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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, February 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk trucks.


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And does what white hot rods and then there's rockets. Let's happen and to put it giggle and Nelson were talking drugs this may have business you reduce local school groom core bustling about commands are. You know yeah. How I met Chris will welcome to order from the G able state truckload. And of course is always we've got Richard do you actually still that honesty of steak medium term close close enough get it right he said all the words just. Brought order DL dyslexic comet but it's cool. And that we got Richards also rude in real people don't know him. Our goal. That we are Richard Bronson happy or financial analyst numbers gaga and bankers. Welcome to the studio Richard space there it's gone on out that patriotism commander mark it. Well pulling in supporters of Richard hold what you hit a good look. Until me and half a dozen sheep don't don't let go with a boyish good looks for cellular suddenly get my. I just don't pay they'll be facilities and no no let's move on actual list of about prices and seat and drug showed. Oh they sold them but I would over the obvious trucks we were. I really think the UBS troops are going to be the list of the Clinton trucks that you were saying the gala and Canas a bit less when and I'm not a big fan of cat doesn't own ironically driving one. Which is really until way to get this sorry. You can get a forfeited for us it's always said menace us some like no one dollar medical center or the drugs. It I understand why didn't do it. I don't do that every year since it with the extreme Edwards organize stands a little bit here. What white and they do some of these things well first of all the new right it's ten or whatever the coal in the darn thing is Colorado okay that yes it's terrible. Modes going through that color drew a lot of color I'll take out of that truck I. A bigger truck it looks like a decode is that a code a Chevrolet slugs like a font size Silverado. It's it's supposed to let it regularly mimics the Silverado. Like a baby born which now also Ferraro's mimicking a forward looking like if you put some water on the Google missile Rondo when that. I. There's a section jerk I was actually general somebody Obama Silverado and and they bought a black. Colorado who knows a little earlier man admitting it though us that's cute but it's like watching the water just that would register for tickets my cookbook and let's listen to what you think that. They could let mile an. Those are good sharp already knows and has stands we talk about this so many of our members started with a nasty and started with a Colorado I had a couple of months I think everyone in here's a list and at some point down. Every. Clinton. Three instance Richard you. My mom had to. I guess I can accounts of it sure sure hundred don't want to averted in our count on mom my parents own lives and three well. Probably and this is is doing it kills it works but the thing is called the students. Is like a sit there entry level you can Gideon. And lowering lowering this to it's got to be the easiest thing you need to settle blocks right couple hundred bucks here my Qualcomm 400 books well honey four dollar and Z 24 dollars little rally for a civil lowering blogs and and then you'd be. Shared. Well. Tops not to solve but you need instead of Boris network you have to go to springs and Bada boom bottom being. O'Donnell's sort of alert us stance. This era does is doing them Oakland does really not thought about. Com I used you moderate Carolina arrives for a long month ten years ago and it was thing. And a guy had a nice letter word VA Colorado stand on it. And it was for sale and people are asking questions about it and one pacers then how does their odd and as a response Leslie colored understand it's. That. That's a good and it has a perfect answer but you gotta think about it I mean we were young. Bubble each it was Brooks. I remember I don't bring shippers and this you know genetic and easygoing guy we thought it chip gives gives a good galleries I'm always listener on the chemicals chips Vega. And it's just 67 small Lester he does have a success claim one restroom merry prankster than a wire to coordinate distinction that. It's just it's a more shiny stuff on of them he goes to electric only in the role blowing now and then our hearts go about it. Should we anyway no video. To go six symbol before the 67. Chip that I know anyone is ten drug. Did you wanna talk about the beltway and who can prove this thing was hammered it could end of the recalls and prospering. I now remember we used to bad grew freeze that Winn-Dixie the other component and he come rolling me and generals want speedboat and report you'll. He would be able to file o'clock in the evening from what you opportunities troop will still shaken. I'm not. And my favorite thing is to end Juqua truck routes there a dismissal Iran exposure and knowledge none. Her Rangers both compressors are hitting and a lower truck yeah artists and utterly of the drivers out Gypsy walking upright and drug an that it will be put my slow burner and learning makes Bob horn because you don't shake you know I'm older I can do for days he drew that thing for years. Of life you don't Carolina blue and light blue. Hayward a mix things as. Boils. It was couldn't say enemy I didn't out of the to reward hard body crate to. Tony's story ever. My dad I'll spoiled brat as a kid. Well that would change I'll whip my dad gave me a beret in you and I'm not talking about brain you like three years old McGrath are three years ago ripple bullet you and nobody boring in Hamburg Drew Neitzel and Harbaugh is loaded as a hard body Q do you mean. Force over busted everything else. Was basically they're windows but it. It was real pretty electric blue just a great little truck could still be driving that truck today. So you elicit those detoured when throat. I had it for fifteen minutes. The current portion one element that's we'd do whom it will lower blocks over the back and the low profile terrorist Omar chromium six load measles wheels or. The things stance also for canceled a splatter paint. Everything in so that anything that it would cobalt blue if Phillips screwdriver guess bladder operated minus ten was the same way. Everything was bought that Cadillac and why's that Cole's letter put it is almost like tweet but those breakaway annual school in 06 dollars scale or Ozal. So it worked. I love that truck race IC ADH when he wore into this today. My heart skips the B space with its balance in the hammered down poorly. I got a funny with a battle IF ID 21 on stereo place. While we're talking amateur sections of that bond due to reward a little buffer instrument you'll just like. Why weren't close what we've broken out we got over truth we really shaken when it Parsons who's on the screws us what you do with them. So ma'am my friend also detours on back in the day in and a reverend high school is a little non union soon as farmer was down a big deal for a small town voters. Sitting norms and aren't rewarded big city you know fit that bill into the weekend you can make that trigger in the league you know this. So if we take his we take is these 11 extending camp which we had just gotten on cranking the bars on. We get Spartanburg and we have flattened career. Going to be ever had a flat or lower drug and other fun. Luckily one of my friends will come there as follows him conference follows him there. Toyota for the drugs have spare for the four wheel drive a little. By the way they fit and then to where he's choosing that route home if you could imagine like a 31 inch tires and the rest are like fourteens. And yet it is lower. And that one's in the back those pretty fun three quarter stand threat now that the U what matters is full of trucks that weren't. Option now many are easy to work on. There's all kinds of stuff available for Seubert available via does that it'll also journalist and well value on them. I don't think you'll ever meet there ever that I'm sorry Melissa I don't receive value there and about a look at how local and I hate it probably the funny struck you can never own in I don't think you'll receive value on the actual GM yes you can edit out there. Shameless plug her new rooms and there's worse things that are not that there. All right Gaza today you'll still currently a lot more talking truck axle rose and happier note re out 1063 WORD. Element now frozen embryos brawl pits. And what time and it. Rich. Since one is gone down. Crystal ball a little. So this is the things school player like scratching your data if you use Germany Italy met Chris will wait a minute who yeah who is that he isn't even leader. Well the upstate GM truck pulled any better I gotta run that he's interactive dom they were token trucks this week went on Rosa PO. And now created I don't want to be one sided. I don't wanna be biased in you know what we've talked a lot about GM trucks you know maybe you're right that phone go in earlier maybe you are turning over in Italy. Is that unlike you and is tremendous amount but you know what else because of the popular as gene troops you have runoff. Now you're seeing the Ford trucks get out in the swept learned dodges getting. And slowly and not everybody grows up and GM family and that's how he can and that one thing or another and there's dribble or really less fortunate than new Yorker torture and I growth and low power family but they're just aren't as many and enact could easily be America and he you know guy or whatever but geez it cost. Six usually more to roll you know tourists were. And clay is Arnold challenger sultan we're so thankful you and your download you have more like my uncle the black sheep in the family and where GM truck which snack and you snapped out of it. That scared you turn tricks you trump series have narrowed its stellar there's a story is part of the race there right Dan rather. What Rudy moment my. I met him he can do it. That's awesome. For that error the 67. She's fifty seat you know there's a lot of great trucks coming in its stock did you ever think. Seven to file for pickup trucks would be hot. And how cool is I don't really ever anybody did and how to you and me this is the thing's crazy. Then that crown Vic front in of all things in the world would make them cool net at the invasion of the crown Vic is what made the full truth cool. Well we have plenty of crown Dixie or around but that's the thing that's brought in literally is a direct. Replacement for it will be into. It blows my mind. But these jokes and of course lowered them I mean every they're just great looking drugs and for years they were that was the be told that because. These trucks were you extremely hard lowered even what we dream beams and things like that. I mean that you never get them down load La. And draw bride didn't actually get lined up right. So I mean and now with a grounder putting is you start to see. A list. For petrol real hero well the crown Vic front end to the four truck discount like the mustang to front and every stringer on the world it is it is it is the most thing too for four drugs from all the way. But the things cool about it is now you're correct opinion steered neutral. Modern just breaks modern drop train yo logos are completely using the crown victory in interest Michigan or director Richard fuel injection. Full force six to valve which is. There miserable for proper ever get really mean it would make police cars auto and they're pretty good. And you know a school Izzy is still find the crime makes like this is departments here of them of them ran out of 1000 miles on it. So it's not too high mileage and just getting broken at that right otter and stuff so the so I mean. That's been done the drive transform their plentiful and in their home value in the values on the rise with them to. All the four truck for gold that the root yes they all look at the truth guess what you built that you're Casey ended up with that truck. Grabs me by the horse strings are below the sixty simple actually had a 67 a 400. And I loved it not sold it like something stupid we'll fifteen years old the old Chevrolet. But that's well I'm now and going come stupid but I would like to add interest to the shore because of L that group that for an unwritten cruise around it but. But also proud of like me and my dad built for 64. And I signal or federal government. So we stopped it. It was kind of funny in high school I was actually building a 78 Shimmy along red truck at a stricker 33. And one of my best friends and shop class was building a long day at 764 bit ago with a built for 51. That's treason. Levels are competition back and forth here that's another thing to them about the save me strokes you know moment true there's nothing like the ride of along that trip this is a round like cadillacs. Let me as though little lowly caliber of their island while they're eloquently as though the bills look at thing in the world. But I won't it it's almost speaking a little bits of this web were not trucks a little bit six the bottom lines and matter. Amazing it what styling you know we don't have that today. No you don't have that today even remotely then I mean your sources people build international trucks with the truck craze is cover every genre. Absolutely. Absolutely glorious and anything you start seeing people Studebaker trucks international troops have amenable everything. The latest Steve McCraw Stephen Wilson's they've seen him across system gram he's got to get a 61 international truck and what I never even seen one of those before. And I've been looking for Hudson pick my grandfather restored Packard's in Hudson's and Chrysler airflow so that would be a a personal connection my grandpa wasn't truck guy a big music cousin Chrysler or flute and I tell him there gore speaking of just amazing eyes yeah. This role was another airing a dodge is always had today in even in their trucks days they've always had styling and they've always had all some option packaged. Like the little red expressed the war lost sport truck and actually ideas of it was the first before the stroke you know and many other dodged dude if you want that little older I mean those are cool and very rare handers very very few of those last Don Knotts is special. They're the third meet them there with the girls really cool true excellence through Cooley guest rookie actually builds with one point. And the strike baggage that came on the a lot of them were pretty cool I mean did you not have a Subaru B addition to manner was gala. At the same thing be true but they had they'll immediately models cues from that racy racing stripe Arab man and it's really cool things with the sweat one audio line in in one way or the cool thing about dodges and your dog's always have a great styling. LF salute the swirling winds styling and marketing Dodd wins. But does that reliability thing it's a marriage and ouch yeah. Not understated 100 modular package hole a mock you package them about it hero not a law and truck. Strikes people don't know that there are wagon was another wild look in draw against time wolf will you always started in the forties. Yeah a lot of Amal leaning more toward euros 70s80s. Yeah well coming. The color vertical panel you know strive to Milan and they're pretty well William I look cool delivery of their air. Politico why you merely as of this forties troops that was a war course like oh yeah like a tank it was a power like mountain in Georgia Dome that's more to trim yes Trent thanks to the point. But yeah I mean that's sale which. Coming Chrysler is blowtorch bring him back names and place that we sit before the best marketing strategy ever called him to bring in I mean that's genius anything I mean that was like Phnom share. Well let's Beckel and talk about of their chemistry that we've talked militia and as the will expressly set the pace for trucks. It did so that the trucks a year you'll think about it especially the coast from trucks and on the grid itself data is the seventies. Yes smokestacks and against job brilliant example would electoral reform for it is actually one of the best production vehicle for that Jason -- Richard. So are actually 360s violence to achieve a nine and it was the fastest American vehicle Snooki mug a dog troop was faster than a quarter that. In nineteen civilian Corvette mustang anything I drag us. I tell you look into those comes first disease commercial breaks and they do it every time of some gusty too were token trucks for your tolerance and Campillo 1063 WORT. Does look like the hot routes and happy hour and once have ended the day you wake up so we'll take you back into Abu. No but if those living Richard care attitude. Let's go back in Colorado and went on rod was player will scholars. Still do and like what would you were old enough to be really played well schoolers when it was appropriate oh exactly exactly where wind. You know when your mom fault them for you know look at our school that your wife. Foam. This is the thing I have my own matchbox cars thank you very much. Those polls cooers. Arguments Fox News that Michael weren't able. More talk about this stuff and run LDO we're talking about the C tins are what we do anything from that 1960. That 87. Is really ha. Fire around male and of course our dodges and force normal cannot policy for interesting dog uses very interesting thought. That has transition you know my huge smoke or friend. That has transition even into model car building because the model cores of these strokes. Or very hard to find. They've actually started reissue of bodies because the demand is so high for him. So it's very interesting thing that is what I mean you're the model the model company's UA MT and and -- they were real molester they followed. Hello I am here here's what's happening yeah exactly it is ministry. Well and they have to me because the lower right there with with the builders Giuliani Muller's wanna build what's hot right now to. Slopes and the blues diversion though of them together for a. But the thing was cool book is but you fifteen. Let's have twenty years to a little further back than that. What rail hub in it wasn't the success of the signatures they've always been popular multnomah rare. Was your forties in your fifty structure early pit structuring. Com take you back in new street drug days where mystery of rim I mean there's with a closer by one they want this pre 48 callers. And a big thing with the trucks were the bodies of four assumed 53 filed with the GM true the Gypsies and assure voice another trucks actually just rim. Aimed a team big ticket item throughout time it's always been big like it's unpopular. If I talked to. Since Tommy from. From that close sponsor Tony's pick up parts. That Eric has always been his top seller you know he's always. That's where he kind of got started wearing cut his teeth in the parts business. And I think that's the same for a lot of after market size things we go it's always been to stores and the most part you have to slow as a little structure. And it's an from an era when a truck was a truck yeah do you use it on the foreign used for work. It was a business vehicle some kind and gave him by drug back then to go out on the day in number it may have happened that you demise wasn't its primary mess it was to go to the marketer of team. Haul gravel or concrete or whatever he needed from a warrant the night by a nice LTZ model and take take girl out on today Nelson ever since he's trying to press with that and I'm gonna bump. Did to him do you see help and just say that if this one goes to the bank and elevates the move into the news stations to from. Bullet but Emma is assurances there's been a transition and truck and I think that's why others now value and it will but this is the thing those trucks called failed when the seat in scale hot. But for obvious reasons you think about those just thicker 67 deuce in the two models because there near endeared me immense or you're just those trucks vs. A 53 surely pick. First thing you of those capsules it's tiny it's a small truck it's an era Matt Meyer not right now today down and I don't know UN bunker rather that we should be extremely close at SeaWorld and know each other very well by the time we get other ultra right and I think that's an American Hastings. It's sad but now Paul winner kind of ride right for what is they'll available and it was job in the back with us. But I mean these were small trucks so the conference and update the little thing you think about too with that in a forced to call for not being there. Is you know something later you street rod won't live up putting rumors of the like that. Blood under the dash the hopes and I was always get some more room out of the game right here are feed room they'll look at window unit hang in Amylin the national kind of bagels swap cooling off the side that's what I think kind of blew cold air. Just don't like full blow wind into the if it hit most on Amazon custom warming are but you know there was it was a move -- for his movie clips air moves in the it's it's a 108 degrees but it is a fresh underneath degrees it is it's a move and underneath the visuals. But but those trucks which screaming on one tell me those were. Your your bread but true that everybody warning that blue chip political truck mental. It's got to move into the CD is in court to square bodies. Who knows where one mile track. And we mules the anyway. But this is the thing is cool about it though is those other shows go pick back up again people go to re restore Sri rotted. For its objectives for sure with the drugs. I think so I think it'll just like you know tripod chevys and whatever else he you know early mustangs early come arrows whatever it. Well and this is my thing and I think they got going and I think that's going to be really before the dubious strokes get caught others though districts it's called it. Things linger so your does slowly happening right now surely have been known its coming that way but I think before you see your districts they were able to bounce back first. I think with the traditional hard thing getting so big right now. You know I have to Sega oppose stance on the but this is the traditional outlets are huge were migrating. And this is the thing what makes the best traditional road because a real sweet even the most traditional tolerance too modern to an extent. I mean some of that fuel injection. Not to turn a tea or Omar fair reliable loses this is not traditional Marat is gonna each distributor million. That is blues mama and any. Man you got freedom is an absolute peers and how weird about stuff like that gas and don't don't don't come at me like Buddy Holly don't compare and then you realize yes this era here's just loaded due to in the sixties actually the gesture which Iran militants and four punch Philadelphia. Jessica rotting isn't hot products taking something modern better. Asked her 100 Jeffersonian and something I've heard it as I learn design a love H young shooters on the fan of that I have always must every do you have a judge river. But. Don't come at me was that traditional thing and then be like yeah Asia sugar. And fuel injection shall there either one time exactly don't don't don't don't be given every like you know with a cable roll up your sleeve and then. Not gonna was that he'd let the funds in the building that it. But I think with the traditional thing getting so big that I see these trucks going back. But instead of the bill that wields the season. And all the bill that the school would go away I don't think you'll six of those platforms you'll there was priorities in how he doesn't trickle down Elizabeth Drew. But the thing I think you'll see as you'll see some new modern versions of these trucks but I think you'll see a lot of traditional. Rebuilds normal. Basically you know gold still wills and gifts. Things of that nature. Go it old school style what wall sleeps a mile guess looking actionable reporting on the black truck the Michael period it was actually gorges. Yes I think I think you're right I think there's there's. A couple of different ways that things tend to be going and that's definitely want to restore somewhat somewhat original with maybe some moves a few modern. Amenities org or whatnot. Them. Me and our across key you know type deal is huge now and almost everything you seeing companies like Nolan and then. I don't know stat man fabrication and that building entire frames complete suspension. You drop your body from your past you 55. Window or whatever drop and on the there now right now you're gonna each and arrows and and whatever. It's a track and now now they're being schooled by it and all trucks and it's kind of pain or maybe this or that or maybe it's an eighteen hour eat you know. And that's the thing schooled those trucks those you can do that district enemy in this styling is silicon those fat leadership trucks Borges trucks coming. What favors the river with the old navy had those for displays yes. I mean all across the country anyways don't real surely bring it out and real Chevrolet truck sitting is where boys where they found that many navy killer fifties model Chevrolet is now aluminum that oral hygiene and well evenly well noted what in the world bill they say when you built by the same company and there's a company in New York -- bottom and baseball the flat blue painted them. And and they weren't fixed the missile they knew the rule to be this police. Thumb along the chrome wasn't official and ultimately aren't yet they just mass stuff let alone the structure actually made it out of the store Cuba under the structure titles woman were so there were displays. That it's trickle pretty busy you know getting out trying to sort out but you still see. Those guys we still titles for display purposes all right yeah historical not historical because I like a solid playing normal smiles. A series of those we you know these commercials are working round of overheads and again on a minute for the Kamal purchased a minute finances amendment. Hello the only two trucks that we're talking about colors I thought about it. And go to a possible. Well this is the thing though there structure coming helped bail you see them obviously if illegal doors actually seen one in Florida. To deter your noted that the dog and it still net Carl and I just a plastic dome I ask you or are you one thing was this Alamos and star whether you know what in my era I think it is story actually sounds right so we'll do it but my other dog it. But anyway you'll have the burning more times so Mostar in the hope we get a commercial now gusting to we're talking GM truck trail hot rods and via a 1063 W Doherty. Gosling and hot rods and beyond his role that's. What's happened induce have you learned anything to them. Now don't drive down film room during rush hour. I have learned. You're the hardest time of life I'd you know what it's not. This poor parenting this. Subliminal union business. You know I'll I'll hop on Dr. Phil and doing every other kid my age does just blame my parents well one lump securities and to help us. You know I don't I think it would change my luck actually you know a thing in my life look for a little room to moms when my public tonight suing iPod. We got Richard Hoskins in the studio with us today the Al Rosen popular financial analyst numbers guy and baker. So Richard. A dominant. And of course we met Chris well with the state GM true global. Sounds like gutter that's kind of been a little better until then thanks threatening gas payment material we have a lot to a lot of fun they were tournament geo trust. So I have a little fun and I am I I thought photos of her stern I bet on the prowl for a nice suburban lightly. Let let's let's talk about the not so much a truck what about your two will drive blazers use two you to a drug some permanence to wardrobe was always going to be a lot of things in my can migrate suburban I think duke opens the burdens. Suburban is always fall. The success of the soon to suburban sobering look trickster. Well I think in their Kansas City and thirty some odd they say anything in three or or weird piano and 73 through eighty sevens. They made millions of those things where it. I think they won't catch on because so many people just let him go to the wayside because it was just an old suburban. And I think that's the one they got a slid under the rug in just so many people forgot about them the blazers are right now to. Does number well they make me too we'll probably know they did him good for truck tool drive everybody hung under the total doses kitchen workers that you still think it is in the top seller. The blue blazers the sixties or that will him execs it was a bit. The sale of the of that generation blazer is don't miss a mean just out of this world in prize right now that and they are hard to find. Well define where there's solid because if it's a four drop one spin off road it's in the nationalist I view that area. And if it's to drive it super rare extremely. I've only seen a handful. I mean maybe three or four personally most of that came into older after a live and in person I've only ever seen one too will drive. Blazer and it was a square body I've never seen in person. Thanks to a draft of the criminal underworld tool for 73. Square while audience with 22000. Actual miles out original paint one owner crook. That's I think stuff like black and white to deal I think out I think things like that is going to catch on with the value I think those are. Which children are believed that's that's its its value them and that's understandable but I think mutual trust of fuhrman's will get yanked along I don't think they'll ever hit the values of a short about some of your local with the value of the times buzz. The got a big. There can't give W you'll need exert their long grain if he also was torn off or wrong it's exactly a ringing. If you didn't if you missed our little view deuce and quarters at his suburban but the but the truth so cheers say it right now but worn out you're going about truck or truck platform. You go by this group. Hum I think you have a chance to quickly W ammonium. I really do because AV if you look at Craig's list on the prices on suburban or another going anywhere. These are random numbers for the going from about three grand for a decent one that you can drive. To about six ran for pretty much what Ari lowered a not so wheels. So they're a very affordable more right now I think in the next five to ten years you easily W money and anyone you know to know you can even touch a decent square by the seat of six career now. Not a decent on I mean you can get one you could put your feet through the floor. That's what this export two liter diesel and it could go wrong. There's I think you've already missed your market and about every seat in open to Leo Beers to give them very cheap. But I think you do with the suburban during now. I'm so close is Petit you do have to sixty Sims as soon as you GM trucks. If you reveal my U treadmill or in bill truck or won't go for. I mean that's that's easily my favorite hair is a 6772. But I'm probably. I don't know that I would discriminate I would look for video like little like our rob was saying. If if you come across the right thing at the right price. And I wouldn't be opposed to a blazer Wendy opposed to a suburban. And the square bodies are really catching on. I'll order trucks do you know it's hard for me. If I have property if I had space he damn well I don't want everything to gain you know I'll send money pursuing gazillion isn't it curious Shula is single trailer with a recorder and he and I don't think that's gonna work there are also world I don't think you'd events mean to a single chip equipment for its. Much less my wife and why now we can talk. That's just didn't play this is showing all design now I'm all right now Richard. If you're going by a truck today big Gabriel who we have back there where we're gonna Lou good being angry at. Don't it's. I would probably look for like a seven if obvious 78 Ford short material drops one just like don't. And as you can still get one pretty cheap. Actually that was does a little I won't knock all you guys as a undervotes are now we'll Olympic. Do you know what I would like to build that always thought would be so cool that I'm curious. Can take gifts. And you are on the income of thirty back in the fifties somewhere. Nope. A loaf. Six a leisurely drove split and a I would legal or we. Swing from the end the General Motors platform that you're on another matter until I'm one way up so I mean who okay let's say well look to build. I'd like to build a little red wagon. Normally the approach who were home when it okay do you 100 steps. Oh. With the news six for him you know have to be a little red white and I would do Madrid and doing knock off of the little red wagon. A camera there a beautifully subtle side pipes I would do away and do that on more steps out wanna put a wooden sides of it but hammered down big whales. Just also custom truck and how would you like at 640 meters of the like that I think that would be so cool. The one you'll see there's trucks for excellent now I made and they would be so amid the lines old and just it's. 'cause the seventies classic looking instill. Well I mean it's just motorists are asleep truck we are smoothed all chrome trim own. If you guys' policy something really cool and should be why I know we're two of them strokes arson. Ones are on your backyard we're we're actually my neighbor has one in this particular thumb but if you go down meaning in these troubled I want 76 and you just never veer off. And you get past the Wal-Mart and everything you know this guys gonna have 300 people in his yard par to know it says restaurant was OK this guy is a rare voice. They need those Matta has been so long is a really bend Nina I cannot remember the name of the rest jeans find businesses. Gene's fine food has a little red wagon burglary express that mountain front. They he stood people who already expressed logos off and read illnesses jeans find food. And has a big plastered chicken coming off the roof open and honest tale. Out of the benefit I crap I don't know I sell chickens please. I'm no jeans still foudy uneasy catching us troops for the strikes then there are no coach can. There as long it that we moved out in 94 in metro expensive in the same spot since then it's not live it's just it's Syria that was his sizzle showpiece. And it is a genuine little red expressed. But they don't be really cool to build a custody when yeah stick. You do go to hell there's clearly things are huge there that you put two on site each other in the the end I was gonna deviate from the GM platform I have. Do a swap line that would be members are classy there's just ignored fund you can still pick do you 100. And you see them not everywhere which use emotional stuff away I got to follow suit Navarro. Banker over there and go forward with a twenty or broken as he set up until you were storing the really cool award goes were witnesses shop his desk at 879. Shortly before if 100 there's a good look at drugs clips and orange loans from the factory Clinton fan and I don't know bottled up until and if he was. But there was little puddle water shootings took trucks all frigate that it is committed amateur public it is and you said there does. Awards give a special thanks to mr. met Chris well with the upstate GM true col three times and other and today was. Thanks for having me appreciate it's been on those drugs in this Willis always paying for two usual so Orioles will make you laugh a lot. That's what we do Richard thank you Richard thank you for doing this and given us your expertise and all things automotive. And Abbas is solid and close them out. Thank you Colorado thank you for. Being here thank you. You you're welcome. Gaza today where things were planned long Youkilis in the hot rods and appeal ray or 1063 WORD.