Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, June 11th



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Yeah as little. That's area what Lilly got so much stuff goal it's crazy tornado like going off until his we're always go I'm going on my. It's insane. Like I'm slow this week. Like social since we are overrated. Yeah like I think I heard them say you can sleep with the you know when you're dead and if I keep gonna this trade does not only to foreign movies just drove us that it could happen. Like what the schedule or funeral yet but I'll probably late in between Jews the opera really afford to kill me. A day when daughter what's up what we're going to be June Nate thinks. Coming up real soon we're here we're going to be in hot. That's the Muslim world now aren't you never think we're that portal and portal Mitt ruby Tuesday's home Woodruff wrote this really don't Woodruff road or loses. At the solid more but I won't say something else judges say they're killed his new look Mueller -- -- he's you know we have we have the most for -- I had to inform us as I had none of the four allowances of those weird because little light. Let us the only in your S there. You know her joke out I'd breakaway as of this funny they say mean you know paying soldiers are healthy for you don't let. Think about two and animals always egress account Elsa. I rest my case came that Nelson and now we know while under us code career didn't say go for Mildred you're the screen. I was seriously as you maintained. When a mayor of Tuesdays and we will be doing of the show live from there. This right decision that that's going to be scary we're live. From ruby Tuesday's I know I'm shaking in my boots on the hour. And then now we'll break filing so the whole sleep thing we get to do that for like a month I highly doubt it yes sums don't know of I'm sure. But July 16 we'll be back here ruby Tuesdays and in July 22. We're going to be back to basics and appeared to spartans seemed sound the year awards this and thought about this show so little time these kids know how authority. Yes sir great sound great I'm great course 600 course you that this event since William and even this past we want him listen make segment Iran now a little bit but still the turnout was amazing audio. I mean we'll wins this thing these does they love this that there may come down and they they come and force absolutely. Com and by the way if you want to go inside I was like don't go to back to basics. How far FaceBook page harrah's and happy hour. On FaceBook and check others and a few close down there's a video from this past back to basics for a peaceful settlement is a great shows like as the united via. Super good time goes all right. So coming up after that. It's a special. Special it's a red letter day history. Along when Mueller it's a red letter date hot rod his you know red and red means a danger so yes probably accurate Jan to July 27. Is robs birthday that's sure that Australia has to get us a real special plans there still sell you only. Now I'll I'll be 22 men women experience we lots of experience. No word on our home for the other some some awesome mom for him also running very. The world's local metal closer to date. But it's going to be a good time and then no risk for the wiccan Moore is yes or have homer. Merv did little Thursday for a shift gears Brett Miller drizzle Thursday. Got a calendar ten numbers on the days and also Muslim for familiar Obama go familiarize yourself with the help. Anyway in July to a sales over desolate Thursday that Friday were shipping your going to Anderson to the civic center while the gathering I'm glad you cleared out of brother was unsure of commanders a woman like Hillary really. Cooper. Now we're merely gathering like he says the Anderson civic center. Amazing chip well classical shows the many structure and he's got a look just said even if you didn't really mean any true. Fan. Which which we are we are we will commit truckers little drizzle not really cool. Think he. The weather is with the thing about the majors that you have to appreciate is their fabrication skills and the things these guys are building. We'll talk about this couple weeks ago there. The fabrication skills in the main truck no realm is second non. I mean yes there's a lot car customized news out there and you know put you in a lot of ways these does of the next generation. Yeah wind you know wind fields and stuff like that I mean these as a building amid the frames of work. Our that's actually a great analogy in Maine back in the fifties you had gene Winfield you had. You know like a big daddy and Rossi had all these great customize your true measure our affairs Jerry yeah George where's. You know he's great customize usual now we don't really see that name more but we do and I think that's in the many turnarounds where we sit. Well I know this is a thing here they're careless maybe a little bit different rob heart muscle is still lit the other passions there will what drives it is still there so. You guys if you've never been to many German show are you know what. I don't care if you've been warned not in intimate gathering what does that really cool sugars specifics there which is a wonderful warm moving it indoors outdoors. Got vendors there are rules and embarrass gonna be there and we get to be in the hands those are some really win their condition which means when a lot more lively and it's always does when we're now frying in the trailer where a lot more like twenty. Oh lord. Okay look we got a minute. Well so let's go and start talking about what we did last week or come back to the basic well until for Isabel the basics are we actually got to do a little church work. We did we did. The bills are good shows a great shows a life church and easily South Carolina they're owed a big court show their resume if permissions so they're. Don't there's a lot of low scores show for a great calls now while. As we've sent a million times as well we had started and that's and uses the full import of articles within host the show now can you believe another church and more power doesn't have an hour later. Let's it's amazing at the church tomorrow and have no par putt par tomorrow and I think there was a number they would love to say these guys are going to go there or via the enthusiasm Greg does enemies to great church. Great goals like to sit. Leo's got a cool water running rather got to run up in the dunk he should actually spectator like enjoy the color shift was actually a great thing for wants it wasn't my only other side of the fence it was really cool all right what was your Trevor car from chef. Oldies on the bus full or was the 44 to the blood 44 cubes and known corner was a beautiful beautiful car. I must say come and grant freedom movement hears us and want certainly do disseminated senator. Holiday you assume that often there's a reason why a man that almost claimed it was a very nice caller. Blues and pop all bugs bone in my mental home because then if you listen just turning yourself pat pat pat pat pat. Now in the noses degree show it will off all of that and nation great barbecue. The barbecue was off the change. Yeah we will see with some good still have a do over whether or not that big they lose he was tasty. Yes and you best scorers like we said all the money no wonder helpful was their missions trips up. Where you're almost carry out slowly get off track your little bit but when you talk about barbecue they say it only eating these cells in these salsa on it. These guys did a lot it was perfect yeah I was there really was. Flavorful flick and bounty of flavor because Holmstrom and so alone battles on our Saturday morning Saturday morning and then you know we took a little break. Gus CS well no well actually most of us senator Frist a liberty fund cuts the and then in May up ready get on arazi years lowered. 99 leading to older is makes a fast Korea. And in the fixed well they're on your face or are they hid. The other air my head don't grow at all this has the manpower that is the problem was they cut off will never return home. Movement apple a day what do you do your job square all around we'll always have a great coming in on their their liberty fund cuts. And they were lived a little guy really didn't quote we rolled out the Simpson bill. Back to basics here is part. And this is like we've served an amazing show and there is no shortage of Alan good time there. This past weekend where you know we were a lot of color clothes all across the southeast and these are you're just misperceptions car cloak you know these guys really put only Greta that I mean they team up they got very nervous bright yellow shirt walk around many short troops short troops. Yeah you know running film Mon guys and do a wonderful jobless club well you know really you know and they really work it and they've got food trucks earlier they've got the lighting setup portion or bring in the series and wished a great time Revere and everybody just has full. Yeah I'm as salsa at any other show is not about war does not about he knows meat yeah isn't really is happening now is Seattle. Everybody gets the other everybody has a good time you know just chilling part of our shoes memories of the boys. It is a little else was up monthly total war we're all hot hole Obama we are hidden and death and that we can do other waiters rim more alone time. Plus OJ won the two wars definitely definitely definitely great conversation but isn't going to eggs and beat duke but I can see how does the I don't know exactly what our daughter's most secret weapon in the total war does. He is and how Rosen happy hour right here one osu does look right now runs an embarrassing rub it. Woods still around or should I say the master. Of total war you're among the Shawn Watson and around the dead Abu. Two of total war. You know what I'm Sharon remains dogged it there Mussolini. Another national Jim includes sometimes and man who blew and then you know we got she's the MVP both total I am Yorktown and I don't met your mother Sharpton I am I mean we send you out there to win one from the show wasn't an injury he was available quarterback David probably the biggest reason the Dodgers are where they always say one minute period saying actually ams there will make your to do you just made it fell back you know what someone didn't get content why because there won't win at all. That's it how can they want to make it for your old days under a so we went on Obama. I'm a little boot tiger fan I'm you may want myself as you know I'm I may have an ACC championship ring or to him or to the amounts but you know what I mean I like that stuff that you don't look good -- and I have yet hmmm I'll call on the money Ellis symbol of same not a war champion right here in the well and missiles the thing that was funny you know easier to keep them honest some of these guys earlier this become a better risk they're younger got us a little smaller mall road it maybe a little bigger than your average gas a little bit. Just want to know much. Just I guess the words husky dim fluffy husky fluffy bit illustrate a firm makes millions of feet yeah let's this is your duty yeah that's what it is. Don't vote so let's say it's but you know what I'm saying. This is the thing about it I don't know version along I heard that chicken and biscuits yeah. But listen. Long story short track. You know you're bigger nose gets so I've gotten may indeed be run year round on I mean think about it I may finally. Meaning fat days off would do well in this is the one case because you become a total anchor the old days when you put the Barbara chills and opening comment and I'll promise you and they were we you know you get erupt. I'm too voter file those you guys you know another color play a guy you got another got to be eighty and there are special litter Josh this era and he's about to fit. Did you just just put all little piece fill them out nicely film I see no Nash takes yell out to dinner. I'm not noted to be nice I'm building. A total orgy like no other after it's like training and yeah. People as this gets the more it could have been. No I mean this is a good they get I mean I had a microphone in my so and in this hi Norma my pocket we lost some market front. I don't know what happens I'll kill the kill rapid. Can Barack Obama confronted but aren't we Joseph go additions are there. So last time we were called out for list I think this time I'm calling out some people. So anybody. Who wants to challenge our resident happy hour to aim on July 22 back to the basics they're just part to look toward competition. Bring it I love dragon millennial across port Orleans notice greatest thing ever it is a bushel in lower. But illegal Bieber fans love is like yank him. I'm all you see is like skinny jeans and strip mill gets flying everywhere everywhere here. There is a good you. He should you miss out let's just a reason the total or go to share itself is a reason that the caller limbo as Colombo which car alarm mode is an amazing is the most amazing thing ever was so violent I don't know how I didn't think of us. Well actually aging this year of course lower courts have always been popular political limbo Alou can you go always his club. This rooms can you download and then likes seeing seventeen people inside a Mazda Miata is like me various singers these kids are Paulo police car is absolutely hilarious us I mean this is. It does best coming up close sailors ever freak elephant evil look in my court you only need approval standing on them you know come as Missouri though like you know range of Mo well. Well yeah I mean these are purpose built. Oh yeah I mean they've got these things drag on the ground and you've got to Miata it's a foot left. Total life. Pretty much and Israel close I Syria Hillary fan I'll make three trips rules people that but Garland or is it is a great thing that is really cool because it's always displeasure scope of suspicion so me is not just. Sandbagged cheers. And watch people walk my bag chairs the real journalist thinks they called Home Bancshares they're really goes there and a bag. Well I think bag chairs you know my bag chairs and learned. What if you. Pro death. It we should give Bancshares as a sponsor that would be good sponsor does grace causes granted over there were sitting those sort of Kwame and you know people use amount. That is usable for the Barak. So we love back to basics because. We thought this was going to mean I don't know let's give a timeframe so Saturday morning I'm worries with the church were and easily the church go get a haircut. Power map may and we hit back to basics given its midnight. You know when we and then back to basics were there from like seven amend night. So William back to basics we know over garage sales drop off trailer. And then we decide does this is a great idea let's hop on the call are well what 2 AM and a time. Let us know what 130 doom and let's strap your lineup lesser. New cool thing about that the Borough that is the basis of insulation overtures so well know what you get home you go home go to bed. The women won't go to camp for not doing well but it respond people it's only greater than and other oil. So at 2 AM we ventured down this road we actually I mean you know we like. Discovery right quick and we rolled to Atlanta and this is cool first first Iran into Ohio and you know first guy we see when we're now Larry is mr. Ed bowling and nimble and penalties and doesn't Fuhrman Maria Molina is one you need to do it causes were the Google. To. I'll give you a better way to find out who is. Go back in the rule archives of harrah's and happy hour on the podcast I want a 63 New York need to calm. And he is a very first guy we interviewed let's agree pollute the assert. Ed bullion is the current record holder for the can tomorrow but exactly from sea to shining sea faster than anyone else in his Mercedes ANG thirty round. The ministry had actually. Nye is a great guy no school actually folly made up with a mouse we've talked to a number actually eminent domain emea solo sprinkle those are really cool breeze cool guy of course. This is it's mr. cool. Early this guy's mr. laid back he's got his loafers lol lol good stuff he's works kimbo T shooter. Any drugs which I'll movie honestly if I in the record holder for the camel or on a more demos teacher wearing clothes I mean it's always score is what this is the thing they really funeral of his Lamborghini. You can't cut your major cool points it wasn't because of the seizure jab he come rolled over charcoal gray Lambeau. You know you know it's a right answer you call I think fuel written yet couldn't. A name as Syria is in the show in it rained and rained a Lan and still there was easily over a thousand cars there goes insane amount of course you're there don't know what course. For every advantage every variety of usual or you could even. Think I unless you this if you had to pick one car around and just did on your mind whether you bring home or not. But it was just ignore that just stuck in your mind what would be a little rare Volvo 18100 I'll run. That's sort of cooled mag wheels lowered down feeling you know politically rules loosen. Vehicles to Sri raw style and is probably it's early sixties yeah I'm gonna steal from us thing section I'm have to go with a checkered cab was bill less power. And probably what we gathered to be you know. Boxed up a priest frame under in the army and all schools lose towards Muslims to resume marathon camp to. There was gonna wanna check everything goes LS power you know and just a quake backdrop on checker cabs are mayors on the whole come at all. On those scores were only built in Kalamazoo what do you generals a cab company marathon actually made it yes yes a marathon. That company only existed in Kalamazoo Michigan which is where I'm from those cars are on bill there. And what was also ms. Lee's Porsche from Ford dodge and Chevy right. But we'll talk more about this trip when we come back because we have pay some bills that's right guys you listen to haul routes and happy hour right here on 106 or outlook my dollar us and embarrass you rob Pitts guy. I had let's kill unarmed and why he's Agile his son well man it's like every week we come and iron every week and yell at them. Like at least eight times the sound to a job on keeping your own YouTube news segment don't even have blood pressure right up I think that's no problem trust mental promissory shall we think Hillary left off so we're dinner alana were at Caffe latte around a great time apology tankers now one which Cheesecake Factory would come home and that was Sunday so I think just let the rest of the things a little slow list for a little avail himself so Tuesday night and Tuesday we gathered over to comb overs this for a big a sport -- that come which is. He's back among hospitals he'll keep them near where I felt ill. But I am happy that capture these time months. Until in the piazza goes yeah that was a really bad their own collision. Is part of Curome of course foothills and you have great guy younger. And I mean just really bad situation all around and likes we've covered this a few times and just judgments used to head on collision league actually got out the car in morning and. Yeah yeah and they still hometown and possess the reason our show on the eighteenth over ruby Tuesday's although proceeds from man everything going on mayor's going to beat going to be benefiting him so just given your mind when you plant them now bring here. Bring your checkbook. This or I guess we have several rounds bottles auction houses can be a great time all right so. That's what we've been doing it Tom weir is so we have some news talk about that they won't a lot of things newsroom. I read this first slow always chew over this book is kind of like your thing mean so you go Narnia time. So it minimizes wake up Honda is limiting the power on their Honda Civic SI thought jet had to move well they can take it ha ha I. As we just talked about how cool back to basics guests are. Sorry story in Maine might just post them aren't that they are they do. That's the cumulative Britain so that's the comedian in me I can't help put. Wilmington coach is like a rubber sword you know me I can make a portal controllable movement equipment and swift analogy sir so we'll screw the old days that was me Google's unsold over the years you better have a good analogy he's gonna affect. All right so many orders 12017. Honda Civic released the numbers obviously this choice an insane and we've been waiting on a reason why. And finally. You know. There to make him make him as a reason. Bomb and makes 205 horsepower which is respectable. Which is coming to. Just to put this in perspective and a new week you're always big horsepower numbers now you know we all dogs to humans make in 191000 horsepower whatever. And all this you know he's big and you're lukewarm written zeal warns in the most things when eroded mimic all these big numbers. I mean you is horsepower do you realize 200 file horsepower and a force silver Honda Civic. 1985. A Corvette had 200 horsepower. Yes. So. These doors. You know less respectful numbers you just said and buzz the same number as the predecessor. The same numbers the mosque are same numbers is modeled before but this one does have more towed it toward to it. Now Honda as folly given a reason as Lou as the wise this is done according to rob kill off the senior product planner for Automotive News. He spoke to the engineering team and Honda. And they had this statement make this a new continuing more power into it. But it all takes away from the there billion engines so they're actually looking out for the people buying these cars will. No actually do this is going around in circles. Obviously you can tune anything I internal lawnmower engine. But it's nonetheless. If you how Roddy any thing you've cute old man longevity. That's what they're saying they've deemed to these motors to save face with a coming you can trim and many more power she can it would be anything but. More you do in your kill him longevity and that's why they left does sooner and trying to force our translation had trouble give him an award to. Probably is an accurate statement there that's probably. Yeah that was a nice way of saying that. Commentaries on the bad boy 60000 miles in five years to splits and have you both since we don't want to have him on the automotive community. I you know arms and I haven't they need to and a lot of motors. Well they do a ring and this is a thing or not he was loyal subject you know I'm in the diesel community you know ever destruction up. Can you hear all the time on their money's gotten you there have totaled three quarter ton and pulls us you know. One ton dodge trucks and power strokes and during max's girl signed it stacks named after tunes and all this stuff. This thing that kills me is you hear these advertisements for these tuners and things like that know him we wrongly Samoa right. But you can't run something run on the regular age 24 sevenths and not expected to break or last yeah. This was a maid kills me if you think Dutch could make a Cummins was 900 horsepower. Any of live up to warned he would be make your own tomorrow. Well I mean if you wanted an indication this go down to any Southfield drag race any big NH RA drag race. And I'll watch top fuel car as it comes off the line after makes a pass and watch what happens to that car. It's virtually rebuilt yet they go straight to the bids in later this thing completely now why because they've screwed up everything in it. And me and you're there's nothing wrong with more force in your vehicle I mean there's a whole industry built on that in this great within reason right. Right exactly and you know. I think is a you know it's Mardi ten motor save face you know my car lasts longer Honda's got a good rep as far as I goes. And you know what you governor and a Honda Civic be really need 24250. Horsepower to fonts planning and we're a little goes away. Nothing else it was never looms. But Honda did also stated they didn't want to go there. 2.0 other type bar. Because a drug costs up to around 30000 dollars whereas you can by the SI for around 245. So comics there's always crosses on the market. Yet now as they Zach Miller right and logic are affordable and still have an awesome car but it. And I'm hungry we'll let the way you know I mean. Close to agree over shows us guzzle to a good thing that will loyal following they know what they're doing exactly so you won't move forwards get it. So well I think you're breezing you know. How legacy you know every year a new model comes out and you also bigger numbers. But sometimes it's for investors they just you know leave well enough alone and do well. But speaking of leaving well enough alone. BMW eight series is returning you remember those you're so there really serious billion dollars I don't I don't remember him Iowa which they were a little bit before my time. But those stores you'll see many of the middle of Lily series good news legs yeah but I mean still you don't see a whole lot of them flown around anymore. I mean those those series mirrors that these were removing these are like performs machines but they were his bad right so are your way through to your business Alia famine these doors taking chairman TP. You heard yea you're making it that's for sure so big series BMW is making its comeback after two decades. In a lot. My wife portion MW I love him dummies I'd truly do I you know I got me MW glasses on my head right now. I'm only we GA it too excited about the sudden want. Other cars Camilla lackluster of course is don't care the BMW name. He knows he'll have all the BMW luxuries that you know I'll come and enjoy and love whistler is top ten. That's news BMW's are now live by no means that to go to the page from the nudge moved there comet. They're having goers but. Here's the problem I have was. A serious car. You know without showdown. Is looming over a 100000 dollars. Follow route to slow. So. You know we bring in a mag is he is Gabby over Thomas say I don't put it I'm prices in north McCardell Hamas won a Tama. I'm a crisis somewhere in the neighborhood of honor and tornado on and 40000 dollars loaded out I don't think it'll be that. That's that's I don't I don't play your grandma OK so a 100000 dollars a man first of all why. You don't say why. Was the point one of the great rolls Royces I understand the main message is absurd Elaine. Why you need that. The real sweet real soldiers sub 400000 dollars no automotive person anymore. A full alluded to disclose monitoring and I you know and I agree announces the reasoning Rihanna must still okay. So. It's a cool car is a series it carries and you know carries the name but here's the prom my sink. It's not like the spirit of a series because they're not doing its own draster. We'll know they're not doing a dedicated drive train to the eight series a really all you're doing in his mind a bigger bodied seven series really. That's a tourist and that's why I have the problem. You know it's never too early to be a hater but. I'm hate numbness car I don't think its and we all that great a thing is coming over expensive phone please don't make financial sense of things don't look good. They'll give her all that thing to do one great. I just I don't see a thing as you may have about financial choice. Well now they did give a reason for now want to build its own platform I said the engineering costs and the new platform would be. Stupid expensive clothes dilemma lol look at the core UK and bullets. If you're building this corporate rule expect more yeah they're okay you know when you go onto the BMW dealership near one plans than a 100000 dollars. What's another one or 2000 dollars to give aid dedicated power went to the stars like Santa I'm dollars in U six Corvette always a got a. They follow us on bloom. This is the thing really if they make so much is going by our absolute revisit all jumble more. But this is my thing. Would you think you would have the hard drive train I would like thanks or something you don't hole a wild creator. Police say of these six twin Turbo something crazy. Would like to think all right guys law hop on FaceBook was don't you think. Business somehow aren't that bear Pedro was some air and will be will manner equities and just hop on my air. On and I would get Chris mills just regular Jerusalem's Al Ras and happy all right you're only 1063. I got a little Lego. Very so so what we're talking about a salute you today though things near near bodies everybody's vote. Now I don't know who's near new parent to lower as we've all so I won't result in probably two of these two things were talking about how. I've done before oh I've done much sadly a lot of these will we know you have millennial OK so earlier riff on memorial now I am one. Our Gramm off easy from taco day here back Ronnie Hillman color to at least guzzle the dude. Dumb and there via so we're talking about horrible car trends. The World Series something some of these things we never wanna see again you know Michael ever all of them what you see is there a school dreams come and and stuff that's great these right here they need to stay in the past all right and first first on this list you almost hit on this earlier and I just I hated this when kills me I'm a big charge fan I'm a diesel fan obviously Lori made a living mind but Rowling told the sludge the dumbest thing ever. Well this is no logical role uncle Roland gold to me is most likely to get asking and pulled diesel fuel. And is coming out and there's all uterus burning wrong fuel used vicious as what makes the black smoke it and yeah oh it's cool all that everybody starts doing it this stuff is so nasty and then. You know like we dolce and YouTube videos you know like somebody's army Yucca burn a woman who smoke him out what are some you've got people sticking their faces and hell pops. Well today some dance some more and more to do is meant to maintain. First homer off in the mail on the salient somewhat hard to do that main. I do more good news somewhere putting them yeah. Just okay. Is so many good day you go read about our drop in the paper about how we kill all these people and he was arrested. And no longer is on mayors here there's only a hole right up about it barrier earlier about rob Jim and they have to fifty and so must anyway and has deep subtle. Yes so bro until I mean and now I. Over the George you're wasting fuel and is there isn't a horrible myths yet is that confirmed his mettle and what kills me well. There's going I mean this really everywhere there's actually sinks down to the current compressor is the roads go Blake street in the center of months. This is a thing a belt. Good news growing gold project kids to doom stuff always millennial Leo if you little cousins and friends and stuff. They stick their face in the tailpipe and read the troika. Say some others march 030 little sicker kids. That is not air fresher blown out of that thing. Some black guys up from a I mean they're sticking in the I would really you smoke crystal meth didn't do that he can be physically mentally probably safer here imagine that cancer properties that are coming out of this thing and all diesel fuel. The jury ingesting. It has got a healthy for a I mean come home. Yes so please from a loved god but if you do laurel called stick your face in the felt like yeah just you'll end off. A lot sooner we industry just from his lip put itself out near the peninsula take a Mormon labels off thanks Basra. Now let nature take its course. This dumb you know a cool out of DH. You Didier you know blowing your blacks vote on it you're not coal well this is the thing like Arizona State you. Well it's it's just. Shia coming isn't it. You orders and imprisoning you don't or odor are old you fool around my whole street there's 38 and bull lawful all forum yeah. That's impressive. Yeah you get my attention for sure that your drug smoke. Not so much yeah no make a lot car smoke career let a little frail a little school I go the opposite of that he it is not a whole heavier cars smoking. Matter of fact minds in the shopper and now because it was bugging my Indy car. So yeah. No word and it was looking for the same reason is running too rich who's running out of fuel yeah we can only hole I'd rather not know all the usual pink fossil fuel ones through I could happen. All right. A slow does an excellent guy this one right here they kills me the other Muslims. But just childish and dumb stuffed animals everywhere. OK listen. Still available server purpose you're little girl. Born. And you know everybody has their favorite stuffed an honorable Roger Federer stuffed animals kids. Com I actually I still have this one Tuesday I don't know where it came from home there's my grandma Haywood Jimmy. This thing's older than me. But his actual tiger awareness he reassure his mother says the lord it's a tiger wearing a zebra shirt inning girls when he squeezes. Social tighter the skin disease it's regret Israel says I guess because so all but but not. Today what I had a body and I still have it to this day. Where my hangs on doing a little bit a big bachelor pad and there's a big stuff money they want Muster better equipment but a little show has a free trail now. But you're focused of their most those are great stuffed animals mirror your cure by your girlfriend stuff to bear mount Wilson good. Score Doug I'm with you. Done it now here's the problem when you start putting them in your caller it to call our show that's mad. Or when he started showing him behind the bumpers are there hang amount Maria Elmo hanging off the bank bumper or you got to sit in the backseat freaking people out. Now this is day this little trend that started actually over in Japan and made his way over to America. Somewhere along the lines Japanese guess Barnes and say this breed dumb and they quit. Now are. Then get the memo still there and act. You know there's you know everybody there's a lot of theme colors of their understand that there's a lot of temptation to put a poly stuffed animal in your court. Gallagher Americans like eagle learned some already thing laurel mall obscure despicable me he also I know him know him enhance. Nominee in circuit. John well yeah Hillary you let this facilitator talk turnaround at halftime but it's just this is the thing I mean this so it kills me. It really does desert stupid we actually got a funny story. I love to share. We have a friend that do that precludes the majority of H and H caller shares at a level say any names Wheeler. A car. He he has this certain stokes duck. Why am I don't know there are no we don't we fix this problem. And we have another friend of callers that actually kidnapped you Skylar accomplice to this crime he kidnapped the bird. And the bird went missing for a little while Lamar birthday party last year. The burden made an appearance. That we all took pictures with the Bernard and we sent him pictures on it. And that bird is hanging up in Porsche sports club in downtown Greer right now that's. You are enforced or nothing is all right and silent when you walk in the building looks straight hoping you'll see a red white and blue equal player in you know what. That's us that's our handiwork. Met him that's us that's saving a caller from being named would you know what inning I know more birds that are legitimate those assay owning a car from being graceful the stuffed animal from telling him in locating boot dolls. I've already don't know design whenever Ozzie you know we're taught my you know so the little kids are grim Almeida and feels like it's crying all the bumper yeah I wanna keep those things. And the bulldogs appeal to our wanting them to god does what politics pat he has kicked the crap out. Some police for love god love this trend die. But there would usually do it through Q now is that a realistic look in the when Phil. But really. Cam my actual glad to get really get rid of the stuff toys cat. We're adults here. But I. This next one visit me on me the Islam does what drives me of the wall and I think every expedition in the upstate has mind. Say core holes. The only vehicle in these four holes Buick yeah was a straight Dayton had skipped period that is it. No other car it in. Please drop me of the wall thing poor roles is a fan does men around for decades these chrome clad in blue beauties and here. There's here's here's sweet drug bro. And they look tacky and Haiti is as long illness ever bargained on rip them off as a good rule film if it sticks or two sided tape. Don't do it get into if you turn it over if you turn the product over new C 3M double sided sticky tape although 3 am doubles instincts take a little but. Don't put any car that just a little bit as a rule of thumb if the stick soldiers on tape. It's bad and they sings there hideous and then people think they're great in May as even more of them. And just gets worse got dual coral stadium multiple core holes. And this is just like a terrible thing I thought there was real polls and your probable stickers oh god. I mean you know when I first came out you don't dare so that it was now one I was guilty yeah I did have one has seen that knows when I was guilty I thought those school but what they've got we know where your car looks like the money and called death caller. That's bad. Heartache speaking a bullet holes we had taken shy and non give us a break and Chris mills. Thousand Google now come twist the like that the missile that got you listen how roles in happy hour right here own 1063 did.