Hot Rods And Happy Hour 6-18-17 Hour 2

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, June 18th

Hot Rods And Happy Hour Live from Ruby Tuesdays.


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Everybody welcome back to hot rods and happy hour loses on route along LaMont co partner here. Mr. rough it's rough that salary doing that are easier on the order so I'm not doing good on on horses Ayers reviews music group would. Settle it. Military's on this week. Working in the studio and blues. Beautiful coach Perry music. When government walls yeah I'm just an RO RO post man they email about animus is library where I don't know we'll he would just. I don't care for a lot of sun studio to do there. Is great. I'm like man what we've been talking about closed on Tuesday and we've been tokens even a back story in a network on do you few years ago yet you. Well you know what is that I came in you know when Gregory isn't limited human development years all of us. Yeah we got in the hot and we really big industry this was in the late eighties early ninety's. We lose Google in a separate national. Association national events on you know those were the big advances for duke solutions league. And you know you that we got a fuel callers and I think what color shoes every week you know government you go to Asia during the day using Google and those motions that afternoon and then I went to a cruise and that if we we give me a moment. The time with prayer candle like what we do now exactly but I mean them that was growing up that's what we did we would Kosher as an animate residents still friends with them that's the end of this car doesn't have been harvested and we'll. Yes there. Man a daily news you another couple math course and you're able to what the you know we threw the years you know a a little callers and nothing else a lot of destroy came into the body. You know these weight goes and the great thing going in the air conditioning and I mean you all these little comfort you know really well these creature comforts him either also when they're great beautiful looking. And I came animal caller you know it you know as several local year's success nukem you move that some Cameroon humans that's do. Six to one of files is that fire bomb bomb was a beautiful Obama was gorgeous. You know that several course used as a journalist execute you notice all these colors in her third duke forward. But I mean and Brigham author do for you see the pictures that you dale will wait on the island there wasn't a little movement that's very very cool sort of core. But notice that now goes to the amount lewis'. It was a three or were through with cynical and it's great cruisers are gorgeous car. It is and it's probably probably one restaurant small blocks around a lot of love that there's nothing tickles me more than you pull the ship tobacco forcefully. After they want is a gorgeous cordoning debuted the drug to William I've listened to GMC skewed grow under a short bit which is consistently received usual bit throughout his GMC with every option you'll we will. And the thing is we called us the troops options that received bullet struck it's documented wanna war. Mr. mamet things AC it well. Enough yet. But we use it yes and they see who use them all star admirals windows that was an exhaust all but ultimately is cool about it is truck as a mild pulls them scuttled DJ of suspicion of course strongly to a beauty wheels. It was just a cool. You know it's just cool crews are but the thing is there's nothing or permit we can reversible that victory. And I have a great time of economic original for you and it looks unity that would mean honestly. A bit a lot of that truck in its enemy the thing about that for other than the fact that it's four miles of the gallon that you could drag it. Bombing at. It's carburetor them in what what more do you army must have miso Reynolds gets twelve I think I'm doing good there excellence and that's economy compared me repeats. Why is so we got a back problem rom course you know on my his father's grandfather. I think we're off vulnerable ship line on the pass them on rod. Abroad the story of Oliver the story of laughter now. Grow applaud anyone much of a car a main part you know he likes them. The cool thing I remember I was told pop love and Graham applied which every G was G tin man marooned in honestly kicked around in that our government rebel always hammock and around. That's agreeable things we're dribbles get like we have today. Oh cripple it and have them over the world TV antenna on the bag will boomerang and there a moment ago on this Graham fine one minute and it I think what I've grown woman can elected grapples and you love with Carolina you have to Phil black with a will and that he speaks clicking. So grapples always Kelly Mann he always like Roland style I appreciate that because it does that movement of that money. I still like the big callers obviously well enough and runs like that you're okay. Oh yeah absolutely I had 179. Seville willow for 25 big block in. You talk about great write call or point. Funny story I'm a break until on this one is a funny story about the score. That's caller was your base model can't lie ahead of France was third seed and coming just based model is all gears. Hardly know accessories whatsoever. But I have a big block him to lose. And the reason why as the guy who bought it he -- wife for real mice you know loaded out one in the bar this from this when he ran mention him. Really yeah surrealism and innocent and he's going to still religion is seven and earned him as far as I'm romance that Russia and to this day dramatic anyway class Teddy would close bombing here click about how big is a trunk space shuttle can likely that. We've included a lot of shine in the Cadillac. We are very available coming you can fit well there's that was actually rooted movement or. Putting out you know McGrath Poland the big in the course Dan however. Dad was in the callers and dads to serve my love my passion but this is the thing with you guys and because you live your from Michigan you'd hear from nearly its generic well Kalamazoo which is you know we're Tim Allen at risk for his look cocaine habit. All things to be known for an in any move down here to union here's Susan Smith does like to agree stores more room for zone. So I mean we've but you're not always the choice and I mean your your motor city and we will oppose actually born down here in South Carolina will. The little place all fish dam which is outside Chester and the area. And will settlement there also left there's a monumental about finished him. But grapple was born there McLellan when Pickens I don't know how Ramon ended up of Michigan. Would ramp on the aging team actually moved to Detroit looking for work. Really Somalia and AM. In the end became along excellent quickness yeah because there was alternatives to an occasional in the United Auto Workers don't assembly line. No grip actually when he became allotments of the Detroit in you know that's needed for years. I mean even when he passively still analyst allotment stuffs a Sevastopol grappled this vote. Then you know he grew up looming debt was graduated in 74 said the group operating in Michigan when we're all these mostly cordial as he got thing. In the heat of the most of core battle that was a teenager missiles yeah domain and he was right there in the makes it was not conceal these big block or registries have been. Everyone in his school is a big blocks on his get things is couple years old. Element of the schools you get you to the travails you that you or your 400 money. You're at your forceful when he went tons of coverage all this cool stuff right under actually won dad's Brothers actually four point nine super as a group. I mean this. Mean that was the old days on the dole. The run don't get me wrong. Well nothing compares. To what these or the stigma. Well. Well that actually in 1974. His brother mile a local. Bought a 74. Dodge 100 in this is the coolest thing ever. On yes things will read expressed midnight express these were big trucks but then but dodged to 100 was based model was negated and the ball listening torturing. And he actually bought it slightly used all of the sign of a guy who worked at dodge dealership so you think you're gonna dodge dealership near where we want. That is based model. College 100 forest green. In hand under the hood a full forty big blog 39 who works. Was this thing I mean back then you'd in the annual recorded day here you have options for that particular model you can pick. You know if you knew how to check the right boxes you can just begging me motor combination any caller you won't want you to. Gaining one and this was a prime example of a Sony for my local baldness drug and there was some before does that 100. Lonesome me sixty years as a high school my dad actually got the struck. Debt for the senators on that facility you know builds also some minds on that as it. And what else did you need yeah I mean honestly you know you open up so very little demands it. Bombing dead used to me stories about the stroke. And you know you just go fun McCormick he's got think. You know I semi six Corvette one hit them too much no no citizens or it was not hitting all it's a dead find the sixty so you know 66 Corbett in his blister in the star struck. A man an awesome time in his Bradley or from wave oh absolutely it is a love him and so. I would say more about some dads who runs given up after this break that's right guys journalist in the hot Roloson happy or write your own 1063. WORD. You know rob I love that Andrew get Nate miles and eleven ever managers were just talking about. I was slaves Plano that works out as a muzzle of a little bit. Does that translate it into a consultant with whatever you can have a good group of the picture when you have an a good day you know I welcome. This writer's mind can't work. That's that's that's that's just off -- did well they were both pretty good we're gonna talk in its taking pictures were pretty girls that's what we do love you honey the the center left you standing room there moment like that be quiet she going in in trouble. I.s so we're talking about mobs were talking about is beautiful 74 caveat. You know had that stroke mental demise of curriculums in core Mets run from wall a little bit on the truck actually ended up with a blown motor. That's a wonder how that happened. You know it kind of runs in the family man that are pre get blown motors affect American you get it on its think dead bestowed a little too much in the anthem that one. Really that's what does one would tell you have to give thanks Dan. So. Little bit later on in my life. I grew up and a bunch of well of course we live to Michigan so we had for about four blazers you know little K five blazers. That things are cool today's them trickle it oh yeah very close above even though one. But Dennis seventy sixes and they actually Anderson it's. There's some cool stories we loses. Which made me love goers in more. Others are cool commonplace for us to go up the mission is go three lights and was clearly knows release them back to back. And and to back this is his name is the name three legs slowed down a little fun thing to do because. He was dead was drivers blazer often move on the breach the religious driver off in my. Scare us the name of religion says. Molina it was cool and do you care hiking its way you know yeah I'd like against Wembley is drowned in his blazer of the three legs love of me but that was just a local times oh man my dad. And then I remembered there was a part very famous sport we always went through in Kalamazoo COLT can over report. This wherever one went you know new scheme woman's scheme but. You know sledding down hills who is married you know go about slowing analyst Glen had a big flight of stairs when Bob slid downhill. You can just walk upstairs Rebecca. Would then vote those little too much of water balloons there's that he was his drug. As boys are open them. Won't today's move was so yeah and and analyst as women's tennis when I got my of course at the same thing and that's when it's well. But I and it houses my dad who school. I mean you know and then when we get down here which this wireless where for those who don't know that I do have known about six and now. But dead and in 1980 says Chevy Silverado original three fields won't buildings. And as a drug Gosselin. Little rough what they're put. That I mean dismissal school Leo refusing decently until about entity itself. Well when we got the truck in actually had a 350. Gas power goes mobile in human. So someone swapped one way this drug I grew up on driving. I mean. You talk about is gone down hill and a three videos yes it is not too bad you restore normal GM retreated easel do you realize of the slow or socially were god awful I don't even know. In all they did release that at a gas powered those mobile motor could differ saluted the too loudly diesel these things were a lot while the pistons were different animals because you think about the bridge and a I mean there are some different journals but it was. A horrible idea. Well GM says a few of them over the years but the main manufacturing. He's exactly. But Mendez has some cool callers users entering as the day you know mega alliance like animals of course growing. And yeah I remember the three no real well in excess of before baby blue terino. 351 Cleveland actually study public or the day it was baby blue baby blue goes they people who tell me you can game will balloon out. Baby blues yes he's been blew all the way but I mean in my thing is I came in business. I like being out settlement then absolutely we drove down the road. So any time you know little truck may have worked I was right there says changes and all measures changes starters. Whatever it is you know he would tell me what to do I'd give truth and do it. And that was what bonded me in my fault line Romo. And you know what so what got my Meehan to the passion of love and callers is just work now moment that that will look at which the majority. Let me guess she's real good reason nails and you know is also it was a job don't you do it yourself if you accomplish. Project whether people at your store or an injury builders on the work there. I mean that's what. And since it would in this that's what brought to. Yeah I absolutely in a while Ballmer first or my 63 ship Miller which if I could ever get it or back. That would mean one. But I mean dad held within you know some points and distributor. They're my people my age you even know points and distributor or. Well me and for you actually. Era Elena Simon is innocent the most efficient way than we currently has one of the most important in the world I mean you know a 130 praise General Motors on the exit before. As they came out with electronic ignition au AG mister Rogers gave it will be portable in nineteen before they get them absolutely. We did a man where the points no distributor actually still have a point in house and the words that. That is just in case scenario you're probably the only millennial the movement is with our museum lineal thing we Easter I think government title not being called your you are one of the cool when you Islam that I'll take that oath and they can move from old spiky haired man conflict. At a but now mean that bestowed the media love and passion for callers and you know we workman's if he threw together. We got a -- room and together and even in high school you know Leo he is really does give off and outclassed. I was over there bill Meehan a small one of the month for small block in the election. Element and that was the phone and we all. That we can actually. Agrees yeah. I mean that was something she made that very first motor. Small 150. Appeal to shop class. And I remembers being late for my four walk last because I want to use Enron. The report will answer answer the first drive cranked radio well you know that feeling well. Nixon you know you wanna do something else and you build faster yeah absolutely and it's funny story that funny had a point two or through the room. And at the time houses seniors all I have left which I mean at this woman seen here on. Ball ahead was shot glasses. It was to emails or little little advocates is that the duty tour. But who. Canada radio my buddy they came and the answer when you're drove the truck in need to rebuild. It was Lincoln home Bobble on whatever. So we're Brothers trucking in earlier that mourn and let cool wolf we win and yank the motor. We rebuilt that motor and put it back in the truck and drove home after all I mean. Pelican duty in April and it lasts forever don't know which you know what though we did yeah. Those fun things I mean. A reverse over the things we do it like school enemy. These ruthless with these horrible years may have little that we narrowed that that those things are there or when listeners should go. Salute a main. I can never imagine what I was doing back in high school you know who from all trying to build. A motor rebuild the carburetor and lose half the courts I can and never imagined. That was the story of something major. You know in. In the end led me to where I'm at right now immediately but industry not only hobby it's good to me your list. And we are excited about it it really quick story about freedom you know porcelain vocational school about it. Yeah he wanted to take number last me as a PPG. And it and that's how it happens is is unbelievable. And you hear these stories all the time espionage stories. We gala some commercials though some stories we're going to come back until more room all right guys you listen -- us via our Radio One 063 WORD. Gas welcoming a hot run as Robb Pitts. It was stolen a moment ago emailers a little sleepy week. One sleeve damage done to promote him. What's. Your. So on. And it it would take you to a microphone lives could pan am in you know among men care's moment and you know you stole from me. Are so the deal we've been talking about my hope is. This follows. Others. What to do what goes the old days of let's talk about the raw and on broad side. Around these two things come together well it was one faithful mine on Craig's list when Ralph ZZ. And I I I. Now so we're. Was that courses and a starts in the morning. It's ultimately. He insulin an adult video camera this morning closure of drugs and Java or some of the oil. Cappuccinos and I'll. We will work this morning me and we got to talking. We did home will you and I unit plastered 65 race number on the sunny Malibu it is only when media room and no clue what it it would stick does whatever scope works. And you touch that Mac in there to music marker and I know because is like a drubbing of it's only that these arrive Puerto Rica. But it wasn't weren't caller surely you Robert is in there and laid out anyone caprice issuing penalty here. You know web outward at least law. First roll out what I do well this is approached a drug is one way I had my hand mobile wallet and make sure it was still there at negotiators editors months ago. And then we got broken about closures and vs the humor while we were program. We've got about disclosure really well as you don't know the that we could do so much for all the different way cattle like how bad my decision when that wagon once and it's a 500 dollar station playing with about 4500 no suspension honors those movement of Oreo. Otherwise investments Booth who. He know what they're real now and then and again and Dylan. But you know like I said we will we get talking about it. You know Campbell played almost certain. Certain meat we have it with hot rods and happy hour. You know it's the night and ultimately back working lightly and relief wells in the callers and oh. As a perfect description of you it is every week we have overlaid. You know it's. Well tonight's good news we have very we have great drama here is like it was another Republic of Yemen there also an analyst into assuming we don't summarize it. That's mostly. I mean I'm just saying and you know. The equipment like war but. Let us that is great great trip we start the first president bill Shaheen was father's day of 2050000. People a positive thing which a show almost an Athens yet that shows that the bills those roles well. They does the rose rough month so June 16 2015 my father actually passed away have to do with complications. And that was a Tuesday night and a rumor on Robertson man I think ecology Wednesday morning. As a man as the owner of the shows don't have them you you know wages nature of the way through three months ago via Donovan and others to. And and I demand us about I don't know if I can do business I only you know I'm mainly there to be able to handle doing the show your room with a mentally anyway if they have a point there. And I think is what light winds. Later Wednesday or Thursday us and Texas the man. As a there's no way as a mother Evelyn who won this thing happened in you know my dad was in the hospital for so long heating you know our roads I was never even had a conversation woman and about Roseanne you know the idea of it because he was and so bad shape. When I talk to him as well you know little bit more important things so we never actually got here about the idea of this. And so you know dollars a camera on the a year. And I remembered being there and they do a good friend of mine who's here right now he's actually were my shoulder. Branding Gaffney Walter to me and I never even seen him at that time. And he can move remains an amen sorry about your dad and that's one knew we were doing some right. Well in the spectacle or lookout for each other we look at world. And I mean Lou that we know we reform enough and we mean we have now we have and we went through 300 people right now. Oh yeah we're so merit in his Father's Day 2015. Sway in our butts off underneath the blue tent with a borrowed PA system from above in my. And you know swim. Thing in Heyman we just want to cruise and once monthly is horrible phone once a month. And man it's taken off like wildfire the response from everybody. Has been amazing I mean just absolutely amazing. I would never dream. That two years from that point we would be where we are right now I would have never even imagined that I mean is absolutely phenomenal it's just grown. Like just leaked some man. Well I mean there is nothing is just insane that we were little we cruises raise money you know world calls or whatever. Do a sixteen true whips and national audience in the deaths of pictures. I mean we've been in five states dispatched here. We radio show is doing grade us appreciate you go. Along with us this means history. Yeah I mean. The constantly and loses I mean it was unreal and it's taken all. And like we said earlier in the show if it wasn't for each and every one of the guys here what for all you guys listening homered driving them room listened to us. What were doing would not even be remotely possible I don't know what I mean what is in it and in our sponsors you know we have Griffin radiator it. You know Williams detail announced armored we have so many people who stepped of them believed in what we do well mean and I mean. We really have changed harsher seen him have the music. Yeah with shall we put the show can coach and I think we've done a phenomenal job and I think everybody here obviously. They're here they agreement and they've responded so well what we've been trying to do. Am I mean I cannot say enough how much appreciation appreciative of that. Oh well I mean these guys believe I mean every one of these courses. They come orbits all the town witnesses. And you think. Two years. But I mean a lot of these myths about loves me he likes to see these people. Oh absolutely I mean you know anesthesia will icu molesting my life's. She's way says she's way prettier look at new products theory but not enough coming in you know it's been growing it's growing you know. You come to these events usually you hear you know Robin we're on the Mike's talking. From a crowd will now we've we've brought in Josh embryo in the run in the DJ equipment right now they're making the music happen right now. Real over there with you know lovely Wednesday so that carruthers British rupture six. Yeah I think you'll if you know somewhere between Kansas and Josh were you know. Pass away maybe you could push Rio wafers that so it has been at it until an open line. Bombing just you know he's taken of for the DJ it. And our plans are next year is to have them two in the second swan. They're doing this witness described as a means we're to the point we were doing shows state. That we can actually in the actually do you write your closure. And that's the plans mean. You know you guys will be judged Josh in Treo. Or they are part of wing of the moment or couple weeks ago. You know you guys are from the Eagles should be seen them along more. Coming up here lately I mean you know we see in the amount about real lots of our game. Real rules and we go a lot of big things of which. Yeah and like was that are always shaker FaceBook page hated do another shameless plug. But no question this FaceBook page go on their go to tolerance that you know follows at Iowa and Robb Pitts and me Robert Bennett or opera. And as we like talk and we like here in from our our friends do love your feedback from them give them the tools and one we got a few weeks is again Michigan. Don Lambert non members are great guys and we go work with everybody you know we worked with him every year you will get more of that later. We were with him every year that you actually don't commerce. Was on an island here in a little bit coming its. Doors this is open up for us and just allowed estimate people. Speaking of people who get Al Alex server and froze it there are we. 163 sticker on his board yet. He's a fan lamented that. Is it's a good pitchers of all these sweet rides doing his thing Ezra. I have to. But I may. It is these fans that they've responded to what we're doing and we will continue on to keep doing it. Oh yeah well earlier this is thing we're going turnover ratio for everybody and I mean that's that's the name of the game. Absolutely that's they would speak immigration news wantonly dig a little bit compliments memorable shows we've done over the years. Oh well over the two years there's so many gracious. I mean I want to say it was punitive or right here agent a true Jesus because we're all started. Well coming back to our first show you know for sure we don't. A main man we didn't know what to expect your magic who you are remembered because it rained. Yeah all that day in cleared and we agreed in which it would really with seamless. But it's a new housing nervous break. I mean by the time the sugar there of a felony that are easy you know on both remain. It was amazing when people come and obtuse and mean just thanking us for what we're doing. Love the music I mean loved everything and they've stayed with some with nervous and cool following. Well I mean and that's the thing because we were little bit different little different music you know we stood up a little bit we always those fun games. You know just just me mute back and forth on the mine let me replay of the troops will. Yeah man loses is actually Graham and it really is. A management. On a memorable shows that we've done. I mean we get a more bottom it will remain just real quickly going the same we'll rebels something fondness of receivers. Won't lose. A missile in the book it was cervical. Oh yeah enemy were fortunate to be a part of you have several different businesses that does seem that we represented comes from nature that we actually get the option to go to Vegas and yes it was an article from Patricio and it's wonderful that we talk about it more coming up next. Absolutely does so if you're not here ruby Tuesday's comes his room here till 9 o'clock or later. Palm comes is come hang out when this Romeo on the air to lay. And can take other 106310 right here on hot rods happy hour right here 1063 that the Lordi. Our guys welcome back not Rosen have been our. Let's say you honor was that no man. The place in the Adobe's right here ruby Tuesday's vote for a you'll want leg let's play again you know that a split is there first though let's zoom actually trust us with love radio. The mixed person of the routes that we notes in its entrances they hurdles one of those expert that we orderly. We're gonna give them a free doesn't appear to Asia that's right right here Woodruff road group also it'll Ruby Tuesday so that's easy bureau and on the road you're listening to him and wanna 63 you listen not routes that you know in the years. He's today. They're in a treat teachers like his exit off on which approach. Pull in here to ruby Tuesday's currency. I mean we're not hard to spot. By no means mean and orderly effort Fisher is right here under rebel which in this. I'm so that's what we're talking about we're talking mouse memorable shows retirement corners in and go once in most probably most memorable thing. I would say in my life as that was they bucket list a as the main reason those buckets. What is the coolest thing I mean you think you buy is the move obviously. Yeah we've met some angry people other made some great conflicts. Contacts that we brought back home you guys are here dribbles get a lot more commences oh yeah knocking any release of the names in the kimono but there's some great. They want another great show we can do is the mini truck nationals this year the major organizations that raise him you go in North Carolina. Nobody parties like miniature of course it will signals that hundred. Or homeless there a lot absolutely I remember going back in 2016. Going to the nature of nationals like you know highrise have errors dollars. So I broke away and went up there in the nature nationals as a man as a I would love to host this show I would love for most of whose solution next year. And logo next year thanks or but he can ways and in great workforce we were there we were hosting the show. In these guys that get through it rained all weekend and these guys that can now. That was a great show it was a wonderful show. And wanna portion of the raid didn't slow these guys. At all I mean it was like. I don't know I mean these guys their floor courtroom as that's the best way to sell them reminiscent. On cruel joke they roll as true difficulties. With some. This. Christmas I've ever seen how absolutely framework officer or body worked through the roof paint jobs like none other I mean you're custom or who's who loathed or to bring to light in the future I'd have to. In another memorable thing is startup. This one was phenomenal ponies in the smoke these movies and so he's in pigeon forge Tennessee we wrought so we all simplistic of course we weren't severe real convictions there were problems in the books it was adorable sure. All that. We you can go that we wells. As a hard rock cafe and then at the Quaker state Lou. Coming in red or severe reals well you know Dalembert. Awesome awesome show I mean there were so many beautiful mosque things one for every year in almost every one of the was the especially. Sailing callers. Well they handles it one year one of every year assailant or they have one of every year but like 76. It was every year molesting my let's face it there world enemies innocents if you assume music listening to that was Austin's all but the thing that was really cool about it with all these corporate side. Yeah and you know units and especially towards there like it was cool I talked about this when we covered that show on the air. I talked about this caller you know they had the Hearst. First edition mustang there. And that's cool and of itself because those are renal callers. But then they have a hearse convertibles which it was one of thirteen made. In those went to the executives of person to see one of those. We'll see you both those stores in the same place was phenomenal well I mean the hurt recording and that's a big thing that actually came in 1965. And these were Carroll Shelby callers people with a column red razors you can actually read them and raced in for the week ended drop tobacco. They actually don't away withdrew because people assume those two rated them appalachians put even Israel's Likud back in the cool yeah I mean it isn't awesome. In innuendo what was that I can never think of the name of them. The red mustang big wing north college hill. The overall become growers and won them again what 2000 you know 2000 of those main gift it easier to does nothing on me 2000 immigrant criminals and very uncle got a real always you. And I mean as a with the cold caller. And you know very little options only came in read probably want them. Well I think I'll kill him here recently that was one last this production Muslims and I think about it they have the terminator preserved several things after that books at the time. So Romania and all these great callers and then like we talked about sailing you just don't see them. This was a phenomenal show tonight and not wait to be back next you partner and vice. This is going to feel some severe blue and this is the place to go but on the flip side we also did the fifth annual Merrill gathering in North Carolina. Another great show that's a great show because Peru accurate calls raising money for the Brenner Children's Hospital with Carolina. Until about competitors from all over the country. In Canada Italy and Canada we had all the Lou Metallica hours from candidate now but it won't work for on road. And jello shots and I think the stewards mystery. Of doers were you illusion that late Hampton education command strong but it. At that you guys now Ali the ethical side story the self. So you know Robinson our judgment shows end they thought they could coach the judges via in his jello shots will. My good friend rob it's here doesn't really during selected gitmo is. 1009 or taken one for the team now I was yeah I was I was I was pinch hitter on the island but he's. Done a done more Joseph Johns that night than they have ever done in my own life it was good time. Well I mean doubles that we'll show orders that they agree there and it was just a great ship looked. Absolutely. And and another racial we talked about now lamb little bit earlier on. But Don Lambert show that we work with him on the southern super heavy shootouts and commerce Georges Island Isp anyway. This is an awesome car shows laster recently when it's available about list. This is a 4000 pound plus courses here are wheezing and 4000 plus or rob a guest operating we just had a moment when here. We keep the bat mobile always listening we have the Adam West bat mobile just pull in here. That's awesome. There is too cool for school wrote that we got grow Beijing Games group restore sixty careers in rows with a bat mobile this that's not epic enough to come down here nothing I had to stop incidents alone we have the debt mobile is here in the house. That is awesome as frequently as insulin and had two hours and the excellence program each units man. That was a great show in that was our first icebreaker. On race Oreo what levels of phone with a quote supposedly dragway in commerce it will mean. It was fun and the thing about you of course if your four miles miles as the big do little. Don't count your short there's always over four you know also really offer only callers get pretty happy yeah slowed these these callers can compete in this news of course you go to classic bond market aids worker Reuters. You got all these callers jumping influences but it's not just American cars we have tennis was there. I mean it's anything's have you like you know this wasn't vertical yellow yet. But I mean if you eligible you know when the high number Volvo's. You know they're available waking gentle and they yeah agendas there Ameen. So veto anything like this is always a 4000 pounds and that's where the driver which is not hard to do. Maybe sandbagging a little bit. I mean you can completeness in this is awesome race and we have also bristles and time army and in the Bible. It it visible around it's very often you guys if you can sign here we've just just our view looking outside the oneness I haven't I'm about mobile heading straight toward me right now there's cycles this is too cool for school a prince in this car rolled around town and now this is hidden mystery tour like Avila of the brakes. The bat mobiles Hilton now was great. They just are not sorry needed here in the background and a campus is to grow there we you know told him matches we've entered and exit poll populace was on them. Where is looking old didn't that the illegals go to progressives might once lived at that pace as well I was going to. But I mean only shows we've done and they have been phenomenal. I mean we you know we them that your issue for Jacob Paul will avoid losses like in the town shooting. Great show because we do. Yeah I mean that was awesome awesome show. In an you know doing the show for carrion good friend of hours drivers from Los left Ware Shoals of the race I mean you know his wife and all those that we raise money right here ruby Tuesday's election from early last year. That's a lot man. I'm a little jealous or now we're losing our fans of it's the content mobile Basra I mean we're cool or not bad move to cool. Well miss liberty bell still hung analyst with guys I'm Tony what we're going to wind of them right here on routes map though one of would you guys go. But I'm Tony you need to come around hang analysts here ruby Tuesday's will be here for awhile longer. You need to come months is would love to see all you guys all right guys Youkilis and drugs and the hour right here wanna 63 WORD.