Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, November 5th

Odd-Rod is joined by special guest host Barett Langford and they talk about the Graphics business and are joined by Rob Pits, live from SEMA in Las Vegas.


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Guys welcome now hire us and happy hour on a very awkward episode is Robb Pitts is not here. Such as many other and to my left especially yes Barrett. Lankford made an answer hey do all right and myself all right and there is a part owner in the company emitting blue design is I'm sure many of you heard about that hungrier South Carolina beautiful over upstate general you know we are. Tyrus users in just greater Atlanta is nudged her owners group and technically not his career. I'm so we get closer today so. For those of you who are not used to radio magic. We are actually prerecorded show. So that means that when you're here in the Sunday we actually did this Wednesday night. Bomb. But. It's called his allows you do need things like this a rough it is currently go on his going to Las Vegas for single issue in the tells Melissa for several weeks come up. And that's where he's at NASA actually tonight. More roll call him up and it's about it's getting close to 7 o'clock here in the studio on Wednesday night so we call him on Samir around 4 o'clock camels Vegas. So he's Ramirez there the tail end of Singapore today. Whenever Ezra Iran everything in Nam making guesses are cool calling guest that is joining of openness and saw to it that would be you know it isn't it is bare your mind go into Iowa. Palms and 08 did the same route as numbering is a little bit Sima home. And I'm sure he's don't have players talk about what's going on out there hazard just not finishing up day to. So will be telling him here in a little bit. You know what let's talk about semen in general listen UN last year for your first year to. But time and news for one overwhelming it was would be the first. The British phrase used that would you you know I always to welcome the talk to people about when you walk in the central hall for the first time when that red carpet laid out. And just the level of professionalism it would end of that but the display is tells me walk in there's you know full railcar dragster to their top fuel dragster and there. There interview with the NH RA in the Hewlett conceit tennis it's smarter up on the stage don't seem alive there you interview and god only knows who I'm. This is ever mean. And -- he knows you and oh yeah around whatever Korea off you know and it is and as the cool thing about it in Evian and others in I think. Walking around. You know from celebrities like. No some of my friends around Fremont street last night Halloween and they were down there and entering the actor he was Eleanor. Just hang now for owing. So in this singled him out vases schooling about same and there's a lot of famous people who are car people and you never know view Aussie closes just how only in Las Vegas a man. I can only imagine that's. This so you didn't carry seeded team you know experience LSU did you guys get in late yeah right next to there was also a lot of people than they this movement. I think is that enhancement you thanked him so thank you for getting us on this program we'll lately you know let me governor hey police thing crashed your body bags yeah supplements. No seriously you guys yet there'll relays where there'll there and I gotta get down. It was Monday night last year for for Al land Fremont street. And that it is insane. It's insane for one and there's car shows going on the same time. So those soldiers in some local rides there Vegas. You know mostly retro too which is awesome and C and Engel announced Fremont street uses thus if you ever get the opportunity is there were how claimants. He can't think of anything else does this that this puts me. Yeah I've been on Fremont street not on Halloween and I can only imagine they kind of probably looks the same still think. There's some things that I view and don't change could. But you know everyone knows others know just for Fremont street it's same. And same is the end mobile for all list organizer anybody in the industry. I have a thing about hopping into the industry Mecca. Yes yeah that's that's my word that it is the Mecca of the car industry it is the you know the Super Bowl championship this is it. As this is what it is important it's actually something that. So is it is very show in last year is your first year what what stood out he must about ocean last year. The monstrosity. You for one. Yeah I imagine you know addendum to miniature H and as walking and this is this far as the eye can see yeah I am looking that. Parts of vehicles and you know access code you know I mean a lot of vehicles and even exist yeah vehicles. Only one exit yet it is well rough bestowing on a last night I'm sure you're mentioning again. There is you are real Broncos union brother in Los amongst the old old Broncos yet someone may wanted to before the war. Which that's a big little brick itself. Annoying yeah and and you never know which you all see they logistical sling. I mean to display is coming and coming from a sign industry elements of the displays in the background there. Are amazing you know sit there there. Whose stars elaborate as the bills oh yeah and that's was all of us showcasing you know. Year businesses very professional very upscale industry I mean you get some vendors paying. Hundreds of thousand dollars for the brits at a that was. It was one it was a we will we manufacture who was it at him and now it was real high end wheels you know super cars exotics. You know to Upton Ferrari. Mercedes. AMG of some sort and you know something skimming losses blown away. One half of the light one after the does gym on wheels you bond there's just running out and it was divided right down the middle on the carpet partly colors are Rolls Royce and there yet that's exactly occurred you know and it was just super. Top notch in this fight the girls home on the one side wearing. You have blackened the sales as an aside where Weis sees it justice. You know as it was amazing to see l.'s all put together a little bit work perfectly I guess pitcher similar somewhere Lama. It happens tonight. But I mean. And that's just the things you don't see there is it's it's unlike any thing. You ever so narrow last year bar Warner's move for terror those Illinois your wall and end jewelry store all these things upon crystal pedestal right is just amazing. You UC four by signs hanging from the ceiling to spin around. People who have had companies like gas when he garage and different company like Dave can degas candy designs people like him build a call or just a showcase their products as same. Yes like Griffin reindeer were out real good friends with a right out there. There are other in the Booth and and they unveiled a 63 split window that was built by some local builders and has Griffin cooling system and a and vows are showcase face other. And having unveiling party for the ship from the pictures I've seen of it it's amazing it is that city limits you're not gonna say a no other 63 split window this original 63 split window and also and they cloned into grants for him not go find other car. With the tricks and styling they do and but no this one's absolutely amazing. That's just some small slip you'll see other. When there's builds from all over the place. And Alitalia though the world know yeah I Claudia idea being great cars they got for his family yes. I mean he integrate does that mean they already. It one gold and silver finish yeah I don't know what kind of finish it was added that enough to engraved I have no idea how that those cars were done is probably Tuesday's win the most amazing things ever since the Fed does and innocently enough times. I had to Muslims. You as funny and from being from a vinyl background is I thought it was actually layered monolith first. Went from rap now and then that's bow saw pictures like before it was released yeah. Personal life. The as the the year of their Philly nearly that's I'm I'm gonna. The soda and doesn't know a thing you know for as vital as is also manager Mecca for us has ever oil. Every one of the industries out here and the new colors are initially released Thursday at Sima all the new colors and immediately. Yeah just. Union ransacked manufacturers in the emails organs based. It's amazing and it and thanks to our industries you know all in all your big oh vials flyers 3 AM Avery Dennison KPM mass flow what's Muller's. And yet we get Texas exes either. You know they're not. You know the minute round in the game for awhile but they're not so recognized by in botany again. Yeah it's sad that had issues. Aaliyah and you know these guys. You're here showcase their best and bring the rest is table and show off the rats how it applies in the modern day. And also like you said the new colors and they issue a moment and I guess they forgot through 2019 there are some amazing. New colors commendable it. A minute there's you know deeper blacks yours. Better chrome it is is unreal he the gold sparkles nichols' farm was he has a gold sparkles as pros cools on a vinyl pillars of come around forever. We have for right now is this fall release it leads me to. This thing there's been more. Alia and probably different colors that are lightly on Wednesday. Yes yes you know credible one. It may be well. There would be and and again. I guess we have plenty more to talk about coming up next straight here and harrah's and Matt Harris stay tuned as we talk same. I want a 63 WORD. Our guest welcome back runs and have ER I am on drugs in my left is bear Langford bear how are you yeah you know doing well I certainly don't blue live up there and lastly when he's join me have someone to talk to all or. Rob is on pressing here lonely. Mean alone keep you company NC and Brian manicure Latin terms if the but here's Ellis so who live up there is we've had to have said before we talk frank Feller on the air we talked Chris pulled out Columbia. And talk about the rap industry would double the more commercials that time. But all in Loma more custom and you know would I think more our listeners are into is the more custom side wrapping. And that's another reason Brothers and bear is owner of a new blue design slightly says it located angry with servicing the state. Or any other stated on them travel. I'll do it we've done before yeah absolutely. So bear wants you tell me about your background in the violent history how many blue against charges human story. Jason basically. You know wearing or college you and we've always been super creative. Yeah Blake's kitten. You know art degree graphic arts degree. You know I'm over here. Doing you know kind of production type degree and we always kind of collaborated on some things and you know we we get where we fight designs of T shirts and then it kind of went. Yankees hosting this class is on some sort of making stickers and stickers and TOS's desire you don't mean and it and then that is figures because just to get bigger yeah we're literally bigger than this Olympic size like. The detailed design. Yeah it makes here. That we warrant you know if somebody wanted something that incorporated something safe borders Chevrolet we had to make sure that we weren't. Taking a Ford or Chevrolet. Registered logo and selling them that you'd similar to get creative which is the design aspect of that. Which the school because we got a lot of attention from. More so from. For truck guys forma for graphics. Truckload. You know not just US and North America really so years ago and those are your house and Adam Blake sent out you know and it was. You long days working normal jobs going and doing this the night and a lot of fun we have to avoid a debt to where we. You actually wrapped started raping a few vehicles and then sort of rabid few more vehicles and kind of ran. Time to do the real I mean they via main squeeze the real job. You know England you know it was out of all go full time I'll always senator I always said and those for the legs starting principal. Barrels turner passionate to a pension write it and and I wasn't even thinking about that it was a slight I was I was pretty fed up close and it just wasn't interesting yeah and you know it was really really really enjoying. What we had this potential nobody was tested that market yet the interesting and other terror yeah especially Greer area William and we Greenville and into it and so you know yes and dazzle there will do and different companies or don't do it and do it right away to different Ali. Oh that's end. And you guys started in that a lot of these guys are commercial graphics guys. Which commercial revenues are holed held to a lesser standard than color change a lot of list it difference in a different standard yeah this is a standard. Fourth yes so you it's a different standard we get these guys who are you know used to doing these commercial jobs another jumping over Dakota grabs. And you really can't treat it to the same right now so what you end up was without proper training is countless so poor job at the end of the day. Where is you guys started agreement color changed hands WJD. Yeah and the U. And now now you start to venture back into the commercial side. Right which I find interesting because I think what you don't find as your commercial installations or whom we met in the months since there. Yet you know and and I thought of that as well you know and we've we've gone so far as to where some of our commercial jobs have actually been a full color change. With commercial graphics on them so yeah. And it's a really cool prospective owners like especially when you use and in different finishes you know such as a matte finish with a loss of overlay maybe some reflective and you know an expert. Voters for something that catches your more so than just. But lost it yes and extremist. In Emmy nom I'm a graphic designer have been for many years now. And then violence lawyers and agents against installer who so what are incidence. Of violence though our my my English is terrible serves no whereas though as goers. The but Clinton Stoller and a bit doing that for quite a lot and you know what I find. So that vinyl installation background and the marketing background. You know I just skimming the statement that nine every commercial job has to be a plain white transit van with some wondering. Yeah yeah you can step it up begin Jurcina. And this of them I think you guys are wanna project not always want to predict people. Is research what's out there Randall Disco with some simple lettering job that's going to attract nobody tier business looks. On when you're looking at the lettering yes as if you're exposing paint underneath there's a lot of time in preparedness letters and you know and that same buzz and you can almost have something with a wild factor. When she does that president considers anonymously and you know. A lot of people aren't. And now analyst news used to downward. Open minded about it after like some people are. Open minded about yeah I love tennis center in some ways I think there's a fair thing to say I mean. You know who we recovered the graphics are just lettering and logos anymore it's you know we're alone Lola blown and the public away right yeah. You know and introducing different things like chrome to the emphasis of the you know put chrome. From rhapsody commercial graphics and you are reflective friend reflective you know obviously this is for ambulance or police car knows the case anymore. These these things around there that are available different textures are responder vehicles like towing and recovery and a the other thought of all day of the week one I see you know to me it makes no sense not have anything other reflective on your typical. You know or anything you're working on southern Rivlin and utility vehicles and even. Exactly and and people I think known of these options are mill villages no Liggett and on my own pot shot. And you know we're all custom letters nonstick moment for you get ago we ate Candida. Again and again. Or I you know you guys can I can't even we can make guzzlers and put them all yet so we can do that but I do things and present moment also. I you know also she marketing ways to take your car. Hand and make his stand now on its way to bring you business right contessa. The and so there's different options out there you know there's more than just you know just regular. Stay down and at school time back in the same month it is these guys are other showing you just that. Right there they're. I guess their perspective on it isn't even commercial it's strictly custom though it's using. Any commercial. Industry. To make that custom yeah and that's it's not really a market around here and I think he could be really cool market around here you know. If we had some more. Yes a more print and design something. You're just that nobody says yeah you know and that's what you see there and I think is nothing is more of a West Coast kind of deal. It always has there it is there and everything seems to start west has worked its way over slowly it is and then now you see more people from the ups they actually get into the same on that school. And they see that opinion of their eyes are open to all these different things is different techniques. You know I mean look at alternative for many truck and into the east coaster it was out west and years and years. And and you know we noticed that you and we see that and nothing I think it's. Analysts say the but I think people are scared to do that around here they're scared to try it you know and oh yeah we got to try to move to see how of the public reacts to it right. Oh yeah IA ER this is then we get that commercial I heard this Tuesday honored guests say that then he sees a future where nine dealerships umi renting cars that paying it. Ending in that entirely may be accent wise exactly so we'll talk about that more. Gray hair and harrah's have ever commit next eighteen and 1063 W or being. I got the mega power doesn't have you know this is and again tomorrow that is very Langford a meeting blue designs and is he doing. Still do while he's still moments and a number budgeted amounts I am doing great immunity and asked name today you can just I think I'm doing great he's going to do very and then worldly. With the so we're enhanced video we're talking about refs to a different kind of wraps he did. And we have a bad commercial in in what we're talking about is how commercially in a certain step of their game Lenovo reps. It's amazing what team do with a cork. It's amazing how cool you know used to be used old you know express manners which worked out. Now he's like a you know the Dow was around with a power welcome our master from a stroke mass we'll transit zero Ford transit the city views of all these things now again it'll stops and you do a little some of them. And Alan you know they'll get it wrapped in illusion of their game unveil it got to step our game exactly you know it's a great day. Especially you know when when you see from that perspective. It goes back to marketing you know there radius of the marketing tool that's why I love so much. It is a you know Vietnam actually passionate along with scores of course from passion about marketing. So you know using a car to market just makes sense. Included as a rolling billboard. It is is rolling billboards as free advertising yet whether you know you're aspiring model coming you rest your own car just a showcase your skills. Here you know you know have them shot truck wrapped letters real cool creative. You know us marketing this branding as everything in cleanup and all worked you know any union that's the cast of the ally in college the knees accord to do that with I think it ties the two things I'm very passionate I was as you know graphic design and all that. And they on the world and a less well. They have the G you know is awesome because you can take this and you can give so far beyond callers in Europe car parts wheels. You know you can wrap got mine anything really yeah I mean if it's. I mean I don't know where I don't know where it is the president and motorcycle helmets on motorcycles themselves. Motorcycle parts now you might sit passing and I've since I've seen some guys in our industry reps and things that I wouldn't. It never even thought about touching and it amazes me what what what these films are capable of oh yeah and behavior to an end to Spartanburg. And you know you go past the hospital there in DC you know. Regional wants and there the helicopter it's wrapped around me now as essentially ratting him. You have now bodily can withstand the wind loads are placed on from a helicopter. You know it just for this significant doesn't get it proves the miles worth. And you know Korean votes on and I want whenever it contains about two yes and with a vote yes actually I take you and a couple seasons in you'll switch. He's got a new vote well you know also and also a boat travels a watermelon as testament how strong the subject you know. A saint dirt track cars that come off the track. In the final home body panels together a shipment of parts Tudor court yet so I mean the other possibilities the possibilities analyst with us. But we're talking about revenue by the second idea. Yeah. We have an Emma. Like I yen in the answer that sub like the bytes of like to tell us about this bike and now. Lion has. Priest nifty cool partner same this year. Saying despite it's just no ads it around forever just my guess solar router by any yeah right get a personal look like it. I think it's a swing and replica that's not a real Schwinn to my knowledge about it pretty chief criminal bikes out. Out of town and it is just need some Collison got a lot of chrome chrome vendors receive our. These guys the springer front and is great. Only problem is the paint job just was so power so he used to say in my garage in a white wall tires sternum Brown's skull and denounced him as that side of really felt bad for it to. You know. Have this kind of really honed hone my skills throughout the all want to try to tackle this thing and you know freshen up a little bit and little did I know there was an update is on resident and all the time and you know this precision. Clinton needless to say. But yet it's became a lot better than I ever anticipated tennis and it is thought I was like in town is gonna try to wrap a little piece here and a wrap a little here. And it turned into. Well I was actually actually worked yeah he's going to do yen in existence of techniques they use you know on on the lot larger and less. Or even more complex looking areas. Same techniques you've just got to planet's all of planning. But this fight you know to get noticed that big dogs in the industry. And all of a sudden I find myself. Here Monday morning and you know taken mounting among my social media's you know everybody does in the morning solutions and is don't know what we'll do it an SE. That I'm tag in this post and also and boom among finalist in the in the world. The worldwide wrapped. So as it was the world right here in the world after after parties after every whatever else. We'll have this contest and is one of the most unconventional canvas I believe and my bicycle. Was it was senator and in this contest no no clue and all of a sudden boom on the finalists. And it's going to be judged with tonight. Yet tonight you know like we so this is where record on Wednesday night so. Bomb yet ill they'll actually the wrap parties going on tonight at the Las Vegas dimensions that are and yeah rockets he's going to be there. And he's actually standing in on your behalf to indicate eight Casey did win this award. Which I guess they're Lily campuses. I guess they get pretty neat ones yet. You know in an assumption that I'm for an end and it's something that I like. You like that I can display because everybody Watson and comment on and then out. Don't know DSL or violence whose jobless Leslie use the first thing I comment on causes and innocent and India also and I go yes you know I wrapped. And just the looks on the faces a mean look it's August it's like payment thing I do think that inning. But you know it was the killer is Avery David this is I'm a purple and part time for this isn't really cool colors and I've actually use them all cores report done. Defending him as a do metallic through France and England and is really cool color. But to take in you know and you were talking about bicycle almost loses. Normally is of course shifted from you know this is a Corso and only total of course we know what this is a means transportation as well. As a bicycle and now it's on the biggest platform. On remotely speaking in Messina. And it's so there have been judgment industry leaders in the vinyl industry. As I looked up to the other guys relative to gas you know we're gonna just say they're trying to get us here exactly all there is you know. So in this is actually you know are really pleased and yet it is there really is. Well worn and I'm also in the finals of the contest that knows and I think deserves an analysis and I realized. Unit who's judging this contest paint is dead masters of branding I mean these guys are the ones. There are putting on this contest yet adding that these these are the guys to have Maine the bottom industry exploded announces the last three to five years. Well they're the ones that made it. What it is today over the past 2030 years in his of the veterans of the industry gala event when I started in the violent history and a fourteen years ago when I got my started that. And it wasn't lying this man you know who knows who you put letters on doors callers. Bomb me you know he asked do you Ecstasy you know mile would you deal like that wrecked cars. Was that was I'm like Goran and soda monitors I don't gain yeah it's a big sticker yeah it's not great. You mean night in as site yes exactly like that exist like that just like that it is is still. It's mind blowing kisses to the general population who used to think Alia. And yeah I remember some of the first cars we rented in the attention and in one. It's so cool I get around the east as everybody knows he's the course noble told troops CC don't know 95. That's my design as well and I installer for one of those things. And people know. You know I recognize that and that suspects who were other how many there seven of those missing photos just one now recently company is third on them of the change of design of this little all the but yeah and minister of Adam Allen maybe three or four years via. But in that ties that city you know taking your caller knees and as a branding tool. He has ties back into the Marshall thinks exactly I'm sure Munich it would shot me honestly if someone's listening to this show has not seeing on the strokes more of them and state. In our lives and has seen it yeah settles one due in a ton of driving that's. Notice a 70 man that's and one month struggle in matches matches until. But you know. That rate there's prime example you know why for each of it branding because it actually works people know exactly as you may not know Carson does. But you know the name. And money curious and probably yeah. So you know and that has just been pushed really big in the last couple years is industry has come along way in the technologies with a model. Mean ten years he can rap core there wasn't room material out there that was you know. You can do with the right well and. You know. You and I heard a lot of you know a lot of stories from the guys back in the in the early days of color change wraps. And yeah how they were actually achieving nearly had a customer came in and wanted matte black. Good we'd never done anything like that you know again in these guys are actually printing black and eliminating it in an act this out and they're doing it. You know and and just a standard way you know it was it was even heard of oh yeah you know first guys as though Iowa when you just get it painted. You know Erdogan bullet 1015 years ago yet you know this is down even just. Even becoming. Even all of. Alia have to live with. I guess all once you states in you know the stop the hours are gonna have a news breaking everything. But come back room talking to Robb Pitts is actually live right now out in Las Vegas of same ship. I think he sees kicking around will department out there so world get him on the found. And on these hotels well they'll some things happening out in Los Vegas are announcing guys states in our odds of that area on 163. The BO RD I guess look on the horizon happy hour I'm madre to my left does bear length. Or pay and our special guest cull and we're so lucky to have him. All lawyer from Las Vegas, Nevada the same issue don't rob fits how you do it. All in all got hooked on open revolt Garko are Leo so that's. This up here themselves. It's walker a single go to you live their local like always bringing. Well and show you everything here the street which actually walk credible or well right now we speak to and you're like why can that. Well what is that what we got a lot of action although we don't go there 00 look it up then start. A public we have got. The local over the serious bring aura outlook restrict. To explore your britches there's so. A live look a little to hold down labor. Like you're still not yet good look at gauntlet literate so brute force and so that will. But the outcome of the year would you go full display. Except. They're quote we got a little the public like this oak Brooke Burke writer great salt or. These actions that at 37 college look. They're reported by a ward nearly Craig into it at the good people why they're they're blue real pretty blue more Fredricka. Absolutely gorgeous all of the earlier bill does seem that. Let's also was stunning Mike does an amazing job and I think he touches it all of us Syria all of those in the of this in the Quaker state journal around with the you know might be reformed but should we should exit. This well yeah the W built around regular allow them. Yes I'm. And yet I spoke there brilliantly Arcandor Carly go a lot of dot project over the actually got to go look to go out there with you most though where. Interesting. Some historians say sir I do I make claim. You know everybody knows that we're plan do and that's all year. And that Thomas of Oakland the there in these many blue guys. So I think it again I would think consequently they didn't get together this is just for the record. We all hate you and everybody out there comes from every single little ridiculous that what you're about opera to hit it it goes through the bottom of our hearts we truly hates you. From where you are right now we're in do you go to leave it boring here. Putting very well what we're delighted to blitz or because as well. Boy you normally only oil but I would be you're really really distributed power broker sold it but we are mostly. Well Erica you know quarters we'll we'll we'll girls walker. All. You. Idols are funded OK in the NS innings on the other things entertaining video. Partisan right here you know we're all clear there were sent in this beautiful fourteen month fourteen ounce though was a microphones as. We'll denies and in the prison cell climate control that is unnatural let's tackle and you know did great look at them from across the Stan put across the board in this thing we know windows mind it's either the restroom. The only city restaurants of the school. Certainly paid our rent paid on or. Girl so that. There's a lot of neat things here orders until we don't start all over it also got the dogs be regarded experience earlier wrecks Saul. Yeah. This really cool little understood at all that. The so those really cool day surely showing the suit your older than virtually a sure it was so lot of also really really big deal that got a big didn't fit the bill it is sure it all it's a quote usual they're set to be there. Open Wheeler wouldn't accept none of the good. I would have to guess analyst motor to roll it got a corporate smoke well surely they can. Good Steward below or yeah. So crazier in the ship even so obviously had deceived the new general a true with the supercharged. 53. Certain yet so well that tells little. All of them Britain sorry this little series of the advisor wait for years over there are several people to up spot it's pretty. A bag about straight out our look I'll really. A big trouble too I cannot wait for the leaders to get older they. Oh yeah the image. Is absolutely amaze you you're a particular body shall there be a career goal. Oh yes so tell us on the edges and trusting people that you've seen thus far all. Man that Syria was just knew we had heard of active until her talking actually sport. Over breakfast probably Rousseau really people here or more warmer great north course to walk that both corporate look at the jeeps. They include its overly critical state he buried the years. We told there are a little bit vehicle recall and yes you're looking to all or what got all the preparation above it'll loosen the audio also that the Saito. On Monday night. You know lead prayer at a lot of funny you know that seems to be the same place we belonged in the Lucent did it last year's elections and a. Of the other and we got a problem yeah. But elevated we are those. They go with Bulger the cool thing is actually look at the ship arriving here at the bill. The biggest server looked at the exit but by the industry it's certainly. About. Oh era built which includes doctor no or people would make the most gorgeous mostly due mostly to an opposite. Way to citizenship through sands hunters don't turn out looking I don't think it really matters what the car is the song is too old. Are they got in the reassert boot but he actually appropriate comedy that also got a cool little there's gonna reduce the there's a lot of really think they appear though the really cool bills all talk about orchard that all a lot of be a court order to. But definitely brought him boast they pick a whole effort their history books but in a ball that they're even. So these great people won't. You're wearing a black all the that the British alt is Greg Blue evergreen. All those color all the ball ordered out towards the actual specs that the courts at all a lot of those weather figured he could or plural he's going. The other little niche. Ike's book. I'll have a load those out there that corset a little bit weaker herself brought their actually do and see who who's on that yet. Until recently got these sorts that it is eco beast of Italy could. Well I'm a regular Camaro in Ottawa later chuckled a little player like. It is look it is the update this one problem wasn't there are all over it but you know. It doesn't have that there are ignorant of how little book but it still don't lie. I'll consult the yes definitely an irritant that they get recreate the serial. So RAC you know four guys doing it should be hesitant does she is doing but some like Ford's thinking now. A play from the old dodge playbook and really sterner stuff of the marketing game. Would you got a lot of people don't necessarily agree reveal a little pictured. Is or is the choke or sure would he ever has to do what they came out. Jimmy every that you released immediately in order. And I are the ballot bowl either really cheeks style that it should know that we got ripped bill will keep the deal will go yeah. They're also that you would quiet. It sounds also like to bring it up like a straight out sixty G. And its various locals such an important award at issue is what they call uncle looks like RBG ever been put together. Let's say genius to do other. So retro with a so called go there is predictable so they're really really. Beat she walked out as a result there the year that we spoke earlier. Short cheat a little bit of southern Iowa Craig would look cool though there's so where they urge all of the matter very very. I saw a mile at least in the us that Graham bill by yes indeed paying yet. Yes leader Tuesday. And it's cool. A model lock the other Andrea we'll just threw it where they'll reap what they step it up if not course. We'll know though what about the paint job in my toilet downtowns and. Marco led of course gonna go what else would they have the dirt horse we know property destroyed as vehicles in the world trade jet black and it it has pretty. Played very real closely is lacking in the dark on the market is just a black box score and alert they got to sit well. It based on the knowledge that he does so and so buckle at all. A lesson plan and got out of and coal. They're very good. Oh yeah. So eight but that's the cool thing you never know which you will see others Sima and we're welcoming of our commercial break Grubbs who were on the get rid of you for six years and but I mean that is an awesome thing you never know when you go sailor's name. In those levels the coolest thing about last year around the corner and you're in that note don't mean it it doesn't yet vote Gardena and. So what you must predict what I just walked out of mobile and that is what only 68 sure who it yeah. Somebody is built oil droplets that they're there. I mean there's absolutely gourds and all the stainless all that stuff but backcourt to Pletcher worked out this spring. Let's also I rubble hang on tight we're going to do commercial break we'll be back after the top of the hour. So portable it guys it was not a resident Gary here I'm 1063 WO orgy.