Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, November 27th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods.


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Hi guys and hung around and embarrass rub it and what's happened then do welcome back everybody to the second half of our Thanksgiving special Basra so we're told a record reflects before we are some huddled about Woolfolk muted and now I'll warn you about a car that you're thankful for it please the Libya B money wag its buildings on design actually Allah I mentally H. Thomas switch gears coming talk about car that wasn't in mind that I am thankful for real can really now my dad's 1980 Chevy Silverado square but assumes. Where run into door boring is to me but it wasn't Monday get this car when I was. Truck tour. Floods as a caller is on now Monday together this shrugs sorry calm when I was listening holes I was probably eight years only com and twice on toys have announced nearly twenty years yet and the truck was originally a diesel truck has the Oldsmobile 350 diesel motor and a and a very actually very rare option on somewhere along the lines have been swapped had a regular rose Louisville gas powered 350 in atlas still idling diesel stuff. Like diesel gauges yes silly when you turn down a little blue light came on still. Thumb at the dual battery set up under the hood had dual tanks which was count on for the drug. Ominous of course it was heavy duty. But you know. Kinda heavy duty conduct does it is after George get here come. Silly as like kind of like a three quarter ton halftime drunk and scandalous. It's kind issue. And Albert Spring Hill there was a non sixty stones and he has a good things that included below and then there's not really special loves shrugged but it. We'll school is it is is a drug that my brother and I both learned to drive it. That's got a cool calm guy ahead and Mia apparel parked in the slaying for the first up was your short trip to do. Thumb shall we Greg Burke right thumb during the struggle through high school my brother does well. Of scout pat me down truck and they were telling Ian Gilmore banged up here and there. Mom had my first automobile incident in this true wolf first to actually. On one let them with alms bowl thing broke on it and like a nosedive the truck into the ground. Jordan young ball joint. And just knows drop a nosedive the truck into the ground locally on a low speeds and Loveland the first scare instrument or. On them later on I had to catch on fire on me actually. Obama does that kinda actually we've just got agro and his mistress had a history. On them but we just gotta run and went on his in it came to a point where it wasn't like our friend was for score. Is it SO after the sudden in the trash truck in the inevitably. But. I guess Negron has a lot of the drugs. Now come out das is out of it this poison that wiring issues the Fraser and World Bank together. All guns awesome stuff transmission that are Melissa at all. But no I was given by getting you wanna drive that. Was driving drove under the courts or in it like a tester on. Now I'm always bat and I hit the radio on and also another there smug bowing out from under the dash. Whatever happened there led to a problem outside under the hood and expose the flame of flares that chain reaction and there's a chain reaction of it didn't want to play the race his hat technique. And I river and women and off road for the fire house still ran. Gun and it drove home. What about our whole lives have in this struggle in this key switch on and went out and how to push fun story of Turkey and push button starter is bypassed. But it is great too little girl and encourage online column in the incurring give via placements they can just run off with the caller those delayed Regis it loses heroes straight line the day to come if he just hit the button and on the reduces other president just gone over it would never start yet actually turning mission on would you vote was pretty funny school alliance of concerned yes that's deterrent. Madonna and some legendary memories illustrate you know it's a drought and high school mullah in Evian the first stroke and you know. So minute like well I talked about this before and it's in my bio on the one a 63 W or. On talking about the stroke. It was what me and my dad worked on together course you know like a mobile lower class the most and the for a while this was our only vehicle as was their only means transportation. So that broke we have fixed. So is used you in your brother in your bureau for your younger brother right you know I know I'm good I'm not any. Yeah in the middle brother year old brother right. So three real mom and dad's. In a short red river jail after well mom's other pitcher at this time and I era faster. Mom's a pitcher this time but you know is still a smooth as the lowest score visible scars are still come for dad is still for a Muslim as you know short run single damn drugs. Route to back a lot of times may use those youngest 1000 language ended and have a camper shell out for winter times. There's didian exhaust deck of a warm and I repeat that. That explains why me and maybe I'm sorry to see apparently didn't make it a broad or real rosier Blair heard describe what notre poses a stolen out there. It might you know and has a 18 any headaches going to lie and actually. All these are willing clear thoughts and own it's like oh okay now looking back we are arriving in the back of the truck and sea dragons and that's not. Actually you all witnessed my first wreck other regular drug oddly enough we don't get it one day we're handing Gaffney Hauser and in the back. And I'll watch a motorcycle vero Bruton hit. Economically when you're coming from union South Carolina looks to Gaffney ran in the back of a truck because that's cool stuff you did did you realize I think I've been a Myrtle Beach in the memo addressed this. I'm I've got a call from originally didn't protest although the story but now this is the thing is crazy now Peter ma if you hold your kids in the back of the truck. 3040 miles they would put you under the jail oh absolutely exclude he's not a safeties and Hillary in the seat now we're sent on the tar on the mountains thank hello me and her husband drew welcome that's all live unrealized. Q you met oh my goodness. Yeah we actually put a reversal of men's seed and it one point zero much at this like Ryanair adversity blazer pulled over and mullah. But hey it was good times which you know is always in that truck drove a passion for me as a mom like five square money since then. Including the blazers those are fun drunks and there are also drugs that look good I'll hear what you do to while careful to rust bucket looks again. Well they're they're they're just it's a beautiful draw horses citizens who 87 the structure just harmless state easily cannot all year those you know you don't see too many eighties is has the full Mosul headlights has got the square has licensed bill. It was like you know post having the round headlights but was ankle enough for the four headlights and all laugh so stumble a little odd body style there that capital and to. Bomb but it still home awesome drug. Attorneys for eagle square about asthma Graham Biden scored much. And it was his treacherous necessarily. About him anyway nobody trends and your address struck out one thing that was crazy about this truck he bought. She bought for 800 books all tradition. But it was a 73 halftime and borrowed and want to Ito who. Roosevelt quarter's gross veteran bill insults well loves it too white sheet metal the aluminum sheet militant trailers and star in screwed it. Over the royals thought I'd like you like you can be in jail makes it fixed bingo I don't know why pain it you know I missiles that there are four feet before it uncle that was a cool thing and that truly is a burnout looking. As it that was a cool thing about troops who's not gonna find a Big Ten with a four point four slammed into the envelope that they were everywhere most somewhere along bands I'll leave well real thing about it if you bought trucks to use the luxury cruise room yet fuel trucks for trucks. But of Ian busily with school they'll skip snow tires on magnesium for them once you're snow when we hand. Hey Galen good traction only you know is is it too will drive truck. But I mean. Just the memories wrapped around them think winning is more traction and still clear and and we have still the better output logs and don't be forty attraction on slow you know the other. Yemeni church on Sunday and they'll learn. School bus closed her chest develop a slow scooter. But Amanda's then so many good to have slipped in the Netherlands Louis's live on the country so it was Nelson summertime Montreal sons live in the middle of drug. Good times. As good towards they're probably go another little rigid you know he's he's I would say. And that melding that it didn't give none none meant not mayor bit he. I'll ultimate target inner you know. Here remember what's where bodies even younger back we lived of Michigan analysts applicable blazers won around. Oddly enough bag men get memory. Is that had a the square money meant as a trash trailer make them really yeah the bills the trash or trailer doesn't trash trailer is that. It was a bit of a score bodies into impeachment. Is give jobs a disease is so funny you amateurish trailer and I'll trailer trash is cute girl. How crazy is that word that's strays freer craze do we had takes more horse breaks. So up plenty more to talk about more things were thankful for right here on our odds that yeah. 01063. W got Lamar Colorado is gonna we're talking about all of those things were going for full with total month core we're thankful for. Yeah I got through a quick mention. My 96. Mars the B 3000 model Ford Ranger win images does shrugged his six years ago on Thanksgiving Day I rolled about Mel owes more on ten times semi to the hospital for brief minute home I think those contests. I think I think between the corpsman not drugs and the most the story here ya explains so much but I'm thankful -- from Moscow slash fort ingenuity for keep me alive through is okay because it is suddenly. There was a real we'll show truly before a good variety while I held out and now we utilized system and it's ending that in this in his the Villa could have his misery clock. Via. Is an ugly tree anyway as Leslie you're kidding me let me yeah I definitely ended down one's life loves a good running through a guy that. Very thankful for Ford she might want now on twelve crew and equipment. Both men lawless let's talk about some are moment invasion innovations that we're thankful for innovations that we are thankful for some home winning seat give invented but still very simple form and what Odom in simple start along more should. Have you ever occurring to call her with a front ranging crank. Net play and have few if you've ever done any of those two things long morneau some bad but. Frisky trade chainsaw when people start on it. That's rough business sweeter way to either here or more late Florida all make you commercial larger militant generator story is on the game other pulls her Apple Store and things and tiller pillars again snowplow. For those who are torque but have you ever done this and he'll know what a pain in his. But there there was this cool invention that I think is worthy of being on the top of our lists for innovations we appreciate and as the starter. The electric starter and electric starter yes here's the other thing but also because you were manually sorted and. Exactly you or the manual shorter. The thing you think about what these common among lazy and you know we'll all this dirt mile he actually more precisely when they first female to. Well won't you a little classic tidbit of information kids. When you look at a village caller. Do you ever notice in the marlin grill in every British coal is a 324 with a it's a 44 where it's. EV four brother from the forties. Early forties but you'll always knows the bomber drillers know there might even have a little bad joke right if you will that is so you can still manually stored it even revelatory was the backup and a black but the thing you go think about. Turn her mother over he would be a mayor and oh yes boy she call you better be quick or it was the feature mall yet. A manages our modern matter. Always the beach you bet you you're a fast enough. Yeah amid smoke and shook him flat for you could do somewhere that. Because they luckily a bush orchard yeah you probably stop and even with those exact. It meant to start now and in order to promote a modern motor though way opened with a terrier owned unit which artifacts and not know you can forget there are being the only thing about brimming tolerances so things were going to be. Horrible me and what do we close distance less levels on yet from the factor images yeah I mean like if fits don't let that happen. But but we think about me thousands we're talking inches you know blown up. But and and that's the real thing about having these things I mean there there in this away a lot to you you winter creature caller I mean you you basically took. Like the speed handle virtually you like Corretja or do you look for socket dealers began re at royal ridge. And you turned it decrying the engine out and once it caught new manager back or is don't tell you with a foreign legion. There's it the it would definitely stereo on there's actually really get I don't know why this came to mind good. I drove in good cartoons like Popeye and the and the fourth of July I'll buy it QB you can actually on YouTube users it. He's got old crank caller and they've BMO then again if it that yes that if you want to look a big reason you don't do that exactly dual duel for the July Popeye you never think or that you actually had a hand crank. There's a prime example Warner there. The diligent starter masquerade inside deceased if you couldn't do wells in year boom. Yeah so did you get drama and is not repeat group. A home thank you yeah exultant there was a par save fumbled Carlo they're neutral safeties we've just seen that back in the day. Yeah bank in the thirty settled think that was the thing since he really wasn't parallel things that happen but not. I'm moving on now to another innovation on this one is doesn't necessarily involve the car in and of itself we use an element in as the impact ranch. It is Stallone two ways either you if you ever used a four way to change we Aaliyah. You do not realize how lucky you won't have an impact and now we have a link to give back till Harlow. I mean until your facts or I know arrows you're breasts are milieu these 120 volt battery in your your rules experience in need and outlooks will. All you Pablo he's leaving you know emotion that how about just like general this assembly of any kind of ports oligarchy it makes life so much easier. Coming vs the amount year old screwdriver in Houston there this slip them off three or four times you scratch the paint you bust your knuckles. All blank email competitive. With the impact courage is what better. You know I'm saying to be thankful for those Korean of nascent career so. That's all some other going Newmont press I want but he thought. Electronic. Fuel injection scene I mean this one arm in this kind of covers a convenience factor much like our first thing on the list. Because now you live a day where you know you just press that button on your key ring new car started out warm. And when you there is run and it's warmed up this rating goes seats warm. Everything's ready for you he could do well carburetor. Well let me just so guru for better than others right but don't say some surgical rotors who's sorry now. And then that something you're somewhere cold natured somewhere somehow will some day and so bloated look sundin you know that's the thing with it. We would try to fuel injection can even playing field it would just itself for you know. Different weather changes to changes exit her children. A home virtually eliminating the warm what process and you Joba didn't draft take gulf absolutely owned. Another thing to those more inconvenience you than what this troubled economy. Oh yeah well it is like S and under the numbers on on the wagon Millon de 500 horsepower. I run this thing ragged and you know all the time Vietnam and everything like that. And yet the scores making seventy miles Leon. Well the little things well a true view and George do you think about a new you look at a career. And how it actually works yes. Another one Ernie who works as a Korean threat. But it but I mean this is so much more precise and you get injured or firing its precise moment. I mean is like delivering the exact amount met whether it's moralist on the next one to it exactly. You and adjusting their fuel pressure fuel rate Euro for the temperature goes all this you know with a computer. Ledger doing just go away you know originally they came out with mechanical fuel injection which I wasn't sure feels worse than rigor. But. The blood draw fuel injection changed the Korean. Our bills we issues like Colorado the whole way around yes the news this I don't know that LA another is not got the throttle bodies. You know they get thrown about itself settled so we were putting all the cobra commercial interest. Saudia companies like amnesty faster by. You know Ollie Ollie off. All these guys stepped in and now you can richer for it like you know we talk about being perfect candidate who would be your truck. Bomb was a bold big block in the carburetor. Is it gives you fits and they'll probably always will. The water here is what they do a court judges Monday adults. Armed but you know there you know there's your solution is the Avaya setup and now you got a period looking correct color getting cheaper and cheaper yes they are not a couple years is a bigger hole now yeah whole onyx comics we got. Another commercial break to link Oregon State do we go lot of things were still talking right or hot rods and happy hour I'm 1063 W I guess rumored our roads and happy there were some rockets. And what's happening dude what's the next automotive innovation that we York thankful for I think everyone who will join me in being thankful for this one about the power matters. Corridors are Google's power writers are. Very much good to be thinking more there's none better little sneaky Colin Niger says Meyers sighed and he's kibo sending your senator cosmology and reached an open oven his blister like arson next year. That's fun times here and there is the cool thing about power handers is so funny that how they change with the times yeah. Because you meet growing up in ma. Teenage pay day because nitrous linebackers that every no loss. Well known and unknown tells a caller to sort of signal loss but at. That's not. There was it was like you know serving he knew he had not actually mostly you know actually trains are real and actually a little bit it already put an excellent actress that was they answered everything saved me from Maine when she. I do have nice chips capabilities and just on out there. Problem for me is seeing that big oh monster blower just slam another. Message that apple doesn't permit or an old days of that. It's joy in my whole idea that he had to for burial sit up on top of it and doing all they can defeat it. Phony blower story I got one for it and I. We my dad used to please have a cola. And he used to buy and sell a lot of our stuff he had a Jeep in we are not GP but he bought a Jeep that was called raw muscle. In this thing was about one notch below bigfoot I not like you also want. The bed lights under the bumpers do so at all for headlights because the military to huddle legally drive it right. Ohm has small block Cheryl is automatic. And rear steer. Oh god I don't lose thousands of dollars. Nineteen. They were bottle to my Aubrayo not. In this thing was he'd be have bull and a member down their real issue for was it a beer tap that and dislike it. Look at what their early eighties like indoor show caller Jeep. To sum up my bad traded for this. I commit similar we drugs school. And in the let's say long story short I got may have waited for country of important little steps you it. That's another the most drug stuff there. But if we had our club out Atari and all the stuff being elitist sweltering heat traded for another dog role that. And 1983. Cook let's oh god. Let me clear picture for this Rico's residue and Kohler. Grocery a token 1432. Of forty to create a we sure don't about fourteen inch flood slicks on. 383 Schroeder. 71 blower. Bright grid. Full far less running and with Google I dread colorful okay each. And had him lots until it's a break lots. And we traded through this. In this co especially course clearly don't polish plated it was a show caller but who's who glorify drug. Right and we drew little street and opposite only can build my dad let me drive to a cruise it not happen old never free it. A rundown way to the boulevard at the in my bed followed me to the crews and safely yes he followed me to the person. But has today don't go in they don't back to the house about 9 o'clock enough. Days and issuable salute guys. Suck a thorough thing and AM boldest. Wheeling news raising all kinds of hills wild. Here and hit both were all levels this time and I remember me had looked actually had a doctor with three fugitive but it was made you shift rye and Eritrea is break monologue. Drag caller yeah meals they drag a and I come drought and out cruising you could tell me that the earlier you there's blow or squealing and we. There's been as bad news I mean just after just jet skis on the front download. Blue morning just blew way life. Should go back. So. You know I had two batters in the but let a lift off troll coming new schools they dread going assault was. Cammarata with a dealer title back over to you've gone here. But you can imagine garner interest and a lot of putting shirts on my 83 cutlass Newmont Canada until you like fifteen Tyrone carved us so your drought and this thing in my ability Travis Hawkins. Had 84. Serena or. We'll force sixty it was a sixty now entering a little grammar blue. With a there was automatic we'll see six and it. People outside mineralized. And I came up only break. A way to open a little follow this and if you listened didn't mean it this is the total fictitious just. Pretend it didn't happen if you. Go pull the breakaway thing well little break don't want disciplinary alluding to do that our. But it threw me back in the seat and and then the thing that scared me about this is scared me to death. But Demi I mean caller just took alternated two and two wheels or anything like that we'll live with that many in the mainly due burnout and we do mystery out all stuff but this is closure is mostly would ever give it. Coming I was seventeen year old kid drought in this thing right moment in the times that we know just. Beyond thought I'd take another quick story we're Toma though view Porsche Daytona Beach Turkey run run jump and I get to go to Daytona Beach to sell. He actually had a guy to sit now like that caller YouTube for two Estrada and it. The man wouldn't buy because it was too fast now I'm on my hundred books insidious way too much caller for me. And that's not not that's funny. Cellular there's also other O forced induction you know meth users and you have Wheeler. More power better approach orders are much are super chargers will be Hernandez blowers on my mum and her charges stick. Are you wrote this is a charter it is scientists of church and hero and he had to regard. I have owned zoom and you'll have to handle himself and want to go to to remove all the hook up at. Those are cool things are big east. Are awesome those mobile father most daring eater probably one of the coolest thing you know juices. Out of left field course you can ever find is a term evolve. Those things are awesome. Mom I had a 2000 will cooler I had a 280 ZX Turbo car goes your your five speed T tops the whole works. On going bad feature your car as a two ballistic door soon. But still is still rock is still get off Ferrari red as you can get on this thing was awesome man you know and from. The forced induction the power or that you know you begin at 240 in that time and have that they're about and where you deteriorating. Does things Olson and a low level Richard turn around asylum or just southern scream. Diesel electric Dubose tortured her bra that's careers as weird as a halfway down the motor. Doesn't it says very weird mother who also. The cool thing about the the cooler about your road course. As we got to get the shot is big turban guys any caller your finger with a Turbo he's had warned that I'm happy that I mean grand nationals. Turbo Turbo coupe thunderbirds and use of under the photo caller towards 300 with a. Yeah. We database in the cooler maternal is her pose more really put on cores at first for power hitters is necessity in your diesel world. Well no oil. Leo lawyerly diesel didn't have turban Italy and they do they start adding there was an SS three was thrown the most notorious for added Tehran. Recently what you think Smith makes literally get AT is Richard root pure form. Unlike your six to diesels. They do their Jerusalem and gas shops for a while coming over here stock application they're doing well here's the here's daughter so we are small import stuff there was little Turbo motors and things like that. But Flores DBA after marketer things that you didn't see them constant that the grand national Kimmel live field the other grand national as the Afflalo left field in mammals also call. A volatile food and since the cash and those are also moves the same thing just. You know let a coming out of left field Lou you know some of big after market power matters you know well it although from the factory but he. Well the last loving every other might actually speaking the cycle flicks you'll ominously this past week for 80000 older books with 50000 miles long that's cheap. The typhoon as she loses Jimmy you know and a blue blazer as does school plus two also the things are fun. Absolutely so move onto another cool innovation and missiles is especially here I mean you can't hear you tune into but you have the in car radio. The radio and now I've never I've never been a car without a radio I'm well. Glimmers phrase I think I think my 55 Chevy truck has denied a radio and. Well the thing we'll nothing with a radio. Is analyst a little course. Allison Matt brown when he's there and I'm I don't blister but now could you imagine drum to the beach. The core with your wife percentage and others just area and how often your normal SUV in the tentative HN well there you jerk not much gray above almost good. She never turned the radio all that's weird blows and says that for business for people like me and you don't tell me. Playing here has turned Iraqi Hong isn't as bad business and Odom were we're talking for nothing man here. Done it and that's good that's an interesting feature that they would then there's new car there may be stop and think about it. Putting there is something we are swimming is starting your arousal through everything like that I mean. It's a nice commodity whoever decided in exile of the history man on the Korea very you know radio reaching collar bomb blew her decide to make that merger was actually genius to zoo opened up for moral to different things. He wore rule the world. A world of talk radio and Aaliyah and people told callers on your car yes he'd be driving down the road coming home from your Thanksgiving dinner. Molecule known from senior family analysts and our odds happier so so only a little deeper would that well your your call or hearing about callers on the radio that was built here Cole or this doesn't mean any call complex matrix stuff for so little line. Oh in June June June. Time will lie your planets to Maria platoon to a different drama in a commercial breaks. Erica stay tuned we're talking about innovations we're thankful for right year old wells and Libya a 1063 to our guys welcome meg the hot rods and have verify this. I think seem special all right I am I brought into my left who is interrupting my. Wonderful magnificent. Intro. Of this beautiful rock star of a legend ray here from Greenville, South Carolina mr. Robinson freedom. Doing is certainly good competitively. And we happen to me what the federal probes have to be your ride on so we're talking about automotive innovations we're thankful for on this belated Thanksgiving show. Mom and I gotta get when a similar thing about it is I'm uses a camera to known as you've dabbled on the under like I have dabbled in order to but how about four wheel drive. I could see where Cindy is is this your city is generally useful a city boy though Mario fruits like little to curb their own little bit. No well if you ever Whitaker is okay is it even if you're another dollar like Maine and you don't have planned off road. Mom play you've ever needed it to have it is also always snowy weather you know. You're in the boat off in the backyard guest Doug is when rain in. Poor drives nice to have it's a great innovation hard cores you knowing the BMW might want drugs it's older subpoena. From my Silverado is older sorrows older enough. So lane is also wrote this is full Woodruff well never used good. Has its licensees and wounding careless right they'll give them their tea. But I afford there was great innovation and open avenue on new brand of the sport you know motor sports. How was all your off road guys go to save them. He's actually 40% of the fields lifted trucks yeah oh yeah support drivers is also master Marcus figure soon resolve awesome after market application open up with a suit. As you know now people are only lift me strokes in the bottom of his juices be fools talk because. There's Ohio usually is Bob Melissa they have to be. But I mean that's open game up and then you know in your off roading you know people like trail arriving all the Jeep you know is the innovator of offering. Bomb mean you got a lot of fun doing nice it is that I in the day. There he's been all your money than go to your open wounds what I am is a different driver Nationalists being honest. Do you wish you bring something back we'll looks like you did when you started with it well if you're good enough driver you can do that offering to yes I agree that Lumia just. I can't get down with a good idea I NG for a little while and just you know like loaded don't know but mudge I never forget the G double. Collect a role in the rocker parallel I guess is what they wrote a postal for some weather dried candidates give they had that big minute it's all ministry created. And security threat and no no no no no no it is big and that's what that is like that bothered me I can handle that. I'm never had an off fruit instead so I've been close. Hello how about Sangamo Tahoe quite a few times here this scary times. Like having mud and water of on the windshield Gloria exactly yeah mode more or wish you a flip didn't pick up at bat. But I mean. You know there's a lot of so there's a lot of responsibility when offering linebackers the cleanup is Paramount and you'll never gave claiming in this there yeah you'll never feel. Yeah you'll notice you aren't. You'll never get all the mud and all us commit a little cream jittery you're just talking about that life. Alex you'll check my cameras of the houses look at the blue drug shut his garage because what's usually exit could hit a but it is a lot of fun and for resolutely you know great innovation plus. Yeah I think about terrain bag before you know there was a lot of mainstream roads opulent live on unpaved driveway. So they get real the weather got bad you know four drops prosumer will be a home. And so yeah I mean there's zero streaming in years but somehow broke over the girl want to push a little dirt driveway pat pat pat pat pat her desire listen to our own house to pick you up. But it's just they don't work design award who looked frozen southern a bit also be the predict who should reported traveler. And NASA Rochelle are really knowing that now go to no stigma of vehicles seriously and you think you won't grow Mahmoud staying down that third if you both German and not kept up. I guess it onto another great innovation and I'm sure Wallace can be thankful for as it was. You know is how one day cold necks in South Carolina. How much he may see systems until you car those holes today a water is something that cool breeze they'll back today either they already yours yeah. The regular little as your calls why people guessing here in their own we will slug is actually at heat but they drill the may have default and then he's gentle frozen floorboards. Which work kinda like breathe a little windshield a mile per cent cup tie but I mean this is clearly can you imagine given the coral frost today with no he didn't. Yeah yeah he froze no nothing. Now luckily he surge shown up and cars and twentieth so those early on thing. Those really really at the beginning of the game. But AC didn't start showing up until mid forties. Bush Intel's latest forty late forty a year almost fifty sear your talking about. Some awfully good players is extremely bottlers over seventy so yeah I mean think about how many ami is rare that you're still need to go pick up has a CNN. That is it is fairly risk usually they're a drug death. You know there's a nominee cigar is not correct yeah Emma. My 63 was a nicely Carmen they're they're a lot of them out there didn't. Bomb in Abu. And they carried overwhelmingly. Windiz start is started in the seventies as you just are getting fairly yeah. Some in that's less count on this a long time ago and only see when the invention of the for a lot tougher brightly and I will agree there all these conveniences we can't make his weaker I guess. But I mean yeah I mean think about some hot Summers we have done in the south and oases of a Muslim middle stand a lot on Vegas pogo around the desert I mean. Could you imagine. I'm in this terrible. On another good invention we talk to us is still night in his oddly enough about power steering. Since it's a double edged sword a really else. The goals you know like my 56 doesn't have harsher on. And I had a 57 Ford and have harsher MI 63 and out arson but you know me. Going down the road on a non power steering toward drug is one of the better driving caller yeah you never know you never really know going on the road plus they feel tighter disturbing doesn't come up. The one thing is that we your stuff be your turn to correspondent drew a parallel or silverlight there are going into the targets but whether you that's when you know you'll have our. You better have a good form game of that portfolio because it and it's going to use it. And they need you know my man take a factor steer well I'm going to know they have big stairwell video of the school western world court to be able to actually turn it at low speeds. But you know and dummies like me take that now and I'm for the GT grandstand was you know will be what thirteen is his steering well. And that really makes a man out of you turn the car into a tight spot. Today take someone else's foot out power steer changed over the years because like YouTube are sure about mushroom will rise. It's it's it's they're menial it's obviously easily easy to turn the wheel but there's still little resistance there slowly but now the power steer and in my 72 Annika. You could steer the move your pinky yup I could turn galway area a lot as a living nearby their lowest feels like it is going to connect to the only thing that's so easy it turns. That's crazy it is. Mom be another get him in animation now on talk about recording is on disc brakes. This breaks a very very important innovation as and is a very good one on if you've ever lost the car like my 63 B. On diesel effective something that just breaks probably would've saved me on when the we're rear will solar wind. Com probably let's say mile consumers you'll get a dual pot mass so raw it that media wouldn't use that front brakes rubio whatever yet so I'll I would say more than disc brakes as modern braking systems in general whirlwind the other way how about just go back one more step behind drum brakes and they had mechanical brakes ask Gary this is glorified Gocong Britain's US. What about G-8 cores running these things that we outcome that's the scary crazy. Baskets EA NN Elena had two main problems but don't know that lots of problems from them they. Resolution forms are just part of it I mean you know his killer polio is bad but what can we do you know her cry blood the thing about the about that this breaks or just brakes changed the game and Anderson just breaks and Haiti and heavy equipment heavy trucks. Coming out there's air disc brakes on it which is insane this breaks to Jerry's world wars of 1960 files for your district's homeless. Well then let's go to a real quick no bluster from around the so give some of that before the world thankful for what you're thankful for it to you unthinkable puzzle girl and she's -- feature to attract beautiful. Bride gets everybody is it is has been put smiles on faces all her life she must be done much a mom lovely lady no talking about the Booth they must sixty votes through god Melo that girl. Again I guess in all seriousness I think overall you listeners high on my Fam lamb home come alive from off MI two dogs. Thanks for all you guys aside thankful for little girls and goes to write a trio PMI also co host you're also gross thankful to be doing this for him to come through for all you guys out there on the thereby had a wonderful Thanksgiving I guess until next week there's been hot rods and happy hour only 163.