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Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, February 12th

Rob and Odd-Rod talk trucks.


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I don't load of rosneft does Robb Pitts. And that's happened induce on we got some people studio Phil who want to call robo caller here it's full crowd until you look. Laurels and have our studios bounces salute the plant political debate it's had an endless that is supposed to be denied. We've got Richard Hoskins with this course is the hot rods and happy our financial analysts. Slash numbers slash K if he needs the money that's the main need to Colorado there and he's actually mashed abundant thanks and he's also producing yet Coke loosing coverages. Islam says our veterans. What's up enough statement no moral and a tea what else we're talking about truck today and you know what I'll run I'll think it. What we're gonna be token about trucks drove Internet and then then the president of the upstate GM tropical you know assembly the most logical person so we'll have a state. Four chart club or an upstate dodge truckload. Because my home run around long enough to get to meetings well you gotta get that if her in any universe. So what we got mr. Chris Welch from the upstate GM truck cloven studio hey guys thanks for having me and and I'm not the president on the unofficial leader. So we're not that form no when I got so yeah he's the unofficial leader and ego got anxious. Maybe we'll get sicker what I'll say it goes and what happens when you see the angels host yeah but we're skew to that. Clearly guys we're talking about trucks I mean they're so hot right now army trucks have always been popular here in the south. But the big thing about trucks is the values in these things going to open this is something in Mobley Richard combating this will formally. Trucks have gone sky rocketing quarries. It is not just CT entrance mean it is diesel trucks it's every truck in general is just cooled ultra competitive. Mired. So what are you go one. I you know wanna try and so. The wallow bombing while we're just talking about these ads. I don't think it's bit me that we know at that thing out and hit on the way to studio today is like a pinball machine at this point is that right in mantra can kill you routing your throat and just get here yeah I did hit on both sides already. More sinister types. It must dated August Monica exactly green means go to those very claims you would think people pay attention now you should go grid. Many you know this'll it was rabbit back rip London and ilsley that. Maybe in probably nothing that could sell but we are so totally popular he's the only president. What's a historical holes. And has gotten us could talk Clark and listen you know we'll tell you something you've seen and you want to. Don't you ever. Ever TV or. Come in to the studio. What is Issa is not yours. Percent right now it is Oca. And a good talking Honda Civic talk of Italian court here right there will be a smaller car. Correct. Recourse. Now. That's what you get it now that was a warning shot. Q. Liberty and wouldn't it also. We know the Honda the Honda Ridgeline is the truck of the year abide. The world. People worried laundry detergent road trucks eat and exactly exactly I'm ready our shows you how this country the trouble it's in right now when their picket Honda Ridgeline for the truck of the year bombing you know it's. Nice economically Smart pick up. If you're Martha Stewart who. She would even drought war and well she hangs else to go she's abortion recruit in the I am sad to say the new Chevrolet they're coming out with talent well. And it does little bit isn't it yet burst anyway. They kicked real design can mean years ago you know what I got fired today. So go figure but gals were talking about true traitor browser for this week and how popular they are like a civil we'll go over all these different realms of world took the values of these drugs. I mean we've got so much of the Coke. Do. We didn't know put all of you look at me what that was like clueless look real Democrat who I am tackle Alyssa know that. You know slip. Well as the other we should start by talking about the GM Terkel themselves. Basra a total of that we're still livid about the G of the state GO drug called the unofficial leader mr. McChrystal. Yes so. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about the club we've been around. 345 years something like that and got started with just. About five or six of us. Found an online forum like a lot of things decided we get launch. And BS and launch. Sharon our passion for trucks and next thing you know we decided we would start a club and put an ad on Craig list of all things hey we're gonna meet up for wants another another weekend. And I don't Russia yup those ads on Craig's list don't buy just one dribble a child ever heard a story of one Zambrano told me so it's cool Richard I want Tillamook. The local election turns out quick. Real bad. I heard that the Richard space right now and that's how you read things happen but it unfortunately this didn't go that way and let us just good now we have an initial success story from canceling. That's absolutely. Books and and Marat and 2700 members later in essence saying it is insane but it just goes to show you the popular new trucks they let me in the in this is just GM trucks what is this all Sean. Algae and for a growing. Yes yeah we we we debated it early on that we cut it off at a certain year and not end. And now we we kind of thought well a lot of younger guys maybe have newer trucks. And now newer body styles though BS dollar when it whatever you want to call those years and you know there are many of the guys who are gonna take over for the order trucks later so. And ladies that fact too and we wanted to exclude any money if you've got passion for GM trucks. Lori will cameos or end and gals don't discriminate won't collection of an alchemy now. We've got a couple guys with court hair bands and ram trucks and some cool things like that too so. Were pretty flexible and at one point we had a couple guys with like Studebaker trucks there or LS power so. But apple won't London to your heart's in the right place I had no doubt. That today's. To let CNN like to taste a little bit of low blow we have passion about and welcome virgin if if you're not quite a track guy that will drag you to the Norris we'll get you there. And that's something that's cool about it though it like you're talking about the did the newer generations these short to meet a lot of guys let me has always been popular fictional letter model GM and Cheney model throughout the GM global is really popular. You know below router dollars and live Q it's important for drug thing's huge now so you got those guys mixed in with your. Classic seeking as you get two goes mixed in with your file when drug does and 567 drove guys. I mean that the school because everybody plays together in and works together in the club. Yet no doubt we've we've got to we've got members list. High dollar restorations customizations. And and we got guys who drive them everyday for work and beat the snot out of him not. And he you know aren't afraid to throw. Mulch in the backer gravel or whatever it is and it's gonna call shots like that that's an idea people like me and try to keep acclaimed trojans and other people just throw stuff about it. Well who bookstore just straight up drive and doing he. Just didn't hear that answer and nice things. We drove that thing back from the dead we get to the funeral you live here on the shows a player's drug candidate got back. And we and it came back to life in them now people turned things that in jails do Chelsea's jewels and jealousy as Lotus. And physical electrical and he does have several bits and get togethers like he'll undergo court lingle Yale and we we do so and every single month. At least one thing among one get together months which just huge in a glove. Yeah exactly it is he gets everybody together we try to move it around so it's not broke and it's not Greenville centric it's not Spartanburg centric work. We do things and easily we do things and Anderson we we try to move it around. And we don't we try to drive the trucks as much as we can and will bull you know there's a big group and always goes to Iran dishonor. You know to pigeon forge or whatever. But yet we do some other things too will will we need a lot for launch and then we also. We've got to go cart day we've got to drag strip day coming up so which I gave creatively it is off a drag strip today you. Lou I Koon and got a sixty bill could mean a short lived wanted that little more Malibu that pass an organ player of the attributes are fuel but what type of the incredible traveled to drop in gravel let's mentally has it ever helped out by the gravel for Kazaa just loves it. Well out amid supportive here. I'll help gonna do our job that. You big dummy meals dual mode. No I didn't have a derivative. But you let me come and made a lottery which ran McCord so this must enjoy is a counseling short top suburban. Actually you know what the were Google's index which is the drug plan now I'm just Philadelphia I'm winning and we have a point Melamine is its grip pick over the cable show and thank you NS big trouble veteran and we edited commercial break that's what. Does stay tuned we're talking trucks were you almost happy I won a 63 WORD. Does look red hot rods and happiness and what's happened and I were talking trucks stay right here hot rods and happy we are. But you know what brought a very interesting point on the break. And we're talking about alchemy goes. We were in there and listening Richards drills pop. Because he's an ilk mean a thing. But you. Have a little welcoming new bone to pick BM ended up trucks. It will dish. That truck beds so. Chocolate. He's a big circular chocolate thank you ma'am would you it's it's a gateway truck it is a gateway for it's it's a good start to get you from this the marijuana picnics. So I. That and probably most dumbest hole a little bit of that. Well it is a win could cause him. Yeah we kilos you put that thing yet and still keep it nice low profile the slopes and we'll most of their shots to these things were designed to hold him. Anderson. Car. Out of the ills we are nowhere and one. We know that I'm Richard yeah. Did that women make a atomic over for EG body. Command there always is cheeses then apple wants to live and that say you know. BA hall of Google's future of mutual votes controller until. I. So you have the el camino bug their Richard. Well I don't want out of a very nice white and red 79 I mean it's variant it's. Vintage years and understood the rules I don't wanna admit that actually had sell for bail money. But that's. That's sort of good even though maybe not only here that we younger indiscretions that is. That backs up what you just said about him unfortunately. Well the funny thing about this this disease is you know we're talking about oil Rio robbers that you're the mobile bills and then Richard Baker slash financial analyst slashed numbers guy too city and so his ability and we may be on to something kind of typical balcony and owners yeah exactly like digital do you I don't common theme here do you have to have a felony to own one of these things or something. Rick Richard was there a time in your life when you had more hair. More yes and thoughts in the Diana and I and an alchemy and and Richards that like a soul that the next day of school in his time there clouded her. To go hey he's not now. The ladies were a beautiful time which it widget the it was in the eighties Roberts is an uneasy that old oh you know I hang out all you older people like you know. He's he'll let older people vote in welcoming you far yeah I am older and better looking do you say the room he belie. But look I love you mama thinks. Do for you communal thing finesse and offense anyway. This PG thirteen wings it humans through it and told them. Do what it takes and let's do this but this is the thing that's great about this I think it'll mean those are great vehicles that they want furcal who. Well war and I think they're great entry level clicker that was a no I don't wanna even wild tomato tomatoes are starting to recognize and they Stubbs. What they stopped in sixty to 63. It's explore that came back out. Com there and it took a little notes aren't. On fifty sixteen. Yeah that had a Oca that I can't picture sixty on her visit metadata McGee didn't get out there and holiday and 64 runs and that was the Malibu style from there's a three years that didn't make it. But they've made great jurors to feel a little noted development in honors in lower started that yet those are high and but now. But what we're talking about you know we. We always play the Craig's list channels between all of this rescind his back and forth and we found that sixty Melbourne Oak Creek with the cardinal Karol Charlotte. Good looking caller you think about the door stuff it's a sixty found little that a result he has. Little angle rare bucket seats to don't looks to an end three it was certain term reversion to great caller you know sort of an upgrade from blood. Super good caller. And it is like many 500 bug she couldn't build this truck. For here's the problem when the here's a prominent man. When you're sitting in someone's rearview mirror yea your driver and a six to Bob Melvin looking dated. But when you passed mom there laughter. No other the last Camilla may have that is a really good looking truck. Trickle trickle in from Newton but I live there. I've met you said yourself six Malibu or six of welcoming them as a deluded drug. Yet since it's unique and that's the other thing right so you go to some giant car show you go to Charlotte or whatever. You can see those the Malibu as you can see seat and all day long. How many how many of alchemy in Missouri Tennessee and he wants on the rare few lessons this year is growing as he speaks if you want something unique. So so why do you buy two you could save yourself money Rodney didn't you budget GMC truck and a Malibu you could just say give civilized and I have more images have won and had submersible for life had a real communal I'll look Mallorca and I had a 67 welcoming you know which are got a little trivia Ford what was the first year for this is welcoming this move per share for SS will command. Records going to defer Allison 66. I'm with Robert Ashley. Rome world 276861. Jennifer sizzle to Mina. I had 67. They put all this is managing like they did it this this little. Had 396 automatic which you could have a big book at 67 equivalent witness list. Home my at a three nice expert with the horse. Let's caller factory here it was Gore's marina blue black consultants. An and in order to activate auto alliances marina blue with a black guests to exactly and so it was the mixture of the U cars you have or anything which is even weirder. From its. I think it was called it's a billion dollars or about 72 billion did you have longer hair and no it did actually the coma from which lady mortars. As I have nothing for them. Is he what you said their main good too so balcony it is ten have a lot of car options at air conditioning and adoption so it was a little bit more comfort. Creature comforts and into Briscoe in a pick up. There's no more family friendly will sport is so we'll let him also called it a family for 2.0 yeah it's eighty canyon and down you put the play I just answered with a yeah. He's put the kids back Kia ranked it that was unsafe thing there to about guarding their seatbelts at the means rather overrated and has raced out to show you picture. Oh lord. This is scaring me earlier is cute little bit to that it is in a pitcher review was long here by any chance it kitchen and out command and it's like numbering about ten years forget who lowered. A love and I would see that substance of possible they had about radio you just can't say that Larry is it will. Is it close the ball on line. Yes that's completely decent you know good morals and having our provisionally we should check that Albania puzzle lover but I really do you think. In amen agrees with an open message is that way do you know Crozier is weird Richardson is this week is smaller. But don't mean there's a great collector vehicles like that is a good gateway into the trucks. Or just a great first political articles are affordable you can enjoy them I mean it's kind of the best of both worlds got a little truck. Yeah a little girl and maybe you almost caller can look you know maybe you go to the truck real I mean you go to slicks world while screaming at Johns live and will warn you really Iraq. Scurrilous rumors swirls world okay nobody knew anybody score I don't. I thought that was gallon mailing the union you have score Oscar and biodegradable we had swirled around here. The total screw them time to move it looked like those kind. Score. Girlfriend who scored boys group. And I guess what we have plenty of things on what we GMC trucks including value. Well not just GMC GM to throw him museum you know his open about Sheryl dawn about those 4000 dollars to the AO live where massive you know. There. And I guess we're talking truck rental hot rods and embryo 1063 WORD. Just look at the hot rods and happy don't know we're talking about values. We are we talking about values. Not family values that you would be listening your vote tomorrow valid. Refers these trucks because they've gone out of sight. And you know. The thing this grazing is resolved watched I've been playing this'll calling for a long time and you're the first when I remember getting a lot was the midyear bits and these things were cook and a mile crock pot bowl him over. Well now they've gotten a militia urges you got Donald throw money you'll go about media corps especially in match number stuff right. But then this crazy is after that we'll get hooked so intense the C three events knowing as a treason yeah you're you're 68. Nine sales and you want me before recently you know that's really put up but the bumper Mets got hot but now the ball permits is going got rid. Wilderness like the commanders first cucumbers everybody wore the first few Camaro will give us what. They've got price though the market. We'll get such huge income there was a man on the split over. Exactly yeah of course so that's the thing the goals of the use. All real split over Camaro work it for second. Largest age of 7373. Camaro rates. And saying young kids like a rod here and I know I've done and then and now I know this is anyone knows that but this is the thing is crazy. Is he thinks it every Cabrera who was split bumper do it by just makes it slipped over that's one. If you say will with a ball over that's the rare caller yeah I think generally have one with a Barbara the skillet when you see is like when you do see the issue of real. That's like man that's crazy if you put this as bad as the only thing because we'll give you don't think the OK where this is that diesel. Well I had again tell me about five to ten years he's a others don't come a point com where. Improve oral Magnum think Ellis came and everything else but the truth I mean million restarted only at all Khaleda illustrate Lawler Eminem has allowed not how she is charged audition that I can help again some although the funniest thing ever and Richard you're gonna get a chuckle this. To really discuss the the world on roadrunner oil and a moment. Does that fit everything I go to corporate drinks I'm just saying that you know what major movement yeah. Is wait a minute maintained jail I can't give any arms. I'm just saying a technicality or not. These. Minds actually study mug in Russia redesign must move. I'm still okay. I love you describe as your baby was just a good move and she well in rain and there was evidently don't Honeywell caprice station wagon that things you'd be stuck in the mood. Well it is and it is it's it's it's up to the door handles and mullah. Soledad. They that good either Lola doubt now I was going to move it accuses ordering him. I only know is becoming one with the earth and there really is little doubt back. And water's running over the repeats is you real good car there for another six months. 200 years from other gonna dig a hole. I could have relied. Look at this data source fossilized anywhere caprice station wagon and not a factor Ellis Alan and I. We told Jim Ellis came in everything China wins the CI I have a plan with a horrible may be one day only to fix that designers and you're still don't ruin. Now can we run a boatload of the values of these trucks and the thing that was normal and and in really threw me for Kurt is the popularity of the C ten's. 67 due soon DC didn't have been written all since day merely came. That was just hop style truck and it's always been very equitable drugs has been a very popular true I think it's arguably the best designed GM has ever had lupica. It was. Altering it changed a lot of listed first on the trucks were now considered a Stanley vehicle more than just a work vehicle. And in what we're talking early what's in the air conditioning and some other options and you know things ordering trailer you know what grain trading things became more available. In those and those air trucks it's easily my favorite but I don't two of them so who's totally got a little lies and totally not just the wise. I mean these drugs mr. Popper but these trips and became extremely valuable and it's not just the success of this and until you get your next generation before that what you're 6366. Truex. Those trucks have gone crazy invite you mention big bat the last. 64 six trucks. That go nuts at the rhetoric again. They're actually doing big bag last conversions that really is you can actually about the panel. I make a big and that's all that's always accused I'm under 67 small last stroke. We'll all sixty sevens came out slow rise in UNICEF. Towards the tail in the sixty's governor you couldn't you can order a big window and a 67 good look yeah. So what is so little bit windows 67 actually amid the rare draw yes aka the FTC is 67 that when notes supposedly rare track. That was the thing it is funny about a little back asks is it looks so funny back there it almost looks a little avalanche in the wrong yes it looks like a place to look like we're them today and win those guys like that works. All of the goals of the store. What was kind of cool about it though is you know his camp protection does no one knew you were in the truck from me on soda out of their retirement corner and it game Danica over earned. It's terrible to CN BA canceled a good probably put three of lacrosse there and still usable space there with the war and got in the middle. Yes there is actually really horrible design I mean I don't and I found it. But they're still cool trucks and they're still bringing raising money though. Six cents to 67 there's certainly two trucks low bids are bringing great we you know in my hears from oddball because they all slightly altered just ever so slightly year to year. In a 67 in the front end is actually my favorite we'll 6760 at the same for an hour but I realized with a different Bryant. Is 68 everything with mark which of the federal mandate. Only with Brian allow lawmakers BN as well I guess use I 678 was 67 a is my favorite of that body style. Not so the rest don't want good just like the alterations there. And that's pretty common these you know I think most people who look. The trucks in that era prefer this announcement in the 6768. A engine all of them all and there they are all right yeah yeah artery. McCain agreed via an. I think argued it would be pretty well rendering and political conversation but the thing is that also note of the value of strokes of gold upping your way as we're told him last week me and Richard were. I'll fill in the next five years. We're you'll see hundred case he tunes runner crawls projects. I don't think guilty five years it is already happening yeah. It's already happened army until about just these trucks especially if they're big books or your CST trucks these really those first. Agree bring you those common thing is you got to think when they go rare like that they shoot straight up and it'll fizzle down a little bit but they're not we'll stop nowhere close to where they worker now. Now the I think I think they'll find their resting spot in the eighties. Are related I mean every in coming into her right field ebitda and a no I guess that waters and in that piece of the retirement fluent. I I would say if you if you got the means to go out mama how would go on by everyone I can get my hands on them. And when I didn't find any more of those don't go out. To the square about oil and we'll soon know this is the thing to square mile isn't gutter politics. But though this is my question is is square body really valuable or is it just popular I think is a vital drugs I'm firmly lessons but if they're good looking trucks they're very nice trucks and got a better slim down. Yeah better truck arm and there don't ever it is expensive yeah 67 a semi team that are. Honestly I disagree I disagree is. In my opinion the square body is a better look in drugs in the previous and it in I think there's a lot of people others share that same feeling. And I and I think there's a more options other you're just going to see the. It's through the roof I think there may be certain ones are going to hit numerous policy acumen that rattle off 454 trucks instead it 345. You know there's even some short lived forfeited forces that are a lot of lol I think those are going to be the ones that click the box but those their structure. Foreign Putin's foreign view but of course of four makes rare to. But. Alike the symmetry for you don't go that early body style BO square by its but I am kind of was Richard I don't ever see them didn't quite. And you know army over certain amount time anything to become valuable but I don't see them catching up. I don't think here what was across every year 8281. Right there with when Marley tees up front end and you add things take an 823 right there where they cross over the different front man like no love for in a browns in the nose bubble blocks that's the thing we all the plastic and stuff that's results I think that those strokes whatever year that was in the early eighties I know was an eighty. It was either 8182 whatever your crossed over to the new her body style which it wasn't different by solid season front clip but. Whatever year that was so they ran now I don't think those are roomier valuable drugs after awhile look at John. I think it's a mere seven these sports. We'll say that's the funny thing the ones that brought the money. Senator and nineteen years ago warned the lay them off later model trucks. The 8786. Fuel injected drugs all the nice three feet to shore basically Paul Paltrow looks. Those who want their money won't it and I agree now everybody has said misery for they won't though the stainless trim drugs. I mean at their pretty there are classic look the two tone and all list of former strokes. But the result in the bye he's going to be there's because there's so much so many more homemade verses like our success in Sydney today. I mean it's just a few years what five years there where they may be sure from Sydney 387. And they were virtually thing. I mean along the trimming grills they decide pro am. I can take an 87 German drug and make it look like is it me through or vice Versa to exactly. In I think I think you gotta be comparing apples and apples he you know there are a lot more sure bets made in the square body Aaron there are a lot more higher option sharks in the square body Aris so you know again a big block any seat. A lot more rare in a 6772. Error that it is in square body there I agree you know exactly exactly so what we're this is gonna tell you what I don't of those -- door commercial break and they keep coming Obama's got to stay tuned we're talking Chevy trucks righter caught Rosen you know 1063 WO Lordi. Gals what red hot rods and a purist role bits and what's happened and do the shirt. Was out on. How to. Until we at war war person present president Clinton's. Seat. Momentum is like a party have been here it is that is the most tags that he's a funny color and women are so that a New Orleans when he talked trucks until there's a lot of big yeah he's done a lot of due until they hear a little his party's got to tell why they were you know everyone who's technically on there right now is Drummond GM vehicle that's how we're able to guess manipulator aren't big. Easy. A front. Brought Cuba. Brooke do you buy Chevrolet who didn't go to places that grueling regular. Go into the cells girls don't fair way for this week probably a good idea that I. Don't don't don't don't show. All right. But we are talking about drugs that we could give us a day he'll strip the truck arm of easily that we could usage Lilja. But you know me the value is there it is on these trucks and extremely club tournament of its afford a dodger Chevrolet. We may be a tad biased tonight here in the room. But this is the thing that's cool about these trucks is the values or bring it. And Matt pulled out a really cool pollution is talking about some the top sellers and pickups and projects of which were jubilant. He had so. The top GM trucks and Barrett Jackson this past oh when Scottsdale couple weeks ago yet they started it. Just under twenty grant started leading in the started that. Escaped 187. And then they went all the way to about ten to 101000 dollars and 187 the wolves over what rules will have to and one of the DNA to seven as a long bed 69 that long day long bed six in diners there's Saturday and then what they see sixty yen truck and Kevin Jesse drug right now bet on doesn't say eternity in your dog's mind. Boggling no one gets into trucks and says you know old bill C sixty never use this is sixty is plan B no matter what it. The C sixty for those who don't know it was like with the use of proven draws his own truck plant the archery and I'm things but the damage as. That's insane hate thing and you build them back trucks we really can't putting the mantra from way back. And probably what that one will move into being. Here that are material in the light of current number one little bit Tillman duly fenders on me right maternity Angela Pena. Yeah that's super popular accounting on scared them and then what a 107000. It was a little cool prosecutorial images. The top one is 101000 dollars and asset anyone's sharp educate and maybe it's got a little bit left little bit custom and whole line not over the top stop look and you know paint job and often now here's a shot and everything what came in number two is this is a shocker number two is awesome it's a square body. Ups known as syndicate series 001. In Beirut square saying seven fox our face and call them. I was good I see the value of understand what the money will it. The rebels say well bowl because though that you resell it for that. But I do see that I assume they'll lose sinister figures on a square but DC ten as an insane. This this nightmare remotely factory anymore it's not like you go with six miles on it. It's not like that this thing is custom beyond custom yes slammed on the ground on Aaron. LS three I think is an N com. Just perfect trend. Other trucks flawless days at immaculate just beautiful truck. It really is. But the fact it over a hundred bring you would think you'd see that on the short lived for 54 stroke would like. Sixty miles on well is because there wasn't one double look to see that he now well we're given a run for its money you know I don't know if it hit that 107 more. But that's it is just absurd number on a score about it. It's not absurd number I mean you that your husband bring her over hundred K they did years ago and of course you're pro to Mosul or rely on running a meticulous. I don't think people like about. Mod it vehicles is you have the classic looks with a all the modern conveniences it. All right so let me go let me pose this question for you because we actually Posey Childress questioned had been on the show. Is this shrug thing is it a fad. I don't think it's a fan of things extremely popular right now I think certain. John Rizzo the truck cool or the trump real or are kind of fatty writer with the years things change course wheels tires. Stay ends you know all that stuff public there Roger's story I don't see wheels going back fifteen inch. A home. Things like that. But I think there's certain things that are or are fetish I think some of the the road for a stuff is going to fade a little bit I think the team is we'll stick yeah I really do. Yeah I think rat rod if you will will go away printing and we'll study I would agree with that it's it pitino has been cold and the Volkswagen. For Hillary since since the first one got. Rusty neither could see it up because bush didn't take long now and six weeks of the real reason I don't know. Reno talking about fat you know looked at different strokes. I think that backs it we're talking about couple weeks ago. You know different body styles and where Doug met with the must things the must thing it just it Mayer's sex and that play eighty some thousand yeah. Do you think C different seat in trucks will hit that you know like when you step into the Libya style trucks the NB SP and NBS stroke your body style drug. I think these square bodies was mostly charities get picked over. And you know only one starter source there which when you see people fixing up 62 short bed net square bodies they are getting there and a home fuel source in the dubious truck schedule. You'll see your four for four assesses I think you're 332 or three videos of strokes and does that assure reds in general pick ups army and those trucks obviously out of. All the shoulders of G approach. Publicly the previous custom truck yet and anyway it started the whole sport truck seen exactly I mean the 88 to 98 truck was just born some of those troops remained to be lower I think it's a for Patrick of classes questioner about Ariza Andrew remembers sport stroke magazine sport programs portrait magazine. Three and 2003 justice yet always won as an extreme and navy blue always won one still those add and panic standing cap black on snacks and no one's nose job of those drugs those pistons. And the UBS trucks were made. I mean to be modified loan or they just looked gorgeous okay here we know the typhoons and cyclones have called on him and will always will no probably continue to rise forever belittling us on the little different but what about. -- trucks in general like the extremes they didn't make a ton of those strokes and a handful they did. But do you think you'll receive intentional. You know what a weird about this I don't think they're going of that I mean there's going to be people that fixable but we're talking way. Down the realize when when you think we'll see AS to an extreme and I'm sure they have not on TV but when you think you know Friday night. Best and extreme we'll cross Baird Jackson will be little woman and. Yeah. Best chances are popular and they made tons of them but but that's still a great truck if you've got one in another 51015 years. That's in really good shape low miles. Which is more original you know not master with no and cut up. I could see coming across and there's probably not not want every fifteen minutes like we're seeing the trucks right now just in general had no idea until loan low mileage. Graham ball garage killed this year drugs are so delighted that. Crew cab S ten was they actually very rare option truck it's a very weird looking for a business that to win new more than made the Ozzie are one model your 202 model. The 414 edition and they make within the limit is is naming ZR one promised to ZR two. Bomb in the crew cab option coming that truck players will enjoy a cure them every Australia yeah. Or they make your middle sure there were made four and a mentor Australia there is usually whatever operator. They're well they're just we will only that in any questions of Cuba yes they will say which is another week thing about the assistance that was the crazy thing ever so Chevrolet. Made these zoos. But originally users who made gloved truck right so whipped back and forth there that's no big deal but the naming of this vehicle. These zoo zoo a number. A Japanese car company sells an American made truck with a Spanish name. Whatever works I mean this is we have all the things you could call it is odd ball a little bit but really needs to be sure it'll take off. Yeah I think there until that I think the low wells really nice ones there there isn't it true we've got cut at the I guess closeup of the hour got to a long break ahead of us on us a list now hop on line up on FaceBook listen would you think about the dusty tanker raise. And until then we'll be back after this commercial break our guys to a smaller roles in happy hour right here on 1063 did you Doherty.