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Sunday, May 28th



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It doesn't have a lot of money Jones woman do this is this puts jewelry in my horse slow growth Petit was all ours stacks here who welcomed me. So what are John. McCain movement but so wrote it was a you tell us about your newest purchase new might indeed based or June let's clarify that it pays a causal you draw the line first. Skill like saying hey my sister yeah she's real nice well it's killing my SS that no sign. Exactly you're that guy but it's a pickup truck weren't today so rob when you put the extra money. There's a delta eighty mile an overly 500 bucks I assure you and it paid 500 dollars for this one. So when you pay the money to get the name. Am name dropping. In the past summer as a lot of mail them. As he and mrs. Asia. Anyway eyes are now 77. Oldsmobile delta 88 Indy pace caller as a mouthful of names for core actually Royale proceed with teeth. Any. OK so and it is our winner talked about may schemes of online global law Michael stuff it's got the aluminum and that's cool. Under the aluminum hood says the L 843. Rocky V8 engine. The six point six lead. As you well know it and the trans am. The worst performing years trans ams ever. Well thank you for that romp they'll grow out of that guy thank you for that I'm that guy realized it. Was probably the best performing here for a nose and crews that are not twinkling Clark. We. Why why you pay money minimums for three I'll love tiger they knew Barbara what does that does think the key play came in an accident but fun. I'm on me and I think that's that would be got a bad movement with them and that would be in the MB blasphemy but like bad in the good way yelling good bad development. But that was the kids and a sick let's say now let's say. I think your basic doesn't agree that could be done. And I see for a three run in the eight engine under the and that's cool. You got the code number and Sony to read sports will which is basically your normal countless wheels and read. There's no more to them that these brave countless who else. Compete with the same senator definite respect thing. Viewed the Q Tzipi special GR seventy dash fifteen silhouette raise one letter actors. Telling. Special to the car and actually the in mind the black the rail that while letters long exiles a special to pick up trucks to the judo and well and in mind the original fare still on the strong so. That's pretty cool. Also great thing the look for a few buying it classic power is for things like that you know and have their original tires on Indian. That actually adds the value of a collector's car. So just little tidbit of information. It's going to be in 34 sport steering will probably the coolest thing on the scholar I have to agree this stimulus goers spot for the cool thing m.s talk. It was also available in the hearse. All the bills to your signal was actually say if you're well if it's not the same it's very very close to what you've seen in the 66 cents a Anderson it was a two Collison spore will yeah yeah it's a very critical to the orders I wrote him. Next caller no it does not at all but the steering wheel is probably the time peace those caller tell us your world this online this great pace. Bomb no matter fag when I went at them look at the caller if it didn't have a list here well and I was normalized. Is doing much now doing good chance or will there was blowing strong now no no not at all. All right so you also got the 35. Body colored sports mayors I was package option. Which there's and it's over nothing special layer but is cool thing. While most of them come line blacker someone that so they actually M Silverman and that's pretty cool. Are so on the score there to painkillers for the car thirteen Nash thirteen and thirteen dash BB. Thirteen this baby gave you a vinyl top mine actually designed the volatile so just a thirteen aspartame. Another to trim those that were also available for the interior. Code 45 which he gave you a standard meant she and then there is code 65 which was a split meant seat which I have. I would like to think and want someone runs numbers on this are fine where I can run some numbers comments follow like the thing that gives a little bit added rarity. Mean this clemency. A scenario where I think industry obviously would be your who is very popular thing and we think that you get the bad. Yeah I mean you're right bush the seats just a Meese and eligible for the exactly the industry that seat the whole thing to go. What Jimmy is not uncommon for Tom McMahon winning attitude or or. And I am option W 43. Which my car is not so option W 43. Came with the outpaced car DHL packages in it was an extra forty dollars. And that included two Jordy cows and the T cell panel Indy track details. This is interesting because. One of the dealership would install these details for you but a lot of people did not want him. So they would just leave them in the trunks a lot of people bought a W 43 or in never and the details installed. Mine didn't come with the skills at all. So that is accurate there that some ledges that warm. Keep your stickers keep your stickers now I do plan on. Doing something to add those back and home of the mean details that. Just though that'll plans in the future. You just well you'll pop into place to you the full house. Yeah I still available now because otherwise known me knows what and hence you that your that your children Marco if you. But to atone to adored Ramon garments yeah as an resolute looks like. Com now players that are earlier the last thing it certainly some was a big year for both Indy and for those mobile. 77 was the first year the driver broke into an amount hour mark and was also the first year for FEMA trailer driver. The success. Well I'm in as I mean that's big news the two mile mark especially. The list pretty impressive for instance. Exactly so. I mean going around ending to one miles an hour yet those of a mile marker. And then I guess that the you know the 77 delta 88 it was a total re engineered and re designed to achieve greater efficiency. And it featured a chance seem body that was nearly a foot shorter. And a seven on her crown wider than previous models. So it's not a big deal this car was actually pretty innovative for 77. I mean kids in the 403 in there which it was also it was available in certain sports are packages and those of Elmhurst package he cute you hear the fourth three. But so well and lynchings and stuck them delta 88 rule if I'm not mistaken it would be in a 307. So small group optioned right which I think on technicality the 43 is still a small block on technicality but. It's corporate big block it really is. But. Timing is still Allred McCorkle. Physical or I'll look for someone Saul. But that are here I had the since I had this same reservations I warrior but you wouldn't call it this little bit. But nobody grows and see if you tell your plumes. The other is illegal. What do you view that well and I'll I'll just tell you why Obama scour. I fear with cores like this people won't do their homework and really research was there buying. And those who say vocalist is cheaper car and go by the sounds cool him. And don't ruin it. They won't be treated like issued this gorgeous 36000. Original miles actually to be exact 36201. Original miles. So I mean how I think someone needs to take here and reserve cars like this. What was the other little recently lascivious it's criminal law only and honestly in terms of performance. In terms of looks in terms of I mean every aspect do you think of when you're going out looking for that right caller. This thing's ugly. It's lacking in power. It has all the emissions control crap on and the you do not want. MA has got every striking you think of going against it. But it's such a rare caller it's such a you know well optioned car there is a shame to let. Someone just wasted away or led to sit and rot it really is this the forty year old COLT is as forty euros bill. So for your little built a forty year old odd mobile mobile. Well I kid and I think of the easily thrown one yet issued bigot caller and it's definitely being get a head turn I'm looking forward to dig in. Digging into a little bit deeper you know towards a cure cholera a little bit and it needs it just there and it doesn't really knows. You know what I'm saying it would bring it down your route to sit back. And just change altitude Joe's attitude you know roads and now it is out of this atmosphere buying as well I'm not a real growth for a lack of will pay some bills. You're killing me autumn we get we get in the good how are obvious incision in the mules or one camp in the man as the man our guys you've analysts not rods and happy hour right here. 1063 W toward east. I gotta look my tolerance and having our daughter wouldn't you do you've been. Drill in these people halt there's anyplace stuff until Romo blows were bills and go to 88 super Saturday is no social mega mean you'll resume. Oh yeah but aren't the car a buzzer and into. I'm just Siam is a school. It's cool that is to spend two to person ten because we're. Meanwhile on my point media and how artists even nor'easter the dual research and you know it we think and you know he's going because living. It's a delta 88 he school. So I came across a story from our friends July and founded a privilege to luck. And in got to riff from a little bit like a two bit some basis through it. And the title of this story is the ten. Worst. In the colors of all time now say what you want dated may scholars of all they took their lists and make Powell list in no particular order so what we've done. As published list and a proper order from ten to one. And I think we nailed it I don't think so the and during deserved to be analysts note ten don't deserve to be analyst and this is why in fact they come intent so is the best of the worst a few well. So let's kick it off number ten will mean there's so many funny things about. It's a 71 dollars children convertible. It'll cultural it's a great. It placed there isn't it great it's gone there was agreement is Corretja key word being was there on the caller was being driven by getting older Palmer he's a local courted aren't there in Annapolis and he was driving the caller. Today untrue thing. Who is ago first moment. And money on strong. Yeah is now I'm sure it has not plans as Neil Armstrong jungle in the next guy Diane Jon Mills in the coloring with him. I cannot sew some and number two guy yeah. One ovals but that's puzzled and there was number two it would astronaut jungle it right area our area so anyway. He was in the call with them and they're going through the pits and photos of them happens in a gruesome I forgot to me is ours or our pit lane we're doing nineties and it went in that was filed under. He takes off wide open and hits the media stay and now how business ventures twenty people nobody got killed. Houses happen. I have no idea how ha. Listen saying that there's actually videos this guy you can you do it and pit lane and he tied it takes around dawn and never touched a break. Oh wow well I I guarantee you this of those guys you scorer. It karma business looming I think Amazon sure is Chrysler dealer some counseling that he thought the laughingstock of Indy for a long term and chanting it wants wanna be able digging into well an -- another interesting in the thing that a lot of people don't know well. You know every Indianapolis five or from what I think 1970. EU blow there is all is right there are those Dutch under. They sing a song and mostly Indian Apple's home so the oil all right excellent and they also let Jim neighbors over well pilot. But everything is usually the real famous singer all that good stuff but the thing is he's from Alabama. Which is really cares and in Israel Canada's nice thing in every year all would like to think a year or two ago. We'll come lying. Who provoke the dog Sheen be. Does interesting all right so number ten spot. 1971. Dodge Challenger will move to number nine. The 1938. Hudson. Wouldn't Wear a little notes of 112 was culled the 112 due to its wheelbase. The 112 inches long and can be bought for new force 654. Dollars and let me say some. If you can behind car for 648. That if we have 54 dollar you think about and us together anyway. Well known and I don't know it's a great car immediately was 1936 or 48 dollars like. 161000. Dollars today. I mean you really is you enter a pleasure and gas wells and nickel a gallon. Some 38 I'm just a managing that's not a very fast car it's not a fast cars go zero to sixty in about a half minute mark. Look at them and this is 1938. Army Chevrolet didn't have much going through all they have visibly playing six Bryant you know 216 cubic inches. Ford had to play it which was I mean it's of the statement is in stock form with a joke and but that's probably the best thing on market and from the factory and potato plow horse power pride on being it was equivalent enabled claim it'll blow. I mean it's it's cool among new beatle wanna now a new auto auto an old school we will as who ruled six to force the still sub point. India. I mean that this thing was does it wasn't picked it was it was slow even for these callers on I mean you. That the blue plate six and bled but they review animal you know this thing wouldn't McConnell some you know some lunch and they were doing so though there's a report. If you ever look at the 1930 huts in the Indy pace car disagreeable and callers in live on the special lot of wheel failure local relate to analyze the you know because. But that it do if you don't have an ugly girls or everybody on your whole thing with its cuts and don't own the fabulous Hudson hornet notices Hudson went toward. Does years before that measure you all right so number nine spot filled up by the 1938. Hudson won twelve. Moving on to number eight. The 2003. Chevrolet. Basis or truck yen of this is I have a problem. Now I do understand its truck it's not a pace or I yet that. This threat from these things are pretty cool. There are OK I mean the end make him what it was an analyst sewer is just five degrees above three bothering yourself. Hillary is a lot of motor for a little truck well look at them but it will be intimately or cruisers don't pickup truck commit to some currently. Blow it you know Laura trickle stuff but only Hillary and it's not up pace vehicle. It's not a performs there is a pick up for a the bills went to look at the great crew will front room track well I'm in good two way street is tomorrow would place a number eight is because yet is not face to our. It's not a fast car and this is the first of my eyes and a more snow is on but. It's a very small. Truck. Would you rather large engine and it. That will get down the road pretty quick series of critical of themselves closing to praise for her also turned out to people deterrent exactly. So I mean. Because it breaks my heart to see an SSR make this list. And that's why it came in at number eight where this is nothing of this puzzle for sugary want this to make. Exactly and well I don't know Jim did good gentlemen does a good job at building a really nice car and then stop producing it. But they're really get a of that sadly. So anyhow our memories buzz so filled by the 2003 ship VS as our. Today your daughter on flexible on this list number seven suburbs rural elementary Kim on this book. Members of his ability and his six Corvette. C agri ministers. And 1986. Civic and corporate. Sucks it's good for suspension parts. The end. You kill me now and 1986. Manner now that's okay there's so many first with a score but I tell you what fully get and graphic details on only six surely quarry and why it would be good plays called Satan and an this thing's a moral Briscoe. We'll what we'll do what we'll discuss it later doesn't rule will let the bullet the listeners beat the judge Arthur aren't aren't I would love the listeners with the judge rob I know feline. Most common thinking people are going to have to agree with me on this one. I want it to you something there's nothing in common and hot rod McGill pain and pain in Thailand won't I'll tell you what let's pay some bills analyst come back around of this I think we do that when you do this how can I get a little he did every are Bengal tiger you listen. 63 WORD. Absolutely tolerance and embryos you grow all the hits and what's going councillor. We were talking. We were discussing we're getting heated. We were we were gaining angered we're talking about the two and worst in your Apple's 500 he scorer and most of them numbers sent the we or that wasn't going to be a 1986 Corvette. Yeah yeah. On until ignoring. Coming from a man. The drugs and not anyone caprice station wagon and calls the heart and well when it's my game 550 horsepower they can typically do home runs yes. We're these numbers that wears is horsepower and where is far from whom terror and must think shovel and dug Butler and out. Let's goes Corvette. Speak easy compared to act so we are that is actually corporate know what I'll Wear 96 or record it not be a good fiscal. Blah I didn't do evil in you think Israel is driving ability and actually would because his suspension on release cars is great in terms of core bay if I can of well. And it you know Oslo is a new call our city Yankee than mine but. These sort of garbage man. Pools garbage about a six orbit above the judge me on the engine. The old money eight small block me out was storage I think so. See this is a close look like one little worse corvettes ever made. Really idea I silence is up have you released callers know but I've seen him plenty of them. You because there's still a lot of it was a very popular parenting is over as the elderly small ones that you speak of is is say in June wants moblog. And wanting to do 260 files stored for its basic small book with a fuel injection Serbs are within it was a horrible feeling it and so. Tibia close rails whore and and I'll give the 84. Trash to import rejection came a long way. Please distrust. What does look forward in 1986. And I'll give me now and it came along way but I don't have to engenders at least somewhat the same way in a hole doesn't go a fuel injection and that is six. Surely. Nine fuel injured as you know while the two important and you jitters are the ones that. Because the Koran somewhat of a rough idol. Changing election put the ninth injured drew in there to actually even that Colorado what does that tell you of the car from the factory had a rough idol. And they had to repair no throwing more ports you know they were when they were developing it they've put in ninth ejector and why did they just not fix the rough final issue in developing it was in 1984. You've. There's your problem. Now that also takes a little is very very cool is grossly obese people orbit you are and New York. Not only of you think about people were still reasonable suspension components to this day and like I said this similarly courses you rate. There takes so this notion. The visual dashed do you know was originally designed for the US military actually do know that that's a very very cool let's go to war and are there times where is the curve. Power's Libby got pregnancies six it was to order fifteen horsepower. But. There was nothing else even close to ninety basis I'm just saying him there there's some cooler in the Miami Vice special that's on sale. There's not much that even typical though among advice and also ahead says would you think I'll do whatever isn't good listener as little boy. Until the end okay. Wasn't the the hard core but you know NASA. On technicality I am right but but it wasn't in the wrong generation removed the urgent plan so. This is a thing you think about Stiefel for me now say the same for men did pave the way for you know your real power to fix it did pave the way some people told treasure sequel called panda sequel. Quote some broad who oversee four that you wanted to file six's seventh U that it is these new vets I'm waiting there aren't paved the way our analyst Barry in his number seven was the 86 Corvette moving on and also one other thing about the aliases Korean government advertisements and you know what they choose to be opposed Goran why is wisely chooses Myers apparently people right. They took is the first shift from the convertible into orbit since 1975. Pounds he had reason. All right moving on number six I think we've both been an area on this one. In 1984 Pontiac fear oldies on this is called it should never happened yet. Gentlemen it's like. A tray of Sam and Saturn. Had a baby says they're very very accurate well yeah I think about it fear and Saturn analog colleagues at was a mid engine putted from the eighties have to do with nine these. You callers. While the law like vocal body panels. My quarter browsers in boulder analysts have big thing with the interferes with the typical of those vehicles they were slow easily can be everybody. So this reason public two thirds of their fears their rulers. A fake when you Likud to push now but I'm not Arsenault drastic improvement yet. Number six taken out by the 84 on intro McClellan this is another thing to rule. Is such a very well. I hate fear hundreds of I don't know it's another thing is that about it was actually force over fear earlier William the V6 fear so wasn't GG. Nah I don't know this was just a fear for solar field. This is the industry is about the call it a 140 horsepower from his thing thousands of bill. I barely wrote a 150 Molinaro Trent yeah it's terrible but and it was a horrible horrible about it a little school that true. Vehicles and did they. They did this fifteen Jimmie which publisher. And they've in the truck. This fifteen years of no more distant but at the target wheels on all the stuff that was company in the world pays so I want like why with a silver. Bedazzled stripes. But I mean every there was a cold look but the fear it was just week in other things that TA has been on whether. Exactly are sort of weird number six and 84 clients here are moving on the number five. I think we also can agree on this one and 1999. Chevrolet come money Carla what do they about a surely Michael especially these early and on East Coast is no bad legal it's well. At least six things glorified Chevy Lumina. Moral us I mean honestly. 3800 yet they weren't bad motors for front wheel drive some other really you know our theaters this tremendous supercharged Carly didn't say it was so you think everything that was said it was a day you would think Lewis that it isn't just a mom did come sooner or 3800 no thirty you're you're supercharged physics program back there for bad news of this course really don't think nobody there really well Amanda GDP that was a shocker a load that thing. But I mean honestly. In 99 you could've done some ceremonies were now. Mind you. We'll keep among those that money solace relatively narrow and it really was blown ninety this he thought of him who the real low approval that Leo we rules bright in ML skull that was a very cool Briscoe and then vigor to the money clip. Exactly. Now even and then later it was later. Around one three years when the money carload it's 30 yeah was outfitted with a Ellis violence clinical guerrillas for where was. Dallas school VA front wheel drive battles also. I don't know why they won't win this thing now. We're going laid arrests are number five by the 99 Chevy Monte Carlo. Moving on to number four. End this one if you go either way with splitting 91 dodge stealth Horry missed the BC 3000 GT that's none at all or say it is that species that's. You deal with the dodger managers with dude stickers on the moralists. This car it's cool car please come out four cylinder car bomb. Now I'm just hustled. Rose wonderful person was will be six will were limited to three liter V6. So mum came foursome I don't know oral three liter V6 and a back home in Medicare bomb. Well I don't actually know what I did it was Dario. Are still that it was and it it pretty much lived up to the Mitsubishi day. Partly solar or junk and garbage they. Mean the thing about it they're there that. Bothers me about this is. The legacy of the Indy 500 callers through the years I mean you have Hudson street bankers and Cheryl is and buicks and lose mobiles and forwards and all this stuff around. In the you have dogs coming out here here's what we won't choose to use. They re back edge Mitsubishi. Yes our problem of that main can hardly. You know and not to say there's anything wrong with the you know a foreign car being used in the Indy 500. Our problem at all. But years you rehashing a foreign car and feeding us and do exactly the exactly is the dog Stults well know is the Mitsubishi 3000 GT yeah exactly I mean your rehashing something in what payment terms to was horrible about that that was the dog Mitzi years you were there. Slightly built two point seven V sixes in the three point but these six there and opened the per hour yeah consumers. Did say I just I haven't he's prominent man you know and and these these are so common we even talked about these a while back with a mini trucks. They were so common for this to be done when you know. You have your Ford Ranger in the near mons the beat 3000. Well good luck in these years like when this wills holes still that was the does he think he would tools of mismanagement and expect. Exactly. Am I just I have a real problem when this I mean don't dodge if you don't sing your best to line. Don't rehash of foreign car and send men over well you thought that liberal by Perot. You don't let them know and now the viper digging uses any Chris Carlin bid it below the poverty and make production and before but I think the vibrant Shapiro what two or three the other this year it was like yeah. They're sick though that's. That's the shooting blew both barrels of bullets don't let us that's impressive. All those results GG. Yeah I just broke my heart. And that's why I landed a number of force by the money won dodge stealth. All right guys you won't listen here these are top three of what he hated it as the Indy pace callers. You've gone to state in our odds and happy hour right here 1063 WO lord. All right guys you listen our president we are here 16 through them already this rough bits and I think what's going you do me a minute and so grade but his game in old lessons from handling smooth jazz Basra it. As a view it. We've got we're talking about the worst Indy priest colors of all time hit an OK do you Angela Vick of compiled this list Novartis fell one. It does not need to Bologna and I'll fell one because let them Greenhill and a little bit that needs to be honest this is not a well thought out there today it's a little while caller. All right let me first before you throw your wild card let's recap this topped analysts' where where are right now. Are coming in the number ten spot you have the seven and one Dodge Challenger which wasn't back callers is a bad memory exactly number nine is in 1938 Hudson won twelve. Slow NAFTA and number eight is the 2003. Shimmy SSR which breaks my heart decision on the list. Number seven is in 1986. Corvette which heavily breach your sport that doesn't as a precursor. All right number six they were both Ukraine China as the 1984 upon entry aero. Number five is the 1999. Chevy Monte Carlo which I think we also both agree on. And number four which we very well agree on is the 91 dodge stealth or mentally he's GG exactly. Our Jason you have wild card that you want to throw the. Tonight on this list because you have keep the economy they've had. Tomo and solicit more in the eighties now in as far as coming years Andy's singles started nine to 1190 elements are you aware of ninety's. 1911100. Compete but she's doing here because these dollars yes and usually your journal figuring ambulance and a lot right. So this is the only thing to hear about the 1985. I didn't pick your total deficit. In 1985. Oldsmobile Calais. Indeed please call 1980. Oldsmobile they were phenomenal and will be here and I just all come out when mount. We so you see it right there on your short or right example look at table. That was an independent base current 1985 when you were told treasury 86 Corbett at at that. Look at the month at Callaway is basically upon it grade and the energy was really big everybody read bring goers. Well you know within the meaning is that the only version of the new version Yoni until this thing basically became the cavalier I mean. And not know the cavalier ruled different platform. On either way it's terrible it's horde. But I actually don't think you're I don't think you did I think you'll as the cavaliers and I think the most cavaliers who have migrated heirloom and those will go away. Brooklyn were cousins. Loans. This is the thing is crazy those senior Crisco we're talking about. A four cylinder. Pro Woodruff. Those who do okay well I'm religious. Is the let's look at what does that cause that everybody's drew Freeman school. Pretty much. Do you really appreciate the Oldsmobile or she had a party at grand am wanted to crack team of some rendition and I mean why this court admin lets someone who sleep the will. Bachmann wants a one dimensional as the governor number three spot is a very very close cousin. And that is in the 1997. Those mobile Rorer. It's like things like this made me wanna give up the good news is that. You're calling this car a guys hopefully he's going to and Google Google and Johnny says it was a little roar Indy plays score the sort of Barroso Google stickers on this thing is absolutely. Of it is it is atrocious. Is in blade but all the callers or geoghan had not only certainties. I think Hamas and Miami seven was the first year for Ellis vet. You know OC five vet why not use that bully delineate. Yeah but still I mean. Why isn't this thing is atrocious guests on is like aid. It's like a rough cousin to the Monte Carlo room has a bad night when the stretched out it's crazy with the Lola is yet is like a lot of money Carlos is a little glove thing about the. As you'll resume ovals suddenly scorers they actually have their own version of north star little smaller version of the worst or the eight that was in the cadillacs. All right it was a four liter. In the as the girls and I don't know the good vision of the northstar famine that north are gonna get a matter up. Elicited chop the tough tough and well lamented that will make the top I'll look at those of those few inanimate targets up on them about it. It's you don't say it does not itself forward corps. Well you know one who went down to the dealership and said you know one honey it's 1997. We know my Microsoft's stock has really taken off this year. And I want Abbas and a caller I'm feeling a little sporty. Let's go buy a new 97 whose mobile Aurora in the face dork who had that conversation. Nobody did what they do as a penalty kills all financial wife owes. Him. I mean these things manager terrible there in the garbage I literally I mean it's it was a four design and cholera now given that rears it's just real. Future 1990s. Now land on Catalina. But that's celery critical or Stefano six economist at the sex appeal of a Turk. That's an accurate statement. Spies. I will SL no doubt I think we both agree turning in our number three spot as the 97. Oldsmobile Aurora all right next up some breezes through our number to respond this hurts as does the older car you know mail oval cars. But it is terrible. Number three spot and saw that it is all I do. A 1960s. Series Studebaker lark. So this little thing you understandable mark a Studebaker or. This Mosley compact caller it was a little convertible and it was it's achieved the same us. Saying Geo Metro of the sixties hippie that's cute they're gonna go over one of those too but I mean do you think about it it's cute it's say. This thing kinda looks like a Plymouth Fury meets all Mercedes and a real small. Miller says it's a small combat cool you can which amount of metropolitan will be kind of which amounts were literally about it. But. It's a it's a real small role comeback kolbe bills we have as a culinary cool. Yeah and it's it's it's you know who won back a cool Holler and I figured in the I customer I think you'd have to do it wall no more work and this is your for a man listen these those little. Delta 88. Yeah you know at least I have for a three under the wisest thing I like one of three he'd let me then in politics analysts say Tim I'm not far off by a jury. Mostly sterile solution. Does not hold it Lisa was forced me in an argument that but we'll score because of the problem. You have with them. But it is about local as the actual caller demanding sixty there's so many better things you couldn't policies you were. Net about six to do anything cut a 62 umbrella about a six to Chrysler. You know the big imperial sums usually they're that would be Olson. But no muzzle us when your C class corners 300 courtroom again what else yeah Chrysler through. Under the title of an amazing actually but I think you know if you Google is saying so I know who drove it. They're they could James have no idea who it is but the danger of scoped out. Killing Aaron whose number two spot I think is you know without question them 1962 Studebaker lark announcing the name alone. I think the name alone gives it all right guys incumbent and our number one spot and I think you know I'm very well agree on the us. Can you put it strikes guarding against one of those available to its portal will sport utility the holders of the re branded piece of crap from GM yet a 2001 of those mobile bravado. Pace caller. AM that's all tastes this UV you know something again pace soccer moms for sport utilities could lose something exciting about that Leonard could lose supplemental the end I mean honestly it was funny as you look at the mag Zion callously the TrailBlazer SS my eggs in the can now win later in the 2000 a little bit the little. And the other big whiskers Amazon uses Google for Chris Carrino illegal in the 2004. Lester throws thank god because they ruin some vandals. I'm in this church just look and and Cameroon and honestly looks like a fire truck when strapped up there really really does look a volunteer fire department. It's is there a volunteer fire department on Macs only in the Indy 500. Great job is mobile episode recently got or obese or violence or big city Seattle and yeah you know from six mile homers in a rural grub and everybody's just Leo a TrailBlazer based result is that you have that seeing America's race yet. Christ those mama and ghost. The I mean this stuff dealers this raises some of the colors through the years Al what I thought. Good tilting the U would have made it kind of broke or you. Are mapped all of giving heart to moderate on our wall until next time we allow these fine people go in hopefully they have other researcher own favorite Indy pace car was noted is a table tennis level FaceBook cholera and they are let us know what you think tells the most of your favorite independent scholars are guys you analyst and our odds that you are right here one of 630 W already.