Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, May 28th



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Gallows welcomed hot rods and then Baylor. God yes sir won't we talk about today. We know. We're talking about or talk about you know what guys show notes indeed I'd gotten two routes he debuted so. I'm prepared are you. And everywhere clueless is the first ladies and gentlemen were coming events. Coming events. We're going BM into the tournament this like a pop quiz Monday the two point nine for a moment to make always show in apple earned in Applebee's I guess we'll be an Applebee's Leo wish him home will win easily though this and I have always gracious racial motivation. Yeah well all day Monday Applebee's and last longer airing now so everybody. Pictured here only this thing is for great kills is make a wish them all who accused them at the local make A wish Brad Wright is right here in South Carolina. So following weekend June 3 back to the basics and Simpson will South Carolina and it heritage park U assert. This is also ship. This. Is like the end all be if you watched fast and furious. Did he go excited you need to be here I outlets for us in various answer him. In this probably like it is this great show which. For those who don't know I am a I can dabble on the foreign cars a little bit of that euphoria sakes and the two AZ experiment. I had a horrible and more of those kind of things that we added each morning one that camp's I didn't have any Celtic after. That accounts as a miniature currently import. And there's a difference okay whatever. Your ring true was born out of that but not to me. Well this is the Letterman show greater vigilance on grosso about Potomac misperception. Article and then if my dear old friend rob Pitts can stay awake loyally there were into Atlanta. Have full well that kids have a problem. NASA usually were on that do not camping out thing and it's that's awesome person like he was only hellacious event that program ultimately it's a great show but it. It starts very early. And it's four hours away. But it's a great event in a slight bruise your thought about afternoon should do what happened from there anyway. So our planet none of that make their own TV show announces historical precedent so. That's awesome. Well following week where will we be in June on Friday that Carolina thunder series pro ma stay Union County dragway. Not only. Is it the nature is sanctioned trip but it's the only concrete eighths mile sanctioned in major interest in the state of South Carolina. That's a lie than those on my hopefully just let the largest audience like upset that polls are close can you may have. I'm Tony Diaz if you haven't made the ventured down meaning danger anyway. This is the most and it was straight in South Carolina Manson knows of everything it's news minute Terry sanction. And isn't that tough love is well tricks in the country it's a great facility is all know it's a great facility detracts skidded exit sign. Good race and happens there just this past week ago. Who who was of them there. The nom cancers that we have some of these guys still there still emotion. The world's police over the history it is just a directorate established record currently it's a great trip for the fans scorer for the pro mod these two Ramona of course it's nothing for that we had just callers is the only well last somewhere now and there we -- track record isn't exactly. Alley what was that one man these seven things 190s and I have an answer I like reading tea guns and yet. Amend those impressive times and you got that detract delayed them I don't know if this is the thing no way either. In the area remotely. Or do you ever go let's see it time that fast ultra. Nap now honing. No offense but shady side Ware Shoals Greer well I mean you're not only down fassel well there's not an effort to stop a car that goes fast yeah. This tricks injury sanctioned track and they bring out the big board callers was and owners to discern. All right so following morning more roomy Sierras and tigers in Greer South Carolina a book right that's it. That's the thought of it helps the the foothills mistletoe Apache association we're helping them out and also they are given all of the proceeds to that your children's miracle network and and great show great jury should great Loescher has over show everybody come out have a good time. I'm sure reliable full score totals presumably their plan all your favorites. Butler is a greater vigor totally sure Camby it. I heard mentioned there might that mean this is they make money they don't believe there there might be done this might be and a move. Are you loan instead of life. And now. That on a hot have you seen my hair and but it's perfect. And Marco stay that way party grouper. So we know we don't following wing that's there or does this the original where it all started ruby Tuesday's. June 18. For lettuce those four. Tell them 123. For everybody in the rooms go up four fingers up. Four let this is at the sale of more ruby Tuesday's high rosneft IPO cruise. This is a is very special cruise. And calm those who were over or good buddies that. Is just a little bit about that under on well on Saturday may sixth is that wasn't a head on collision hit because from his Dodge Dart and a also called on fire. Sex is saying many broken bones that included his elbows in multiple pelvic breaks. So lose that still needs help with some medical bills and all leg in the back Apple's. Exco you know he's very young son and this is another thing I mean this guy he's a member Carol Alamo forcefully fills me up. Actually he's a cardiac reasons I mean this is one of our people want to hear what the court really pulls together where fame when we look out for another sort of this cruise and we got some great round browsing we got a computer we got wheels and tires. Do we get T says wheels and tires we get custom so wheels and tires were forum Dodgers. We get. To shine guys the six are detailed gift cards. Photos she's a do or am still making a great sound into all the monies go to a really great calls absolutely and now also. Donations can be made with a community works federal credit union Nazi miss Carrie Smith. Tell you she cure she you know give that a few one makes him donations and also loved all the mile apart as ago men. Does certain morning car show when cool liver or warm beverages. And you can ask them for details about the idea. Holes raffle tickets restaurant actually or do a great northern with a Dunkin' Donuts are there all along the parkway or there's so Ralph tickets at certain race rate after a certain morning event rather on the Korea. But listen they're young please don't borrow up to explain now and the bottles that are available actually doing the raffle drawing for these problems. Yes it will actually drawing and our event and given how these prizes. And coming will be taken donations on site in heaven Zach I'll television is go to bigger picture a cool these security issues in if we can give I'm actually looking and it. Mo we are looking Indian mounds. Permission to have sex or other side blooming thing you think this goes panel collisions of dogs don't know big cork. Yeah at all woods basically new dodge mania as Elvis will lose the smoke glory Reuters that he hit him on this thing is wadded up like in newspaper and LT as the worst part of this tragedy is he was hit by an equally presumed to Missouri driver. And video driver of the van afterwards catamaran and has yet been found so unsolicited all this car caught on fire. And that man lit him sit in that this whole woman as a table does all the car community big favor from Rome and road we'd love to come out of tolerance and barrel June 18. So the grade of you have a great calls. Yes sir our labeling say anything more about that. Our guys laughter that would have a break and some core show action for cup weeks let's you'll and we say oh yeah when Mike and I we might get actually a working our cars a little bit. I want to work among. And you you said it hello little thing on can waxes and but no actually be that's actually a typical hour show you know in my do you think too expensive what saleable. This past weekend when he gets out. Until you look what are we talking about here a little bit of the Camaro gathering. To women's North Korea and beautiful Clemens North Carolina I'll tell you man. I wanna wait to get bagged and talk Mormon on this split. I'm looking forward to next year. Really really Hamlin ordinance that was you have this little guy as they they got it. Well in my man Joseph shattered too involved in my in my lived up to the rugs and happy hour name a little bit but it. He doesn't get those ratios to OSHA who judges are always felt a hotel shares of the greatest. Except for us India on you to oranges go to the room until for fear. You know let's euros but and you just go back to the toaster trailers now because we would put. I'm Manuel. Robb Pitts I think. We get place mills. And you organized we get a few blogs on here you'll lose in the hot rods and happy hour right here when a 63 you pretty hot rods and having a writer wanna 63 W Lordi. Yes there up it's a day you'll be as you wanna talk about the career I can see you read that you were giddy with the excitement the Camaro known as Greg. I think we should gentlemen I want to use Augusta that you go a little muzzled from that zillow. Today ammo and say there buzzer the diabetic become aware of quantitative is probably more to the first cloned brother. So where are we since you could remembered all weekend here. What are and women's North Carolina care a beautiful Clinton's old corolla Ford products Winston-Salem handle only up. 45 annual Camaro gathering North Carolina men and the table great show hotel a show like this that haute hoosiers are my favorite color shows you know those and you walk read into that group renewed Jovan pull. That a lot of cool things billions. In let's hear us dangerous thing in the oven we color trailer where exactly do is play the of them are a man it was two days though action packed Camaro fund Lowell finished action packed complexion fun packed. Merrill funds sold it to you to put that together and as together hands but those magic is magic. I think what. I'll lice in the cove a Camaro alerted the cover Cabrera was very very cool there's a lot of X there's a lot of really an oldies on that you'll have to be a Camaro a friend and Jewish do you enjoy the Camaro gathered. If America outages are gracious. Does that take all the bad customers out of the equation. Oca you know what's even better than the players with the the people. The people are here oh days on the pilot dual name dropping but she's Jeffrey wash geragos today. Guys were also done a short how low these guys I mean yes belittled me a little bit of the just fun being able to know there are great people all of them. I do them it was a great show or elemental about their cook and at the Cotto. The amount they get tips. Of course you Roosevelt got to news. And we arledge going to Ezra I mean it didn't Democrat in light show man did corporate front and Ellis showed me this thing oldies. What seemed like the laser light show a stone mountain. Payrolls in comparison. To the light show at the North Carolina where together I'm table of these kids take dual mode level managers mannequins let them with a callers. A man was great. Well we did. This is the thing I mean these guys take showed it to the next level yes absolutely I mean they're not new mandate is still aren't back into a parking spot I mean they've got the lights again showed more adamant against. A religious themes goal of these callers -- the halting car was great long I'll love Michael hour. I'll love the whole thing going on the Green Hornet or tears and Emma transforms Gore's name of the transformer locals Basra a man. Great stuff of the moment legality of whether. Coming grace though in this LED. Abilities show counts of the mine is a great Townsend to any horse show I think well it's just and wholesalers like you have a really cool crews get the lights go into the music going there we have demands come home after you know that we style play it. Who hasn't let that goodness Friday and Saturday all along with the rules gorges. What was some 200 commandos from all generations filled parlor Amir whittled from Canada Pennsylvania new York New Jersey and we all over the place he's called for from. In upgraded the village in man was great. There's a man is predominately fifth sixth general down but there is callers from every generation. And some beautiful ones to do. But today you and our ability to the scorer. There was an 81 Z 28 their bills probably these slick as the urgent or second gentlemen ever cinema life. Yes the buckling to Obama I think was absolutely perfect. The Amin those Uga so all right let's say this if you had to pick a Camaro to take government show which would be probably the Coca. Anderson Agassi's while permeating want to go vote. But strictly value was about as I didn't take the Cobo from the equation you don't wanna do it was left uproot trees 69 Camaro citadel corps the balloon. Yes OK I'm Wendy I guess next to the hopping zeal. I get to him in mind that I would take down there was one in the Ellis while first gen Camaro those bills also bullet to. Or I think it would take home that why. Six champ. Bell's ability and correct those pretty river that politician. Take those dollars out of the equation I would ever go for the 81 of the eighty wools and go for that split from the silver car. Split number was also beautiful palm. Golly here's some great cars choose from there's a couple rule announced surges are to really clean energy can see through two Pia of course it took me. Everything stores there's a guy out there that is fool's June Camaro convertible red watery white river is destruct on his very first commercially he warned gamma Wally and a beautiful caller today amid a love that a little bit store and was it was as the sun Marilyn agreement. You don't know was the son it was a thought it was a solid call originally Soledad got it back as the sun got a new and and that adds restoring the sun's fourth gen Camaro. That's also mommy and stories like that might be scorcher news amazing. And then there's the after party the jello shots. I think I had about fifty I don't think this'll show flow or however I think of the other god I don't think you do that to the next level of me. And you to do is they look as witnessed it well I mean. It was it was good times they get offer and then nine kids again minimum Beirut again now. The name to symbolized the bomb in their offering and then there's the stories you know after we weren't read because we work indoors thing. There's the make dolls police story. And make Bell's police stores very yet he did unite here this is no I didn't our solar Philip our fellow friends with the ABM group. Of the local blue metallic group pump. They obvious people yet the ones that offered up this jello shots. Obviously were a little intoxicated. And they won't have to local mcdonalds. And now we're trying to do is include like 4 in the morning. Well they don't serve you if you want to drive through window so they came back and the cup there that was securing the parking lot. Took their money in actually German crust is made housing elements there that are out there is a service to the community I mean that it's to protect and serve I mean what other way did you serve and how could you. Serving a big Mac and asserting American values. But don't there's other noses really cool I mean we are still waiting for the stores there's so many thought people and we're router only golf caller I mean. It was great it was a great show and I'm really excited about the sixth annual. Could I gather yes there are real quick. And you on the ground Saddam. Just live your ground super quick blow had a 67 which is first your caller or is this as already yellow black well we sure aren't very cool courses alienated bills. A full for full forcefully. Well interesting story with a chorus and Willis to a caller. Oldies of mud and reliable. My bad here is we were to organize you know we always want majority colors 62 apply at Bonneville. It was a great callers perfect but it was a sixty vote on at Bonneville rack mount and at a 67 or assist or is this this commander. And my dad hated that core. He loved my bottom of the actually swap meet for an at bat that was photo of the best deals ever go the only. Well it's hard to hear of a bon Mon and how low Bom Bom total gamer and old days of a bother nobody back because those is a great caller. I real quick I had 88. Only know if there's a model number two it was of energy and is that the surgeon I had 88 with a two point eight later probably the worst Camaro ever made welcome laurels. It was black wiry stripes have been a little cool factor but. It was slow and lawful those horrible and yet it was it was a dollar a minute. It was terrible their senators know that it be that bad follows pretty bad there was pretty bended trade euphoria 77 to five blazer of those and I was pretty good and so somebody's religious unity doubts about the talker yeah I won Ahmed bill us for sure of Dylan called oil. All right guys let's see what we got to pay some bills you listen Rosen happy hour right here 1063. Point oh lord my caller of an average rose row bits. Let's get on romance. Scheduled newscaster I don't know that I that you won't those frivolous law alluded to his goal in the automotive world we do need we need to talk about small Automotive News. So then an end. Does sports are there any down Stillman. I have to edit exploring blah chain for a driver lets callers. All right you know this this hurts me it was a searching room excuse me she's kind of affiliated deuce court. Was that the smoke soapbox not. It appeared. And mix Obama flip dual role of mayors throughout the filming rump. Driver of the list callers well it's not a problem yet but it's presenting itself to be one yes you know what's next heartless people that's what it is our. Holier soapbox is limited explain this a little more. Toyota's teaming up with a MIT media lab and file of the companies to explore blog chain technology for the development of journalist powers. Blood chain if you don't know there's a public online ledger for transactions. This would enable businesses and consumers. To securely shared data on testing and driving so. But we understand that. So they won't to basically mimic drivers to see how they drowned so they can trade Zach not harmless devil computer card address exactly Antonio said in the statement this data alone would be consumer optional be shared with your insurance companies. To lower interest rate so this is where I have a problem wolf this is broken rules socialism not only are we doing with a harmless double computer coroner Alice team and a with the Maine and exactly the same number of bad gee you all over. All right so here's those works this is this here's what the real dividends take a mile kind of thing. You gifts Toyota and timlin allowed to do this saying you know they give consumers options to share this information with the insurance company. So that you can lower your interest rates will wind as this no longer become an option to share and your card does your insurance company. Immediately. What you're doing you're aggressive note though aren't you. A little bit especially on things like this means they'll say the more cups no more conspiracy theory for you bush here's the problem when this problem in. Do you ever just go five miles an hour over your speed limit. Mom well I think this beetle I think if anybody in this room or in this listening range of this so. This show would say that they don't their liar. True I mean do you ever not easy to turn signal how much is this coming out of turn signals and soccer learn exactly how much does that as umi shared with your insurance company. What if it becomes mandatory now premiums are going through the roof because. The man is watching us and how we drive. This I have a problem went by the big bro the big problem well the whole day thing anyway this hole driver Lewis callers are able. Okay artificial to notice the great thing you know there's a lot of advancements are eligible to handicap and all that 100 tips it. Rub his morals and their sports so where do you draw the line of where A has a good thing. And where it's a bad thing let me let me tell you story you know. A road destruction. You know do a lot of customers you know a lot of small businesses and things that nature. Customer coming in since sixteen year old son to mourn his driver's license. Now I can't even wrap my mind around how old madre are pluses well six I'm waited there. But sixteen years old and he doesn't want driver's license and you know the reason why why is that rob because he can't play on his full review extra the. While this is perfect for him then he doesn't it just all over again on what exactly is murder for him he won't need a driver's license because of driver let's course. Heartless. I don't like it I mean let's just main thing is silly out of me. There's a size two so that you most during your core drug mule. Mean if you're carnal malfunction and throw you know life or were there you're drunk until the role for her. I mean I just I don't know I'm not sold on the idea at all. But they adorable little overboard idea to let's shift gears a little bit stance W if Toyota. Because of their actually regaining their respect for me. Toyota. Bomb they're taking America's best selling car which had visited Toyota Camry. And they're going after titles with the other titles that is. NASCAR championships. As you know with the Toyota Camry is what Torre uses NASCAR. And they've worked very very hard. And it. Taking that sameness that we've talked about NASCAR few weeks back and removing that from NASCAR's they've worked very hard. And making the camera EC on the racetrack. Look as close as they possibly can. To the camera EC at the dealership and this isn't easy because NASCAR does not play well known NASCAR and NASCAR does not play well this is also there fighting uphill battle but summit today. If you go online you look at the pitchers and they had the unveiling back in on January in the detour ownership. Then the unveiling of the two callers. If you go and look at these pitchers Toyota has nailed it. Basically the camera you see him or racetrack is a very aggressive version of which you see on the on the road a school Obama. Ford you know Ford Jimmy need to take notes on this one Muslims I mean. You know and we talked about a couple weeks ago within the with the NASCAR should we talked about. Valued the car is easier on the track is just. Just a body was Chevy stickers on it will mean it is you know made a point we'll skip am I mean the whole you know Wilson is still home and everything Mulder not selling anything light drizzle Monday and Toyota thank god has seen. That exact thing in there looking men get their bang for the buck as you know it costs money to have your caller going around NASCAR circuit. It cost a lot of money. So there seeing the marketing bank look at as the eyes of those costs a lot of money that the pull the plug in 2002 they could afford to keep up exactly. You know and that really bothers me sue now mean to gets out of from so you do one great things they're doing as far as NASCAR is. But that really bothers me. Dunst has you know days they could afford to do this the other liberal Molly's demons and held cancel maybe attain the budget might have freedom. And allow them to do that but. Obama. Well I mean you'll think about your own criminal colon the demon and then open taken NASCAR approaching total. Brutally and every other families there I'm waited their valid argument can be made either way. I mean this skeleton in the house play thing with the demon when you're out Brooke and invesco. But is marketing strategy for one better than mailer. Think I'll be on this week as many paper go into the street style mean you're looking NH RA program is liberals and NASCAR's. All right. What cater to the ground. They're they're appealing to each program and you might mean some men ever does that you're right. I mean I really do you have done so Israel ahead of the curve or things like that especially in the marketing and marketing department well and I mean I think. Knew what they may be put oil rigs and another basket. And my best move for them to balance our slow switch gears again Ford Motor Co. the last Friday. Ford stated that they will be investing 350. Million dollars and it's Livonia transmission plant. Heard there 2015. Commitment made to the UAW which UAW's you know. As the united automobile workers slavery in his delivery and so Sunday deal. Well yeah I think it was 800 jobs. As a hundred jobs puzzle other jobs so visit retaining and possibly new jobs as they say they might use some of the previous Ford Motor Co. employees and move him over. But yet there's still this is a big deal. And I mean this is part of a previous deal made. Where Fortson they'd invest. What was the number on the and somewhere in the billions linking one point one point four billion or one point eight billion dollars in the plan. And add three new transmissions. So this is just part of that deal. Bomb last year Ford announced a one point four billion dollar investment to produce a ten speed transmission. Would you see that you knew Ford F 150 easing new Ford raptors. As saying that will cross through these these resistance army did the treasure and these automatics and inquiries yet since we will that's what's coming in the new Camaro residents they automatically. A member of one point four billion dollars investment months. It is interesting Gizo stock and Ford is now actually. Is now like 30% go for subtle change during Somalis that the group. Four lovers come to Jesus mean internally or capsules for. Which you know is amazing though is they've been one of the best selling auto makers here recently special on the trip to. Yes and not something. With the aluminum F 150. They are really really think that that proved bid just in my opinion. That truck has gotten so much by grass I mean it's horrible musical an idea in theory yes sliders it's better fuel mileage but as mayor of Timken. You know and that's interesting GM stock mug on to a woman embodies as well Jimmy and little mother does not talking about they're talking about told contrition for bill. Yeah me have a point this is another thing about public fury cure for drug aluminum and aluminum body in general you know you can't just put rent your body filler neck you get me will get you submit you will always a special tools push things just to work on these trucks it's it's really a nightmare itself. Yes there's low back on subject about the transmission deal Ford's president of America's. Joseph Hendricks. Said and I quote we believe is important to continue investing right here in our home market which is very gives a solicitor. This 350 million dollars going to be creating a new front wheel drive transmission that's what thereafter. And don't we use a lot of the same. Components and engineering they used in the sense speed transmission so. A man disturbing delisted be more efficient and just better transitional around. Him being a man came to know. But they went on run. I think his tough first place more bill already. Does your listen I'll resin that you are right here I'm 1063 W and Laura welcome back I'll rounds and then every hour yes sir her little story about you saw him once last. Give away from animals to visual wagons and yeah. And now is the I've been praying for this day and pray for this good. As a dear lord please them for a genre. He's in the station wagons I mean if you guys who don't we can suggests a win for that I don't know where we Cassini flew station wagon and that he is the only one I knew can help me and by goodness gives what. You. I've still got my station wagon. But you get something else do I do it in. Tell us about our draws nearer well I can guarantee an industry fought her way from my nickname on this one. A Maine is you know and I had to keep it odd. It was so odd actually I didn't even know what it was. So Randal hill. Some who ruled that heads into the inaudible does ma I think. So I purchased in 1977. Oldsmobile delta 88 Indy pace car. Listen I was so reserved and cook let us know it's not kill us all of cold about fifty done the delta 88 this is actually everybody courses Seles Sanchez is under my wife and. A short I don't know if you know little cereal so if you're wondering what whom 11 a 77 go to mediate looks bullets like in you don't have your phone carriers that want to hear what a great job picture. It's a call this bigger than my first apartment. But it has to go orders. Game if you remember war. You know that choreograph every used drove. It's like that but judo black and silver. That's for accurate factual. We're really good it's just funny you know I actually had it like how warriors a thing 179 or eighty delta 88 high school both affordable and as Clinton. Make it big middle of the institute in monument carried them into woman has date and time zone and it worked into Apple's move gentleman from the multiple studies that just goes to show era there does the you don't have to have a crew go. Eyes so I know a lot of egos are light hearted and what is the delta 88 Indy pace car in house like mid to. So I think which talk about some facts before you get to you foray into that whole military might joke Irish had. C Sosa you have you say recently Oldsmobile. Delta 88 right I think we should call automobile. That not happen. I think that's befitting statement reflect or does nobody knows what that is put them in the course actually got some real in the history to it it is actually got a funny some of it is such rigorous and more sort of tell me about this course. Skull is only 77. Altima bubbles. All right let's first. Before we talk about my actual car let's talk about you know the year's 77 and one amends for his move will. It was a fourth here this is mobile served as the Indy pace car in the seventies which is more than any other manufacturers still today. So that or there's actually pretty cool. The actual pace car featured the one they actually drove around the track for the Indy 500. Features target top that was not available on the replica placed source. Bomb and the car was driven by James Garner who is the actor and Rockford Files. Is what did what did James Garner drugs. And I think I think another something thunderbird. You're killing me Singapore opponents Barber's fire and I know it was a bird out of her and put a little funny things. Bill Burton and those were either wants to Rockford Files when you have premium Iowa. But anyhow the car also featured bucket seats in a floor manager after which I'm very sad the replicas of the (%expletive) that's pretty cool. More like lovers look isn't this par means bucket seats and the fortune after. So but you know you can clone after the genuine based York. The pace car baggage was only available to the end 37 model which is that delta 88 royal group our Royale coupe sorry now. On the pace car baggage that customers back 914. Dollars. Which was a lot of money instantly seven thing about a quarter it goes with 10101980. Yes a thousand dollar package on your delta 88 wanna cash. Here's where he has to give power. Only 2401. Of the delta 88 Indy pace scores were remain obviously the Mormon is the one major over on the track to talk with the target's up and everything. So 2400 cars. Were made in relation to public as. I don't know if you know this but in our little research here always found out the Indianapolis speedway owns all of the based courses around the track. So the action of the original score from every race so the wind never escape it's probably cost. Several million dollar call or if you you know want to put value on. But 2400 of them were available to the public. Now great off the bat the car was a hard sell because in 77 you think this thing was and silver and black at a single racist referendum and the side it was black with silver all around it. The thing was a hard sell. Nobody want her crime and what those real wasn't a hard sell in the audience that is well I give you that but I mean still this the score is arsenal because you don't them drive are buying into friendly car and then the bright red guts as the interior bleeds red. This buying a Maine it was ninety sales a lot of dealerships to welcome back campaign in them a normal color and then sold them. I have I imagine one of those cars that are. But now you've lowered the numbers of original Indy pace car replicas. From 2400 I don't know one. But you've lowered that number down to how many of them were left the William and I mean these gorgeous scalable and drift. And you know another Virgil and exemplary it means someone will hunt sports car my bum and you pay score. And it well I want you know the little ones the little things. Nothing's more about it but what I mean it did have a full 43 and rulers six point six later so I mean it was a Smart move pretty good for corporation that well but for things that news and very respectable it is you know so. 4000 or always they sports car but you know. Muscle issue who. Did I mean most ish color bomb. So I mean yeah a lot of people bought these things because they want to betting big caller and it moved really well owners own power and yet on the road and the and in doing so. A lot able always does drove home. Was little enemy coming do you think about arguable the scholarly and put it they drove the school down in. Everywhere so rid of the day you lose some dude being repainted and angelenos were there at also coming in those things career I'm sure. And then you lose some to people's mind and driving these things. So I mean if you grandma is get a delta 88 minutes attitude or an incident in your backyard you mine wanted to check him in place as it might be anyplace cores memory man. I'm just Sam just pull him from my brother. If your group mothers children and losses and i.s so. This morning is do your homework and you protect the voids your firewall flags and knows their markings. And honestly went into Asia warm them alone and knowing where to find among goers. And knowing you know what to look for in your rare call hours I don't gamble and today I think you'll know what should kill her and so when you do that when you put that together some one time. But WWW. 44 was a code for the Indy pace car. Now here's what cool things the W 44 code included. Obviously the special paint scheme like we've talked about the silver and black. When it read access droppings all over and they are all over. You got flat black window and door frames. Headline housing grill. And durable inserts and taillight missiles all those were stranded flat black which is not normal to the normal built radiate. Very collects and look actually. Obviously public person pitchers of this car you have an insane yet. So. Is will be posting this you know another biggie is the aluminum. This is a cool thing. This is so it blows my mind you got a call that has doors over a thirteen foot long way is remote is a small Xia. And they put a little. Do you wanna get them myself but certainly seven was a cool your froze when bill because these callers actually got. 700 pounds lighter and Miller predecessor. Souza seventy what was the Sony six of them bill was so 700 pound heavier caller. So I mean obviously read out the Ridley scored Marie lighter and then this one catches the aluminum hood on so. That rate there is cool I am very rare pace and actually just a little trivial fact because they had so many aluminum hoods line around. Some of your four hours actually got a mom Myers well. No cools the SOU Monday lucky yeah lucky one if you drove around seventy so offense moved the built it yet. But could you my ability one driver around just regular delta 88 and if you notice when you putt here and it's a little bit lighter than normal the element among them there. But we get face mills are damning money to pay for the score. And we take a quick break camp now Alito anymore well we come back all right guys journalists of color and every hour break here on 1063 WO Lordi.