Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, February 20th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk forgotten vehicles.


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Yeah what we know resin there are. And what's happened and dude. So the issue return to the bat and policies swing guru and do that to swing it. Give us. A caller who used to see everywhere. And we see no way. And very American. Very easily. On the fall under the Chrysler family here into the Chrysler will Wear. Well for valuing some Christ was a lesson sooner cross or anything my god Chrysler 200. Well we'll go to your room. Clearly an image of those diligent people on military. And the site here is they and I actually. Yeah out of the Chrysler Le Baron. I mean. The move was a movie with a hotel room and can we I don't know what you're saying that you just arsenal's Freddie did as Garland Freddy got some none that I via whatever. But. That was the phone Islam ever total amount of christendom that are in question without question those by the best line ever involving Chrysler. Did do nom. Didn't know. If here's Miller's sister have delivered in this nation if she feel she interfere with the mom had a K caller today wagon. Which is in the family will. NATO would eat cake or way Israeli network as well where there is okay cause moralist article K dollars. Wells okay platform as a bubble was like it was a little tired but that was that they rouge years will be years I think. The wagon what was that thing called. In all actuality is limited the sedan version as well listen and then my Arabic sooner or later they don't make recouping from our yet because like every detective in every movie had one of those players view blurs the principal had occasional he had extra dark also the banana on the tailpipe from Beverly Hills couple thousand dollars and four to implement. Was it Portugal's reporters on there's another elusive bono's seat and you know and an awful awful hole. Dealers take cars all right bonus credit was the Mercury version of the Ford to vote. The links. The total pass they have as it doesn't understand this your I've who has not signature event convertible Chrysler brand love iron probably redwood white guns my bra directors like John you veteran player yeah I have ever written like I've taken you know I had at a buddy nice letter and whatever the middle of the GTC wounds yes and GTC's Foss family 2.2 UT at the Daytona based a luxury Daytona. The ago shortly Daytona stuff and it is a luxury that until. I'm Lindsay and at a date certain. Much more about The New Yorker. Now that a little bit and everything is everything little thing particular play my wife. Back when we were dating actually had in and he won Chrysler New Yorker. The sexy color element and I know it's 90 no it's not all the memorable moment we get that soon after being married actually. Musical are still kicking around do this well it may. And our military calls were that my mother's followers of my grandfather. To bolt it boring in new new Yorker in 1987. I'm so sorry for the man. You're older and with that great cook crush Fluor inside and had that creepy robot voice yeah we shut the door. Fasten your seat. Model as an anchor or what I had 151000. Miles on three years oh nestled. Oh. A you don't want a car like that out too much you know domain yeah you'll show law and round ever yet he had a title of pros that welfare Cadillac. It's fitting him very. Weird but as the budgeted genitals but jewels crazy he traded in 71. New Yorker on it. And young kids that love the difference in this two course that you get this 87 and the trumpet 78440. Big block. 42 full blown Chrysler New York I'm in a rural new Yorker for a fifteen foot and it. Three point 14 cylinder wave and reports Samuels to something 2.2 term or two point six aren't transformational. And a monster awfully long news my ones and a middle of the diamond Chrysler and home via secure exert odious that's totally lost it. That's the Flores is an ornament and this is so sexy cars that are a problem three known as the product. That our product real leader Mitsubishi six yen as the front wheel drive don't let the child there are an awful short. Can still in the in the that was Stahl and that's that's unfortunate that the there's a grand am newsletter is looking or burst well the party of fraud and shortly and I'll business in the back yells like. A full size hatchback is well village voice their anger and all of these cultural whole across circuit that platform and just put all these iconic names on you know realistically. Z people like on the New York. But it was crazy let me look like somebody said in the boardroom is probably Iacocca said a border about one know would look good only OK caller. And it can caller if you look at this profile that looks like every color every three girls have withdrawal. Yes that's squared off callers is Hamas would drink. He failed that's what Chrysler exist who will mean that in the caravan is Chrysler's lawyer I mean. Cuts. At the K car faster more mobility and high school Ryan ash craft had a baby boom K car that is Graham vulnerable news and at 20000 Mosul he drove a school. And I think it also funny that this evening and pristine condition puzzle for dollar caller. It took Roger stereo and like a 900 dollars in the Portland. Can you cannot get off subject and I think it's a fair assessment to say I think the Kia optima has become the K car of today and the key. These good Korean pago plaza figure has become the K car of today where would you agree. Oh those little room for Hinkle. Well out of style and sense of everybody is out whining and injustice generically. As they outline the ice here and you just need to call me when you need as far as intimidation and it's just a little caller that everybody had. Here's an age when eating Kia optima for when you just needed caller because it will look like an old terrier phony story about okay course I believe all the names Stewart goes little incriminate somebody Poland Poland can you imagine me indicating on of their high school. So anybody car drive you graduate this cake or yours New York. I'm still feel outrage nowadays they're drug as and that's what dropout rate for so high and the baby were packing company one that. But. There was a guy. That they actually ran a very lower body shop in this town. He was useless when he was is guy is always handles. Rabbit. Notice goes some way or worse rob it's a little about via parents. The grocery and a promotion when they gave like a free it was ungodly cash rebate on these things okay course. He bought 300 album but in finding instead everyone never made the first payment got the cash rebate and give them all back. Yes I'm man. You know what I did was three or four months he had a he really at a mail. That is diligent threat that hustles all that is his credit and it. We got to seventeen years you know of any do you rely heavily bankrolled off of that little loop. Sharon is rough man could you imagine a salesman that dictate I don't order for 300 caicos. Swiped a lot clean got a dose. What but luckily you what the southeast we'll get an escalating. I mean what it would you do with 300 take a mile did you ever red flag powerful. Where do you put them. I don't know if I'm a salesman at stake in order of 300 parliament accountable questions on our action and right now now he led the co hours ago does that mean the salesman losses to mention photos are sold little thing Mosul Mosul cross or financial certainly good to me that salesman that week a year is that had a sales meeting that morning. Missile three and four people this week this week. So then yeah. Wouldn't it really got all of them. 3043040. Coach Jim movements going causes you but it couldn't tell everybody you're good enough to Wear a tie the trimmed his game of vacation. There the whole million bucks who. You can't really follow on up there and go yeah that regularly use. Graham close Jim McDougal Rudy class presumed them. Well below the Gaza there was little Lou we'll stop all the tough restore commercial breaks on run. You know just phone it talked about Chrysler K cars. And just ski gives us an exciting time. Discusses his role we got to throw the brake zone. It's I haven't that kill we kill we got to stay tuned we're talking about course Eagles sealed road anymore right here on hot rods and happy hour one a 63 to be ORD. And what went hot rods and beer and what's happened ended. Richard. And impairment Lulu government to government that's the thing we're talking about American clergy Eagles sealed room that you see everywhere everywhere. Anderson Romania and we just picked a few favors. I don't know what it's obvious difference yeah. This next one is kind of cool and other Lady Gaga. Early ninety's to them a mega that's our generation it's our problem our own lives Robert. Started breathing in the early nineties and if it's walking right this spent things of that nature and technically I was breathing in the days. Madrid five days have been really well had enough and new. But this compares alone about videos are to do. But does that skoler. Go forward and logging into you've seen one. In a decade and blue Chevrolet Bruno. Who. Translate last summer camps on your play this card game in somewhat close deliberate echo rules of Beretta. Brandon try dollars and sixty caller at the door and it will home almost the deep in the world that are cool him and yet but can it became and a funky teal green and blue pill well that was just a totally put that everything GM tells her color and his throw her cousin who met laws don't keel and hunter green. And purple and yellow the chrome yellows were competition yellow and in 1990 accordance with the call that. Say what are you a used to I have enough in my group on the moon will then Nina. And a neighbor about three or four houses down actually had on the two wants to as a member of the tags and also garment. It was the custom it and other casinos the body kids who are at the. Here in the factories and but the Dana the pace car wants body kits are at risk for already uneasy he's home values can classy now why can't our army and a dual cam caught four GG zero policy. That's pretty cool car back in the day a minute was I mean you keep miles for water. I think of moral from the grand am platform. Bullet Chris Simpson Green Day and time there oh lord. Well fed may have had warned. As I thought I. Everybody's got a fan I actually didn't. A player. But. You know it's funny how again and I can't hear you wanna some funny here. You remember a grand am came out with a new buddies dollar program and want nothing to this yet support treasured those. My fan man had more. Everybody's back and had a grand am Richard you have a fan it pleased to be one cancer in. That Wheldon or it's could do it again probably about listening and but but this is the other real. But Jim Donald honey I try to turn the mail South Carolina but grandfather bought my hand in bringing him or knew what color. It was Burgundy. With the group called the attitude or but the thing that was so funny about it is she had got to know there are born. The shoe a T 1000. And a little Claudia and you see funny actually a bit slow just kick you can't quite polish of that. Yeah those are first caller that you got the green there which hang out there missile will bear upon any time in what way yeah especially the gym one of them yeah movement this is a square when this wound is 88 says the square here. Yes I'm really became elected Debbie Gibson to say that in I mean I hang Hannah hand on his work orders given over a whole genre of car deals him rendition vent itself. Well I don't think you saw this in 1990 Umar media remind mother hadn't a Lincoln missed blew almost color your shoe fell because GM just love that Helen Keller mud mud Leo global problem. That it does pretty fast and a collection of good luck surely matter to drag race to shoot it I think mum slowed a little more zone and it through and however moved back when with the Michigan nose like a third or more they literally had sixty due to our yelled god there are oral and you get and what an automatic my mom's it was a for the fortunate to now on to land him. They NATO ultimatum on our river seeing them a good out of the body in that T 1000. With in this is about my wealthy. It in. Those who thought about Serbia those very those the I had a T 1000 and drove a few 1000 yeah promo will slowly escorted them they'll. But it you get the the sister car to the Beretta yeah Corsica. Who and into William Ziegler was like the portal over the we had a stretch Brooke we have that your attitude or two he would like busy 34 model. That was wells and wells Rios liberals. Forms to report 46 month deal cool cars this almost. Did they make is the 24. Blue dogs. Those cavalier Z 24 they did briefly magazine 26. Yes I think it Lecavalier who want to speaking of Catalina Sandberg. I had to overcome. A Sullenberger a ball wanted to auction want to. A room with a white leather good still got a convertible top the white version of the white like special edition I had a red convertible OK with the new body style of the the world's leadership endorsed those that kinda look like a baby WS 6 trans am. Different before I went yeah here at what. But won't delve syndrome gets heated words on my mouth which scared him who. Seeing how little the mountains and but yeah I mean these particular vehicle but those were kicked guards accused of the school Amin first are the countless hated it thing but sort of bird. Now and the convertibles on matters to us is the next level a halt to it stinks and they had this fear of bags on it you know like absolute look they strategize about the other crazy loans you'll be touring. Let's jump over manufactures over to climb mouth near Plymouth let's bomb what about Sundance dusters loomed as a cool though. I can't do my wife also has a woman I can get metallurgical yeah it's she had AN 93 Plymouth Sundance duster those that Turbo car with a factory intermittently. Still others are rooted. Well very interesting. In an odd. Yeah it's an adamant that it only in the mid force of Jose Baez random violence because it's got a boost I don't know how to do that. Actually we know the story on the call our bomb it was belonged to her first grade teacher believe. And teacher love to Carson online had to have it but didn't want to her about so and you know. Also is actually delusion deleted thing. It's very some base Sundance runner bounced off faster and another old hat. But yeah those are odd callers. It is. You know there's other I'd rather just their hideous there he relies on the that day and that's not normal long gung movement drills they do was if you go crazy you're not gonna talk trash about us under us we'll see when you senator Rosie threw myself because I wanted me sound good we'll know. Makah actually says turbans the fourth places but this is legit name and that's that's ski patrol division Beckett without it now that that's coming to visit your cars and surveyed the owner Robert took another incident with the full array. All right guys we got commercial break human upstate to we're talking about as you see eroding anymore right you're ultimately I want a 63 W Doherty. Guzzling hot rolls and Andrea and what's happened in due to. Heard what's happening here old he's and of course is used to seek everywhere. But now you see no later. And Richard brought a war and that brought back from blunt in his both his childhood. This is a member of the guys that terrible jump in the river you ever been mills the schools literature with a school Barry mills he had a. 88 GT. Escort. The one here I mean you all one point nine and also has one point nine H. Moved on about a 109 horse yards and forty. And but but the score was a great caller is great car for four. It was a good car before I don't partners are altering them all along you know what and and got a Ford due to a lot of people into another got a funny story in the back to the white he's auto auction you Malia. I'll never forget. It was way lately it'll Thursday night at the what is auto auction. And I'll stay a little onion corn ball. They're good at the is one of these auto auctions Soto obviously this but it is doing and mailer checked for free advertisement rate in well so did ultrasound bill forget. How was ordering a corn ball Els walking out and a scenic too green. Ford Escort station way general theory element. A ball for a 150 books. But felt it was a good looking little call that was probably the worst I didn't know don't mollid Jonas obviously many rein it in pull itself out of there. All right so I'll take my Gordon owner and a walk outside to see what bulk. The car had many 6000 miles all. It was clean his opinion to green. Cold layer. Great call into your little style is quite possibly force over a thought you gonna say traded the corn dogs for it. No water so I drew this thing home. Now at the town. And my ACL convertible corner. There was mother a flared out strips cut your way of luge dropped topsy three until now steals immigrant. Now. But I'm in this cool convey that drove that escort everywhere here. I drove it on dates I drove it to the grocery store. Because at a full take a guess awarded drug that I don't drought like for seven months and it is still sold for 900 books you know. Allure of that a little call out of that thing every I would love to see Robb and all this boy anonymous source college chicks like Google hot date to think that big bright red chorus Kubel opened. Men who did anyone by good students notice sorry Dan I'm and it was seven equipment you've ever does go. You don't about it they didn't back down a little bit of that the simpler problem. But the thing. Yeah. Carton. A little bit I think the good of a head cold I love that little harm. That there is there cars sold to admit I thought Oklahoma and Missouri. With the elect Richard their car seat yeah I think it's. Yeah you don't lose at some point get your database. But it's not always what they will but at the car than a lot of other score line of the old and you'll meet the XP activities. It. When you can voice we must we had a lot of this was nothing this is it's particularly those extra restored for. When thousand middle school it kinda looks like Apollo buddies not pose a greater. I was eighth grader at Berea middle school could. And there was there was a guy other animals say his name is an excellent in this and he wasn't really bride. And about a program to reduce revenue in the eighth grade and and he drew forty EXP and support across the street ghostly in astute parking rules Kubel. That Obama. Don't remember the details like the coolest thing is our chances named ship known known it took her that was not yet. It didn't extreme obesity Joliet and it has cooled into a cold hot hot hot hot but usually don't get that I thought that was the coolest little caller. Objects it's not a cheap transportation. Excuse me. I mean it's just got a screen but it was. Sport that are different volatile funky yet coops seated well and it all right. But no this is the thing though they get cooler of the years analysts fast or out of the school days and how about ZX two. Next hey these sorts of home dozens and thanks a local. I loved that little course you can't Wear metal you have won this past year you don't want yeah obviously as I headed for like a day yeah. But adrenaline yet but this group alone not seen one today for sub. Abominable act one speed leather interior and this thing from real like real catalyst that was in the picture and black clubs he. This thing would fly a sold one buy here pay here want them to a pizza delivery girl. My dad washed motor and for me I was actually go on the day you wash your motor with a brush your bill flat where he broke the dip stick golf. The actual handle foot so it and have a dip stick to Cuba and that is that open hole blown dirt remote. Well this go on about orchard umpire and ordered lipstick Ford as a group regulatory with a sticker isn't. Well forgot about it she's traveled to court three years later she pays at all. She makes the last payment still drug is never change fuel than it is still isn't dip stick to it. And she delivers pizzas there and so this gives you miles from the breakup of my got four million low bullet being. I mean it's like you can't kill those local and it was a lot of medical. Those are great callers and little hole and I salesman but you know hopes and they're terrible I told them I didn't. Does notice of the knob by coral that are donated lipstick don't worry about it other complainants that cut. I think a good team wouldn't cleaner than I ever abandon your home and bond. During documented youth and religion and that's how I look at. That was the thing I mean those who called were told they were hey Michael Ryan I was dating this chicken Pickens. You know Kobe tell them what that would 8390 miles an hour and a us court ZX two. To link him once or Ozzie tax I'm there. As with the enforcement is sparse and and might still auto obviously the trends that we got it's got a four folks horrible thing a thing wolf fluff. Let I was just being digging in Madrid and. Aside and let's let. Most people would've fired for the in I'm have to look at your that's that's of them there you come out to look over your employee she's not sitting there we're gonna sell that to the nature or community or some of their. Richard are you wanna be in the HR department my tips. Continue to bring you this meeting to get them reviewed this I'm probably not the Oscars here. Same to us being up by arrogant Korean couple of weeks proved for your ticket yet filings funnel him until 1112 months ago and hopefully they lived forgot about the cartilage to run and don't worry here. I was I was hoping. I was hoping the guys that have sold. Before going to court decides that look man I'm home. Know what you do is bring a picture display an annual pre stage like you do to get a burnout well culture and reckless drug. Yes it is actually it was because there's points. Also put him blow mind and get rid of his reckless driving thing via. Alice I was probably sixty good foot into burnout when that's said police officer six. He did you say who he asked me he said what the hell was that I suppose a giver and outlets was. There also is a good book though because those blue lights along I didn't get an you know and all us that it let off when I saw the blue lights at that point one want him out ranges they could damage is done little show for the people exist and I didn't mean. And hero Mayo forward. That's the labor and you're older know the name of the game is not give room for actually you say and you say well if it's got to be used heavy smokers you agility you heard that before I had a with a name like you know is heels got a bigger idea. Yeah do burn outs of pro gorges got the outer it has it misses the big. Well I probably saved a few people from the taken them nice of them in their failures to all over the city that is that it is a privilege it's hit me because the bridge -- to me to what it's going to be good and a preacher that one's going to be costly all you people are this well maybe not under. About money I can everybody hear. You know all you people who made FaceBook no kid taking I was getting before I did yet knows this point Reid has shipment of gay and cook cook have hooked up. But what what garrido and motives were totally the scores are low bar just start over the Florida store the other half. A good battle for old drug used to sell oil from oil drops away goal you know what I know now I have to recant or my thought I'm really thinking hard about this. I think the station Whiting Christmas vacation wasn't towards one wasn't total from one does he got one run and held it should job loss and Jerry terrorists nationwide. I don't think it was. And we thought about that I thought we did we. I've always says that score early and to know I thought we says that's Courter who bogus and his source is the source assured the darling of Ruslan yeah. You kill me I'll give my torso score mixed up how well. I don't know gazelle like he would want to let your wallet doberman how'd you do that not quite easily swallow Pomeranian. The room. Well we got a rep built into few commercials and here but we come back. We're talking about those callers is used to seeing of what are the with a way and thankfully they did he especially for this court does. Stay tune your list and how are ultimately ringer 163 WORD. That was what we're hot rods and had a difficult time didn't it never goes ahead it was about just his cheek yeah well you just shoot me radar like often proposals you're welcome you address Andrew eulogized roller who was school rider was Obama trucking rubble. That's an zero to battle brought up on that only calm and that we use to see everywhere but now we don't really see anywhere. Well I am a certain dodge for this one. And odds are low for Google who who home about the survey took care of them. Urban care. Since those that GC a whole whole lot all of those nobody else thought that you didn't go to begin with bill and they fifty years 89 and nine to deter us. Well I mean the thing in this crazy about those plans is going to be like all those YouTube video all of those things out what is. Little above those vans and you know or stuff rolled probably is a little wind stores yeah. Coleman and whoever wins Sar story do different above this level one's own story will is actually two wins their stories so. On in high school I don't know how we procured these. But someone gave us two matching nine beef. Four win stars. I think one amended and ironically have transmission problems. Well one was midnight Blue Hill was why it's not ironic. And go weeks. We toward these are part where it actually made one on just end of working fine and we like took all the bad parts of Warren and fix the better on and you know demo lab. So privileged at the end of day we had a blue and white. Winstar that actually had a transmission network and it's kind of flown not really I hate those leaks. We will take you to among the first indoors you talk muscle and find a wonderful story in her vocational center. In her career centers Chicago. Vocational screw you have a case control. Halfway OK I took auto body took every class auto body jacket today well I'd have to semester to semester left. Well they're the only closes a group were auto mechanics H via sea gulls mythology. That would let me take note intelligent troubled miss Jamaica. I think they know other than a rubble who will work with the girls and there. So. So you that they'll do appreciates these days that you totally organic clinical and they just that one teen pregnancy issue of the room to own so this is that there is a list. So here I am in the shop and you know this of the advanced class. And you know I'm advance an auto mechanics of almost to events smaller. Bullet band bullet but slew. Of sin here in class and there was four Torsten Ford donated. To school there's dame vision for interest were so the it was at first she endorses that thing was so funny about this torch was. Is it would rule on an easy to poems for plugs into the course Adnan miles. An early poems for a plugs out of the sort of like that's not keeping it from running unity. The back bumpers to all the caller fortunate and commercial thing. Portal other well. Lower mechanical features when it auto mechanic future had a thing for the chick who worked in the business office says was to get the little minions out played in the garage he had we don't. So meat and Travis Hawkins. Thorough this course and we take off with we left school would this call exactly what you should do. They drove around a comeback kids come running out the front of the school chasing us. Ha ha ha ha we're doing pro wardrobe burn outs in the course. I thought he would be happy because we made her Roland. UN and I got rode up and since they should be NC. Oh I'll learn how to use the sheet little shear to make Chinese scholars. At a dot does well learned that you BAC. I learned that. Home called lazy you know she's tall or too mature for her. And how to use a sheet metal spear Tim I was sheet metal shear to make Chinese those source. That's what I learned is that good educational law and that's what you are just be off topic some sort of macho bluster. So somehow and I never took the class was somehow I ended up which up all law in my school. And where would she and what we've learned that if you take back a little safety guy and I'm a nail gun and Medicaid mail and those things where did you did you shoot that across the classroom you can now things together the face mergers making right now all of my jaw. An elderly and others that were never meant to be mailed together. I got one right here and I think the statues delusions gentleness of the used to build portables on in Republican national security patio in the woods shot close to build. I actually thought the cigarette in the total fire. I. But first book about a school. Wells played a funeral teachers going. Is like for the moral growth there a market. And a portable smoking and yeah whoops looks things. Love and still comes roll out will fire extinguishers is that I don't know why and that's crazy. How was skaters Harold call. Those stories that make and though it could cut your daughter's there is apparently it is so well and he talks a good about me. Those that these I I wish I am on the radio station and he lives for an hour yet he talks about how do the student was every day your mommy sells into the prison. And it's a miracle that happened just knowing your life you know some of the just above the regular the bad stuff about his good stuff Albright about you know. But we have those levels that's before two were for or growth story. But your total variance. I got one report there's Miguel used to cruise for admiral Tom had a Pontiac trip sport who. Which was like you're the Chevrolet for old brother ambler boiler or special yep there by the discovery. Honestly shuttle discovery of term member of the jimmies and aggravate PV a Lumina APV and yeah I'm just trying to visualize form looks like it's but it looks a little special discovery coming makes him who blew up and they were Burgundy but he did huh. Did they 3300 B six which is okay with but he swapped out for a series two super George basics. In his way. And nothing you little street sweeper he was Google was still that thing back in the day. Coke pulled open the marble like you would know who little. And that consumer charters signal dobbs thirty notices exit looks. That's my ball while port. Speaking of fans though in the Chevrolet family you know Ali you know civil unrest Germans are marked. Yeah other bills that the mild well dousing those travails of Fowler sells Mosul and you've you've gotten the good of your four points early and occasionally the rules say you. And they were Coleman and all those things they ask Joseph Mansour of the last avoid V cool man. Only the car events and on like bankruptcy and for many many years they're used to be got these two crews and shifts who had warned that split four communal. What the mystic thing. And gold Dayton's. Yes and in my favorite thing Mosul the back had a sticker that was all for the first vinyl decals on they were seen quite eager he had made. Innocent across the but don't let your daughter's probably been in here that's a sign of her business at that and until that thing was epic other of those cool old gold Dayton's we'll say you know school is amended GMC safari suit in the name of his dosing of the big top on emcee of the AC an overwhelming though the others conversion but show you could you you can't show you don't mind that there's there's there's a word from the golf player to say that'll radio. Which we engines to just say how polluting power flute but none of those another word for that that would call those schools get a bid in the back involves a cab and and would killer would do. Yeah it via you know. A martyr ramp bill that some you'll like this and I just wish I closures you know everybody knows at this point muzzle to disable. But. Those I don't think they have these that's not the caller you'll picking your daughter a couple of things to me because both a little bit as true avail with a bit in the back. It's bush who gold leagues throw it out you lock her in her room. It makes your chest do you Bill Russell tight gap. Any enemies and just be honest. Set a wind storm if you're beautiful with stored in Google and yet he's cute he's trying to remain an ever good. He's has little if the polish your daughter or trimmed coat you shoot. I don't always. Didn't seal yeah but those okay go as well as you know bill the merger missions. On this thing oh before. Could you Rhode only one degree get me to the movies nursery will promise you that path. That horrible. Does a day what we've had a ball today talking about these callers. But I mean there oracle at Warner and I thought that bridges and multnomah all the gulf it was government is an all those. Thanks for playing alone due to listen hot rods and happy outrage here or 1063 WORD.