Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, December 4th

Rob and Odd-Rod celebrate 1 year on the air with special throwback interview clips from Bobby Bennett, Robby Stien, Shirley Muldowney, and Frank Fellers.


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Muslim worlds and as Roberts. What's happen in due to moment decision you know decision and now. In lieu of the florists and minute as las Flores island is business. A day loneliness mourners 63 W ordered the shirts were like official mountains. Is this like that's what they do for you you know when certain milestones that Ezra guises with the picture. Is the one year anniversary of its IPO people who we've been doing this for years on the radio for years Russell. And I mean. You'd think they'd give him and now you would think Buick mutiny cancer on the we've never done this before. There were crawling on the best and that you would think and learn anything Leo keep. I know it's a solo from hello I want it to you we'll look excellent settlement. We we get tons of exciting stuff some stuff we can't talk about yen some stuff. This is seuss how secretive. The now secretive secretive allowing them that's a word Amber's shirt is vote the musical and Hannah Lance story in my life this secretive. Secretive. So anyhow has big news right now if you watch our video personal online earlier this week. In the suit Leo I'm going on. Lots a lot like. Certain built remind me do on. A lot of big things a lot of pictures. 42 is going to be a big he appears to point he's going to be years in the year two aren't happy or some would four dollar new. Calling again ask is Leo laden warn you when the same here a couple weeks back. And speaking of that world have even more because you and I are taken off this week coming and will be in and out in Indianapolis who helps in the in the thirty foundry whether. Sixteen degrees at night. Just in Daytona Beach and you're killing me let's polar opposites but go from 72 degrees typical night at 35 degrees during the day yeah I know what does it isn't it's a cool certify. It's a cool 30% drop thirtieth Strathairn is as it is telling it is now Michelle Ellis they've Vegas old shoes to drop the yes still ha it is as solid there's human involved in hours like accountable. Cold and wind all eyes in his school. This just miserable lives miserable poses like piercing while wiggle be in the courts we know why I think airman is on PRI ship the drug goes to you in me by its anybody motor sports performance racing industry PRI to us and we agreed that there are indeed. Yes this book this is you go to same if you want Logan you can PRI's here on the very classes those signals treasure for drug its era. But for us for a score this traits of race or seat you know I think well you're safety equipment. You know you're racing equipment big fulfillment or Jameer to an engine performance or roll cages all the stuff. Wheels tires or anything superficial racism period liaison and even NASCAR as far as a big. Big presence here appear Russia. I'm so they are for your going to as a actually really cool. Our audiences lining things that we have a minute we'll see so this is like another bucket list check off for us check it check. Now we are real as well Bruno things about bloodless but apparently it personally and at this analyst Jennifer Aniston romance I mean you know allowing your dreaming moment. Plus she's gonna go. Well you know what she ages like fine wine. With you I mean you go back you want your friends and my manager is cute. Just some better with a right now she has little cushion what fifteen this year as he's definitely elementary my mom. On the cheaper too you'll have a mullet though it never moved well China right from tone but today. It also means we get cubic feet. I think here come from who's involved. Armed would dance for us smarter and Boeing bullet. Dallas too awesome their views is open of the show is desperate to barter rather he's now how is now. On them seem alive he stole a lot of split speaking for a lot of companies. He's been a pure enough role model of the curtains in the two. Automotive. Yes and I mean quotient and bully who is the Campbell road record holder mark in my Campbell ranchers throughout that you were at first I business and invited by a couple of Lambeau they would be pulled up at a funeral agree limbo until it's as ends your guy on -- back earlier for two awful he's a lot of big things going yeah a bomb it's tackle it has you know women and really early on in the show. And it's cool watch what he's done in the past year we he's got some really neat things noticeable in America we're talking about that. Eight including making another animal run triple a little bit different arm and it was a police officers whose lives. Well that he's heels of the steps solar and he did the Campbell are truly will callers 25 years old a Rihanna you like their big phonies like crazy rules into account that's the dangers camel around and it really is little image and but he diligently damages is awesome streak with them. Such a great guy a very entertaining and talk to as well period and the Mets got a voice like no other yeah that was a good read me the phone book out listen via. But does yes you know again again it and it Munis if you will have a our good friend Bobby minute but ebitda politics but as good as the owner and editor and cheer for competition policy and everything comes to people always basically the in mobile drag racing magazine yes he would be he covers all across the country and but he's a local guy he's from Spartanburg, South Carolina and we talk about all the Tom we have so much automotive greatness right here in the upstate I'd deploy. Your main body that's been oh god this was probably back in 2006. Or seven. Actually met him when I was partying can emerge or association. And we affiliate there in the wrong. And he's just got like he's you know he's always been saying you know if there's something normative in our area or anywhere for all the mayors like when we're going to amused on Texas. That man's they're covering it if it's that this drag race related that's what he's passionate about. And you know we're talking about you bring up memories of the show and he's a guy who can bring up some memories. Only care. A day in your southern is near and dear to your hauler and you know actually I've got a little piece of the future family history there too with Thomas former candidate Yasser all of his former drill oil was. You're closing in the very early eighty's but. You know that's where Bobby got installer I mean you know his dad what do dread original that he smokey and that his first race there. Yup and actually the benefit were we split from England rekindle our relationship about a minute. On and spoke to him again the benefit. Last year is the five year anniversary of appreciates part of her driveway in the six years actually gonna pledges same and really January yet. So. Delhi cool in and I'll bring us more calling guest is always cool talked to yield drag racers of the time. Well schooled totaled writers Tom and I mean you think about some of the bigger names. In the business or was that the sort of regret would absolutely be data or shall animal down and equates to audio Celtics dancers he was that my dad dummy here is that. So many big names were there army Cellini. We may have reason is Trent. You know it finishes and this is nothing you know you look at the tracks and Z Max and newcomers others like that nothing like a no no notice it is I mean obviously it's it's a notch below Greer yes but. I mean this this is what brought people out. AA and you know it wasn't much to look at the so much history is there Mel Tillis played there and well as vegan and so much history how about we let will about a event outlook as I tell you look whittled whittled jump back you know it and back and forth a lot of our interviews. You're in the show there's some of the cool group we told her I don't they don't get much cooler mr. Bob admitted talking about all star. Yeah happy don't wanna 63 WORD. Broad yes there are you tell us what this special gifts you've been tease us about all more than. What happens being different mind Bobby benefit mr. Bobby bit from competition plus dot com. But I don't there. Doing great in the middle and no fear and doubt next year. That he or she couldn't documentary. And it back sparkles and. A solo sailor sourcing gas I really appreciate you years ago about in talking to us today on a busy out there in Dallas. But we're talking Obama's former dragway and honest barber driveway is near and dear to your heart. So what do you tell us when when this barber driveways mission what pops in your head and how how it's affected your life. Well I can tell you this. I am forty earn year old man and I still have dreams at night to drag strips and opens that yeah. That's great guy. Always a cool interview with them and school getting relative is a really cool little college also extremely knowledgeable yes. And Allah Ford embodied back Canada's I know he's always out and someone Indians whom new information in the in the dirt is this the scoop he uses to stoop that says. Los Vegas you portals give to a commercial break the guys that agent is we have plenty of I guess the rehash of past years material goes state to we got a lot of great stuff we're right here resin that you wanted to 63 WORD. Look what hot frozen embryo. Run on modeling and in my own answer where were you put millions of the reasons is TV is well I mean they a year later and you forget how to enter the zone on an island omelet you've been in Germany when he. Make calls you go to it I'm sorry how you operate it like you looked like it was real life you're gonna make it. Anyway Gaza today want only look where by the blood recap and so for favorite calling this to gain in newbies we know mobility Claude brought every year yes. I got a draw this auditors the longer you. Broader rather it is hotter than robbed opera I recently argued for mr. Rogge is still mr. obviously isn't long quick gracing. This man I tell you I was looking interview to you yeah other things I think their view I think chaos. She's okay. Future the Guinness book of world record holder for the world's fastest golf court. And he says the world's fastest golfer help actually the world's best golf cart has come out and so now outrun any 65 Malibu. And the answer all or any now anyone can pretty station wagon. Man I don't know I tell you what we're talking about a 118. Mile an hour golf cart this that those mystery pretty good. Thirty miles Laura golf cart is white knuckles and all right does limit initiative mr. Ruddy stained a plume quick racing in Fort Mill South Carolina running how do you do a budding. Don't drive at all. Home and doing great doing great. I tell you what what he tells about how you guys into electric golf course you got into the electric motors. Right well at a company. Some quick motors here in Fort Mill South Carolina. We've been doing half formed they seek help our motor for about eighteen years and basically. We look for a way to promote. The motors is and we felt what better way to invest. Do drag car we started back about ten years ago about 2007. Indoor first direct cart and our goal. Look at that time served like eighty miles an hour and a four mile. And we've built the car took it down it I can drag when patent South Carolina. And effective at returned 86 miles per hour and so we had a bra bill Alicia she's 400. And that's what. Want to launch the the way to figure out basically go home and so now we've we went through several different car different battery packs is then. You know being wheeled what they wouldn't get awarded Guinness world record. In 2013. And then broke our. Are written in his war record in 2014. It honored me eighteen point 76 and so now world children you gulf core two. Break that record. And you know we're trying to keep her under these can. Yeah. Passes. All are pulling this crazy about the golf course thing do you realize. Because ponies you have to have to do that on the golf court review a B a 150 mile an hour and a caller is from now. It's pretty fast in the us live bush things are getting blurry and hundreds and an IQ now there came a month. In his first tips he tagged a wool the direction in a golf cart yet 97. Miles an hour on the wall I don't longtime wall in a normal apartment so wreck the golf course it twelve miles an hour and probably there for a long time. I'm dying yeah but you really and this guy. And then rugby is going oh look I mean it's like a sickness there because there live from trying to weasel intercourse he you know what I'm a stopper here. I've been talking about electric cars for a long time on the ship and Robbie stand histories and want. Or does something right obviously his liaison Emma how they produce electric Paris mansion in nervousness and definitely cool like but having -- and we're talking golf course but -- street this is an electric caller just almost simpler platform and it really is and isn't saying consulate it is it is the same concept. And this is right here in the upstate and he's making this happen yeah he's like in on golf cart veteran Prius is usually go to record a C I don't. But earlier this is so cool look at a do we have that kind of take it with this. Come on I mean this thing backyard you'll lose these guys taken you. Lithium battery packs and I mean there's technology using just look at re well motor unit one mode of playing go quickly. But the latest gold I mean that's exciting stuff greater magnets you know we will these awards and controllers here exactly element in this is the thing is morals and that they are all about. I we will bring you these people to you know we go a lot more is excellent interviews coming. Absolutely but you know it is so cool Lucas he did give me on the electric car ran because I get ligament counseling. A man maybe electric cars mechanically really there all that bad men did and all of that and as a man needed there really there isn't power it's margin cars like pencils emerged as a dominant. And that's certainly an even deeper into electric collars. And then the other is a conspiracy about you just extending your tailpipe and you know the things like that Emanuel again it will along with the electric cars the automated callers it's followed me kind of after anyone in Allred maggots were obviously he's all like I don't know why you can eliminate the coal burning power pollutes has major electrical work. Put your juror on maybe they don't think there's little that burn simpler and Basra. Just solar panel of them reflect over this or this program. Via I believe Robbie stain to start ma'am I almost year long rant on electric. Are you know what though. Of all the people put chilled to electric cars I could think of that kind of the king of electric. And the cars off. Well the golf carts and yet cannon and golf course debt and golf course yet you were talking with the war the Guinness book of world records here which he holds the record three times over now but two things since thing about that is is just real collegiate golf course this is relative to Chancy thing herself the world. This is a club caller gulf court yes there are holes golf globes yeah I think two people yet it will run these speeds. Its goal coming in hot on his FaceBook grazing over upon quake and check out the stuff he does collision which is Israel golf course yeah and then doing a bird. Yes I do them part and on the golf course I mean. That's what dreams from my. A man I know how to pull sui 180 and one you know unionized in the break in big grass so what are and I straight Apache gravel or some laws that. Is that just lay asphalt no lol slow you're burning season there are doing Myrna Clinton white and those who is also. I'll Jameel Cook. He's cluster elections is that banner that are that are a true drizzle stadium for the last time he's standing over the isn't the whole year removed them is like him. Massa would especially like Swiss cheese or something I don't know. Only about today what goes we've got so we've had similar phone calling us and them. A little doing the show and I'll look at all these people a low bring in the storage you. Other things wrinkles could you give aside these people that you don't see on television are you seeing these Saturday interviews but Hillary week we have a very laid back way of doing things here. Rosen we did see we did digs a little bit differently. Well differently having. It is role and mission we have with the and we did and that that was our thing we start though this man I want asked a question that you know. He originally alliance murder. Whoever's not I don't wanna polish to intervene now I don't wart like solutions are honestly we don't you prepare for the people that were interviewing. Which Allen gives some factual elements of announcing dom. And and then we just asking questions ago that we in this I think that's what anybody else would I didn't in the so real. Yeah and it you know La Cruz who will win did you win the championship for that is. We'll read John and we know we don't want now. What look at candle candle idea you know client exactly you and I get as well I would love to stay until more mud you know even after you Rick Marshall space for so. Rhetoric as we allow more rounds and the outcome of the right now when a 63 WORD. Guzzling hot rods and have a what's that. Hindus. You know we're talking about real interviews. And we anyway meant to him around armies and we've had several real reason politically this cool about it though is so on polish and you get like I mean you get the heart yeah you get. The love that about radio either when you get a camera still and somebody's face here you get that polished get a change but when you got somebody here told you on the phone you use it in their old or whatever. You that lay backed just. Perfect interview as well located responses tailored to actually works are calling for total this is a drag racing superstar yes very much. This ladies have been interviewed more terms. This surely mold Tony mentioned a moment but realistically you think about me it's healthful and they they know that. But the thing you're the -- I've probably watched 200 interviewees was surely mold. I'm near murder responses like they were for. Hours yeah they got pretty interesting and there's so there's a line that you'll just have you back and most of podcast you want here. We've got forty minutes a wonderful material there but we got some bits and pieces some some good ones we've we've kind of pulled out free yes then and you know work had more lean toward drag racing fans here are snapping a row we also like certain drug was soldiers of other usual mode a little more to trigger isn't it yeah I think she does I'm just don't let her talk about how they listen this thing to do its annual list. You'll host Lou. She. Despair can you know we'd. My camera NASCAR robbed this big kick out pockets. No go ahead. Can't tell it's still it's still galls me to this day because you have about not. About that but a lot of them are quite judge why didn't she didn't wouldn't. Cry babies and that's and they just in addition women. Didn't show panic and they eat they just don't have any respect I didn't show some respect and that the strap but in my adult funny Paris. Typically what this is our balance and that says yes and policy issues of balance yeah you know inches off my anger eminently well. Will do what's good is that blood in better to have this congress cut. Really this lady and head chickens and it Diggins and everything but I mean you know Politico grilled every regime back unit. Are nameless this grave National Mall downy does not like NASCAR. Well I mean she is good reason to she hit some very good ports and an interview. The lower total Majid deathly deathly either you're missing out if you don't hit the podcast and actually do in this little bounce is obsessively. Submission or go back and Jamal Warner's six during a Bjorn. Devlin or hoarding hop on iTunes if you want an access road search Al Rosen a miracle run but is steadily for the timing of instantly that's. That's a classical career here. That's available is Olympic. This lady of this isn't just some new person is just came out you know we interviewed to enter we've interviewed Steve told secede courtroom for a long term senator has been around for fifteen minutes ago but you don't have slipped but we've interviewed these big minks. This is the old this. How well drag racing missile but yes we're still yeah so of drag racing but and this is the thing I mean this lady. The issue is told us just like it was on the she don't know she's told to me and drug let her neighbors Alia. And you know for NASCAR has soon. She does not shy away from talking junk about me and I terrorists well yes sure she'll be your your pulled other their jury took. And as well loved you get their opinion and you get the heart. And it is unbiased she has know who you. No paying things in this jury thinks that she says was she walls she says she Feagles. And you know are really think Marcus really that is you know OK and I used working advance although hardly anything on Obama. Good or bad. I mean I have no problem with company without any good or bad and she does the same thing she does only sports. She's been winning in nature a for years and years longer than we've alive but again she's not always where she'll tell you the good and the bad eggs and. And how low that as parents also budget another really coordinate interviews where she's talking about well it works. Yes that's absolutely epic I tell you what we're not hopeless clip workers with a make you go back you know our own makes you go look out on them because sheet there's so many key points they got hit in there that you never word. Only the best interview I have seen Purdue in the last ten years she'd run magazine. You know it was it was a good interview but it was nothing like this. You know answering you know that was the ball parks and everything she has run into a little bit behind the scenes on the movie she made like glue and not and how it'll what is it about her about her that was also loosely based they change in truth there then sure every she Jews should. Every talks about the prom she had of that ash even talk about comical yeah. And that whole ordeal. I mean there's so we think that we were Tomo lady. This has to coral boo for films yes broke every bone in her body from the hips today don't. And second and third degree burns over 60% of her body as she says she'd give back in the top fuel to Mora. Absolutely amid and that's awesome though is so cold and it someone that passionate about sport than loath. You know Ozzie Newsome knows it was funny about air real winner usher actually dropped a little piece of information ourselves what was really interesting so if you Horry fan emotional moment. And you do get the opportunity. To me her. You don't make this mistake. She actually hates her nickname. The charge leveled yet. And here this crazy like fuel probe local WikiLeaks or something like that it be that says it in there surely judge doubled partly because everybody knew we was greater common than them in the seventies and Gordon in the eighties. And about remembers Steve Evans who was. Probably will most famous injury announcers of all time he passed away several years back but he always Gator boosters that. And I mean. Steve Evans no usually mold and Steve Evans knew drag racing and he still called that she's. And a half and I love that Ali because MS and backed that realism I mean. Yeah this isn't a polished she's totally in a generation of daughters Stevens she's done and rob and Motorola. Right right. Yes and it was that you know spirit about her and just gave us such a great inner Algeria another cool thing about the interview this government dear. You gotta keep a low we do these phony reviews I mean they roadway longer than what you actually hear you know this course we got to make your radio friendly and delegates for Tom's strengths and content. But the thing this sellers about it was. Could have told the group told her all my it will absolutely damage and she let's all remember I don't remember what we recorded that you do this was only evening when he did. And she's a decision a little group that Madonna Lola guess adult glioma at what at one point near you actually do here dogs hit you or your dog in the background. I think that's the coolest thing ever I mean this is racing legend is you senator Lugar and gently. Yet own belt on Valentine's Day amid that's just that's also. Yeah I I think we struggle I'm a little piece of iron wheel slipped. I think go back when juice and honey an injury used to be remember yes I do remember that you can tell. It's possible. Flu vaccine. Well you know what ever separation and a racetrack somewhere in the United States. Every single weekend EC we'd be trucked out to the West Coast you know hadn't hit. We are full on trailer with a top kill Carr and the and the support people doing. And the head and hit a you know I'm not shocked that they appreciate it and we would W head into the West Coast I mean you'd see him come on. Like you don't want to treat for trains. It's actual trying to. So I guess I'd miss the match racing naturally made a real money issue and any cherry get away with all of that AT and even maturation to gay. They consider that. Testing and act course toward making money but testing is so is not a horrible question should have just so happy Cracker Barrel. She's like she's telling her she thought about you know the jury is played with their morality right. And those schools they must surely like we said you know she tells how it is in Stowe well how in nature are used to be and now how great it once was saying you know. And then how they started step installer ruined. Well you know this is the thing that they killed is you know they've made this an extra income from these match races. And I think a big reason all of the injury canal was here is a little extra practice throughout. But also your new lows don't you people sport they didn't get the opportunity because they warn of the legends like surely more down. And big daddy don't girls that raced together is Barbara driveway lower total above we've been here analysts say we're back. I mean this is the in this cool about that that I mean these wages were right here no matter what she remembered racing his former dragway that's also. Interviews you know yeah. Amazed that it says she did a good a good indication of how things used to and I think that's so awesome as well I'll remember luckily exhibition races and things like that those were so much for me just. We're showing a multi younger in my merlot here that they cut the cut out all the good stuff you that live paying. But at exhibition raises. You'll say Canadian border safety equipment. And ruin and his ruined thanks a lot. I'm so it works its own press to. But I may know and and you know the Yang Terri has can. The long long way from that ensures that allows the school we precious little football that we will permissible before get right in Moscow from Basra. Understand it look your wrists exactly. He only skills and ammo for a they've forehand. But I mean DNA Terry has change has come a long way home and some for good so from Venezuela meaning there was gonna opinion alma. I think I got a little out of wound more we would agree was surely ailment. And that is really funny we're talking with cooling so we'll sell these cancers don't real drivers out there. And how long she talks about it and how quaint trying to do it how they guilty and in the end absolutely. Our guest will we get play anymore go hand in hand after the these Marshall brand X those Erica stay tuned to how are frozen embryo 1063 to Leo or being a little wet hot rods and Olympia. No we talk about drag race and and we told about golf Grayson and still can interim. Broad hey let's look at it that he can't pass pass anyway as we've told Reuters we don't arisen gulf coats the switch gears a little bit. You know. Actually switches were pushing buttons and Milla. Yeah those were talking about won't hardest rodents in the automotive ensure an explosion that market in the news in the commercial real chance is automotive reps. And you know we've lots of calling is due course drug my little. Artist every year's a graphic designer by trade in. When he's not modeling he has and his putting local or shoes or Vijay and he is a graphic designer yes and a very talented and who Iowa Elena for with what you know other entity will take him. This is a one year anniversary. I mean you agree Rios with this but it longer than one in my mirror urges all right but how would what is. Nothing cool about this is. Is having you or a very talented guy like this okay. You're a good person draw. What do you order a very talented artist you can and I've never seen anything you couldn't grow lower there's things that don't want it for all of us via. Maybe clues sometimes I don't I don't but I've never seen that you could put together and just knocked out power just like a very good look in your. Very well I was don't count how many news and say all the people of worked with before. And I'll work a lot of people. You have the most beautiful here do you have nice there you have great I'm I am in his own room is and agree it's yeah players I am I am envious of your hair gray gave me a thumbs at 27 would mind falling now I am very ambiance I am envious of many of those carriers especially yours is going Belmont go straight gay got rock star here so. I do I've Bret Michaels you did well when he had it right right. I'm now able to mark me. Used maybe in the future with the bandits you know I have my data Coker thing I don't know I was thinking announced Lima date Coker at JWT for a trick but they actually showed the new season premiere of appeals customs. That is the one thing you can gauge which seizes this is how was banned in again as yet have that receive here's a little for a seasonally he's sort of goes about two inches wide is low land is to have. Three now he's got direct yeah. You know an air hang out that exist mayor Maine I mean it's nobody enclosure so blessed that wasn't a male there's elements wheels are up. But anyway we're talking about the rap industry. I mean there's one thing that if you're ever in history well and others are culpable now well but on Joba and supplies eighty yen in the supply area and a guy who knows the importance of the rap industry there is one name. As Franken probably the only man in the red producers rock in the cowboy that he beat. You not to agree that tools like extra from route miles and I agree was that actually snake skin boots. You know the only one only looks like honestly is in I think you'll agree with a man Muslim. He looks like here support from American graffiti all law judge Ryan lot view mostly young lawyers and Fuller. But is as mr. frank filler for owners and supplies and frank was awesome and he has is that he welcomes us closed nationwide there are nationwide. The main branch is looking at a Texas which where frankly that news. It was funny disease actually driving around in this interview in his wrapped 150 there was blows like this Australian media is from grain and oil has cool stuff. And at one point and interviews so pool reporter in Wal-Mart organizers people's dorm room to walk era is currently vision as to why he's doing an interview with a which I've seen that happen in the revenues people at some Wally Keller and opinion and you get that is this prequel response. And we just a cool gal where it is a muzzle caller guy at a certain service is bigger muscle car guy Tom Willis families automotive. Shops and stuff I mean that's certainly he's edgy TO ones on this rats and snakes can. Com yeah I mean big car guy and it knows no reason that I'm on the show of course you and I met him actually as Sima. So we're at the wrap party yeah. On a francs a great guy and arming Nolan he's got pretty cool story about how we actually get started in the business of science plot. Am an Athens on the side. Answer. Who helped the Al park all by keeper but they helped flattered that I'm on this. You know I. I went to college that I. Wanted college I work. At area gas station and my family were enough automotive business might ought brother he. Yeah auto repair shop and why yeah I oddity. Worked at a camp but he did. I tried college that meg. So when I got an act cap and I got used to. Bottle. And at one point led to another and I decided to start out Japanese and focus on selling bottle. And that saw it vital to the side industry it adds I got. Spartan institute. To vinyl sided street in the early eighties. Right right wind bottle would start to become something. There were just look at all Garber decorated. Yeah slaughter. And I pretty much started ought cannot be right during that time. So you just came in runs right I mean golden hour for Ronald McDonald bloggers and all that. I. And that's really cool how they went back into this coming Elliott started this industry yet. I mean because he worked an automotive show up in majors ago basically a whole other direction Doral blame him. Well this is the thing will this end. It was so funny you know because this is the early eighties the sun glitter was extremely relevant still yeah this was the the early age the real thing about plotters rebrand the plumbers or an alternate. While hundreds feel like he says Starr with Gerber an agent but but you're one of say and just that was the only one when he started. Enemy Singapore sub base in the future in this email. There's more there's bug. Holder to war and sun haters vs Donald as. Fleeing in and I haven't so many times there's some if you step on either the beginning. But I if I'm not mistaken and I from the research on this book covered this before. Bill Gates who they actually laugh it'll discouraged him because no one thing would think that they want Peter and I house and now. We care wanna back pocket. Exactly well the greens and this is thing he sold. Yeah did you reject it I mean you know there's a lot of people they have had the foresight creative thing about the got the leg in Vista in the beta VC or oh yeah. Honestly beta Max I'm just floated out there but if you want to unload some one bridge now Mojave solar observation percent to performance that. Smitten Khamenei he a major investment company illiteracy or someone of that. I mean to take that chance and frank Feller was did that. And did it in some Angel is the elements of the evolves and automotive industry. And customizing a common industry. Well we want to thing is that's more of that due to the birth of raps was environmental yeah you know and then next thing you know you're doing more more exotic things on the into printed vital the next thing you know you've got these rip. Skill and who opt out today something new in the vinyl industry is pretty cool and and I really wasn't going to talk about this. But it can't all do to poly cat doesn't. On this Freeney thing and it's something that we exclusively. In in my day job admin blew designs this is some of the wing exclusively are offering. And that is we can decode mass final. Well would you would you call it two ways this is cheap alternative if you scratch your callers on the line that. We can just come and take pace sample organ the tanker off your car and rapid entire fender to where you can tell. Absolute color match fund. So it works in the italics and relief colors. Well that's the really cool thing but think about this let's say they got the winner any bulk so blind challenger yes. You know it's neat butcher to have been a lot of gringo yet. Accurate to beef up blue daily and went into us a little agrees favorable view into absolute match to the color and around. With a premium monologue and you know one and the end of day you didn't harm the value car you know particularly. Yeah yet. And that's another option is you know you simulate nuclear brawls. Or we can actually do you really make those I'm not those rocks Carlos. For bug protection will we can actually do that was on all they think they'll mig zigzag in the degraded that you that would make the Victoria's Secret treasures so much better. Out of the ratings would go I don't think you'd be able CBS no more now but I'll have plenty of time to talk about that technology coming out in the future on a future shows but it's it's anywhere in vinyl industry is going. And also on the Frank Miller saw. But at a low we gasoline as these commercial breaks and because they're commenced prick deep quick for quick rate goes to stay tuned we'll look Rosen that Camilla I enjoy the news of the top of the hour with seed here a little bit.