Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, March 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk car stories.


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It does look a hall rosneft beyond this Robb Pitts and what's gone on they've all military eulogized and jewel another beautiful day era here in South Carolina. But I won't tell you something about our good friend and calling yesterday. Mr. cable himself all the way from hot Orlando. They're welcome to the Asia. Thank you probably are already here rather welcome back to welcome back this year and we'll for a rare burst Cohen has morals and every hour and has built two years doesn't say how fast time for us. Try to better establishment I just replied that this right. But it just a quick recap for freedom has been living under rocker does what station. And bulletin is the current world record holder. For the cannon ball he actually holds the world record C to show an NC so we're total Fifth Avenue New York to Redondo Beach, California created. 31 leg revolver are important to note and exactly. I love it. And he did this in a Mercedes. Edit very irate he Mata broke the speed limit the couple may be watchful. Allegedly. Speaking like speaking like cut us have our legal counsel allegedly but that's that's in the with amazing I mean. Every caller guy knows cannonball run movies in the Brock gates stuff I mean. We grew up on this and to be talked to actually participate this is an honor but to beat that record. I mean. However elsewhere Jameer did a few Medicare health Canada if you had a K paying it off your back how would like QE anymore you know wanna say if I had like gave them if they both say they're Superman's there a won't call you first there. A little and you're out of exactly as good as Coleman went into little exactly exactly. So you know today we're talking about caller stores and then the thing I love about her body you know thereby measure because organ your bigs on the Kona. He'll go hot rod gun Roberts kind of look. Colored. I don't know assailant entered. Exactly. Exactly. But no matter what that caller is. Or let their world. If you wanna call that has the story. If that's what makes his hobbies so great is all the stores it is so funny I mean a big miss all my life and I still sit in basement listened to a good color story. Could nobody knows you're grocery locker buddy Mr. Bush and only here. Because he started a little YouTube channel and it's gotten kind of popular I don't think it's a little anymore node node and little anymore its actually didn't go to school at wildfire. It's vin Wiki caller stores and doesn't have been about been weak corner stores or. Little equal or stories was. Capital and the marketing effort for an app that we launch up two years ago and it was growing Knight who we started an app called bin would either Tuesday Crowell source vehicle history reporting platforms of the group like social version of our backs and we allow anybody to post information to IndyCar by banner is played broke free mobile. That would launch shouldn't be polite kid you know we got our spotters and dealers and sales guy that resources. Fires and everybody that slowed their horse and they can elemental is that time together and it was going great but we have never done anything really in terms of video content and so. I got a few friends together last summer and we all sat nowhere else and that's bearden told or stories that. But on the Internet and I never really expected to go anywhere but it's sort of call. And so now we know we release one every single better every weekday at least and it's just people come blowing what would be of that which you quote stores series of close they are out in two up by the ten minute story about him and they're all coroner driver whatever. The case may because. You know we cannot think of course is being a rejection of the stories that the owners that to them and like you said it's. It's not just about new exotic or you don't do any thing at about what makes a course special to us and resonate to a president uses. Or and that's what it's all about right there is is the story because we can all. Associate with Rickles I mean we've all been here we all have our version of that story or another story but world together because love longer basically they. And we learned early on that the story. All of long term. Timeframe. Is considerably more important than water core actually had them we all know that anything that was owned by Steve McQueen is war awarded ten times. What do you do what it would do or fewer real. And you know the seal the people I've that I broke country. Is probably worth fifty to 75 grand wrote rather than 700 dollars a drink you'll steal the recorders and outmoded your suspension for. But it. You know I love it and and I get older people do that doesn't matter committee thank you wherever it happens this story is too attached to it and even finding a way to make those guys adjustable. And just sort of a moral line tremendous ever green video content were putting out. Has been a whole lot on I mean you're you're stories and all the people we've gotten out and tell. You know Elena thing. That's what I love about it because I mean. You don't for a long time you know public TV stuff in the past and an. I'm a little bit old school like I am Momo Momo all about your cable television things like that. And now is like this year to think I have people recognized me in the mall not from the radio show record shows or anything else. But from then Wiki because these people are watching this stuff. Yeah we passed 250000. Subscribers lists this morning in context we you're. They outlaw or he's gonna have to million views so it you know repeat it's like that it is. Or beyond anything I ever dreamt it would be possible unfortunately it's working exceptionally well awarded it stood to do our direct people towards you have will grow by one or 2% a day just like you see the morality of a text startup and it certainly wouldn't ask for. We you know I think what's really making it successful as you're getting. Average people telling a good story of their life so it isn't Mormon achievable thing is all right Richard Rawlings is Oppenheimer and telling a story that he's thrown millions of dollars. No these are real stories from real people who work real jobs who who are on the same levels almost if you will and I think they're really adds to the interest of. Because we've all got up well are you doing burnout and from a conference. But it looks extremely well allegedly alleging that allegedly earlier in the initial prostitute whatever you wanna do that always a story. There you know there in usually makes for good I'll be honest we've better than any story I ever heard from Richard Rollins I'll promise you. But but but probably about them I enjoyed being there at the moment. And do it but it's. Every that's the thing that makes this so far because what exit you loaded video every every morning through the weeks of Monday through Friday drop in new video. Like you have loyal subscribers in this thing we're not thought about the kitchen whenever they can't like as soon as this thing drops are like jumping in only in jump in line to watch this. Yeah it's it's interesting because it is to do it should triggers. But it a lot of information back. Very little bit as prescriptive you don't really make decisions based all of a bit Sweden's dominant the number of people that watch in the poor house. Is always fascinating to me and that's one of the things that we have seen this steadily increase lead at this point judge usually. On any new video would probably he would attend the thirteen thousand people watching it within the first few minutes but it truly that mens are still there waiting you know get that email and click on blah blah. And I thought I had a bad about Churchill amended just like every because I know about the time you'll Odom so it is usually I got a little free time cinema disk. How old check it and then there's Hillary like you know 2000 views on. Already a line up against the game but he didn't bomb enough I don't think what I think what needs that as you need to get word content yeah. Yeah. It. Maybe this is the thing that's so cool and they're addictive though because like. You know I've got to be elsewhere and it really was into a whole lot of them too before we started recording some of them with you and then they'll act kits muzzle watching them every day well I. The thing is and it I'm sure you today I had to stop before is people are just waiting to see what you're going to put other next. And it's always changing the difference I mean so little this stuff. People just want to hear that next door they just want to know what's going to be said next because you never know end and ethical thing to people you're pulling in four. Man there across the board you never know what you're going to do next. Good sometimes you'll have people like a few minutes ago say hey well when you got gonna roll out of the motorcycle. Rob job that a simple issue what next yeah it's actually wrangling uploading right now. Hang tight. Regular and it's something this fun about it that I mean this is this is really woman shot we see this thing hit a million subscribers. Very quick very quick I mean this Michaels is growing so fast well and that and that's the thing with something like this a project like this snow balls this snowballs a star does a small idea. And more and more people find this idea to be great now just noticeable snowballs out of out of proportions if you Muslims say and number other drug ring drew to the dark side he wants an ever more into. It's like truly appreciate this is true yeah this interest and let orbit have I'm trying to you know in addition to mr. normal course stories new this morning next. Until people asking me about. Like give my dream job in the corpus. Well how life you know. Be a shrewd negotiator Vermont it scored you'll and so like that on trying to release some more information overview look at what I would Okur would regret our admiration but we're not going to be. He'll tell you what can you hold that thought just wants it we gotta cover commercial breaks we Bruce bills around here. I don't wanna hear the wrist about this because this is the thing about teaching people about the caller he just stated we got more than a bow and write your own hot rods that BO 163 to BO RD. Got a red hot rods and happy and it's evident all right we got Richard Hoskins in the studio with us our financial analysts your hot Rosen have been our slash caller guru was going Richard. Without analysis a relatively well and silicon in this culture you did you use it at. Hundred relate to the what's launched today resultant. All right guys we've got mr. and Boeing and back on line he's tells all about being Wiki color stories. And you would we were weak cuts cook for break you were talking about educating people. About the coal industry in the core business. Exactly and outside the total augment the content to just the stories where you know some truly useful thing and not always remain and personal wall that had important analytical information about how you and if the are you prepared yourself or call urges you get a job in the business has. But that doesn't think that you know this thirteen to twenty year old audience is really hungry for a little underneath where or when I was curious about those things. You know try to read or magazine and get a clue you're tidbit here and adjusted really existent so. The opportunity to at least have a platform to put some of that stuff out there there's been a lot of fun and you know were endorsed. You know it out I'm glad you sent some along those lines and I'm glad you're doing that because. I had a conversation Hilda L line Ali you know you see all these young kids in the in the game now trying to do all these things that are callers. And our times are screwing over the thing is there's no guidance of their what you said there's nowhere. Nor perform together to find guidance and a lot of people you turn away from the hobby. Because they just put their stuff bottom line and in the made fun of so you push away from the holiday vs someone's that an open showing them the right way. Well in the world full will be used you know and Graham personas that are out there and order struggle then when all they do and try to create a small business the goods under a billion dollars over the future. Parents and they think that that floor they think that's what they have to live to route they wanna be as successful. Or or so and entrepreneur. That is why did struggle now. There's earlier in the struggle is pushing for so commission that's the stroke. That's writer sitting there on your first day on the job and really. Somebody come up five minute later asking you what you have old record. Exactly. Exactly. There are no training. It's it's a sink or swim you know these legal line and sort of thing and that's what people don't get they think that they're never gonna get the luck of the problem is they're gonna give it. And they're gonna screw it up because they don't have any idea what they're doing and they didn't do any were search book or they wanna trust. I've got one for him and I've got above I've got my theory on this a bit and still home ala the war in shape form or another. I think it's either union or not well I think some privileges have been neck. And some people don't I don't think you can learn and I think that's the break it because I thought about this long and caller. You can teach somebody so many things but you get some religious kind of comes natural to. Oh absolutely I mean you're planting a logic in someone's head. To make them make a decision or even just to allow them to make the decision they. Do nude or not to and I couldn't sit across the dust from some guy we're training or you couldn't and tell them pretty nicely what is Saturday but it became out of their mouth and a coherent fashion it would not make any sense and currently working compel the other person that what you talk to an action. And so the ability not only to understand what to say and how to say it but if you will own it as something that's true and useful. Is an entirely different idea altogether. Are related dialogue to the art industry is you know I'm a graphic designer. And I can't teach you to be an artist I can just teaching the mechanics. Of how to use the programmer. You know things like that. You know I think it is the same way I can teach you the mechanics of what to say to be a salesman I cannot teach you to be a salesman that. There. Assure you that or let them do shipment in 2013. Or art or out on everything that there is it about all of this time I got recruited by a whole lot of people. To do to sell different things and and one of the most interesting ones that there's local like insurance company really wanna be common stock and so it Dalembert you know it's in the conversation or more about what they do. And and I kind of said you know I spent my entire life selling. Things that people. No they want but also though they really shouldn't body. You're asking me to sell something that nobody wants to deal with but every note of it and they probably need to archer about a logical error about the Republican leadership's war but I watched one of their guys who was really successful all through the rest. And he was just given a pretty decent little sales pitch or volume all our white controlled. While we and I epidemic that's what percentage of these you know fifteen other people in the audience. Could sort of repeat after him and do something like that he's and maybe two or three. It got real reluctant to the right customer is always did. You know. You go to Joseph vertical as well these sales training things and to hear exactly what you're supposed saying. But if you don't understand why you war looks at why that is the proper thing to say at that moment and why you Euphrates every question that it always yes and that everything you say what are you all your what's broken here today all of well group you towards the decision. To buy this next court that you walk. And it is and that's that's what nobody can teach you you have to understand did it book or you or you. Well MS saw the look two things real quick selling insurance you've got to be held a salesman to do that you're selling for many empty box you're selling nothing you're selling paper. The next thing is you talk about that the salesman closes and things like that keep them honest Tonys this stuff sills and they're selling you something that he's that good Ole it tables me like you're over the called and she's back in the day for real state. Stuff like that I mean whether even to Jordan Belfort he's announced he's in Australia push and sell stuff now I guess you can't turn at all. I mean it don't get me wrong I mean it's puzzle game is like no other but he has a sills and stay. It and that is there you can majors like while Moeller and also cause trouble this. Oh lord also rules pickles Carlton sheets who show me Al. She's not gonna show you everything you need in caller she's gonna show you enough to give the third and an underdog out that he does what you're gonna do. Well exactly do you hear these guys and you say if you put that guy editorial the story banged out forty. Course of months without breed and what he's not doing that. And they're not paying them 250000 dollars a year does you know stand in front of the bunch you know. Either about to walk shelters so green they are even know what subtle or sport star right ought. I mean these guys. Should be doing better than they all are put their their teacher. Runners. Statement about teaching and doing in the whole suite. Yeah that we've all heard that one before. The that's actually it's clear is that would be a gold medal in her vehicle order an element. Without pulling it together there once was a man from then you well you Politico I got a so the best that they in this that's also about sales and I really true that I am a college Tennessee a mile away that which either you got it or you don't mean. Great you you have to hone your skill little bit but it's either in your arsenal. And I mean a lot of people just don't know for that task I mean working in those sixty Sunni or weeks percent of the dealership on a rainy Wednesday you'll talk about depression. That's depression. A rainy Wednesday at the dealership. Literally you have to slow world suicide watch that thing. There. Well a little bit different the exotic car world because I was generally rely on saint Pete or bike or so where over again with a lot for wood to see them coming back to tornadoes or Alexis store or order your ass hasn't. And so you know the rainy days or my favorite who deleted that kid coming in through all of her stuff. Well that is a good thing military would have ski school exit door commercial breaks of the community soldiers once and will keep the story rocket. Yeah. Does stay tuned we got more mister Campbell in bin Wiki caller story right here on hot rods and happy hour 163 to VO RT. I don't look at the hot rods and having this brawl pits. Would have mandated Richard. Other residents. We got mr. Iqbal and lowest level island Georgia and he is the Campbell war record holder the military's southern hills until a good story. In debatable Leo over the one million I didn't get one point five million people can be girl I don't know Mozilla and today they and there are numbers I have to say there's a lot of love to do not exist setting as well I took pictures with people because lose it'll ask maybe used car salesman can say that. I try ultra right. But mr. Ed bully give me a run for the money. Yeah Alltel the Google store and one of my all time favorites I really would look future world Cheryl our listeners it. My favorite been Wiki course we're about foreigners go gonna give you a little taste of Melvin Wiki works tells about Kimi in the limbo. But let's. You I don't want. A look that's storage is too close to home this settlement will you got a thing for prostitutes in glamour gaining is there there wouldn't. But well never Lambeau I'm just going out. Yeah. It tells about his vote. So there you go I have always low. Cheater or worse and your cork with a story that does not the most entertaining gun but all of that. It vehicle is reporting club or might tell you not to buy the slot only now for or that of a mile or accident or some kind of limit should look past that would normally does make a lot cheaper than what one. That would be great condition might be and so I was always gonna look and of course the by I've bought. Rapper Rees sixty for a bit and it is apparent that. Try to jump backwards and fraud all the electronics and years prior to that moment. You've been given the course of four big difference she didn't have any money to fix it's I bought it out of service they not rubbed grilled sheep and drove for a little while and we sold it but all important wherever you viewership we had tow truck come in with a blue belt or would it would be pretty. You know all tired we can oil it would store but just scratches carved up we yielded just the other. The guys reported and it goes between what we get sort of understand they were at such give an estimate. What would it take to make the thing right they look this phone number we sort of built into the cord of sorts but urged you know. Securely remains sealed bush brought in higher. And all the guys are good at that pretty fast and probably you know twenty to 25 brand work work and we didn't really know well you'd. Beyond that that's sort of the issue would not running course that you don't really know what was important what is wrong. And so we sort of dove and realize you look at it based on what this course probably war. We have reason to believe that never alluded might not be in position to avoid just such a sure. So we kind of sort it out back and for the phone number and of course nobody injured person we keep tribe but. A few days go by and that this guy showed up at middleweight old guy and he says he'll have a blue in there about your strongest. Yeah we do you know anything at all about this is a well it belongs to my girlfriend's daughter and she's very attractive. Got to thinking about whether. And exactly you know that's that's strip you know want him macro level. Servicer but you know it always I know who deal with and to do you know we get in touch with her or anyone else she's she's cover not available right now that we see on your mom. Some of the great you know whoever's got the ability Europe you know let us know that want a green light to repair here were rated six. So political figure Nelson and and mom chose. And and she you know wasn't really pleased with the exotic Cora in the end badly that you shouldn't edge explained that her daughter was unavailable Cushing would enjoy. And she said she was in jail for speeding that she'd been caught going to. 180 mile per hour. In this or Wallach and it just that it was capable of going a 180 mile per hour it was not in anywhere near its car. At the end and that was also not. True. In fact her daughter. Was in jail it was a professional era to pushing once they. To the Monday night say she was an alleged prostitute but that would be a disservice to replant your belly that are Berger thanks. And so she was on the court again for we're professional appearance. But she was supposedly going to be L soon end and mom was not ready to. Divorce court want to make this big war against a registering you know what we'll wait and when she shows up we'll we'll ought to so. Brief two week or so goes by in and it worked sort or concerns about it whether any gonna be salt and put this thing back together in. It was not the kind of all our that he dealer was gonna bar. The doughnut hole cereal whole thing because. There were so many unknowns and so many expensive courts that could did not war that nobody was gonna spend twenty or thirty grand experimenting on it make to figure god gonna app. But the goal showed up and she's she walks in and she's. I don't it's a little bit difficult and scrub on the radio but I think that the most marketable feature would probably be her backside in fact that's all one of her social media profile that she had. Fifty inch it's. What it's called brutal for a isn't exactly an integral could've taken a break while we look and. You know our guys. You know Ed I got fifty Egyptian people just told me that little. That's a little liberal giving them until I think. You got yours differently but I'll explain that there are introduced to open a little bit of a different context but. I was talking to were and where we were correct she was not in a position to depict the core in fact she had bought it the liberty Miami about a month art that. Where she had I think he's educate hundred grand in cash for the call she must be able to. They actually she did she and so I think well you know it. You wanna. Just haven't moved somewhere for your way you'll go to war would you buy it probably well it's not. Really in a condition where we could get any of our normal buyers to but you know I personally I don't mind a project are at a little opening up at all or law or. I'm not too worried this thing there's a lot of monsters in the all that accurate so I have to what you wanna forward and she stood. How about seventy but hell no actual well all of I know we shouldn't be about twenty by Elton to you have to store. And you 800 that's not really how we number four in the core businesses that might be the seventy belt nor should actually hurting belt ultra differential in order to hurt you. They for so. I think the course or about thirty open the tension was taken aback by that but didn't really have much to stand on in terms of quality. To negotiate there. And so I. You know kind of be right in the middle after her through negotiation at thirty belt and yeah. You know little or it'd been a little while but oh my left there are unhappy to have another guard corps you know pretty much boat back ought to point. There but it's better. Well beautiful one well it was probably forty to thirty. Could smell it yeah. But we've we've got to see killer on it and that kind of got to protect our you know. Do you want buys something else can we don't you know you are still no doubt that he'll have some new. To let trade value if you could yeah. I'd really like to hand out a pink Bentley like Paris Hilton. Yeah great when you know they don't really think many that we excellent growing up on one creole that way but. They went on about one per birdie but you know what do we peninsula course here I want. If you we rapper and for and why don't we just see if we get a bank loan you the other 3040 belt and this auction should gory too much that we got to talk about her credit. We'll see what it. Conversation I never expected to have openness is a little this is that credit. Exactly so. I answer for you know name address he had gone up with a big. Big street in Atlanta. We're iGoogle to come in in the background LaMont monogram base here. And it wouldn't saw oral and yeah. Absolute. And are. Sort of Social Security number one sheet all the court out while you carry whether or at all pots. And you did very much out on the find out because I don't let out that after you go through your employer. And she gave the name some pornography company and well you know and I need to tell what you. This is so well it depends what sort of church got its. I'll ask that you have some motions 101000 dollar some want to step to cool. What can imagine what a picking on details it's. This is such that she says the what are we just say five untrue that the you know 500 probably overkill or thirty delta alone won't say it's a bit like not all get too much 150 she says. Whatever you. Anti went into my commitment at all with than upgraded out. There it didn't take imported sect say that you wrote. Should not I didn't literally record all the court. It was girl never had a older library court or any other purse along her all and I don't think by the bank to become the first. So how it back in that now you know what public. Idol would go on and go to your first car loan your work is gonna go to check for thirty Graham and and you wish you all heard and she said. OK a quote I want mag or control about the trip and about what Mike and headed to an wrote in the book and she'd she'd look that you won't. What is that a simple to check it could scuttling money. Entry into what can you give me money yeah although the tests we don't have to economic cashier. She's like. Or what it would. So it's good to your banker Marc. I. Should. You know just build build build it but it should send I have never I mean this is something per arsenal but I have never been looked. By anyone that thought I was flying into or whomever would. Let's say a lot of courses. Absolutely. And so she did take an an oxygen it all figured out that if you walk into orbit and headed to and they would give it a month. I would imagine their story that came from that that moment. The problem woods you know I got corp it and got it running bushy she'd never bring me the second cheated she said she had. That it. He's a few weeks ago we established over just six these these commercial breaks get right the way when the story gets goodness that is so we've got we got a so we go one key and they were missing a potential thousand dollar Q for the school. Correct. All right guys let's say you straight to we got to hear the tail in the store right you're hot rods and Libya 163 W ordaining. Government hot rods and happy hour and that's Kathmandu and are you ready for another good story hole it bulletin that is pummeled it you must seek an accident. Part of this gave his story of Curtis can restore public times and obviously I'm still like a school reloaded and I'm excited for the sixth myself I -- I'm not a good way to keep that's what we got to get the key backs OK so will wait you've got one key but then on the seacoast thousand dollars. And clueless violence has of them not all about the police. That's right. You know not to be good middle Buddha of all the people you know to have another you are. About so I could have a pestered her call or text or you know. Not at all probably a month goes by an out of the blue I get a picture mr. Ehrlich says. It is my birthday tomorrow do you still want Becky. I don't know what those two things that been due to the region with a joke with yet but do. And then again that's just write this it'd been tested yet and she's a well can I get a hundred dollars for. I mean literally on the only burst on earth that can be used it but absolutely you can extort Monroe street the ski as long as if you needed your club today. Great absolutely am on the way and as you might expect but what comes and goes and no it shouldn't shall. I imagine that's soccer admits that bright you know you would think punctuality of negotiation might go with territories but it turned out not up so it's just sitting I don't. I don't think she's targeting my demographic. I can understand. You have to do good results on there. That's been so who knows but. But then you know we close to seven appropriate 650 or the next night to rein in. And I see this girl pop out of court our commitment to edit her and the best way to describe what she was wearing. Woods did it is truly a basketball net I'll have the same town yeah yeah. Same. Well it was little stretchy band it is there were more holes than white fabric should she admitted it was a woman with a young child portable or outer. Who saw her. And literally grabbed the Charlotte ran screaming help would go yeah yeah she walked over toward but what can what are you all dressed up for. She says well it all worked so what you're halfway to that aren't sure yet to miss. Course completely new big blow to score. Yeah soccer we we we sit down and she gave Nokia or dome feature war colony on there and you know. You don't get. Such conversations with people like herb at all but I figured she probably the most important. People know what you think you know certainly different than the way out the vote might evening grew. Don't show up. Question what should and there are. What it was not out of balance to ask her based on current higher and probably helped wrote you look at what are littered. It is such treatment was. That can we do have butt implants. And education. Cute probably yeah she's a note I do not choose that I had to step redistribution. You know working toward right now. That's what we're anywhere you gonna put it exactly. And the place where Jimmy would be after. Our income like a boom or something yeah. They're issues that but this is a big date later changed to thirty cents. And in the liposuction and now. In in the injected it right right here she got indicated to be we were backside. And they must use something between Turkey baster injection could score was ripped. That does it feel peculiar back there you know kind of weird I don't know don't just it's just they're so well. A charge you John like the bailout will show up for yourself to what you think. Well it was. I think I might have actually declined at all yeah us. Little pebbles and ordered books of the does that yeah. There we don't need dispute could you go Obama yeah. I don't. The sushi she went along and merry way and the got Machida or federal court Goodyear. In fact. Canada class that I was plan and use truly terrible attempt. And sort of drug and regardless of what kind of dispel that could you know our core that you were bargain permit me to take a mall Dubya now all we can so so it's again drew little alone sold actually sold them intra about a woman lost polluter but that battle group. And never really heard from a much but she would occasionally comment on like Graham pictures in my snake like that. And a model like this site you know what we'll just. Friend about it and and ultimately. Gonna let him out of there over in the lobby suspicious of that let's raise its level. Only a certain number at you right never never never million years. But limit and this is the thing about these core stores in this story then it has a hang on it really one you can tell me stories ahead but. But this is the thing as well look about him is what vin which is all about this like this every. Day Kenya absolute. I mean a lot of I am completely addicted Richards big duke and Robert just like what some of the he has. Excellent idea now wants email along on repeat. Exactly go when it got to look that's true but as long and boring and Townsend Basra the drug's clinical that pleased me the most super. Sure it is yeah we'll keep from government and you know it. That the thing is. I'll I get so much more enjoyment out of work or that that you buy it in a circumstance like that. And that you end up making money uttered a baby everything that we're gonna break breaks. But at the end of the day you know put orbits that means a lot more because of you know you can about it even if it's these dumb thing and all over there. So does the car and eventually be at a decent. Liberty when you got it done whether. Well you know these really early court senate speaker we're gonna a lot of electrical weirdness to it but I I drove to Miami and back and we got a little early. 10151000 Malle look or a year so it did just fine and don't always told me up all but the government are needed to deal. In Columbus blue limbo and it's got a story like no other. Right there is so whatever happened to the car after. I interrupt so I put a bow. Want a year or so into it are probably don't have a good in the Koren. After governor prologue sold about the Bob Graham good URL welts and he gold and then that I. No what is audited and a little bit Wiki have been so it was anywhere so I really have no idea what somebody on. That's cool is this is gonna still legal. That happens obviously from time to time either somebody's sort rescinded the cell or it's crash without insurance or exported or something like that have not figured out that. Or Lamborghini that I had Pluto belittle our company got exported all of wish it I don't know how it happened but they so you know it it's cool to be able book followed your first. Either on public or pectoral betrayed. The dream which works which worried and you'll see when they pop up there you know where they bit them pretty well they've accumulated insult like that I mean you're a middle we're all in all the court that are grown up. What's and so people by coroner ruled him to go to used to be money they would call me and tell me that they had so. I get an email unbeaten Puerto Rico the Land Rover that at all option heard Scott and Russia ball rain drove without sold years ago at. It's just crazy stuff that you got to find out and it you know it's got a little perspective on ownership. Wasn't really acceptable. Yeah I was just about hit a map. I mean you hear stories all the time of people looking for the car to their father used to own or you know their grandmother used to own or maybe they eat they leave you stone and back in the day. And it's almost impossible on this cargo within a week here actually making it possible. Yeah we're just putting people you know kind of boots on the ground outlook and at all we balance stolen or we well. Course that have been lost for years and years and it's and and then once they Yorktown people certain peace in the history in the and a missing links back together. And they build out a pretty comprehensive online aware of the course then what happened. That's all and Terry Sullivan and a caller can go anywhere it's in sync some of the troops. I had failed rid tumor in Korea as they see October Woolsey three that the caller actual sold new in Daytona Beach for. I bought and of course in South Carolina he went to Iowa then to California. In like three years. So I'm going to averages a big joke around everywhere this course are only subsidy in the country. And within a few years here it's across the country. Oh that is something that we collect revenue today. But I wore thank you so much for coming on tells Bob in which eco or stores always obliged and milieu and the unity deal. So that you had to sit for going home. I appreciate it thank you think about it and don't we will sir you take care does Youkilis in the hall draws and happy right here 1063 W coordinate.