Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, May 7th



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I don't know how rotten barrel is Robb Pitts and as a dad. About. Well we're very old were pretty good before you know we didn't talk about I don't know when until I went and dug by a logo and shows coming up get a threat outsmarted. You this weekend. So our profits there down also coming up front they may twelfth. We're only about eating getting your anyway I want to phase of them excited about this race we have the Carolina thunder series pro months yes sir and their only live in an action. Well today some approval Grayson is always the most exciting drag racing you ever watch and you'll see right here is that image already. You didn't do any drill anyway one of the top. Eight mile tracks in the country I believe that I believe that tens and a jury selection to the assert as of this year. I'm telling you guys discussed I mean. If you're not going to do you get incredibly humorous now. Absolutely agree and that's why we didn't have a Nadia ourselves when we do have very special guest in studio that night the Israel we are mr. home Lukens a mouse and he's going to be joke and then also the conversation today Tom tell everybody. Everybody there's stuff to a vote on the horizon how much progress and how did you look though we got a great show lined up but first we get so what these commercials are growing Google can come see it exists or so after we and all my unique and driveway may thirteenth we're going to be up. In Spartanburg, South Carolina. We're not currently resides for for. Springtime nationals at risk involved. Yes sir and tell you what the hell are these your car shares its shopping mall I'm at school you look at the color you look at the dirty you know John John Burma does drag you get your fresh fruit cakes any Israeli court. Of course you would pick up the food court washer and dryer. There you have an enemy is Sears totally lump loud let's say are more comedy and a delicate topic of the British lawnmower. And it may have some awesome giveaways there Alicia today you also your weather actually doing away rent toolbox strip a moody blue zones dozens of Al Rosen have been our logo on the salute while would you not want to comment I want. Like tonight it. Not now can give you my name for that. So it's not the other administrator dale and I think Nevada jungle where hence he hadn't actually I have my South Carolina have it go Cox there's your problem but no it's not so no worries. The players right now. So all right Matt do you followers. If as the orange Clinton that we may get it burglars broke thrown in trash. I want before unifil is fun studio where we're going to be in the week after that well may nineteenth 21 were omitted. Cared enough about the Camaro nationals lesser it. In Raleigh, North Carolina duke is a gracious home by the through June grew close to the Carolinas. These guys go out party and there's nothing like a hotel courtship is search front and until May light show we got a big lies your own course on Ramos of going to be they're bringing all the Jews have a good time keeping their body movement Saturday we go. Full caller true Camaro rouge from every generation there and from all over our two countries that we had commandos from Canada commendable from Kim there committee can that are Canadian Myers. Are there right hand drive related things from there it's Canada. So I just say and I'm still this is a normal I think they call their bacon ham and that's all you have that commitment and a an air panic I'm getting left. Aren't so when we get back on May 27 car show at the must thing shot. Awarded today so I'm really excited about does he know me I get excited about a lot of things there's two things his world outlook was up. A lot of callers yes and good looking women in the show there's got to moos does those. So as you maybe you guys know what you and I are judging this room so that's a real some. And of course the car show and their Ramadan today. Until an inside and got a little blue filming yeah we're don't know how president air from the and I had a guy as usual saying brake lights camera action well there's a certain money won't freeze why it was -- of the number Madonna. Assorted station wagon now. Tell us what's the roles of boom done Disco one or however it's weird the American it's only an island and Mike Modano and I don't eat exactly. Then Monday. May join us this Memorial Day kids. Yeah we're gonna make up for a rainy day we make a wish show Applebee's and easily South Carolina want to raise of these gracious all the proceeds. Goes to make a wish. And to me that's one of the biggest. Charities around Al loves doing things from English into some great things for terminally ill children to do awesome ninety. Well you must think shelf above this past year built a car to make A wish foundation in exactly the make a wish most things are built 66 to go Lugo great looking car. Our rob let's back up a little bit what or re doing last week. Thinking thinking we're at Carolina offense all right yeah I care Wallach who just in case that's right let's talk about element of autism a motor Fiske as. You know we talked it up. We didn't do it but you know what we've delivered we did pals hill Alicia it was hot. It was the story grew Pickens speedway. It was the number one hole that you could ask for anything any better than that temperature to be down about two more victories. Let's say look there's a lot of your car's other rogue what was a Carla beautiful girls are you see the Pentagon does did that well we Joseph the no load windows and when the dealer pretty good pretty women historic Greenville Pickens speedway. So what was your favorite color. You know what I have my own as one caller was. The miss blue 1960. Malibu. Well it was a less than the last link you or are you always had this Marco or believe main thing here. And all barrels all laying it but I tell you what though it was really funny I actually got Dielman and Goran would bless the lap around the grouping is due in the Booth and 'cause I was also into it took until there's a car there caught my attention what was it. Well there's a certain Corvette that I feel like you live view and I have a love child this car I don't want to is that is sick is itself you know I attention and I'll feel sorry for anyone to listen this this morning at 7 AM Yahoo! Putin wrote in wanting to majorities biscuit in the evening in your morals and they are could you just heard about me and our road having a little chip but if we did. If more kids this fiberglass and I am would be it. I don't know the exact year. Listen to six or 176 and it. Semi six Corvette sports wagon. It was space station wagon and they coordinate together and it was just hit the main. Fifty of them that made fifty of these cars and I talk to dinner a little bit and as. As far as he knows all this about one of eleven left. I don't want to and it's crazy looking Communist cells hideous there was no other family trickster with a core little front of me it works. But it brought us it's just not right you're good you look at it and you know his role. Well it was a big book clout that big blog powered Ali Amin a physical corner of the new keystone mag zone and it was very sick and he's I mean you're metal plate crane. It was old school the columns but it's station wagon this is like its role. And well it made a demanded to see Corvette and Novo Lola displace them don't disagree we think about us like live alone or risk a little bit of sports car but I got kids. Well I love you could kid Larry filling out an. There hampered while you put a kid in the cooking but he stuck to and a and a community dinner and that equipment that's different motor dog I'm slowly from. Oh was that dog's name I can't remember to save my life with a Roscoe known on our Roscoe. That doesn't matter but. And it's been that important port all yeah pulled back and admitting is that now as a warmup movement but it probably capital for little. Up and moving. I rob why are we talking about that today what we're talking about NASCAR does run around trickle that's good news like your Lilly and you know president bill we always drilling towards a course you're saying we legal to traders and you know they wanted to go there is original that well under that but won't say something. A stumble around real bourse today the when I'm around borders NASCAR business there's a big thing and tell you what model racing history book. All the drug Pitt himself he station wagon drug routes Krispy treat little bit. Multiple. Hasn't moved. I can't do it you'll schools Obama scope and camera over here in a minute but you know we talk about NASCAR with a briefly before I went to a mile oval local trash and everything that's already a big part here and farmers. Well I mean that's percent of big pork everywhere you the whole city which was Spartanburg and you think about all the teams that came out Spartanburg and then we had the dribble Pickens speedway which I mean. All of your NASCAR greats of the weekend. Wasn't removed its legal absolutely you know well all year our main thing account melons. Alain this show us more but more here who's still it. Ninety some years old bud Moore still sounds farmer I tell you what not to get off track I actually met a very rigorous in person than anything drag racing icon in this town. Arthur pace Arthur pace he walked into my shop today I was very very cool and it's also. That was that was religious talk about drivers and I can't know whether countries that are well. Before we get back to their entree and stuff was listen I first burn commercial shippers have slowly get it checked but I mean I thought ultra bills take care so all right. I guess you listen hot rods and happy hour ray marijuana 63 WORD. Go home by now runs and every hour. Rod yes there until you it was a US Mora got the hat how would it just got. That's union and its educational. Are you are smaller guy that I mean your life. You'll in my role as religion and once you do as you committing your brain knowledge almost an hour is almost up to me every day. Colored cover your Oscars retreats it possibly takes into vivid machine. Holler all kinds of things from you nowadays you know what I mean is I am figure yeah because they get two rows of racecars retreats you know that much about it I. I did she's between. F three Hewitt on including foreigners yeah things they've bungled what he doesn't know his phone number but he knows those numbers are so moon and oh my god I don't even go past the owner and I'm here every morning and and you know within a minute okay not every point three Ressa has more urgent that sentence that it needs what it. Fits your shameless plug snap crackle pop more details about NASCAR. NASCAR. History just engagement in Iraq the last hundred years well first look. Before we did that was slow we will sadness the talk about the mask or feel pictures really sad story is set for the automotive. I don't. So we're are happy hour 1063 W or DN air come wanna extend our thoughts and prayers to legendary IndyCar and NASCAR driver John Andretti. A lot of people don't know this for this past week he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and that's horrible melatonin. So Andretti he's facial surgery come up in June calm but ES mines maintain a sense of humor I read an article. He he he made automated nominees in this game of sucks. It's. So yeah I mean he's main thing is us and Ziemer about the whole situation buttons so just keep him in your thoughts in prison for those who don't know. On John Andretti is the nephew of the legendary Mario Andretti. Which if you don't load has done every magna flew commercial paper Nikki him. So that he is a big family racing actually well we actually know he even drew drag core yeah I mean this guy and everything you know exactly ever elusive little drag racing knowledge for it. I was Carl Pope who's a car owner why you try to still close to home. Papa Papa industry veteran toggle belt car. Thanks a lot cents right Boeing's taco hell he won by the way too. Tiger welcome the winner Allen fan bell but its number seven Motorola Alan you know that went into complacency in case there. Hello Murray. Okay. I. Does anyway talking about it color doesn't need a ranch for that too yeah now there's nothing not it's good outcomes. I can't thank NASCAR by Phil ran around hoops and myself there in my mind. So. We all legends of NASCAR gaga started. But to good old boys from him Georgia I'll live to Virginia blue shutters run dementia and will be illegal bag of a day back and prohibition. A little bit a little better resolution photos all the way illegal uttered the word to tackle Max is they were hauling away liquor. All speeds are these people out how you are you're an attorney. It looks a little blue daylight across the Grail line a little bit. Buena but this guy's. There are other callers in order to get away from the wrong well you know it was a good thing for Streeter was my hobby it was a whale life is how they're made of money that's on May eleventh and exactly right. So. There's a civil law around and you might know the ball. But there's a all the states boys will be boys. You know this'll mean I don't know whale. I'm so boys will be boys these guys are rather course provision they want to race each other. And they none download will always there is a thing the first race start when the second caller made. Absolutely correct so this sentence well one guy it was great I did get a track. It'll count pastor. A crew tracked him hotel Pletcher. And as an isolated the rest is history that began what we know is NASCAR. One called NASCAR yet until 1948. But. And that's when bill transmitted all civilized yeah that's a male friends that do how big bill column bill. Bill was lay up from under. Of until that time when we got to think about them that's a very important part of your promotion. Of Junior Johnson was a first bootleggers successfully crossover and make a name for himself but definitely it was a blast went into the only wanted to let. You earlier your Johnson that you know quote they do a movie about junior Johnson and I mean all the movie genre movies the underwrote all this stuff. Junior Johnson even remember an interview and this is years ago nobody was ultimately he felt lucky an unfair advantage against drivers because he's that they have to learn to drop decent already knew now exactly. Yeah I mean they know driving a brand from the awfully Ayers his head on the job experience some absolutely some strong praise. Hey good news border obviously laws and main street and we will. NASCAR race golf and ten seconds flat. Oh god but Ellen yeah I mean. They had the day I thought 12 I won't talk about NASCAR if anybody can give us the stroke or pace DV DES police. You see and into the studio I love going to drive our road. Broad net yeah. We need that I mean like we will go to the interwebs for those. I got it can't now you don't do. What are you why you all now I just got I may or may not have. You know broken some laws and illegally do legally downloaded it. I'm gonna go take those restless he's at a C three under these days and I'm and take them out if you don't bring what I did bring is some hard draft. Bring the car draft to download it put on desk I might make that. RC a practice or pencil so what we said one day I young man came along and now his promoter. And those big bill France and in 1948 started NASCAR. We think about a minute and NASCAR grew by only some mounts a radio started out very humble. You know I mean I've been an absolute. Improves or do a lot of great NASCAR tracks you know quote we don't distort Drupal because we live on totally Sharma screw it digital burst through it Talladega. All these Tressel. Bristol. Bristol is by far the best right now I think. It's just short track Grayson I know a lot of but. Atlanta Motor Speedway alliance give up a little lamb is where's a good Trenton alana and land how the left hot men hot oil. But I really think of you in Daytona Beach that you raced over the age master yep doesn't say yes there actually. Where you can go out and drive your car right now on the beach and it's usually we're at Daytona USA now section of the asphalt. Code upping your walking on it consolidate WS. It'll push you would. There's this very cool which they've done Daytona motor speedway is actually awesome tracked him to south regional that I have uploaded into Daytona Beach and into the speedway. Forty times and I've never seen a NASCAR race there precocious every down. Not plus save man semi urban allies human torches and I was I was but we lost dale. It was totally lost logos weird everybody just held up through the studio gas via. Everybody approval sort of forced moment of solace is that I mean before oldies are out of our fair share my lows intimidated enemy that was just. You don't Salem those holding blessed turner are you crying last left. Listen there's just allergies and an amateur. I'm totally missed the last lap blessed terror and we Los Diller million barrels a legend. Without showed up and earlier this area. I don't really truly believe that was the beginning of the demise of NASCAR and personally I think it's a one man was cued it. But I think you care along. Well let's talk about that and much more. That's right coming up next we're gonna pay some bills trying to jaguar again and I myriad Jeff. Thank you all right guys you listen how rosneft the only 10630. WOR day. No morals and then bearers rockets. Unless problem. I tiff our patents don't know these guys were there about NASCAR wish sir Terry Jones and miles and is currently the demise of Masco. There are you sad day in history February 18 2000 warn they'll learn arsenic and the three fingers up in the room David. And drive the place around the world today is something that they're they're. Those are beginning of the infamous for my personal opinion it was man who last lap on turn four at the wall over a hundred million miles an hour. Oh we'll tell you something you do or the hardest time would Daytona and it tread peeled it. Virtual moon literally praying but I mean this is things insane about me the last lap the last turn until I was even crazier rather. The next raging again my new car the very next race first lap first turn. He made almost Siemens identical red thankfully he came along the betterment. Wyoming in everything was bedridden do you look that bad and I'll sing Diller remarkable weight from things that urges. Dobbs automatic outs and a dug into their car roll several times into the infield. Dow itself walks away and we just gives you should be actually what killed him those like skull fragments bringing me like me immediately bring you tell your concrete mayors route 480 mile loan. Howell played a role Laura let's go a little bit now now is just bound to happen at that point yeah. Absolutely they say they say died and then the hospital mode. He was. He he was out way before that when he when he tagged out wall. He was presented the pearly gates but I agree I mean this this is the beginning of the end are what will soon be in for NASCAR on this this is something I think. This sort of trend in Astoria the cost of us came and that's a great thing you'll give hero yes sir but won't say something. In you know I don't want to get off for an opera. No really but if I need to canyon area. You know and you get all your NASCAR drivers right here in the big things are timed button you'll cause NASCAR dangerous. It is you know we'll step out of the box a little bit go to another genre. Football we don't want our kids plentiful mobile goes concussions but hey nobody knew each other with helmets old what do you expect our pentagon rules now you can't wait to hear him and I -- are in this is that they're talking about those of bad tackle I didn't there was so much now I'm an old days are really only about school appears not forget those of pluses out of here and title are you a job can't becoming a jail. Yeah absolutely I I was amateur wrestler posed to John state champion two time national qualifier. Then hit him many times not one time did they say like all we can do that just because you got your head I mean come on guys were all. But that's another thing Lamar MRI now it's kind of how how how how I live I live in this is the thing will tell you something else. Here Tillman NASCAR is a dangerous sport and it is a dangerous sport among people who greeted well. I don't know Pamela says Syria there. If you're sure I think yourself and any car that makes ungodly amounts of horsepower you're going down any track and will over 200 miles an hour. There's not injured slowly. However your own little secret you can strap yourself into it to the camera and I'm not talking about Carl Edwards threw a camera and a daughter about. Eight to your camera with a two point to force over the globe would approach that's dangerous amen to that absolutely walking out the front door state and Emma thing is these cars you know. Drag cars in NASCAR's all these cars they're built. Probably more safer direct one knows that your average car on on current. It was a good thing your daughter you know there's nothing senator and coming up it's absolutely but that being said they take all precautions akin and that's a great thing. But no Uga I mean this thing and our drug you miss settle this so you here's the wise still in the stores in jail. And Tom can I can tell just talk about where they feel OK I topped. We gave up an old age we came up you know one million were mid Marlboro man those guys have been this good about the drivers and no offense. He says you missed almost all you have to look curators particularly when I'm out. This early about right thing goes right drivable which usually give them a little Ramirez was three tough I mean just think about the NASCAR drivers who grew up around us and kill your Berle. Richard Petty Harry gave it. You know these guys and they re still they couldn't just like you said Altria to they racially couldn't race no more. And then you got guys like Karl errors and Jeff Gordon you know what sprang up in their forties Joseph the rail feeling good. I think a moderate to well because they've made all their money and are getting now they're not race car drivers. This is the thing is Gus. There's several reasons why other retiring. But I heard a documentary the other night were Tom Ridge Pitt he won two championships before he was a million acre. You wind would NASCAR race you're a millionaire now get. Yes that's the thing is insane and I think the money's changed. Well that's thus far was wrong with the NASA could retire now they can thus far was wrong when NASCAR though is is became just this marketing. I mean I'm just as marketing monster and there's always is that stay here. I mean that there's always money is driving it. His commitment that. Think about like this any business you go into. Whether it's NASCAR racing professional wrestling professional football basketball baseball whatever the case may be. You have to have that passion for what you do exactly eggs 100%. Pure passion guys that Richard Petty killed you're all pearl. Ricky Rudd you know legends like dad say he had to go and they had to feed their families doing what. What they love to walk out now guys like Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon. It's a business opportunity. Them is exactly what it is they made their money now guess what they're gonna do they're gonna get out there and get out while they get in his. Good do you did this they get hurt this noted exact Jeff you're wrestler. You know you you're not profession well you're not and you know the WW whatever bright but it. If you wrestle is because you enjoy is actually your regular money absolutely Euro they're enjoying what you're doing absolutely you know he viewed as someone like Dwayne Wright and Johnson which I love him I'm not analyzing. But he's a for the money at this point absolutely and why would you bring our great with the same thing I certainly. But I mean massive problem with a no limit on how this money's Carl Edwards. There is nothing else unless Johns Siena Vermont. I don't feel I feel like all sports are yet to be like now feel like our wrestlers are not push themselves to limits like wrestle as a whole dollar and then I am kinda look what he'd done. Solely does like Mick Foley guys like bit at big band made who are Russell. Couple months ago. That he's still going even win his health is just terrible why because he has to it's his passion. He can't live without it exists so you have race car drivers what killed your Borough. Who did it until he couldn't do any more Richard is a good good I mean guys like that who survived. Through the tough time. So I tell you what I'll run you know what. We do we need to bring the phone down affords us guerrilla we needed don't securely over how lovely guy jail. I'll tell you over his opinion on the dude only drivers and I would love to talk helmet. Parties for biscuit in the morning trachsel oh does all of the call parties informed so pure a lot of at a table kill someone by your own butter biscuit. To June 2 packs a grape jelly. Small senior Kofi. You don't say at what it refers apple butter William Gray and yeah. You can tell the guys jelly yet. Grade a man who looked only at bat plus. This is the thing about I mean can you imagine a little Richard Petty a regression to and a good looks good a marriage but it won't. Eighty years old he's still a sport then his face still and all the bills we. I meet your email his last race in 198040 retired in 1992. But. He was later I saw it more in shepherd. The note ownership for a 117 years old he's drunk for the girls got no matter isn't hazelnut track. Check those facts. Well I like but Moret in South Carolina he's been NASCAR since got a money system before was NASCAR. And he's still involved in it today he's I think he's 97 because they do it for the love exact callers don't love NASCAR caller was loves what he makes from that Jerry loves a paycheck. Political royals look Miller you know you're he would be in a car next week going around which I mean. And take something else a blue portal there routers but a lot of dues are stored younger Richard K didn't get into a brace Cody was 21 years old I. And the guess they're cooked it's still like the football does that mean I'm in five years older training them right to be a football players keep programs all around the country exactly basically either put him in racing go corks they're put him from there to dwarf callers. Next thing you know there are a legend cohorts the Nixon you know their movement of to have you played most fortunate and in all the stuff and going through the ranks. Well this is a mean these two races there five years old bus like Trevor may not known several people live run races with term and a local. Go to art direction of the thing is presuming he's 35 years old but he's thirty years or recent experience. And did not only is Trevor ran as an example you take someone like Trevor Maine he's been you know he's been racing since probably says he was thought. Susie didn't physically handled a New York. The U it is pants he was backed by so much money was not funny and that's another problem. We'll wanna fiddle motorsports in June that money is what makes scorers list yeah but always going to be so much too little more of it intercourse or B I'll I agree I think that takes a fun note of what to do want to as you look back in the back in the years past. It wasn't like that you don't would you commit to get to where York now its just gap we're magma millionaires will mean you know it is what it is your of the almighty dollar rules everything. I'm man won't. We got a lot more results you know the almighty dollar the other stuff that makes you don't have very little text that we have placed build what are we talking next when more about NASCAR the demise of and where we think it's an anxious I'm today what it's not about always about her business to your mr. Tomlin consume image to woods is a lot until you know and man Tom go way back as well mortal here well that and much more common rail on Arabs and having our own one or 630 W Lordi. I was looking right now hot rods and then various wrote this. And these scare in us throughout California. I don't. I'm doing great but I do you want to orgasm told Joseph golf here so that's why is laughing. Yeah he's got the Eagles a little bit there once was a man from Nantucket yeah. Had no no more comments okay. Yeah and that one million Allenby. Do what all this talk about Israel or RS remedies I think we did get a straight win until about a drag strip we get a guy I think until fall by the U drag race and go to Islam is doable little sliver yourself you sir amid a school got it through reverse the momentum. I felt a normal life. And is a member of the Ungaro is international drag racing whole thing. Yeah very big dinner Gonzales found it about this single stove discussion under noticeable tummy and who drag racing longer than that the load that I can remember and the numbers are pretty old. You said it not me. But I won't taste of the guests. The thing is really cool about this is this guy right here and of course that you get a drag way in which we love you you can drag weird Al resident bill goes thus we have no say. Of course you will be done in this Friday for the Carolina thunder series pro month's producer. So without any further introduction mr. Tom Williams welcome to the show they could be hearing 1063. That's true it doesn't take a look at how low. Sitting in the Booth with talmud and I want my. There's there's multiple reasons low like standing or sitting in the Booth with our look at at dean guy drill went one in his elegant good food lagoon. We get the good food in the tower quick delivered and whoever we're told what Hokies but they listen. And to pick you to easily the best racing stories that are boo hoo boy you can get racist or anything like that and that's important or doing something. Are grown in Utah logo are a little history good do we do. It is like those those little little hotter I was actually couple put shrugged them. That's actually it was called for Israel and the bush rotten who you know put those back was up fourteen years old lament some some. You until about that meant. Yeah they worked for the shop a little bit after school we came men and Michael peek at you know need to take this interior part think these nuts and bolts and screws up. Have brain chemicals LA to draw a little bit I'm like OK kid you have bring your stuff from what's in which glitzy would you draw. Becomes an the next day of this stuff looks like stuff a big daddy had brought did Brett shrink but what. Holy Moly look at this guy this is incredible. What he's do you do not have a future in dune is saying I'm a minute I walked next door to the spring screen print shop. And came back consider your fired against our work and over there could hurt not so elusive let it straight I fired him. Yeah and then to another job Tom Williams is the first I've got another job search results are formed and Dublin and others say the hormones Amezaga but I admired. You know I remember Orton and Tom show those deliveries done. I remember the one job one job I remember no matter is we actually had a word on the Hustler Magazine goers. That's stray FL odds soccer superstar or else we'll that's actually very cool yeah usually win your war. Fourteen years old and those extra gray I'm actually still have those directors have from doing that as a smaller a good example I got to director shirt that could happen and I'm I am the director could happen. Because I'll have time as a those those little luggage tunstall we had a great time and they still do you know we have and then she meant. Amend my first press that he can driveway illegally. Illegally. And you've written a millionaire and as we know what those holes later by illegally who improving the environment. Well I don't Arizona and else don't know we'll talk about you can drag way. You talk about the importance plus we're hopeful is that we're going to get under way but this hotels including your old uncle would go postal workers. You play I mean I grossly undervalued children when you know then there. Amir don't do driven here literally you're like the Harlem soul you can read what inured to me this thing is cool about it I mean you're drag racing guy. Just what we're talking about earlier because they don't have heart you're drag race. You're calling that's right usually there's a difference there every time me and it'll draw the trip to Europe later this does this was supposed to be locked. That's right takes a lot of people have unique on indirect way to make it happen I'm just part of it exactly closer but until some until wrestlers until we got you into Gregory's. Book I mean a drag race and I started going down the track in 1976 with my dad's car receded nobody. My neighbor that's race cars and our rods and my dad got me kind of hooked on an early years and it just got a hold of me and it never let go and I could I have to keep doing that I've gone to the track when I didn't have any money just barely get their nor I had to make some money going browns to get back home. Plummet and those who bring a neighbor goes saving the care Olson who financial stability that's that's overrated. Drill we have way more important yeah I try to unite us I'm go to the track and I guerrilla Judea and I mean our group and household bureau Friday Saturday night. You're into the director that's what you did mean. Its oil life it's like stuck it is well let me know what you saw them originally they play assault ball a little football game what are we were to the drip drip that's what we did this right. You're so there was go to lake. Just win but I into the all other retro pop up that's right that's exactly right let's switch gears a little bit here. Let's talk about Carolina thunder series you were totaled Promos Carol producers. This is an exciting people know to say something almost step up here for just a second and break this down today. No local track. You know little trek. They're not really you know they may have a pro mark there and prove my uncle were two there but I drama were rooting pro Michael Rubin to motor volatile pro mud callers. A Union County dragway. At Q my congresswoman top eight mile tracks in the country. And we got that right there in our back yard disorder and this is clear there's been more than you was in your jurisdiction tricks. Period that's an H Jerry's only. Sanction all concrete eighth mile drag strip insult to all and that's right let's move in this crazy I mean. There's a lot of small tractor and a great Poehler oh good sharks have been known mall as me to put penalties on that you have made in Asia already sanctioned trip. That's capable of ruling 200 mile an hour course. And more importantly coming from Gregory Stewart driver can stop 200 mile our callers. Yes sir we had a jet cargo 203 at the last event X and have those viewed it didn't come out you missed a great show allows me to try to knock the tower down without rod and yeah everybody went 203 mile an hour toys blew a great how scared I guess yeah totally digital little bit of bright and give him up there anyway that would put the jet car out there with a minute. So but this is do you think about I mean you're two other tracks all we get a promo you deploy it. This right here this tract they're racing in this is serious this is in your backyard does. Big money coming up I mean you're glad he's just competing for this and this is something you know what comes out see it bring canceled Friday night. Great idea. Dummies got an audience to come 5000 dollars last stop so I mean that's almost cronies a session back corner they're toast cut that each bar racing engines poor boy you know we also have guys like Tommy Mooney with gene full and big cubic inch. 900 plus QB and snipers mortars. We've got guys with a blower motors you've got guys with other nitrous mortars from Charlie borrow sunny Leonard. You up or mortars with Alan Johnson enemy Brady Anderson stuff it's it's pretty extensive equipment. Exactly and we just talk about cars having me laws are some of the Prius dorsal overdraft cars ever made. America world's stresses door slammer spoke little world from other quarters of these court for their role worst of Armenia there's nothing orchestra shell slammed they'll 63 split window Corvette pro madre call our 41 will is this. I mean stretched beyond imagination that Gore's going to ultra. All they've put a blower and error rikers motor it's on avail sixty not a religious caller I mean. Just for the stakes are gorgeous but these things actually perform. And I mean this is something you you have to go to Atlanta you have to do is he makes you come to Union County dragway and you're getting this experience. Well what we have is we have a 500 dollar bounty on the record records treaty to record was set by type taught how to grow. Couple years ago. And Tommy Mooney ran right on the record back in November and along with the VT. Police body shop and Jakes from vets. They put up a 500 dollar bounty on the record slit still there and at 500 dollars. Will there soldiers don't dump I don't know for a fact that dollar movies listen now we are not a auditorium are almost all my life. Great guy great a great chance to build a crucial legal analyst Greg but only days I'm going. If you listen that's 500 dollars you're so close come down Uganda where you don't take it but he wants at five grand and that championship build to exactly yeah. Beautiful championship belt peg with a record of one all of that the Nazis come and play. And is common win and that's the name of the game and amigos we're gonna see this and you'll see some names that mean you're coming from all over the west is going to be great race or neck restraint he's coming from New Jersey. John Money Kabul's gonna be doing some testing there's much more pro stock. He wants to generate better shot your jovial crews are currently the mile motor. A lot more pro stock I cannot wait to sit in my blood and erode share in the tower watching all this drag prison action. Absolutely I'm looking forward to it. Tom were roaming and you are again coming up soon but well that's all time we have but it. You kill me are we get that we did a good BS station next thing you know you'll pull local and don't forget to check out you mean Connie driveway on FaceBook. As trouble latest results and updates and scheduled events until you look at we go more than promoters is doing owning and that's right we've got a top sportsman race and passports and the fastest order cars in the sportsman series and Brecher race at night. Two people are gonna get a great show. Definitely definitely did a unique and Jerry weigh on FaceBook go on the web site do that check them out there's a lot going on now Lanny as a woman isn't Tom thank you for being on the show and great to be here. All right guys you can listen hot routes and happy hour 1063 W a Lordi.