Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Tuesday, February 20th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk forgotten vehicles.


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Go look and hot rods and happy hour and what's happening dude man today you'll I am having a great day of his than Valentine's. Little also weak yeah ads and televised on us and then we got Richard in the studio the hot rods and have been a real is it financial analyst slash bankers slash. All things automotive guru to other added honest it. Our ability. That's my guy that is that is again until it the old dogma that we want to you know start thinking about some things. The ultimate in cardiac. And you know you don't see each prevails in through December surely is every day over well unless we can be your garage and will most pleasant exception. But usual that run on the road particular so many other caller that were so common but the other girl rather than they are finished. So grossly about it. Why don't we make a list of the American callers. There were so common that we don't see any more at all I think we've put together analysts whether they'll be also because we like where did they go where they don't. Mandate that maybe soup cans. You know Diana I mean yeah and I'm sure cash for clunkers you majority's. Real cash for clunkers you are still gonna forgot about Sheila swallowed up bush did you know thanks a lot Obama here's a thought here's a funny what was. For some little leader candlelight into foray is a summary of human form four for there forewarned okay I'll one of those engines actually have the intake. Because it works is a coal air intake on Leino old small block your view. Just make some slight modifications and others are I have wind that someone gave me that has a cash for clunkers sticker. Labeled across the because they sticker all the engines want to put the flu and and kill him. And I have one isn't it. That's critical this kind of this wall or it is as good Lawler Tim's sake drugs left intact and everything proceeds only goes to public throng Obama exaggerated fears for files yeah I don't know I think that's. Although the Nash elements move that Kennedy of course. That that made it this survived the cash for clunkers. That's good since the census prudent Crimean movies whose mother with a easily flip phone vigilant and see. Although the four point those were not bad engine Israelis and I mean. The real took home. Two decades to figure out publish them they're pretty similar one of those they're reliable they're pretty tortilla and a mother and the 41. Well a lot of for a 100 in the nor store made more power but at the end of the day with a two priests walk on the fourth one I was really. Pound for pound the better engine loudly tiger. The screws. The truth and more is that I concur I could care. Until a few six so utter I guess there. We'll start off would you give me an American callers that they don't making or digital C anymore that was so come. I think it gave me a station wagon OK I think it well this one has stage Winans family but I think Imus started off was. Some the from the blue oval family. How about a first generation Taurus. A home. The forward. Talks were to Obama Robocop to know he had two door four door or the wall and yes the golf course really well Asia could ya greens. I think everybody's fleeing you know it's funny you know what's funny is they actually had a woman sports sources station wagons in the first. Bomb National Lampoon vacation as the blue Winston on the ground next to the family trickster. Really eaten. A live a little before the four stores and answer those source cannot Nady say this is actually the car that I hear that movie was done and 87. Muscle Newser with the family trickster yesteryear to general Powell thinks. Look at I guarantee you it's like seven say 83 Mario is maybe eighty hang time. And I think you're on the spot now well well well let's talk about the silent while I'm doing here. This is the thing about the Ford Taurus Ford Taurus came out of the glory tunnels from Oprah civilian. Everybody is it panic button and usually it was tame. Or silver grade ore grade. And if you had a flat black one you were robot come from the future. My my grandmother actually had a read them. We're really really puzzles for a while or do you think he's ready to hear doodle and believe Hillary is he he pitched but these were cool and were indestructible. But there were great course of this nature of the fertile and. Shows. What they Yamaha all the yellow halo. How about in high schoolers as firstar Arnaud his parents for thank him Madden man nothing out of beaten a table to one another on public Mercury sable. The yes yes and since then had a weird lie in the middle of the elegant life has put. The starship bitter bras tourists made a baby and if so disable this. That's seen as a patient. Well as far as the days and they. You know European it was a big thing I'm Tom all the American company is try and make some light people BMW's and million over Taurus and others revolutionary as the about a thing down for older people compared to the Fairmont is pretty surprising to live for the killer you know. But that's the thing that's cool about the other horse in this picture is a ghost of a funny story you know used to muzzle on court back in the day. And I used to go to why he's auto auction for 29 and I'll look that little Tuesday Thursday night sale is so much fun. And they always had those callers that dealerships let there and they just kept running him through an auction to somebody bought him. About a few of us everything that was hilarious is a blow would this auction every Tuesday and Thursday night for five years. I I am wrong on the on the other car in the world Tom was I didn't hear you listen I'm wrong they actually in a row much Koroma drugs there. Well sources. Hang out blows out rumors of that moment. But the whole doesn't it was a blue angels blue blue blue blue well yes so you're due to the square multiple. Any somehow formed into. A short station wagon in my mind a car built for aerodynamics. I don't know how I like we say a car doesn't have to our users know who can do that huh are I guess. But look at says this tour status tortuous Asia in this thing out of the first year they came out with this attitude towards maybe not this was it. This thing was being tuned there it looked like it and every shopping caller ever manufactured rammed into the side parents. And it was so funny though you know little callers the sale at a joke homeowners smoke in their cold blue is gonna run the rover. This tours I watched it every. Tuesday and Thursday night for years go to auction. FR the auctioneer says. I've been bitten on this court for two years not one soul building. He said the damn thing is cranked up. They've pulled itself through here 200 times the middle of it can't be that back and trying to protect that bought it for 200 bucks he can't be drove it home had a bloated gasket. Drove home in sold for 400 the next day that's right that's why it is man until you sit it pulls itself through here how bad can it possibly be. You know I was just thinking and in his movies of our air a one of these cars popped up and bomb road trip. National literature. No shortage as he has road trip here the and they don't yet they jumped and exploded the threat for extra. That's better or sixty miles an hour you know via. We won't step of the Bloomington. A little ago I was doing the trajectory only thing I am and you get this he's due here. It is designed here you're gold and goods to get an animated. It made it and that's probably about what they would do if it had made it. Until the sources tell those Singler Griswold Joseph Wilbur do Clark yes marijuana to anyone other grow cubs guess mayor and warning began in his weighed on you know in the heavy. Although total for as little source. Opinion of the many of these cores in a speech to the first James. Admitted the Ford says the can get a 2.5 force owner I don't think for a offer that interest and our car. That I know full well of the Yamaha was armed engine SH Andrew Belmont engine yet. That was the thing is like what. 64000. Now oversold and Susan saying the injured and hurting the drop engine repairs not new lawn Lauren and you're not four mustang GT and one on top. Always 250 horsepower we had to each one of the senate and I. Ezra right this minute but these were single is 63 in the back to make you fat. These were cool callers I mean there weren't producing look at them they were cool little consider what they started with your right is pretty cool yes it is especially the show addition to show this year model was. This is great isn't sure SH it doesn't Alter yeah I'm ever gonna column called by our thoughts are as assay tests faster cheaper I'll put it. Yeah it's a show to shot a chateau flu shot and McClinton what else is for sure was these commercials come and yes they're our guys were talking about on Ballmer can go or fuel steel roofs anymore writer doesn't happen or stay tuned I'll wanna 63 Debbie Doherty. Yeah absolutely no tolerance and appearance Robb Pitts and what's happened in due rich and yes there. And to analyze the I mean he can but anyway. Because we're talking about American callers. That there were millions. And the other old well. Who stole who's so Robert Robert Davis the 1 June 2 hours. Of Dillinger. All of this oil some of the younger listeners aren't gonna know I'm talking about some I don't know we're on the so well this is crazy but I got live you know don't postseason they'll see him after may not have a that AMC gremlin. Home made the AMC gremlin physical cores my mom had more honest. Groom and mama and my uncle grammar and fix a grim Linux. Will will Richard. Love affair with a group Linux journal automotive business is connected them it is enough probably would have Heredia. I was gonna let's take you won't Richard off lightly no you can't do that Richard. Well Maine all -- viewer of baggage you know I mean you know senate you know they put purple or his comments on flights and exactly who who will be a little dual air bank agree and you don't golf program since its wheels roll with this generation I got to do is bad. Look you welcome George and I if you put some detours the Obama. Because. All sit up. Seventeen inch wheels Terkel where's but the white stretch Vanessa and knowing how the white strip he's this force spoke correct your assessment techniques I think that's not a bad actual. This. It's and the other that the public good and a tablet here you have to put adapters only to make people. Or good. It could review it again as a those early Bugs Bunny most. I got my current dollars accrued but. The force for expert at the world where did those. Should hopefully in the stretch get along the issue is our stage I'll sell things and it's exactly having at least it settles she'll fly in the year before it closed. Hopefully they've recycled omen now other seven balls for 38 someone will actually says that there still will salute though they're not balls were there it's goes Lulu ministers and and there Maytag German now. Little blue or so homeless more creative and force bootlegs in Britain. But the way the gremlin Lou. And that's according got a bad ran AMC callers in general the javelin. And the next mayor makes after that. But yeah I'm always an enemy you know omit this I consider you'll freedoms you know cold months. Like the rebel. Yeah zone on the road and yes yes. I like those callers I mean Cole bombing and Walt one Bollywood I would rock I clean rebel. Probably shoes and navy. And on date night or anything. How over the billions of noise and implemented it is a bit them in the Dayton. Coming in she's she is you're looking country there was Arafat's they were fast and I mean this is the most vocal. They're cheap when their name you the jobless a real wood delivering Brothers who were mostly Khmer allotted lightened. Under the javelin can be made to look good in the in the race. The race edition of the one the one they did runway and blue. Sales Gundy don't give me it was great ripple through direct connection that it was yeah of course which means he's comfortable grocery list. Hitachi Chrysler off Michelob. As far as an thanks instantly slate sixty is ever had some kind of tied a Chrysler. Louisville's analysts tie with his buddy every manufacture and senator Lugar everything in on the so about the pacers when is the last time we've seen one. Other than get a lot of my confidence knowing that woods is coming up by the way we have really talk well exactly that's coming up and that we're talking about the grim. The other criminal yeah yep Garth called cool your jets are Lhasa Apso pacer fourth grade. Yeah I mean those things are like a fish bowl we'll you know I don't think out I don't think I've ever seen name pacers about the mainland once and that was that portion. Posted a couple of whom posted a couple I've never passed one going on the street. Well I can't sell plastic gremlin have never passed a place where oh well it's just gremlins queen obviously. They don't think anybody could pass plays of fuel foot putt. But this is the thing. Without his and his lovely evening Richard correct me on this but the for the longest of it was the only production called to work on that one longer gold in the other. As far as I'm the other wearable Honda is saying now talent you doors wants says data from a yeah preserves the first down moral of the senators and oryx and yeah illustrated investors may be in the ninety's CNN the bills and saying that I mean usually about a mile it's an advantage. This opens its ugly sand that is that is all it. Leslie you imagine orders them formula one's like a foot longer than the other from the sides. But. I'll let the pacers got a better album reminds worldly vehicles well into dale on things and the stretch limo blazers. I would look public will be the man to walk of Dubai show like you know what you're better. I want a 128. Straight peso I've gotten idea. You know we've pacers they had to sell that to me that thing. I mean they probably lost thirty of those let's add well paper. What you think about they probably used what do you have doors that I got it right or yes I did make a damn thing it's a little. Is this is crazy look at. Kaczur and the gremlin book but the grim all of it somewhere anything before we know very little caller that's got the Madden good day gremlin limo to the camera the force bunkers. He didn't have forced hookers and actually those scroll well. But their credit their regular legal that the chrome steel will. Hadley Dayton's owners often know what bill. Think update their cradles and hopefully things I don't think he doesn't have Luxor wires. With a big gold eagle. But I mean that's. They will schools so apart from a power from wind school Wayne's world load what's on autopilot somewhere you've seen this figure that alaskans are still on the team he has undergone. When children. I work for the radio station Debra Angela Knight GM plant until until that bombed you know they've backstage passes you at home. Mark and weird onto courtesies. I'm never talk about the the Kremlin where where and have you seen it again. Other than there can Cuomo surfaced and a sonic elements as last year that was pretty cool news I think if you had a star skewed and care about who did have a star CNN's found or it is. Yeah I mean it's live it's where you bought that starts in such grand jury in but you're on now AMC budget you know saying. Some like that. I mean there's no way I go on board there are sixty caller I mean they're cool look at news colleague rim and they sexy car I did I don't know it elicits it didn't see the coral Kroger is things you see. Only estimating trucks backed candidate. Yeah but he's just colder months exe to address a really makes a sexy cop and Ottawa M I'll I wouldn't say except I won't won't rip it won't like like snot Greenland. With yeah I can get down I'm only a pond scum so you want the one that was. On on the what's the TV show. Roadkill. He had a very well lingering gringo refused to walk through Q. I don't blame you there was video refusal. World of refusal of the show final cut to commercial so I guess stay tuned we're talking about American color you don't see an animal road right here and ultimately a one a 63 W Doherty. Does what we're and a hot rods and Baylor and we're talking about. American callers that you used to see everywhere. And now there don't. So rubber was talking about the first yeah. You know me use my every man. Under thank you thought about the for a few controllers. We have Richard you include name and then I need to work on the easel over here says it's the weasel. So the little. He was were you who don't know about the gremlin. The robber got afraid there was pacer. Snuck that in. And I go on forward and I mean snake pacers have. But I don't think it covers sit at a who's who need it but that's. And we just rules listeners knew that effect at that but I got one for you and I don't want to school writers go tickled Richards fancy I can feel this is a mobile Oregon. He's a four wheel drive moved Oregon from way back now about the dollar dream. While the doctor and I mean to go Ferrell will drop of X four pickup. Truck though comedian. During with a torso and there and guest on an economy Kolb didn't make them turn the return guru bridges dodge didn't buy it every body units though as a ran every bit longer dated today is term now so both of them because everything. And from everything out minded town war Bolten directly in a reservist who has a dodge Daytona fraud. We'll pick up truck back actually that some nobody charter which is Lola smaller and attendance edgy about it but yet. He doesn't sing but do you think of it the pro wardrobe movement immediately go dogs and the care of April drove it how bubbles way. Those pro growth Randle grabbed drugs. Well yes there are here so little for older drugs closings were cool and a little Roger Fredericks. The back in our school readiness yes I love that thing. All of the vehicles the rent is actually based on as the Dodge Charger which was the pure version of the omni. Which actually shared a lot of parts thereof on the use the rabbit as a model bill I really. Cynical and really that far me if millions that's queries or we would go a little four for nude in talking about for a threat that. As dozens. Things that enough for a thousand Alex Muslims driven. So you have university or a glass in Iran made it look like rabbit. But really it was the dumpster or rubric of a national it's now is always generalize among the rabbit. I love the rabbit true so don't get to all federal and plateau likes erotic tracks are a law Butler that's a scary isn't it carrard names Cadillac will always remember. Roger Fredericks and back in high school having one. And I thought it was so cool broader and Muslim middle GG we'll. They have first and GT I'll I'll look that thing like apple that was the coolest little truck vehicle that earn money and Allison collectible here we now understand it's the amount was most of his battle on that. They'll let that go for it exactly wheels don't stand June. It was all well. That's the larger bigger Daytona sent them a little skill like eighty style stance that was put like some fifteen or fourteen but whale hammers it. They can now. Did John responsible Fittipaldi frost and Exel loan you and UK having Google I think the best of the pillow he's spill. But this is the thing which you need to do to get a Fittipaldi files but the only way possible is a fun drew Delorean. With the flux capacitor and admitted his benefit of you say would you do is go back to 1980. Go to Pep Boys did you solo home. Put them and said Delorean. Insurance from Baghdad 2018. Hello fortunate grant you he's there in bill on yeah that's about the age of the everything melodies and as well redundant files in high school 1986 and it came out. Like you're juror Daytona is the caller that every. I don't think it's of that rule review but every guy that they don't like. Every main guy and eighties movie drew a dodge Daytona conduct and obviously got a got dot OnStar and other criminal car they'll play like ski patrol got your leg got a you're the bully in high school you're that gap. To detonate that is true racer got the wrath if you're that guy. I mean you don't say it every every the only good gals hunger. Did it yeah old solutions at all. Just cut she was good guy should roses should agree colleges are great account of children in the eighties to sit back and think you and everybody in those laden is or members should stick in Akron Washington hasn't done yet it will wars era. Well under Richard is give papal. Say oh I was born and eighties we just. Too far. Missiles are more decent work toward his sixth 1989. Yes. Let alone any. Why you're also river December 7 1941 who tragedies and that's what I think maybe you didn't you disasters. And little else that those bad joke you know whose members get a bit. Especially when you read it. So so we're talking about American growers to choose civil all of our digital Seymour. And we're back to you. Back to name. The service. That you turn well Omar. A thing in my poll from wolf Taurus guys here in a motive GM but the ship Illumina. You know. I gotta love you with the little that I got I that I it was a woman superhero with. Three point one or the three board for Lewis for all the red wolves in the white ones but Georgia to cool Monday were at war. A ball around one a year at one ladies. Beautiful car red form or beautiful and there. Guy that curry got a crush drove his son had a course similar to do. Love this journal of Verlander box behind cranked up dread of great. Forward. Putin and reversed so that commercials broke yup. I aged pork and proper spots in your good ago yes diseases sounds good news maturity this folders or reverse is important. Compared perks on board at its record to England you me or pollution. Act it out. Ex parte Ari who in this room obviously Richard you have to answer yes and I have to as well. I'm guessing everybody in this room has had a core without reverses some point in that delay actually lower. I'll be malicious link in rivers got a funny story about callers with the reverse some. Symbol for us live this story I want him still a warning out to every one. You can not hate me for this story out either I used to be a shady used car salesman for a. All right that's being set up I. I'll vote. Former differently back house violence a lot of callers wells to a big time with the ones on auction. And my dad was going showed me how to value stores and my dad Asia you have in the is. So I'm over here looking at a nice to remove all book and give Goldman a bit surprised because their mothers who I am. Tebow he's wobble the nicest kid who knowingly your insulin. Well we drove the Volvo home we're back the next day we'll rollback to get the care of him. We looked at him and white leather loaded that was done and there's an element here of him. Clean is picking it 2000 election to those here. Clean as he and Taylor got limited. Had the gold camera. LH is mesh will hold. I mean it was a good little bit clipped a power or publicly accused interim. Duel that order Craig wrote on her little today. Reportedly be six announcements and then we're about dropped and dropped cold Sri through the power to spot drove room. Cold room to the front of the auction and bid vehicle rolled allegory. Well with the make that turn the turn of trouble rolled a missed it but just a little bit. So put in reverse. Getting men hand and that moment you realized another motors tickets and I'm mad because true vision and the things I drive it over. The radio we'll blow to Iowa today. With Campbell the nicest in dollar used to aren't good. And I put it for sale. And had a you have to look at it. They need to stroke they were running down why courtroom. And the van drove five straight you are going forward in Aruba. Was he just the commission does not go reverse book. She pulls into the parking spot this thing happen. Not doing it doesn't have reversed and I really you know I'm not the most religious personal world you know but the goodwill was looking out for me. I'll put that thing reversed thirty times and never did for me. People reverse and backed out of them correspondent. I'm glad I've got to do that eighty million name entered jump out works out a couple days so that lesson jolting torn books that week. I understand. That are made a sales are today but he got magic judgment election assail sold it as a sales sales sales sales. But yeah so there must add that no reverse caller. So a little as a cold callers and they were in the they ruled for every citizen to 300000 miles or water pressure is Dana here's a thing you don't see many. Know what you don't see them because I think their ultimate drove a bit like they deteriorated these little. Cringe golf which I'm who knew bill and even whittled way at the pistols forever open windows mandate. That the measure that was about it. It did a couple of things little and as you know other you know obviously is designed because they used to NASCAR road. Besides that they they had a couple over what one that was the pace car so they had some special editions are. There chemical poses not the way to GM's North Korea a mile Devlin made it cool into the middle grew almost it. Let's say what else we can over the disease commercial breaks against every every time our destiny to brutal but the as American goers Eagles seeing more on your own roots hot rods and every hour stay tuned to Radio One 063 W Marty. Muslim and hot girls and have a what's happened and do you do until balloons I am. Colorado got never have talked about and I really really. Oh issue go to our resident Mildred going a little bit we are you need to be drinking and drug war in Miami during and that's what we talked about Basra and Richard your up to bat give me that on American Cornwell articles my god. Although popular rumors or that you don't see anymore I'll about the plastic fantastic. Haniyeh yeah whole lower delivery Jeannie kitco or special. I think was a coup to sway in the afternoon I a very very achieved Portland on Q and house waiting well. Came to us just look into procedures and X if you bring power all the plastic panels off. And you could have and had a foot left to it. You got a pretty good flip platform for fake Lambeau. Austria and you've spent about as much money as a blitzer auto Lamo Bagram we've been asked him where are on now want to hear an answer to give him an alert there can ever Guinea's Adelman they're all can Josh is now. There and on the other deposing his liberty needs and they're lining. Department. A look a look at this for years colonel Bruce June because moving medicate links yeah. There are horrible. I think it's funny is. I have routed through the month they built several you know I I don't think mark managers would like us going any further on an L treasuries actually go and why don't you stop and think about it it is so good this looks at his super friend it has that is this life. I mean. Yeah it's a woman that is not a good look at one yeah it's a little regaining that is not a real good wouldn't it exactly funny thing about that is is you know I see some middle ditch dug up an amen now is Alex from. I feel like patent Kalin and kind you know I mean they're drugmaker Woman of the Year you hook noses and rules rules is that American in their you've just. Yeah in the world we live and little lords. Thus long who answered the point across about their take is with the guys but I mean this thing the fears were really at that time. They wore and they really work I mean these doors and there was forty and doesn't know there Jewish bag movie caller if he drove a fear. The fear room in the Daytona. To push being excellent fit for him bush fear in Louisiana and I think at think flew over the citadel for now. Talk a little bit. Once you've go some additional item bass organ or keep on rotten or is everybody says it that we think the only guilty one is OK obstruct this is easily the fears were really weird. And I mean like the GCs or bad looking there are a little they developed and more every year old 88 yeah the eighties it was actually a great car list as volatile the damage was done car's reputation national fire hurts. And he rural. Now general having you know. There's worse things being known for coming really not really I don't look down a misplaced gas things is Rwanda into. And you know alive because if you hit it it would catch on fire her. Yeah I don't think elders the misplaced guest think I think it was the mobile may not flit they got a bit the other. Burglar not a dead people as many people now like him because that's what killed the pins but how about this weekend's square buddies with the sideman sales faith settled editor thinks they're actually I think no I think you know straight in his relentless well one thing news actually dateline got sued for that 120 so it looks like news. There is big news before figures which usually daddy Kimmel. Fake news that the Firestone tire blown out how about a square body explores. That's another one and well manager what is the old square addressing power stuff he had wanted to. Luke. He adores all squiggles and I did every time we see one under on another of him vomit they actually don't shoot who's the one of those overhaul and why. C. Let's go a 100000 dollars or 100 dollar explorer. That's worth about a thousand dollars now. Maybe it chipped Bruce's Sydney that yeah. I can do explorer actually off sensitive places you. How they think that model brought him down and it's. But I got I've got one for you know we're talking about the tournament did go on broads. It is the boldest move littlest one the old appliance exactly clear X. It's a radio show Robert Stickler that mean this conversation we will know he's here a minute until the end of prayers go. Who. Anyway so back to the story riddled with fears. Polar shift gears a little dog about a V8 Colorado ruled growth will do this breaks. Wolf. A mystery she came from the Ford Motor co Ruble is put your hands together for the Mercury more. Seven a of the Lincoln works million heels link in the strangling it is not a blow to those callers. I still see him all the time. Layered. Once a year commerce. I don't know mark since he more elite side as mark days it was the content is scary scary I was slowly erodes your woes Lester for work seven under through nine. He. Care. Two united three was the first few more days 46. Which the caller was very ahead of its time because they had a four KM 460 cameramen there. In 93. When we were still play well filed leaders and most things and yeah. Which now ended events you'll see a whole lot more Gates's cruise around either. You see them everywhere you still sit down don't you want and they are all their aspirations album and I love the march 7 marks seven was like a thunderbird with class acts. Mark sons aged a lot better in the market it is from as far as air disguised it well you know they had his big cool cal seats look agreeable cells for the leather. Take bustle bako natural always oh really had a spare back there but it did and didn't. Analyze and armored this is well always warn it always worn in one of the blues and wanting their suspension out strong swap out strokes. I don't want to drag its own ability hot spot literal murder which was already volatile roller rules they don't want you on a hot round Lincoln pigs. Actually I thought that would be the cool Scola told defensive scheme any screws in the room I still think cool and torture all the lights on it. But what we're talking about the break. We're Gphone parts four marks seven Lincoln. You go rob a lot of thunderbirds and hope for the best and you're genuinely mean this. Body guards. The science amid a totally different really limits the car all missile. Any amount point and many analysts see now what would the with the fake looking Bibi as we lawyer you get to use the doors off of the universe that's the current that the doors were disabled and nothing that door handles about a in the same about it and that low key fanning out above. That would follow but usually people are Syria look like you know. Peta and keeps mentioned thunderbird that's another one the you don't see him just travel on another dumb well the Bill Elliott stroke raise them again and those are cool callers. Destroy graze though divert us in mergers fallacious lies. Those were cool callers a big VA deeper environment isn't nice turbot or coupon bring a trailer right now high eighty. And his job that I quintessential 1980s. Al. All. Body kid who know me as sixty. And that right there below delays all the today in Jerusalem Post Atlanta. To drive and it is an automatic to drive an eighty Steve berg. You had a goal attainment slowly is sky really belong payers please god tell me as sticky brown. Note this of her book is over anger over extra idea that are also under. Unload notably those who knows Arabic news service are cool to brokers go they had a Burgundy a bit bribery and we'll black wheels one wants to sell them on tour you rumble yes you were you were able thought yes. Well man did they drove around a bit there's a guy that Allen high school with a and one thunderbirds lets us orders to recoup their. Our broad. I know now. Two point. The 2300. Force older I'm sorry but socialism. I'm telling me probably 88 man had a 190 horsepower. I'm sure they'll follow us with a T thought remission. The school there's we're cool actually got shot at pebble and for the most for was a cool caller through Seattle on Scola had a thunderbird. 501. It was to keep roundly outside pipes on. Well that cures everything whose side by makes everything go up. Gruden duty room thunderbirds. You know the car Elliott it was actually did you know little to working and in heated. Dylan Neitzel those courses ever really get the respect they deserve an idea VA ruled draft gore people hated the local league. LeMay it was basically a must sign. That article is actually has a visibly book version it is the big board version is the most they excel at. All right guys that they will we come and they'll let a big bowl we go to these commercials as rent out there aren't as we'll see you interview all right guys you listen hot Rosen happy hour right here on one a 63 WORD.