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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, March 20th

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When I was 63 WORD. It's nice to get. Theory year old. And I thought draw the line and local 11063. Just a WORG. I was robbed this odd and yes sir when we talk about today who are you. The world bits Saddam Jeff Lewis nailed. Yeah it's. All right let's what are we talking about my whom so much hoopla lowered Tomas and is making me live the lives in liberty Matt how are they don't want what do they do they know they're giggles tonight I'm angry what are they give it my all all in all but injects this thing we'll know more super cells that's wrong. I think life. How mad because you're no longer go obligated cars as they ran her hair gel won't say something so things you don't say. They ran out of hair gel really let's move when you have hired Jeff seared if I do look at my chin well. But that's not at. Now we're talking about that out no more than what you're talking about HB 1805. All right guys let's say well I really wish we were talking about some crazy new viruses this bring about these or something about this but that's not what it is frozen HB honey bee this go ahead and our allies and alienate me usually added this morning at Howell. All right how does the southern tier and their dollars Oskar doesn't general in the state of Massachusetts right now. Now they get the PH and pass a bill about pushing emissions testing I think 25 year old vehicles Hanna our imam Muslim hole I. I don't hang around and organ a Muslim. Do we throw in some shameless plugs for shows we have coming up how about later today we're going to be over in a ruby Tuesday's I want to bring OJ is among excited about review Jesus is our president bill presents the first one of the year it's going to be a great event and it was always me in our -- will be they're playing some of the best music a rooms damming up the best salad bar in town how can you beat that and how can you beat that they have four tons of letters people or. Yeah I broke. A borderless is yet they 163 RW a RD man to man there and we're going to do some cool stuff and promotional work until there isn't smoke for a drink calls to for the drivel to Gaza are actually doing the engine builder comes just sort of drizzle some phones for those of bijur bring some casually you income of color wasn't happy hour tonight at 6 PM is 66. To 9 PM reduces the Woodruff road right here in Greenville, South Carolina visit south. Yes there NN Jeff I was merely proved absolutely I can't give through show without mention in April 29 Carolina my professing very vocal against Cleveland but you particularly Kyrgyz and tag him rat best coaches in Carolina. The fairgrounds I thought is that critical and I don't go to giggles eliminated because we had done less serious stuff for here H create Tino five. What -- you treat you evolve as a very very very serious thing obviously in a nutshell it's about eight pages long would only give you the condensed version of this and cliff notes version that's right basically what they wanna do is they won't pass emissions testing own course torn about your role of the Curley didn't -- -- emissions testing will this is the problem with that there's a lot of problems of well there's a lot of problems with a that this is who think this affects your antique and classic cars are treating them what their daily driven vehicles when they're not we don't but course you mean journalists and 4000 miles a year but they're messing with history now because he's gonna be modified to even remotely past any kind of emissions test. What the bill is due and has actually changing the definition of anti motor vehicle is currently in the state of Massachusetts anti motor vehicle qualifies is a car that is used for harsher purposes for public events through parades different things like that. It's not necessarily daily driver. And that's you know as of course won five years or older and that's who qualify as an anti motor vehicle under this new law the age creating a five. Now an anti motor vehicle is anything 25 years and older including your show of course so while yes I agree with safety regulations emissions control to I really do now it's affecting your not running community you know is these cars there are put up you know in India 41 Willis is around open headers and it's a street car you know when you also take into the strip yet. So you're treasure doesn't that just eliminated g.'s absolutely. I mean this is the next problem with it a three year old if you wanna get some bragged on Manning looked pretty station wagon all the road I'm all sporty saying he's always a decade and I you know wow yeah amenities today hang out. And a higher problem that other tech is one of my garage I have a big problem with it it was about 4800 pounds that is why it is actually saw Iron Man. Committed fortitude I don't know I don't police are sorted today can you WiMax as a regular miles or raise my groceries of legit cool callers okay. I've just got told that. Out of luck credit elements around events that as the fastest guards ever sent you garage a beg to differ are real and also that are going to Alter also -- a tournament to be the fastest since the pull out the garage first of no Oreo all right so let's start though. Live in this is the thing what you're doing now is your affecting all of these vintage callers. Will this lead was legislation. No this is the problem all right personnel were taken original course that can't pass sees this criteria and I don't know modify these cars you're changing history are absolutely. You know it the bill even if it goes further than that it has to do with safety regulations as well and there's another problem with changing things CS 63 should be involved brag big block Torino 49 car for speed and all original and restore this links pristine. That is so very valuable car under this new law they could come and say well this corridor to come with seatbelts you wants preliminary guess what your. Exactly trivia I think like good with classic cars like that there's so authentic there's so authentic to Wear when you get remaining contests or even if you just drive them out on the road itself. The value of the car is just depleted at that point and it's in it's a shame it is a shame. Or you put our community basically got the gunman now telling you what to do so well what's next where do you draw the line with this day summit one state and upset the next thing or another stated dobbs is the next thing you know. It's nationwide. And that's of Clinton probably numbing. That's the thing about the Clinton probably take the effort mortgaged under this is a big multibillion. Dollar industry. Newton and now you have the government step in and it's a trickle down effect this is going to kill. Car shows is going to kill the hobby in June. And I mean I don't think it'll move forward on this. But once I got into what this thing when you're dealing with it with the people of the EPA and things of that nature or Jason young is like an EPA Phil lord forbid. A military zone that I like today a waste of tax dollars later they anyway but this is what this is the thing you get emotional won't take a mile you can't ever let him get away. Well I remove are really those of us you know I think we allowed them fans listen into the station. And you know the EC has again been walls much going in and out Mindanao it causes you know. All this and just mess is unnecessary. And who is in effect it doesn't affect the criminal out there. You know who's just the music and down for ill purposes it affects the law abiding citizen. In the same respect from the car is you're not you know. This law is really do. Take all these old junker urging him take some of the day. But who is really affecting is your power Roberts you know well the guys who are not really other driving dangerous cars but they're affecting these guest. You're affecting their quality. Exactly Sammy Sosa signed Johnson does the gun thing you know you're you're after the criminals are here year after people drive around and already two hours it. Really shouldn't be on the roads but it. In the same time look what kills his or classify all these guys together exactly in the know it was a big guns are caused by criminals with. Whether it was good people and they're doing the same thing they Klaas final junky cars with collector cars and it's just not okay. Well then I got another one for you on this. You're talking about these car into alcohol drug does run around you know this got to build this car was bare hands in the garage you know this is a project is his hobby. NATO meego the government sends Laguna to drum on the ruse. But I understand that you got to take care of the environment you know others that you don't need this these cores on a daily driving course these are these are hobby callers had missed. Things and the one thing you have think about too is people like my father. Who he has a classic mustang I don't know the years so I apologize there about it but he takes his car to car shows he enters and in competitions. Doesn't mean he necessarily drives and all the time. But you have a lot of these guys that they told their car end. Do on trailers just sore they can enter in a contest. And it takes away. From the fun of safe people like my father your father run around I mean it takes them the far and away from her from these guys who pretty soon are going to be where there's anymore. And that's a shame that's true shake up a little part of police cars is an actual true in this Belgium of driving the gloomy they're taught machines. Right well absolutely our cup flux capacitor and everybody in other go to Mr. Bush is not Philly guess this time is to distill them go to great spot. To hit it that. No that doesn't really go about the future look forward to Ahmad drug there was three of them are drug really to review our own does that mean nothing but thorough action hero you were born. Nothing where you born on route 89 he'd been really yeah so I was nine years old when you were born via while that's crazy I guess we're gonna take a quick break great hero coming back. When we talk more about HB 18 o'clock right here on how runs in happy hour 01063. Driven forward. From bad look invites students were eight look at custom car. On 1063. WORD. Whether it's or on the floor ward three on the treatise. These hot rods and and it dawned on. Generale. Rather I think we need to dig a little deeper into HB eighteen Arafat pitcher shovels yes so it anger unless their friend of ours wrote in and had a concern about this and so it is concerned borrowers and banks Iran have among a bit later. Mr. Davis then it's over in Baghdad a sore I'm Ramona on a little later. Anyhow here out I got real big problem when this whole situation of HB ATF file and just that. Bring everybody up to speed does mass chooses Wallace wanted to change the definition of what anti motor vehicle is. And really puts a damper on the whole are right community but here's the problem I have with the list. They wanna go after emissions. And spend these Carson knows the loss of factory emissions during the time which some of these cars or do they even have a mission assisting any careless and it's amazing RE a 32 for perfect example quintessential hot rod. What was the emissions law in 1932. They've even know what emissions wolves in 1932 RE Sears said there was a year 32 Ford announced a small watch Jimmy under the current Israel know exhausts. Disney emissions standards. Well this is the big thing I mean this affects so many things with the air from market. Carburetor sells fuel injection and everything. To me when you don't you gross R&D tune these course you can drown them home shrieked. Are you take your car like mine. For those who don't know I do have a 91 caprice station wagon congratulations it is LS swapped you know it's make him a hefty amount of horsepower. There's nothing factory about this setup whatsoever. So you tell me they. What do I have to do with this heart right out have to follow 91 rules on a scholar now. Or are Foleo nine Cadillac Escalade rules which motor came out. I mean what rules I follow. Lets you follow the money one standard. Are you so you should still be meeting that was with a fuel engines and I would think but you know the cars are entirely two murders on a more it's expired we'll just muffler summing. Susan cars no longer run and any Kelley Carter okay I got one for him no move to Massachusetts well I mean but that's not quite on. That's the problem though it you know something like this passes in Massachusetts who's next. Exactly well I mean this is the thing I'm in California heart writing is so hard to do in California because emissions control. In everything EPA anything out there were a little room and so you're just clutter courthouse still. I mean still you know it's hard to have an old currently in general. Do you know why they don't because then a fight for it's been uphill battle. You beat me this isn't the first time that the EPA has been dipping in now Iran Kuwait. The I mean but I don't switch have been horror and a long time in another on the stuff Omar life. And about every three or four years they'll Pablo with something new a new regulation or new bill that all the past. You know. It's a money thing you get the lawyers involved and you we've got a very very very heavy hitter on our team of Cora does. We haven't seen much action network yes or. And these is really come on the Mac you know forcing whoever was her show in Vegas but they actually have lawyers. And watchdog groups is all they do is take out these bills. All right if they let us know where your money for seeming goes you know your interbrew solace it goes to help things like this seem actively. Actively prevents. Things just like this they have a whole group of lawyers just like rob said the fight this stuff on a daily basis. You know that there are other lobbying for the our routers. This is what they do sit. If ever you feel the urge to donate some money to same you know I'm a spokesperson for them by all means do so is there other fighting for our rights as our routers. Oh Jason about sigma sigma is. We need him on the you don't realize Tommy doesn't. When would we do hate campaign let's fill us in flash and video over area a little over a year ago there were there covenant on the race cars. This is a mean own series over the PA announcer adolescent and we'll say you know closer you're. No I don't. Know resembling a dollar yeah he's definitely doing its and the car. We wish lunatic a mile potty sex these edit it and probably disown him like his. There's so much saying no and on the juicy room giving it that that this is the thing where does this stuff. I never let this story see you allow this next war we Gundy Dakota carburetor is because he's so fuel inefficient power are we don't cut that out where we don't do. A man there's so many different angles at their home go after. Won't say something about just there every year I'm all about I'm all about the vintage cars on Maggie. There and us emotionally with pre station wagons Betty anything else and game four you know let's just try to protect it. I don't want the government tell me how to Spain Mojave. UV drove his cars every day I can kind of understand the rules and regulations of some kind nor should you because that's you just said it. It sure. Copy exactly which your hobby. It's almost like you know or is it freedom of speech. And you know along those auto gimmick lines mean exact board. Did teach your right to do exactly what you wanna do freedom of speech you do what you want. Yeah it's a lot and Laura how are running shoring up political show but no man's career but we are political channel here so I'll I'll I'll say this call don't thoughts are on their dogs so to speak easy to have. Well I'm just saying you know we are taxpayers we've we've pay taxes are on the roads are technically the rules are ours is everything in this country is we the people. So these girls are arson they eat at the message they as the government should not be allowed to tell us what we can do with our cars on our roads. Well this is the thing that that tell you what to do with your life things are I mean they're telling you want to do you have to build your caller to conform with the government know. Apparently giving LA a really is like SO when this whole thing kicked off it makes me livid. I can't say they'll work it does clear Rick I mean it makes me mad does that make you real win in Dallas mayor it really does mainly man that thing is to make all of us are hours man. The government I mean there are always just when it seems like they're always cracking down on car. Well not just hard routers but it won't tell you something new with a government critics don't Gundy does your dog will you there's criminals ambulance. You know look there's criminals and what else. Do you okay and did I just do that more and don't terms guard's on site level you know our local call him love. Gorelick you know my cousin works for the Secret Service I can get that I can get that in warts is known him. There why Jim Jim yeah. Got a got a spot counteract the but you sure I'm getting out. I'm very I mean this is this is the thing I won't say something hot routers. Have been kicked around since day one. Just like biker stereotypes they are senator there calling got you back and if you Jesus 60 my goodness is bikers are all bad gust. I want days on the no bikers and legislate no hot routers are bad. This is the thing where you've got lawyers and doctors and professionals around holidays though I do what's. They've totally changed his stereo type of motorcycles and 05 off the top of my head right now. Exactly Zachary but this is the thing loses everything we have celebrities we have doctors we have always professionals that are in this clip Carly. So good not bad guys but they're still stereo toughness are still kicking us in the quarter. With a few others because of that. Well I mean. Where's the problem want to it is it is it's makers how big a tool Jason and the I think a little bit of it is people that are holding this hobby back a little wanna give morial bulletin juveniles were still talking about HB DO five. But the rules based on the you know those fears you want to you to blow anybody's of molesting weak showing all the color Bloomberg announcing hidden things that's what gives out riding a bad name. Oh I agree wholeheartedly. In actually I wanna hit a Malibu I think you know Al world's other way 31805. A little bit later. But wanna hit a little illness what we like causal you know shook orient accusing. Bomb it. CN exit packets are three times fast I will not but you know what. A rough time right now Roma coming back ray yeah harrah's and having our stay tuned we got a lot to cover a 106. Three W or. Performance radio you're listening to hot rods and happy are withdraw its. And on run 1063 WOR TC upstaged. Happy are you know what brutal stuff where from the bill moving particular got Obama really good topic I don't wanna cover article it caller show that it hit good because buildings crumbled up right now. The strike. There's fairness it's a war intended for this is the thing okay course joy you can solo reason what color sure does and spectators. Give a million and a mansion is second to market. Auto run would you care do you watch. How could they got John Allen that's good right there to pat and by the in seriousness. I Garcia did you must things you'll not almost as a man you know urgent your library where there are no better than alleviate your stereotype. Well in my. Yeah you are your stereotype and want to say something all well pony girls unclear how low must thank all of you guys I Guatemala while. Why oh why now you're welcome for that. The outsiders we want to sweep all right. But he'll say hello every you don't need. Colonel Kershaw could you go to of course your show your call not show a healthy your car. This is this is such a bad idea owner don't want public record of solution you know the person's going that's their baby sitting when you're selling your stuff you can stay and shoot people standing already been three crowds in both the crowds but three this is something is true that there's a lot of shares are losing there being new colors and cultures Charlotte. They're in trouble Carson got the rebels have problems a lower today recently got back to the basics exactly these shows are going away because you can't stop showing now. Look it doesn't say how I horsepower and do a burnout if you get 85 horsepower and yet clutch you can spend tires it's not impressive we've all sent. I didn't care less of a guy spin his wheels parking lot exactly personally it does nothing care less if it doesn't it really really doesn't you informing you what time it was OK but the you know whatever you wanna impress me jump out of the car all you're doing that. I don't you think now I'm impressed how the rest is something. I know people to get the wrong idea on the swim in a low key it. Who could include. That spirit that. Isn't this talking strap the team had just a couple of. Thanks most solemn hope he wins a move usually listens to yeah. Yeah old fighter de only pac. Ten wrestling and recoup recruit. When's newspaper boom and. Under giggles as background he is. OJ some guys this is two weeks in Europe we have got hundred Eagles in the studio and I quit no series and we'll let you know what you did you did you should premise there and do. A good things of that about the veteran with a and your kids in general you gotta be mumble a mute watch a lot of kids don't know how to handle a car show we're raiser for sure courses among them. These reserves hit tore open doubles maybe he's. You don't say it. And you got a kid growing his fingers inside you know we go choose her dolls soon adult women are we have no news is bad sometimes it drives me insane I don't want to owns a quick store all of them had a Galilee and the isn't. That's so scary I don't sorry Al four Qaeda wants out. That he was good he opened the caller do you open the door Roma Cora opened outlook on the door only known that you know what I did well all I ever put more rooms life can lead to mr. he's like point oh Jamal Wallace a white touch in my car as to loosen up the same rules apply there it's like the grease rules not seeing that movie many. And I don't know what I'm Semitic. Tell me you're joking that you have not seen not stand you know what don't talk hasn't seen Greece are shameless plug in golf 1063 W a RD dot com checkout the podcast collect few observers here and you know I've watched grease I mean I. You just. How do you use the word or not now I know I'm no idea how many of these greens like then you never know they can be able is now not my book happy. Cause you're the one I don't want. Boom boom boom chronic show car etiquette to please stand up at least we are okay our trash talking yes. OJ something now I mean yeah William Baldwin. You need more proof cruelty can I don't know yourself. And I can't believe this is the thing about it everybody has their own idea of Kuwait Libya Honda must record with a commercial avail. Station wagon you know what I'm saying everybody has their own. A that you wanna make over. Yeah you know just to quell the central Mosul caller you have the loosen your grandmother's car payments Leon see what we're seeing what we're gonna of that trash talking yet don't do that well this is the thing that there's there's a tolerant place for all that in talking treasure vengeance or scholarship as just a bad idea all the way or not thanks makes use of personal expect to look bad but. It looks blue policemen and those good sport there's nothing worse than a sore loser cor surely we can when I'm on here folks welcome us and this doesn't mean there's no sources in enrollment grow over you know the tour without truth and that's already there the feel sorry for James and you just like we're talking about you know I know I know which started around our romantic crying over his car sorry enough crowd in my car loose thread so well now all that's different I just wish I didn't hear it blow that thing up like relatively that's the size of the board AZ. Easy Mac to the trash talk listening to re read that rule yeah argument that lumpy. Enact no seriously though I guess if you come to a car show it which we've seen as social issues we've sent you know there's a hundred cars there there's Tony Awards really everybody in the crowd Croatian. How easily we got beat this one innovative death turns aimed at disarming be mindful that he can't win every awarded every show would we like to yes we would. I'm a new courses for years I love the whenever why it's there but issues not. You know I'm going to do what your record car shows opera triggered by this hour on host amounts are also like you're not like 45 and longer. Thirteen and eleven have no clue how do you not know your record home screen and on it but you rob rob. You know any 8302. In any 300 does that feel like that just like let's Mike Nolan Ryan's stuff you know that's that's Matty if you don't play get a one where law and senate GO 298 out of 300 OK okay. You have yes there's just earlier to 98 and I saw your man like files on. A reaction as I spent five I was saying the same thing right now there's about a thousand then they have almost any rattling in 98. You have me Thorpe with a record and took. To solve it. Can biggest sport. Be curious of your photographer's. You've got to be curious steer photographers. Guys are trying to cover the show to news won't run Bruno draws me and say watching people do is I hated by those pet peeve out of our share from Maine he's seeing that he's land on 120 degree asphalt trying to determine mangle a probably your car and and you just walk straight in front of people were so rooted in als also in orbit can do that. None other than this this is that they're ready in the that's right. Aides say it's saying today. I'm living lives of some limits. But today another one minute real lifting. Trip and won't tell his story it happened here in the area I must say any names or anything but it was a local show I was that I was in the Booth sales and a well written and we had a guy there was there differs very first time this year right and I knew that I won the ship. And you be in the shadow of the doubt I went to the show promoter myself and said you see that go over there he was there with his son for the very first time. I said one in a row win you crossed my name down put his there and stay. Aren't you just you cornered man I've seen this guy cautious probably thirty town since then and that's this case I mean one bad experience at a car show for a newcomer Denny out how Lilja no world's disasters spears but they have a good experience they will be that absolutely egg goes with how well just like you said how the experience wet because you never know light you know so one bad move late even if it's just something as simple as you know. Even if it's something and as OK all this wasn't as good as the other car and they believe that there's was the best of me something as simple as that can really deep who were. Their minds to do anything else certainly think every caller who's going to be the same or you know across the path to assume we've said before if you're talking trash about this guy's car any stand and then he's their for the first time you've you've turned this don't orchards in general exactly. And the thing is we will do things like that one until store approval for a while you do that one to a really need another dust collector. Exactly what you are many just like it McGraw I don't know that I'll give away. Because are taking up space cars but this night. Trophies. I told myself trying to punch but you know but this is bigger but this is the thing that when you have that experience they treasured their war. Absolutely and you know I mean that's something that's special to them to me out of one picture whether it I'm done. Oh yeah you know all right here's another one if we're gonna show in Kansas and this applies not drugs have been outrageous you're out net and they're new and somewhere charity as. I know money's tight nowadays. Get involved don't you show up but hey Ralph tickets for yeah I don't own raffle ticket I am am you know in something and yet god forbid. I'm a bit you know support because you therefore a lot of us hosting courses are actually doing it for a great cause you know when I'm just doing this out here because we enjoy where we're actually trying to help something. Help out you know I want advertising. You know message I want approving its phase of an opponent or who's raising money for charity how will send them off or play back around again you know new southern Baptist only you know hardly yeah Ahmed I want bridge took a broad praise she's okay. Those steps and do you sir Patrick and I get any media and that and then to Europe are right and lastly. Tip your DJ. Lowell. Still the these now. We are proud resident DJ here you know zero needed to the DJ you don't need it to the did you. Until you look. All the days only you tip the DJ I think you know is like Alan Tiffany bartender and waste have command. In today's imminent. It was an intense but what what you play anything like. Now in library we are broad thunder struck on gotten him. Saudi now and I have no listen life movement audio and trust me I guess we. I'm calling is coming up next you don't want stay tuned in not going to wanna miss this all right guys we'll get you back here just a little. Happy you know one of the 63 WO lord. Test firing on all leagues. Julie Elwood hot. I'm Verizon happy hour with Iran and aren't Rhonda when it was 63 WOR GZZ. Bronson. When it was three WORD. Hot rods and happy hour scare me every time we will echoing yes we lost to much you know let a mother about this on drugs because I'm I'm tired. I hate losing and calling guess to mean you don't get tied up you know I can do better this you know what we're doing with the PA right Craig's list how many issues you know what we're gonna strait is top of the board subtle problem or speak to measure your. I don't I don't wanna 20 lucky you know all don't know what. What about the GM know what you a little hotter than the higher than wait until now the regional manager until into the commander in chief political answer giving Amanda command that naive and I I didn't tell you about my cousins bill emergency reserves let him Acapulco when I arrived jab -- that's is Modano O Jeb is as they really jobs and they tell you what. I'm not sure don't do politics and legitimate expenses I hate the cold snap he's messed up now. Let me make a phone call or video elements in the armor on only if you are you serious you're from Jeffrey easy in this room screaming what. That's and that's don't say New York flew over new York and former C going into this life. I'm an amateur hour news. Start Jefferies dialing the number indeed I am a freeze though. And is home. This president down trip that could have been a series so we actually picked up this dropped its laurels and have BR Greenville, South Carolina are you doing sir have been fantastic how are you doing this evening I'm doing more volatile energy and look who's run. Right Elliot Graham a stroke bomb first off congratulations on your election thank you so much that was several months ago but forget it right now so I wasn't our summit talks in an absolutely absolutely you fusion the ground running with a with a zero presidential thing in the when you're doing great within two with an engine problem here we don't point it was a -- you heard about the HB Tino club in Massachusetts yes I have heard today and quite frankly it doesn't Chevy show I had these feelings I'd rather they haven't until you usually he's listening well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you thank you so much I don't miss out on the election it's mind it's my country and WA and say this but ideas she's not like she's beautiful at a dinner every night she's great she's Grey's and so I go toilet and I tweak its stake new state news all the way around the world do not believe it its stake. What I mean he's not a role until the until they're really which we Tito died of a talk show the locks aren't aren't mr. trump fire question for you okay go ahead we Nassau artist could we ask our guess that this man if you get it well obviously genetically money's no object for you know is that if you wanna go on my car and on what would you. You know so that I keep thinking about that I think about it all the time what about favorite movies is gonna sixty seconds you know would Nicolas Cage yes what about favorites don't ask you but I love it said it trumps everything no pun intended to trudge every movie it's intimate but the Shelby GT mustang that's in the belief it's one of my favorites here must kinda yes I am it's a mustang got a because you know like you know lacked a bit -- -- excuse me excuse me you know life is because it's made here in America it's made here in America to Ford Motor Co. it's out of my company it's no it's not my coveted it's America's telling now I know I ask your face gives me excuse me it's my company and that's how it's a mistake. I miss you John Regis and I country you just have promo for doesn't want to build an IMAX kill what's gonna get a sense that the steps that right now there what to do with the money but it's gonna be hit in America don't you say about that we know our house or come must think just today so yeah which get to a foot age of Iceland right now. I businesses custom power lines as the work on just today I guess in out of the wing off the trunk because those wrapping just I was. Now wait a minute but mr. trump it was made in Canada yes they spoke. I mean you talk about American make carbon wing it was an. It actually can look it candidate Canadians and say they're out of America's so let. So I'm northern Americans I guess of the north Americans really that would certainly think Canadians Arnold it's on North America America when you look at it yet Canada yet the United States of America the greatest catcher and other land Canadians they're our North American you can technically call them that typically Canada's just American north exactly what. What he said I am so sorry for anybody Canadian why do you guys have done to get those right now I don't I don't mr. Thompson has usually don't. 200 vehicles are so obviously you know let us try to get those 200 youth. Nobody ought to run here he get so flustered Hingis so tickled. And he just blew controlling laughs for a units and I am Shelley could give good you do. There he goes to the it was I said is that Mr. President you obviously listen our president our. As I do yes you do what are the best shows I guess a what are six degrees WOID it's huge it's huge it's other ways to adapt so you must just just podcast. I try to listen to a live as much as I can't but if I do ketchup I guess I'd tell you that I guess is where it's so you. I've always hideous Secret Service and law he drove all way down to South Carolina every Sunday just kiss and had listened and the president that you can actually was alive also want to listen live there. They can streamline on the Internet that's do all the new 1063 W lord you have science has dragged and so that's how I do it Imus present position. I'm Kimberly cultural harmful I don't know if he had me he had limited diamond I say these men and women who we talked earlier in the show about government cracking down hours what do you plan to an amount that. I'm glanced up at this is excellent avenue do this age be eighteen in fact it's about to do crap that's exactly what limited and it's how silly that law I just told you that I hear you tell me the people of Massachusetts have nothing to worry about I feel like give them a Russian sickle. But we did I say that out loud you know let him about what I just said you know and I was gonna take dad and I would add to dismiss it was decision ought to get it just don't just don't just don't don't don't don't Nadal so does that construction eyes and laughed he did not what he's joking about and your thing Dahlan big real loss chart their money that would I know an ad I'm taking this country was built an eminent company would have put it India in the paper should at this tournament it is the paper -- by goaded paper shredder so is -- you just this year I'm just curious look from my -- my radio this is a matter of fact is our go to an idiot but you know that kind of like grabs place. You know it's it's it's amazing bush got a great radio bush have a total debacle he got a great radio voice so do you I'd rather just when it would route comes out and he was. Our drug what you are talking about a career until you look while journalists or trouble to put this presidential thing orca for you until you have future radio I should be an impressionist rich being a precious you know eyebrow idea thank god also and and so I just checked my stomach lessons Ariana Cha possess talent to attract I am a multi talented I'm fascinated with that's what I do. Multi talented and holds an easel and else until I did you what you'll what makes you feel good that our commander in chief mr. Donald. AW OID that's exactly what I do on an uncle's. Until we are usually has said about MM this amendment. Do you make charges I did I do I've been I've been to many in my time in LA my dad he was stood we he restored bode Rolls Royce is rose bushes all the way across bought the trend we had that money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How can David did make it on the show where Orlando your stance on this newly engineered especially in my stance is nothing here in the dad let me hear we hear that say hey hey Timmy here a year that I get as a solid time we have for my good buddy Mike anybody can address that and known scared that's a home in time whenever they will do much American were shot within a kid rock and cultural. Mr. trump thank you very much take you so much for having me guys and out every edit I've got a country Iran. How. I guess I want to thank you are marvelous and hot rods and I have barrel today semi glossy petition going brutal on wellness HB eighteen a photo William Donaldson will win this thing he'd be sure sign it because I won't tell you something new disclosure live in Massachusetts doesn't mean EPA won't be knocking on your bag or before too long. All right guys thank you for spending your Sunday with us on our roads and that they are be sure to tune into next week. Same not run time say hello journals 1063 WORD. Thanks. The hour in Iraq sharing connect with Iraq better off. I think beyond their button and when I was 63 WORG dot com. Scroll to the hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show lists and on demand that it Iraq. 24/7 comrades in happy hour supercharged. A lot of talent 1063 WORT.