Hot Rods and Happy Hour 100817 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, October 8th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk about the passing of Oddrod's truck, Aaron Kaufman pursuing new endeavors, and $100,000 Ford pickups.


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Ladies and gentlemen we gather here today. For a celebration of life. Memories. And the good tips and all changes bring jobs. Trips to the home Depot's. Hole in the event trailer. And you know it's it's a lot more than those things to look deeper. Which you know what courage there is who. There he is life after death for region because of penalties something the great General Motors were. It's pollution out do them. Time and Chevrolet Silverado trucks owned in the daily amendment all the Clinton does Texas. Under he has would you care to share your story and your grief. With a looks. Mover and really around. Well loses. Pardon me. That's clinics closed because they're a good thing to do it means blue in this hour. I think him and now Merom. Will. Some man in you may have seen on Facebook's. Romanced Franzen to orders. Bill Silverado instances were the normal. Lower. Success says. She got a live picture online Holland inventors whose brother rob as it before me. You know go do it all will grow up burnout all of job Marin mountain snow because look at new complement you know but she had a good heart decease of kipper don't want doesn't know saying that six liter payment. On thing lower for the blue moon motors but little bowl wins it this week here who she met him anchored him. Won't tell you something in you know when a sudden like this is just makes it works it learned it was you know a Yoshi didn't mercy Bernal shouldn't do anything like that. He was just like that and is now was feared. And then now she's not as guild houses over Anderson's bodies out and Elway and hired a mile away though it is right now is like him purgatory is explosions is is slow run now but I got to feel issue into the tailgate you I'm not a believer purgatory and out and I've seen at I'm awarded this Silverado base to differ announcements. So she was parked his mime in a room. It is you know park weighed down by no means your work. Come down and you know joy to drive home you know. And I'll listen some poor innocent soul takes them and drive him. Just decide to pull out from and hear his throws him. This drug mutual drove his truck hit much wrote him semblance. Made a nice little Silverado SS sandwiched between momentum and stroke and another truck and just in court in the whole Brian that's discouraged so basically a Toyota truck here to share be truck into a fortress that is he is he is coming. So basically you'll Silverado SS wheels between Toyota and hard place he is is feasible as usual as an. It was a says situation. Ways to go. Issues intro comb. Which she was a great trip because she's gone to a better place schools are gonna feel there's going to be a motor slope. Blood and no other and their vision of going only a motor swap in her heart will go on her heart will goal and that's the thing that's the thing about these Ellis voters say it is live alone measure is limo and they live all the rage British. Breach our I doesn't pass sulfur glitter and be sure boom will bring it in the Joan. Old days so we'll take on jingle but we prefer the come. And at foals and does little hot rods and have bill does rub its. It's going home down those tears were real Sony it's a new date it isn't there today and I guess now for new truck after as I. Does and as you miss those are little fuel position about raw Silverado SS. You know we take our little serious here Rosen happier they like family to the so you're witnessing a few kind words. But to show good result absolutely. We talked about doing Motorola today what are we start over recap about what we did last week Carolina mother finance manual being involved. Caroline livers public the more the best mode this we've had yet. Oh yeah great great turnout that we it's a gorgeous colors out there. Do we had gorge torch for days images and beautiful course random that racetrack. On the infield course for sale. On Kansas stuff in the us bombing which Maryland coach that they had a murder also another I'm that you never want them. How about the line next challenge how about a lot of shots that it can on the car right now. And I tell you what that Silverado get crushed but you can't crush a kid. I was good at the troubles they would love it I want a little I had this problem gadget Hannibal is now on makes is going in just moderately of this shooter a blow is there. They would they brought out watermelon colored line makes which they were down as video all over the you know what else is lacking in basketball is crazy. I mean does sound it makes it does not just no rats and struck with the Christian and I Anchorage. That's his trigger watermelons they supposed to make that careless they don't know assert. Bombing they would they they did an excellent job on X came out there they've been all these different. Issue until about how this product works and how what an amazing product in this. And you know it was a Coke cans nearly mind Mexico can. And as an antique OK yes yes and what they're doing is they're offering anybody who couldn't. Crush this cocaine when their hands a free Austrian men one. On needless to say no millions of birdies and got a free battle and know every bit liar. But I mean. That was awesome that is also it was a great brought an older easily do a lot of cool things I gotta feel a little and it's doesn't here for two awful. And explain this also brought live Dan and just a process you know. And our own battle too far into that because like rob dissent will Clark probably am in here in the near future. But there are walking through the process of us and how works how it's applied in just hearing has absolutely amazing. And the preparation against Judith have you know a trucker a deeper whatever they're working on. The prepping process of it is absolutely amazing to listen to it and learn about as well. Mine is this is a great product. And they did a great job and then. Behind my back my dear boy around created Nestle game and the creative scan all like that the tire change channels once he tells little about that. Well that's RJ challenge is something that I can't take all the credit for the archery shelves. Our our board the big man your station Steve he's like you know that we need to gain for her but play like Tyler changing. So you made up to me to make this a game and thanks god broadly in parts of my shot. We use some wagon parts we've made one hill to tire changing game. And I'll be honest we nobody beat or tumbled 90 seconds. Yeah I am changing the time nutty things with you we gave away six tickets to Bank of America filed ordered. And known to win it. We have because nobody beat the top and ninety's sic it is the record to change dynamic alassane NASCAR and a new one like thirteen saying that these bush do was Stoller ninety seconds yeah. That's the that's impressive. Yes some dynamic on its not that record but no unknown when don't similar than anywhere warm and Anna has sent. Bush source of cars that man ever some great cars there what was your favorite course golly. You know I think the best show where the black 57 general. She announced like drugs is very very crucial caught a today you'll. 01 of my favorites there. Was one of me any favorites was the 57 warned future listeners silver one school that dog is camps. A killer. There's no white states join there was an off to DC is those gorgeous. Little toaster or. Isabella don't reviews and they those views for car as as a gorgeous. On the mobile alone anymore and don't get me back yeah. As you do daily. Now in kick him out of his guys if you weren't there you absolutely missed now on a great time. On that Bill Frist the war back Kia motor affairs in the in this boring doing to gear to follow it and and the spring and then Colin Powell. And burning in the on. It was great time coming agree to agree issue where that was absolutely gorgeous. So you it seventies and now when I really does want it to market with him. Sudan has does that present a journal it was beautiful accruals on to them six honor men don't know to do reveal it to you gotta warn that deviate head of the media. But here's his list chromeless. More playing injured things like that. Alone. The the couple camps. To so stuff. But he knew those probable favorite to know what really like look this public of torturing. 66 in the oval things can reach apple to injury. Absolutely gorgeous color on the cars stated I don't care where you were tracked. Evil occurrences that Billingsley liquid magma sitting there is gloating. Literate literally magma as of Juba fingers he would he would an air quotes when magma from a absolutely. Again as well. I think that's on going ramped up for care Obama professed until next time and also -- as of right now as we get it through commercial break the surrogacy are draws got a Cole's injured man to listen hot rods and happy hour Radio One 63 W Lordi. Guess what routes and that goes wrong bits. Seven days and almost my URL so do you what you welcomed news stories over for singles at the notebook what we're talking about let's talk about the bearded wonder. They're in Coughlin and Aaron Kaufman mr. island gas monkey himself in exactly because you want to get out the spotlight. And and ivory let him do it exactly. Isn't it interesting story as way I'll just backtrack on the story will be as many veto earlier this year and Kaufman did walk away from his thirteen years them with gifts when he garage. Tom Lehman Richard Rollins behind. Poor Richard for Richard. And I could be wrong in this. But is my understanding there and was actually a small partner with it when he. Don't think he really rules Portman and I'm just I've read some stuff I don't know. I don't I don't know that I don't I don't want anybody they've. Told Richard he say anything about it incentive and no less than this thing less Thomas over there any it and say enough about as well. I don't Wyman walking away from this illegal us a little bit Rawlins it is saying about it exactly so. And you know less Thomas vote Wednesday and Iran can you Cairo AA Iran and a palm insane things. Don't think the speculation and no bomb. No don't don't use this back at sawgrass mills run Ira right now I'm sorry so sorry. Most that your users is get into the skit didn't. The third and conspiracy theory guys but anyhow bomb as we will know air golf a long way I guess my garage. And start our place of location where his main focus was you know. Earlier models make it clear goals and Coleman is beautiful face marine that's not what he was doing at all. He was spoken. Focusing on is you know early Ford F 100 at 150s. On Anthony's body styles because this was passionate. So our muscle through Uranus is that works as an Internet. So he's jumped over drugs or apply his business and at 20000 square foot building com and industrial complex area. There in Dallas and you know. He's the star and arc arc light I can't say that name because like our line. Or arc like they'll came world via light lime light below us exactly and have a utility together demise of the Yankee dialect it is. It's really hard to do that. But am article itself does not actually geared toward the public as he is building trucks he life and put them up for sale. But on the same property he's actually plan waste or fraud. Which you'll offer any line of power play fabrication apparel. On an Aussie marina barber today actually do haircuts and Ian beard trimmings on sizes actually approaching them more urgent matter. You have. Just I don't want to stop it for too long here all right excuse. We'll dress pin but it and here comes about and the know what. Time the Nippon life. Struggled yet. Listen so. Broke out rubber room. I'm so mad right now I can't state you know one the Los you true as my horror hurting forming it in four he averages that for you. I'm rather limited diamond itself but I mean. This is the thing about Ireland you know this is a group in the hall show right he's building classic Ford trucks right. Insulin T shirts. And coordinator. And leninism and my handle it no no no and how about daily caller outshot the bill Tucker I'll tell about that there's like what do we bill brought a we cut or. With the teachers. In abeyance. On treasuries not doing it and think he's system aren't but you know what I'm saying that in Vienna to keep cash flow if -- remarkable person if you build good products you don't need to do your show up RD a barbershop I agree with you wholeheartedly. Eerie hush up celebrated do that didn't have a title loops that are built into Indiana Nelson don't have the status you know Aaron Kaufman has as well under silicon home on store so delighted that this is giving a little. Well away in Iowa and this is some I'll have to disagree actually because. You know and comment is a very remarkable person and he's in a very good position and he has that same. And people are all come fish opposite as they find out where it is just hang out. Why would they not by a teacher to give trim while there. Well with the there but this is and now this is where I disagree with you. Airing Kaufman is a character gets. How midair culprit he's a nice guy and he's a good builder I'll give them that. Is he Richard Rollins and nobody he still carries that same and he has a following and he has a following. I'll give you that so did Jim Jones. Next I. It was a solid sure yeah I think Angelina looks Novell's after the fact you know what he's still so that he's tired of those after the hula leased facilities or does an excellent post courier hits that season marketable guy. Until I didn't resist they give. But I mean no this this Sunday I mean as coming from lame bit of a marketing Bagram myself. As thanks for every sense to me I mean bomb you know it. It's no different than the titles on teachers is no different than you know Jesse James we talked about last leaguer we before. Him selling teachers is no different than that than just James X assert his own clothing apparel line. And is because remarkable people. No schools that put their name won't things that people give the money for. It's gone marketable I don't know I don't know they just pulled their name. This is that they get seller understand seal sharpshooters or teachers or the like that that's great. But you gotta have more I'm glad I got to airing Kaufman plot here can't. Really. If you make money off of one non. I can make money eroded brawl we'll see we'll open one up and just preached a sermon twenty minutes ago. Not. Now I mean Indian legitimately open a business that people are wrong come to whistling gas when you're probably will go do. I'm just saying they always say all right well legal legal way legal way of making money. In the little. Not because I guess of the Pennzoil is that your end up a little way of making money away. I don't see a problem when I really though gave you know I found a niche market mine at Morgan was doing X you know term producing X. Then I would definitely do that. I was there but I mean just in ridicules us instantly and they want to. All copies each other it draws me and say well you know when it works. I understand their field they broke don't fix it I ain't you know what an awful. I guess when you quit spend money on but. Until that day comes they're also follows same routine that works at a time I got all before there are. Do you think the longer things here's the notes that actually event do you think. The sit there Lisa and these Ford trucks are gone off forever on. They're always be room form on the market I mean you'll see people going out and Russian and everybody minus 32 Ford. But there still presents them and there always will be 34 is that iconic cholera I believe there but as you bunch of these same way slam idea. They you know not everybody is resting on my Toshiba should leave it always will have a presence always either and I think the fourth drug thing is same way. Ford trucks you know. Not necessarily the heat yet or they are a huge thing on the market right now just like he tends. But you know twenty years now hourly domain no we still want want warriors from up there won't know miracle and yes I'm with either two. It's a threat for exactly you know early mossy Tenser and you know 60s70s and he too. In about another five to ten years son made the case or by someone score about moral move on to the next thing. And just like that with a four trucks right now time he loves him he's attacking the market. And I think that's awesome yeah he's doing it right. Save your fifteen minutes there and yes begin savoring some time savers some time for some marshals right now. Basra again as are stick it to him and we got news coming your browser and at the hour right now when a 63 WO Marty. Muslim and hot rods and they know what's gone on it and I'm Colorado by the government had to go to Tom all little war room block smokes in order to just chill out in the commercial and butyl 13 minutes supreme present to a brutal way you look at Bloomberg Korea. Again as well you know it. We're talking back story would Obama and laughter and sense them you know him and Richard Rawlings has spoken now only instance around them leaving. Yeah it's like your relationship you've been together for sixteen years. In a lot of us were wondering if you know others. Any bitterness. And while Kaufman Rawlings bulls said no there's not on you Richardson withdrew the contract he. Richardson we've had some interesting times we've got some good stories. And definitely learned a lot from him knows statement from Kaufman. Arm. In a slew I don't think there's any bitterness there Kaufman and going to say the problem you were in the others in him anymore you know. Translation he doesn't like him and Pascal line and that's what I got to do I had those juices guzzlers say. Yeah. It'll mean I don't like you yet Richard relative to listen in a phone interview that like a marriage we've been together for sixteen years there's a part of each other we probably pay but neither of us would be here without the other one. And we recognize us you know. That's she's sweet as it loses of the you know there's probably a nice way to possibly put this season that is so Q I'm sure whoever works discovery wrote. It. He really brought it got to raise that week I've yet that was sweet. I agree with the you know I've been through the marriage breakup of a business really didn't do Rio mayor break twice in India wasn't like that he'll have no. Mixed feelings that some. Not a bit written exactly. Straight hateful. It's true data. It. I mean. You know been gluten free years and recently walked away I understand that. And I can say from my personal wish to come now walked away from no or be our feelings. But no plans that work together ever. Some idea what they're saying there. I'm completely understand that so iron just the I barrier just go longer dated and go. And must anew our place. We're all of them Americans. Think they're competent. But. Is seriously you know I have no hard feelings toward the company but I'd I'd don't promote her. Never wish to work live again you know remain there so I'm I get exactly layers and in Hampshire if you were to talk to mine former boss he would say the same. Our public thing and now that he would say the same about me again for the recently involved rob richer vetoed Rawlings there's some profanity involved as the mineral rights and handsome Miller Lite split you know it is what it is you know the show must go on. Com people change their or change. On what they want do in life changes I mean he can't really fault anybody for that special you know the employee. As a look at that bigger and better things for their future you can't really fault them I've won a better themselves and may not make you happy is. But you know that's just part life. Obama you see all these spinoffs. Of Richard Rollins coming out in the case these out their own Mosul and you can you know there are now their own his own room. And everybody and then of course he's got. Was a little secret garage AM on misfit Nimitz begrudgingly get Thomas weeks out there than you got. You know you have that one and then he's got a grudge rehab. And then he's got a raise just assuming you spin offs of this way you know. And I think about that to look now from a crosses ethnic division Jesse James or carriage of course none of these doesn't spin offs like that now. This is something news. Yeah I'm. And you know you got to look at it from Rawlings standpoint as well you know he raised all these guys if you will and now there are making money off of him if you will. He took them all under his little. Marketing Gene Simmons buttons labeled everything kind of winging yeah and raise little marketing monsters. Who are now going out their own their own and left him kind of behind in the does. I understand his point perspective a Big Brother pissed off to Korea bombings. I can't blame him for that. But I mean moving on you know calm air and is third isn't shows called shifting gears of Discovery Channel. And it is gonna mail a bit different than. Than what we've seen in the past and it's not only like fast and lab you know by and flipping cars and all that. Mom. You know rolling Aran Kaufman is even say it initially that he left television with the intention of staying gone from television. However his phone Jack was so big boy said my phone kept ringing to do more television. So finally we found a set of circumstances the I think would work better for my personality and considering selling clapped out for crooks only pay the bills too well aware of Beck's television and back up. Well I mean he's saying his prayers got to eat exactly here on the saying you know later on that. But you know this is going to be appealing to a different sub culture in the automotive community. This not so much about the buying and selling of the garlic we sangatte. You know against muggy garage. It's come here on vessel out rather was going to be more about. The building in the driving experience would you think a lot of us like I think that keeps a lot of this going back to watch in fast and I actually. You know there's a lot of drama there's on this in this have them but they are building a cool car. And you know that's why watch. But you know Rick Aaron Kaufman's wanna focus more on that building of the cool caller most say something that you get very boring weekend. On you know and we talked to Lucent Tiago love that you know. Issue is quote boring to the masses. A mom but you know I think if -- played out Ryan I think you know yet some collection Johnson. And doom burn outs and all lab thing nimble and a little bit. Fiasco is they're so you'll enjoy and love it almost sounds good yes he you know I think demise get a great structure addition to be honestly. Bill muscles and uses these aren't sure yes yes I think in the epic. Boats as little Schlabach Lou yes I agree wholeheartedly. Bill nice saves hot running on it and and it's that. But you know I I seriously think aaron's on the some phenomena are somewhat in the show there actually and we filming in September. Oh win yours starve them in September when plans to release him that you early next year's. Well in September that's already happened. Now mania that's now seat and explain them to go to school calendar at this twelve months now. September's the month more now that's like all your digits to a one eye for you worry not. I really forget about it I mean did the did the Silverado hit YouTube. Now I'd you know adjustments of visiting trio of some of the stronger now. Just giving almost as there's you know near screw it time monsoon means of Jerusalem's most men's final postscript isms group and amp. It was an exit it was a rock with a down. So they started filming in September thank you round you're welcome thank you bomb. Your well. But any plans for Alicia to release early next year. Tom has chemical shifting gears on discovery show all of you know on owners and now here was always my favorite person because he was so technical and on it was almost like he was teaching when he talked on fast Lyle do you ever feel. That these guys return and liberals because there was the favorite now. Legs just like you elect the girls don't like their favorite Backstreet boy. Yeah I'm. Or did you know him Backstreet boy is okay I don't of that but those ideally Zeneca is my favorite I just like he's geared ideally all. A Little Richard he's so. Entertainer mean. You I don't know it does say that that. I don't think he is tonight and killed a blue ridge route and these miles of La. But it's got a man crucial Richard row play in LA it's funny Egan and coming off topic here we. As liking boys' version of Barbara Dell's there's all that is having technically. And I you know I had an episode of action figures or not but we know what was your favorite wrestler you know demand. So may you liken it that no this is the most to me under and he says that shall we always will be you know here. Just but Tommy you move forward and now we know Warren callers and all absolutely. You know league. I am always got bigger load is. And now we have. And Jeanne do you delegate Erica composure during a lone wolf I didn't have a very common for the Euro frame like luck of the mutineers like you know. Nobody in your chest if you want to send me one I'll wood frame you probably would scary but it. If we gig is someone lingering in the iron you know Miguel Angel of the greatly the great attitude which is kinda weird looking. Excellent let's beer visible. And you know that's what I refer to the sisters streaks those pros from his timing gets funky. Is. Little stretch there two minute mile watched them get rid of the moved on just a minute now now I just fell out during natural brushing thing. That's his fellow does shed itself. With a win but IAEA and he got about boy is Carol weird but. Allah there's always been my favorite and always been my favorite this cute. But I'm paris' CA amen nurses say who is doing all of these four Trojan horse whose ankle lead to videos. You know. I think it's animated show over the years that there is definitely clauses for. Death toll oh yeah for me. I mean he's an interview Wanda looked around and everything down with support. A home so Yahoo! would be worse than. Well casings regal motoring trip to your answer there. Is a beast a beast I'll drown everything around was GMC and booms and milk in the perfect base or you Texas gas. Pump out. They won't be perfect we have stumper if you misery during commercial on those guys but we do Syria are so what can he do it guy states and we are a lot more come analogy here on frozen embryo or marijuana 63 WORD. Gaza movement. Rosen and there is raw. And what's going on Dave. What does this on the year about this before power fruit. Well. As fear unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about this thing. A hundred. Thousand dollar Ford pick it does is on the regular edition Ford power stroke is as the Ford power stroke. So over the further bull pen now. So this luxury. Style truck actually is the star prices 82130. Dollars for NAFTA 54 about four. While this fully loaded F 454. By four eliminated duly rings up to the dole. Of 95750. Dollars and title taxes and fees and you're pretty much looking at a six figure truck. And Ford's price his product mix of that is the 450000. Dollars GT superpower but it does things trees as it sounds like a lot. But you here's a lot I have Danielle I think. I checked my celery for the year from well in there but things. He'll look at new fiscal. It's eighty miles 88000 yet another blow that scout like to. New o'neals in new escalates and now most part of money there do you there's a lot of around the room and that's fine and well but I just I don't know manner. I'm more old school. I come from on some four pockets have you given drift. I just can't just I spent a 100000 dollars on a car there that I can do that visual look or to that coroner to do a lot from me you know them and give me around. I mean now it's understandable as churkin hall literally anything you name at all. A made you want to lose radio station pull down the road you probably can. Should have a radio station in an already here he exactly for a 100000 dollars a thing should have won these and Dennis. They're out back it was building the old days they order you Nolan until with not because as so experts because under the tractor with a four dollars. Six and is followed that up. Or a Ford or a diesel mechanic I have to I have to go with Jesus and dessert. But only and I want aha. And out of just. Are really don't have any things that matter I can do it let's a lot of money but only I'm sure you log truck you know around the this we want them classic cowboy to your whole encounter in your 100000 dollar forward. Well you know if a Ford super duty marketing manager Brian rafts bird. Said a typical target customers some wanted to visit down a quarter million dollar horse trailer will million dollar horse is on board or six figure vote. And that's who they you know see looking for struggling this. Are you know look over drug and manages in their wanted to give on this upper Echelon truck if you will. I think I told him until I know cowboy. And I can't swim but you know what mix is this shark has the same six point 70 later power sure of diesel motorized that they did. 23 years ago and we need to by the troops for 68000 dollars. I just can't justify. I don't wanna there's a lot of technology in there I can't slam I can't justify slander and another 32000 dollars worth bells and whistles on the stroke that's a lot of bells and whistles as a lot of I mean I'm like it was like one slot was. On her path I'm leading filter a bit up with bells and whistles for 32000 dollars. I just you know what analysts becomes a lead until Galen the Mittal and about a new settlement they revert to a rape whistle here. I via his those would you guys we have volley DA he did. Something unusual slot rattled this subject he's yet. Ali I mean think about when you bullets 100000 dollar truck of lives now worthless and a 5000 dollars. I honestly. The ring this thing's ridiculous if you if you're dumber by the rebels Motorola this after a well deserved to take the RS motion from Robert in. From Arizona where. I'm just trying to. You're dumb enough bomb on them zones problems with no arms or nothing just on out there is the room. But all considered it is limited trucks come with a long list of standard features include a 360 degree camera system. Because we need to be want to what's going on around us while we're driving number I'll always wonder what the toppled them four through two excellent idea Longo and on the road remains of that that's all some. On the come with a adaptive cruise control like every other caller made right now. The anger that. Apparent minor thing better than George Strait and backseat singing for you it's got pandering and owner of that school so that was in those classy. You need to atone Campbell that leather upholstery. It's they let you know I better have a couple real camels and there yeah. Eileen Bedard really cared if what I'm sitting on his manner of camel. Or it's back I don't care. On anyway is it there come with a camel horse left the opposite problem. Russell Martin 46 or logo. And contact as the lumber or support this film a little more. It better come with a back Camel Cigarettes you'll smoke Matthews jurist about playing for the mine or settled Sutter gets them to do have to but not that. Considering you did this and this is the part alike it comes with a micro fiber swayed headliner. Let's give place to wipe your hands when you get in more mobile phone room from William growth persuade Hitler and that's kind of cool you 32 extra thousand dollars school. But you know what I might give HK for suede at arm's science. And it's Amanda amass 69 maybe 7000 entrepreneur. And of course the standard six point seven liter V8 diesel engine that is minimum for last five years. So whereabouts so you know warriors for years Maria. So I am sure I don't add up to me thumbing its all the bills Wilson growers and everything and if you don't like that you know what you buy an extra two. If you're walking by an excellent. Yeah have you ruled him win this too you know and I like he's an observer it was very. Well. Somebody digs and most of my salute. Or dogma truth and now to area who Pacman. No our lamb and I just I don't see you know. And is sure to pick up strokes especially in the heavy duty class of skyrocketed in recent years. William brands adding more upscale models to them on. I give it I think what I don't give. This is the problem I have this. We don't know this we've touched on this before. They forgot what would you do would strokes you work with drugs being all program but having you know also killed. Before pickup trucks were every day drivers now. Now instead of symbols. Here. You worked with them yep you worked with a and other making them answer for international observers that the role of awestruck I mean I mean. My worker goes toward easily and I'll love it. But if I was thrown around in the load her hole and pay with that upload wolf that. He checklist but. Everybody's getting away if wayward truck. An old days of me they're turning their hits the market only things. Well and need is vaguely he said we talk and it's been a couple months now back in India by analysts to the podcast correspond. On speckled wants back going Hyundai is discussing making objective truth. Didn't think he has and Kia. So we know this is this not necessarily. You know I think there commended the market at the right time really exactly because they're raucous cheer for and it was a pretty soon. Yup enemy then come in just stroll through the silver and that the consumer actually walks yeah in the consumer can actually afford milk. Elaine so you know and we just about Hyundai traditional drug McMahon good. Comment on the announcement again it's looking and smarter and smarter by the day because numbing your and your average guy and. The only thing is can you measure would days in Holland a true Muslim have you seen me symbol flips over and who has been viewed. The snag. So you know. Olive on limo rolled borrowers you put them back with your fear handler we have lights on or my favorite is on the book shelves until we can't too little woman golf ball straight dope on man has got to be let red or blue Kelly a black one you out an olive balloons personally tell me they're they're sharpening up the blue ones. Devlin when it's classy. But I mean you know I think there's seven Alomar because not too many young people warning you know in the working class if you will the blue collar class. Are we going to be rushing out about this 8200000. Dollar pick of drug. They don't want some you know in the low which warning is very high teens in nothing Honda is actually. You know as we said before this level has been always collector whose jeans and a torn his Lewis exactly a wall around us. Let's us think does get time to think commercial break grid there. It's a eulogies were revenue now just wrapping up joking you wanna show that they'll exactly I guess the middle is not our isn't happy hour. Write your own one of 63 do you already stay tuned.