Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, December 4th

Rob and Odd-Rod celebrate 1 year on the air with special throwback interview clips from Jeff Lutz, Tom Lukans, Sam Hard, and a big thank you to those who have supported the show through the year.



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All right outlook red hot routes and haven't. What's that and they didn't forget either that I know he did you digger tapping it in mile. You did you god thank you welcome to the you talk about the call and yes. Yes and you we've had some cool you know oil I assume we've got a veteran Gregory is only half covering the and I common interest and TVs liberties. TV slivers on movie celebrities whose liberties. Locals look at local slips. All of liberties all of them in a way which doesn't cope able. Arm I don't think there's anyone that tops the cake elements from cash. How would say is the shortest when he knew and and also the fastest and pro war will sure Motorola. Am listing towards Miami and here Steve Dorsey torture you go there but he is the senator there it will he is the fastest and a nominees my air quotes here. Street legal caller and street race caller yeah passionate street race color. Or they gave pro luckily had lots until it's I guess the pamphlet type gown. That's right mr. Joseph floats just plugs is a legend is awesome he is also little Trace of him. What he's going for the street Paul's as I mean he put those guys on the map. Yeah definitely just this year you'll which beat big achievement shown all these guys they would have anything. What they do run out if it wasn't from his gentle gaze the man behind this narrowed down a single candidate on the things. He's got like in the stars together well I mean he does an awesome job of also to those that say well email them all the cars that you know you helps out with a lot of. But you know heal some of the set ups then that I mean import she's scoring they built it yet in eight days yes com. The thing is really cool budget plus. Is how his approach to the fray and that all that stuff. We've got to meet all these guys yes. And and actually it ultimately going to be our Jill soon bureau shook Toobin army and they're nice and all that stuff but this one they are gonna sell all those gusts. There's too low on the stick your mama I'm being just super cool people. That's become a cause curious yet. And it's going to be mr. Geoff looks just close is awesome just what is probably the most laid back guy. And Manges he's real yeah he's real Israelis and called Hillary told stooges like he's a car builder you know he's just took a normal guy. Yeah on the river summer meant your floats wasn't severe real Tennessee. We're actually at all Corbett show. Any industry to seven there. You know he was just he was you know that the tablet you know Ryan Babel comes it. Didn't mean you're still there until probably this wonderful raisers for our reserve and in this gun and we volatile for now. Did you shoot little Europe enemies over and or shall we think the me. He's having an oil in movies and Corbett should I mean these guys and everybody who you will throw it out and instantly as he's a guy that. If you don't want chair you know holes you were known what. You know I mean and that's the thing I mean. The street is so big now on the east a household name with the accurate yes idiocy. History will tell you filled out the ministry organized. You know I really. I really look into Obama should just to be honest you know they they're they start their season and tonight I gotta feel discovers got to get their hooks in Memphis Tennessee ties. There's a regional loyalties are alert I was history out walls made of this happening really salute it is there's some quick guys of that in them that there's a first tourism official tourism with the hopefully. It hit an assistance in general. There will oil go. And that's our drag our producers she says they threatened to well politics that is as strongly ailment here a little prickly football or politically Brady went hot hot hot hot solo. But long story short. The who tires. The oil lows were short cut corners of Olympia. Where you are definitely see you did you still discoveries like gears in these guys that they're put way too much in the remains. Way too much focus always goes for the B else are played well for Arafat. So I did receive benefits come and control your fortune lawful and I'll agree that but they all while we're talking about Jeff once chip you know we mention he's downer but everything. And he cares about its casino loose he understands that without the fans know what they do as possible. And tell you. You'll order will have to mortgage slip mr. jetBlue still forms. I. The king and we'll move that I've always been a fumble. And that I'll start burning them to so don't talk to the tree and because they took time out of their day in all there elect come over and talked to me I'm gonna give him time you know look about them I think penetrate and that is that I think they missed. The whole fan thing technically is cult too much money in the top fuel when I was stock continued to get it back to the restoration as well. And ever so important thing to remember you know these people look up to you know he wrote he got kids and you got me fair resolution of in this is the things cool about it is these like that this did he understands why he's there is because of it. Yeah I mean he talks about it in the interview and whether and how he'll stop and sign you know. You know and and he'll stop until out of them went solo in terms. We will get lost in but you're remembered the reason you're so busy and the reason you're so popular is because. It oh yeah absolutely. He's like well all your fans they are just like all three players we have at you know I'll signings and they won't yeah man I can't damage stuff off the science program. Does and I think graze their race fans there you will great. Now mind you he's paid to be here here so. No way that a consideration distill these low key as well he listens to every single ship. Word for word ami as so naive and here's the behind the same stuff I mean that's how big of fan period is that we like he's waiting here all we hear constantly he's so excited AS you know where more fans like Graham are producers. I'm you'll look. Will be somewhere through the whoops. Willis oh am and by the way it on recording in his mirrors workplace and after orchestra so it's Rosen at your car has ever radio birth yes it's crews worked and it's raised where that silver and the other. He's dingle ball longer now Rosen have been our blood. Is this is still yeah in the yeah hastily. Resilient and that you know while I'm still young. We need your nearly toward each million and anymore itself finally made a president and you're still Moline Il the millionaire easy easy game is saying is paying back in local where you foaming agent. I think it's like more like in between plant some when he also like it excellent now. And I think that's I think that's Rama. As long claiming me now. I think your phone somewhere between little illness and insanity. Now you know Wyman talked her shrink in and then not impossible to that that could be Paulus Colorado talk shows gas fumes of inside and an over the past year two years. I think it is telling him to me they say is bad for your Oscar is Kyle. You know I I think I think to a drag race and maybe you'll methanol and math and author of see the system via I'm sure will earn over the hill closely to bring those you got lift analysts and French auto maker radio issue with the mules are. I would you know loyal straddle a short go to mischief look we are so much influence does is another are viewed as being very worth your time gold medalist sensitive. Because he gives us so migrated or talk about drag week. We'll we're talking about driveway we're talking about my erase the time just really doesn't actually. That was the thing list in the hot girls and happy hour you can make money from there I guess you could get all your friends on the murderous. Because Joseph blows Purdue took care out of it right here rules bill the end is it was about three weeks before the mega race. On that we actually talked to Jeff floats and you know he helped. Only did a lot of the building on on second chrome on. Her whether it was legal that was the big cheese curls the growth the crowbar to the approach you for any accrued 2.0. Armed. Jeff Watson a lot of billion like early like recently interviewed in eight days to put it together. Vs guess my east or has thirty days thirty days. Hum so it was really cool to get the inside controversial Jerry Reese skid and pro stock are Ariel. Yes. Absolutely awesome to get the inside them that. And he knows for handing it gives the behind the scenes of how well all went down. And India we may have been old privy to the information about who won their school early. Somebody used that to my advantage if you terms maybe parallels rebate is still we launched yeah I've been our dumb and you're here in the studio and you probably hear this. You know pre launch. Hedo large camera truth. Something to deal outlets of ideas duplicity of oranges are excellent. But yeah I mean so it it's cool it in and Jeff gives you life inside behind Discovery Channel Nino in and the behind the scenes stuff. Really great interview gigabyte and some really great interview is really cool talking about the filming you know it is and how the race or how really really yeah I mean it is really. A real race edges. It's staged dumps treated exactly. But speaking out stage. I have nothing to make the link we're gonna go take commercial right now. Let's they would got stated we are a lot more cut and run it GO hot rods that 1063 WORD. I guzzle hunter is never gonna screw up this isn't luge road. Oh whoa. We bring back old school stuff now owns looks like little school he's that old but yes. It is still school motto live minnows like a quarter Martha you know I'm so glad I'm so glad you told your taxes done a note photos knows almost half mile Africa and Evans is not more it feels that if if you live report to have. Yet like almost half from Africa almost almost almost half phone that's a long time ago that's our guy Jean's older than you. Yeah now account Amanda is a long time ago from me coming. You know think about twice and almost one name instance. Actually technically a little bit more than half my life again. As a longtime the math is what gets me rich I know and I also allegedly taxes I you know I did them one time I did have one here. If you would Jill goes you and I have an idea and so on its own business I'm obviously very but today what we got a really cool calling yesterday and learned a lot of things about well but mobile sidekick taught her lottery years. You know I think this guy I think he has the voice and I think he tells vesting on just. I think it just. He's playing good. So without any further introduction mr. Tom Williams welcome to the show they could be hearing 1063. That's really it doesn't take a look at a low. Sit in the Booth with talmud and I want my. There's there's multiple reasons low like standing or sitting in the Booth which are looking at dean can definitely want in his elegant good food groups. We get the good food in the tower quick delivered in Glover went home with Hokies but they listen. In two. Are grown. In Utah logo are a little history good do we do here is my clothes does little little hotter I was actually couple put shrugged them. Actually it was all Basra could push rod they now put those back was up fourteen years old meant some. Some. You until spotlight meant. Yeah they worked for the shop a little bit after school who came men and Michael peek at you know need to take this interior part think these nuts and bolts and screws up. Peppering chemicals LA to draw a little bit I'm like OK kid you bring your stuff from what's in which glitzy would you draw. Becomes a the next day of this stuff looks like stuff all big daddy had brought did Brett drink much. Holy Moly look at discuss this is incredible. What he's you do not have a future in dune is saying I'm a better. I walked next door to the spring screen print shop. And came back consider your Sawyer litigants are working over there who could not salute salute you drink I fired him down and then to another job talmud it was the first I had another job search results are formed and double miles per cent Marmol into Amazon and everybody admired. You know I remember Orton and Tom show those deliveries done. I remember the one job one job I remember doing that is where actually had a word on the postal wrangling goers. Let's pray FL odds soccer superstar or else. Yeah it's actually very cool this usually win your war. Fourteen years old and those extra gray I'm actually still have those directors have from doing that as a smaller. Good bargains director shirt that could happen and I am the director could happen. He does well at times not. We have heard time and missed it did yeah yeah. CS level school town gave little backdrop now the measles and let's give Little League and. Mr. riady Karate Kid got into drag races if you know what that's kind of what was does he get mail to crappy job easily swing and they'll fall well I had bill off floor suite enough to worst of it. It's for about two weeks so laid up under ms. sexy pitchers they had three. Upon it you know to be a six course. And their full blown tractors by the lip on him to scrape being awful all the burn rubber. Off the tires with mineral spirits as I spent two weeks doing that. So that those you know those good times in the right job there would quite management of these things now how how one what you call top brass met here October and still working on the bottom of the floor but you know and you've all been there now I'm here so. We odds and Tom actually kicks me now that he was that he was the first yeah would you talk about than their views the first guy farming. And a semi over two a screen for a job next door which is. How I got into the graphics world and and eventually was able to tie that back around to the automotive group real progress you saved your life yes he did he save me from Lotta years of our misery and torment of being in the ultimate perfection. Tell us about it. They're hit courses they're believe villagers that is those Manila weather graphic design worlds easier so yeah I don't I'm I don't know there was a trade off from a little less labor until he's bald to wait a minute you got. It's over the water and you commuters are being otherwise then that might yet. But yet the revenue is entrepreneurship through you guys be used in this law romance he's one day and now the graphic design industry in my real morrow Lola labor intensive. Yes and and the computer units Clinton amounts Gymboree break a sweat every day. Yes stressful and I don't know if it's less stressful. There was there was it's different kind of work. Now and my original goal though is very eras 2001. Indian national auto diesel college is there Bagram. House wanted to campaign money the mortars specifically the customer brushing. Social and that that's what I wanted to do and high school literally no Weiner nothing just the last muted economic class. It's probably the best movie ever and we'll say so little of the Indian air brush orders you guys were all truly talented I'll absolutely and I'm ambiance of their tail players who tell but I won't say one thing that's all the best rouge river made your entire life. Yeah of acres you know what's gonna happen it's. Eight I don't regular mail all stars and you go be at the beach patent seizures and yeah. I don't think he'll ever be lost or only Europe you know did or if you don't know mom blood you know in and it has like into the industry now Amin went of the printing capabilities. It's come a long way and now I can spread that now we just think and you could have been paying dolphins and removes the pressure like did he loves those orders and you know I am really a really saddened by the fact that Imus meant few Summers down and Myrtle Beach inning car tags that featured the Hilliard is Def Leppard it. Yes. Today we're all you know grab another shirt that so yeah it. Laughter eventually different from me. But Republicans is he's one of the first people who actually game means. In the direction that Winamp which is. Oddly enough one here today. You know they will like about a moment I knew the first summer I read them that. Somebody should stay away from but voters could Republicans as good people that I mean that's the thing about have never feel well or in person than to Republicans. And on me like he showed you detail when you Goosen and he knows everybody. With the yours is the Max. Or your union gallery he news every driver everybody walking through in the story it's. Do you issue George is little different than that having a look at Zora. Yes I mean shouldn't Arabs coming out what I look don't tell Lucas you're the first thing that pops in my with the four X Monday he's usually so if you're gay and rubbed it a man's. Push rod. About his gift that like and is ready for like. Ralph Ralph to come out next. Now Tom is great guy it and that's another gray air because Tom did stories for days. It if you can think of it Tom's been there in and he's seen it and the stories are there. And speaking of stories we have some Marshal stories that he does I hate to do this team but we average for more commercial breaks but I guess it too we got a lot more color bright here Rosen the only 1063 WORD. Oslo live dollar rose an embryo drug was and ended wolf hello broaden. I you know what I undertake a book called go through through I mean I have to be too which you know it so and owners think it. How hot early as they worldwide craze well yeah C assumed everybody doesn't see. And we've got freeze all over the globe who did the cool thing about how are snappy and even before we got on the radio you know just. Being out about like we are we have got enemies some amazing people and despite and the bloat insurer would unload it likely nodule all right Nigel and Australia. Knives also my I talked to Nigel and literally almost every day. And over about random power running things series of truck driver ever give it to about military caterer who no he has problem which is the time difference there right now it is on top programs. The film's little kangaroo show on there poke Google's book stills are now that we don't win handle them struggle stickers on the we have our military it's legal to own a kangaroo in South Carolina panel. Google accused is one of the four states. Out of fifty that you can legally own the kangaroo I think by the time we're gonna be illegal and until Caroline Lou repair picture Florida. Maybe certain mortar and gathering caller meet. We can bring bona coffee and yes and and callers endorsed. So you can you imagine. Hey if this sikar meet. A certain called resonant Gomez gods had lol floppy ears and hops up and down with a coach there will call him room. Other neighbors and giving out. Disease from his pouch he might even go a couple of rounds and box with a wrist like a big bunny with a Fannie battle. It's very much let's look at your best. And I mean can you imagine on my blog would you put it on a leash on me I know that you if you anger I'll. I don't think we should either I think he just kind of apology of he'd be cool like that Nia error hoping they'll kick you into a belief in mango off on put you leaders over her as senator. But yet we we get it done tonight we have to talk to our target agreement for McCain group it's more could you imagine Lou that you get. On the amazing. All have our buddy market did not Canada. Cannot thank him on 880. Era of car on cartoons magazine. Oldest son Russell really really really cool thing a lower court to its legacy. Is your classic coming your cartoons as well only in the late eighties in the kennel owner of the markers resurrected Deco and brought back. Yeah and both these guys are people we've actually interviewed here on the show for it but we're thinking in terms of around the world power running around the world. And who someone really displays you know soldiers got to go cross the ball and you got double cross upon not quite on Nigel across upon amendments that need to go away you know that's like doesn't resonate in Europe as well that is because. That I'll love Australia plan angle on the and that's redneck Europe. On the have everything out there wants to kill you. Including the jagr could indicate your rupees a hum but you got really the re guy goes Europe. That's where you agony gave some true across the pond. On real taste of cholera are running on this gas is gonna matter you can go to whose lead to move. Mr. Sam or himself. Sam is he unique character and I know a lot of you guys probably won't even know who sham artist. But is Sam Hart is a rock star legend in the game and similar is richer rolling in the UK and there's no better words that could kind of tell you what's funny. There's a picture alone merger on similar together guess let her out. They look like their kid looks like he's universal gather data looks like he can Vieira rolling her soaring yet Arroyo and literally other drug doesn't have any kids but if you did it would look like that. There have been a little else they flew a little like that yeah Levy Sampras whatever label there and loses a natural. Now sends a great guy you know and we enemy Sam is same last year and you know he built Rolls Royce or Iran of course we've Ana Lucia talking about that. And that they won it. Send Kellogg. Cereal legal analysts say there is extremely Talladega and the personality pull ups yes I think I think gorgeous don't step back you know it simply a little bit about what he's got going on over in the UK does not right now. You need some ABC. So yeah. How does go ask a little. Little birdie told me from holy across the pond that is certain friend of mine blew all this would tell him there's going to sort. Straight. A little bird told me that mr. Sam hard may or may not have signed a contract with a certain. Television shows channel where we want called. Production company bought him. Production company does. You're on the front line the main aisle you know been a revolving Google are stripped or he is an island what wanted to do we don't want the world group. A TV channel our production companies wanted to look the mud vision let me know I didn't saw the few corporate soft company he had his we'll have. What they wanted to do of their vision. There they root of the show they wanted them a little bit the character they had lined up the maid of it none of them as you know give mr. mean. You'll make it reality TV shows that your idea or you'll I mean this did not TV show because I really seek. Well I mean is it a reality show out there which. You know is the show that they should offer of about the call reality shows that what they've got a lot of outlaw them forget that you are big as. The production company now it's a solar storms do think though are the blame game halo or Gerhard Berger. Earlier this yeah Sarah because. He's another one here you total defense. Yeah I've never met a more friendly in the visual walking around Vegas this year. And we were there one day it'll set up today in the we will Facebook club because nobody ever shows that pork and to me probably want the more interesting board to show you. Is set a bail Monday yes all the same is a totally different place some Monday vs Tuesday it will be it's a circus you know they're musher to give thinks that an analyst at. There were walking around just nonchalant you have a good. And would it will dole who comes up. I love you led June and yes Sam hard all the whatever you get how many thousands of miles as millions away. And as a 100000 that's a good me. As it is if you had the nine hour flight. Yeah Bruce forty fly. So flood and make milk and a little but send us every year of it and Sam he does really credit he deserves you know main. You know like last year when will awesome power stalled growth for the you can name mister Andy and now that they would. Wasn't out here. Which is cool. Idea that he's still all fun now. Only thing to me. The radio listeners Wheeler dealers new and he's still all credit to Sam deserves some credit. Yeah I'm here for Sam. Madonna is like last year send as the eyes and eases slightly Billy Rolls Royce you know that car. If it was me you know UK caller British or to a all of it was actually a media was United States may exclude these kids I mean yeah it was a collaborative he would need to finish to this high Timberlake is a blatant show I mean yeah I mean is very the Marlins might have been authentic I think them the mine who's a real Mexican Mexican boy yeah I mean that Rolls Royce built was a man in those gorgeous school. Yeah and then and now Sam's working on I think I can say loosely with the majors. Network series. About on doing his own TV issues so well that change here's a look at shops as you know before buying projects selling projects and other actually building callers. For people there and you could. And there's a huge market for mayor compared it oh yeah and they're shipping callers every day. And you know sailors who have you know harder drugs is cool place following FaceBook. And just see the kind of things are known in some of the callers that they are there are importing over to the case. There's problems on the they're slow little loser on the negotiate to Moses Georgia and still is their team go look at that bring in the relief yeah beautiful and older receive holy old bill until bush is beautiful or. But I mean you know and classical thing he is over here generally view came all are odd cars cars that look like. Are pretty cool over there does that also come over there the other of villagers did you over there today in odds against it and are there. I would speak their line management and a lovely if it had you brittle streaky by easily moves your for your that I outages and let you know you're. Your little you'll Yankee you're a lot union. And easy. Easy easy easy and I. You'll Lucas Yankee yankees. Season how violent these realities though he's a moral and yeah within these guys and anyway views that are. Your boat like trips blitz. Yeah coming in and we both Charlie Sheen I did. Comes do it and yeah but dogs were dentistry they would Joe's full day in jail if competing give smaller a refill Roth reunion in the view yeah actually had to crawl and 85 hero. The so meant you know make him news. New releases go some places. Gold related whom do you use you're risking your life to get players' behalf stricken that out of the construction those farmers recent comments but want to zone and you littered Lou in light of Google taking exit what you did have a battle strategy in dollars forty million road coombs. It. It's another political slow course or what. It's most booster which will loom. Around alone we know and I know where it went off topic but this local things how much talked about little things I was I was going home last night is now. You know where so now we're working you know I'm on the show and everything and I was at home as well as 1230 last night. And the again I get to the actually know where the 285 split there it's armor and what they've been having is on the you know on the business side of things. Is one link and opening just by pass all the x.s and go along like you'll in the Charlotte worry you know. So that wrong or you can get on the business side and you have opening exits. Well just avoid that one lane because I have bypassed by exit and come back adds just hop on business that you well last night it was all clubs counts it was. It was a close I don't give a whole that whole thing is espresso okay well we could get to these commercials to and we do we do and we don't want the trailer they ID five the other thankfully that strike a state to and we feel more Rosen at our rate marijuana 63 WORD. Gospel and hot rosneft IPO. Rock music it's so much for him walking down memory. I left doll a wanna do is cool it's gutless congress is calling this man and that's labor relations if you're real plan you know hotline to answer problem division sitter today is the real thing and thing warming issues that is great radio yeah your visuals and by the way you can as listening you know our friends here friends. The only there also obviously. So in the true. I've never had to say enough is thank you different from listen I mean mile run or live in the dream right now and I lives. I want it medium both were day jobs and we do closures or weakens and we have zero Freetown. As. Is there but the thing this great we've medium both look for our ownership that we have so much full that I mean this just to. Great outlook we told you guys before we actually record record this year on Wednesday and I analysts were roused from our normal government. And this is what gets me through my week is like 4% of middle week we get your record. And that is so much fun. And without all you guys list then and only a sport announced. We wouldn't do it we always couldn't do it. Good good. The missile things about you know literally this is bizarre bizarre look we could sit and play radio talk about it if it is is almost a greatest races in various ways that make sure I'll send the wrong things are. But make sure well hunt for them deep and regular. Because you know. We're known and a good sources. And design and and I mean we're that we have a great time it and man there's there's a lot this happened this past year past what we've shared. There's just a bit a lot of cool so we you know logical places. A lot of cool shows we get into economies and smoke is this year. Grizzlies it was that low little mixtures will be better together and a day to amend the main chart nationals and another group of men on the other hand dates and it will be. The tumor to Asheville to tour together yeah where your column and you know we're certain this great group great goals and outlook these specialty shows like this suit. What are thought they are these guys were really combed polar good disagree sure damning it looked like minded guys together like that. You know it always Gaza from insurers. And the like to drink and I'm not saying I don't shake and it is is a good time. Of his support they have agreed to and you know they're all there at the same thing there and me drugs and mean there's got to look to Gloria there's not the role in this old Camaro people. It is so funny the colors of career who's really defines. The good the mindset of yeah I would never drank it while cautions us this is it about the motive retriever Reggie you don't have to happen. But the thing is crazy is the camera does. There's a certain shade of Camaro called a local blue metallic in the Arabian compares with a call those guys they all pull together. And they voted together in the party Holler if they do you view Jill though it's not like good Jill grill while it's great deal and I just great Jolo. But boron run he's a little bit Joseph does I think I think I've done and powerless among neighborhood of like home. 3040 jello shots. It's pretty tough pain yes you're exactly your liver probably has a say now it's it's actually still recovering in any other major nationals these guys showing me here. Do away with the minister of Jerusalem and these guys dragged they show the Manger and Maggie valley. These guys don't them shoot smaller huge dragon slave for you it's a great chip. Yeah and any other gathering down Anderson elegant show indoor outdoor show balance and more many Turks that was a funnel into the there's all kinds of great stuff that we is due in and is because support we get. And about the interest sure dollars in jewels yet that was a Newark this year and very recently. You know. Just fun times for those who disagree shoot great is looming and we get to share it was you guts yeah and we had to come back into the dazzled out of those who weren't able to make it. And you know we get to see some mean people loses Samie people who listen come out to our shows and we get to meet you and that's awesome. And it's like today. And now I'm no lawyer Maria you have here is your true believers TV would leak. LA his hair is not that great and I really don't have I think it's from. We're journalists nothing nothing you look at Norma. Do you wait you only two year anniversary and how hot. This book bill annual live through it hit me this. So we'll hear what Mort and you know I I don't know that we will live through well it's fun we have now. Don't they so there's a lot of parliament. There it is in this. I think I was thing about the earlier today in Birmingham we do in this 52. Times already know where we're finishing up a 52 time this seems lies in religious yesterday. Be his life so you guys that are student to a radio. Knowing that yes these colors on your memory among. Do you want to. You know what lineup one line I'm sure you know. And evident evidently we aren't terrible does you know the ratings are good so. And billing are worse things in the world listens I guess there's worse this worse are things worse or things that Larry era though there. And they're they're rethinking that move. What you get they get out of me about my English you know. Because this terrible. They're all you know out of taken twice a New Year's English right now and still sitting there and you still buying it now. And and I think two semesters manages big Bear's management in English was poor. Conference at Tokyo are languages look at the this complicated is this establishment big words. And then you know like I gotta be careful eye in Italy doing out there there there and if you spell them wrong. World radio Robert you got there is such stone yeah they're they're there it can upload your skip and a used piece film wrong you know way and it changes the meeting while I got to be careful how let's say and do you know won't change meaning in my sense. You know is it's a very complex thing you know work their thumbs I need Advil she's acutely on I'm trying I'm trying. And hopefully years to leave them better. Lou that. I don't know low blow a really really do I tell you that. Let's switch gears are real serious about something that we lost a very very very important person to NASCAR motors for some real sweet upstate automotive. Culture in general I agree me this guy lived to be in 92 years old which is astonishing mr. bud Moore himself this past when we actually get to meet but more January. Yet it was at the the model or the overdosed on a show that's actually come up again and Samaria here shortly. On you know it would actually I interviewed. Jeff Cox about that you have and but yet but more was there wouldn't mean there. And you know at the time he was always cool I was scales indeed yes this guy was indeed there are a you know recipes is enormity and it's a little hole favor. Yeah Hillary is as good as caliber of South Carolina a legend to the upstate and softer so there's a legend is two of automotive racing in general yes absolutely. All is sad loss remained you know the guy live day. Awesome live coverage does want the news and we 92 I mean the things he's seen. And I mean just that whether technological variances in just automotive. Yeah I think I mean think about one in our down of the math in my has 92 years ago. What was the old man. Was booed twice. The ref blow the early thirties and thirty. So me think well things he's seen since the 1930s. Coming as daunting to Oregon need to have a okay thank you very for the math. BS think about it from 1925. On all the things you get to see that see everything that was great. He would say at all you know and but we only take about ninety door for a little his own core group more fun morsels gears yet. Yeah we're like care urges they were callers. And leaguers from that are good things he's seen in NASCAR the technological advances. Bill Polian the cure for polio I mean this that was a thing one about morals the kid yes I mean that's and so do I mean it's blows fluent yet I can I can't imagine being an old lived through time frame of when he did. And seeing all the technological Angela which says. You know the genre is upon arriving the berth in the death of a muscle corps he saw all the he was in his prime when he seeing all that we think about Duluth leagues in this Corey you know that are delivered wars. You have to do with smoking and cheat in the week and yeah I mean let me see well the other day he was that get yeah. I mean what what are astonishing line it was astonishing life goes like this that there are nothing but shrewd respect for the ignorant there is a classic all the way I knew with a bit of in January. That guy's just a he's just a cool guy yeah absolutely cold day in our hearts go to his family. And everyone knew bud Moore no more personal level not who we just got meaning. But there's a lot of people who knew much more a lot of people this for a vote more born in 1920. Capsule this insanely and let's say you legacy and our hearts and prayers and those due to the more prudently. All right guys well I thank you for writing this one year journey with a so far and I hope you continue to hang out with a us. And enjoy more and more of opera to happy hour right year old woman is 630 W authority.