Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, November 27th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk Hot Rods.


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Gals looking morals and an appeal is its. What's going on news. Seriously me and every day we say that I'm Slick Rick if you can walk and go with a surfboard. Well I can do that can this Turkey day well belated Turkey day as good as it feels to lose your original a fool's obtaining real or Alamo Achilles Turkey coma. I know. Tacoma to come foot. And they're Toma. Logan to Carol must he gets little took a majority guess good guess my training anyway let a whole lot yes I do you want you know Thanksgiving at the time for being thankful it is and I mean young thankful for so many things in my life name some names of Israel off the bat ocean blue it's refined gasoline. Great players. Greater your thing great. Greater good tire where did bush was positive traction. Boyish good looks. Very you're very you're 500 horsepower and more you know there's so does exist something yeah well as well ask yeah thus far I know there's so many things be thankful for you know and radio was gonna cause they're thankful for that they got a gesture if you get ahead yourself begin uncle to smell that you solely. Fueled your vote will go from left right right left we have a rhythm here in the studio things we do. Are you want to break rhythm. You were wider. Than chulk in you wanna go to me about rhythm yeah. You'll wider than the new fallen snow and you were told the media about rhythm yeah I blew the whistle idea of easing. The moves are thought of getting suns in the studio he's needs to come down come down gonna kill and vulgar little known as. When I try to be thankful no I don't Macgregor putter come out and AEG eternity and we trying to be thankful that is as belated Thanksgiving preschool scrimmage so dumb things are thankful for he and I cannot handle yet we had other things are well into well weary men. We've got to go to place swim out as blazes. Have now. Well I was down. No wind to her and we split waste. Silent on the commerce we were so senseless. They're tired did you good. Like. We see Joseph receives or takes what we issued in idiom but so are now to commerce Georgia for the sun super heavy shootouts. During this wagon now man. You do your heading into competitive time they entered a breather and not drove back home to random checkups found. Can't disclose who's known him how's yours and is highly regarded but I will say Carter is over a hundred miles an hour and course so it's. Let's move entry gets congratulations. Diaz for your fairway and I still look in your face congratulations. Thank you futile phone numbers that the Kindle trash them well. And why it if you don't though the numbers though he can't really where it was imprisoned. Give us some imprisoned liberalism in numbers and your alma only. Useless stuff is another race caller I don't put Hillary should vote wasn't my entire race cars are revealing membership into the zone of the blue racetrack AME solstice. This is their number riddles do you have a sponsored. Museums things I numero chorus and the district well records live. Postal plant repeat that so. The doctor Cooper is still a rental car or browse critical. But no this is the thing. Here the wagon is. Everything. There race callers not but it does raise cooler things. Guest thinks so does Graham think stilted and improve untreated should have a solution British jets made a great time though their whole big turn allies TrailBlazer assesses. Humbled that you let her mother but this is a race and of course show yeah 4000. Lil little callers. And actually you know next year Fausto can numb Lambert who's the got a goes on the event. He's not and I think he's actually from a Michigan. Most saw him and he's talking about I'm an outlaw class next year now what's this will allow this is good. The car can weigh in anything you want flakes who is much easier in job but now. Taking command weighing nine next Nelson button. The rule is leaving the factory the car had to wait 4000 pounds or more. That's the one stipulation. So you can get this 2000 them earned their fourth doesn't sound card down to like twenty under Brown's. That's fine it's completely legal. So basically your final blessed thrown in her front glass or called bubble pedal right things this is all music column left the factory wins 4000 pounds or more. Is completely open carry themselves there is little telephone blessed fruit that's for hearses and now he's not a good thing is Americans now five cent a Cadillac borrow him. He thought last trillions more rooms. No I mean this is cool down so nothing is numbering some interesting cars to feel if you bring some interesting they won't isn't this interesting in itself because everything you do in drag racing you guys are fighting against try yeah aerodynamics. Out of windows an intro blasier says is not known for its aerodynamic push and a Lego bla down to track. In its IV Lego bla yes awaited one for sure and I mean and their specimens of his or her very impressive he has a good stars you know on the court hollered an amendment to only 87 seamen. They get the callers that went well with the year before less the one that was the world's really government almost goes with a moron Mercury marauders. Come as good a little like a biker game every marauders and you a little hint. But don't let your secret to coterie and all that stuff. We did nothing to name of those blue hello gang of Mercury marauders you know they come really the matching jackets like the T birds you know at half but you know a mile they were super cool. But these cars ought to look at gorilla because they're black grim keys. Right and things start looking animal little closer they're like here's the factory eighteen inch wheels all. They've being cut down in the skating on the front nearly three and a half inches what yup and it crank it up this rattle and Grail movie and you hear a blow oral. It Annika is yeah that's is that slowly amazing actually a grim lost packets and beat America. You know it's like do more my favorite things see they come every years the way your homeland. It's a normal Buick road master wagon soleil like Mike priest. And it's just a normal car but it pulls trailer was driving right what a drag wagon let's red wagon and drag lag in this list on the tires off the ground and you know running and then some main. Absolutely impressive the way is merciful suspect a truck right yeah and selling. So I is it's an awesome amidst great things C domain is cinco hours that you're not normally mostly run on the track like that. And then of course like a modern cars are going to be getting a new Camaro Z new challengers. They must things are low watt light. But chargers all the you know they'll cancel listen I'm sure Childress chargers. We all this stuff. It's perfect for this amount as ideal dizzy finally and G agers Sify is pleased if his foot rolled Broncos stuff here's real street racer in me and those heads. Well they do they do have bracket glasses well but the other's heads a classless is absolutely awesome this that's the fun NASCAR's core element it does slow death. It's a slow weighs in over 4000 rounds no Meyer it's foreign domestic car little leeway does so is made here in America but. It doesn't matter if it's foreign domestic car last year we had a Volvo Lamotte knows Coldplay Coldplay and yes and I limo which doesn't crazy in itself up. But it I mean it's upscale reform doesn't rounds. You know as for Iran. No with the cooling as the car show lose because I know never buy has had a car willingness. But the car shows absolutely open event so anybody no matter what the way classes on your car can show over the course ship. Do you have some of the prettiest impala SS is you ever seen here who have salute Peabody boy is gonna show you hang exactly I think this year which is hi hi amber there was like seven Y and like mind. So it's almost like a mantra why investor and I was I was pretty amazing. There's seventy gas flowed oil eight count you yeah and I am fairly local to us more scary telling him just like. I'm just like I'm really worried for use after. Now I think it's great to see stories you know only someone actually train them for their worth his. A lot of these cars were like toss of cash for clunkers him and these are VA yeah I think honestly it's one only GM last nandan genuine muscle car up until there's new layer of muscle car well. A lot of ways it was the last ruled drought last year yes Mitt that impacted a nice low punch. Especially impala SS is given the term I mean you're a few 1000300 horsepower three or file for your team. Dials a law in 1996. Yes A yanks there in the times you know miles very very high performance power extremely helpful in school really suck. Let's also must miss time down there and I think when we come back from commercial re going to talk about where you were in also where we've been great stuff coming up more should coverage and a awesome show until it but it looked as volatile for commercial break us if things don't stay tuned student we got way more Raza that they'll come and run at you how one a 63 divvy. His movement are Rosen that they are snow we. Thought about that cute fares from so elusive rim shoot out amazing. And they go any Zain killer there's little the equivalent of care fraud runs an easy counters like. She may be made. But she's beautiful and can't happen. Well let's go I love giving you how low do you wagon be body they're more keys drowned in Gaza or doom. Now we're just colorectal. Some black until myself than. And outlook so you get a word you know I know I imagine the polar opposite you're in the Linda sheet metal and cook boulders and fresh for us grounded to the floor board today and in imprints in the seat or coercing its word. It all and blue Bayern always grill while stuff. Powell's is Blake will go to school riddler I mean it's a kiwi humane and Karzai are on our time. Outrun Millen. I'm around I'll rent if you don't think even you racing OK he's also usual lag in any like yeah. Piers Boyle is sillier now okay. Anyway long story short we're quarry it's Q a great show great show great thrills me cruise yeah there's little else restaurant they're silica. And that's wheels pretty swanky place anyway little hot date place and you don't kiwi which is how closely do you any core of a muzzle loading slowly it's like you're getting the civil drink without your pinky in there these automatic. Exit just like Grey's modeling for truth there but clearly this is the thing I mean there was cool ritual every genre we are first second third fourth fifth sixth. Other we had a eighth generic they're the makers Vietnam thing in his mind you they have little low gorgeous that's there you course Betsy put this'll. And super super super cool show greater degree consulate we'll have to know what Mecca more shrimp for analysis Tom. But the thing about core bits and we were talking about it. So put his niche call it is. But is so popular. Did miss I miss them the most things in the Corbett are the only two course and even the Camaro or you could say the shareholders but they're not quite as strong as the cooler mostly ground yeah. It's the quarry and I mean a lot of people get this visionary of the quarry and owner of the gold trainer you know or. Whatever but I mean I mean your yellow Gaza there you all their life they wanted to quarry coming. Is the one thing like a kid this two years old. Knows what already so absolutely doesn't matter here. This is level I'm bald Eagles and I'll just stuff from Fred trust me it's everything. Which we're changed their name French Villa but. You know saying look this is something that's is Americans against Ariel ms. America sports car. Anyway the vipers which is which is another American sports car permanently imprison vehicle ride I don't even come here to court that no none at all and really Bryce are almost neck and hey I know it's crazy. But I mean this thing you know think about these guys come out and there's no bad core bit. The there's not the other so little noise better than others are some that are outdated technology. But. There's no bad Corvette I mean no matter what you have and it's still core readily twisted. Whether it's what do you think the worst your Corvette this is merely an X. Wryly yeah it's a force. Well utterly non BC for Reba. I just that's before you get guilty platform. And they didn't tell me if I was to repeat the worst quarter and never made it would probably in 84. My first year for the C four. Crawls are rejection which was problematic in the early eighties when you donated money to. There were problematic in the cared it over into the 84 poor bit. That thing was they golf. We or early ninety's here in the two former Seattle native browser version for two potentially give pro 84 in Malaysia liberals are Jacque Jones horn. Just to me exactly SC four men all in general but probably two thirds of the cross harvest got converted coroner. I mean this is true that we there was a horrible set up. It worked almost like a shrimp intake derived from operators. But most dual throttle bodies Mariah and I have this plate in the middle of it they cut the wind off between them which you know I'm no engineer. But I know who we mixed fuel mayor due to get as much energy key into the sky this divider plate and made a real growth and like I mean it just is crazy and they were very temperamental and it was their first swing you know a fantasy fuel injection system manages. Bit him in the honey and the Hana and I but no they came back all the too important to keep on the first years Lulu will he be. You know still in 80000 were with the aluminum good motor and 86. You know Lilly and will not unique. I mean these things coming to a power also wish to or sixty horsepower. Look I mean this is a very impressive big good looking fuel jet a setup. Tim poorest probably. In terms of looks Google's sixty looking yellow of the union fearless days as far as appeal to two important I think I still think is a prettier looking motor a mean look I can make arguments I can make an argument for that and I think Ellis looks plastic. Yeah and lets you do some Clinton changed a little Chilean today bright play good you know like hundred appears to blow open a factory stock yes it definitely has a just it's a plastic cheap looking motor. We're here you think about keeping your and he killed that hood opens backwards in the holes for Ronnie and lifts up and you get your these. For big intake runners coming out of the Jonas thin across the top and system too important G action in the same rut that everything in the eighties was written in the cut and this thing fall in love. I mean it was like space age looking and Germany were very impressive. But the Korman show America I don't want to Angel C four banks at that America loves you Boris lives Dior won there would. Where 2000 must say that's cool like he had talked in that all of the pace car the area of errands. Certainly aids yet woman and an the the later ones and say Forestar in my Ashley force will your 86 Indy which losing to guys cornea deal virtue vulnerable and so forth right. Com the quote shoot at the 98 page sources also cool to have the other verbal duels ally now on actual. An umbrella special editions ago -- 82 you collector's edition of the and in which we seem marlin especially here exactly two killers usually until ammo dump their car warm almost remorseful Thomas 83 for that for sure the white little white will's a low flight will's wife sings white steering wheel a low this thing was there any news on monkey with another one proposal she was the only live there are refined we'll elevate 2050 of them. Period so over there was a very medium and all but this is a great show legacy you know McCormack does the coming up and grows you know and this is all Corbett meet super goods on the gray musical through their plans through Vista Israel grumbles cool about it was all the years of the core this or just come mixed up and also whether all the C wants part of rear wing you mother had a 63. In -- much dead even came out drew 67 out. You know I mean to you got a 67 survivor corps reserve and pain and dreamy thing would be to file thousand miles and good would agree. And bribery is the only one sitting beside a 1990s he or want. His so called shoe with a chorus is coming down that was the neatest thing about it walking around Bryant like tunnel time capsule. Well ideas I don't mean just seem to me tells a story every help for they've come. So you had to make your vote early because your Corvette family come from a horror and trauma unit take it you're comfortable in draining go to the yellow Corvette museum and seal and go to the plan watch a militant does some fascinating stuff. Always some very fascinating stuff I mean the core it's a legacy there really yeah here's some restorers inside source lukewarm written. Let assuming we're descriptive service we all the table or world records are great course. He has a different models looking for a phone call. It is still not buying a mustang and that's not foreign ultimatum by you already motivate you see six Corvette political bombshell this is the global from all of I can't happen. We've created a monster guys exactly who drove another to the dark size. You know monster real monster commercial breaks a magic obviously tuned as we have claymore talk about ray Janice thanks him special power ups mapping are all 1063 good people and those were read our odds and have gallery. What's happening dude I'm no were talking about next I will rejoin Murayama were resume and maybe you'll sure look student dying and insurance. We're talking about where we were. This past weekend I guess we are shorter beautiful Concord north Carolina's Hendricks motorsports this beautiful place say it is a gorgeous facility. So yeah we're up there and there's a lot of you locally came over and join us for that. For the Christmas for kids commercials for his fifteenth annual to become. This also shows there is a great show on an offer last five years just attending this is our first year of our. The Carolina GM association does a wonderful job for admission together on Demi Moore shout out to use I've seen you in the and I told you on the phone more than I have anybody you know more than my wife more than Robin the last couple weeks on just working with you the event calm and I think it paid off a dead -- does a lot of legwork with the club and everything and those are great event Mr. Bush uttered not one bad thing about the show I ever I have any other I mean there's just a jail Lowe show this year there's actually 398. Car is in attendance to. To the exact number while I will mean nearly erased all girls motive for the sure results little Joey it. Raise were last number I heard was somewhere around 20000 mark so that's somber less than knowing the middle of the so one they showed asset. Noose that's impressive as absolutely amazing you know of course is trying to reserve sort of zone launched twosome Megan will live there on the donations before them about those corrosion of seizures the car should teachers yes are designed memoir and and again thank you guys for that are maybe you're listening from from the event thank you that's absolutely awesome the other sold out on those so that was great. Very very thankful my end a bill to help out of that. They you know do these they awards ceremony went over well of course you and I emceed that. That was a lot of fun new loan auction we had a lot of fun ambulances and great facility. Little little colder fertile Coleman the jewel Susan game not that chill off he was absolutely gorgeous it was a beautiful ownership have salute. And you know there's a lot of toys and donations made to Korea and that's something cool amazing news so. What they did yesterday with a GM association did yesterday. Is actually the elder members together and they actually win out and took all of that money. All that close to 20000 dollars and when I'm bought poised to take to the congress hospital for a to have something for Christmas. That's it that's also is absolutely amazing and he's great. And you got. Think about these kids when they're sitting in the hospital in you know and Hulu went until molecule with a banged up knee or someone of these kids have serious illness and illness and I mean. You know it's it's a depressing place army and they do all they can but it still I mean it's it's a doubt Herbie in their nobody wants to be in most. Exactly it has special enough for some the situation these torches are administered but what's cool is tomorrow Monday is actually delivery date for the choice. So tomorrow they're going get all these stories they've god and actually take monitors hospital. Com and give them now and they said that his league I'm hoping the indigo and only works only Lemond to. Humbly serve us well the most rewarding thing jewelry to do a look at an enemy in this. This will sell well Kelly absolutely and and I assume the Carolina GM association. They do a marvelous job of loosely do they're doing an awesome thing. And and they do really really good job and of course the show you know it's hosted by Jim club that is open event. There's tons of great cars there. Former front will 48 Chrysler actually want this to show yes gorgeous dream 48 Chrysler and all original co flats lyrics that mean. The thing is like that I call it forty across a field goal looks like Google. Daria and it can be a gangster Karzai called real but I'm in the thing is where we sit in knoller posting three in my internalized got a camera there really. This story you know I don't see and then in the Stiller condition we. Blows there's an old restoration a commercial for eleven years Delaware and still whole mobile game beautiful area. Com there's a great turn out there early to talk about the powers that show for hours. Well what do loses these you know the spectrum of colors there I mean you know you portion of the the team Jenrette wrote things usually see a lot of that there. But Judaism all show course how about the Camaro that was apparent that the Australian that in the POW MIA you know tribute car yet all that was all in airbrushed yells that was inserted. And then just told bugs moral Comodo kick rebuttals split Barbara pro tour goers quarter due to a speed was not there yet the Jewish redid their test new Camaro wrote there. I mean they had you know there's some quarters listen 1 June forsaken gentlemen is and then of course the New York mayor's they come out immune to forceful for Shia. And then even like in the import Klaas love those guys wanna know the best import. Very very beautiful buildings old where I Volvo. Under the hood impact Ellis miner blows cold calling I was gonna of course the car was absolutely gorgeous so. Well and that's something low like about it because you have so much different stuff. And of course you have your street drugs Kelly out in you have usually some thousand gorgeous street also there also in street rose ruler 67 does shown open forcibly there was some beautiful travel journalism. Is that you can actually fund the story if you look at all a bit but I don't know the full details of it but what they did there's there's actually a winner surplus of Hendrix museum there. And no one's allowed to get on it but this gentleman who villas caller passed away. And whether it is actually pushed his 55 Chevrolet onto the winner's circle and surrounded it was trying to function of these which I thought was awesome. Well isn't well very very cool displayed to seek. Miracle the caller amigos don't quarters of the copper garlic cream all right color good look at the brochure look it is surrounded by a five sixes and journalism winner's circle slow really neat. Oh yeah. And then of course recant your governor of his hair does senator when you don't you know this like one time merely does that. And allows people take a tour of that we you know that's that's a mortal lifetime experience yeah absolutely and you don't just get to go inside of his personal collection where you even when will they do interviews weird stuff. They keep the camera in one spot you never see let control wing view that pulling out. You know I always talk about this place before. Last year but you talk well beautiful corvettes and you know number ones of different callers. On the only ones of some goers. On and zero mile caller retreat bloom Al Gore's yes and then you know you talk about the facility in and of itself. Tells the story of his life you know there's a full service dairy queen inside there again is actually registered dairy queen so it's on their map as genuine dairy queen. Com you know that the into the bank where his parents for the fire station in their town. The cop car the full blown motors kid where they are yes so many of its story every kid Jewish life. You know and you're just over the course of the illusion is a blunder in there there will would should you know it and days and days of thunder is loosely wrapped around her injuries. Many city surely he did on that Cynthia. Well it's it's based her own several different care than try to have made little stores included in the movie go right to their schools you see you Shura which is legit Hoosier control which is Ricky Hendricks said he Chevrolet. On new cold cripples were 46 city surely go or what he's cool he's actually cynic or a museum yet. And it's really need to rebuild schools are real Stucco again. Get dizzy as may view probably know that movie was actually filmed in Charlotte so are the majority the majority India. Thumbs I mean other Michigan melodies of the undertook I think they've got movie would do good I don't know NASCAR I think you do get Missouri redo of it I really do and I'm not big on reboot movies blessing that would that would actually be award because of the unity Iguchi don't grooves and easy Hank keep a DA tells us how weird we don't take everything PC away from him recast that is you gotta bring back. Period oh yeah absolutely and he's still do it but we. Oh Robert Duvall Robert of all could kill it yeah Megan absolutely out of all that was the best acting I think he's. Between that was a movie colors he did with the force would literally stuck in that movie and Mac or the not too favorable moment he and I don't have salute women have a days of thunder conversation and what we do that there's a lot of neat things about days of thunder is all very interesting there's a lot of good writer and remove that actually helped in days of thunder down on. We're off oddly enough this was years back when I met the guy he'd done all the importer work familial jumpsuits of all of us this certainly. The wheels cool about it is is you know you think about that kind of stuff. You know we a lot of that came from right here in green for Ramirez real estate innocent area gather and that's for sure in the Carolinas Pia. I'm of course you already shot so they're all that stuff yeah I mean of those shows the Melamine was wrapped around. Our area a lot of interesting things you know I movies so we are sports and so touch don't want. Below the drums singing your tone cruises and the callers actually call a true pickup truck do you go around trick gave him yet he door open goal trailer. Yeah oh those Lear's. This crazy weather don't know whether a lot of old NASCAR footage and yes which ever allow a master movies or some NASCAR footage and I'm telling and aren't Korea. Earlier this really thought about his you'll notice all the colors of the callers use that was the reason why they used a certain coach because a match. Footage they had bribe from a distance it look like they'll bribe. As British Maher think it is virtually all soldier Brooke Henry is a Smart kid and a half but but but the man with the injury showed us. This is that one sure it's a stable sure that you go to myriad if you overdo once you go back again it's a great event and an antidote. You know how thankful rob us figures speak for use well. That we weren't we able to do what we've done and be able to come and and you know announcing more children all the you know upon enters stage that was the cool honor that was it wasn't honored to be a part of that Dana so. Guys thank you for that that was awesome and no we have some cool thankful things to talk when we come back. Just regular state tuners a lot hotter rosneft are coming up right here what does it sir. I guess welcomed around Zambia or is out right into my left who magnificent. The wonderful the one and only mr. Ruskin Philip any intro music. Who I think we gather them freezer Twitter. Somewhere but you don't say let go Mayer was a Hillary clearly need to fill the bowl in the road. But I do give can enter what you do I'm obviously you. Thank you thank you think he'll ask these stats magical but anyway we're talking about callers were thankful for yes on this hollow or how hopefully he's. I don't know. And this Thanksgiving was belated Thanksgiving show tourniquet out of individual accountability and missed a missed the mark Woodward and would Jacqueline earns in salary and welcome what exactly now you wanna do little to do there don't give us a letter my goal you'll read good and real gaining well you don't lose the game breaking mega mansion and some human somewhere in the pumpkin spice mentioned for the wind power equipment that they may come this favorites and I only has like a basic drone oh lord. But anyway doesn't do much closure thankful for everybody's got that call they had. Yeah especially here you can be several cars through several girls I mean it can be just you know those cars but you're thankful that you older still. That you are there special you always was Tom building the blue blue with a real live more freely and work. Or you know you saved your life you know or so the word that I go on them every well it's a crazy stories we'll. Emit all right we're talking about this the other day and do you believe or no we actually take notes on the stuff from me this is is not optical thin. You worsen their disgust and that the houses were talking about colts were thankful for nearly gives you think it thinking back to Iraq. And you know. I got EL resilient and third generation ago Margaret calls Laura wood that was Colorado man I neutral some news just in them walking doesn't know a guy. Hello but the reward for remodeled a drought and hunger and now I could see you nomination unless the core to right so blue sunroof pricing may bill rebellious son probably and a blue civic but. And just say and because your your young and you did exactly is he zero zone without it doesn't have to get your budget but fuel mileage is still a driver who was concerned so yeah. On the economy and stands left. I'm young can help children Blue Hills they anyway easy. Try this one were at portola called for thankful for those are thinking about it no matter. Several over the you know I could talk about two hours oh yeah but one number extremely thankful for what my very first political move Melissa. You don't rub the GM get right mr. Cheryl. Bryant. My very first political and I'm most things double blade almost canceled tomorrow first old caller. The 1963. Forwarded. Falcon move certain it whom okay. I'm willing to let limit literally pull mob brushes in my past bills and thank you pitcher I'd do it he's just like Brian off probable preachers and happy trees. I just have some business decision for us is they've is that cute little caller they they're just cute that's the best word is is this basically the equivalent to the nova right. It is is it's foolish allusion to the note. But this is the thing you go think about the falcon was. This is before the mustang which the most employable equals rebellion filed and election a lot of things a little Balkan war mostly ignore handles me dear Boris will mainly felt. Home building this crazy about the slow colas. I'm Eritrea in the miss nineteen you know I had a little money put and my dad was almost look for Rio political resolve find yourself and here they get a little sure there'll you know something cool Camaro Lou drive. But listen more Philip cute little falcon. And I'm like. I don't muzzle what color is the thing agreeing to blow his his baby blue Democrat. Let you know I didn't know much reruns now. He sure won't you come look at it. So he drove mail on their free drug me down there on a Saturday. Trying to ruin look at this caller. In the gaga had it before me it was a die hard four million. Like a little else for like you know he was big into Forbes this gals like they forward to coming sue can't let her. So he took this basic. 63 falcon sprint I mean it was school's spring it is graduate to sixty you know three Spiegel problem right. And he put a two rating and because who mostly motor in it with a solo live care. Three deuces but this is singles cold it was you belittle this little falcon how many people aged small boom there. You're OUCs collaborators. The things got three deuces and forcibly. But the thing was called lowest air for a lunatic and for collaborators or I thought this was all full for full color stuff. And have the fear endure the long fear over lawyer later in the fee is pro LaMont welcome resolve it right long two hitters. Obviously created a we rattles this little innocent look and baby blue falcon is rattling the Grail. A look built up immunity to bad is pretty cool did end up I had more fun toddler forcefully I had you do you wheel spinning his car ever seen and know what role in all won many votes. Sixty bout fourteens all all four corners. Both dangerous all American tour grow historical old school tore through us. Not even to gross Jews were doubled old school but fourteen by sixes. That's dangerous. This thing was so fun though there's only wonder instrument are always not tired as they would live good but thinks a radio and a but at this caller area was his baby blue blue by advocacy center console. Ers forced and I think there is no love for forcefully coach Kermit. Alia Ullman the times I draw the cultural and think. My dad told me one thing about that caller who wield so lord and not an autistic used fear he. Numerous times now. And I'm not the biggest for prayer in the world. I'm not an old days a little loop 289. I don't know how far is too far to turn it you know at halftime but I'll put it like this. It'll turn a gray and picked instead of staying together this is the limits of solar Kim's sons who do you really go about overturn it. Boom really fair enough. So they've had a little spray attack on the dash. In a little blue and it was so odd bit of that stuff like a great I bury that thing and drop the flotilla. It was sprint for like six mullets and I mean you don't put in high gear whale was still spin it. You have that. They think is hole but there was so much fun. But they must Andrews called two years not dilute or two earlier in the strip the things you we had some problems with the current here's the thing about who broke horrors of Mobil corporation. Call operators a headache for the British are numerous headaches. And I mean this is like. To present to look at. But this is such a pain to get on the right wasn't but if you ever get eroding right you're great. But getting them there's a small feat itself and volume but they still unreal cheer on Cassel actually keep them from back Merrill's offer and that's all roll roll one were unable only you know and I can't progressively you don't deserve. When you're going on the road you drove to barrel just cruise and organic solar crew kicks another tuber that we floored his over the ball. It really watch again no smell and I made you feel you've got your roll out sea you know I'd watch short mag look at seats anyway stuck familiar back and if it but mostly males the Al loved it to you nobody. Throw light on most dangerous car Xena around it like toll on wheels and literally was late sheet metal coffin. Love that man baby blue bullet. And I told drew that thing I drove there where crews dug down main street browse for a bird dragon UW's Lil most of dragon waxed up. But. The thing it was fun about the caller though. Is your name and Italy and probably give draft picks for a little war Alina has the original falcon radiator and it. And we put it's a group Blu-ray would pretty much dropped only in America remember that. 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