's always thought I just love me is critical goes you get to see the radio magic happen lowered like they're pretty well what will that do but you know the name. In a way it should begin to. I guess September 2 juvenile diabetes show in Clayton Georgia. Clayton Georgia gracious grid that for another wonderful calls juvenile WW research foundation the show all proceeds from the sugars that. You know of their medical and you're to you never. It's a cute it's huge test. Don't blinked at. I thought. Great shows who attacked other super super groovy I can't wait together always like get mostly for show it's you know change pace different cars slowly and you're always a whole different crowd great shooter is actually gorgeous including Georgia. Biden guys again I encourage anybody wants to tag along when this. Company car involves some rogue Clayton Georgia is not terribly far away at all out of an hour forty minutes Riordan guests are coming out with a service they were my deal crazier that night into nursing. After after all the sun trying to and let me bill what do you please come on out. Was they'll say after you know trying to benefit diabetes we might go out try to get it afterwards you apartment. Hi guys coming up after that September 4 that following Monday its stake in Labor Day over in travelers dressed as TrailBlazer parked. Super also new venue for this event. Vendors. All the food bacon related food Julia you're really make your way you do you know you can eat bacon but there. I mean you're gonna make an ice cream you're going to have bacon and everything and I've no idea bubble gum ball Forrest Gump. We'll on Mike and duck those would all laugh. By Ken Schramm was all I am making Sam into the job make him everything we have meg murders do a more puzzled till we showdown is true was reported that looks at the shoes actually moved from socialists first your true was report. Great spot great review we just elders of civilian militia gets huge every year it does it does and I cannot wait here's revelers dressed women on the show journalist dress yes sir I am totally. Totally excited me in from the TR crowd though until in his career a great show great of them make deliberate thing goes. All right coming up after that September 10 crumb rubber and rust and moments South Carolina what are awesome name. A jail what's called my name called calls I mean this this right here's a great show exe mold stiffen up the bad. You know this is going to be successful talk show we all those things going along great and we got vendors and we'll be there. We'll get anything you think you have Google wall there's a greater analysts is right your Mona ministry in minister onerous and. Act like you know I had everybody Nigel wasn't the simian message earlier today he's been listened to podcasts are in Australia and they come out on dubious down undocked. And he come out now also my vote name for a show chrome reverend rust. Soon we mechanics cover small you know about a does that though was as India pretty much covers malls and that's about it now since. So in my secret moreover most pumped up and Australia after that have put both profound they still all are good this. And then make him better. You can pretty much of it and got caterers the other guy you know wasn't jumping squirrels whatever it. I lumbering stingers Bagram descent I'm going Australia that's my mission you'll still get your Obama still occur as kangaroo and as many holding cores is going in my hands on. Sick. Maybe I'll just like crammed kangaroos in the Holmes and ship them back or do two holdings in the kangaroo pouches move. Killer today dole has shrugged killer idea. Hi guys after that September 17 and at how rods had charismatic ruby Tuesday's again. No need to say anything more about that of course will probably be live once more. Great show greater than what kasinga's this is where it all started low morals and at Baylor is are mostly crews and. Love love love to a metro routes where it all started absolutely. All right guys and after that. We got one week of a break him in September 30 you know what that is. You are a lot of motor there's you know a World Series something guys. This should loom near and dear dark horse absolutely. This is where all got started for public morals and bill only assume radio station thing and exactly you know what goes usury decision does that they're they're the big wigs of radio. And where the big wigs scholarships. Could sit together. India a big way government talk radio show those dressed. All of you lose it's going to be a great shoe boxes stored Greenville Pickens speedway we get tons browse Wanda kid's problem just jail but we got some really really neat stuff planned for this absolutely as. Iowa speaking of things planned we have class and commercial break so we can gravely show that's drug we'll tell you what you're listen Harold and happy hour. It does what my collar doesn't embarrass role that's how it's happened and student. We gotta get your new loan. Okay come. What's happened and homey what's happening you're here in this. Woods had an ill spiky talk they'll split it. Woods what's happened in the eight Siri rip offs at. And I am numb out restless little yes Livan what have menu anti rejection. Fresco floods was no rooms or something up. You thought all this state over here no no no no no it's not hate is simply shades insult us years they'll all the shade over here and act. Less so we were ruby Tuesday's and then. He included a picture with a wait staff the goals they thought I was always there vessels that's. They though you're here today and just say and people who think you know men out over the top willow toast or sign autographs. He did it does go with a don't miss Williams autograph mood numb I'm waiting I'm waiting. Hey whatever works scared a son baby. At a I have immense we are well where we've been misled you put the brakes on earlier for lesser we have done about back to basics is us where we words of the races successor basics and seeks. And as we experiment can help. Renewals Betty pages you'll do that now have little owner Carl on him he. You move the metal plate in his new movie. You know microwave goes off listening emerges in the Florida very crucial here you know mom rips a microwave needs of people prayers for new way of both have little. Adam good but I. Nuclear weapon that not. Lord so where we're room area back to basics let's say you want. I'll love and annoyances slot but elicited this from the bottom. Of my heart. Shall. I'm go ahead a little through clinching it at. Had a camera in the bombing our average of that that I am unbelievable lower election whose top. But. You had back to basics great show great event. These guys misperception girls love these kids chill out and uncle gets the smoldering there. I think there and everybody who I think a lot of them that's beside the point. You can hurt. I'm sorry just use your senior discount forget about it. Whoa just think about all the money you save and your product. Yeah. You can invested your age from putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt putt and now or finish Jim and a couple of story anyway back to basics great show. Appreciate a bit like filed a hundred callers that. There's a lot coming good looking coolers everywhere you are the big VIP section. And everywhere else would you C a prove street. 1976. Mustang to. That's not often you see you want them I won't tell you something else in the mirror on the trail circle. I've seen the green canyon trust symbol in a China shop scene a bullish on a show with self. I've seen things that would boggle your mind Bryant. A pro or street molesting two I'm Steele I touched it does still won't believe it. Yeah as lose gambling. Thing mere illusion and what success watch yeah I just heard that. No one's really seen though is there really sing and all the pitchers are kind of Fuzzy the other grainy and a companion had a now are you from big middle school you look at his shirt I'm married her net at you can't account yeah. Yeah there's a broad lesson told us no no don't look at just cook who bush yeah apology Jake now another thing good juggler button backup but a crap and pat pat pat. So don't. Did you look at war with the first supplement FEMA homeland swish her. Out limo middle of sleep there a lonely because you're so woody buzz account she sees a good sleeps first cut cut cut cut cut. I'm used to it that's important to note that it is important and that's important. And so yes married to a man. Misperception as a regular job and on the shows but only cure available it's a they have Soviets in the event they do. You know we're well first of its own lawsuit had a lot of cool vendors altar to get Moody Blues they'll clear. What's the date Chris Kohler show guys yeah there there are you. Which are by just get set up of them yes closely at the zoo is trying to on the Silverado own twenty phones twenty folks. I'd. I'm a little jelly. REL a little chilly that because I mean he is rebel force is touching force token force out there is. Sure bedridden Gibson will be sillier re tune. I do if I ring up a bill it's your will be perfect and error he shouldn't put inside joke could have halfway anyway and not. Who do things really cool about the whole the whole shows they have events in the event the course of the caller limbo coral limbo is. So much fun and is exactly what it sounds like it is there is just like you only live move we were always in the remote W oldest did you try to drug your caller of the Google. And the low score wins so naturally new stuff you know alma. The same people on Miata and try to get closing note is absolutely hilarious to watch. It is worth the price of admission just to see that and we found out that I actually can fit Mazda Miata. Barely made it into driving it no that's your gadget we were put the butter can what you did fit but but but. And then there's another event. One I'm a little proud of the Tug of war event. Until you. Back to back. Toe back. Three time champions. Al Rosen if we are seeing upsetting I'm proud of our gas I'm proud of her by his steps up to the scene. It is so fun these guys are such good sports and we have able last August and we we look forward to this every move we do this event. Is this is the total Morsi. And I mean this blog the most work I do all month long to Sammy. You know I really ought to run which is you know you wish you relay MVP. Talking you know we got several guys you get cash tree you know we guess media they were enjoyable that was this week. But everything that was fun about it is I mean it's just the trash talk how good idea so we grabbed this road and we're pulling it. MLB honestly I mean you get a dozen of those they were about a month goof soaking wet. And Robert. What his legs weighs about a book over draft down creator and and you know automated thing got cash rig you've got parent Tula drug can happen. I mean this doesn't bring this fun about it is you're gonna get to recruit you know like I'm a bit of us and tomorrow's never military tabled the Golden Corral. Really hey we need you. Nom de lower also our homes schools and you know an army sits under recruit. We're also present right next to us rather hey this is your chief editor. The murder totals but it tomorrow rare play twinkies are cool looks here he mortgage camouflaged believe it cool hot rounds have they are certainly puts you in line with the ladies let's go through that's drugs will make you famous but already this auto macro milk carton of way whatever opinions didn't face out there Dana and eggs ankle. Exactly Ariza we will somewhere else is wait in line when someone else. I went to the must think Shelvin yes what I guess. My station wagon manifestations. That is an outsider right now the throughout this these days away and this is our roads baby yeah. And this is schools and Hollywood Brees could possibly be. And and I give a large I was Goldblatt absolutely love it because I love it because it makes him happy Olympus us smiles media outlet but I guess if and look at first they're awesome mayor Luis is not sniffing would. Right I mean you know I can we do in some named worst thing brought the cheaper Belize and oh lead Devlin be cheaper roaming glues the incumbent wants and the prices it's it's didn't get down there coming in LA as is stuffed the still think she. No our guys but. We had changed substantial bit. We eloped talk well we'll talk a little bit more about the wagon woman come magma we just great in the new stuff to talk well we isn't super in the news stuff guys you listen I'll routes and happy hour. I know what went on roles in happy hour. This is Robb Pitts playing your freedoms can Rocha. Five woods had an imam blue blond haired smooth so can nibble. You look at really way too close. Don't look at me with a very well that's. Of that away and come up with a it's just see which friends are insulin pump up up up up up up. Hi guys who love it's going to take a little bit smooth dogged his mug is in good boom boom but not. A whole lot more elegant malware. Due to jump on the bank and can't bank like Charlton and then boom boom and I can had to have and we shouldn't have a. A bag as no seriously we though we left off we're talking melting into the wagon so plus some other story lol that aren't other drill on back with a score. That you have that. But finally the boys over the mustangs shot I've got this sunrise in las they're right is all right com Charles barbers who worked on the two and and he's an element of fans have to do we have put them done after break in period. This car has some amazing. Like amazing. The look. Only his face has got a child at Christmas column that does not feel right now on a day some I drove this car and almost two years. And I've been going on the interstate like every day and end this amazing. And the really a whole lot because you know break in period but. This has been thought it supposed joy in your mom yeah I'm legal school were renowned as giddy would joy. I'm done with Cink. So let me tell you Lou about the car. It is an annual increase station wagon. It is my grandma Hersh creator has a near its mind there's nothing that says tertiary Gator and other than that if you givers here in the end what is the epitome guests will not work or that word the soccer mom car. So but it really good exists they six point oh was through 43 heads. A Brian Julie stage for cam Brian do we springs with a titanium recent trainers. 06 cents a policy what does we have Kyle put old hump on we you know bigger clothes Myers. Headers six time spent and mufflers. The transmission has a 3600 stall when it Loko or share after it is O gazes. 3.3 years. Corbett 06 brakes on her front. Ball street 38 legs on all four corners take him coming just get your own Muster thirty days. Lower down bill takes brains got Hollywood establishing his own needs. I mean a in innings for today he's dumb the stores is awesome post Oslo misses have. So as long months there have nuclear. There have to warning that's pretty bad and as that caller on management got money as well Korea. Meant more time to come out looking now yes I still blood that day and yet that's what the wheels came off a little clearly you know those for toll different reason. But didn't cause he's been a lot of money embrace. But any him yeah this car in Latin guys I guess thank you personally rump I got thing Josh and breezy mile walk if for Clinton a perverse. I feel like you've just won an academy who all I feel like I have thing. Adam and most importantly yes thank you yes yeah home view for all your support. No money like governor friends that I you know Chris rover and travelers are risk my buddy he's of the north Carolina's came down help on the scar. So many people rather hands a listening open now. It's been two years in the waiting and man's here it's also. Enjoy it is the caller is just such a sleeper because it's almost like he's your house of playing tricks on you. You see this Rendell caprice station why would bags. And they can limit for almost realism that. Everybody brings it up and itself like a pro mod cholera that pretty much as well. That's sales coming from Latin. It is deadly turns and gone on here say abetted does it has been. But man I'm to anyone I am I am enjoy a win this thing and I have been listening again thank you for everyone's got their hands on and had a part in that. And I can't wait to take into the strip and really see was she daybreak get real hurricane yet because this weed without rod. Fix it break it pretty sure it is a brats and some of them actually I don't do that we yet collector car there's a difference. To say that among a hard drive mum Mel who stole it well see emergency just fund the weakest link can repair. By next will be either ran drive should have room you fix that don't have no weak links gal won't get there who get there. I guess what guess news talk about. This right here does you know this great. And I cannot believe. That I have not heard this coming from anybody else heard it here first yet is the only do we get there we get there we did a student here we have the scoop. Because he posted it. All right I'll tell you won't play scenario for you guess what rub paint jewel picture thanks. Take a look nameless celebrities is really hot nowadays. You know like George Clooney area George clinic you got George Clooney you know he's at the mall rat. Kevin launch of the moan he's walking up to par or need your drugs his vehicle. He's got a Miller live this thing and you know it's Miller liked that goes you can read the label. And rim faced they're all over the place. Walking to get in his car and we know George Clooney wouldn't do that now George Clooney done this TMZ. And people at every tab it's acquire. Would be talking about this absolutely. All right. Take that save image portrait up energy. Pulled George Clooney out because he's a good fellow and whenever doing things like that we love you George because right. Insert Richard Rawlings plus TA actually opposes this picture of heated postings people put us there is to grant. I was actually flipping through their you know me I would give them by our time now in a turnaround Maddux a medicine walk a mile lips until trash but I won't tell you something. This is what bothers me about this you know there's not a world fuel during colder as good a sure thing. And he's a beard system after all via you know Miller plays and a lot of money. But. This is the prom Iowa that you literally just took a picture of open container. Open container out public. And and now I can't say that he did or didn't get in the car but he was walking door just guarding you did it with a beer and then open was definitely going towards driver George duke and I mean this was a thing about this picture. Anybody with a and he says would not have boosted this shot to know him doing that a home. You know this is this is my problem with that we'll do what these guys you know you get to a certain level and you feel like you're above everybody. We'll look so well still plotting every one that's right. And then this is the thing where it is the dangers that go along with this you know Richard Rhodes is superstores Discovery Channel. I mean he is and he's doing great things for the hobby I'm with yummy shows that are they're fast wells no more Sheila. But. One wrong move. It's got to weigh it all comes crumbling down and this is where I'll think here this is something that's really bothering isn't the hurt. The three shows ago. I mean look you got shares you nursing shift crews will grow beards and now. He no saint and you understand it's an angle here that's for the show. Is real life. He's Leno relic that's what we've talked about gas want to beforehand and I am a huge fan of the show and I actually like it just for what it is. It is a drama factory then produces school callers that it really is that it gore fund teacher shot. Makes callers I mean it is that show is not meant to be educational is not man Tino. Oh this is how we do this now soya is entertainment value only. If you look at brainy thing further than that. That I think your back up this is a show for entertainment. And the drama and he knows when we had Jeff Lutz on the show. He talked about best you know they've figured it out you know women watched a show. Because of the drama involved whether it. Meanwhile watch your for the cool callers quote removing these shoes are made for Korea us now. There may for the masses right Reichman Torres will watch it. Absolutely terrible plan about this all they have rye rye. So but here's a problem now you're elevating the normal core guy who's you know got involved of one of these shows. And you put in my whole new plateau and from millions of global. And he's just normal guy but he's uses rock star mentality is. Really there and us the most is look at that you know Richard rose who's he's not the first. Let's go just generational scale Orange County Choppers look at the totals exactly I would say someone does this right here. You heard your first is to begin moving in for Richard Rollins a really believe it. Or call Bristol split Aaron Kaufman left and wind because CNN com am buildings have thank jobs for TV well this little thing that soup. But I mean this is the thing is you're drugs in Iran no we were things going great but I'm telling you it's all fallen that same Lucy CAA and knowledge this is James. There'll following that same path. Here you'll see Lucille go out they're doing silly stuff like this no absolutely not sure who you show real clear for years because of that exactly you know you'll you don't wanna be a bottle rocket. You Alina real brush and then fade away Ali Khamenei you know it's like I Kelly live street outlaws same same scenario. Bottle rocket ship which Ameen ya heard her coming back yet they are making a comeback well Hillary in Cuba and don't say some of the shares are like a singular bold bottle rocket thing. We're about Richard you don't mean you can clip system give Judy occasion not above the law to exactly how they did in I think that's very important when your and I. To keep them back here and make you an example for people what exactly do miners still are general actually used to be educational. He used to be all right guzzle touch specialness here in the next segment here is an honor us and happy Delray here of 1063 WORD. It does little by dollar drugs and happy hour is rough periods. Common that you lack. Kinda from Greenville, South Carolina. Was that rendered. Days it was a pure they're all cool like eight Pennington went to surfboard. They knew it. Stuff and those rules that I like this seat stadiums that hinges look rail the window and see my carcinoma. Still we funeral Newton now we have wounded. All right Sewart so Malcolm mister Richard Tron here sort of mystery drones and actually the patient person how to snap her pace we're talking about. More action is totally his behavior in general Brigham and think about is like I remember actually watching shows in high school. Oral Discovery Channel rank near when the scope rules about learning. Carolina. And no. It's about. Car should drama a fifty year old Villa who drinks. Cold beer and Susan. Who a lot. Or does your saying that we probably can't send there because his pro trade marked. But you really gives you some muscle then yeah like a lot of like that yeah and so I'm kind of like the idea that the it's the only way it's fun for me it was a really disagree drones is a mega storm because Discovery Channel and what was actually a blow wolf for people to read his book. And in this. I don't know the minute thing is he used to be a cop so he knows better and I. And I mean I'm pretty sure Texas has moved into your loss to our budget thanks Arlen thinks I am in little salute and a marine industry learned that army in your promoting this. In other assailants neutrino and they look what he's doing you know and always perfect. But I wouldn't O'Brien about the only restaurant now when no longer oppressing us has spent probably those bad out there I mean you know it's. I don't she's a bad image you know and this is the thing you know and and I hate to say that I'm into this thing you think Safina when he's on T leader contributor who she's in the shot drink he's not sitting in a moving caller drinking. You know buoys in the shopping O'Neal's up your system or whatever it's funny and emits a great cook in the show. But. That being said. That lifestyle outside of that show. Is a career Ender. Oh yeah I agree tiger hill or one wrong move because everybody knows Hugh Laurie when you get to that level you've told you don't your Mac absolutely. Absolutely. I Greece there. Solar shift gears a little bit. Let's leave coral Richard Malone and his beer drinking habits and your treating us so much crap for others earlier and now. Well shifting gear from away from whereas I once more absurd we're together all into a surgeon. Callers and caffeinated beverage did you did you have fun there now. Most livable Leland and this vehicle car there. Really cool corridors of wasn't did have real long reformer Indian Wells account a white it was. It was an analyst powered it was. Was your station wagon they want to believe since he give gifts would you guess are anyhow let's give them what this show is truly a battle. Fast trucks. Old Jason Elisa who really really rude cool. The me and I'll run. Have to rub the list we have of the coolest sport trucks sort the fastest production pickup trucks and not say what if structure popular. Trucks have always been popular the great sellers. But you know these silly trucks that thirty years old homeless list Alia. Well here's the deal of the drug man. There's my soul alive who hasn't owned truck had a family member with the truck road and a truck perhaps some sort of memory tied to a truck oh yeah. Well me every week old it you know mean. The drugs have always been hard especially here in the south there's huge I mean it's just it's a whale life you go to pickup truck from you got dribble drove a coworker and into the studio pickup truck in the driveway coming years won't. Heck we both their. Have pretty cool could've trucks only alarming inaugural Silverado her day. There's just a mean that every is just like me drove pickup truck William old drug emporium regular certitude UC Syrian front fender big portrait but. The I mean it's just a low. Grill inlet and go back and I can't bluff. That's for certain someone we knew it and the the blue the fun thing about is over trucks are so popular. You're not just for utility Mormon status and you were true absolutely and but probably own. I'd say honestly and in the neighborhood of centro Somalis who I mean a real sure I have to I mean it's just. It's a very popular market and you're the performs market is out there for these troops to. Indeed Troy in these manufactures or listen absolutely because they can also very cool trucks are yours. It would older TouchWiz Sonya we told muscle the fastest corners we'll talk about fast total budget. The total sport trucks in general you know speaking out fast trucks backed miles high school swung my first Karzai has seven EA Shimmy C ten pick up. Nothing special mother shrug but aren't good was a built 383 that I've built shut plus sixty over foreigner crank out 350 formal mind. That thing was awesome that's very cool yeah. Good true Manges also drug use Iraq though man that was rough economy is still full control it but there's no absolutely. It's just I mean wrote music here or there isn't there's nothing I mean I've never heard this is metro. Every drug is a good truck every drugs are good truck and decent reviews for every truck and we risk. That's what makes these things book and owns a summer of course you can pursue welcoming is what we told us media struck we smears of the world who photos is 50 above so raw look at usher out. You know Russell era until inventory forces the bad rut. I think you've got the pole Robson that projectile for drugs like Todd is news journey mall you know and I mean. Will need you excursion Mabel you know big diesel and tires tolls on run of his things like the most strong runner absolutely. I guess what we've done is we've compelled to topped analyst zenger kind of popular amongst us. And is a top ten lists ranking trucks in theirs you're sixty times Soes should get an arresting. And number ten on this list is 7879. Dodge you'll read expressed. This is awesome truck this is one of the first it's more trucks. Yes she charges always been meg got there that come to this road the curve there just rattle some drumming is always a first wanna strike. And you get little blood trucks there relatively unchanged from 1970. Two in 1993. Commercially look let's say yes that is the longest running body move. Somebody else any good myself yet. I mean this is insane it is trucks remained. They're here it's a classic exporter hears it looks like a truck it's a real truck exactly but a little school is nearly trigger steps are dead they're put in the iron. You're bright rarely get this gold lettering on the subtle little writ express all of he understood these big state what makes that hikes still strip this Jesus was spot one of course got slaughtered legs on it from the factory. But the thing the mayor really cool. Is they wanna put little heated it. Keep in mind this is 1978. This is. The armpit. Of Porsche nowadays. Well you know in Nancy it brings an interesting fact of how the strokes remember one thing about this is 1978. This is when government has slammed down muscle cars most of hours and 78. Are nonexistent and here I don't look they set out to do this or not. That this truck was the fastest production vehicle in 1978. Which studio is not saying a lot will allow I would say they actually dig has been Chrysler. Now a glorious new poll here is always new safety and emission laws were for passenger vehicles under 6000 clowns. This did not meet that qualification as a way to 6100000. To pick up truck exactly and then on top of that it's not a passenger vehicle knows not. And there's we called the sharks who wasn't it was a quick grown due to some more details like that. But that would total about a pickup truck pulled out wrote a 30 wait for Rory O. The stroke went out running any new Ferrari Corvette Porsche trends or anything of the fastest production vehicle in 1978. And they felt this loophole. Which is and it was only in 1978. They went for a Caroline convert only strokes or anything. You know 360 units gives us in June that actions holly into aches and how we callers from the factory only sings. They'll really cool that you actually really displayed hot rod with all of Chrysler's hot horse 36360. I mean this was a police interceptor agents exactly I mean they're different raw Aurora differ everything still critics. These really are and how it came in from the factory allegedly sold extra that they were not supposed to say 300 books neither did they send your chief Manfred. And it genome incendiary guy sitting up got a lot of money takes under four bills about nine great impetus is this month everything think about mass 1978. This stroke was part remote powers adult toy line up. That's what they call their lineup for these cars. How schools that you can never be aware of that these guys know you could never let us that they had several live from wells would you know in the state of California thicker until his troops and there were several tails because of noise ordinances. You could go a little rid express. The halls so census as a collection of several Verizon said LaRue expressed land with a total war law which was a black and gold version of LaRue expressed his search sort of we talk more about the slow ray express right now. First we get taken express off to some commercials shrug our jurors in the Colorado snapping out.